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                        (Up to the end of Financial Year 2007-08)

                Organization                             Description of Research Linkages
1.   Memorandum of understanding (MOU)           To share their human recourses, training facilities and
     between Pakistan Dairy Development          other R&D infrastructure for helping each other to
     Company       (PDDC),      Lahore     and   achieve Livestock Development in the Country
     University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
2.   MOU between The Brooke Pakistan and         The University can benefit from The Brooke’s
     University of Agriculture, Faisalabad       experienced human resources and well organized
                                                 facilities in equine welfare. The MOU will be
                                                 particularly useful for the diagnostic and research
                                                 facilities not only for the DVM and postgraduates
                                                 students but also for the faculty members
3.   MOU between Baha-ud-Din Zakariya            Collaboration in research with emphasis on livestock
     University, Multan and University of        and agricultural production, biotechnology, resource
     Agriculture, Faisalabad                     conservation and management and other areas
                                                 deemed to be of common benefit for both the parties
4.   MOU between Nuclear Institute for           1) Collaborative efforts shall be made in developing
     Agriculture & Biology Faisalabad and        joint research projects in the field of all disciplines of
     University of Agriculture, Faisalabad       both the institutions
                                                 2) NIAB will provide internship facilities to the
                                                 undergraduate students of different disciplines of the
                                                 Universality of Agriculture, Faisalabad
5.   MOU between Livestock & Dairy               To share their human recourses, training facilities and
     Development Board and University of         other R&D infrastructure for helping each other to
     Agriculture, Faisalabad                     achieve livestock development in the country

                      (Upto the end of Financial Year 2007-08)

                Organization                             Description of Research Linkages
1.   MOU between Graduate School of              Each of the two institutions will be exempted from
     Science     and     Technology,    Kobe     paying the prescribed admission fee, tuition and
     University, Japan and University of         general fees for the exchange of students
     Agriculture, Faisalabad
2.   MOU between Sultan Qaboos University        Creation of opportunities for the development of
     (SQU), Muscat, Oman and University of       mutual research interests such as: joint research
     Agriculture, Faisalabad                     projects, scholarly conferences, language training
3.   MOU between Agricultural College –          Collaboration of both the institutes in the following
     Sana’a University – Republic of Yemen       programs:
     and     University     of   Agriculture,    a. Use of scientific equipment and conduction of
     Faisalabad                                     detailed analysis
                                                 b. To benefit from the available Libraries and
                                                    Information Network at both the places
                                                 c. To attend the conferences, scientific seminars
                                                    and training courses at each other’s institute
                                                 d. To publish research findings in the magazines
                                                    and scientific periodicals issues/published at UAF
                                                    and Sana’a University

 4.     MOU between University of Agriculture,   The objectives of this linkage are to develop long-
        Faisalabad and IOWA State University,    term activities
        USA.                                     1. Long-term and short-term exchanges of faculty
                                                    and staff: Sabbaticals, faculty improvement,
                                                    visiting professorships, research collaboration
                                                    and other activities in areas of mutual interest
                                                    and expertise are contemplated
                                                 2. Programs relating to research, teaching and/or
                                                    outreach: “These programs may encompass any
                                                    discipline to the extent that suitable counterparts
                                                    exist and may include, but are not limited to,
                                                    seminars conferences and workshops held by the
                                                    two universities
                                                 3. Bilateral exchange of students: Students who
                                                    meet regular admission requirements of the host
                                                    institution may be admitted to academic
                                                    programs. The term(s) of attendance, costs and
                                                    course of study will be determined for
                                                    international students of both the Universities

