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									Seventy Glorious Years

         1934 - 2004


          (St. John The Baptist)

    The Original Scouters

       Acting Group Scoutmaster

        MR. S. W. QUAIFE


        MR. S. W. QUAIFE

        Assistant Scoutmaster

        MR. F. SUMMERS



         Assistant Cubmaster

           MISS E. GEE

Seventy Glorious Years


        (St. John The Baptist)

                                  Proceeds from the sale of
                                 this booklet will go towards
                                               Group Funds


70 years old – what an achievement! I am proud to have been associated
with the Group for 60 of those years - being invested as a Scout on June 26th
1944 and retiring as Group Scout Leader on December 31st 1970, and since
then in various capacities watching from the sidelines.
We are indebted to those first leaders in 1934 who took up Baden-Powell‟s
vision and created what was then the 41st Beckenham Scouts, and to the
succession of leaders who over the years have ensured the continuation of the
How many boys I wonder – and now girls! – have passed through the Group
during this time? Young people who it is hoped have continued the Scouting
ethos in their daily lives, and made a difference in the localities in which they
On behalf of St John‟s Church, who are proud to support and sponsor the
Scout Group, I offer their congratulations and my own personal
congratulations on the Groups 70th birthday, and may God continue to inspire
boys and leaders and all who are connected with the Group during the years

                                               Ken Gaved
                                               Curate (St Johns Church)
                                               & former Groups Scout Leader

    ”Be Happy” The 1959 Gang Show Finale
                  Seventy Glorious Years

The Scout Group (then called the 41st Beckenham) acquired official status on 5th
October 1934. It came about after the then Rector, the Rev. C. A. Page, D.S.O.
called a meeting of a few people interested in Scouting. They included the
Choirmaster, Mr. William Powell - a distant relative of Lord Baden Powell the
founder of Scouting - Mr. S. W. Quaife, Mr. D. F. Summers, and Miss S.
Simmons. At this meeting it was agreed that the Group should be a Controlled
Group, (now called a Sponsored Group) with the Rector as Controlling
Authority. A set of wooden buildings was set aside for use as Headquarters and
was situated where the Assembly Rooms Car Park is now.
A second meeting took place, and Registration and Warrant forms completed.
The Group Scarf was agreed as Royal Blue on Old Gold. Mr. Quaife was
warranted as Scoutmaster, and acting Group Scoutmaster, Mr. Summers as
Assistant Scoutmaster, Miss Simmons as Cubmaster and Miss Esther Gee (later
to become Mrs. Summers) as Assistant Cubmaster.
Leaflets were obtained from Headquarters and circulated to all the occupied
houses on Coney Hall Estate. These were part of Kingsway, part of Queensway,
part of Chestnut Avenue, part of Cherry Tree Walk and all of Birch Tree Avenue
and Church Drive.
As a result of this a general meeting was held to which several boys and their
parents came. A talk about Cubs and Scouts was given and the date for the first
Troop meeting was arranged.
At the first Troop meeting the Rector, the Rev. Page came and talked about the
Religious Policy to be adopted by the Group. The boys were divided into two
Patrols of about four each, and spent the rest of the evening on Hayes Common.
The first meetings were held in the Parish Rooms, later called the Rectory
Rooms, and demolished in 1971. However, buildings had been set aside for the
Group‟s use, formerly a cow shed they were later to be called „The Hutch‟.
Early activities included trips to Frylands Woods where the boys were taught the
rudiments of fire lighting, tea making and tracking.
From the first Cub Log Book it is recorded that “the first Pack Meeting was on
Wednesday, 31st October 1934, when five small boys met Akela in the Rectory
Rooms, this being our Den for the present time, their ages ranging from eight to
nearly eleven years”.
The first recorded minutes of the Group were dated 14th November 1934, and
those present were Messrs. S. W. Quaife, E. Harmer, and D. F. Summers and
Miss Simmons. It was reported that there was „4/3d. in hand from subscriptions
and donations‟.
At the beginning of 1935 it was decided that Messrs. Morrells (the developers of
the Coney Hall Estate) be approached „with a view of obtaining permission to
use the bungalow on the N.E. end of the estate for Headquarters‟. It is interesting
to note that despite prolonged negotiations nothing ever came of this proposal.
February 20th saw the first five Wolf Cubs invested, and later on 12th June,
Harold Palmer was the first Cub to gain his 1st Star Test.
On the 21st March 1935 the names of the original Patrols were recorded as Owls,
Eagles and Peewitts. There is an Eagle Patrol in the Troop today, but this is by
accident rather than design, as it was not until 1964 that this fact came to light! It
was also during this year that it was decided to „definitely adopt the Patrol
System‟, and to institute a Court of Honour.
At the beginning of 1936 Mr. Quaife became Group Scoutmaster and Mr.
Summers, Scoutmaster. Sometime in this year the first Pack and Troop colours
were bought. In 1937 several new names appeared in the records, although some
had been connected with the Group for a while before this. The Cubmaster was
Miss E. Gee, Assistant Cubmaster Mr. A. C. Hammond, Assistant Scoutmaster
Mr. S. Aylott, Rover Scout Leader Mr. S. Kingett, and Rover Scout Bradshaw.
Later in the year Mr. Quaife resigned as Group Scoutmaster, and Mr. Bradshaw
took over „for a trial period‟.
In October 1937 a resolution was passed that „The Group should aim to raise £50
towards a Headquarters‟. At the beginning of 1938 a Parents and Friends
Association was formed and the new Building Fund stood at £18.17.11d. In
August of 1938, two Cub Packs were formed for the first time, and in November
it was resolved „to get the Church Control cancelled and make the Group open‟.
During 1939 the Local Association „was to be approached with a view to getting
West Wickham formed as a separate Association‟. (This was again attempted in
the late 1950s, but it was not until the Advance Party Recommendations of 1967
that it actually happened!).
8th May 1939 was the last recorded meeting of the Group Committee. The
records of the ups and downs of the Group during 1939-1945 have been lost to
posterity and only one or two items are known. The Rover Crew which had
formed itself into the Kent 39 Red Cross Detachment during 1939 disbanded as
eventually all members enlisted. The Commandant had been Mr. Basil Jeans
(who had also been the leading light behind the pre-war Group Mouth Organ
Band!). Gradually most of the Scouters and older members of the Group „joined-
up‟ and the Group in common with many others combined with neighbouring
Groups. Two of the Groups with whom the 41st combined were the 43rd
Beckenham (Emmanuel, West Wickham) and towards the end of the war the 17th
Bromley (Keston). There were of course many Scouters during this time, but the
one who stands out most is Mrs. Brooks, who at one time ran the Cubs,
Brownies, Scouts and Guides in Coney Hall.
The next recorded meeting was on 9th October 1945 when a meeting of parents
was called by the Group Scoutmaster, Mr. P. Way. The urgent need was for
Scouters. It was reported that the Pack had £8 in hand, but the Troop had a
deficit of £8! At this meeting Mr. A. W. Sheaf an old Scouter from Camberwell,
volunteered to become Cubmaster, whilst Mr. Way continued to run the Scout
Troop. A committee of parents was formed with the Rev. Shelley Lawson as
Chairman, Mr. Twyford, Treasurer, Mr. J. Clear, Secretary and Mr. Wilson.

The Group continued to progress until 6th June 1946, when with various pre-war
Scouters having returned there was a change of personnel. Mr S. E. (Tiny)
Kingett became Group Scoutmaster, Mr. A. C. Hammond, Scoutmaster, Mr. A.
W. Sheaf, Cubmaster and Mr. D. F. Summers, Rover Scout Leader. It was
reported that there were 61 Cubs, and 18 Scouts of which seven were in a Senior
Patrol. The Troop Leader was Ted Mealin, a King‟s Scout. Mr. Summers
undertook to re-organise the Parents Association.
In October 1946 the Cubs had collected sufficient farthings to hand over
£23.10.7¾d. to Beckenham Hospital. There was a second King‟s Scout in the
Group, Derek Wheatley.
During May 1947 it was reported that £10 had been received from the collection
of jam jars. More jam jars were collected and stored in Tiny Kingett‟s garage,
but the jam makers were no longer interested, and the jars stayed for months in
the garage!
At some time during 1947 a Scouters Preliminary Course was held in the
Headquarters and a picture of B-P, duly signed by all members on the course,
was presented to the Group.
In August the first post-war summer camp was held. It was the last of the
District camps and was run in conjunction with the 24th, 43rd and 46th Troops.
The camp site was at Ninham‟s Farm, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, and was run by
the District Commissioner, Mr. B. W. (Bunny) Stewart. This camp was run at
considerable financial loss to the Scouters involved.
The only event of note recorded during 1948 was the resignation as Group
Scoutmaster of Mr. Tiny Kingett. Mr. A. W. „Skip‟ Sheaf took over, whilst still
continuing as Cubmaster.
Once again for the next two years records have been lost and the next record is
shown as 18th May 1950. In those two years there were several changes in
Scouters and those present at the meeting were: Mr. A. W. Sheaf - Group
Scoutmaster and Cubmaster, Mr. A. C. Hammond - Scoutmaster, Mr. D. D.
Murray - Assistant Scoutmaster, Miss L. E. Gaved - Assistant Cubmaster, Lay
people also present were Messrs. McCree, Stewart, Clear (Secretary) and Kingett
(Treasurer). Later in the year Mr. T. A. C. Stewart (Elk) became the Group‟s
first Senior Scoutmaster.
Again a blank period in the Group‟s history and it is not until 1952 that we can
pick up the threads. In this year the Rover Crew was re-formed and Mr. F. Street
became Rover Scout Leader. In 1953, two Cub Packs were formed, and with the
exception of one year, there have been two packs ever since. 1954 produced a
reconstructed Group Committee which had been inactive for some years. Since
then the Committee with many changing faces, has made its own special mark
on the Group‟s history.
In 1955 Mr. Sheaf resigned as Group Scoutmaster, and became a member of the
Committee and was presented with an Honorary Group Scoutmaster‟s Warrant.
Mr A. C. Hammond became Group Scoutmaster and Mr. J. Dawkins, Chairman.
In April of this year the Group produced the first of its post-war biennial Gang
Shows, „It‟s a Wonderful Life‟. 1955 saw the „coming of age‟ of the Group and
was suitably celebrated in October, with Demonstrations, Exhibitions, a Supper
and a Thanksgiving Service.

