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									       A PROUD PUBLICATION OF                                                                                                    2008 | ISSUE 1

                        Letter                        StudentS diScover a PLayground at
                        from ric:                            WiLLiamSviLLe Stone

                        A  fter more
                           than three,
                      years, the Delta
                                            I n Missouri, every second grade science curriculum includes studying rocks. At Williamsville
                                              Stone, the study guide – with the help of Delta Companies staff - takes on a whole new
                                            dimension. Students are given a unique opportunity to take their classroom education outdoors and
                      Triangle has been     get a hands-on experience few will ever forget!
                      resurrected. The
                      Triangle did not                                                                   On October 10, 2008, Williamsville
remain dormant due to lack of interest                                                                   Stone Company held its third annual
or function, but rather we lacked the                                                                    school field trip at the quarry. For
resources to do the publication justice.                                                                 just one morning, the quarry became
Delta Companies has undergone many                                                                       a playground and a classroom. Over
changes over the past three years; we are                                                                115 students plus their teachers and
now in a position to hand over the task                                                                  helpers visited the quarry for a learning
of publishing this bimonthly newsletter                                                                  adventure.
to an able team.
                                                                                                         Students participated in five stations
The United States is facing the most                                                                     that focused on mining, safety, geology,
challenging economic times of my                                                                         mobile equipment and construction.
lifetime. Delta Companies is not immune                                                                  Students were able to climb into
                                              Troy Ward takes questions from the students.
from the impact of a slowing economy.                                                                    and explore massive mining trucks
Not only are we are taking steps to                                                                      and loaders. They touched the gears
adjust our business to survive a            and peered out over the limestone quarry. The students scampered over “prepared” limestone
(continued on page 2)                       rock piles, prospecting for crystals. They tried on safety equipment. Tour guides talked about
                                            the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks formation and the many crystal formations at
                                            Williamsville Stone. Lunch was provided before the
                                            students headed back to school.
in thiS iSSue
                                            The event gave the students and their teachers a
Page 2                                      one-of-a-kind opportunity to tour a working quarry
 COLAS - Corporate News                    and participate in a host of fun, hands-on educational
 Aggregate Region                          activities. Mike Martin, Aggregate Area Manager,
                                            summed up the days activities and Delta Companies
Page 3-4                                    commitment to the communities we serve, “We enjoy
 Safety News | Holiday Travel              this annual visit with the students. It is our pleasure to
                                                                                                         Tyler Martin, son of Mike Martin, Aggregate
 HR News                                   host this event. A quarry is a great resource for learning   Area Manager, and friend Triston seated
 SEMO Fair                                 and understanding why we need quarrying and how the          behind the wheel of a loader.
                                            industry works. Creating awareness and environmental
Page 5-6                                    responsibility is important to all ages.”
 Old Greenville Bridge
                                            We want to thank everyone involved that made this annual event successful, and we look forward
 Delta Concrete - Past, Present            to next year’s visit! 
  and Future
 Legislative Watch