       INFORMAL LINKAGES WITH                              7.     Social     Sciences     Institute,   National
INDUSTRY/ORGANIZATIONS AT NATIONAL                                Agricultural Research Center, Islamabad
     AND INTERNATIONAL LEVELS                              8      Punjab Economic Research Institute, Lahore
                                                           9      Planning and Development Board, Lahore
            FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE                         10.    WTO Cell, Planning and Development
                                                                  Board, Lahore
              Department of Agronomy
                                                           11.    Small and Medium Enterprise Development
      Ministry of Environment, Government of
                                                                  Authority, Ministry of Industries, Production
                                                                  & Special Initiatives, Lahore
      Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)
                                                           12.    Agricultural Extension & Adaptive Research,
      Global Change Impact Study Centre (GCISC)
                                                                  Punjab Lahore
      Auriga Chemicals, 33 K.M. Multan Road,
                                                           13.    Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF), Lahore
                                                           14.    Pakistan Dairy Development Company,
         Department of Plant Pathology                            Lahore
                                                           15.    Planning and Evaluation Cell, Lahore
Correspondence is being carried out with some              16.    WWF-Pakistan. EC-TCP, Fresh Water and
pesticide companies to develop linkages for                       Toxics Program, Lahore
projects of mutual benefits for testing newly              17.    Ayub     Agricultural    Research    Institute,
introduced chemicals in the market and to get                     Faisalabad
the biological products tested and registered.             18.    The Bank of Punjab, Regional Office,
     FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS &                          Faisalabad
               RURAL SOCIOLOGY                             19.    Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP),
      Department of Agricultural Economics                 20.    Ayub     Agricultural    Research   Institute,
1.     Academic Industry Collaboration for Pak-                   Faisalabad (Adaptive Research)
       China Economic relations. Dr. M. Siddique           Department of Development Economics
       Javed is a member of Standing Committee
       on Pak-China Economic Relations, LCCI               (i)        International Linkage
2.     Production Economics Division, Agricultural                •   International Network on Participatory
       Policy Institute, Islamabad                                    Irrigation Management (INPIM), (Dr.
3.     Pakistan Institute of Development                              Intizar Hussain, Executive Director)
       Economics (PIDE), Islamabad                                •   International     Water     Management
4.     INPIM.                                                         Institute (IWMI)
5.     Sustainable Development Policy Institute,           (ii)       National Linkages
       Islamabad                                                  •   Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
6.     Planning Commission, Islamabad                                 (PARC), HEC, Asia Link program started
                                                                      by the European Union and SDPI

       •   Farming Community                              2.   Noorani Industries, Samundary Road,
       •   NGO’s (Lok Sanjh, Action-Aid)                       Faisalabad
       •   Government Organizations                       3.   Danish Industries, Faisalabad
       •   Pakistan   Institute  of   Development         4.   Agri-tec Industries (Pvt) LTD,
           Economics (PIDE)                               5.   Industrial Estate, Multan
       •   National Rural Support Program
                                                                 Department of Fibre Technology
       •   United Nations Development Program
           (UNDP)                                         The Department of Fibre Technology has
       •   Punjab Economic Research Institute             established strong linkages with the textile and
           (PERI) and                                     fibre industries including Spinning, Knitting,
       •   Punjab Agricultural Research Board             Denim Jeans, Dyeing/Finishing, Polyester fibre,
           (PARB)                                         Jute, Pulp, Paper and Wool industries. The
                                                          department is in regular contact with the
Department of Environmental & Resource
                                                          research & development sections of almost
                                                          every major textile/fibre processing industry.
(i)        International Linkage                          The findings of the post-graduate research work
       •   International Network on Participatory         are shared with the industry and in most of the
           Irrigation Management (INPIM)                  cases these research findings suggest solutions
       •   International    Water     Management          for most of the burning problems being faced by
           Institute (IWMI)                               the industry and practical implications for the
                                                          improvement of product quality and cost
(ii)       National Linkages
       •   Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
                                                          Commercial testing services are also being
           (PARC), HEC, Asia Link program started
                                                          provided to the cotton textile industry located in
           by the European Union and SDPI.
                                                          and out-skirts of Faisalabad. Under the jute bags
       •   Farming Community
                                                          testing project, the Department is also providing
       •   NGO’s (Lok Sanjh, Action-Aid)
                                                          testing services to the whole jute industry of
       •   Government Organizations
       •   Pakistan   Institute  of   Development
                                                          The Department of Fibre Technology is offering
           Economics (PIDE)
                                                          three short-term training courses for the
       •   National Rural Support Program
                                                          benefits of technical/semi-technical staff of the
       •   Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
                                                          textile industry. In future, the department plans
                                                          to include some new technologies in its
       •   United Nation’s Development Program
                                                          academic endeavor in consultation with the
                                                          industrialists and technologists to make it more
       •   Punjab Economic Research Institute
           (PERI) and
       •   Punjab Agricultural Research Board              Department o Structures & Environmental
           (PARB)                                                        Engineering
Department of Agricultural Marketing and                  1.   WASA, Faisalabad
Agricultural Business                                     2.   Environmental       Protection   Department,
1.     Pakistan Agricultural Marketing Company
                                                          3.   ENERCON (Energy Conservation)
                                                          4.   Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy
2.     Pakistan Horticulture Development and
                                                               Technology (PICRET), Islamabad
       Export Board (PHDEB)
                                                          5.   NFC Institute of Research and Engineering,
3.     Agribusiness Development Project, Ministry
       of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MINFAL),
                                                          6.   Head of Environmental Engineering, Faculty
       Government of Pakistan
                                                               of Engineering and Information Technology,
                                                               Griffith University, Mathon, Australia
            & TECHNOLOGY                                            Department of Parasitology
                                                          1.   HEJ Institute of Chemistry,
Department of Farm Machinery and Power
                                                               Karachi University, Karachi
Linkages have been developed for machinery                2.   University   of    Veterinary and   Animal
design, development, and fabrication with the                  Sciences, Lahore
following industries:                                     3.   Livestock     and      Dairy  Development
1. Punjab Engineering Company (Regd),                          Department, Punjab
     Samundary Road, Faisalabad