During 1956 the Group „opted-out‟ of the Coney Hall and District Parents
Association as it was felt that its own Committee fulfilled this function. The
Group funds stood at £40 and it was suggested that a scrap metal collection and a
waste paper drive be held. The former was dropped but the latter became the first
of many organised in conjunction with the Guides. Later in the year the first
Senior Scout colours were bought and dedicated. Four Seniors, Grahame Catley,
Basil Dawkins, Brian George and Ian Jackson made Group history, by becoming
Queen‟s Scouts all at the same time.
1957 saw several memorable events in the Group‟s life. The Group‟s first
investment was bought - a £5 Premium Bond! So much equipment was
possessed by the Group that the insurance was increased to cover £300.
Sometime during this year the 51st (Air Scouts) Group was launched, and to help
them on their way, the Rover Scout Leader, Mr. F. Street, became their Group
Scoutmaster and two Patrol Leaders from the Troop, Roy Williams and John
Collins, transferred to them. In the January, Graham Fuke, a handicapped boy in
a wheelchair, was invested in the Troop. Later in the year, in September, he was
the central character in a film „Scouting with the Handicapped‟ made by the
County of London. Two boys Richard Wood and Grahame Catley, were selected
to attend the Jubilee Jamboree at Sutton Coldfleld. The Group Committee
elected Mr. Cruse as Chairman, Mr. Gore, Treasurer and Mrs. Sheaf, Secretary.
At the beginning of 1958, Mr. Alan Hammond finally left the Group after nearly
23 years to become District Commissioner and Mr. Ron Goodman took over as
Group Scoutmaster. This required a new Cubmaster to be found and caused an
emergency meeting of parents to be held. In spite of a very poor meeting due to
inclement weathers two people offered their services, Mr. John Watson and Mrs.
Lilian Camp. These two subsequently became Cubmasters, one to each pack. It
was decided that the Group Magazine „The Burrow News‟ be re-issued - this
was done and issued quarterly until June 1967. A second trek cart was
purchased, when two Patrol Leaders, Bernard Blakemore and Roger Gooch, and
the Scoutmaster Mr. Ken Gaved, walked home from Welling with it! During
May, approval was gained for the wearing of the rabbit badge on the scarf to
signify „conies of Coney Hall‟. In September, a concrete mixer was hired and a
new Scout Hut floor was laid.

                               A picture from the 1959 Gang Show “Be Happy”
1959 started with £106.8.3d. in hand and it was decided to start a Building Fund
for the purpose „of either renewing parts of the Scout Hut or building a new
one‟. £25 was voted to this fund to be invested in Premium Bonds. In May
Graham Fuke passed the last qualifying badge for the Scout Cords and was duly
presented with them. During the first weekend of October, the 25th Anniversary
celebrations included Demonstrations, a Supper and a Thanksgiving Service.
These were later voted a success.
In May 1960 new officers were elected on to the Group Committees and Mr.
Merry became Chairman, Mr. Humphreys, Treasurer and Mrs. Thomas,
Secretary. Later in the year a report was received that the Scout Hut roof was in
a „precarious state‟. Apart from one or two minor adjustments, this remained so
until the Group vacated the Hut in 1970!
1961 saw another change on the Committee, and Mrs. Fuke became Secretary.
Mr. Ron Goodman resigned as Group Scoutmaster on moving from the District,
and these duties were taken over by Mr. Ken Gaved. A further £50 was allocated
to the Building Fund and 5% Defence Bonds were bought. The Rector approved
an idea to build a new Scout Hut in part of his garden, subject to the approval of
the Church Commissioners. Due to lack of Scouters, the Senior Section was
closed down. At the end of the year a further £150 was invested for the Building
1962 started with the Annual Reports being circulated to parents. Due to the fire
at the Assembly Halls, the Annual General Meeting had not been held. The
Group became a „Founder Group‟ of Baden-Powell House, having collected a
minimum of 6d. per head, and duly received a plaque to commemorate this. The
Church Commissioners refused permission for building in the Rector‟s garden.
Graham Fuke became the first handicapped boy to become a Queen‟s Scout in
the Local Association and was presented with his certificate by Mr. Leonard
Robinson, Assistant County Commissioner for London.
In April 1963, Graham Fuke died, after being a member of the Group for just
over six years. The Pack made Group history by winning the District Football
Shield for the first time, and in July a Cub Camp was held - the first for ten
years. Due to lack of Scouters, and also of members, the Rover Crew was closed

Following a successful parents‟ meeting a Supporters Association was formed in
January 1964. It was reported that the Group was the largest in the District with
108 Cubs, Scouts, Seniors and Scouters. During the year the Group won the
Sports Trophy for the first time.
This year saw the beginning of lengthy negotiations and discussions on a new
Headquarters. Mr. Mills (a parent) volunteered to handle the planning and
building side. The site under discussion at this time was behind Aldines (now the
Liquor Locker) in Addington Road and belonged to a Mr. Moss. The main
problem - apart from money! - was drainage. A change took place on the
Committee when Mrs. Fuke moved from the District and her place as Secretary
was taken by Mrs. Needham. The Group ended the year with £484.18.3d. in the
Building Fund, of which £430 was invested in Defence Bonds. The 30th Birthday
celebrations in October - attended by over 200 people - had included static
demonstrations, a Supper and a Thanksgiving Service. A booklet entitled “The
First Thirty Years” was produced, thus recording the Group‟s history since 1934
The beginning of 1965 saw the approval of the building plans by the local
Council and the Group set itself a target of £1,000 in the following 18 months.
During its first year, the Supporters Association had raised over £100. The
Group decided to buy £400 of Premium Bonds (over the ensuing years five
prizes of £25 each were to be won). A total of £185 was raised on ten year
Interest Free Loans. A Balloon Race was held instead of a Bob-a-Job and the
balloon travelling the furthest reached Norway. The proposed site was fenced to
prevent “dumping” following the general clearance of the area. The Scout Group
won the Group Trophy at the District Sports. The Rover Crew was re-started
with a nucleus of three members. Five Scouts and two Rovers transferred from
the Air Scout Group following its closure due to lack of Leaders. A special
meeting was called to discuss the high cost of the new building and tentative
suggestions were made to have a wooden building instead of pre-cast concrete.
This was eventually squashed. The year ended with over £1,000 in the Building
At the first Group Committee in 1966 it was announced that the Boy Scout
Association had agreed to act as Trustees for the new Headquarters. It was also
noted that a Cub, Peter Luff, gained all 15 Proficiency Badges. New Trustees for
Group Property (as opposed to building) were named as Mr. C. Merry, Mr. J.
Murray, Mr. C. Beale and Mr. K. Gaved. Following the resignation of Mr. Mills,
Mr Westerman was appointed as the new architect. The Patrol Leaders made
Group history by winning the District Nicholson Shield for the first time. It was
reported that negotiations for the land had completely broken down because the
Council were to compulsory purchase it. Mr. Beale who had been appointed
Chairman of the Building Committee stated his intention to continue looking for
a site. Mr Gaved resigned as Scoutmaster (but still continuing as Group
Scoutmaster) to become Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) and his
position was taken over by Mr D. Sullivan. Mrs. Needham also resigned as
Secretary and Mrs. Luff was appointed in her place.



