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Donation Hotlines                        Ir aq
0044(0)121 446 5682 (UK & Europe)
1800 829 6110 (USA & Canada)
                                           u   ch mo
                                     and m

                                                       Registered Charity No. 1100259
Aslaamu Alaikum.
By the grace of Allah (SWT) Islamic Help has had another successful year. We                                  Food distribution in Bangladesh
thank Allah for all the blessings He has showered upon the work we have done
and may He continue to do so in order to fulfil our aims and objectives. Ameen.

Since our last report, our staff and volunteers have    Another area recently affected by conflict is Swat,
been working tirelessly to maintain and start new       Pakistan. Where we also moved swiftly to provide
projects that we have committed to in over 15           food and medical supplies.
different countries.
                                                        We should all pray for those that have faced
In Gaza, we have seen a great deal of bloodshed,        difficult times, may Allah (SWT) make it easy for
killing and injuring of innocent people; women and      them and ease the pain and suffering.
children have felt the effects of the conflict in the
region. We were able to swiftly send in equipped        Finally we would like to thank you, our donors
ambulances, food and medical supplies. We are           and supporters alike worldwide who continue to
also in the process of rebuilding Gaza with the         support us through the economic crisis and join us
reconstruction of Darul Fadilah (page 8) the main       in reaching people in need, without your
emphasis of our appeal.                                 continue support none of this would
                                                        be possible.

                                                        Jazakallah Khair
                                                        Islamic Help (UK)
  Gaza                   4-5
  Medical Support        6-7
  Darul Fadilah         8 - 10
  Convoy                    11
  Swat Valley          12 - 13
  Pakistan             14 - 15
  Darfur               16 - 17
  Bangladesh Homes     18 - 21
  Hurricane Aila            22
  Qurbani                   23
  Wells Project        24 - 25
  Orphan Scheme        26 - 27
  Mafia Island         28 - 29
  Cleft Lip & Palate   30 - 31
  £10 a Month          32 - 33
  IRAQ                 34 - 35
  General Support      36 - 37
  Volunteers           38 - 39
    At the start of the year the crisis in Gaza reached its severest in
    history. Thousands of people lost their lives and even more left
    either injured or homeless.
    Alhumdulillah, we had an overwhelming response from our donors,
    supporters and volunteers alike, in our quest to support the victims
    of Gaza.

                                                 Food Packs
                                                 Our first action was to arrange
                                                 food packs which were distributed
                                                 amongst families. These packs were
                                                 distributed from central locations
     Food being distributed during the attacks
                                                 and were a source of vital nutrition to
                                                 Gaza families for a whole month.

  Food supplies in the warehouse awaiting to be distributed

                                                              Sponsor a family during Ramadan
                                                              Help support a Palestinian family in the month of
                                                              Ramadan. £200 will provide for a family of 8 for the entire
                                                              month of Ramadan.

                                                                 Food packs contain:
                                                                 • Flour       • Beans/Lentils
                                                                 • Rice        • Salt
                                                                 • Dates       • Olives
                                                                 • Oil         • Sugar etc

“Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date fruit in charity” Sahih Al-Bukhari vol.2: 4-98 Hadith
                                                                                            tal for those
                                                                        and equipment vi
                                              d        Medical supplies
                            t being   unpacke                 affected by the co
                                                                                 nflict in Gaza
     Vital m edical eq

                                       nated   by IH
                       ed ambulance do
    New fully equipp

Only 19 ambulances were
operational serving a city
of 1.5million inhabitants.

Medical Support
The constant bombardment of innocent
civilians meant thousands were
immediately in need of critical, medical

Islamic Help, by the grace of Allah (SWT)
were able to donate fully equipped
ambulances. These ambulances are
now fully operational and are serving
the community. We also provided the
people with medical equipment such as
hospital beds, emergency ventilators and

The humanitarian crisis is still
affecting the people of Gaza.
Please support Islamic help
to continue to provide vital
medical support to the region.
    Darul Fadilah                           Mosque
                                            The centre had a large masjid which catered
                                            for over 2000 people. Just before the
                                                                                                Medical Centre
                                                                                                The building also provided a medical centre
                                                                                                with facilities such as basic medication and care,

