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					TERRY M. FREDERICK – 913-541-8480 –

DEGREES:                 B. S., Mathematics (1975)
CERTIFICATIONS:          .NET and C# (2003), C.D.P., with Honors (1988)
HARDWARE:                TANDEM, IBM PC, Silicon Graphics, Sun, Sequent, DEC, IBM, Wang,
                         Univac, Modcomp, Control Data, CRAY, Burroughs
LANGUAGES:               C++, C,, VB 6 and VB.Net, COBOL, SCOBOL, TAL, PASCAL,
                         FORTRAN, APL, PL/I, MUMPS
SQL                      Tandem, Microsoft, Oracle
O/S:                     Tandem Guardian, several UNIX, Win32, .Net, and CE
EMBEDDED:                68xxx, Coldfire, MSP430, Atmel, Microchip, DSP 56xxx, 80x86

I’ve spent most of my career as a consultant, and I’ve had extensive experience in all key phases of
the project development life cycle. I have fulfilled roles varying from project manager to team member.

I specialize in Windows, UNIX, TANDEM NonStop systems, and microcomputer software engineering for
embedded systems. I have demonstrated expert skills in real-time programming, data communications
programming, fault-tolerant systems design, transaction-based design, high-performance database
programming, and hand-held device programming.

I have over 30 years of programming experience and several years of experience as a programming
manager. I received my C.D.P. (Certificate of Data Processing) with honors. I’m also certified in C# and

I have a reputation for completing projects, regardless of the difficulty involved.

My work in SQL has been highlighted in Network Computing Magazine, and Microsoft's Developers
Network Newsletter. I’ve also written an article in Byte Magazine on Windows NT event logging. I hold
several patents in video telephony, and was recently awarded Technology and Innovations award for work
on video telephony at Sprint. I have several patents on video telephony from my work at Sprint.

My hobbies include chess, electronics, short wave radio, and guitar. I’m currently the president of the
Kansas City Robotics Society.

Custom Business Solutions, Inc. (2002 - present)
      Senior Consultant
      Stinson Morrison and Hecker – Expert witness in a copyright lawsuit
      - Analyzed software from two companies to render an opinion on copyright violations.
      IMS Consulting – Expert witness in a patent lawsuit
      - Flowcharted code to reverse engineer software specifications for a patent infringement case.
      ICOP Digital, Inc. – Police in-car Video System
      - Design and development of a multi-terabyte database and retrieval system for video storage,
      viewing, categorizing and reporting
       Developed hierarchical multi-terabyte video system using inexpensive robot DVD jukeboxes
           and large scale SQL database. (VB, C#, .Net remoting, and Win32 interop)
      SAIC – Scientific Applications International Corporation
      - Analysis of 3D computer vision systems for automated shipping container damage recognition
       Developed new design for a 3D stereo vision system using line-scan cameras. (CameraLink,
           Line Scan cameras)
      Sprint – Services and Technology Labs
      - Advanced concepts prototype builder for various trade show demonstrations
       Developed high quality low bandwidth Video Phone and video CODEC (several patents,
           original CODEC).(C, C++, Visual Basic, assembler)
       Developed face recognition biometrics access security demonstration with speech recognition
           and text to speech. (FaceIt, C, C++, Visual Basic)
           Developed fingerprint biometrics access security demonstration. (Identix, C, C++, Visual
           Developed first ever demonstration of live video over a cell phone network using my own
            video codec (several patents). (C, C++, Visual Basic, assembler)

BSG Consulting (2000 - 2002)
      Senior Consultant
      - Senior design architect for future ION service designs.
      Sprint – ION Service Design
       Senior design architect for research and design of services to be provided to ION customers,
          such as software firewalls, unified messaging, web portals, and directory services, as well as
          systems for payment.
       Prototyped X.500 directory services system, developed directory services white paper, and
          evaluated LDAP vendors.
       Assisted in design for CALEA wiretapping and law enforcement requirements.