           Department of Veterinary Pathology                          Department of Poultry Husbandry
(i)         National Level
                                                                1.    Livestock and Dairy Development
       •    Technical Services are being extended
                                                                      Department, Government of Punjab
            free of cost to poultry farmers of Punjab,
                                                                2.    Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi
            through        diagnostic       laboratory,
                                                                3.    Sadiq Brothers Hatchery, Feroz Watoowan,
            Department of Veterinary Pathology,
            University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
                                                                4.    Sadiq Brothers Feed Mill, Islamabad
       •    Technical services extended free of cost
                                                                5.    Islamabad Poultry Feeds, Islamabad
            to Sweetwater Pakistan. An American
                                                                6.    Jadeed Poultry Farms, Islamabad
            based group established dairy farm in
                                                                7.    Randhawa Poultry Farms, Faisalabad
            Lahore area, especially to diagnose
                                                                8.    Qasim Poultry Farm, Chiniot
            bovine tuberculosis.
                                                                9.    Bilal Poultry Enterprises, Arifwala
       •    Technical collaboration with the Punjab
            Government       Livestock    Department.
            Extending services in the area of disease                DIVISION OF EDUCATION & EXTENSION
            diagnosis,     especially    the    bovine
            tuberculosis                                                 Department of Agri. Extension
       •    Technical collaboration with Bahadur                1.    University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi
            Nagar Livestock Experimental Station.               2.    AIOU, Islamabad
            Extending services in the area of disease           3.    NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar
            diagnosis,     especially    the    bovine          4.    University of AJK, Muzaffarabad
            tuberculosis and brucellosis                        5.    University of Balochistan, Quetta
(ii)        International Level                                 6.    NGOs (NSRP, PRSP, Cap, etc.)
       •    International linkage established with              7.    Private Sector (Agri. Input Supplying Agencies)
            Instituto                   Zooprofilattico         8.    Department of Agriculture, Government of the
            Sperimentaledell'umbria E Delle Marche,                   Punjab
            Perugia, Italy. Collaborative research is           9.    Forest Department, Government of the
            going     on    to   investigate   bovine                 Punjab
            tuberculosis in Pakistan                                  Department of Continuing Education
       •    International linkage developed with
            Veterinary        Research       Institute,         Trainees under NAVTEC-Projects have been
            Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. MOU is under                 prepared in line with the requirements of
            preparation.     Research    collaboration          different relevant industry. This training has
            already started on bovine tuberculosis              provided an opportunity for industrialists to
       •    International Linkage developed with                engage skilled manpower according to their
            VISAVET, Facultad de Veterinaria for                requirements.
            future research and characterization of
            Mycobacterium isolates from Pakistan.                             FACULTY OF SCIENCES