Page 7-8
 Regional News
 Employee News
    delta: But how did We get here?                                                                  aggregate region
    A    s we approach the end of 2008, all employees know that Delta Companies is a part of         by Scott Jinks
         COLAS, Inc. But who is COLAS and how did Delta become part of this group?                   Williamsville Stone Company –
                                                                                                     Poplar Bluff, MO
    The origin of the Delta group goes back to the early 1900’s when members of the Harrison and     The extreme wet weather of March 2008
    Regenhardt families formed a company for certain types of construction projects. Southern        caused the adjacent Black River to rise a total
    Illinois Stone Company opened in 1950 by the next generation of Harrison and Regenhardt.         of nearly 15 feet and threatened to flood the
    Over time, this partnership of owners (Don Harrison and Bill, Tom, and Joe Regenhardt)           quarry pit. The flooded river was within 8
    expanded operations further in Illinois and into Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana by 1992. For   feet of topping the levee protecting the quarry
    periods of time from 1950 to 1992, construction operations also were conducted in Mississippi    pit. In the end, the quarry had only minimal
    and in Central America in Guatemala and El Salvador.                                             water damage and escaped the major flooding
                                                                                                     in the area. The old sand pit and pasture land
    When the owners determined in the late 1980’s that the next generation was not interested in     on the southern end of WSC’s property was
    taking over the businesses, they worked with a consulting group to market the company. A         completely underwater. WSC’s onsite asphalt
    number of potential purchasers inquired about acquiring the Delta assets but did not meet the    contractor, Pace Construction, was flooded
    main requirements set by the owners; the sale be for cash, a purchase of all operations and      with nearly 3 feet of water.
    maintain the current workforce.                                                                  On October 23, 2008, Williamsville Stone
                                                                                                     hosted its annual customer appreciation fish
    Finally, in 1992, such a company took a look at Delta, made an offer that was accepted and on    fry luncheon. Over 40 guests attended the
    December 31, 1992, all of Delta’s operations became part of COLAS, Inc. of Morristown, New       event. Special thanks to Kathy Wells, Dan
    Jersey.                                                                                          Cravens, Carl Merideth, and “fish fryer
                                                                                                     extraordinaire” Rick Robison for all of their
    COLAS is an international construction and materials supply company formed in 1928. North        hard work.
    America, United States and Canada, is a very important portion of operations and an area
    where the company is looking to greatly expand operations. Currently, Delta is one of ten U.S.   Brown Sand & Gravel –
    companies operating in 25 states. The Canadian operations cover most provinces.                  Dexter, MO
                                                                                                     BSG started the year by performing
    Delta was COLAS’ third U.S. acquisition. With the second company acquired being absorbed         exploratory drilling on the company’s north
    into other companies, Delta has became the second oldest COLAS Company in the U.S.               property to find quality material for future
                                                                                                     mining. BSG and Holcomb Engineering, of
    The acquisition by COLAS provided stability and a future to Delta’s operations through the       Carbondale, IL, used an auger drill to drill
    foresight of the original owners in finding a buyer committed to maintaining and improving       27 holes. Each hole averaged a depth of 90
    Delta as a major player in construction and material supply in the Midwest.                     feet. The pattern of the holes and analysis of
                                                                                                     the borings allowed BSG to find a band of
                                                                                                     material suitable for future mining and avoid
                                                                                                     areas of poor quality material.
    Letter from ric:                                                                                 Great news - BSG replaced their aging Euclid
    (continued from page 1)
                                                                                                     50 ton haul trucks with two Volvo articulating
                                                                                                     40 ton haul trucks. The Volvo articulating
    recession, but we are posturing our company
                                                                                                     trucks improved uptime and allows BSG to
    to exit the recession in a stronger position
                                                                                                     perform reclamation as they strip for mining.
    than when it began.
                                                                                                     Clinton Quarry – Clinton, AR
    Although enduring trying times may not be                                                        The Clinton Quarry has been fortunate
    pain free for us, we should feel confident in                                                    during the economic downturn to have a large
    vigor and future of Delta Companies. We                                                          demand for stone from an unusual source – out
    enjoy the comfort of a strong parent company                                                     of state gas drillers. In recent years, natural gas
    and leadership that has a clear vision for                                                       companies have found large deposits of natural
    growth in our industry.                                                                          gas in the area surrounding Clinton, AR. Many
                                                                                                     companies from the southern states have come
    As 2009 unfolds, we should give thanks for                                                       to the area with their equipment to drill for
    living in the best country in the world and                                                      the gas. Pads are needed and aggregate is a
    pray that our leaders protect and preserve the                                                   key material. Approximately 500 wells will
    ideals that made us great.                                                                       be drilled each year over the next 5-8 years.
                                                                                                     Each well site requires massive equipment to
    Have a happy holiday and a wonderful                                                             drill and pump the gas to market. The Clinton
    new year!                                                                                        Quarry has been a large supplier of stone for
                                                      Arkansas, Highway 18.                          building the well pads.
                                                                                                     Delta Companies welcome David Fulton,
                                                                                                     plant manager, and Ray McFall, plant foreman
                                                                                                     to Clinton Quarry. 
Safety neWS                                         When driving, keep doors locked and                 In addition to your basic “breakdown kit”
Reviewing - Holiday Travel Safety                   windows rolled up. Maintain at least half a         you should also have a basic first aid kit
                                                    tank of fuel, and keep vehicle in good repair.      in your vehicle at all times. These can

H    olidays are fabulous, joyful and . . . very
     stressful – especially if you are visiting
relatives. The last thing any of us needs
                                                    Have your vehicle serviced and checked
                                                    out sufficiently far ahead to allow for
                                                                                                        be purchased at any discount store.

                                                                                                        Be prepared and travel safely. And
during the holidays is a travel catastrophe.        repairs if needed. Don’t forget to have             a final note . . . do not eat too much
With a little forethought and planning, your        the mechanic check your spare tire and              of Grandma’s fruitcake…it does not
holiday travel can be relaxing and safe.            all fluid levels along with the other               travel well on the way home! 
                                                    preventive maintenance procedures.
When traveling, know where you are going
and how to get there and back. Sounds               Consider keeping spare
simple, but before you leave, check for             fuses and a “breakdown            Safety Search
construction detours and weather forecasts.         kit” in your vehicle at
If traveling out-of-state, most state law           all times. Minimally, a
enforcement agencies provide road-and-              “breakdown kit” should
highway information; check to see what              include thermal blanket, a
conditions they report before leaving. Leave        gallon of water, a “HELP”
a copy of your travel itinerary, including          sign/flag, flares/reflectors,
driving routes, with a trusted family friend.       a flashlight, paper towels,
                                                    matches, crackers,
Travel during daylight hours if possible.           candle and duck tape.
Lock doors and windows when getting
into your car and keep them locked                  All these items can fit in
while driving. Wear your seatbelt.                  a small duffle bag and
                                                    kept in your vehicle’s
Take a cellular telephone. To Go phones can be      trunk. Keep it updated,
purchased for under $20 at discount retailers.      but never remove it
                                                                                            Can you find the safety violation in this photograph? see
If possible, know the emergency cell codes for      from your vehicle.                                                 margin on page for 6 for answer
the area you’re in. For example, in Arkansas
and Missouri are *55, Illinois is *99 or 911.

