Displacement of Native Americans and the Impact on the Developing by MikeJenny


									   Displacement of Native
Americans and the Impact on the
Developing American Character
  Amanda Nguyen, Mandy Wilkerson,
  Madeline FitzGerald, & Haley White
Five Civilized Tribes
      • Cherokee
        • Creek
      • Seminole
     • Chickasaw
      • Choctaw
Andrew Jackson
              “neither the
            intelligence, the
          industry, the moral
         habits, nor the desire
         of improvement to be
           fit partners in the
          project of extending
           white civilization
  White Attitude Toward Indians
• Considered native             • Some thought the
  Americans as “noble             continuous contact
                                  with the natives would
• Saw native Americans as
                                  be a constant fight for
  people with no civilization
• Thought that the Indians
  were unfit to live around     • Others were just
  because they were               greedy for land that
  savages; uncivilized and        the Native Americans
  uncivilizable                   occupied
    Indian Removal Act of 1830
• Passed by the 21st
  congress of the United
  States of America
                            • Cherokees tried to
• Jackson signed the bill     stop White invasion
  as a law                    by appealing to the
• It was formed to            Supreme Court
  obtain money to
  relocate tribes in the
  South to the west
                Effects of Act
                          • “By dismissing Native
                            American cultures in
• All of the important      that way, White
  Indian tribes east of     Americans justified to
  the Mississippi had       themselves a series of
  been removed and          harsh policies that they
  relocated to the west     believed would make
                            the west theirs alone”
                 Trail of Tears
• 70,000 Native Americans     • “Even aged females,
  were displaced and forced     apparently nearly ready to
  to give up their homes        drop in the grave, were
• They moved to Oklahoma        traveling with heavy
• Oklahoma was called           burdens attached to their
  “Indian Territory”            backs, sometimes of
                                frozen ground and
• Many Indians died from        sometimes on muddy
  famine and disease on the     streets, with no covering
  long journey                  for their feet”
• Native Americans
  were looked down
• In present day a lot of
  the Native American
  tribes are extinct
  because of their
  ancestral displacement
 Developing American Character
• "This had to be done to      • The westward
  save these poor Indian         expansion created
  people. They don't fit in      more homes for the
  the East, so we have to        white settlers and less
  move them out beyond the       for the Native
  frontier where they can do     Americans
  their Indian thing
  unmolested. This is the
                               • Now the Native
  only possible way to save      Americans have
  them."                         certain territories in
                                 the United States
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