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Project Report on Doordarshan Marketing Strategy document sample

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									Information, Education and
   Communication (IEC)

     C    ommunication Planning is an integral part
          of planning for sustained development. The
     development of human society has largely been
                                                              Education and Communication, therefore,
                                                              assumes added significance in the context of the
                                                              Programmes of the Ministry.
     due to its ability to communicate information and
                                                                   The     feedback      received      on      the
     ideas with each other and to use such information
                                                              implementation       of   Rural       Development
     and ideas for progress. The Programmes being
                                                              Programmes in the field indicate that these
     implemented by the Ministry aim at sustainable
     holistic development in the rural areas. The             Programmes are critically dependent on the

     success of these Programmes is critically                awareness level about them, transparency in the

     dependent on the participation of the people,            implementation process at the field level,
     particularly target groups, in the implementation        participation of the people in the development
     process. To enable people to participate in the          process and accountability. In this
     development process, it is necessary that people         context the Ministry has ,
     have adequate knowledge about the nature and             adopted a 4- Pronged
     content of these Programmes. Information,                strategy     of

                      The Tableau of the Ministry of Rural Development (Republic Day Parade 2002)

creating Awareness about the Programmes,                         In pursuance to the 4- pronged strategy           A
ensuring Transparency in the implementation,                adopted by the Ministry and in light of the
encouraging People’s Participation in the                   recommendations of the Advisory Committee on           P
development process and promoting the concept               Media, the IEC activities have been substantially
                                                            enhanced during 2001-2002 particularly through
of Social Audit for ensuring Accountability. All the
four elements of the above strategy are                     print, radio and TV. The IEC efforts aim at creating   E
                                                            awareness and disseminating information on the
complementary to each other and appropriate IEC
activities are an essential part of actualizing this        Programmes of the Ministry primarily to the target
strategy.                                                   groups in rural areas, to the opinion makers and
                                                            also to the public at large.
     Information, Education and Communication
plays a pivotal role in creating awareness,                      The IEC Division of the Ministry has been
mobilizing people and making development                    entrusted with the responsibility of formulating
participatory through advocacy and by transferring          appropriate IEC strategy in tune with the

knowledge , skills and techniques to the people. It         communication needs of the various Programmes.

is also critical for bringing about transparency in         The IEC activities are to be undertaken through

implementation of the Programmes at the field               the available modes of communication in order to
                                                            inform the people with messages and details on
level and for promoting the concept of
                                                            Rural Development Programmes.
accountability and social audit.
                                                            Standing Committee on Media
     Though for the past few years, particularly
since 1994-95, the Ministry has been undertaking                 To facilitate formulation and implementation
IEC activities, their impact in terms of creating           of appropriate IEC strategy, there is a Standing
awareness and participation of people in the                Committee on Media in the Ministry. The
development process was not found to be                     Committee is headed by Secretary (RD) and
substantial. Therefore, an Advisory Committee on            comprises the following members:
Media comprising eminent journalists and media
persons under the chairmanship of Shri P. Murari,
                                                            Secretary (RD), Ministry of
former Secretary (I&B) was constituted by the               Rural Development                         Chairman
Ministry in August,1998, to review and assess the           AS&FA, Ministry of Rural Development Member
impact of various media and other activities and            Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati Member
to advise the Ministry on appropriate IEC strategy.         Director General , DAVP                   Member
The Committee in its report submitted in                    Joint Secretary (Policy), Ministry of I&B Member
October,1999, observed that the IEC efforts of the          Joint Secretary (WD), Ministry of RD      Member
Ministry need to be stepped up with more intensity          Joint Secretary (TM), Ministry of RD      Member
and that it is necessary to go beyond undertaking           Joint Secretary (IEC), Ministry of RD     Member
merely media activities.