    (House of Virtue)                       attacks, a programme was being conducted
                                            where 4,000 children were made in to
                                                                                                which treated locals with minor injuries and
                                                                                                illnesses .
                                            Huffaaz (memorisers) of the holy Quran
    At 0300 hours on the 12th               within 15 days.
    January 2009 a reign of heavy
                                            Training & Community Centre
    artillery bombarded Darul               The facility also provided a training centre that
    Fadilah (House Of Virtue), crushing     was very valuable to the community, including
    walls, destroying equipment and         thousands of women in the area.
    crippling buildings into rubble.        Orphanage
                                            This centre accommodated for over 500
    For the people of Rafah within Gaza     orphans where boys and girls, as young as
                                            4 lived and studied.
    this building served as a community
    centre, mosque, school, orphanage,
    medical centre and a library. Sadly
    all that now remains of the beautiful
    building is a minaret and the
    surrounding walls.
                                                                                                      Darul Fadilah
    Islamic Help have taken the                                                                       before attacks
    responsibility and are appealing
    for £2.5 million to rebuild this
    virtuous community hub.

Payment Packages
Darul Fadilah
Classroom                      £2000
Masallah                       £500
Ablution area                  £2000
Madrassa (School)
Classroom                      £2500
Room for 4-6 orphans           £3000
Medical centre
Building                       £1000
Equipment for medical centre   £15000

        Whoever builds a mosque,          Rebuilding Destroyed
     desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure,
      Allah builds for him the like of    Mosques after the conflict
               it in paradise.            It is estimated that over 150 mosques were either totally
                  Hadith                  destroyed or have been severely damaged leaving
                                          communities without places to pray, an Islamic education and
                                          many other benefits a mosque brings.

                                          Islamic Help are supporting the rebuilding of mosques that
                                          were damaged by the attacks so that the people of
                                          Gaza can once again reap the
                                          benefits and blessings that
                                          come from the
                                          Houses of Allah.

                                                                      Just some of the many masjids which were destroyed
Islamic Help supported the           £1m worth of relief goods.
‘Viva Palestina’ convoy              Islamic Help, were able to
which left London on 14              donate vehicles, including fully
February 2009. The convoy            equipped ambulances to the
was a lifeline for the Palestinian   convoy as well as money and
people as volunteers from all        other medical supplies. These
over Britain travelled to Gaza       ambulances are now operational
by road equipped with over           and are serving the community.

     Swat Valley                                                                               Pakistan
     Refugee Crisis
     In May 2009, the Pakistani military
     operation against militants in the Swat
     Valley, displaced hundreds of thousands
     of people resulting in a curfew which left
     civilians with no water or electricity and
     basic necessities of life.

     Many people were forced to flee the area
     seeking refuge in other areas of Pakistan.

     Due to our extensive history in Pakistan
     Islamic Help have a strong base, which
     meant we were able to act quickly in
     response to this crisis.
                                                  Medical Camps
     Food Distribution                            Medical camps were set up where
                                                  thousands of people were given checkups
     Food packs alongside basic emergency kits
                                                  and standard medicines.
     were distributed to hundreds of families
     living in camps.
                                                  Beneficiaries included women, children and
                                                  old people with common ailments being
                                                  sleeplessness, anxiety depression, stomach
                                                  disorders, diarrhoea, infections
                                                  and allergies.
                                              IH truck leaving the depot   Hygiene kits awaiting to be distributed

This is what your kind
donations provided
Water Tank                            £120

Food and Emergency Pack               £10
(Food, clothes, blankets, beddings,
cooking utensils and stove)

Medication Kit                         £100
(Basic medication for the whole family)

Full Sanitation facilities            £00
(Toilets and washing area)