7.30-8.30    Patrol Work: Tigers - Pioneering A
                          Wolves - Signalling & First Aid
                          Foxes - Pioneering B

8.30-8.40    Inspection - Notices - Subs. Ceremonial reading of 1st Scout Law.

8.40-8.55    Sense Game “Which Whistle”

8.55-9.10    Hat and Jump Relay (or short talk on First Aid)

9.10-9.25    Penning Sheep - Game

9.25-9.30    Summary of Notices, Prayers and Dismissal

Note: If any Scout has any test he would like to pass, ask your Patrol Leader if
you may approach the Scoutmaster during Patrol Work.


7.45-7.55    Flag Break, and Inspection

7.55-8.10    Warming up Game - Quarters

8.10-8.35    Fitness Challenge Part 2
             1) Decide Physical challenges
             2) Exercise – take pulse rate – exercise again
             3) Each boy to select 2 subjects to research e.g. Diet, sleep, drugs,

8.35-8.50    Building & racing sedan chair

8.50-9.05    Game – Oneupmanship

9.05-9.15    Notices, Flag Down, Prayers and Dismissal

The main part of the evening was the second of three sessions of the Fitness
Challenge designed to help the Scouts gain this award

1967 was a year of great change in the Scout movement. Outwardly the most
noticeable was the uniform when long trousers and green long sleeved shirts
took over from shorts and khaki shirts. All male Leaders ceased to wear the
Group Scarf and ties were worn instead. Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts
disappeared and a new section, Venture Scouts, came into being. Due to changes
in the District, our Group became „3rd West Wickham (St. John the Baptist)‟ in
the West Wickham and Beckenham South District. The Group planned to
change over to the new uniform during the following 18 months and a uniform
subscription of 2/6d. per week was started to enable all uniforms to be bought at
the same time. “The Burrows News” ceased publication and was replaced by a
bi-monthly Newsletter. The Supporters first “Spring Fair” was run at the
Assembly Rooms when a profit of £193.13.6d. was made. Mr. Beale was
appointed the Group Public Relations Officer. The Scout Group took part in a
County Rally to welcome the Chief Scout, Sir Charles McLean. Peter Daniels
became the first member of the Group since 1962 to gain his Queen‟s Scout
Award. Mr. Watson and Mrs. Farmer resigned as Cub Scout Leaders, and their
places taken by Miss Male and Mr. Jackson respectively. Andrew Goyns became
the second of our Cubs to gain all 15 Proficiency Badges.
During 1968 the Supporters Association started weekly Bingo sessions, and due
to the untiring efforts of Mr. Joe Sullivan until his death in 1991 and afterwards,
for two years, by members of the Supporters Committee, these were run bringing
in some £200 each year. News was given that a Ministry grant of £1,235 had
been made towards the cost of the new Headquarters. Three more boys gained
their Queen Scout‟s Awards, Christopher Winchester, David Thomas and
Bernard Robinson. At the year end a total of £2,200.15.10d. was shown in the
Building Fund.
Early in 1969 discussion took place on how best to invest the accumulating
funds, as there appeared to be no early prospect of building. Apart from initial
enquiries nothing further was done. An Exhibition of Scouting was organised by
the Group and held one Saturday morning in Coney Hall. A site was finally
agreed for the new Headquarters and was located in Tiepigs Lane on Education
Department land. A 21 year lease was arranged with the Council at a nominal
annual rent. Peter Fisher and Vernon Needham became the first boys in the
Group to gain the new Chief Scout‟s Award.


    GSL Ken Gaved receives the keys at the opening of the new HQ in 1970
1970 was a most important milestone in the Group‟s history. This year saw the
building of the long awaited new Headquarters. It was officially opened on 7th
November by the Group Scout Leader, Mr. K. Gaved and memorial trees were
planted by former GSLs Messrs. Sheaf, Hammond and Goodman. Memorial
bushes were planted by three Committee Chairmen, Messrs. Merry, Beale and
Stocker. The building - named “Greenacres” was only one third of its intended
size due to lack of funds, but two extensions were to be added in the years ahead
to make a building 90‟ x 40‟. Over 275 people attended the opening. A 36 hour
Sponsored Football Match was held on the Headquarters grounds and £112 was
raised for charity. The first Jumble Sale was held in. the unfinished
Headquarters! Waste Paper collections on a monthly basis were begun.
1971 began a period of consolidation and settling down in the new Headquarters.
In spite of its smallness and the fact that it was situated away from Coney Hall,
numbers of boys continued to grow. Expenses on events became less as the
building was Group property and thus higher profits were recorded on all money
raising activities.

Thoughts now began to turn to the first extension! The Scout Counties of
London arranged a cruise to the Scandinavian countries in which six of our
Scouts took part. Miss Brenda Male resigned as Cub Scout Leader due to the fact
that she was going to America, and her position was taken by Miss Penny
Skinner. The first Spring Fair at “Greenacres” raised £140. Mr. C. Merry
resigned as Chairman, and as a tribute to his many years service he was made the
Group‟s first President. Mr. Ted Webb became the new Chairman.
Plans were laid early in 1972 for the first extension to “Greenacres”. The Group
had insufficient money due to escalating costs but planning permission was
applied for. The previous Interest Free Loans having been re-paid, it was decided
to try the scheme again. A further £105 was raised in this way. Another grant of
£300 was given by the Local Council, and this would mean the Minister would
grant a further £600. The float for the extension was laid, and the building
erected in December.
Due to the ever pressing need for leaders, a Recruitment Drive was launched.
Plans were laid early in 1973 and April made the month for the Drive. From this
came one Assistant Cub Scout Leader, two Assistant Scout Leaders, two Regular
Instructors and one Committee Member. The extension had been erected but
electrical work and insulation of the walls and roof still had to be done. As this
was done mainly by voluntary work, it was not completed until the end of that
year. The local Council donated 20 Maple trees for the grounds and these were
duly planted. It was reported that Mr. Gaved would resign at the end of the
following year, as he had taken up a new appointment as District Commissioner.
At an extraordinary meeting in July it was reported that two parents were willing
to loan the Group £2,000 over eight years in order that the third extension could
be built. This was accepted with grateful thanks and plans laid forthwith. In spite
of building activities, the Scouts and Venture Scouts built six canoes which were
used many times throughout the year. Five boys gained their Chief Scout‟s
Awards - Michael Brown, Nicholas Fry, Paul Rutter, Christopher Sterrett and
Martin Kettle. Later in the year Michael Brown sold programmes at Princess
Anne‟s wedding and also assisted at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

In 1974 the Group celebrated 40 years of continuous Scouting. By a happy
coincidence the Supporters Association celebrated its 10th Birthday and during
those ten years they had raised over £3,000 for the Group. Delays in building
due to strikes and the national economic situation meant the extension was built
but internal works not completed for the Birthday Supper held in October.
However, with almost 300 people attending, a plaque was unveiled by the
President, Mr. C. Merry signifying the completion of the building. A
Thanksgiving Service was held at St. John‟s Church on the 13th October. Mr. J.
Murray retired as Treasurer after 11 years and into this office stepped Mr. B.
Severn. Three more Chief Scout‟s Awards were gained - Malcolm Bulley,
Martin Pepper and Paul Sewell. The Group put on its 40th Birthday Gang Show,
“Flying High” which turned out to be a financial record breaker of £178.88. A
former Group Scout Leader, Mr. Alf Sheaf, who was responsible for so much of
the consolidation of the Group after the war, died early in the year.
At the end of 1974 Mr. Ken Gaved duly resigned as Group Scout Leader and Mr.
Chris Jackson took over the leadership of the Group, as well as remaining Cub
Scout Leader of the Wontolla Pack. Miss P. Skinner also resigned as Cub Scout
Leader of Seeonee Pack and Mr. D. Trinder was appointed in her place.

