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									 September 26th –                                                      5 Days &
    30th, 2011                                                         4 Nights
Join your friends in “Paradise” on Carnival Cruise Lines pleasure ship! The colorful
ports of Santa Catalina Island, California and Ensenada, Mexico greet you on
arrival with picturesque scenery, sunny beaches, the fiesta spirit and the bright
smiles of the locals! Stroll the cobblestone streets of Avalon, Catalina’s only
incorporated city or choose a shore excursion featuring a variety of thrilling land,
water and air activities. Ensenada, known as the “Cinderella of the Pacific” offers a
warm Mediterranean climate with a warm friendly atmosphere!

Day 1, Monday, Sept. 26th – AT SEA – Your great cruise experience begins with a
flight from the Salt Lake City Airport to Long Beach, California. After checking into
the magical “Paradise,” of “Carnival Cruise Line” you are welcomed aboard! A
delicious buffet lunch awaits you and then get acquainted with your floating palace -
home for the next four days. This evening enjoy fine dining with their world-famous
‘Chocolate Melting Cake.’ Super entertainment is available all around the ship.

Day 2, Tuesday, Sept. 27th – CATALINA ISLAND – Imagine waking up to mystical
Catalina Island with her fascinating charm! The day is yours to be as busy or as
lazy as you want. The name Catalina is synonymous with “Wrigley”. The Botanical
Gardens honor the memory of the late chewing gum magnate and the crowning
jewel is the Wrigley Memorial.
Two Harbors, a rustic resort village, is tucked away on the west side of the island
and is a world away from the mainland hustle and bustle. You can explore the
popular water activities here, such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and maybe
discover the nearby coves and underwater caves. On a wildlife viewing tour you
might see the tiny Catalina Island red fox, bald eagle, migrating gray whales, and
stately buffalo.
How brave are you? For the thrill seekers out there, you can zip down the canyon
nearly 4000 ft to Descanso Beach with spectacular views of ocean and island
interior! Parasailing and shopping are also available, and then it’s back to the ship
for more fun and games. Another great meal and entertainment awaits you!

Day 3, Wednesday, Sept. 28th – ENSENADA, MEXICO – Ensenada’s romantic
past, dynamic present and promising future has been a favorite destination for
many years for world-wide vacationers. La Bufadora is a natural spouting blow hole
that shoots sea water high in the air and one of Ensenada’s most spectacular
attractions. Would you like to see this famous site? Okay, you win – It’s yours to
enjoy! Your local excursion guide shares some of the history of the surrounding
area. Enjoy a close look at the picturesque Plaza Civica with statues of famous
Mexican heroes. Fabulous photo stops will be made along the elegant Riviera Del
Pacifico for all you ‘shutter bugs’! Experience great dining & entertainment tonight.

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                         www.hydetour.com • tamra@hydetour.com
Day 4, Thursday, Sept. 29th – AT SEA – For most seasoned cruisers, sea days are the best? You can spend
the day doing just as you please. The Carnival Caper newsletter is placed on your pillow each night. It lists all
the activities with times and places for the next day, so read it each night. That way you won’t miss bingo or
movies or dance classes. Settle into this lazy sea day, relax, watch the ocean glide by, take a swim or go to
the spa and be pampered.
Soak up your last night onboard because tomorrow it is back to cooking, cleaning, working and all that stuff!
No whining allowed.

Day 5, Friday, Sept. 30th – DISEMBARK IN LONG BEACH, CA – Reality is stark. Didn’t we promise you that
you would most likely get that nasty disease, “Cruisitis”? Sit back and dream of your “Paradise” vacation,
and maybe start planning your next getaway! An afternoon flight takes you back to Salt Lake City.

                                           CRUISE INCLUDES
   •   4 Night Cruise on the Carnival Paradise with all meals and most ship board activities
   •   Ensenada, Mexico La Bufadora Shore Excursion
   •   Round-trip airfare & transfers             • Professional tour director
   •   All taxes and government fees              • Juices for breakfast and lemonade for lunch

                                   CRUISE DOES NOT INCLUDE
   •   Alcoholic beverages, soda beverages and bottled water

                    Please Note: Medical cancellation insurance is available
                    through Hyde’s. If you are interested, please call our office for
                    details at the time of deposit.

