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					 No. 6                                                                                             April 2011

                      St. Mary School, Choir and Orchestra Program

                                 “This is what god asks of you: only this, to act justly, to love
                                        tenderly and to walk humbly with your God.”
                                                               ~ Micah 6:8

                            A Catholic school is a school for all and as such, it is characterized
              by a commitment to justice and equality. Our acts of compassion and our work for
          justice define who we are as followers of Jesus. We are challenged as human beings
and as people of God, the Church, to work towards justice for all those who are poor,
marginalized and in need, particularly those in our own midst.

        We continue to journey through the last few weeks of Lent and then into Holy Week
towards Easter at the end of April. As we journey, we will continue to use this as a time for us to
reflect and ponder what we have learned about ourselves and our relationship with God. Our
school community has been reviewing prayer, fasting and almsgiving as the main components of
Lent that we are called to participate in. Our main Lenten project with regards to almsgiving has
been the Holy Childhood Association. This association is part of the Pontifical Mission Society
and allows our children to live out their missionary vocation by supporting other children in the
world who are less fortunate, through prayer and monetary donations. We thank you in advance
for your generous contributions and are hoping to have all donation boxes returned immediately
after Easter.

                 God bless,

                 Ginette Marrinan

                         Celebrating Our Catholicity
                                                                             parents in our school and at the
                                                                             events throughout the week.
“Spirit” Award Winner,
Antonina Stoiber
Congratulations to Antonina                                                  Holy Childhood Collection
Stoiber in Gr. 7, this year‘s winner                                         Boxes - Please return
of the ―Celebrating the Spirit‖                                              Just a reminder to students that
Award of Excellence. Each year,                                              the Holy Childhood collection
a student from each school is                                                boxes and money should be sent
chosen to receive this award.                                                into school after Easter. Thank
The award recognizes a Catholic                                              you to families for supporting your
student who exemplifies the                                                  children in this special Lenten
qualities contained in the Ontario                                           journey, helping children in need
Catholic Graduate Expectations.                                              through Holy Childhood.
Antonina will receive her award
during Catholic Education Week.
                                                                             Attendance at
                                                                             Liturgies and
                                       Catholic Education Week               Performances
                                        “Celebrating the Spirit”             Thank you to all our families for
                                            May 1 – 6, 2011                  your continued support in having
                                       Catholic Education Week in            students present and on time at
                                       Ontario schools is an annual          our liturgies and performances.
                                       celebration of our faith and          The school‘s deep commitment to
                                       student learning.                     the teaching of liturgical music
                                       We look forward to seeing many        has been a core mandate of the
 6 NEWSLETTER              April 2011

program since 1967 and will             your families sacrifice in order that   Thank you for helping your child
continue to be a focus of the           our students are present at these       with the busy school schedule and
music program. We are greatly           important events throughout the         with keeping up with uniform
appreciative of all that you and        school year.                            requirements.

                         What’s happening at St. Mary’s?

“WILLY WONKA JR.”                       thank you to our School Council         families will also be required for
                                        for covering the cost of Chess          the aftercare. We are awaiting
       April 5 to 7, 2011
                                        lessons, as well as the cost of         confirmation of when the asphalt
     Wolf Performance Hall
                                        registration for our students to        in the designated area will be
    Central Library (Galleria)
                                        participate!                            removed and once that is
                                                                                determined, a planting date will be

                                        Jr. Hockey
Tickets are still available for                                                 At this time, we wish to
evening performances on                 St. Mary‘s played in the
                                        elementary hockey tournament            acknowledge Reforest London
Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday,                                                 and the Walter J. Blackburn
April 6, 2011. Tickets are              recently with student‘s from grade
                                        5 and 6. The team finished with a       Foundation for their generous
available at the door each night.                                               contributions to this project.
Thursday, April 7th is SOLD OUT!        record of 4 wins and 0 losses to
Let‘s sell out this production!         finish first as division champions.
                                        The boys and girls on the team
                                        learned a great deal about
                                        sportsmanship, comradery, and
                                        strong competition. We look
                                        forward to another strong showing
                                        next year.
Chess                                   Mr. Chiras is appreciative of all
                                        the support, especially to Mr. John
The Grade 5, 6 and 7 students of
St. Mary‘s participated in the
                                        Butters and Mr. Eric Marrinan for       St. Mary Choir &
                                        their help on the bench. A special
―Grade by Grade Chess                   thanks also goes out to my grade        Orchestra School
Tournament‖ at the Western              8 volunteers, Tina Flaherty and
Fairgrounds on Thursday, March          Michael Ricciuto for their
                                                                                Earth Week Events
31. Congratulations to the              refereeing. Thank-you boys and
following students who advanced         girls for all your hard work and        Monday, April 18th
to the playoffs:                        let‘s hope for a repeat                 . Tupperware Challenge Begins—
                                        performance next year.                  Continues all week!
Grade 5                                                      Mr. Steve Chiras
Claire L.                                                                       Tuesday, April 19
Zoe M.                                                                          . Yard Clean Up
Diana Q.                                      ST. MARY CHOIR
Julia S. (2nd overall)                                                          Wednesday, April 20th
Elyse S.                                          GARDEN
                                                                                 . Launch of
Simon V.                                                                        ―Bag2School‖ Fundraiser
Vincent V.                              We are pleased to announce that
                                        the Board of Directors at Reforest
                                                                                Thursday, April 21st
Grade 6                                 London has formally approved our
                                                                                . Earth Week Spirit Day (Green &
Nathan D.                               project proposal for the Choir
                                                                                Earthy Colours)
D‘Arcy P.                               Garden. Reforest London will
                                        arrange for the site preparation,
                                                                                Participating in Lights Out Canada
Grade 7                                 delivery of trees and shrubs, and
                                                                                (Lights Out Canada
Laura A. (4th overall)                  professional placement of the
                                                                                ( is an
Justin G.                               trees according to the landscape
                                                                                annual event during which schools
Helen L. (5th overall)                  plan.
                                                                                turn out their lights and spend the day
Brytni R. (2nd overall)                                                         following lesson plans about climate
Josh R.                                 Each and every one of our               change and how youth can be agents
Steven T.                               students will be involved in the        of change)
Megan V.                                planting process. Parents will be
                                        welcome to help supervise the           Friday, April 22nd:
Thank you to Mrs. Sworik for            planting, but we want the children      . Earth Day—also Good Friday
arranging for our students to           to do the majority of the work.
participate in this event. A special    Assistance from students and
 6 NEWSLETTER              April 2011