                      COMPETITIONS WON

1952   Chamberlain Trophy

1953   Chamberlain Trophy

1954   Inter Pack Swimming Trophy

1956   Chamberlain Trophy

1957   Camping Competition - Boy Scouts Sports Trophy

1958   Grieves Cup (Lifesaving)

1962   Farwell First Aid Team Trophy (Under 15)
       Farwell First Aid Pairs Trophy (Under 15)

1963   Farwell First Aid Team Trophy (Under 15)
       Farwell First Aid Pairs Trophy (Under 15)
       Cub Football Shield

1964   Farwell First Aid Team Trophy (Over 15)
       Farwell First Aid Pairs Trophy (Over 15)
       Farwell First Aid Pairs Trophy (Under 15)
       Pelling Cross Country Cup
       Boy Scouts Sports Trophy
       Scout Group Sports Cup

1965   Cub Scouts Trophy
       Senior Scouts Sports Trophy
       Scout Group Sports Cup

1966   Nicholson Shield
       Cub Sports Trophy
       Scout Group Sports Cup

1967   Farwell First Aid Team Trophy (Under 15)
       Scout Groups Sports Cup

1968   Cub Sports Trophy

1969   Cub Fun Day Trophy (Seeonee Pack)
       Cub Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Venture Scout Sports Trophy
       Scout Group Sports Cup
       5-a-side Football Cup (Under 13½)

1970   Cub Fun Day Trophy (Wontolla Pack)

1971   Cub Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Venture Scout Sports Trophy
       Scout Group Sports Cup
       5-a-side Football Cup (Under 13½)

1972   Cub Scouts Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       5-a-side Football Cup (Over 13½)

1973   Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       5-a-side Football Cup (Under 13½)

1974   Canoe Slalom Competition
       Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Venture Scout Sports Trophy
       Cub Fun Day Trophy (Wontolla Pack)

1975   Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Wontolla Pack)

1976   Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13½)

1977   Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Seeonee Pack)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13½)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Over 13½)
       Scout Canoe Slalom Team Trophy

1978   Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Over 13½)
       Scout Sports Trophy
       Scout Canoe Slalom Team Trophy
       Group Swimming Gala Trophy

1979   Cub Scouts Swimming Gala Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout Swimming Gala Trophy
       Group Swimming Gala Trophy
       Scout Canoe Slalom (Under 14 Individual Winner)
       Scout Cyclocross (Under 13 Individual Winner)

1980   Cub Scouts Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Female Venture Scouts Sports Trophy
       Group Sports Trophy
       Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Over 13½)
       Scout Canoe Slalom (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       Cub Scout Swimming Gala Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout Swimming Gala Trophy
       Group Swimming Gala Trophy

1981   Cub Scout Handicraft Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout Football League Trophy
       Scout Football Knockout Cup
       Scout Swimming Gala Trophy

1982   Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13½)
       Female Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy
       Male Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy

1983   Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Female Venture Scout Sports Trophy
       Scout Canoe Slalom (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       Female Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy
       Male Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy

1984   Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout Cross Country Pelling Trophy
       Scout Cross Country Morrell Shield (Under 13½ Individual Winner)
       Scout Long Distance Canoe Race (13-15 yrs Individual Winner)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13½)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Over 13½)
       Scout Sports Trophy (Equal first)
       Group Sports Trophy
       Group Swimming Gala Trophy

1985   Scout Cross Country Morrell Shield (Over 13½ Individual Winner)
       Scout Cyclocross Trophy
       Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)

1987   Scout Cyclocross Trophy
       Cub Scout Cyclocross Trophy (Wontolla Pack)

1988   Scout Swimming Gala Trophy (equal first)
       District Scout Long Distance Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13)
       Scout 5-a-side Football Cup (Over 13)
       Cub Scout Swimming Gala Trophy (Seeonee Pack joint 1st)
       Group Swimming Gala Trophy

1989   Scout Football League Trophy
       Scout Cross Country Morrell Shield (Over 13½ Individual Winner)
       Female Venture Scouts Swimming Gala Trophy
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Under 13)
       County Scout Long Distance Canoe Race (Over 14 Individual Winner)
       River Arun Canoe Race (Adults Singles Individual Winner)
       River Arun Canoe Race (Adults - Doubles)

1990   Scout Sports Trophy
       Female Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy (Equal first)
       Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       County Long Distance Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       County Long Distance Canoe Race (Over 16 Individual Winner)
       River Arun Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       River Arun Canoe Race (Adults - singles)
       River Arun Canoe Race (Adults - doubles)

1991   Scout Cross Country Trophy
       Scout Cyclocross (Under 13 Individual Winner)
       Scout Canoe Slalom (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       County Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       County Canoe Race (adults - doubles)

1992   Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Male Venture Scout Swimming Gala Trophy
       Scout Cross Country (Under 12 Individual Winner)
       Scout Cyclocross (Over 13 Individual Winner)
       County Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual Winner)
       County Canoe Race (Adults - Doubles)

1993   Cub Scout Swimming Gala Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Scout Cross Country (Under 13 Individual Winner)
       County Canoe Race (Over 16 Individual Winner)

1994   Cub Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Cub Scout Sports Trophy (Wontolla Pack)
       Female Venture Scout Sports Trophy
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy
       County Canoe Race (Adults Doubles)

1995   Scout Cyclocross (Over 13 Individual Winner)

1996   County Canoe Race (Veterans Doubles)
       County Canoe Race (14-16 yrs Individual winner)

1997   Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy
       Scout Football League Trophy (Joint Winners)

1998   Southern 50 – Novice Trophy
       Southern 50 – Chiefs Trophy

1999   Southern 50 – Novice Trophy
       Scout 5-a-side Football Trophy
       Scout Football League Trophy

2000   Cub Scout Cyclocross Trophy (Seeonee Pack)

2001   Southern 50 – 1st Overall
       Southern 50 – Veterans Trophy

2002   Southern 50 – Veterans Trophy
       Cub Scout Swimming Gala Female Leaders Trophy

2003   Scout Cyclocross (Under 14 Individual Winner)
       Cub Scout Cyclocross Trophy (Wontolla Pack)

1975 proved to be a year full of effort to raise the necessary funds to pay all the
costs entailed with having a new, but only a shell of, a Headquarters. Fund
raising included: a Spring Fair, Sponsored Cricket Match, Garden Party, and a
Car Drive. The Mayor (Councillor Crask) came to judge the Spring Fair Posters!
We were 147 strong but short of Scout Troop help. In June Mr. Ted Webb stood
down as Group Chairman and Mr. C. L. Beale took over this office after such a
successful period as Building Committee Chairman and Mrs. Mary Atack was
appointed Secretary in place of Mrs. Luff. There was no let up in scouting
activities and Peter Gander gained his Chief Scout‟s Award.
In 1976 the Headquarters‟ floor was finally completed and 11 windows replaced
after vandalism. Mr. Terence Stanley, Venture Scout Leader, won the Scout
Association Individual Trophy for Parascending in July and Mr. Doug Sullivan
led the Troop in a successful Summer Camp held in Switzerland. Plans were
prepared at this time to extend internally the Kitchen and Stores under the
supervision of Mr. R. Ockelford using help from inside the Group, particularly
members of the Venture Unit, and costing approximately £500/£600. The First
Auction was run by the Supporters in October raising £360 and Andrew Failes
gained his Chief Scout‟s Award.
Mr. C. Merry, our President and past Chairman, died suddenly in January 1977,
a great loss to the Group after 22 years staunch service. A Memorial Fund from
monies donated in lieu of flowers was used to provide President‟s Cups for each
Section in the Group to be gained each year by the member showing the most
endeavour, and material for an embroidered Blue and Yellow Table Cover with
work undertaken by Mrs. P. Knowlden. In this the Queen‟s Silver Jubilee Year,
Commemorative Badges were worn and a special ceremony was held after the
June Church Parade with the whole Group parading at “Greenacres” to receive
commemorative Crowns from Mrs. Lorna Merry, late President‟s wife. Under a
new Headquarters‟ policy the Group Council was reformed and the Group
Supporters became officially the Group‟s Fund Raising Sub-Committee with Mr.
G. Stocker (Supporters‟ Chairman) and Mr. A. Priestley joining the new Group
Executive Committee. After a long spell two Queen Scout Awards were gained,
Michael Brown and Chris Sterrett, and Gary Moss and Tim Prentice gained their
Chief Scout Awards. New equipment was purchased including £500 spent on
four tents.
In 1978 the Gang Show “What a Wonderful Life” was performed in the April,
keeping up the tradition of producing a Show every two years. Work on fitting
out the internal store/kitchen extensions was still progressing but plans were
already being made for an outside store/garage! Tim Webb and Neil Anthony
gained their Chief Scout‟s Award and Martin Pepper became a Queen‟s Scout
and so joining Michael Brown and Chris Sterrett which augured well for the
future. In the June Medals of Merit were presented to Mr. C. Jackson, Mr. D.
Sullivan and Mr. P. Atkinson for their efforts both in Group and District affairs.

                                                      June 1979 Troop Meeting
The first order was placed in March 1979 for our now familiar T and
Sweatshirts. Neil Anthony, earlier selected to be in the U.K. Scout contingent,
attended the world Jamboree in New Mexico, U.S.A. in July with Mr. D.
Sullivan as Section Leader. A special evening “The American Experience” later
gave the opportunity for the great venture to be graphically described. Tim Kerr
took over as Quartermaster and redesigned and laid out the Camping Store as we
know it today. The internal extension (the Ockleford/Venture Extension!) was
declared officially open at the Annual General Meeting by Mr. Chris Jackson.
The Venture Unit became “mixed”, with the first girls invested in the Unit on the
10th November, and the male membership shot up. Mrs. Maureen Stanley was
appointed Assistant Venture Scout Leader. After over fifteen years of great
service to the Group Supporters Fund Raising Committee Chairman, Mr. G.
Stocker retired on moving from the district and Mr. A. Priestley took over this
responsible position.