                                                 Orphanages in Pakistan                            Relief Activities, District
                                                 Islamic Help are continuing to support two
                                                                                                   Ziarat Baluchistan
                                                 orphanages in Pakistan. Both Rawlakot and
                                                                                                   A powerful earthquake hit the south west of
                                                 Rawalpindi orphanages are supporting orphan
Vocational Training Centre                       and abandoned children with full time meals,
                                                                                                   Baluchistan, a strategically located province of
                                                                                                   Pakistan on 29th October 2008 at 4.40 a.m.
                                                 accommodation, education and medical care
Islamic Help have almost completed the                                                             The death toll was reported at over 400 and
                                                 with your generous support.
vocational training institute for vulnerable                                                       thousands of houses were completely smashed.
women and widows in Shohal Mazullah Khan                                                           Islamic Help arranged a mobile medical team
district Mansehra, where they shall be trained   Reconstruction of primary                         on 6th November 2008 and fully equipped
in many viable trades that would help them                                                         ambulance was made available to this mobile
support themselves and their families.
                                                 school for Boys in                                team in order to meet any emergency situation.
                                                 Muzaffarabad                                      They were provided with ample stock of high
                                                                                                   quality branded medicines and visited many
Individual Sponsorship for                       We have been assigned this project by the         badly damaged villages.
Orphans in Balakot                               ERRA (Earthquake Reconstruction &
                                                 Rehabilitation Authority). The building of        On 9th November 2008; 300 food packages,
We are continuing to support 20 orphans          this school was completely smashed in the         300 reusable plastic cans containing drinkable
currently living with their guardians in         earthquake. This is a high altitude snowy area    filtered water, 396 single and 102 double high
Shohal Mazullah Khan, District Mansehra.         of Muzaffarabad and it is a challenging task to   quality quilts made up of polyester were
Sponsorship money is being paid to the           reconstruct any building in such a remote area.   transported to Ziarat and delivered to the 554
responsible guardians directly in a very         Process of reconstruction was suspended due       selected families in 10 badly affected villages.
transparent manner and they are accountable      to the snowy weather now it is in progress
to Islamic Help regarding the use of this        and is likely to be finished by the end of
money.                                           August, 2009.
     Mosque funded by an Islamic Help donor

                                                                                 IH refugee camp in Nyalah

                                              Islamic Help has continued its numerous projects in the
                                              humanitarian crisis hit region of Darfur. People who have fled
                                              the conflict have been living in camps across Darfur.

                                              Islamic Help is running a refugee camp south of Darfur in an
                                              area called Nyalah, the capital of the southern state of Darfur.
Education Scheme                                  Water Wells Project                            Mosques
Islamic Help has set up two primary schools       With your kind donations Islamic Help          Islamic Help has constructed two Mosques
in Nyalah, for its IDP (Internally Displaced      have been able to set up nine water wells      and three Madrassas (Islamic Schools) in the
People) children. The school provides             in different parts of Southern Darfur. It is   region of Southern Darfur.
uniforms, shoes, school bags, books, stationary   estimated that more than 2,000 people are
and food for the day to 175 girls and 180 boys.   benefiting from these water wells within the   The Madrassa is where children and women
                                                  communities, Alhumdulillah.                    are studying the Holy Quran. As well as the
                                                                                                 construction, Islamic Help is paying
                                                                                                 the teachers in both the school and the

 Support the education of a child                  Provide a village the gift of water            Help build a Mosque for
 for just £ a month                               for as little as £3,00                        £,000 today

   IH Chairman outside purpose built school        One of the many wells constructed in Darfur   Locals performing prayers at IH donated mosque

 Bangladesh Homes Project

     In June 2008, Islamic Help embarked upon building a village for the victims
     of Cyclone Sidr in Borguna, Bangladesh. Land was purchased in a poverty
     stricken area which had recently felt the wrath of the cyclone. One year on
     the project is in full flow where local residents have now begun to feel the
     benefits to their community.
Over 50 homes have now been complete
with many of the occupants settled in.
All the work has been done by local
tradesman and villagers.

                                         Local villagers learning new skills in building homes

     Case 1
     A 2 year old child (Zoynab) and her mother who live
     in our village recently contracted pneumonia.
     They were transported to a local hospital and
     treated which possibly saved their lives.

     Case 2
     Mohamed Saek is a 11 year old child. A tree fell on his
     leg and he was locally operated on. The surgery work
     on his leg was not done correctly resulting in him being
     unable to bend his knee. Corrective surgery in Dhaka
     could resolve this and restore full use.

                                                        The Masjid is now near completion and will
                                                        facilitate approx. 180 people. A PA system
                                                        will be set up to ensure that the call for
                                                        prayer will be heard by the villagers.

Medical Centre
Islamic Help is urgently appealing for a much
                                                Please help fund the
needed medical centre. The nearest such
facility is 60km which can mean 5 hours to
reach at times. £5,000 will build this.
                                                  following projects
Ambulance                                              Water Project
Service                                                This is not oil. This is the water that villagers are
                                                       forced to drink. Sanitation is another issue which
An ambulance is required to transfer patients
                                                       is causing major health problems.
to nearby hospitals in more extreme cases.
£5,000 will purchase an ambulance.
                                                       We need to install suitable toilets and bathing
                                                       facilities which would be communal for the
                                                       village users.

