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					Southern                                    Civil    Recon-
           1850s I   1850s II   1850s III
 Slavery                                    War     struction

$100       $100      $100       $100        $100     $100

$200       $200      $200       $200        $200    $200

$300       $300      $300       $300        $300    $300

$400       $400      $400       $400        $400    $400

$500       $500      $500       $500        $500    $500
Manifest   Manifest   Manifest    Recon-
Destiny    Destiny    Destiny    struction               Misc.
            Deux                             Questions
   I                    III        again

$200       $200       $200       $200        $200        $200

$400       $400       $400       $400        $400        $400

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$1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000
Final Jeopardy
This caused the end
    of Military
    Southern Slavery - $100

This was the nickname the North
    gave to Southern slavery
   Southern Slavery - $200

This referred to the economy of
the South that centered around
        this certain crop
   Southern Slavery - $300

He led a slave revolt in Virginia
 in 1831which resulted in the
      deaths of 60 whites.
    Southern Slavery - $400

   This party was formed on a
 platform favoring the Wilmot
Proviso and free land for settlers.
They did not oppose slavery, just
       the spreading of it
    Southern Slavery - $500
This was a belief that slavery was
   evil. It gradually became a
  powerful movement against
 slavery during the antebellum
        years of America
        1850s I - $100

  This was Henry Clay’s last
compromise and it postponed the
    Civil War for 11 years.
  California’s admission and a
  stricter Fugitive Slave Law
         1850s I - $200
 These laws were passed in the
    North and inhibited the
 extradition of runaway slaves.
These were created in reaction to
    the Fugitive Slave Law.
         1850s I - $300

 This was a secret organization
  that was founded by Harriet
Tubman to help slaves flee to the
         1850s I - $400
  This was a policy to acquire
Cuba as a slave state. It allowed
 the U.S. to seize Cuba if Spain
          did not sell it.
         1850s I - $500
 He was a very weak president
who supported the Compromise
 of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave
Law and tried to acquire Hawaii,
   Japan and Cuba during his
        1850s II - $100

It allowed people of the territory
 to decide if they were going to
      legalize slavery or not
        1850s II - $200

 Northern and Southern forces
fought over the issue of slavery
  which resulted in bloodshed
       1850s II - $300

He beat Charles Sumner on the
floor of the Senate because he
   felt he was being insulted
          1850s II - $400
This was the constitution of the
   government of Kansas that
supported slavery. It stated that
  whether the constitution was
ratified or not, slavery would be
        allowed in Kansas
        1850s II - $500

 He was the Chief Justice of the
 Supreme Court just before the
Civil War. His decision on Dred
 Scott v Sanford made slavery
      legal in all of the U.S.
        1850s III - $100

 It was the first sectional party
whose platform was anti-slavery
        and pro business
       1850s III - $200
He was the senator from Illinois
who wrote the Kansas Nebraska
 Act and the Freeport Doctrine
       1850s III - $300

Hailed in the North as a martyr
and considered a lunatic in the
    South, he was a radical
       1850s III - $400

Stephen Douglas’ argument that
 popular sovereignty should be
 used in new territories and the
   Dred Scott case was legal
         1850s III - $500
     He wrote the book The
  Impending Crisis which was
against slavery. He said the non-
 slave holding whites were the
ones who suffered the most from
        Civil War - $100

     This was a U.S. fort in
Charleston, South Carolina which
 was the first battle of the Civil
       Civil War - $200

He was the Confederate general
 that lead the south in the war
       Civil War - $300

This was the bloodiest battle of
the Civil War and was the first
  Union victory in the eastern
        Civil War - $400
 Lincoln’s failed attempt to free
slaves in rebellious states while
allowing slavery in border states
       Civil War - $500
 They were extreme Northern
 Democrats who believed the
Union could be united if slavery
      were not attacked
    Reconstruction - $100
   He became President after
Lincoln’s assassination and was
      disliked very much
     Reconstruction - $200

    It was the first attempt at
  Reconstruction by Congress
which provided for congressional
administration of Reconstruction
    Reconstruction - $300

It was a secret organization that
intimidated blacks from voting
  and dressed up in bed sheets
   Reconstruction - $400
  They were the Northern
Republicans who went to the
South to gain a quick political
  advancement and wealth
     Reconstruction - $500

This was the reconstruction plan
that Congress used for 10 years.
  It divided the South into five
 military districts that would be
         run by the army
   Manifest Destiny I- $200