In 1980 Mr. C. L. Beale resigned as Group Chairman having served the Group
so well for over 17 years and later in the year he was awarded the Chief Scout‟s
Commendation for Good Service to the Movement. Mr. R. Ockleford then
became the Group Chairman at the Group AGM in June that year. Shortly
afterwards Mr. D. Trinder found the pressure of work increasing and stood down
as Leader of Seeonee Pack. After a caretaker period by Mrs. B. Smith, Mr. C.
Sterrett stepped into the breach and took over as Leader. So we were again going
through a time of change. In the Autumn the Group won the Cub Trophy, the
Scout Trophy, and the Group Trophy at the Swimming Gala and a further three
Chief Scout Awards were gained by Timothy Gaved, James Dance and Martin
During 1981 a Sponsored Clean of the Parish Church by Cubs and young Scouts
produced £261 for the Church Restoration Fund. Despite an intense search by
the Cubs in the nooks and crannies only 27½p came to light! The Wontolla Cubs
won the District Handicraft Trophy for the first time and the Scout Troop the
Football League Trophy and the Knock Out Cup.
The 75th Year of Scouting gave us all an active time during 1982 with uniforms
emblazoned with two large commemorative badges and the Group giving a static
display of the 75 years at McAndrews Ground District Display. A Cub of
yesteryear, now a Paratrooper, John Etheridge, came back to visit the Pack safe
and sound after the Falklands War. New fencing needed around the
Headquarters was erected at a cost of around £600. The Venture Unit purchased
a 12 seater minibus which came in useful on their Expedition in the summer to
Holland and Denmark. Four break-ins during the summer caused further window
bars to be installed. Boys from the Scout Troop camped at the International
Camp held at Downe and American Scouts were given hospitality by parents of
boys involved. Katy Hodges (already a Queen‟s Guide) gained her Queen‟s
Scout Award and at a Cheese and Wine Reception, in honour of the 75th Year of
Scouting, six Lay members received Thanks Badges from the Group.
An investment in an Extractor Fan to cut down condensation was made in 1983
at a cost of £500. Mr. J. Sullivan was awarded the Chief Scout‟s Commendation
for Good Services to the Movement for his long and faithful service to the
Group, and Mr. K. Gaved was installed as Group President after retiring as
District Commissioner. The Venture Unit won the Female Sports and Female
Swimming Trophies! Iain Davanna, Richard George, and Graham Whiting all
gained their Chief Scout‟s Awards. The base of the store, costing approximately
£1,500 was laid in the September with special strengthening required due to the
nature of the ground. Plans for the Group‟s Golden Jubilee in 1984 were put in
hand and the basic design for a special commemorative Group uniform badge,
submitted by Guy Plater of the Scout Troop, was approved.

And so we arrive at 1984. The commemorative Gang Show “Something to Shout
About” performed in March to packed houses and was well received, a Spring
Fair, complete with Steam Organ, was held in May, and an Exhibition of the
Group‟s Fifty Years took place in July. Three members of the Group‟s first Wolf
Cubs were tracked down through the Local Press, Bernard Dent, John Lunn and
Peter Tringham, two of whom were present at the Golden Jubilee Supper &
Dance in October at which about 200 (our maximum) attended. The Store was
erected in September at a cost of just under £3,000 and has been of great use to
the Group which now numbered 157, our highest ever, and by far the largest in
the District. The desire for adventure, however, remains very much to the fore
with three of our young men, Tobin May, David Ockleford and Christopher
Severn, taking part in Nortrek 1984 - traversing the mountains and glaciers of
Norway and returning to tell a tale of full challenge.
Again inevitably some changes. After almost 20 years involvement Mr. C.
Jackson handed over in April the Leadership of the Wontolla Park to Mr. R.
Holmes, also Mrs. M. Atack resigned as Group Secretary following nine years of
service and Mrs. B. Whiting was appointed in her place.
Doug Sullivan, whose long association with the Scout Troop goes back over
many years finally decided to stand down as Scout Leader at the end of the year
and handed over to Mr Richard Jutten. Doug became Assistant Group Scout

Further changes in personnel occurred in 1985. After a number of years of
splendid service, Terry and Maureen Stanley our Venture Scout Leader and
Assistant Venture Scout Leader moved away from the area leaving Mick Brown
and Martin Pepper to decide on who should become Venture Scout Leader
(Mick eventually did!). Peter Atkinson resigned as Assistant Cub Scout Leader
to concentrate on his other appointment as District and County Adviser for
Handicapped Scouts. Mike Ayres, a hard worker on the Supporters Fund
Raising Committee died suddenly. Fund raising continued with vigour with
auctions and a craft fair bringing in much needed revenue. Changes to the age
ranges of the training sections were introduced reducing the age of transfer from
Cubs to Scouts and from Scouts to Venture Scouts by six months in each case.
This caused many problems during the first three or four years. Richard Jutten
was awarded the Chief Scouts Commendation for good services to the
1986 saw a national celebration of 70 years of Cub Scouting and members of our
two Cub Scout Packs attended a special event, “Cubrah” at the Royal Albert
Hall, and wore a special „Rainbow‟ badge throughout the year. Another Gang
Show was held at the Assembly Rooms, and during the year new lights were
installed in the Headquarters replacing the original system. It was in February
that members of the Venture Scout Unit first entered an event which was a
regular on their calendar until recently. This was the „Southern 50 Challenge‟ a
non-stop hike of approximately 50 miles in the Chiltern Hills for teams of four.
When entering this first time they thought the hike was held over two days with
a night camp in between. Their error was soon realised! However, the event has
become most popular with teams entering now from the Unit, Fellowship and
Leaders Mr Chris Jackson was awarded the Silver Acorn in the St Georges Day
awards for “especially distinguished” services and at the end of the year retired
as Group Scout Leader after very many years loyal service. A special Group
cheese and wine evening was held where presentations were made to him to
mark his retirement following a “This is your life” episode. Mr Doug Sullivan
took over the position of Group Scout Leader.

                                          The Groups First Southern 50 Team
                     Despite the sticky label on this photo it’s the 1986 Team!
The new year of 1987 saw a change in leadership in Wontolla with Richard
Holmes stepping down to Assistant Cub Scout Leader and Gale Arnold taking
his place as Akala. Gale was assisted by Chris Dines and her husband Peter. Two
items of sad news reached our ears during the year. First, Fred Summers, one of
the Group‟s original Scouters died, and then later in the year, David Ockelford, a
former Venture Scout and now Fellowship member was involved in a road
accident leaving him with injuries necessitating constant treatment. On a happier
note, Graham Whiting became the Group‟s first Queen‟s Scout since 1982, and
four boys in the Scout troop became the first winners of a new training badge,
the Chief Scouts Challenge. This year a new central heating system was installed
in the Headquarters at a cost of £2,800. It has since proved its worth.
Seeking wide and adventurous activities have always been part of the Group
ethos and 1988 was no exception when Howard May was a member of the UK
contingent to the World Jamboree held in Sydney, Australia. Howard camped
with over 10,000 other scouts from around the world and enjoyed a period of
home hospitality. He came back with many wonderful tales. Two major fund
raising efforts dominated the year - not for our funding but for other causes. The
first was “Sherpa „88” to help the Sherpa people of Nepal, held to coincide with
the 21st Anniversary of Venture Scouting, and the other was the Wishing Well
Appeal to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. For the latter, during a
very busy but enjoyable day the Group raised £1,332 through a street collection,
afternoon fair and fete, and an evening Race Night. During the year Glyn Jones
who had been an assistant leader with Wontolla Pack, died, and we also learned
that John Watson a former Akala with Seeonee Pack and Assistant District
Commissioner (Cub Scouts) had died. Ron Ockelford, our Chairman, was
awarded the Medal of Merit for his outstanding services and changes in the
Supporters Committee saw Alan Priestley retire as Chairman after many years of
hard work and Mr Terry Goggin take his place. Also Jean Male retired as
Supporters Committee Secretary to be succeeded by Joan Taylor. Two other
deaths of long serving members occurred in 1989. Mr Cecil Beale, our Former
Chairman and a tireless worker during negotiations for and building of
“Greenacres” died in February, and Mr Geoff Stangrove, a long time member of
the Supporters Fund Raising Committee died in May. Awards were prominent
during the year with Group Scout Leader Doug Sullivan being presented with
the Silver Acorn, Mr Chris Sterett, Miss Gale Arnold and Mr Mick Brown all
being awarded the Chief Scouts Commendation for good services and finally
four Patrol Leaders completed the “double” of Chief Scouts Award and Chief
Scouts Challenge. They were Andrew Davie, Simon Henley, Andrew Webb and
Rodney Hunt.

