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Online Payment Processing
      The Power to Sell Online

What is E-Commerce ?
  E-Commerce is a payment gateway which provides the interface
  between your web site, the credit card processor and your bank.
  When a customer makes a purchase on your web site using their
  credit card, the payment gateway (after authorization) settles the
  amount directly to your RBC bank account.

Why Consider E-Commerce ?

   The Internet allows merchants to offer their products and services
   internationally where previous marketing and distribution channels
   were cost prohibitive.
   Online merchants are available for business 365 days a year, 24
   hours a day, but without the associated overhead costs.
   Potential reduction in administrative costs associated with brick and
   mortar businesses as some in-store traffic is moved to the virtual
   Increased convenience for customers who do not have the time or
   ability to come into a physical store.
   All of the above can positively affect your bottom line.

Requirements for eCommerce

  1. Merchant Account        RBC
  2. Web Site                You
  3. Payment Gateway         Plug ‘n Pay

Key Features
The most user friendly integration process.
A seamless “plug-in” technology allows for the easiest possible set-up.
There is no software to place on your server.
All payment software resides on Plug ‘n Pay’s transaction-dedicated
payment servers which are engineered for dependability and security.

How Transactions are Processed
 The customer goes to your site and selects some product using shopping cart or
 order form.
 The customer proceeds to a secure billing page to pay for their order.
 The customer enters their billing &/or shipping information.
 The customer verifies and submits their information for authorization.
 Several verifications are done on the data to check for missing information, data
 validity, fraudulent use of a credit card, etc. Some of these checks may reject the
 order prior to being submitted to the merchant processor for verification.
 If everything works thus far, the information is securely sent for approval (e.g.
 approved, declined, fraud, etc.) A response is sent back to the customer making the
 Providing the order passes all verification tests, the transaction is put into the
 assemble batch area and waits to be batched.
 The customer is generally directed to a response page, e.g. thank you, card was
 declined, etc.
 Both you and the customer are then sent confirmation email messages.
 This ends the customer’s part. Please note that the order was authenticated but it is
 only on hold for the dollar amount. A batch must be assembled and committed to
 actually finalize the order and send the money to your RBC account.

The Basic Package includes:
 Recognized Card Acceptance
 Easy Cart Shopping Wizard
 Multiple API’s
 Real Time Web Based Administration & Reporting
 Virtual Terminal
 Fraud Protection and much more.

Card Acceptance
Web Commerce allows merchants to accept on-line payments from
customers using the most popular credit cards.

Easy Cart Shopping Cart

 Powerful tool, yet easy to implement.
 Handles every phase of online purchasing and is compatible with all
 web servers.
 Allows you to have multiple order forms & products, without the need
 to host the application on your website.
 No scripting ability is required to use this service.
 All you host is your website’s order form web pages.

Multiple API’s
You can extend the usage of the payment gateway with your 3rd-party
or in-house designed store front or shopping cart systems by using
the following API’s:
   Perl Module
   Java API/Servlet
   Cold Fusion CFX DLL
   Cold Fusion CF tag

Real Time Web Based Administration & Reporting
 24-hour access to all account information.
 All reports provide an accurate real-time reflection of account activity.
 Can sort and graph data in many ways including date, credit card, order
 number, reference number, geographic location, price and customer name.


  Security systems are designed and upgraded in concert with Sun
  Microsystems and RSA Security and are Eyes Only. There have
  been no successful attempts to breach the payment gateway’s
  All credit card numbers are encrypted real-time within the
  database using RSA Crypto-C technology (multiple firewalls).
  128-bit SSL encryption is used to secure data transfers between
  the users (consumers & merchants) and the e-commerce
  You can also set the levels of access your employees can have,
  e.g. allowing some to process sales while only trusted others can
  do credits and returns.

Multi-Currency Capability
 Provides the ability to process transactions in over 58 currencies
 and settle in US dollars.
 Also provides the option of true end multi-currency settlement in
 multiple currencies.

Virtual Terminal

  A virtual terminal is supplied with each gateway account and
  enables you to securely process credit card payments from any
  computer with Internet access without requiring a traditional
  terminal or other special equipment.
  You can review basic transaction information, process voids &
  returns (through automated methods), manually authorize & return
  funds to credit cards, assemble & commit batches (settle
  transactions) and review batches of settled transaction.

Fraud Protection
 A rules-based system which can be customized to limit the types
 of sales that will be accepted.
 Allows you to filters out possible problematic or fraudulent
 transactions via email domain blocking, bounced email
 notification, credit card number frequency check, and many other
 transaction filtering options.
 Significantly reduces the risk associated with credit card fraud due
 to 2 components:
    Internet Protocol (IP) Address frequency check
    FraudTrak Database.

Fraud Protection - Internet Protocol (IP) Address Frequency Check

 Prevents any IP address to access a customer’s secure area
 more than 6 times in any 30 minute period.
 The system routinely collects the IP address of every transaction
 made. If certain addresses are causing problems you may block
 them from transacting on your site.

Fraud Protection - Fraud Track Database
  All card numbers that have been subject to an unauthorized or
  fraudulent use are captured and stored in a database.
  The fraud protection system identifies those card numbers in the
  database prior to the completion of a sale.
  Merchants may also add known fraudulent, stolen or charged back credit
  card numbers to the negative database thereby preventing them from
  being used on any account in the Plug ‘n Pay system.

The Premium Package Includes
 Membership Management Services
 Digital Download
 QuickBooks Interface
 Email Management
 Coupon Management
 Password Management

Membership Management Services
 For membership or subscription-based sites, Plug ’n Pay offers the
 industry’s most dynamic and easy-to-use online tool to manage the
 subscriber base.
 Access is limited to members only, permitting the opening of new
 memberships and termination of lapsed membership.
 Each customer (member), upon successful payment, gains access to
 restricted areas of your site.
 It includes:
    Real-time payment authorizations
    Username and password management
    Password authentication
    Password protection
    Recurring billing
    Installment billing

Digital Download Delivery
Enables the sale and distribution of premium digital content and
services online (including e-books, news & information, financial
reports, research and data, images, music, video and digital, etc.)
in any downloadable file.
Provides the purchaser with access to a unique “vanishing URL”
to complete the download.
After a suitable time period no further access to the files is

QuickBooks Integration
For companies using QuickBooks accounting, this enables the
user to upload transaction details into the application as either
invoices or cash sales receipts

Email Management
 This allows you to define various confirmation templates to send
 pertinent post-transaction emails concerning customer service,
 shipping information, special offers, etc. to the customer, based on
 item, quantity, cost or other demographic information.

Coupon Management
  Used to design and offer different sales promotions, discount
  coupons and gift certificates

 An RBC Account – meet with Corporate Manager
 RBC Risk Assessment – meet with Corporate Manager
 An RBC Merchant Account
 A Website which meets certain specifications including:
    SSLA secured 128 bit
    Secure site certificate verified
    Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy
    Delivery standards
    Contact details
    Display of card association logos
    Privacy Statement

Pricing in USD

                                   DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
Set Up Fee         $500          (Recurring / Installation/Subscription Management

                                Set Up Fee                         $1,000
Annual Fee         -            Annual Fee                         -

Monthly Fee        $50          Monthly Fee                        $50

Monthly Allotted   142          Monthly Allotted                  100
Transactions                    Transactions
Additional         $0.07        Additional                         $0.15
Transactions                    Transactions


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