Lear Data Consulting (1992 - 2000)
       Senior Consultant
       - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
       Sprint - Service Order Entry, Routing Management System, Regional Switch Surveillance,
       Call History Information Processing System, International Traffic Monitoring System, Near
       Real Time Call Detail Database, Merged Call Processor, Sprint Canada, Prepaid Phone
       Cards, Credit Card System
        Designed MCP (Merged Call Processor) for collection and real-time distribution of call detail
           records from the long distance switches. Supervised 5 programmers (SGI, C, IRIX).
        Developed FTAM/OSI line handler to capture all long distance billing records in near real-time.
           (Tandem C) Developed TCP/IP line handler to capture all billing records on Tandem.
           (Tandem C)
        Developed Fault-tolerant real-time collection database of billing records on Windows platform.
           (Tandem C, TAL, Visual C++, SQL, Windows NT). Supervised 3 programmers.
        Developed statistical analysis system to monitor traffic from international phone companies
           using CDR’s. (Tandem C, TAL, Visual C++, Windows NT)
        Developed audit programs for MCP file transfers. (SGI C, UNIX shell scripts)
        Designed Fault-tolerant Credit Card processing system for Prepaid Card refresh department,
           operator services department, and LTD bill collection department. (Tandem C, Visual C++,
           Windows NT, ISO-8583). Supervised 8 programmers.
        Developed multi-threading stand alone ISO-8583 authorizing simulator. (Visual C++)
        Assisted in the development of the prepaid phone card refresh/recharge project (Tandem C).
        Maintained and enhanced prepaid phone card system (Tandem C).

Custom Business Solutions, Inc. (Sept. 1990 - 1991)
      Senior Consultant
      - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
      Mobil Oil – Point of Sale, and Credit Card Processing
       Designed and developed TINET and VISA/II Pathway front-end line handlers for the P.O.S
          terminals and all vendors on-line fuel pumps. (Non-stop TAL)
       Assisted in development of all phases of P.O.S. accounting software. (SCOBOL, COBOL)
      See additional Mobil work in 1988-1990

        Knight Ridder News Service/Commodity News Service – Financial Services
         Enhanced stock and commodity quote tracking system. (TAL, Tandem C)

        Co Pilot – Marine Radar
         Developed operating system for hand-held marine radar.

          Real-time analysis of radar signals using advanced digital signal processing software
           techniques. (FFT, digital filters, phased array Doppler, continuous wave modulation, DSP-
           56000 Assembler)

       ITN – Mobile Phone Authorization (now ITT)
        Developed real-time line transaction analyzer for TCP/IP SS7 telephony protocol. (IS-41
           cellular data protocol subset)

Computer Task Group Consulting (1990 – Sept 1990)
     Senior Consultant
     - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
     Sprint - Routing Management System, Regional Switch Surveillance
      Support analyst for RSS
      Designed and demonstrated new surveillance and trouble reporting system for the Atlanta
          service bureau.
      Performed technical design and implemented first client/server application RMS - Windows
          3.0 to TANDEM SQL. (NETBIOS, TAL, IBM PC Assembler, Basic, Tandem C, SQL,
          Microsoft C). Supervised 3 programmers.

Custom Business Solutions, Inc. (1988-1990)
      Senior Consultant
      - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
      TWA/WorldSpan – Gate check in
       Developed anti-terrorism positive boarding control system. Supervised three programmers.
          (Pathmaker, COBOL, SCOBOL)

       DST Systems – Mutual funds transfer
       (DST is the transfer agent for approximately 50% of the mutual funds in the United States.)
        Reviewed and analyzed mutual funds transfer software. Assisted in rewrite of mutual funds
          transfer software. (TAL, COBOL)

       PepsiCo Food Services – Order entry and shipping
        Performance modifications to the order entry system. (TAL)
        Corrected errors in custom RJE software (Tandem to Mainframe) file transfer system. (TAL)
        Developed Tandem to PC file transfer system and integrated into the PC- based TRUCKS
          application. (SQL, COBOL, Pathmaker)

       Mobil Oil – Point of Sale, and Credit Card Processing
        Designed and developed Bisync gateways to the various bank debit card switches. This
          interface became one of the industry standard ways of transferring ATM transactions between
          ATM switch systems. Pre-dates ISO-8583. (Non-stop TAL)
        Designed and developed dial-up P.O.S. system using X.25 PADS. (Non-stop TAL, SCOBOL)
        Assisted in development of all phases of P.O.S. accounting software. (SCOBOL, COBOL)

Cap Gemini Consulting (1987)
      Senior Consultant
      - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
      Banks of Iowa – Bank Automated Teller Machine switch
       Analyzed the performance of the Automated Teller Machine network and recommended
          appropriate tuning and network reconfiguration. (Measure)

       John Deere – Warehousing, Parts distribution
        Developed real-time software to control a Litton robot parts picking system using SCOBOL
          screens and a background CICS to Tandem link. (SNA/CICS and Pathway, TAL, COBOL,

Custom Business Solutions, Inc. (1980-1987)
      Senior Consultant
      - Team lead, research and design, and programmer
      United Telecommunications – Service Order Entry
       SOENS project - Assisted UTI in negotiations with Tandem. Performed initial Sysgens for
          their Tandem systems.