The start of a new decade brought changes in leadership in Wontolla Pack with
Gale Law (nee Arnold) stepping down to Assistant Cub Scout Leader, and Peter
Atkinson taking over. A cheque for £330 was presented to Barnados being half
the profit from our biennial Gang Show (enjoyed by everyone), and a national
Scout Section initiative “Go for a Million” was entered by our Scout Troop to
gain points for taking part in activities such as camping, water activities, hiking,
cooking and conservation. The points gained were converted into prizes and one
of the Patrols won £250 worth of prizes. It was this year, 1990 that Girls in
Scouting was officially approved. Girls had, of course, been in Venture Scout
Units for some time, but now they could join any section of the Group, subject to
the approval of the members. So far our Group has decided against admitting
girls! At the end of the year Mr Richard Jutten retired as Scout Leader after 15
years service with the Troop. Mr Barry Plater also retired, leaving the Troop
with a problem, but fortunately Mr Clive Bush and Mr Graham Whiting stepped
in as Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader respectively.
2nd May 1991 was a momentous day, the day when Beaver Scouting came to the
3rd West Wickham. At the previous Group Scouters Meeting it was decided that
we should start our own Beaver Colony. Beaver Scouts are boys between six and
eight years old and the theme of Beaver Scouting is fun and friendship. It is the
youngest section of the Group and leads on to the Cub Packs. To start the new
section, Mrs Brenda Whiting resigned as Group Secretary to become our first
Beaver Scout Leader and was joined at the end of the year by Mr Bob Sullivan
whose previous Scouting experience had been as a member of the 5th West
Wickham. Pat Tabraham took over the role of Group Secretary. In July Mr Joe
Sullivan (no relation to Bob) died. He had been a member of the Group
Executive Committee and afterwards the Supporters Fund Raising Committee
for nearly 30 years and had been running the weekly bingo sessions since 1968.
He was a tireless worker for the Group. A County organised event “Meet the
Chief” day was held at Norman Park, Bromley where 5000 Cubs, Beavers,
Scouts, Venture Scouts and Leaders attended putting on displays and sideshows.
The only problem was that the Chief Scout did not come - he was ill, so we met
the Chief Executive Commissioner instead! Richard Jutten took over as
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) and Roy Kendall, Assistant Cub Scout
Leader with Seeonee Pack was awarded the Medal of Merit.
Our Gang Show due to be held in 1992 had to be cancelled as no venue could be
found. This was the first occasion for some time that we missed a Gang Show
date. February brought the news of the death of Jack Clear who had been
connected with the Group for many years. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of
our District an activity weekend was organised for all boys in the District and
was held at Downe Camp Site. A national fund raising event, the “Promise
Appeal” went on throughout the year and through various ways the Group raised
£420 (we also raised £150 for ourselves).

                It’s the 1 Birthday Celebration for the Beaver Colony in 1992
We were pleased to learn in 1993 that Richard Jutten our former Scout Leader,
had been appointed District Commissioner in succession to Mrs Joyce Keeler
and this brought to three the number of Leaders from our Group who had
become District Commissioner. A Group outing to Chessington World of
Adventures was organised and enjoyed by about 60 boys and parents, and 15
members of the Scout Troop took part in a scheme organised by Brands Hatch
racing circuit called “Earlydrive” - a course giving instruction to early learner
drivers. The weekly bingo sessions which started in 1968, finally came to an end
after giving pleasure to many over 25 years. The Group was active in raising
funds during the year (when hasn‟t it been?) Firstly for St. John‟s Church by
helping at a Fete held in the grounds of Wickham Court and secondly by picking
up litter at the Bromley Town Show held at Norman Park. This swelled our
funds by over £250. Changes to the Scout Law were announced by Headquarters
to take into account the fact the girls could now be members of the Association
and it is now “gender free”!! Five members of the Scout troop, Adam Pavitt,
Simon Jones, Michael Hunt, Simon Beazley and Peter Tomkinson all gained the
Chief Scouts Award so continuing the good tradition the Troop has in this
respect. Those ex-members of the Group called to higher service during the year
were Doris Sheaf, David Gilbey, Frank Hammond and David Ockelford (6 years
after his road accident).
1994 marked the sixtieth anniversary of the group and a commemorative badge
was designed by Mrs Jillian Ayres. Our Gang Show was held in May.
“Celebration” was performed to packed houses and very well received, indeed
some of the audience saying it was “the best ever”.

                                               The Group on its 60 Anniversary
Our very first family camp was organised and held in June when 105 members
of the Group and their families spent a very enjoyable weekend at Downe Camp
Site taking part in all sorts of activities. Other events during the year were a Quiz
Night (always popular) and a Race Night, but the highlight was our 60th
Anniversary Supper in October where over 170 present and past members were
there including one of the Group‟s first Wolf Cubs, John Lunn, one of the first
Scouts, Freddie Fletcher and our first King‟s Scout, Ted Mealin. A music group
was formed who under the direction of Mr Dennis Moor, played in the Gang
Show, at the AGM and at the start of the Thanksgiving Service. Chris Dines

completed her adult leader training (Wood Badge). The thirst for adventure
remained as strong as ever. 14 members of the Venture Scout Unit took part in
Euroventure, a week long adventure in Germany and France, and 25 boys and
leaders of the Troop went to Switzerland for Summer Camp (their second trip
there and their third abroad), to walk the mountain paths and take part in various
adventurous activities including a 3a.m. walk up the mountain. Other highlights
of the year included a demonstration of Police dog handling for the Scout troop
and the Cubs winter camp at Buckmore Park.
February 1995 saw the worst weather experienced so far in the Southern 50
where the Ventures put in four teams and the group also fielded a veteran‟s team.
After many years running the cubs football team Tony Warren left and handed
over the whistle to Dave Hodges. The Cubs took the Police Family Certificate at
Bromley Police Station after much preparatory work and Brenda Whiting, Joyce
Garvin and Steve Morgan completed adult leader training. Rick McKeogh was
our quizmaster at the ever popular quiz nights while Bob Sullivan, Assistant
Beaver leader, left the group. A can collection scheme was started as the first
step towards purchasing a new Minibus and towards the end of the year a large
scale paper collection exercise was started. The Scout Troop had their summer
camp at Wareham, Dorset although their trip there was rather slow as the chosen
vehicle – John Potter‟s Landrover – suffered overheating problems. While there,
the Scouts visited Beaulieu and the Army‟s Bovington Tank Museum. The
Ventures went to Buckingham Palace as part of the VE Celebrations in London
and met the Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret. Joan Taylor took over
from Pat Tabraham as Group Secretary having been supporters Committee
Secretary for some years and Dennis Moor took over fundraising from Terry
Goggin. The Seeonee pack with some parents were given the run of a Virgin 747
at Gatwick Airport and Richard Mills achieved 1st place in the District
Cyclocross. Virgin are expecting to get their 747 back any day now. More
leaders completed training including Clive Bush, Graham Whiting, Finn Garvin,
Martin Pepper, Jane Benfield and Diane Edwards-Winser.

                               The Beavers - staring in the 1996 Gang Show
As we reached the turn of the year Alan Priestly ran the 45th Auction and the
monthly church parades were changed to Quarterly for 1996 as a way to combat
a decline in turnout. The start of 1996 bought a mixture of news. Majorie
Ockleford died after a lengthy illness and Clive Bush and Diane Edwards-
Winser got engaged on Valentines Day. A successful Gang Show was held in
April. The Minibus Fund reached £6000 by mid year after an amazing collection
in March reached 14 tons. Alys Helm took over from Brenda Whiting as Beaver
Colony leader and Doug Sullivan took on the role of Quizmaster at our quiz
nights. Mick Brown, Martin Pepper and Chris Sterrett were presented with the
Medal of Merit at the AGM. Chris Sterrett stepped down as Seeonee Pack
leader. Graham Whiting married Karena Simpson and Ron Ockleford married
Diane Thomas. Ron Wilby, one of our supporters committee members of earlier
years, passed away. Diane Edwards-Winser and Jane Benfield successfully
achieved the Leader Training award (Wood Badge). The autumn saw vandalism
at the HQ building. A new innovation from the supporters was an Antiques
Valuation Day and in the County Canoe Race we won the Veteran‟s doubles and
came 1st and 2nd in the 14-16 class. The year closed with a winter camp at
Buckmore Park.