                                         PRICING (Per Person)
Cabin Category                                                         Single     Double      Triple     Quad
CAT 4B – Inside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                   $1105       $795       $730        $705
CAT 4C – Inside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                   $1115       $800       $735        $710
CAT 4D – Inside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                   $1135       $810       $740        $715
CAT 6B – Outside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                  $1185       $835       $755        $725
CAT 6C – Outside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                  $1205       $845       $765        $730
CAT 6D – Outside cabin – Approximately 185 square ft.                  $1245       $865       $775        $740

                                  Cruise Line Cancellation Policy
        If a cancellation occurs, the following charges will be assessed by Carnival Cruise Line:
                              July 29th, 2011                 $150.00 per person
                            August 13th, 2011                50% non-refundable
                            August 29th, 2011                75% non-refundable
                           September 13th, 2011              100% non-refundable

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP – is necessary to board the Carnival Paradise. Passports are preferred.
You can board with an original birth certificate or a certified copy of your birth certificate along with
government issued picture ID, which is usually your drivers’ license. A wallet-sized copy of your birth
certificate is not accepted.
    HOW TO MAKE RESERVATIONS                                    TERMS & CONDITIONS: Hyde Tours acts only as an
                                                                agent for the tour patrons in arranging for transportation,
Please fill in the reservation form and mail to
                                                                lodging, sightseeing, or any other services; and assume
HYDE TOURS, 5259 SOUTH 2200 WEST, SLC,                          no liability for damage, loss, delay, injury or accident due
UT 84118 along with a $250 per person deposit                   to any act of default on the part of any company or
by June 3rd, 2011 to secure your air & sea                      person engaged in provided transportation, lodging,
reservation. After June 3rd, air & cruise prices                sightseeing, or any other services which are part of this
may increase. Final payment is due on or                        tour. While every effort will be made to adhere to the
before July 22, 2011. Reservations are on a first               specifics in the publication, certain circumstances may
                                                                necessitate alterations; therefore, all costs, fares, taxes
come, first serve basis and cannot be accepted
                                                                and all other information contained herein are subject to
without a deposit. Cancellations made prior to 61               change without notice.         Payment of tour signifies
days before the tour date are fully refundable.                 acceptance of above stated conditions.
  Due to the uncertain price in fuel, we cannot                 Attention: If special assistance is required, tour patrons are
                                                                advised to have a partner along who can assist them. This will
 guarantee that the airfare, cruise line or motor               make the tour more comfortable for you and other travel
 coach prices will not change prior to departure.               friends.

                                             Reservation Form
                                                                                                          Tour # 1139
* = required field      Note: Please enter the name(s) exactly as they appear on the photo ID
                                    you plan to show at the airline check-in desk

*Name of Person #1: __________________________________ Birth date: __________________
*Name of Person #2: __________________________________ Birth date: __________________
Roommates (paying separately): ____________________________________________________
*Name(s) you prefer on name tag: ___________________________________________________
*Address: _____________________________ *Emergency Contact: _____________________
*City: _____________*St: ____ *Zip: _______                 *Address: _______________________________
*Phone #1: (_____) _____________________ *City: ______________*St: ____ *Zip: ________
*Phone #2: (_____) ____________________                     *Phone: (_____) _________________________

E-mail address(For office use only –
               address will not be disclosed):

*Do you have a current passport? Yes                       No
*Room type:                 Single         Double         Triple          Quad
*Bed Preference:            One Bed        Two Beds
*Payment method:            Cash           Check          Charge Card
 If Check, enclosed is a check for $__________
*I understand that Hyde Tours does not assume responsibility for client injuries but does
make voluntary purchase of travel insurance available to the clients.
  I would like Travel Insurance                  I would NOT like Travel Insurance
*Signature: _________________________________________________ *Date: ______________
                     5259 South 2200 West • Salt Lake City, UT 84118 • (801) 966-4242 • (800) 748-4242
                                       www.hydetour.com • tamra@hydetour.com

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