                                                        IH campaigner Rizwan Hussain being shown
                                                        water villagers have to use

     Hurricane Aila
           Aila struck Bangladesh on 25th May 2009,
                                                         Islamic Help moved
                                                         quickly to help those
                                                         affected and has provided:

                                                         Cooked meals 3 times
           putting coastal people in severe danger.
                                                         a day to 100 families.
           About half a million people had to leave
           their homes and go to temporary shelters      • Meat,
           when huge tidal waves came crashing with      • Rice,
           60 mph winds.
                                                         • Vegetables,
           In a poverty stricken area where food was     • Dry food,
           already scarce, fresh drinking water was      • Biscuits and bread
           contaminated by the hurricane.
                                                         • Water Packs:
           Aid was delivered via a small boat carrying
                                                           1-12 litres depending on family size
           a team of 7-8 volunteers and a doctor on
           board who helped distribute medicines if      • Basic Medicines
           required                                      • Clothing

                                                                                                   The Prophet Muhammad
                                                                                                   (pbuh) said:
“There is nothing dearer to Allah (SWT)
during the days of Qurbani than the
                                                   Qurbani in the Balklans                         “Whoever made
                                                   Islamic Help was also part of a pilot project
sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed             with DFID (Department for International          a sacrifice with all
animal shall come on the Day of                    Development) and Advantage West Midlands
Judgment with its horns, hair, and hooves,         to perform Qurbani in the Balklans and at the    sincerity, the act of
the sacrifice is accepted by Allah (SWT)
before the blood reaches the ground.
                                                   same time support the British beef economy.
                                                                                                    sacrifice will protect
Therefore sacrifice with an open and               All meat was slaughtered in halal abattoirs
                                                   in the UK and was than vacuum packed to
                                                                                                    him from hell-fire”
happy heart.” (Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah) .
                                                   ensure long life and distributed to needy                                  (Hadith)
                                                   people in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo,
Last year, we were able to double our offering
                                                   especially to benefit them for the coming
of Qurbani in countries throughout the world
                                                   winter period.
due to thousand of donors pledging to offer                                                        Last year, Islamic Help was able to provide
their sacrifice through Islamic Help; this also                                                    Qurbani in the following countries:
enabled us to add further countries to our list.                                                   • Palestine             • Iraq
                                                                                                   • Indonesia             • Pakistan
                                                                                                   • Kashmir               • Bangladesh
                                                                                                   • India                 • Sudan
                                                                                                   • Somalia               • Tanzania
                                                                                                   • Bosnia                • Kosovo
                                                                                                   • Albania
                                                                                                   Every effort is made to ensure the recipients of
                                                                                                   the qurbani are deserving.
     Wells Project
     In many third world countries there are still
     millions of people who do not have easily
     accessible means to safe clean drinking water.
     Men, women and children have           Since 2005, we have worked
     to walk long, gruelling distances      tirelessly in constructing wells
     in difficult conditions to provide     in Niger, Mali, Darfur and now
     water for their families, which        Tanzania and Bangladesh. We are
     can be unsafe to drink due to          very grateful of all our donors
     contamination.                         who have contributed towards
                                            this very worthwhile cause.
     In today’s climate, we feel that it
     is everyone’s responsibility to help
     provide this basic necessity for               Water; people forced to drink
     people all over the world.                     without your support

‘Providing water is one of the best
 forms of Sadaqah Jariyah’ Hadith

     “I, and the one who looks after
     an orphan, will be together like
     this in the next world”, then
     he raised his index and middle
     fingers together’’
                      (Hadith Muslim)
     Islamic Help has orphan
     schemes in 5 countries:
Orphan Scheme
How much will this cost?
Sponsor an orphan for £30 a month;
this will provide them with basic
shelter, clothing, education and welfare.

Where will your money go?
All sponsorship money is paid to
the trusted guardian or Orphanage
Trustees in a very transparent
manner and the guardian/trustees are
accountable to us.

What do you get in return?
You will receive a starter pack which
will have all the details you need of
the orphan and then you will receive
pictures, school reports and letters
from the child.

 Mafia Island (Tanzania)
     Mafia Island has a population of approximately
     45,000 and consists of one main island and eight mini
     islands, it is located in the coast region South East of
     Tanzania. As it is an island in the Indian Ocean, the
     people are facing an acute shortage of safe
     drinking water for local consumption.