hr neWS                                                                       Vacation (if applicable) earned in 2007 must be used by December 31,
Seasonal Layoffs                                                              2008. Vacation earned in 2008 will carry forward.

A     s the 2008 construction season comes to a close, some of our Delta
      Family will be subject to layoff. If you are on seasonal layoff, you
may have questions about your benefits status. You will be receiving a
                                                                              Optional Life Insurance (if applicable) will be billed from Delta
                                                                              Companies Inc. Questions: Contact Alyssa Richardet (573) 334-5261
                                                                              ext 241.
layoff packet in the mail including information on COBRA, optional
life insurance and unemployment insurance.                                    401k Changes for Operations Employees (Hourly/Non-Union)
                                                                              Participating in 401k is a great way to put money back for your
When an employee is laid off or terminates, federal law under COBRA           retirement! The retirement funds are self-directed, which means you
provides the option for the employee or covered dependents to continue        choose where you want your money to go.
health insurance for a period of time. Usually, the employee is required
to pay the full cost of the health insurance premium plus 2 percent.          If you contribute 3% of your paycheck (pre-tax) toward your 401k,
                                                                              then Delta will match your contributions at 3%. For the next 2% you
Health Insurance - For non-union employees, during this lay-off               contribute, Delta will match each percent at ½% for at total of 1%.
season, Delta will continue to pay the employer’s portion of your health      At the end of the year, regardless of your participation, Delta will
insurance. Delta will also continue to pay the employer’s portion of          contribute 2% of your base salary toward your 401k. You can contribute
your dependent coverage, if elected. LD&B Insurance Agency will send          any amount, but to receive the maximum company benefit of 6%, you
the COBRA billing for your portion(s), monthly. Their phone number is         need to contribute 5%.
1-800-366-3846 and our contact is Amber Weatherly.
                                                                              Effective January 1, 2009, your 401k plan will be transferring from
Just like last year, you must elect to continue your health coverage, by      ING to Prudential. According to Debbi Robinson, HR Manager, “This
completing the enrollment form and submitting your payment to LD&B            is a good move for our hourly employees, placing all of our employees
Insurance. Payment must be received before your coverage will be              with the same company in the same plan. The change will be relatively
considered active.                                                            seamless and it gives our employees more options.”

For example: If you were laid off on November 30, your insurance              Watch your mailbox – more information will be sent in December.
is canceled November 30. LDB will send COBRA election forms by                Questions: Contact Alyssa Richardet (573) 334-5261 ext 241. 
December 15. You must elect and pay for coverage. Your insurance will
then continue from December 1 forward.

    Semo fair

    J  ust inside the main gate, down from the carnival rides, across from Proctor
       and Gamble’s kiddies’ station and amidst the political pundits’ booths,
    Delta Companies launched our first interactive community booth at the SEMO
    District Fair. Over 104,901 fair-goers attended the eight day event and as a
    corporate sponsor, Delta Companies was in the middle of the festive activities.

    Delta employee volunteers were shaking hands, meeting and greeting
    fairgoers and handing out small gifts. Ink pens and notepads were available to
    booth visitors, but the yellow plastic construction hats for the children were
    the real fair prize. “Apparently our Delta hats were the talk of the fair.” Alyssa
    Richardet - HR said. “The parking attendants told me they saw a continuing
    sea of yellow.” Aside from the community fun, we scheduled a few asphalt
    and concrete jobs.
    A big “Thank You” to all who helped! 

                                                        Aggregates Region | Southern Illinois Stone
                                                        E  arlier this year SIS finalized a lease for the Geske property. This property lease allows SIS to
                                                           continue mining south. With the addition of this property SIS should remain on the east side of
                                                        Highway 37 through 2037.

                                                        Due to the inclement weather early in the year, SIS started the busy construction season with inventories
                                                        down slightly. Demand for both internal and external asphalt rock was high, with SIAC securing key
                                                        road jobs. SIS went to maximum production and 12 hour shifts. The day shift was producing from 6:00
                                                        am to 6:00 pm. The night crew was performing plant maintenance and stripping from 6:00 pm to 6:00
                                                        am. Between production and stripping the CAT 990 pit loader was working 23.5 hours a day (had to fuel
                                                        it sometime!). To date SIS is slightly ahead of demand and the team is back to 10 hour shifts. Big thanks
                                                        to the employees and management of SIS for coming together to get the job done!