           FACULTY OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY                          Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

      Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics                  1.    Attock Refinery Limited (ARL), Rawalpindi
                                                                2.    United Industry Limited, Faisalabad
1.  Food and Agricultural Organizations of UNO                  3.    Harris Dyes and Pigments, Faisalabad
1.  Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
    (PARC), Islamabad                                                  Department of Computer Sciences
2. Directorate of Livestock Farms, L&DD,                        During this year, the Department has been
    Lahore                                                      engaged with the following organizations
3. Directorate of Breed Improvement, L&DD,                      regarding software development:
    Lahore                                                      1. AMTEX Faisalabad
4. Directorate of Small Ruminants, L&DD,                        2. Masood Textile Mills, Faisalabad
    Multan                                                      3. Cresent Mills Limited, Faisalabad
5. Directorate of LPRI, Bhadurnagar, Okara                      4. Local Government, Faisalabad
6. Directorate of BLPRI, Kherimurat, Attock                     5. Pepsi Cola, Faisalabad
7. Directorate of RCCSC, Jhang
8. University of Veterinary and Animal                                        Department of Physics
    Sciences, Lahore
                                                                1.    NIBGE, Faisalabad
9. NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar
                                                                2.    NIAB, Faisalabad
10. Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam                     3.    PINUM, Faisalabad

4.    UET, Lahore                                       3.    Kinnow Growers Association, Sargodha,
5.    COMSATS, Islamabad                                      Pakistan
6.    KRL, Islamabad
                                                             INSTITUTE OF SOIL & ENVIRONMENTAL
7.    PAEC, Islamabad
      Department of Zoology and Fisheries
                                                        1.    International    Center    for     Agricultural
Linkage with local Fish Feed Industry is being                Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA):
developed                                                     agriculture,    research,     training     and
     Department of Mathematics & Statistics
                                                        2.    Center     for    Risk    Assessment       and
Linkages developed with different Math and Stat               Remediation, University of South Australia
Departments of Pakistan like NARC Social                      Adelaide, Australia
Sciences Institute, AARI, Faisalabad; Islamia           3.    Environmental Chemistry Group, Faculty of
University, Bahawalpur; BZU, Multan (Statistics               Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources,
Department); AIOU (Mathematics & Statistics                   Sydney University, Sydney, New South
Department); National Centre for Mathematics,                 Wales, Australia
GC University, Lahore; School of Mathematical           4.    CSIRO, Australia
Sciences, Lahore; University of Nebraska,               5.    Adnan Mendrus University, Turkey
Lincoln (with Professor Kent Eskridge) and              6.    NGO, Ethiopia
Reading University, UK (Professor Robert                7.    Linkage with Eastern Farms, Islamabad is in
Curnow and Professor John Whitehead)                          progress for the processing of poultry
                                                              manure to value added agricultural fertilizer
                                                        NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE &
1.  Jaffer Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi                            TECHNOLOGY
2.  Haji Sons (Pvt.) Ltd., Madina Market, Ravi
                                                        Strengthening industrial linkages program is
    Link Road, Lahore
                                                        being given a special attention. The Institute has
3. Noorani Industries, Faisalabad
                                                        developed long-term collaborative linkages with
4. New Danishmand and Company, Faisalabad
                                                        the following renowned institutions, both inland
5. Naeem & Company, Samundry Road,
                                                        and abroad:
6. World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan                  Public sector organizations
    (WWF), Ferozepur Road, Lahore                       1. Higher Education Commission, Islamabad
7. Green Land Industry, Daska                           2. Nutrition Section, Planning Commission,
8. Agritec Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Industrial               Islamabad
    Estate, Multan                                      3. Ministry of Science and Technology,
9. Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd, Sheikhupura Road,                 Islamabad
    Lahore                                              4. National Agricultural Research Centre
10. Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemicals Ltd., New               (NARC), Islamabad
    Garden Town, Lahore                                 5. PCSIR Laboratories, Islamabad
                                                        6. Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL NUTRITION & FEED                        (NIFA), Peshawar
             TECHNOLOGY                                 7. ASC School, Nowshera
                                                        8. Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology
The     institute   has     established    research
                                                            (NIAB), Faisalabad
collaboration with professional educational
                                                        9. National Institute for Biotechnology and
institutions, wet milling industry and animal feed
                                                            Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad
industry. At international level, the Institute has
                                                        10. Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI),
developed linkages with the Asian-Australasian
Society for Animal Science, Korea; Rural
Development Administration, Korea. At national          Private sector organizations
level, the Institute has established links with         Fast Food Chains
provincial livestock departments and other              1. Dunkins Doughnuts
institutions involved in animal and poultry             2. Pizzeria UNO Chicago Grill
nutrition research.                                     3. Pizza Hut International
                                                        1. Pearl Continental
1.    Ingot Traders, Sialkot, Pakistan                  2. Avari Hotel
2.    Guava Growers Association, Pakistan               3. Marriot Hotel