Water Wells
Islamic Help has committed to building wells
and providing safe drinking water for the people
of the island. Most of the medical problems
were water related (Cholera, diarrhoea,
ringworm etc). Prevention of these diseases is
better than cure.

Another problem faced on the island is malaria.
This can be countered by the use of simple
mosquito nets. It would cost £20 to provide 10
mosquito nets for people on the island.

Dr Jawad carrying out
reconstruction surgery
                                Cleft Lip and Palate
                                & Burns Reconstruction
                                    In partnership with the Indus Hospital
                                in Karachi, Pakistan, Islamic Help began a pilot
                                project to send a team of plastic surgeons to
Dr Charles Viva supporting      help support children with cleft lips and palates
the project at Indus Hospital   and people suffering from burns.
                                The team of specialists was led by Dr Mohammed Ali Jawad, a senior
                                plastic consultant surgeon based at the Chelsea and Westminster
                                Hospital in London. Dr Jawad’s speciality is reconstruction following
                                burns, especially facial burns. Also part of the team was Dr Charles Viva,
                                a plastic consultant surgeon who specialises in cleft lip and palate.

                  Patients with staff and medical team

before   after

before   after   During their week long stay in Karachi over 200 patients were seen and
                 treated in the outpatient clinic and a total of 125 surgeries were done. This
                 included 105 children with cleft lip and palate and 20 women who were
                 burns victims. This group in particular required extensive surgeries and
                 world require follow up treatments.

                 With the support of donors, Islamic Help and the Indus Hospital were
                 able to ensure that all surgeries were performed free of charge.
before   after   The excellent surgical results and the genuine need for this type of care
                 has convinced all parties involved (Islamic Help, Indus Hospital and team
                 of surgeons) to continue to project on a regular and larger basis so that
                 more patients can benefit.

                 An important aspect of this project is also the long term training of local
                 surgeons to enhance the local capacity to deal with affected patients.
     The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said:
          “Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately and
           know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise,
         and that the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular
                   and constant even though it were little.”

                         By giving a little you can make a big difference.
                         Giving regularly is the best way to help those   34p a day can make a substantial difference to
                         in need as it is a stable and set amount that    someone’s life. Make a difference and sign up.
                         can make a huge difference in people’s lives.
                         By giving consistently, you can constantly       To fund our drive, please fill in a regular
                         support our projects and we will also be able    giving form.
                         to start new projects easily.

                         With this in mind we have set up a £10 a
                         month scheme which will mean that people
                         have a long term commitment to our
                         projects. A pledge of £10 a month can give
                         someone shelter, provide them with food or
                         an education.

     Islamic Help has continued its projects in the war
     affected Iraq that continues to suffer and is still in
     a state of humanitarian crisis. Islamic Help have
     been providing for the people from within the
     heart of Baghdad.

     Food distribution                                                   Food packs contain:
     For the past two years, Islamic Help has
     been providing families in Iraq with food                           Flour
     packs. These packs can accommodate for a
     family of up to 8 people.
                                                                         Sugar           Baghdad
     Sponsor a family during Ramadan                                     Oil
     Help support an Iraqi family in the month of Ramadan. £200 will     Dates
     provide an entire family consisting of 8 people with food for the   Salt
     entire month of Ramadan.
                                               ‘’The organisation (Islamic Help) helped us
Medical Support                                to do the operation, paid all the costs and
                                               till now no organisation would sponsor us.
Islamic Help has continued to support
                                               Also we want to thank Islamic Help who
local hospitals and provide them with vital
                                               sponsored the surgery, may Allah bless
medication such as pain killers, antibiotics
and medical dressings
                                               Parents of Khatab Yousif

Case Study 1:
Khatab Yousif
Khatab was 9 months old and suffered from
congenital hip which meant he couldn’t sit
down or walk. Khatab’s parents were unable
to afford the operation and there was no
other means of healing him. Islamic Help
have provided the sponsorship to get Khatab
                                               Case Study 2:
operated on which was a great success          Shaykh Abd Asal
allowing him to walk and sit without any       Shaykh Abd Asal inspired young people in
discomfort.                                    Iraq to fulfill their potential and was a very
                                               inspirational man. He was killed by American
                                               soldiers along with his wife leaving his two
Donate now so others                           children with no one to support or take
may benefit from life                          care of them. Islamic Help came forward to
                                               support this family and make sure the children
changing surgery                               of this martyr are taken care of and provided
                                               with food, shelter and a good education.