       DataCard Inc. – Point of Sale Terminal Software
        Developed Point-Of-Sale terminal firmware. (XINU C, Z80 Assembler)

       Mobil Oil – Point of Sale, and Credit Card Processing
        Designed and developed Bisync gateways to the various bank debit card switches. This
          interface became one of the industry standard ways of transferring ATM transactions between
          systems. (Non-stop TAL)
        Developed real-time, ATM network loading simulators. (IBM PC C, Assembler)
        Designed and developed Trouble Reporting System. (SCOBOL, COBOL)
        Assisted in development of all phases of P.O.S. accounting software. (SCOBOL, COBOL)

       Dresser Industries – Filling station pumps
        Developed Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Mobil and other debit/credit card host authorization
          simulators. (C, IBM PC Assembler)

       Travellodge – Motel/Hotel reservation system
        Developed prototype on-line reservation delivery system. (SCOBOL, COBOL)

       Allied Insurance – Insurance agent support
        Developed insurance company policy proposal programs for agents. (Basic/UNIX)

       World Institute of Nutrition – Multi-level Marketing
        Developed telemarketing database and programs. (SQL/UNIX)
        Developed Accounts Payable database and programs. (SQL/UNIX)
        Developed Multi-level marketing database and programs. (SQL/UNIX)

       Midwest Communications – Telemarketing and lead follow up
        Developed telemarketing database and programs. (INFORMIX/UNIX)

       Documail – Postal Mail sorting machines
        Enhanced software for mail sorting machines. (6502 Assembler)

       Temperature Engineering – Heating and Cooling management system
        Developed polling and controller software for energy management and remote controllers for
          shopping malls and large office complexes. Managed two programmers. (PASCAL, IBM PC
          Assembler, and Z80 Assembler)

       John Aker Engineering – Electronic Engineering
        Developed a Bridgeport milling machine robot software simulator.
        Developed fingerprint analysis software. (Apple Assembler)

       Applied Concepts – Electronic Manufacturing
        Modified/enhanced the 'SARGON' microcomputer chess program.
        Developed software for robot chess player (shown on the MacNeil / Lehrer PBS technology
        Developed a chess game for the Apple II.

DataPhase Systems, Inc. (1978-1980)
      Systems Manager
       Responsible for sizing and configuring Data General and TANDEM computer systems for this
          Library Value Added Reseller. (Sysgen, Install, X-RAY, TAL, COBOL, Mumps, Pathway)

Data Management Systems (1977-1978)
       Programming Manager
        Responsible for all program development for blood bank accounting system. (Fortran)

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co. (1976-1977)
      Communications Systems Manager/Systems Programmer
       Responsible for all data communications software Sysgens and communications hardware
          evaluation and purchasing. (Sysgens, Fortran, Univac, Assembler)

United Computing Systems - Scientific Time Sharing (1975-1976)
       Contract Programmer/Technical Support Analyst
        Debugged customer programs, generated operating system problem reports, contract
          programming for customers. (Fortran, APL, COBOL, PL/I)
        Provided technical support for CRAY and Control Data systems.

Computech Inc. (1972-1975)
     Contract Programmer/Analyst
      Developed country club accounting, receivables, G/L, inventory control.
      Developed construction company payroll and accounts payable with union reports and job
      Developed bank accounting, demand deposit accounting, installment loans, and commercial
      All used COBOL and Burroughs Assembler.

Emporia State University (1971-1973)
      Student Instructor:
       Taught BASIC Programming
       Taught Problem Solving with Computers
       Programming Lab Assistant for the Mathematics Department
       Contract programmer for Burroughs corporation

First National Bank of Kansas City Mo. (1969-1970)
        Computer Operator/Programmer Trainee
         Operated a check reader/sorter machine
         Other miscellaneous operator tasks


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