         LaWSon “BeetLe”                                SIS just recently received a Certificate of Achievement from the US Department of Labor for Outstanding
                                                        Safety record in 2007. SIS employees worked 40,847 hours without a lost time accident in 2007!
        BaiLey - 40 yearS of
              Service                                   Delta and SIS will be losing a key asset shortly. Dennis Winters, SIS Quarry Manager, is leaving Delta

      D    elta Concrete recently celebrated            to start his own business. Dennis has been with Delta since 1999, and will truly be missed. Delta is in
           a milestone with one of our most             the process of building a new management team to tackle 2009 and beyond. 
      valued employees. Lawson “Beetle”
      Bailey was the guest of honored at a              Aggregates Region | Southeast Missouri Stone
      service dinner in Sikeston, MO. Beetle
      celebrates 40 years of exemplary service
      at the Sikeston Ready Mix Plant.
                                                        S   EMO started 2008 with a scheduled winter maintenance shutdown. Although the maintenance
                                                            period was hindered by two ice storms, the SEMO team successfully completed projects
                                                        including replacing the surge bin, installing a new conveyor system, mounting a rock breaker at
                                                        primary, replacing load out bins, and upgrading conveyors, as well as basic preventive maintenance.
      Beginning in August, 1968 at Sikeston
      Concrete, Beetle’s first job was hauling          Dumey Contracting stripped over 150,000 cubic yards of dirt allowing for pit development to the
      cement with a 10-wheeler from rail cars           north. Adding to the expansion, two APEX Standard Maintenance shop buildings were demolished.
      to the plant. After completing this task, he      As the stripping material was moved to the spoil area, the pit sump pump was relocated. During
      would drive a ready mix truck. In 1972,           the relocation, a record breaking 13 inches of rain fell in the area resulting in over 40 feet of water
      Beetle helped build the new ready mix             accumulation on the pit floor. Mother Nature at her finest!
      plant in Sikeston. In 2005, Beetle became
      the dedicated cement and fly ash hauler to        Unfortunately, the stripped area rendered an extraordinary amount of vertical clay seams in the upper
      all of Delta’s facilities.                        two benches. Mining through this area became nearly impossible due to the vertical mud seams. To
                                                        provide clean stone, SEMO contracted RK Excavating to remove the upper bench, allowing SEMO
      Whether picking up cement or aggregate            to concentrate on producing product from the cleaner stone on the benches below. RK removed
      or delivering ready mix to customers in           nearly 225,000 cubic yards of clay and stone between June - September. SEMO relocated the pit
      the Sikeston market, Beetle has shown             entrance north, near the asphalt plant and built a ramp from the new entrance to the primary crusher.
      the highest level of dedication to his
      job. He is a role model. Customers have           SEMO recently purchased the Groesclose property on the northeast side of the pit. This property
      appreciated his commitment to doing the           acquisition allows SEMO to widen the pit from east of the asphalt plant to Sprigg Street, increasing
      job right - every time. We thank Beetle for       the life of the mine.
      his continued hard work and commitment
      to Delta.                                        To date, SEMO employees have extended their incredible record of 17 YEARS without a Lost Time
                                                        Accident! The last Lost Time Accident at SEMO occurred on November 11, 1991. 
    oLd greenviLLe Bridge                               creativity, our flexibility, and our commitment    use ice in the project. Robertson Contractors