Please take part in Green               3:30 p.m. Divine Mercy Sunday        May 17 – Final String Concert at
activities with your families                                                St. Justin‘s Church 7:00 p.m.
                                        May 7 – Gr. 7‘s at Kings‘ College,
                                        Bessie Labatt Hall 7:00 p.m.         June 15 – Final Vocal Concert at
Upcoming Events:                        Canadian Peace and                   St. Peter‘s Cathedral 7:00 p.m.
May 1 – Gr. 8‗s at St. Mary Church

                                   Parent Information
Get ready for our                        going home with further info!         If you child needs a larger kilt,
biggest and most                         We will be asking for a themed        sweater or grey pant we may
                                         item or a $5 donation (we will        have a size to fit. Please call
exciting event of the                    shop for you!). These baskets         the school and have a look!
year -                                   are a fun tradition and are
                                         always popular bid items at the
St. Mary’s Dinner/                                                             School Council
 Dance/Auction                                                                 Meeting
                                                                               April 20, 7:00 p.m. in the
                                         Donations Needed: If you are
                                         able to donate an auction item,
                                         please send it into the school.
                                         Please indicate the donor and
                                         the value. Any new items and
                                         gift certificates are greatly
This year‘s theme is                     appreciated. Request letters          Ways and Means
“We’re Seeing                            and thank you letters are
                                         available in the office.
Green!” Get into the spirit                                                    April 19, 7:00 p.m. in the
by dressing up in something              Please Note: we will gladly           Library
green (be creative) and join us          accept payments at the silent
for a delicious buffet dinner,           auction in cash or by cheque
bid on the many unique auction           (unfortunately we cannot
items, dance to some great               process credit or debit cards).
music . . .                              LOOKING FORWARD TO
                                         SEEING YOU THERE!
Date is Saturday, April 30,                          Your Ways & Means
6:30 p.m. – midnight                                           Committee
Holy Family Church Hall, 777
Valetta St, London (Oakridge)
Order your tickets today!                St. Mary School
The Early Bird Draw will take                                                  Grade 8 Graduation
place on Wednesday, April                Uniform                               Tuesday, June 28, 2011
13th                                     Reminders                             We are looking for a Grade 7
(you could win 4 front row                                                     parent (or parents) who would
seats to the final Spring                1. As of April 1, girls will once     like to help head up this year‘s
concert – priceless!)                    again wear navy knee socks.           graduation committee. Please
                                         Tights are to be put away.            call the school at 675-4423.
Tickets: Ticket orders went
home in late March. Send in              2. Kilt Length                        This committee will begin its
your completed order form or             All kilts must be knee length.        work in mid-April.
call the school at 519-675-4423          Skirts that are shorter than this
for tickets ($25 each). If you           will need to be lengthened or
chose not to pay the                     replaced.                                Graduation Photos –
fundraising flat fee, we are             The school may have a few
asking that you either purchase          used kilts and sweaters for sale
                                                                                      April 15th
tickets or make a donation to            in September.
support our fundraising efforts.
 Monies raised are used to               Uniform Upkeep
repair and replace string                Parents, please assist your           Magazine Fundraiser
instruments which is the                 children in having all uniform
school‘s largest expenditure             pieces cleaned and available          Reminder
each year.                               for the many upcoming
                                         concerts, liturgies and               QSP magazine orders can be
Class Baskets: Each child will           performances. Thank you.              accessed online @
be contributing to a special                                          Our school
theme class basket to be                 Gently Used Uniforms now              group # is 6979. Renewals can
auctioned off. Notes will be             available                             be made throughout the year
                                                                               on their website. Magazines
 6 NEWSLETTER           April, 2010

make great gifts – Easter,
Mother‘s Day, Father‘s Day!
If you have any questions
regarding your magazine order,
the contact number is:
6 NEWSLETTER   April, 2010

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