     We have many different
                                          You can sponsor             Provide a family
     projects around the world
                                            an orphan                  with food for a
     where our brothers and sisters
                                              for only                 whole month
     need our help. Please donate
     to Islamic Help and help those
                                          £30 a month               by giving just £200
     who are less fortunate than us.
                                        You can provide water          Regularly giving
     Any donation, whether small       for the people of Africa         £10 a month
     or big, can go a long way into         by contributing          can go maintain all
     making the lives of those who       to our wells projects    the many different causes
     have been affected by disaster        for just £2,00          and project we have.
     a lot better.
     At IH we believe that our volunteers are      with the opportunity to help with             Name: Zohab Musa
     amongst the best in the world and have        fundraising and promotional events. You       Age: 2
     been the most vital cogs in the running of    will then be trained into organising your     Occupation: Postgraduate
     our organisation. In times of disaster and    own events under our supervision, be          Visited: Karachi, Pakistan
     crisis they have worked tirelessly in order   able to go on field trips and receive free     ‘Being a senior volunteer for Islamic Help, I was
     to help those who have been affected.         merchandise.                                  given the opportunity to go to Karachi to visit
                                                                                                 and work at Indus Hospital. Oblivious to the
     Join the Islamic Help volunteer scheme        If you think you have what it takes, then     needs and volatile situation the people were
     today and become a part of a global           fill in a form by logging onto our website.   living in, I learnt a lot whilst there. The basic
     family that unites in their desire to help                                                  essential needs we take for granted, the luxuries
     those less fortunate than us through the                        we have, even the food we eat. I realised that I
     Islamic Help Volunteer Scheme.                                                              am fortunate and it opened my eyes to a whole
                                                                                                 new cause. The experience will stay with me
     Once you sign up, you will be presented
                                                   Mount Snowdon Walk 2009                       forever.’

Name: Khizzar Ali                                                                                                  Volunteers
Age: 23
Occupation: Entrepreneur                                                                                           in action
Visited: Karachi, Pakistan
 ‘As a result of visiting Karachi, I now value                                                                     Blossom sisters night for Bangladesh
what we have and how fortunate we are. It                                                                          Bradford Walk for Gaza
made me more determined than ever to help
the people who live in disturbing conditions all                                                                   Family Fun Fair
over the world. The trip and the level of poverty                                                                  Assisting telephone appeals
that I have witnessed will stay with me and it
will fuel me to help Islamic Help more insha            Bag pa
                                                                                                                   Ummah United
                                                               ckin g
allah.’                                                                     in Mor
                                                                                  riso      ns                     Iftari meals
                                                                                                                   Feed the homeless
                                                                                                                   Convoy to Gaza

                                                               Lo n
                                                                                rit   y Din
                                                                                            n   er

 Fly for                                                 olleg e                                                                                                     tee
         Gaza                                   rla in C                                                                                                         lu n
                                       Cha m be                                                                                                             a vo             n
                                                                                                                                                 iq (                    dre
                                                                                                                                                                    ch il
                               Joseph                         a                                                                               Tar              to
                                                      or Gaz                                                                            veed          o ut
                                            walk f                                                                                  Na
                                                                                                                                                ts                nd
                                spo nsored                                                                                               g s     afi ffiifia
                                                                                                     Birmin gham Charity Dinner   g ivin    in M

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         Please retain this for your own records                                       The Direct Debit Guarantee
      Islamic Help Account: HSBC | Sort Code 40-42-12 | A/C No 41687425     • This Guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that take part in the Direct Debit Scheme.
            International Account No: GB 72 MIDL 404212 41687425              The efficiency and security of the scheme is monitored and protected by your own Bank or Building Society.
                                                                            • If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change Islamic Help will notify you 10 working days

                  Branch Identifier Code (BIC): MIDL GB 2155 G
                                                                              in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.
      Please make all the cheques/postal orders payable to Islamic Help and • If an error is made by Islamic Help or your Bank or Building Society, you are guaranteed a full and
                         RETURN all completed forms to:                       immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid.
           Islamic Help, 19 Ombersley Road, Birmingham B12 8UR, UK          • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your Bank or Building Society.
          Islamic Help, FREEPOST, NAT10134, Birmingham B12 8UR, UK            Please also send a copy of your letter to us.

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