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									                             RASTER PC Image Generators
                                  & Visual Systems                                                                        March 28, 2003

                             About RSI
                             Redifun Simulation Inc. (RSI) is based in Southlake, Texas, and has been
                             incorporated for 7 years. RSI is a small business specializing in Visual System
                             services for both commercial and military full flight simulators. RSI employs
                             engineers with a diversified skill set that average over twenty-five years experience
                             each in the visual simulation field. Mechanical, electrical, software, database
                             engineering, and program management, encompass RSI’s capabilities. All RSI
                             engineers are ex-Rediffusion, Thomson and Evans & Sutherland employees.

                             RASTER PC/IG & Visual Systems
                             RSI manufactures PC based visual systems for the commercial flight training
                             environment. RSI have installed 8 multi-channel PC based Visual Systems in the
                             past two years, achieving FAA level “C” certification on 5 full flight simulators (727,
                             737, Beach 1900, Lear 35 & Hawker 900) currently in training. Three Level 5 FTD’s
                             have been greatly enhanced with 150x40 degree Field of View PC Visual Systems.
                             Technicians and budget conscious Managers, love the fact our PC/IG uses NO
                             PROPIETARY HARDWARE. Order your spares off the Internet !!!
                             RSI have replaced 3 channel / 4 window, Vital – Image – SP2 Visual Systems
                             using the existing Optics Box or providing new Juxtaposed Optics Boxes.

                             DB Library Lowers Upgrade Costs
 4 Channel Rack System       RSI has been able to provide low cost upgrades due in part to having a
                             large Airport Database Library. All airports are built to FAA standards for
                             level C or Level D training. RSI have DB Engineering staff to update or
                             Photo-Texture airports if desired. This Photo-Texturing can have up to 1
                             meter resolution for surrounding airport vicinities. Our web site has a
                             listing of most airports available – aerial photography or satellite
                             imagery may or may not be available for some airports.
                             RSI can support Airport Database creation or updates for all SPn, SPX,
                             ESIG and Raster image generators. We have lower prices and fast
                             delivery times for all custom DB programs.
                             Our pricing always includes at least 3 airports that are selected out of
                             our library. We also include two custom Photo-Textured demonstration
                             Airfields of San Francisco and Miami International. In addition to these
                             airfields we include a Generic Airfield that is configurable for varying
 3 Channel Desk System       runway lengths, widths, terminal placement, and different types of
                             approaches – over water, over land etc.
                       Simulator Integration
                       With any visual system upgrade there are changes that have to be made
                       to the simulator computer visual software routine, and Instructor
                       Operating Stations. The requirements for simulator programming are
                       identified precisely in RSI’s Interface Control Document (ICD). This
                       document is provided well ahead of the installation to allow customers
  Using Barco 909      programmers to plan the changes needed for new airport Nav Aids
Projectors on a WIDE   alignments, and to implement new visual system features Raster will
                       allow. Raster can communicate with the simulator computer several
                       different ways: standard Ethernet UDP protocol, standard HSD, varied
                       Serial protocols, plus custom interfaces that may be required depending
                       on simulator computer needs.
                       RSI is extremely flexible in the area of simulator host integration. We
                       have options for integration with the simulator computer that allows
                       both technically sound solutions and expediency to effect short simulator
                       off line times. RSI can provide a “Turn-Key” solution where all
                       integration is done by RSI engineers, or we support customer “Work-
 Using RSI’s Viper     Shares” when it benefits the customer.

                       Visual Control Panel
                       One distinct difference between simulators that greatly affects the time
                       and cost of visual system upgrades is the simulator Instructor Operating
                       Stations. Reprogramming the IOS may or may not be possible in some
                       RSI has an option for a separate Visual Control Panel to be mounted
                       near the IOS. This user friendly automated touch-screen panel can be
                       pre-configured with any customer required visual functions.

                       RSI engineers have been involved in Visual System Installations for over
                       25 years. As a direct outcome of this experience, we’ve evolved our
Using MRP Monitors     upgrade installations to take only 4 to 5 days. If a new Optics box is
                       required, the mechanical installation adds a week to this timeframe. This
                       includes removal of the existing IG, Displays or Projectors. This
                       timeframe also includes the running a Visual Acceptance Test Procedure
                       and any FAA/CAA/JAR specific test required.

                       Regulatory Certifications
                       At the end of the installation period, RSI engineers (hardware and
                       software) will remain on site to support our customers with the initial, or
                       re-certification, by the regulatory authorities. We have an exceptional
FTD 150x40 System      record of ZERO DR’s related to the visual system after FAA evaluations.
                         RSI CRT & LCD Displays
                         RSI has developed two types of display monitors for simulation use. The
                         RSI-D26 is based on a re-furbished 26” curved face CRT. RSI’s VIPER
                         display is based on a commercial JVC reflective LCD projector. Custom
                         enclosures for optic box mounting and ruggedness for motion have been
                         designed in both products.
                         Both displays operate at a resolution of 1280x1024. Coupled with our
RSI-D26 CRT Display
                         RASTER NX1 Real-Time, these displays produce light point sizes of 3 arc
                         minutes and Contrast Rations well above 25:1. These displays are
                         suitable for 50” to 55” radius collimated optic systems and Level “C”

                         Juxaposed Optical Boxes
                         RSI manufactures collimated optical enclosures for simulation
                         applications. Standard 50 inch or 55 inch radius systems offer
                         approximately 88 degrees horizontal by 34 degrees vertical field of views
                         for both pilot and first officer eye-points. Custom boxes for specific
                         applications can also be delivered.
RSI Viper LCD Display    Whatever your visual requirement, RSI can provide a cost effective

                         FTD Visual Systems
                         One distinct difference between our FTD visual system and others, is the
                         quality of the Airport Databases. We offer Certified Airport Databases
                         that are used for FAA Level C and Level D training. Configurable Landing
                         Light Lobes, CAT I, II, II visibility, and many other features, place real
                         training value on an FTD Visual System.