Food Industries                                             2.    Selection Board, NWFP, University of
1. Vita Pakistan Ltd.                                             Engineering & Technology, Peshawar
2. Haleeb Foods Ltd.                                        3.    Selection    Board,   Bahauddin   Zakariya
3. Rafhan Maize Products, Faisalabad                              University, Multan
4. Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.                            4.    Technical Committee of Pakistan Agricultural
5. National Foods Ltd.                                            Research Council, Islamabad
6. Nestlé Pakistan Ltd.
                                                                      Department of Fibre Technology
7. Unilever Pakistan Ltd.
8. Tetra Pak Pakistan Ltd.                                  The department has world-class cotton testing
9. English Biscuits Manufacturer (Pvt.) Ltd.                laboratory equipped with sophisticated High
                                                            Volume Instrument (HVI-900) capable of testing
International agencies
                                                            almost 12 fibre characteristics in 20 seconds.
1. Malaysian Palm-Oil Board
                                                            This sophisticated instrument is available for
2. MI/CIDA, Canada
                                                            government research organizations such as
                                                            Ayub       Agricultural  Research     Institute,
                                                            NIAB/NIBGE, national universities and the
5. J.E. Austin Associates, Inc.
                                                            industrial sector.
6. FAO
                                                             Department of Structures and Environmental
Foreign universities
1. Agrocampus Rennes, France
2. Wegningen      University  and        Research           The staff of the department contributed as a
   Institute, The Netherlands                               member of following organizations:
3. Texas A&M University, USA                                1. Selection   Board,   NWFP University    of
                                                               Engineering and Technology, Peshawar
PROGRESS   REGARDING   EXCHANGE AND                         2. Selection    Board,   Bahauddin   Zakariya
RESOURCE SHARING WITH INTERNATIONAL/                           University, Multan
NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS                                      3. External Examiner, Bahauddin Zakariya
                                                               University, Multan
Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
                                                            4. Examiner Project Presentation of B. Tech,
1. School of Biological Sciences, University of
                                                               Government College of Technology, Sahiwal
   Aberdeen U.K.
                                                                    FACULTY OF VETERINARY SCIENCES
     Department of Forestry and Wildlife
                                                                 Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Lectures of renowned scientists of various
faculties of the UAF and of sister organizations            1.    Nestlé Milkpak Ltd.
like PFRI, AARI, PPI, NIAB, NIBGE were                      2.    Remount Depot, Mona
organized to share their rich and varied
experience in the related fields to be useful in                   Department of Veterinary Microbiology
tackling    the  real  problems     of  farming             SUBJECT EXPERT: Selection Board, Faculty of
community.                                                  Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture,
        Department of Crop Physiology                       Peshawar

Dr. Yongchao Zhao (a world leading scientist on                      Department of Veterinary Pathology
Remote Sensing, working for the University of               1.    Department of Veterinary Pathology, College
California, Barkley and Riverside), the Institute                 of Veterinary Medicine, The University of
of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese                           Georgia, Athens, USA
Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China is working              2.    Department of Forensic and Administration
with Dr. Shahzad Basra to develop a software                      of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary
for “Leaf Image Analysis” for leaf area,                          Medicine, Oczapowskiego, Poland
chlorophyll and leaf shapes of digital images.              3.    International  linkage    established    with
The software is under test.                                       INSTITUTO                 ZOOPROFILATTICO
                                                                  SPERIMENTALEDELL'UMBRIA          E     DELLE
     FACULTY OF AGRI. ENGINEERING & TECH.                         MARCHE, Perugia, ITALY
     Department of Farm Machinery and Power
1.   Board of Studies, Department of Agri.
     Engineering, NWFP, University of Engineering &
     Technology, Peshawar

