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					                                 CURRICULAM VIATE



1.   Software Development in Assembly Language of ST7 Series. (ST 72264,flite10).
2.   Software development in ‘Embedeed’ Using 89c51rd2
3.   Developing OPTICAL RS232 Protocols
4.   Having fair knowledge of Intel 8085/8086, C, and C++.
5.   Calibration & testing of multifunction meters.
6.   Circuit Designing, Interfacing with Micro controllers and Personal Computer.
7.   PCB Designing using Protel Layout.


B.E. (Electronics & Control)

Four Year Engineering course from YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad,
Haryana with specialization in Electronics and control.


1. Working with M/s BBS Electronics Pte Ltd.. As Design Engineer since May 2004.
      BBS group is in the field of Distributor and having its own design center in
   Delhi and head office in Singapore. It has Principals like Analog Devices, ST
   Micro, Intercil, Avx, Epson are major and many more. Turn over of the group is
   Approx. 400 million US$ per annum

Job Responsibility

a)   Taking care of Power and Energy meters Customers
b)   Design the customize software. For Metering customers
c)   To give training to customers on software part.
d)   To make prototype software for customers evaluation..
e)   Development of Jigs, Fixtures..
f)   Provide technical support through phone services, field services and on-site services.
g)   Conduct product technical training to customers.

2. Worked with M/s Elektron Energy Equipment Pvt. Ltd. As Senior Engineer in
R&D from July 1998 to MAY 2004. On the following major projects.
Job Responsibility

   a)   Finalize the existing order to production.
   b)   Development of process for the streamlining and enhancing production.
   c)   Planning of Production cycles.
   d)   Control and maintenance of pneumatic, electric equipment’s.
   e)   Automating the processes.
   f)   Reduce the existing BOM value.
   g)   Update the design as per board requirements.
   h)   Make sample of LCD meters as per requirement.


Single Phase Multifunction Meter
This is a security type energy meter, which gives energy consumed by the user and
displayed different parameters required by Electricity Boards like Voltage, Current,
Power factor etc. It save the 12 month billing parameters in it flash and can be download
through an Optical port or by any Standard communication module like RS232/Modem.

PCB Designing of Single Phase Multifunction meter.
Software Development for Multifunction Meter in Assembly Language based on ST7
Series using ST72264.Microcontroller.
Hardware Designing related to micro controller and interfacing with computer.

THREE PHASE Bivector/Trivector Multifunction Meter
This is a security type energy meter, which gives the tempering information and upgrades
its information every second. In this meter an optical port is provide to transmit the
information. This meter also provide you phase wise information of voltage, current,
active energy, reactive energy, frequency, and stores the last one year data with respect to
time and displays all these information on LCD.

PCB Designing of Multifunction meter.Software Development for Bivector/Trivector
Multifunction Meter in ‘C’ Language based on 89c51rd2.Microcontroller.
Hardware Designing related to micro controller and interfacing with computer

This is a measuring instrument, which gives the information about the load applied. It
gives the average power factor of the load applied on all three phase. A switch is
provided to see phase vise power factor.You can see the status on LCD module.
Hardware Development for power factor meter.
Software Development for power factor meter in Assembly Language using 89c2051
micro controller (MCS-51 series)

These meter displays the energy consumed on LCD and also stores into computer
through RS232 port with proper isolation. This meter avoids the tempering of total
energy consumed, as the same energy is stores into flash and can be display on computer
through RS232 port.
Hardware and Software Development in Assembly Language (MCS-51 series)
And it’s interfacing with the computer through RS232 and PCB designing.

This project involves design a PC card for receiving signal from meter and checks their
accuracy as per board requirement. This project checks thirty meters simultaneously and
displays their last three reading on computer screen. Those meters which are not good
displays their reading in red color and good meters reading are displays in green color.
Develop the software in System Assembly language (8086).
Design the PC card and its interfacing with meters

3. Worked with M/s Yogasa System Pvt. Ltd. As Engineer in R&D from June 1996 to
   June 1997.


This project control the speed, direction and steps of the motor. In this project motor can
revolve from 100rpm to 1rpm in both the direction either clockwise or anticlockwise
Develop the software using micro controller 89c51.
Design the PCB and hardware interfacing with micro controller

Drill Machine Controller
This project involves two-stepper motor controller but computer controls them.
In this project the speed and direction are given through keyboard and motors ape
connected through printer port.
Develop the software in ‘C’ language and its interfacing with the motors through
Printer port.


Father's Name                 :       Sh. S.P.Aggarwal
Date of Birth    :   March 31,1977

Marital Status   :   Married

Gender           :   Male

Salary Drawn     :   4.0 lack/annum


Place:                      (Surender Aggarwal)