    D    elta Concrete participated in the building
         of the new bridge over the St. Francis
    River / Wappapello Lake on Highway 67. The
                                                        to customer service. The first challenge was
                                                        the proximity of our Poplar Bluff Ready Mix
                                                        plant to the job site. Twenty-five miles may not
                                                                                                           Inc. had three men at the batch plant to
                                                                                                           place ice in the ready mix trucks while Delta
                                                                                                           batched the concrete. Delta had two Quality
    project was located just north of Poplar Bluff,     seem like a long distance until you consider       Control specialists on the project to make sure
                                                               transporting a perishable product like      the MODOT specifications were met. This
                                                               ready mixed concrete in hot temperatures    collaboration between the two companies made
                                                               at night while having to meet MODOT         it possible to meet MODOT specifications.
                                                               specifications when you get to the job
                                                               site. Only through advanced planning        Delta Concrete proved its reliability in meeting
                                                               and coordination, were we able to deliver   customer needs by having 22 ready mix drivers
                                                               product in an efficient manner and          working each night of big pours, along with
                                                               maximize resources to minimize delays       our Quality Control specialists and dedicated
                                                               on the job site.                            sales staff. This kind of customer service was
                                                                                                           accomplished through detailed planning by
                                                               Delta Concrete demonstrated its             our management team well in advance of the
                                                               creativity when it recognized the           pours. Our suppliers such as Buzzi Cement
                                                               footings and bridge piers would be          kept their load-out terminal open longer hours
                                                               difficult to pour with a traditional        as did our fly ash supplier. Our largest concrete
                                                               concrete mix. Delta worked with             pour on this project was 715 cubic yards of
                                                               Robertson Contractors Inc. and MODOT        concrete over the course of 12 hours.
    MO. The General Contractor on this project          to use Glenium as a high range water reducer
    was Robertson Contractors Incorporated from         in the concrete to achieve better consolidation     Delta shipped 7,000 cubic yards of ready
    Poplar Bluff. Construction of the bridge started    in the forms. Glenium increases the slump          mixed concrete to this project. Delta Concrete
    in the summer of 2007 and was completed in          and improves the workability of the concrete       was able to provide this kind of customer
    the fall of 2008.                                   without adding water.                              service because of our superior resources and
                                                                                                           staff. Delta also maintained it’s commitment to
    The new bridge is 10 feet higher in elevation       Delta Concrete had to be flexible in the way it    our other valuable customers while providing
    than the old two lane bridge it is replacing. The   conducted business by delivering concrete at       concrete for this project.
    new bridge is 950 feet long and 90 feet wide.       night. Night pours were required due to high
    The bridge accommodates four lanes and was          daytime temperatures which made it difficult       The General Contractor, Robertson
    built at a cost of $10 million.                     to meet MODOT specifications. Concrete             Contractors, and MODOT complimented
                                                        temperatures have to be less than 90 degrees       Delta Concrete on its performance. We take
    There were many challenges associated with          Fahrenheit when delivered to the job site.         pride in a project of this magnitude that was
    this project that Delta Concrete was able to        To accomplish this, Delta Concrete and our         successfully built with Delta Concrete. 
    overcome, through our superior efficiency, our      customer agreed to conduct night pours and

Missouri Construction Region                                                      cooler temperatures. Missouri Construction is using a product called

I n October, the Missouri Construction Region performed Delta
  Companies’ first Warm Mix Project on a Cape Special Road District
road. Warm Mix is not significantly different from Hot Mix asphalt
                                                                                  Sasobit. Sasobit is added to normal asphalt cement in a distributor
                                                                                  truck and mixed into a concentrated form. It is pumped from the
                                                                                  distributor truck into the asphalt tanks. Production at the asphalt plant
except that it is produced, compacted and laid at lower temperatures.             is unchanged, with the exception that the final product has a lower
Hot Mix is generally heated to 300°F or greater, depending on the                 temperature.
type of binder used. Warm Mixes are produced at temperatures of
about 250°F.                                                                      Missouri Construction chose to construct this project on four different
                                                                                  days - on two different road types – older asphalt and gravel. On the
Lower plant mixing temperatures mean fuel cost savings to the                     first day, Hot Mix asphalt overlay was placed on one-half of the road.
contractor and up to 30 percent reduction in fuel energy consumptions.            The next day Warm Mix asphalt, using Sasobit, was overlaid on the
Lower temperatures also reduces green house gas emissions. The                    opposite lane. On the third day, Warm Mix asphalt was overlaid on top
decrease in emissions represents a significant cost savings, considering          of a gravel road and on the fourth day in the opposite gravel lane was
that 30-50 percent of the overhead costs at an asphalt plant can be               overlaid with Hot Mix asphalt. The results are promising.
attributed to emission control.
                                                                                  COLAS Companies throughout North America have conducted similar
Warm mixtures allow for longer hauls distances, a cooler working                  tests. The results have been successful. We are hoping for similar
environment for paving crews and a longer construction season if                  successful results in Missouri. By breaking up the project, region
the mixes are produced at normal operating temperatures. Another                  engineers are able to evaluate technical information required for testing
added benefit - Warm Mix asphalt hardening time is minimized by                   and for checking the performance of the Warm Mix verses Hot Mix.
lowering operating temperatures. Industry tests show that pavement                If testing, not only by Delta Companies, but by the asphalt industry
performance improves with less thermal cracking and block cracking.               as a whole, shows improved performance and cost reductions with
                                                                                  Warm Mix asphalt, a shift in the way asphalt is produced is a strong
Several different processes are available to make Hot Mix asphalt at              probability. 
                    deLta concrete –                                                            Some of these included Drury Inn Suites, WalMart, Sam’s, multiple
                                                                                                car dealerships, Sears, and the P&G Expansion. Times were good.
                PaSt, PreSent, and future                                                       We purchased additional trucks and hired additional delivery
                                    by Dan Grier                                                professionals to accommodate the work load. In 2000, we were a

