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									      To Celebrate our 15th anniversary we have reduced our rates
                            by 15% for 2011

BOOKING FORM 2011 for 1st-3rd time visitors
(contact us if you are a previous guest)

To make your booking please print and complete the form below and return it to us, either with your deposit /cheque of 50% of your holiday or credit card
details to: Peter Morey-Weale, Peyraille, Libaros 65330, FRANCE (Please make cheques payable to : Peter Morey-Weale) Our terms are that the balance
of payment for the period booked must be sent to us 2 weeks prior to arrival. For last minute bookings, full payment for the period booked must be made on
Please note that no booking can be made or accommodation offered without completing this form. This is a legally binding contract
between yourselves and Peter Morey-Weale trading as French Connection Swinging Holidays registered with the Tarbes chamber of
Commerce No SIRET 422 038 992 00026 and by filling in this form you are entering into a legally binding contract. Note : All
information given will be treated in the strictest confidence and is for administrative use only.

  Name and address of person booking on behalf of a couple (another form is required for a second couple)

 Full name……………………………………………Partner’s name………………………………………………

Age bracket 20-30 / 30-40 / 40-50 / 50-60.
(regrettably for health & safety reasons our holidays are unsuitable for the over 65’s and we cannot accept your booking if you or your
partner are over this age)


Town/City……………………………………Postcode…………………………… Country……………..Tel…………………………………


Arrival date ……/……./……..                            Departure date……./……/……….. Number of nights booked 7 / 10 /14 …other……..

We found out about French Connection Swinging Holidays via…………………………………………………………

  I and my spouse / partner /members of my party are over 18 years of age and we have carefully read, understood and accept the Terms            &
   Conditions of booking relating                to French Connection, including the warning regarding publishing or writing any article involving the private
   lives of any individual at Peyraille. * Please note Identification documents (passport) will be asked for to verify your booking details . This assures as
   much as possible the integrity of guests. Please submit these immediately upon arrival. Your details / identity will never be passed on to a third party
   unless you default in payment!

 Signed …………………………               Date…../… /… I enclose a cheque / have transferred funds for the value of
50% of my holiday as a non-refundable deposit to book my holiday at Peyraille.

  I wish to pay by Credit Card. I hereby authorise Peter Morey-Weale to debit my ACCESS / MASTERCARD /
   VISA * card 50% of the cost of my booked holiday £.........................

Name :     ...................................................................................... (as   it appears on the card)

       Expiry date 3 digit
Card number

If you wish to pay by card, please note that your card will be debited from our euro prices, which due to exchange rates will be different from our sterling
prices; please note your card billing will be different; If you wish to pay the precise amount as indicated on this form please pay by cheque or bank transfer.
(strongly recommended)

Our prices are based on 3 types of accommodation and season and are based on a room per couple basis. Our rooms are 2-4 times the size
of a standard double bedroom. Please tick which apartment you wish to book. We recommend tall people reserve Types A or B rooms as
Type C rooms have some low beams.

Type A -Barn apartments are equipped with fridges, separate entry and are approximately 35 sq meters; (approx 370sq ft -some
have balconies and all look onto the courtyard and pool area.)
Type B – House rooms, large 32 sq meters (approx 340 sq ft) but no fridges. Views of garden/fields/courtyard area.
Type C – Smaller rooms on second floor.26 sq meters (approx 288 sq ft) & 37 sq meters. No fridges. Low beams so warning – care
All rooms have en suite/own bathrooms, double beds and a minimum size of 26 sq meters (over 260 sq ft - large by UK standards)

LOW SEASON PRICES MAY ,SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2 nights £350; 3 nights £440; 4 nights £525; 5 nights £612; 6 nights
£699; 7 nights £746

