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                    HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Programs

                                 “New HMIS Lead Agency”

                          RFP ANNOUNCEMENT: October 22, 2010
                     APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 29, 2010, 5:00 pm


In order to achieve a highly responsive and productive system that effectively manages data
collection, organization, reporting, analysis and evaluation, the Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant
County Continuum of Care is seeking a new HMIS project lead agency. Under the HEARTH Act,
HUD has issued an extensive array of performance measurement requirements that will
demand a highly functional, flexible and strategically implemented system to manage data,
information and knowledge about the nature and extent of homelessness and how agencies
provide services to those at risk of homelessness or are experiencing homelessness. Because of
these federal policy changes, the role of the HMIS Lead Agency is now a critical core function of
a Continuum of Care.

The CoC, as the primary decision making body, is responsible for the selection of the HMIS Lead
Agency. The HMIS Lead Agency is then responsible to implement a plan to select and manage
the implementation of the HMIS system.

Decision Making Process

Applications will be reviewed by an HMIS Application Review Committee. The committee,
appointed by the Community Project Review Committee (CPRC), will present their review and
recommendation of the New HMIS Lead Agency applications to the CPRC on November 4, 2010.
The final selection for a New HMIS Project Lead Agency will be made no later than November 5,
2010. It is the discretion of the CPRC to decide to accept the decision of the HMIS review
committee or opt to retain under the existing renewal HMIS program, to not utilize the Hold
Harmless Need reallocation process for a new HMIS project. This would result in the CoC in
retaining the existing renewal HMIS project under the existing grantee.

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The successful application will be submitted as a funded project for the Fort Worth / Arlington /
Tarrant County Continuum of Care application to HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance
Programs on November 18, 2010.

Funds Available

The funds available for a New HMIS Lead Agency Project will be determined in the Hold
Harmless Need reallocation process. The CoC can fund a new project from the reallocation of
existing renewal projects. In effect, there could be renewal SHP project funding deleted or
reduced and the funds reallocated for the new HMIS project.

Proposal Contents

Proposals should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format and a PDF of the
eSNAPS New HMIS Application. A complete proposal will include the following elements:

   1. For NEW applicants that have never applied for CoC Homeless Assistance Program
      grant funds, please provide the administrative and procedures documents on the
      attached CoC Application Checklist.
   2. Complete the eSNAPS NEW HMIS application and submit a PDF Copy along with this
   3. Letter identifying MATCH commitment, sources and values.

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Project Name:
Project Location:
Project Type:       SHP HMIS
Grant Term:         ONE YEAR

Agency Name:


   1. Knowledge of HUD reporting requirements, PIT, and HEARTH Act reporting goals.
   2. Detail the management capacity of the organization.
   3. Detail the planning capacity for implementation of HEARTH Act changes related to data
      collection, reporting and evaluation.
   4. Detail the organization’s proposal for developing a data driven performance
      measurement system.
   5. Describe how the new or expanded HMIS project will result in improvements in the needs
      assessments of the community, resource allocation, and service coordination among

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The New HMIS Implementation Timetable below provides a list of activities related to the
implementation of the HMIS. You will need to indicate whether the activity applies to the
project and, if yes, the timetable for the activity. The Project Year will begin June 1, 2011.

           Activity                    Does Activity Apply              If “Yes” enter mm/yyyy
Customize Software
Software Update
Data Conversion
Beta/Pilot Phase
Basic Computer Training
HMIS Software Training for
Sys Admin
HMIS Software Training
Data Quality Training
Security Training
Privacy/Ethics Training
HMIS PIT Count Training

Complete Applications must be submitted electronically to the CPRC Chair, Dan
Freemyer at by 5:00 pm October 29, 2010.

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