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					London, Paris,
Florence&Rome    10 or 12 Days

                           The Duomo
                           Florence, Italy
                                                                                                                                               Top things to see on tour:

                                                                                                                                                                         Big Ben


                                                                                                                                                                         Eiffel Tower

Number of overnight stays in parentheses. This tour may also be reversed.

       Program Fee includes:
                                                                       • Full-time EF Tour Director             Optional:                                                Louvre
       • Round-trip airfare
                                                                       • 5 sightseeing tours led by licensed    • Windsor Castle
       • Comfortable motorcoach; Eurostar
                                                                         local guides (7 with extension)        • Versailles
         high-speed train; Night train
                                                                       • 2 walking tours                        • Pisa
       • 7 overnight stays in hotels with private
         bathrooms (9 with extension); 1 night
         couchette accommodations
       • European breakfast and dinner daily                                                                                                                             Florence Duomo

                   DAY 1: Fly overnight to England                                         DAY 5: Paris                              DAY 8: Assisi • Rome
                                                                                           Take a guided tour of Paris:              Travel to Assisi
                   DAY 2: London                                                            – Place de la Concorde                   Visit the Basilica of St. Francis
                   Arrive in London                                                         – Champs-Élysées                         Continue on to Rome
                   Take a walking tour of London:                                           – Arc de Triomphe
                       – The Strand                                                         – Eiffel Tower                           DAY 9: Rome
                       – Trafalgar Square                                                  Optional: Versailles                      Take a guided tour of Vatican City
                       – Leicester Square                                                                                            Visit the Sistine Chapel
                                                                                           DAY 6: Paris • Night train                Visit St. Peter’s Basilica
                   DAY 3: London                                                           Visit the Louvre                          Take a guided tour of Rome
                   Take a guided tour of London:                                           Take a walking tour of Paris:             Visit the Colosseum
                    – Big Ben and Houses of Parliament                                        – Latin Quarter                        Visit the Roman Forum
                    – Piccadilly Circus                                                    Visit Notre Dame Cathedral                Take a self-guided walking tour of
                    – St. Paul’s Cathedral                                                 Board a night train to Florence           Rome
                    – Changing of the Guard at
                      Buckingham Palace (if scheduled)                                     DAY 7: Florence                           DAY 10: Depart for home
                   Optional: Windsor Castle                                                Arrive in Florence
                   Enjoy a fish and chips dinner                                            Take a guided tour of Florence
                                                                                           Visit the Duomo
                   DAY 4: London • Paris                                                   See a leather-making demonstration
                   Travel on the Eurostar train to Paris                                   Optional: Pisa

                                                                                                     2-DAY TOUR EXTENSION
                                                                                            DAYS 10-12: Pompeii • Sorrento • Capri
                                                                                            Take a guided tour of Pompeii
                                                                                            Take a guided tour of Capri
                                                                                            Take an island cruise • 1.800.263.2806
Bonjour, Paris! During your sightseeing in the City of
Light, get a taste of Parisian style as you ride down
the Champs-Élysées, an elegant boulevard packed
with high-fashion boutiques. Pass the Place de la
Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe and strike a pose
in front of the Eiffel Tower. At the École Militaire, see
where a promising young Napoleon launched his rise
to power. I.M. Pei’s iconic glass pyramid marks the
entrance to the renowned Louvre, home to treasures
like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Then, travel to
the Notre Dame Cathedral and admire its sculptured
façade, stained-glass rose windows and seemingly
weightless vaulted ceilings.

                                                                                  Paris, France

                                                            London has become one of the world’s great melting
                                                            pots while maintaining a distinct character that’s
                                                            all its own. From the London Bridge to the Houses
                                                            of Parliament, Great Britain’s royal tradition and rich
                                                            history greet you at every turn. A local guide introduces
                                                            you to Europe’s largest city on your sightseeing tour.
                                                            Admire architectural marvels like the Baroque domes
                                                            and spires of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the 17th-century
                                                            church designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Check out
                                                            the lively five-way intersection at Piccadilly Circus as
                                                            well as Hyde Park’s urban greenery. You may even
                                                            get a chance to witness the ceremonial Changing of
                                                            the Guard. Finally, snap a picture of Big Ben from the
                                                            banks of the River Thames.

                                     Tower Bridge
                                     London, England

 No place integrates its past into the present quite
 like Rome, where history comes to life. Explore the
 world’s most famous arena on your sightseeing tour
 to the Colosseum. Here, you can almost hear the
 stamping feet of the crowds gathered for gladiatorial
 combat. Nearby, the Roman Forum marks the former
 heart of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar gave many
 of his great political speeches there. On your visit to
 the Vatican City, marvel at Michelangelo’s breathtaking
 ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and look out for the
 colorful uniforms of the Swiss Guard, protectors of
 the Vatican City. Before you say “arrivederci,” toss a
 coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure a return trip to
 the Eternal City.

                                                                                 Rome, Italy • 1.800.263.2806
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