MID SEASON PRICES JUNE – 14th JULY                                             HIGH SEASON PRICES 14th JULY – 31 AUGUST
Type A was £1248 NOW £1060 per week (7 nights) Type A was £1350 NOW £1147 per week(7 nights)                                 
Type B was £1110 NOW £943 per weekType B was £1200 NOW £1020                                                            
Type C was £1017 NOW £864 per week                      Type C was                £1110 NOW £943                             
XMAS & NEW YEAR PRICES: any 4 nights £800
7 nights with one feastday either 25/12 or 31/12 £1000
7 nights with both feastdays                     £1200

Previous guests receive discounts from 10-25% from full 2010 prices at our discretion. Please ask for a different booking form with our
discounted prices.
Please note that short visits in mid or high season are sometimes possible and will be billed at the pro – rata season rate per room +30%
per day (min 3 nights) Where your stay spans 2 seasons you will be billed pro-rata

We are a smoking couple and agree to abide by your rules (and French Law) about smoking 
We are a non-smoking couple (neither of us smoke) 

There is a special smoking and seating area outside, so that you can relax in the company of others and smoke, you may smoke on barn
balconies, Pool area, and of course, outside. Do please dispose of fag ends thoughtfully.

We require a vegetarian or special diet and agree to pay the daily supplement of £4.00 which covers the cost of one or both of us having
a special diet   
 *Half-board consists of accommodation + full continental breakfast; aperitifs (after 8.00pm) and full evening meal with wine but NOT
  after-dinner drinks. Additional Drinks/ drinks served after dinner are available at reasonable (bar) prices and added to your bill. You
  settle your drinks/extras bill on leaving.
TERMS & CONDITIONS Privacy Warning -In order to protect you, our clients and ourselves. If you or any members of your party print or publish any
material relating to the private lives of ourselves or our guests without permission or consent we will not hesitate to prosecute you under French law Article
33 alinea 2 & 3 and articles 23,29, 32 alinea 2 of the law 29th July 1881 of the French Penal Code, which fully protects the private lives of individuals and
includes our guests. Reciprocal agreements now exist between all EEC countries for enforcement. The maximum penalty for infraction is 75 000 € and a
maximum of 5 years imprisonment for editors. The intellectual copyright of our contracts, brochure, house rules and website is protected by law.

Suitability - Please note French Connection is an adult holiday centre for people who want to have fun, but general rules of courtesy and conduct do apply
so that others may feel relaxed and free and may enjoy their holiday without others spoiling it. This holiday is for balanced, stable couples who are easy
going and not offended by swinging, group sex, or same sex practices There is no guarantee of sex, nor is there a 9-5 romping sex scene, nor is there any
right to demand, coerce or persistently hassle for sexual favours without mutual consent. If others are sleeping, it is only fair that their rest is not disturbed.
Whilst many of us enjoy a drink or three, if your idea of a holiday is getting hopelessly pissed and partying all night to the detriment of other guests then this
holiday is not for you. There is a naturist zone in the courtyard and garden area and also defined smoking zones, so that smokers and non-smokers can
enjoy their holiday. Please ask if there are any uncertain points that require clarification. A list of "house rules" is placed in each room, and a copy is
available in advance, on request. Badly behaved people, people who are rude to us or other guests or who ignore demands to modify their behaviour, will
be asked to leave. In common with all other establishments, we do not tolerate illegal drug taking - offenders will be thrown out. No refund will be made in
any of these circumstances. References from our clients are available on our website. It is our experience that those couples who book 7 night stays
usually have much more sexual fun than those who turn up on a short stay (group dynamics etc). For this reason we have minimum short stays of 3 nights
in high season/2 nights low season. We have been trading for over 15 years and these rules work to ensure harmony and that everybody gets to enjoy their