    D   elta Concrete faced many challenges and opportunities in 2008. “I am
        proud of the professionalism in which we have handled these challenges
    and opportunities. We have enjoyed successes and made progress towards
                                                                                                part of high profile jobs such as the Bill Emerson Bridge, a second
                                                                                                P&G expansion and the Federal Court House. We were busy and
                                                                                                times were challenging.
    improving our business,” said Regional Manager Dan Grier.
                                                                                                      Recently, times have become tougher. The market
    Every employee at the plants - from the plant mangers to loader operators                slowed down, forcing us re-evaluate how we do business in the
    and delivery professionals - has done a tremendous job of pulling together               new environment. The company has invested in the changes
    to give our customers what they want, when they want it. Special thanks                                        needed to make us successful in these
                                                                                        ... Our challenge challenging times, including new software
    goes to our sales staff for “beating the bushes” for quality work and to our
    support staff for their extra efforts in resolving billing/payment issues. The    “                            to help monitor our daily work load. The
                                                                                      today is to provide addition of the Command Alkon System
    extra attention to detail helped connect the dots, ensuring that the jobs went
    smoothly - from the time of sale through delivery and ultimately to payment       the best product             and Trimble, a GPS Tracking System,
    for our products.                                                                                              allow us to be more efficient in servicing
                                                                                      and service to our our customers. We have the capability of
    As we look forward to 2009, we can reflect on many recent changes. Ken            customers in an              monitoring each plant’s daily work load;
                                                                                                                   we have improved our Quality Control; we
    Kelly, Dispatch Coordinator, took a look back at the things we have done.
    Below are Kenny’s thoughts:                                                                                    share manpower to deliver more materials
                                                                                      market.      ”               to the job sites quickly. We are meeting the
                          “I started working for Delta Concrete in May 1989. At                                    market challenges head-on.”
              that time, Delta Concrete was relatively new – starting operations
              in the fall 1987. We had eight ready mix trucks to service the Cape     Dan Grier echoes Ken’s comments. “We still have challenges to face. Our
              and Jackson markets. At that time we had a lot of work in the area.     challenge today is to provide the best product and service to our customers
              The construction west of I-55 had started. We purchased Clinton         in an ever-changing market. We must be competitive in our markets and
              Materials and moved further into the Southeast Missouri market.         continue to improve our efficiencies. Timely service and a quality product is
              The area saw an influx of new businesses coming into the market         what our customers want. We will be flexible, adapting to the needs of the
              and the construction of new buildings for existing businesses.          marketplace, moving our company forward in a positive direction.” 

    LegiSLative Watch                                      While this legislation creates a short-term fix        Senator Hutchison’s legislation would face an
                     by Jeff Glenn                         for the funding shortfall, it doesn’t address          uphill battle as 21 of the 50 states (and their

    T  he federal highway trust fund was created
       by the Highway Revenue Act of 1956 to
    provide a source of revenue for the interstate
                                                           long-term solutions to maintaining solvency. As
                                                           lawmakers discuss how to address long-term
                                                           solvency, much of the discussion centers on
                                                                                                                  senators and representatives) benefit from the
                                                                                                                  highway trust fund by receiving more from the
                                                                                                                  fund than they contribute. Seven other states
    highway system. The trust fund receives                the structure of the tax, with many lawmakers          receive a return of at least 95-cents for each

                                                                                                                                                                      Safety Violation: Stairs with four or more risers need a handrail on each side of the steps.
    revenue from the collection of federal fuel            questioning whether a flat, per gallon tax method      dollar contributed. Locally, Arkansas benefits
    taxes, currently 18.4 cents per gallon for             is sustainable.                                        from the trust fund receiving roughly $1.04
    gasoline and 24.3 cents per gallon for diesel.                                                                for every dollar contributed. Missouri and
                                                           As some lawmakers discuss ways to keep                 Illinois, conversely, receive only $0.98 and
    Because the tax isn’t based on a percentage, it        the trust fund solvent, others openly question         $0.92 respectfully for every dollar contributed.
    doesn’t increase as the price of fuel increases.       whether the trust fund should continue at all.         Missouri receives an average of $860 million
    Conversely, as fuel prices rise, and drivers           Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas plans to         in funding from the federal government.
    reduce their consumption, the revenue from             introduce legislation allowing states to opt-out of    Arkansas receives an average of $475 million
    these taxes actually falls. As fuel prices have        the federal highway trust fund. Texas is a donor       annually from the federal government. Illinois
    escalated over the last two years, and fuel            state to the highway trust fund, historically          receives an average of $1.2 billion annually
    consumption has dropped, revenue for the trust         receiving only 80 cents in return for every dollar     from the federal government.
    fund has been unable to keep up with demand.           contributed. This inequity has been corrected
    As a result, in September, the trust fund faced        to some degree as a result of the equity bonus         As lawmakers continue to search for solutions,
    insolvency. On September 15th, President               program created as part of SAFETEA-LU in               Delta Companies will continue to partner with
    Bush signed H.R. 6532, transferring $8 billion         2005. This program authorizes USDOT to spend           transportation coalitions at the federal, state,
    from general revenue to the trust fund to keep         a portion of the highway trust fund to ensure          and local level to make sure transportation
    it solvent through FY 2009.                            states receive a minimum return of 92 cents on         policy provides opportunities for economic
                                                           the dollar by 2009.                                    growth and prosperity. 