     The IEC strategy and various activities                 continues to play a crucial role in disseminating
undertaken through different modes of                        information and mobilizing people. However, it has
communication such as print, electronic and                  been noticed that the Press have not evinced the
outdoor publicity are considered and approved by             requisite interest in developmental communication.
the Standing Committee on Media. An Action Plan              In order to correct the imbalance noticed in the
indicating the broad IEC strategy and specific               media coverage of Rural Development
activities to be undertaken is prepared and                  Programmes and to ensure that these
implemented with the approval of the Standing                Programmes are portrayed in proper perspective,
Committee. It periodically monitors various IEC              several steps were taken during the year to
activities and gives policy directions for mid course        sensitize the media about issues relating to rural
correction.                                                  development.

IEC Strategy & Action Plan                                        The interaction of the Ministry with the Press
                                                             is mainly through the Press Information Bureau.
     In view of the vast magnitude of the task of
                                                             During the year under review, press conferences,
reaching out to nearly one third of the population
                                                             press tours and workshops were organized
living below the poverty line in rural areas, their
                                                             through PIB, with the financial assistance from the
geographical spread and diversities, it was felt that
                                                             Ministry, so as to sensitize press persons about
dissemination of information has to be sustained
                                                             Rural Development Programmes. An Editor’s
over a period of time and also that in order to make
                                                             Conference on Social Sector Issues was also
communication effective, it has to be in the
                                                             organized (through PIB) during the year.
language and idiom of the target groups.
Accordingly, efforts were made during the year,                   For the purpose of creating awareness in
through Electronic Media and Print Media to                  respect of rural development programmes among
disseminate information in regional languages and            the general public and opinion makers and for
dialects, besides Hindi and English. In addition,            disseminating information about new initiatives, the
the Action Plan also envisages IEC activities                Ministry issued advertisements at regular intervals
through other modes of communication, outdoor                in National and Regional Press through the
publicity and other conventional and non-                    Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity. To
conventional modes of communication for                      enable people in rural areas to access information
reaching out to the people in rural areas.                   on Rural Development Programmes, a booklet
                                                             ‘Gram Vikas – Programmes at a Glance’ was
Print Media
                                                             brought out in simple language in Hindi, English
     The power of the press arises from its ability          and Regional languages. In order to ensure easy
of appealing to the minds of the people and being            accessibility of the booklet 10 million copies were
capable of moving their hearts. Despite the fast             printed and distributed in rural areas through
growth of the electronic media, the printed word             DRDAs. The leaflets on the Programmes of the

Ministry in Hindi, English and Regional languages             India Radio and Regional Kendras of                   A
were also printed and distributed upto Panchayat              Doordarshan. The audio programmes were
level across the country.                                     produced in 29 languages including dialects and       P
     The Ministry prepared a Wall Calendar for
                                                              broadcast three to five times a week over 156 local
                                                              and primary radio stations of All India Radio. The
the year 2002 with each sheet depicting its major
schemes, for distribution upto the Panchayat level
                                                              T.V. programmes were produced in 15 languages         E
                                                              and 10 dialects and telecast three to five times a
all over the country. Desk Calendars were also
                                                              week over the Regional Kendras of Doordarshan.
brought out during the year and efforts were made
                                                              In addition to half an hour Programmes on All India
to improve the quality of communication through
                                                              Radio and Doordarshan, short duration spots on
‘Kurukshetra’ a monthly journal devoted to rural
                                                              different themes relating to Rural Development
development issues, which is brought out on behalf
                                                              Programmes were produced in different languages
of the Ministry by the Publications Division, Ministry
                                                              and broadcast over AIR and Doordarshan. The
of Information and Broadcasting. In addition to
                                                              audio spots were broadcast upto 210 seconds per
serving as a forum of free, frank and serious
                                                              day over local and primary radio stations and 90
discussion on problems related with rural
                                                              seconds per day over Vividh Bharati. On
development (with focus on rural uplift), the journal
                                                              Doordarshan, the video spots in different
projects the programmes and policies of the
                                                              languages were telecast upto 150 seconds per day.
                                                              To sensitize the producers of All India Radio and
Electronic Media                                              Doordarshan on the issues relating to the