Booking your Holiday - Please check for availability by telephone / fax. 0033 5 62 99 78 66 , or by email . We will reserve your booking for 14 days to
enable you to send us your deposit and completed booking form. A non refundable deposit of 50% of your holiday is payable on booking. Please send this
with your booking form and we will then confirm your reservation details in writing. The balance is payable 2 weeks before the booked date of arrival at
Peyraille. All deposit payments by UK cheque made payable to Peter Morey-Weale and final payment must be made before arrival for the period booked to
allow cheques to clear. You may now also pay your deposit and final payment by credit card. If so, it will be billed in Euros from our euro price list which
due to exchange rates will be different from the prices indicated here but beware that the card companies pay us less and charge you more. The
most secure and cost effective way is by bank transfer/internet banking. Please ask us for our bank details and mark your transfer with your name so
that we can identify the transfer. Please note that stopping or having cheques bounce is a criminal offence in France. Finally, we have been trading for over
15 years and have an excellent reputation. Directions You will be sent full details of how to find Peyraille and a detailed map will be sent to you by email.
If you use GPS, (Tom-Tom) key in Peyraille, 65330 Libaros. If you use Garmin you will arrive in a field 400m away!!!

Cancellation - Your Liability- Should you have to cancel your holiday, whatever the circumstances, you will be liable for costs as follows 8-12 weeks
before your arrival - loss of your deposit; 4-8 weeks before date of arrival – 75% of full cost of period booked; within 4 weeks of date of arrival – full cost of
period booked. If you curtail your visit, we cannot reimburse you. Please note these are normal European booking conditions.These costs are
recoverable via your personal travel insurance, provided cancellation is unavoidable, and covered by your policy. In all events and without exception, the
period booked must be paid for in advance, therefore please be insured. We will provide your insurers with a discrete statement about your holiday
cancellation should you have to cancel for unavoidable circumstances which would normally be reimbursed by your insurers. If you have to cancel, do so
by recorded delivery as well as email otherwise we will not recognise the cancellation and you may be liable for your entire holiday costs.Insurance We
strongly recommend that all clients should take out travel insurance against cancellation, illness and accident to avoid and secure the above. We have
had clients with medical emergencies (fortunately not sexual!) so please make sure you and your partner are insured so in the event of cancellation,
accident or loss, your company can reimburse you as we will not.

Arrival & Departure Guests are requested to arrive after 5pm and to vacate rooms by 11.30am, unless by special arrangement. We reserve the right to
charge you for ½ day if your room is occupied after this time. Please call us to advise estimated time of arrival or if you are going to be late as we need to
organise catering and an estimated time of arrival will be greatly appreciated. We cannot guarantee food if you arrive very late and have not warned
us.Other Matters - our rules are for your safety, consideration and enjoyment of your stay, and the enjoyment of others staying here

           i.Booking, payment and cancellation details are as indicated. Should the holiday be withdrawn by us for reasons beyond our control, all
             payments received will be refunded without question. We have been trading for over 13 years and are properly and legally declared. Prices are
             not negotiable. Should you book less than 1 week in high season rates are pro-rata +30%, subject to availability and our discretion as we
             usually only accept weekly bookings minimum during the high season.

           ii.Accommodation includes bedding, linen and towels but excludes towels or sunbed cushions for sunbathing/pool use/ or use in the Pleasure
              Area. This is because some sun creams stain the towels, people “leak” etc etc so please use your own towels for the pool/ sunbathing/Jacuzzi.
              For health and safety reasons we do not supply towels for use in the sex area – please use the disposable tissues provided and do NOT use
              our towels as substitutes for wiping after or during sexual activity – we cannot guarantee the sterility of towels. Safe sex and hygiene issues are

          iii.The client is responsible for any breakage, damage or loss to the property or it's contents at replacement value, incurred by the client or his/her
              partner. The client is also responsible for paying for extra items not included in the holiday, and for returning items borrowed or lent.

          iv.Please let us know dietary requirements, food hates or allergies, well in advance., otherwise we cannot cater for these diets at short notice. A
             charge per meal will be made for special diets. We will try our best but sometimes it isn’t possible to cater for everyone’s dietary needs.

           v.Please let us know in advance, before midday, if you intend eating out, or wish to stay out late. Please return quietly- others need sleep! We
             expect people to have fun but respect other couple’s right to rest and sleep.