                             check out the neW deLta WeBSite,
             Direct employee information is listed in the Delta Family tab under the Employee Section. Simply enter the
                                    username: employee & password: handbook to access.

Illinois Construction Region                        Days were included in the construction              defined as a period of time from 8:00 A.M.
by Jim McPhail                                      staging plan. Lane Rental Days mean that            to 8:00 P.M. SIAC showed it’s flexibility and
                                                    SIAC could be charged $8,000 for each day           commitment to customer service by paving the

S   outhern Illinois Asphalt and Southern
    Illinois Materials recently completed
a nighttime paving project for the Illinois
                                                    that any lane on IL 13 is closed to traffic over
                                                    the 8 days allowed by the state specifications
                                                    for performing all PCC Pavement work. The
                                                                                                        project between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00
                                                                                                        A.M. in order to avoid being charged a lane
                                                                                                        rental day. The incentive/disincentive was $
Department of Transportation. This project is       incentive pay to complete the work within the       8,000.00 per lane rental day. SIAC completed
located on IL 13 in Williamson County. The          contract was also $8,000. By completing this        the project and received three (3) Lane Rental
project began at the intersection of IL 13 and      part of the contract in four (4) Lane Rental        Days of incentive for the asphalt paving.
Division Street                                     Days, SIAC received
in Carterville,                                     an incentive credit of                                                       The IL 13 project
                        ... Work consisted
Illinois and
continued east
                  “         of mainline
                                                    $32,000!                                                                     in Williamson
                                                                                                                                 County was bid
3 miles to the                                      The Lane Rental Days                                                         on June 13, 2008
intersection of       surfacing, milling            for the Pavement                                                             with the Illinois
IL 13 & IL 148.        and resurfacing              Patching portion of                                                          Department of
                                                    the project was also                                                         Transportation and
Work consisted        at crossovers, left           eight days. G.M.                                                             totaled $ 1,435,952.
of mainline          turn lanes and side            Sipes Construction,                                                          Work began on
surfacing,                                          our subcontractor,                                                           September 2, 2008
milling and                  roads. ”               completed this part                                                          and was completed
resurfacing at                                      of the contract in four                                                      on October 14, 2008.
crossovers, left turn lanes and side                (4) Lane Rental Days.                                                        The Project was
 roads. It also included PCC (Portland              Incentive credit of                                                          completed ahead
Concrete Cement) pavement removal and               $32,000 was awarded!                                of schedule earning SIAC – eleven (11) Lane
replacement, hot-mix asphalt shoulders,                                                                 Rental Days of incentive or $ 88,000.
aggregate shoulders, pavement patching and          The Lane Rental Days for Asphalt Surface and
pavement marking.                                   Asphalt Binder portion of the project allowed       SIAC & SIMCO congratulate all of our
                                                    four (4) days to complete the work. During          employees who contributed to the completion
The project was challenging as Lane Rental          this phase of the work a lane rental day was        of this challenging project. 

Arkansas Construction Region
Arkansas has had spring 2008, Construction Season. The aspectcontinues tosafe.onIfoperating safely. The region’s for the quarter, with no lost time
 implemented in
                 a successful
                              focuses on the teamwork
                                                             of working
                                                                                   everyone on the team is safe
                                                                                                                  NO-LOST TIME PROGRAM,

accidents, the team members receive a gift card. John Bennett, Region Manager complimented his group, “I would like to thank EVERYONE for
making Safety a top priority. GREAT job to everyone for accomplishing no lost time accidents!”

Eastern Arkansas Construction has had a busy construction season with a big push on the
Highway 18 (Mississippi County near Blytheville) project in the last quarter. Highway
18 was transformed from two lanes to five lanes. This reconstruction and widening job
began in 2007 and was completed in October, 2008. Phillip Nokes and his paving crew
did a remarkable job completing this work. Expect the Meadows job (widening) and
the Robertson job (reconstruction and widening) in Paragould to carry into the 2009
construction season. Wade Murry and his crew spent part of the year traveling. They
completed overlay and widening jobs in the Searcy/Clinton area.

Asphalt Plants
ALL plants in Arkansas now have their Diamond’s. Tuckerman and Clinton received
their awards in October. NAPA Diamond Achievement Awards are given to asphalt
plants for compliance with regulations relating to appearance, overall operations, sound
environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance and community
relations outreach efforts.

After wrapping up the construction season Luxora, Paragould, Tuckerman, Blackrock and
Clinton asphalt plants have been shut down for the winter.

The Regional Office staff has done an exceptional job this year operating under some strict time-sensitive deadlines and everyone did an outstanding
job making everything come together. Accolades to Holly Stroud!!! She has done an exceptional job with the Accounts Receivables - collecting $1.6
million for notoriously slow-to-no pay accounts since June. 