                                       Summer Camp was at Criccieth in 1996
1997 saw the formation of the Beckenham District and the 3rd West Wickham
became part of the new District. A further innovation from the Supporters
Committee with the introduction of Line Dancing and a record attendance was
achieved at the first quiz night of the year. John Lawrence, a member of the
Supporters Committee for many years, retired. The Scout Troop won the
Football knockout competition and were joint winners of the league and several
groups made use of the Bromley Youth Trust narrowboat “Rosanne”. The year
also saw a family camp and the Scouts Summer Camp was held at Exmouth. A
new minibus was purchased after £13,000 had been raised but the paper
collection was stopped as the mills had filled up and the price we were getting
for paper plummeted. There was a spectacular joint firework evening and
Michael Barlow, David Cooper, Colin Cowdrey, Michael Ford, Grahame Jones
and Patrick Tully completed the Chief Scouts Challenge. Clive Bush and Diane
Edwards-Winser married on 17th May. Roy Kendall retired as Assistant Cub
Scout leader after 15 years. On a sadder note Jack Jefcut left the maintenance
team due to ill health and the year saw the death of Brian Severn. Brian was a
member of the Executive Committee for 25 years and was our Treasurer for 23.
We took delivery of our new minibus in January 1998 and it got its first real use
at the year‟s Southern 50 in February. This year we entered just one team but
won both the Novice Trophy and the Chiefs Cup despite getting off to a poor
start by getting lost in a Supermarket Car Park. Two Venture Scouts (Pam
Cooper and Gemma Jutten) lent their support to running the Wontolla Pack and
Liz Ford and Chris Elmer gained their Queens Scout Award – our first for 11
years. The spring saw our 1998 gang show “Wonderful Day” run to three packed
houses at the Assembly Rooms. The Scout programme included fitness, law and
promise and radio while the Ventures had an activity week in Gunnislake in
Cornwall. Finn Garvin and Martin Pepper completed their adult leader training
(Wood Badge). Chris Dines moved away (temporarily as it turned out) and Jane
Benfield also retired from the Group. However, she was quickly persuaded to
return joining Bridget Huggett as assistant Beaver Leaders, while Terry Newman
took over the running of the Supporters Committee from Dennis Moor and
Roger Norman filled the gap that had existed in the Treasurer role. Debbie
Vickery was kept busy with Ticket Sales for the Supporters Committee. A new
Union Flag was bought in memory of Brian Severn and was dedicated at one of
the years church parades.
In the last year of the century we saw a continuing run of successes with another
victory for the Scouts in both the District Football league and cup and we won
the Novice Trophy again in the Southern 50. The Scouts had two winter camps
in 1998/9 at Gilwell and Marlow and a total of six camps this year including a
summer father and son camp. However, 1999 also a saw the recurring problem
of finding enough leaders, this time in the Cubs after Joyce Garvin gave up full
time running of Wontolla. Later in the year Jenny Hurst joined Wontolla with
Alison Ayers also helping. Despite the problems, the cubs achieved a much
improved attendance at the swimming gala and there were visits to Bromley
Police Station and a mock Police identity parade. The Ventures visited the
Ardech and they and most of the other groups went to Quasar in Bromley. Clive
Bush gained his adult leader training award (Wood Badge), Mike Tully was
presented with a Thanks badge for all his help with the HQ maintenance over the
years and Doug Sullivan was awarded a bar to his Silver Acorn.
The end of the century is a useful moment for some statistics. In 1934 the group
had 4s 3d in hand (about 21p in modern money or perhaps about £20 if you
allow for inflation) while in 1999 total income and expenditure was about
£15,000 with fund raising alone producing about £5000 per annum. In 1934
there were four leaders. In 1999 there were 20 leaders and helpers and 116 boys
and girls in the various groups.

2000 saw Beavers concentrating on Food which included a visit to Pizza Express
in West Wickham to make Pizzas and they also had a visit from the Hedgehog
Lady (!). Wontolla visited Bromley Fire Station and were assisted by the return
of Chris Dines while Pete Hurst joined Scouts as an Assistant Scout Leader.
Mick Brown stepped down from the Venture Unit after a number of years and
Vernon Bush took on the Leadership and there was a canal trip on the Bromley
Youth Trust narrowboat “Rosanne”.

                                     Seeonee success at Cyclocross in 2000
There was a Gang Show in April and a millennium Family Camp with a large
attendance. The Beckenham District also organised a Millennium camp with a
large number of activities available. Seeonee won the District Cyclocross
competition. The Supporters introduced Family Racenights and fundraising was
further assisted by the introduction of the Government‟s Gift Aid system. On 1st
November Clive and Diane Bush had a baby. The year also saw the installation
of sheet metal on the rear windows of the HQ as an attempt to combat

vandalism. Mick Chadbon a former leader died during the year.
2001 became a year of change for the Group with Doug Sullivan announcing
that he was to cease to be Group Scout Leader from the end of the year after 14
years in the role. Ron Ockleford also decided to give up Chairmanship of the
Group after 21 years and Chris Jackson announced his decision to step down as
president after the AGM. Foot and Mouth disease closed much of the
countryside and meant that many outdoor activities had to be curtailed. There
were major announcements from Scout HQ changing the structure of groups
including the introduction of Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts and uniform
changes were also introduced. A new activity badge scheme was introduced –
this included Beavers for the first time.

                         The Venture Unit sets off for Summer Camp in 2001
None of these events prevented the groups from having an active year. In the
Southern 50 challenge the Veterans having changed down from 50 miles to 50
kilometres at last won a trophy (two in fact). 1st overall and the Vets trophy.
The Venture Unit had entered a team for the event every year since 1986. The
Beavers made an “indoor campfire” and did sweet making as well as being
introduced to recycling and taking a tram trip to Lloyd Park. The 6th May was
the Beavers 10th Birthday. Brenda Whiting made them a Bertie Cake and there
was a barbeque cooked by the Ventures with music provided by Marc Vickery.
They also did their first sponsored silence in aid of Children in Need. This raised
£120.50 and has now become an annual event. The cubs wrote to a New York
cub pack to support them after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The Scouts
did very well in the District Cyclocross and had a visit from the Farnborough
Hawking Company who brought their birds with them, while the Ventures beat
the 8th West Wickham at Quasar. We obtained a substantial grant of £4,840 from
the Bridge House Estate Trust Fund to install a drain at the back of the HQ to
help alleviate the increasing flow of water from the playing fields next door.
Roger Jordan joined Wontolla as an instructor and Steve Morgan retired as
Leader and became quartermaster. Sharon Colletta took over the running of
Seeonee from Diane Bush and Sharon and Bridget Huggett undertook leader
training for their Wood Badge. Jane Benfield, Clive & Diane Bush, Joyce &
Finn Garven, John Tilbury and Steve Morgan were all awarded the Chief Scouts
Commendation for Good Service. Mike Tully undertook the role of Chairman
but at the end of year other positions remained unfilled. December saw a “Save
our Scouts” meeting to try to find sufficient leaders to keep the Scout troop
going. Alan Hammond, a leader in the early years of the Group, died. After
relinquishing his appointment with the 3rd Alan became District Commissioner
and Headquarters Commission for Handicapped Scouts

In the Queens Golden Jubilee year we set a number of Jubilee challenges
including a list of 50 tasks needed to keep the HQ in repair. In response to our
appeal, John Picozzi, Martin Howarth and Chris Hart came forward to help with
Scouts and so the troop continued to function. Ian Leadbeater also assisted
alongside his primary role as Assistant Cub Scout leader. Doug Sullivan agreed
to continue in an acting role while the new leaders got up to speed and also
accepted the role of President. There was a Scouts winter camp held in
extremely cold weather jointly with Wontolla and the countryside started to re-
open so wide games and other outdoor activities were back on the agenda. We
only managed to get the Veterans (over 50s) team out for the Southern 50 this
year but they did us proud by winning their group and were only about 30
minutes slower than the winning team of youngsters. Martin Howarth introduced
a new Troop activity – Microlighting.

     Our Winning Southern 50 Veterans Team striding out in fine style in 2002
A retirement party was held for Doug Sullivan and Ron Ockleford in February
2002 and there was a huge turnout. Ron continued in his role as leader of the
maintenance team. Fund raising hit new heights with our auctions and jumble
sales reaching about £500 pounds each and, as a Jubilee Event, a Jazz Band Ball
with the local Don Steele Jazz Band. The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts held a joint
Jubilee Party with about 70 boys attending a party with a 1950s theme including
1950s games and even, horror of horrors, 1950s food. Boys from the Scout
Troop and the Cub Packs attended the District Jubilee Camp at Downe and
enjoyed a huge variety of activities including skiing (!). The Ventures held a
number of camps but regular activities were limited as most of their number had
become university students. At the end of the year there was a joint Christmas
Party for the Beavers and Cubs. Jenny Hurst and Alison Ayres left Wontolla and
a start was made on a new improved kitchen at the HQ. A new initiative based
on the NSPCC “Keeping Children Safe” programme was introduced. The Group
were saddened by the death of Rev John Poole after a short illness. Lillian
Camp, a leader with Wontolla Pack from 1958, died.