      FACULTY OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY                              potential to become itself an industry in
     Department of Livestock Management
                                                         2.    Rose water, Sounf water, Mentha oil, Basil
1.   Farmers’ Training, Two months training                    water and high quality Gulcand are being
     course for village livestock workers (May 5–              prepared by the Medicinal and Aromatic
     June 14, 2008)                                            Plants Section and introduced in local
2.   Two-day national workshop on “Genetic                     pansari market of Faisalabad.
     Resources and Molecular Techniques in               3.    Quality seeds of summer and winter
     Livestock Production” (March 20-22, 2008)                 vegetables.
3.   JHEL Programs-I Workshop at Marriot,                4.    Nursery plants of fruits and ornamentals
     Islamabad with all stakeholders, educationists
     and project Link Coordinators (March 24-26,              INSTITUTE OF SOIL & ENVIRONMENTAL
     2008)                                                                 SCIENCES
4.   Convener, Livestock Farm Group, under
                                                         1.    Sharing of laboratory facilities with students
     FDTTPC     technology     transfer   program,
                                                               of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam
     University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
                                                               and PMAS Arid Agriculture University,
      Department of Poultry Husbandry                          Rawalpindi.
                                                         2.    Conducted farmers participatory wheat trials
Arranged training programs in poultry farming in               in districts Faisalabad and Toba Tek Singh
the development of Model Village (306 G.B.) in           3.    Meetings with the Secretary Agriculture at
Toba Tek Singh.                                                AARI regarding the feasibility of Bio-saline
                                                               Project conducted by UNDP.
     Department of Continuing Education                       ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITY OF
                                                              AGRICULTURE, FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN
This department has shared the funds of
NAVTEC-Project with different development                Former Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur and
related departments and has utilized teaching            now University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has
expertise along with lab facilities of different         been recognized as a pioneer institution dealing
departments of the University of Agriculture,            with agriculture in Indo-Pakistan. This alma
Faisalabad.                                              mater has established an Alumni Association in
                                                         order to cement ties between its sons within the
             FACULTY OF SCIENCES                         country and across the borders. This Association
                                                         is a vivid organization in a sense that it keeps a
       Department of Computer Science                    regular contact with its members and provides
The Department has arranged resource sharing             them home coming opportunities in the form of
programs with the industry in order to enhance           annual meetings. So far this Association has
student practical vision towards information             arranged     55    annual    meetings     including
technology.                                              centenary celebrations held on March 14-15,
             Department of Physics
Mr. Raza Ahmad and Mr. Zia-ul-Haq participated           To strengthen ties between graduates of this
in the HEC organized “Master Trainers Program”           alma mater for the improvement of agriculture
held on 15th July, 2007 to 16th August, 2007 at
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.                      Objectives:
                                                         1. To arrange annual meetings where the
INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL NUTRITION & FEED                        students, academicians, researchers, farmers
             TECHNOLOGY                                     and technocrats working in different domains
                                                            of    agriculture   throughout      the   world
Conferences/symposia/seminars/workshops  were               especially in India share their experiences
organized during 2007-2008 for the exchange of              and     achievements,      identify    problems
knowledge/information/expertise.                            prevailing in agriculture, suggest solutions to
                                                            these problems and explore new avenues of
INSTITUTE OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCES                         achieving food security in the region
1.   Industries like Sitara Chemicals etc. are           2. To arrange exchange visits of students,
     going to adopt technology of rose cultivation          scientists and farmers of India and Pakistan
     and oil extraction. This technology has the            to higher seats of learning, research
                                                            institutes and farmer fields to get benefit of
                                                            the experiences of both countries