          vi.Laundry will be washed / ironed by arrangement with Manuela. A charge will be made. Otherwise there is a coin-laundry service in the next

       vii.We cannot allow people to send & receive emails, or use our computers - internet cafes exist locally in Lannemezan. There is no wi-fi service.
viii.Whilst we understand our commitment as hosts, and thoroughly enjoy entertaining etc, we are not, and do not          wish to be treated like hotel
      staff! In order to ensure the quality of our guests, people who are persistently rude or ill mannered will be asked to leave - no refund will be
      made in these circumstances. Use of our bodies is not included in the price of your holiday, but subject to careful negotiation!!!!! Guests who
      are gentle, considerate and kind are treated likewise.

 ix.For security reasons, on arrival you will be asked to produce your passports to verify details on your booking form. Please do not take offence -
      this is to protect guests and ourselves from false couples, journalists etc and guarantees the integrity and trust of others. Please submit your
      passports immediately on arrival as well as balance of payment if this is due. Photography - please ask permission before photographing
      others. If you take photographs of other people, expect to be photographed as well. Anybody found taking undercover or clandestine photos,
      videos or recordings will be immediately thrown out and no refund given. Publication or intention of publication of private matters is a criminal
      offence. We have been assured by the Procureur Public that offences committed including default of payment (stopped or bounced cheques).
      will be enforced by International Agreement.

    x.Tours of the mountains and other excursions are charged as extras. However we have maps available and many recommendations for varied
      and interesting excursions in all weathers.

 xi.We do not serve lunch and the hours the kitchen is open are limited. Drinks are available at bar prices during certain times. The consumption
      of alcohol purchased off the premises is restricted strictly to your room only. Please DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

   xii.Our son is sometimes on the premises in the family quarters of our home but is usually off premises for a large part of the time. At certain
       times, usually in the early evening for a couple of hours therefore, care must be taken to ensure he does not see or hear sexual acts or
       conversation, in common with other naturist and libertine campsites/hotels. He is accustomed and used to seeing people naked. For this
       reason, and out of respect for workers in the nearby fields, and also beginners, we have rules about where sexual acts can take place.
       (bedrooms, pleasure zone & relaxation centre) However we have over 1000ft² /100m² of communal sex play area., well equipped with special
       chairs and mattresses, erotic art, home cinema, wine rack, music, sculptures and bathroom facilities.

xiii.On certain Saturday nights we organize parties for ourselves and our guests (in that order) whereby we invite local couples plus certain
      selected single men (suitably qualified!). All “invitees” agree to our rules, and their participation is restricted to communal areas and they leave
      as and when the party is over. There is absolutely no obligation for you to take part and they are there for our, and your entertainment. Yes, we
      like to have fun too!! We also have theme parties usually July/August. These are our parties, to which you are cordially invited. If the theme
      doesn’t suit you, don’t join in! Please check with us to see when parties are organized.

  xiv.Our English and English speaking guests usually are excellent at communicating with other nationalities, with dictionaries, phrases, hands
      and….bodies!. Please be patient and understanding with French guests who may not have had the benefit of listening to English radio and TV
      or travel experience outside France and have been led to believe that French is the International language of the world/universe. Please also
      be aware that you are representative of your country!

   xv.Smoking areas are the yard,and barn balconies. The House, all rooms, Pleasure Zone and Relaxation Zone, Dinning table are Non-smoking
      areas. We do not allow people to hang their heads out of the windows of non-smoking rooms and smoke! These restrictions are now French

  xvi. We now allocate rooms to those that book the rooms options, or those that have special needs.(physical disadvantage). Or those that have
      chosen the price options for rooms on the first page. Please note upgrading or Moving rooms will incur increases in your bill. People who are
      tall are recommended to book either barn apartments A or larger house rooms B.

xvii.Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information in the French Connection leaflet is as accurate as possible, there may be instances
      where facilities or features described have to be altered or withdrawn or may no longer be available. If you have any queries or questions,
      please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer them

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