                                                   emPLoyee neWS
           JoyfuL WeLcomeS to:                          alloween brought out the best to visit the corporate office.
     Johnathan Morton                                   Carli Neubert, Ric Neubert’s(President) daughter, was
     Delta Asphalt Inc.               › 08/11/08   our little goblin and Hayden Perry, Son of Andy Perry(IT
     Kenneth Burns                                 Dept) was a knight in shining armor. Mason Underwood, Lisa
     Delta Asphalt Inc.               › 09/02/08                             Mirly’s(Aggregates Region) grandson-
     Jackie Greer                                                            came by dressed in the pumpkin’s finest
     Southern Illinois Stone Co.      › 08/26/08                             but we missed getting his picture (Our
     Carrol McCommons                                                        photographer was at lunch).
     Southern Illinois Stone Co.      › 09/22/08
     Joshua Warren                                                           The election may be over but Sarah
     Clinton Quarry                   › 08/16/08                             Palin’s, Republican VP nominee, visit
                                                                                                                        Carli Neubert          Hayden Perry
     Bryan Duncan                                                            to Cape Girardeau will be remembered
     Clinton Quarry                   › 08/21/08                             forever by Elizabeth Ward,

     Cheryl Morgan                                                           Troy Ward’s (Aggregates
                                                                                                                                                ue & Adrian
     Delta Asphalt of Arkansas Inc.   › 08/25/08                             Region) daughter. Elizabeth
     Arthur Wilder                                  Zach, Kelly, Liam &       was only 10 feet away from
                                                                                                                                            David Bright’s
     Cinton Quarry                    › 10/09/08        Nolan Green           the stage and was very
                                                                              excited to be making the
     Robert Delay                                                                                                                           Construction)
                                                   political scene along with her friends from Saxony
     Clinton Quarry                   › 10/16/08                                                                                            wife and daughter,
                                                   Lutheran School.
     Jimmy Gaddy                                                                                                                            attended the Carrie
     Clinton Quarry                   › 10/28/08                                                                                            Underwood concert
                                                   On October 23, 2008, Williamsville Stone held its                                        on October 27,
     David Fulton
                                                   annual Customer Appreciation day by hosting a fish                                       2008 in Jonesboro,
     Clinton Quarry                   › 11/15/08   fry. Approximately 100 customers and employees                                           Arkansas. Little
     Clark Bollinger                               enjoyed the food and fellowship featuring Kathy
                                                                                                              Adrian Bright & Carrie        did they know
     Southern Illinois Stone Co.      › 11/24/08   Wells’ famous hushpuppies. Each year she makes                   Underwood               Adrian, 4 ½ years
                                                   hushpuppies with rotell and tomato sauce. Again,                                         old, would be the
                 PromotionS:                       thank you to all involved to make this a successful       star of the show. Adrian was chosen from the
     Tracy Loyd                                    event.                                                    entire crowd to sit on the front row and she was
     Delta Companies Inc.                                                                                    asked to join Carrie on stage. Ms. Underwood
     Bryan Madinger                                CONGRATULATIONS to Holly Stroud, Arkansas                 serenaded her with “All American Girl”. This
     Southern Illinois Stone Co.                   Accounting Clerk, becoming engaged to Dr. Brandon         is their picture as it appeared on the front page
                                                   Michael, Pharmacy Manager at WalMart. They                of the Jonesboro Sun newspaper the next day.
                                                   celebrated Dr. Michael’s November birthday in Las         Adrian received a hug, a kiss, autographed
     Things may come to those who wait, but
     only the things left by those who hustle.     Vegas. Best wishes and let us know the wedding date.      shirt and the memory of a lifetime. The next
     ~Abraham Lincoln                                                                                        morning, Adrian was interviewed by the local
                                                   Sara Hoffman, Cindy Hoffman’s cowgirl –Missouri           radio station about her experience.
                                                   Construction, took home several awards in the 2008

     BuckS for BuckS
                                                   season of the 4-H Rodeo. The competition covers
                                                   a nine county area of Southeast Missouri. Over 150 kids, between the ages of 8-18, competed in different
    Delta is looking for this season Biggest       events. Sara received belt buckles for 3rd place in Senior Pole Bending, most improved & sponsorship. She
    Buck! Points will be used to determine         also received a medallion for 10th place in Senior Barrel Racing and a cash prize for the best 4-H Rodeo
    size. Submit your photos by January 16,        Record Book. She also competed in Break-a-Way Roping. Congratulations and keep up the good work, Sara!
    2008. We will feature the winner in the
    next newsletter. Best of luck to all you                 Send your best news to Sharon Johnson – 573-334-5261. Thank you and enjoy.

                                                     14 South Silver Springs Road
                                                     Cape Girardeau, MO 63701


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