3.    To provide opportunities to the Alumni to            Total duration:         36 Months
      visit this great Alma Mater, see its growth          Date of approval:       9th August, 2005 (PDWP)
      and development, sit and chat with their old         Total allocated fund:   Rs.42.64 million
      friends, recall memories and develop and             Phase-I year 2005-06:   Fund allocation Rs. 11.12
      renew cordial relations                                                      million
                                                           Placement of total students:    643
                                                           •  Agriculture
Objectives                                                 •  Agri. Economics and Rural Sociology
1. To impart practical training and field exposure         •  Agri. Engineering and Technology
   to about 700-1150 B.Sc. (Hons.) students                •  Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
   each year at different government and                   •  Division of Education and Extension
   private agricultural research organizations,            •  College of Agriculture, D.G. Khan
   private companies, experimental stations etc.
                                                           Placement      of   students    at  different
   in the country
2. To promote intellectual interaction of
                                                           •   25 institutes under the Director General,
   students, teachers, research workers and
                                                               AARI, Faisalabad
   stakeholders with each other
                                                           •   67 institutes under the Director General,
3. To shape future research activities at the
   University according to the problems,
                                                           •   10 Institutes under the Director General,
   requirements and innovations being practiced
                                                               Livestock and Dairy Development
   by the industries, farmers and other end-
   users                                                   Summary of the Project
4. To help students for hunting better jobs                Particulars       2005-06    2006-07     2007-08
5. To strengthen the linkages to fill the                  No. of              643        682         803.00
   communication gap between the University                students
   and other research organizations. It will be a          placed
   good feedback to enhance the quality                    Funds              11.12       13.12           18.40
   research in a demand oriented fashion
                                                           allocation (Rs.
6. To enhance sharing of expertise of
                                                           in million)
   progressive and eminent researchers with the
                                                           Fund               9.560       9.926       10.726
   University teachers and the students
7. To help enhance research and production
                                                           (Rs. in
   activities and efficiencies of the host institutes
   on scientific grounds through internship as
   the students will help them with their working
   and technical knowledge
                Name of the                        Name of the                        Name of the
         Directorate/Section under        Directorate/Section under          Directorate/Section under
                   DG AARI                       DG EXTENSION                           DG L&DD
 1.      Rapid Soil Fertility, Lahore     District Officer, Agri.            Livestock Production Research
                                          Extension, Rahim Yar Khan          Institute, Bahadurnagar,
 2.      Plant Protection Institute,      SSMS (Agronomy) ARF,               Semen Production Unit,
         Faisalabad                       Gujranwala                         Qadirabad
 3.      Sugarcane Research               Ali Tareen Farm, District          A.I. Centre Judgewala,
         Institute, Faisalabad            Officer, Agri. Extension,          District, Faisalabad
 4.      Entomological Research           Mahfooz Farm, Mailsi, District     Institute of Reproduction,
         Institute, Faisalabad            Officer, Agri. Extension,          Bhunikey
 5.      Post Harvest Research            Adaptive Research Farm,            Sheep Farm, Rakh
         Centre, Faisalabad               Vehari                             Khairewala
 6.      Biotechnology Research           Adaptive Research Farm             A.I. Centre, Susan Madina
         Institute, Faisalabad            Vehari                             Town, Faisalabad

