Horsemanship Top Black and natural base with detail and crystals

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					Horsemanship Top
Black and natural base with detail and crystals. Can be worn in or out,
suitable for all riding classes or showmanship at the smaller shows. Top
does show some wear, but is a quality made item.
Ladies Extra Small/Small

Hobby Horse Pleasure Shirt
Green base fabric shot through with goldenrod window pane
pattern. A classic Hobby Horse item!
Ladies Large

Black Rail Shirt
Black base fabric with sheer sleeves.
Custom crystal design on collar and cuffs.
Crystals on zipper as well. New and never worn.
Ladies Large
#168 Rod’s Western Palace Rail Shirt
Lavender shimmery rail shirt with crystals on cuffs and collar.
Ladies Small

Mulit Color Stripe
Interesting multi colored rail shirt. Bold colors will get you noticed!
Ladies Medium

Rod’s Western Palace Rail Shirt
Maroon fabric with sheen. Has small crystal detail on
collar and upper arm.
Ladies Small

Pink TLC Shirt
Pink rail shirt made by TLC. Cute embroidery and crystal design on
shoulders and sleeves.
Ladies Large

Chocolate Brown Rail Shirt
Basic brown rail shirt blank with French cuffs is ready for you
custom bling to be added.
Ladies Medium
Multi Colored Jewel Tones
This jewel toned shirt is made from a wonderful flowing and
shimmery fabric.
Ladies size 10

Stars and Stripes
Red striped shirt with custom stars and crystal detail.
Ladies size 12

Black Rail shirt with crystals
Black semi-sheer rail shirt with crystal detail on collar. Wear under a vest
or alone for a classic look.
Ladies Large

Black and Jewel Block Shirt
Black base with jewel toned color block design. Shirt is 100% silk
for a soft flowing look..
Ladies Large

#182 Pink Hobby Horse Shirt
Pink sparkle with crystals on collar and cuffs.
Ladies Large
#183 Black 1849 Shirt
Black sparkle with crystals on collar and cuffs.
Ladies X-Small

Vintage Hobby Horse
Multi colored paisley with custom
Ladies Medium

Orange Crystal Shirt
Orange and light blue shirt with
matching crystals. Would look wonderful
on a red roan!
Ladies 38

Smokey Grey Shirt
Sheer smokey grey with matching crystals.
Ladies 4
Dark Gold Shirt
Wonderful flowing material, would look
great with many colors!
Ladies Medium

Classic Earthtones Shirt
Great summer shirt, lightweight in
classic colors.
Ladies Medium

Coral Suede Shirt
Cute shirt with tooling design.
Ladies Small

White and Black Shirt
Simple design that will let your
performance do the talking!
Ladies Large
Funky Retro Shirt
Black, red and tan retro design.
Ready to bling!
Ladies Large

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