     An        intensive    IEC
campaign over the Electronic
Media (Radio and TV) was
undertaken through Prasar
Bharati        for   optimum
dissemination of information
on     rural     development
programmes. In order to
meet the area and region
specific       communication
needs of Rural Development
Programmes, half an hour
audio and video programmes
were        produced        and
broadcast/telecast over local
and primary stations of All                                      Visitors at SARAS Pavilion

Programmes of the Ministry, workshops at the                     The broadcast of Programmes and spots
national level in Delhi and also at regional levels         over regional kendras of Doordarshan and
were held during the year before the production of          primary and local radio stations of AIR is largely
audio visual software. In addition to the                   intended to meet the communication needs of the
Programmes and spots produced and broadcast                 target groups in rural areas. In order to sensitize
through Prasar Bharati during the year, the Ministry        the opinion makers, urban elites and corporate
continued to sponsor a weekly magazine format               bodies etc about issues relating to rural
radio Programme ‘Jage Jan Jan Jage Gaon’ over               development and to facilitate their participation
Vividh Bharati Stations of AIR. The Programme is
                                                            in the development process, weekly Programmes
produced in Hindi and 12 regional languages and
                                                            to be telecast over News and Current Affairs
broadcast every Friday from 7.45 to 8.00 PM over
                                                            channel of Doordarshan were produced. Also to
39 Commercial Broadcasting Stations. The
                                                            address the international community and to
broadcast of another weekly radio Programme of
                                                            project the resurgent rural India in proper
thirty minute duration based on folk music over
                                                            perspective, weekly Programmes were produced
Primary and Local Radio Stations of AIR is also to
                                                            and telecast over DD (International).
start shortly. The Programme would be field based
and produced in regional languages besides major                 In addition to the intensive IEC campaign
dialects of Hindi, to meet the region specific              through the print and electronic media , the Action
communication needs relating to Rural                       Plan also envisages utilization of the other modes
Development Programmes.                                     of conventional        and non conventional
                                                                  Communication         for     disseminating
                                                                  information on Rural Development
                                                                  Programmes. The Song & Drama Division,
                                                                  a media unit of Ministry of Information and
                                                                  Broadcasting, disseminates information on
                                                                  development issues, among target groups
                                                                  through the medium of performing arts,
                                                                  traditional arts, puppet shows, folk media,
                                                                  mythological recitals and the like. As the
                                                                  medium of transmission is rooted in the
                                                                  local    ethos    and       traditions,   the
                                                                  developmental messages are more easily
                                                                  grasped by the target groups. During the
                                                                  year, from the financial assistance provided
  Shri. Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Rural Development
      visiting SARAS Pavilion at India International              by the Ministry, the Song & Drama Division
                    Trade Fair 2002                               presented Programmes through their field

units on the themes of the Programmes of                      provided for IEC activities under different        A
the Ministry.                                                 Programmes in all the three Departments viz
                                                              Department of Rural Development, Department
     During the year Ministry participated in the
Republic Day Parade 2002 with a tableau on the
                                                              of Drinking Water and Department of Land
                                                              Resources are pooled together and utilized by
theme of the Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana.
The Ministry also took part in the India International
                                                              the IEC Division for undertaking IEC activities    E
                                                              in respect of all the Programmes in a holistic
Trade Fair and set up a pavilion ‘Saras’ where
                                                              manner. Though as per BE 2001-2002, the total
products made by rural artisans from all over the
                                                              allocations available for IEC activities is only
country were displayed to provide them with
                                                              Rs.22.50 crore, the expenditure likely to be
marketing support and exposure to national and
                                                              incurred on IEC activities during the year, on
international buyers.
                                                              account of intensive IEC campaign, would be
     For meeting expenditure on IEC activities, the           around Rs.75 crore. The expenditure in excess
IEC Division utilizes budgetary allocations provided          of the budgetary allocations are proposed to be
under the Communication Cell in the Department                met out of the savings available under different
of Rural Development. In addition, the allocations            Programmes.


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