                                         Camping at Blacklands Farm July 2002
2003 started badly when an enormous downpour of rain in the first few days of
January onto an already sodden playing field behind the HQ that led to a major
flooding of the HQ building and caused damage to about a third of the floor.
Temporary repairs were made within a few weeks to enable the groups to
continue to run but full restitution had to await the summer break (and funding
from the insurance company). Wontolla, who had been struggling on without
sufficient leaders and helpers for nearly a year, finally gained relief with Bridget
Huggett moving up from Beavers and Martin and Tori Hooper joining as
helpers. Kelly Mullen and Jane Thorne replaced Bridget in the Beaver Colony
assisting Alys Helm. Chris Dines was presented with her Chief Scouts
Commendation for good service by John Powell District Commissioner. Up to
date First Aid Certification was achieved for all the leaders. Continuing what
might hopefully become a tradition, the supporters moved on from Jazz to Rock
and held a Summer Event featuring the local Rock band “Somethin‟ Else”. This
was more local than usual as the band featured one current and one ex-leader,
Martin Pepper and Richard Jutten. Some of the changes introduced in 2001
began to have a major effect on the Group with the Venture Unit having to close
at the end of the year. They went out in suitably adventurous style with a last
summer camp at the International site in Kandersteg, Switzerland led by Vernon
Bush. There was an excellent turnout for the District St Georges Day Parade
from many of the groups and lots of outdoor activities during a summer that
remained warm and dry almost continuously from Easter to late October. The
Roof of the HQ is life expired and has been causing problems with leaks for the
last few years so a new fundraising campaign “Raise the Roof” was launched at
a well attended AGM in June with a target of £20,000 (an amount that would no
doubt have horrified the founders of the Group in 1934!). Mike Harris retired
after serving on the Supporters Committee for 18 years.

          Waiting for their turn at Archery - Blacklands Farm Camp July 2003

And so we reach 2004. A competition was held to design a commemorative
badge and the winning design was done by one of the Scout Troop, Joseph
Spicer, and is proudly shown on our uniforms. There are souvenirs prepared and
the main celebratory event is a Birthday Reunion Supper to be held on Saturday
9th October. There will be a Family Camp in early July.
During the past 10 years many members of the Group have shown their sporting
prowess as can be seen by the large number of trophies that have been gained
and we added to the tally of Queens Scouts. Our hard working Supporters
Association is 40 years old.
A word of thanks is due to our many helpers and supporters whose names
haven‟t appeared in the preceding paragraphs but who continue to lend us their
consistent support. In particular John Tilbury who has assisted Wontolla for
many years, Sharon Newman who has organised many of the supporters events,
Tina Dobson who has acted as treasurer to the Supporters Fund Raising
Committee and Alan Tabraham who has been a regular helper at the Working
Party. There are many others whose help in big and small ways we rely on to
keep the Group running smoothly and to all of those not mentioned we give our
We now look forward into the future yet again. The Group which started with
only a dozen members in 1934 is now in its 70th year and has nearly 10 times
that number. From a balance of 4/3d. in 1934, the Group‟s finances have had
their ups and downs until they have reached their present healthy state with
many thousands of pounds being raised by our Supporters Fund Raising
Committee over the years. During the last 70 years the Group has been served by
a legion of supporters, both active Scouters and Committee members, some
giving years of service, to whom the present members of the Group owe an
endless debt of gratitude. What will the next 70 years bring? Undoubtedly there
will be some major changes with the restructuring of the groups to meet the
expectations of modern youth. There will continue to be challenges – the Group
is still seeking a Group Scout Leader. Time alone will tell, but with the strong
foundations of the past, and the Group‟s present strength and determination,
under God‟s guiding hand this work will go on in the firm conviction that the 3rd
West Wickham Scout Group will continue to give service to the community and
provide opportunities and challenge to the Youth of the area.
And, of course, we can look forward to another anniversary without waiting the
customary 10 years. 2009 will see the Group reach its three quarters of a century
mark. A fine age indeed.

                        
                       Roll of Honour

Kings Scouts                     Chief Scouts Awards

1947   Ted Mealin                1969   Peter Fisher
       Derek Wheatley                   Vernon Needham

1949   Kenneth Gaved             1973   Michael Brown
                                        Nicholas Fry
                                        Paul Rutter
1950   Derek Moreton                    Christopher Sterrett
       Roy Gaved                        Martin Kettle
       Robert Banks
                                 1974   Malcolm Bulley
1952   Ian Wells                        Martin Pepper
                                        Paul Sewell
Queens Scouts
                                 1975   Peter Gander
1956   Grahame Catley
       Basil Dawkins             1976   Andrew Failes
       Brian George
       Ian Jackson               1977   Gary Moss
                                        Timothy Prentice
1962   Graham Fuke
                                 1978   Timothy Webb
1967   Peter Daniel                     Neil Anthony

1968   Christopher Winchester    1980   Timothy Gaved
       David Thomas                     James Dance
       Bernard Robinson                 Martin Donnelly

1977   Michael Brown             1981   Timothy Heppell
       Christopher Sterrett
                                 1983   lain Davanna
1978   Martin Pepper                    Richard George
                                        Graham Whiting

Queens Scouts           Chief Scouts Awards

1982   Kathryn Hodges   1984   Stephen Naish
                               Tobin May
1987   Graham Whiting          Jonathan Beales

1998   Chris Elmer      1987   Paul Tabraham
       Liz Ford
                        1990   Andrew Davie
                               Simon Henley
                               Rodney Hunt
                               Andrew Webb

                        1993   Simon Beazley
                               Michael Hunt
                               Simon Jones
                               Adam Pavitt
                               Peter Tomkinson

                         SUMMER CAMPS

1935   Shanklin, I.O.W          1964   Isfield, Sussex

1937   Polegate, Sussex         1965   Youlbury, Oxford

1938   Polegate, Sussex         1966   Northwood, I.O.W.

1939   Eastbourne, Sussex       1967   Bideford, Devon

1947   Shanklin, I.O.W.         1968   Tal-y-bont, Wales

1948   Combpine, Lyme Regis     1969   Loch Lomond, Scotland

1949   Horsted Keynes, Sussex   1970   Northwood, I.O.W.

1950   Youlbury, Oxford         1971   Bideford, Devon

1951   Battle, Sussex           1972   Jersey

1952   Horsted Keynes, Sussex   1973   Brecon, Wales

1953   Youlbury, Oxford         1974   Loch Lomond, Scotland.

1954   Charmouth, Dorset        1975   Watchet, Somerset

1955   Kingsdown, Kent          1976   Kandersteg, Switzerland

1956   Bieuleau, Hants.         1977   Longnor, Derbyshire

1957   Marlow, Bucks.           1978   Jersey

1958   Charmouth, Dorset        1979   Brecon, South Wales

1959   Watchet, Somerset        1980   Jersey

1960   Walesby, Nottingham      1981   Loch Lomond, Scotland

1961   Watchet, Somerset        1982   Ryde, I.O.W.

1962   Tal-y-bont, Wales        1983   Criccieth, North Wales.

1963   Charmouth, Dorset        1984   Jersey

1985   Brecon, South Wales       1995   Wareham, Dorset

1986   Wareham, Dorset           1996   Criccieth, Wales

1987   Loch Lomond, Scotland     1997   Woodbury, Devon

1988   Criccieth, North Wales    1998   Brecon, South Wales

1989   Wareham, Dorset           1999   Cromer, Norfolk

1990   Brecon, South Wales       2000   Wareham, Dorset

1991   Hedenesse, Holland        2001   Woodbury, Devon

1992   Ryde, I.O.W.

1993   Woodbury, Devon

1994   Kandersteg, Switzerland

         1937   Of One Blood
         1938   The Road to Where
         1939   Gang Show
         1949   Shreds and Patches
         1951   He Found Adventure
         1955   It’s a Wonderful Life
         1957   Jumping for Joy
         1958   Having a Wonderful Time
         1959   Be Happy
         1961   High Time
         1964   Top of the Morning
         1966   These are the Times
         1968   Red, White and Blue
         1970   It’s in the Air
         1972   Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
         1974   Flying High
         1976   It’s a New Day
         1978   What a Wonderful Life
         1980   Ring out the Bells
         1982   Your Only Young Once
         1984   Something to Shout About
         1986   Happy Days
         1988   Bring Me Sunshine
         1990   Put on a Happy
         1994   Celebration
         1996   Tonight’s the Night
         1998   Wonderful Day
         2000   We’ll Go On

                     The Present Scouters

                                   Group Scout Leader

                                   Acting Scout Leader

Seeonee Cub Pack                  Doug Sullivan                Explorer Scouts
                                 Assistant Scout Leaders

     Cub Scout Leader              John Picozzi                 Explorer Scout Leader

  Sharon Colettta                Martin Howarth                Ian Leadbeater
 Assistant Cub Scout Leader              Helpers

  Ian Leadbeater                     Chris Hart
          Helper                     Clive Bush
    Elaine Hutton

                                                                 Ex-Officio Leaders
Wontolla Cub Pack
                                                                Vernon Bush
Assistant Cub Scout Leaders
                                 Beaver Colony                  Martin Pepper
     Chris Dines
    Roger Jordan                   Beaver Scout Leader

  Bridget Huggett                    Alys Helm
          Helpers             Assistant Beaver Scout Leaders

     John Tilbury                 Jane Benfield
     Peter Dines                    Kelly Mullen

                                   Jane Thorne


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