4 Window Jux Optic Box   Screen sizes are customizable from our standard 150X40 to 220x 50 or
                         smaller depending on your facility restrictions. We have two window
                         Collimated Optics Boxes with CRT displays that can be used for FTDs or
                         Level A and B trainers. Whatever your visual requirement, RSI can
                         provide a cost effective solution.

                         Service and Support
                         RSI provide In-House and On Site engineering / technical support for all
                         Evans & Sutherland legacy image generators (SPn, SPX, ESIG). We can
                         provide Training, Spares, Repairs as well as consultant services.
                         RSI pride ourselves in fast response and turn-around times for all our
                         delivered products and services. References can easily be provided.

3 Channel Rack System
                            Visual Specifications
                               Day / Dusk / Night - all weather operation.

                               60 HZ Update with 60 HZ Refresh Rates in Day, Dusk & Night.

                               Unlimited number of synchronized channels.

                               Dedicated Host interface computer.

                               Up to 7 landing light lobes – all movable in real-time.

                               15000+ light points per channel with 3 arc minute resolution.

Optic Box in Assembly          Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional light point lobe patterns.

                               Progressive Growth and Distance Fading light point features.

                               Flashing, Rotating, Strobe, VASI, PAPI and FLOS lighting.

                               2500+ Anti-aliased (high quality), dual texture polygons per channel.

                               Visibility adjustable from 0 to 50 miles-1 foot increments.

                               Adjustable Directional Horizon.

                               Up to 2 cloud layers with variable transition zones.
 RSI Training & Test Lab       Ground fog, patchy fog and scud.

                               Support for multiple host driven coordinate systems.

                               Automatic Routed traffic, converging traffic, and animations / special effects.

                               Supports Ethernet or custom Interface to host computers.

                               Height above terrain and general intersection queries.

                               Fixed order, separating plane and Z buffer object priorities.

                               Full support for SPX database constructs

                               Database converter / importer for SPX databases with binary file importer.

                               Up to 128 2K X 2K textures per airport.
  Raster DB - Miami
                               Text CONFIG file with adjustments for most real-time parameters.

                               Giga-Pixel+ Fill Rate.

                               Multi-texture support.

                               Per-Pixel Fog.

                               Up to 1600 X 1200 resolution.

                               32 bit color resolution.

                               24 bit Z buffer resolution.

                               Geo-Specific Photo Texturing.

Raster DB – San Francisco
                              Estimated Costs
                              All systems include:
                              NX1 Real-Time Software, Ethernet or HSD Interfacing, 5 Airport Databases,
                              1 Generic Database, Converging and Conflicting traffic, Interface Control
                              Document, Acceptance Test Procedure, Latency Test Breakout Box, O&M
                              Documentation, Display – Projector – FAA Test Patterns, On Site Installation &
                              Certification Support, Technician Training.

                                  System                FAA                Options                       Cost
                               1 Channel - 2 Window     A-B    No Host I/F PC – No Display               $71,000

                               1 Channel – 2 Window     A-B    With Host I/F PC – No Display             $86,500

                               1 Channel – 2 Window     A-B    With Host I/F PC – 2 20 inch Displays     $106,000

                               1 Channel – 2 Window     A-B    With Host I/F PC – 2 RSI-D26 Displays     $146,000

                               1 Channel – 2 Window     A-B    With Host I/F PC – 2 RSI Viper Displays   $166,000

                               3 Channel – 4 Window    FTD-C   No Projectors or Displays                 $195,000

                               3 Channel – 4 Window     FTD    With 3 DLP Projectors & 150x40 Screen     $280,000

                               3 Channel – 4 Window      C     With 4 RSI-D26 CRT Displays               $315,000

                               3 Channel – 4 Window      C     With 4 RSI Viper LCD Displays             $355,000

                               3 Channel – WIDE          C     With 3 WIDE Compatible Projectors         $435,000

                               3 Channel – WIDE          D     With 3 WIDE Compatible Projectors         $495,000

                               4 Channel – 5 Window      C     With 5 RSI-D26 CRT Displays               $394,000

                               5 Channel – 6 Window      C     With 6 RSI D26 CRT Displays               $473,000

RSI                            2 Window Optics Box      A-B    New build                                 $60,000
260 Bank St.
                               4 Window Optics Box       C     New build                                 $125,000
Southlake, Texas 76092
USA                            Visual Control Panel      -     Touch screen LCD – Custom Pages           $25,000

(817) 421-2864                Pricing estimates based on typical installations and may vary
Fax:                          significantly depending on particular installation and deliverable
(817) 421-6425                requirements.

E-mail:                       RSI hardware warranty is 1 year. Vendor warranties may be longer and
Bob @         will be passed on to the customer.
Neil @
Jeff @
Phil @
                              RSI Contacts:            Bob Bordovsky        -    CEO
                                                       Neil Wheatley        -    President
More info on our Web Site >                            Jeff Everett         -    Director, Operations                                    Phil DeVille          -   Director, Programs

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