              Name of the                     Name of the                     Name of the
      Directorate/Section under       Directorate/Section under      Directorate/Section under
               DG AARI                      DG EXTENSION                        DG L&DD
7.    Maize & Millets Res. Inst.,     Adaptive Research Farm,        Civil Veterinary Hospital
      Yousafwala, Sahiwal             Karore, Layyah                 Faisalabad
8.    Pulses Research Institute,      Adaptive Research Centre,      Barani Livestock Production
      Faisalabad                      Gujranwala                     Research Institute, K/Murat
9.    Vegetable Research Institute,   DG PestWarning & QC,           Poultry Research Institue,
      Faisalabad                      Multan                         Rawalpindi
10.   Agronomic Research              DG PestWarning & QC,           Livestock Experiment Station
      Institute, Faisalabad           Sahiwal                        Jhangirabad
11.   Oilseeds Research Institute,    DG PestWarning & QC, Okara     -
12.   Regional Agri. Research         DO, Agri. Extension, Layyah    Haji Sons Farm, Chiniot
      Institute, Bahawalpur
13.   Barani Agricultural Research    DO, Agri. Extension,           DO, Agri. Extension, Multan
      Institute, Chakwal              Faisalabad
14.   Rice Research Institute, Kala   DO, Agri. Extension, Vehari    Green Tech. Agri. Farm,
      Shah Kaku                                                      Raiwand
15.   Fodder Research Institute,      DO, Agri. Extension, D.G.      DO, Agri. Extension,
      Sargodha                        Khan                           Faisalabad
16.   Orange Research Institute,      DO, Agri. Extension, Sahiwal   Punjab Seed Corporation,
      Sargodha                                                       Sahiwal
17.   Soil Salinity Res. Institute,   DG, Agri. Extension, Sahiwal   DO, Agri. Extension, Lodhran
      Pindi Bhattian
18.   Wheat Research Institute,       Dir. Punjab Forest Research    DO, Agri. Extension,
      Faisalabad                      Institute, Gatwalla,           Khanewal
19.   Cotton Research Institute,      Office of DFO, Faisalabad      DG, DO, Agri. Extension &
      Faisalabad                                                     Agricultural Research, Lahore
20.   Horticultural Research          Office of DFO, Changa Manga    Director, Export Promotion
      Institute, Faisalabad                                          Bureau, Faisalabad
21.   Food Technology, AARI,          Office of DFO, Lahore          DG Agri. Ext. & AR, Lahore
22.   Soil Bacteriology, AARI,        Dir. Jallo Park, Lahore        Monitoring, Evaluation &
      Faisalabad                                                     Research, National Rural
                                                                     Support Program, 46-Aga
                                                                     Khan Road, Sector F-6/4,
23.   Agricultural Chemist (Soils),   Office of DFO, Chicha Watni    Director, Punjab Economic
      AARI, Faisalabad                                               Research Institute, 48-Civic
                                                                     Centre, Johar Town, Lahore
24.   Agricultural Chemist (Bio),     Office of DFO, Jang            DG DO, Agri. Extension &
      AARI, Faisalabad                                               Agricultural Research,
                                                                     Punjab, Davis Road, Lahore
25.   Plant Pathology, AARI,          Pest Warning and Quality,      Director, Transfer of
      Faisalabad                      Lahore                         Technology Institute, PARC,
                                                                     AARI, Faisalabad
27.   District Officer Agriculture,   Director (HQ) Pakistan         Sustainable Development,
      Faisalabad                      Council of Research in Water   Policy Institute, G-5,
                                      Resources, Ministry of         Islamabad
                                      Science & Technology,
28.   District Officer Agriculture,   DG, Agricultural Research,     Chairman, Agriculture Prices
      Bahawalpur                      AARI, Faisalabad               Commission, Mandir Plaza, G-
                                                                     8/Markaz, Islamabad
29.   District Officer Agriculture,   Regional Office, Bank of       NARC, Islamabad
      Rawalpindi                      Punjab, Faisalabad

               Name of the                    Name of the                    Name of the
      Directorate/Section under       Directorate/Section under      Directorate/Section under
                 DG AARI                    DG EXTENSION                      DG L&DD
30.   District Officer Agriculture,   Department of Economics &      Punjab Institute of
      Sialkot                         Marketing, Lahore              Development Economics,
                                                                     Quaid-i-Azam University
                                                                     Campus, Islamabad
31.   District Officer Agriculture,   Department of Agriculture &    EADA Economics &
      Lahore                          Livestock Products Marketing   Marketing, Faisalabad
                                      and Grading, Islamabad
32.   Deputy Director, Adaptive       SMEDA, Lahore                  Lok Sanjh Foundation House,
      Research Farm, Karore                                          500 Street 47, G-10/4,
33.   RARI, Bahawalpur                Zari Taraqiati Bank,           Habib Bank Ltd., Circular
                                      Faisalabad                     Road, Faisalabad
34.   Pest Warning, Multan            SSMS (FM&FE), ARF,             Horticulture Development &
                                      Sargodha                       Export Bureau, Lahore
35.   Mango Research Station,         (SMEDA), Lahore                Horticulture Research Sub-
      Shujabad                                                       Station, D.G. Khan


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