Whose presidential
 platform in 1844
 campaigned on the idea
 of manifest destiny?
   Manifest Destiny I- $400

It forbade the introduction
   of slavery into territory
   acquired from Mexico
  Manifest Destiny I- $600

What political party
would have opposed
the idea of Manifest
   Manifest Destiny I- $800

What did the Mexican
 government encourage in
 Texas in the late 1820s and
 early 1830s
   Manifest Destiny I- $1000

The Webster-Ashburton treaty
 settled this dispute between
 the lumberjacks of Maine
 and Canada
 Manifest Destiny Deux - $200

Congressman Abraham Lincoln
 supported a proposition to find the
 exact spot where American troops
 were fired upon, suspecting that
 they had illegally crossed into
 Mexican territory.
    Manifest Destiny Deux - $400
•   Anglo-Saxon racial superiority justified
    American absorption of inferior peoples
    and their lands
•   new lands would extend the domain of
    free government and free enterprise
•   the will of God
•   America had a specially ordained mission
    in the world
  Manifest Destiny Deux - $600
• Pay $15 million to Mexico
• Set the Texas boundary at the Rio
• Yield California to the United States
• Yield New Mexico to the United
 Manifest Destiny Deux - $800

Opposition in Congress to
 adding slave states
 delayed the annexing of
 this territory
    Manifest Destiny Deux - $1000
The territory comprised what are now the states of
 Oregon and Washington, and portions of what
 became British Columbia, Canada. This land was
 claimed by both the U.S. and Britain and was held
 jointly under the Convention of 1818
   Manifest Destiny III - $200
After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
 was signed, the U.S. realized that it had
 accidentally left portions of the
 southwestern stagecoach routes to
 California as part of Mexico and
 needed a southern route around the
   Manifest Destiny III - $400

This was the nickname of the
 Texas Republic and as a
 result it only had one star on
 it’s flag
   Manifest Destiny III - $600

Founder and editor of the New York
 Tribune. He popularized the saying
 "Go west, young man." He said
 that people who were struggling in
 the East could make the fortunes
 by going west.
   Manifest Destiny III - $800

President Polk dispatched this
   Louisiana lawyer, to Mexico City
   in the fall of 1845. His
   assignment was to negotiate the
   following the purchase of
   California at any price
  Manifest Destiny III - $1000

This was the area of the Oregon
 Territory subject to dispute with
 Great Britain. The proponents of
 this slogan wanted for the US to
 have this territory or else go to war
 (it is named for the parallel)
  Reconstruction Again - $200

Lincoln’s plan provided for the
  restoration of the loyal
  governments for the erstwhile
  Confederate states now under
  Union control was known as
  Reconstruction Again - $400

Violating this act cause
 Andrew Johnson to be
 impeached and came within
 one vote of being removed
 from office
  Reconstruction Again - $600

In the early years of
   reconstruction, an important
   function of the _________ was
   for the protection of the
   economic rights of former
  Reconstruction Again - $800

This refers to the proposal
  to make freed slaves
  small-scale farmers but
  the promise was never
  Reconstruction Again - $1000
When this piece of legislation was
  passed it meant that congress
  rather than the President would
  determine Reconstruction policies
  and it was the first major
  legislation that became law over a
  presidential veto
    Review Questions - $200

This set a boundary along the
  crest of the Appalachians
  beyond which the English
  colonists were forbidden to
       Review Questions - $400

In response to the Alien and Sedition Acts
   these took the position that the
   authority of state governments
   included the power to decide whether
   or not an act of Congress was
   Review Questions - $600

This was Jefferson’s hope to
  preserve an agricultural
  society by making abundant
  lands available to future
   Review Questions - $800

In his Essay, Resistance to
   Civil Government, Henry
   David Thoreau claimed that
   an individual should
  Review Questions - $1000

This event was significant
  because it issued a
  historic declaration of
  women’s rights
         Misc. - $200

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel
  which brought home the
  evils of slavery to many in
  the North was
        Misc. - $400

This court case ruled that a
  slave was private
  property even in a free
          Misc. - $600

After this event in 1831
  Southern states made it
  increasingly difficult for
  masters to free their slaves
      Misc. - $800

Charles Sumner and
 Thaddeus Stevens were
 leaders of these
        Misc. - $1000

Many southern states passed
 these to control movement
 and provide a stable
 workforce for the

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