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									                     TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT

                          NEW MHABALESHWAR
 The Project :
 To develop the region from Mahabaleshwar to Koyna backwaters / Patan as New
 Mahabaleshwar Hill Station. The cost of the project is Rs. 6800.0 million rupees. ( USD 139.0
 million) as per base year 2003. The proposed hill station will be located at 3 hours’ drive from
 Pune airport.

 Project Description :
 Government of Maharashtra has identified the valley comprising of the Sahyadri range as the
 ridge on the western side and the national highway number 4, as the eastern boundary to be
 developed as the Lake District of Maharashtra. The climatic conditions in this region are
 moderate and pleasant throughout the year.

 As a part of the phased development of Western Ghat, which has a plethora of historical places,
 forts and pilgrim centers, MSRDC has initiated the development of the region from
 Mahabaleshwar to Koyna backwaters / Patan as New Mahabaleshwar Hill Station. The region,
 has been identified so as to cover the most beautiful natural scenic locations, important historic
 places and thick green plantations. The climate in the region is pleasant throughout the year with
 the temperature of the area in the range of               15.8 degree centigrade to 31.8 degree
 centigrade.The main advantage of this region is the proximity to metro centers such as Mumbai
 and Pune.

Operating Agency      Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd. (MSRDC)
                      Address : Napean Sea Road, Priyadarshini Park,Mumbai- 400 036
                      Tel :      368 6110, 386 6112, 368 8431 Fax : 3691036, 3684943
                      e-mail :
                      Website :
                      Contact Person : Managing Director, MSRDC

Gestation Period      The project will be implemented in phases over a period of 20 years.

Revenue               The main source of revenue generation will be through sale of land. Other
Generation            sources of revenue generation will be as follows :

                                  Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                        1
                         TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT
                              1. Water source development and augmentation charges. Drainage
                                 connection charges.
                              2. Out right sale of reservation plots/urbanisable lands.
                              3. Road connectivity charges.
                              4. The entry tax for tourists.
                              5. Development charges.
                         The revenue from all sources except from land sale will be utilized by the
                         SPC towards operation and maintenance expenditure, whereas land sale
                         will be the major source of revenue for capital expenditure..

Status      of     the   Pre-Feasibility report is ready and is available with MSRDC.

 Project Benefits
     !     Impetus to the tourism activity in the state.
     !     Generation of additional revenues for the government.
     !     Socio-economic development of Western Ghat of Maharashtra.
     !     Enhancement of the living standards of the people in the region.
     !     Effective use of the land and natural scenic attractions for the purpose of revenue

 Status of Government Clearances needed for Successful implementation of the project :

No        List of Government Clearances needed                                Status
1.        Approval from Government of Maharashtra .                           GR to be passed.
          MSRDC to be declared as the Special Planning Authority
          (SPA) for the project.
2.        Acquisition and allocation of 1500 ha of land to SPA for the        Decision under
          project by GOM.                                                     consideration of Revenue
3.        Permission to SPA for acquisition of balance land and fund          Decision to be taken by
          raising.                                                            Urban Development
4.        Formation of SPC.                                                   Will be done once the GR
                                                                              is issued.

5.        Government guarantee for the funds raised for the project by        To be decided by the
          SPA.                                                                finance ministry, GOM.

 Once the GR is passed by GOM, all the above mentioned things will be taken care of.

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                     TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT
                                       Details of the Project :

The area near Koyna backwaters will be developed as New Mahabaleshwar Hill station. The hill
station will be located at about 3600 sq.ft. (1200 meters) from MSL. The total area proposed for
the hill station is 37263.0 hectar.     The identified area is located between Mumbai-Banglore
National highway no. 4 and Mumbai-Goa National highway number 17. The New Mahabaleshwar
is connected to Mahabaleshwar on north and Patan on south. The area has picturesque view and
back waters. The land scapes are eye catching and the unique feature of this area is presence of
a large number of wind mills on hill tops. Development of eight nodes including a central node
with a theme as per predominant land use pattern has been proposed.
As per a preliminary market survey carried out through discussions with leaders in Tourism
Industry, Architects, Planners and Policy Makers, the entrepreneurs will be interested in investing
in tourist activities once the region is developed. On the basis of the market survey, following
tourist activities are proposed in the region.

    #   “Kas - Blanca” Lake Resort
    #   “Nisarg” Ecotels
    #    “Durva”- 18 hole Golf course
    #   “Tropicana”- Theme Forest
    #   “Upchar-“ Naturopathy and Healing Center
    #   “Laguna” Beach Resort
    #   “Vele” – Theme park
    #   “Na’Qua”- Water Park
    #   “Star city” – Safari/Jungle Eco tourism
    #   “ Vidya”- Educational Enclave
    #   “Victory” – Sports Enclave
    #   “Satfal”- Religious Center
    #   Crafts / Artists’ Village along the spine
    #   Botanical gardens/ Bio tech park
As per traffic studies carried out for the region,the peak tourist traffic at Mahabaleshwar is 25000
per day. On the basis of the survey findings it is estimated that there will be a peak tourist traffic
of 5000 tourist per day at each node. Based on this, the estimated peak tourist traffic will be
40000 per day .

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                      TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT
 Proposed Development Plan

 MSRDC will be declared as Special Planning Authority (SPA) for the project. The SPA will carry
 out basic infrastructure development such as construction of approach roads and provision of
 electricity and water. The area will be developed through formation of a Special Purpose
 Company (SPC), with private and public partnerships. Out of the total proposed delineated area
 of New Mahabaleshwar, an area of around 5300 ha. has been proposed for urbanization. Of this,
 around 1500 ha will be acquired by the government and handed over to SPA free of cost.
 Balance land will be acquired by the SPA. The entire land of 5300 ha will be transferred to the
 SPC by the SPA. The urbanized land will be distributed amongst various nodes for
 commercialization and tourists attractions mentioned above could be developed. The balance
 area will be preserved as natural forest land which could be developed as a natural forest on the
 lines of “Yesomite“ natural forest in California at a later stage.

 Break up of Estimated Project Cost :

                                                                (Rs.Mn)             USD Mn

Preparation of detailed development plan                        120.0               2.5

Cost of land acquisition                                        537.5               11.0

Land development cost                                           2132.5              43.5

Development of roads                                            2238.0              45.6

Water supply schemes                                            200.0               4.1

Development of tourist activities                               250.0               5.1

City and nodal amenities                                        200.0               4.1

Amenities for local habitats                                    170.0               3.5

Contingencies(3% of project cost)                               200.0               4.1

Design,Development cost(2.5% of Project Cost                    170.0               3.5

Marketing/advtg Cost(2% of project cost)                        135.0               2.8

Overheads (5% of project cost)                                  340.0               6.9

Other expenses                                                  90.0                1.8

Total                                                           6780.0 say 6800.0   139.0

                                    Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                      4
Assumptions for land sale :
   Option I : About 20% of the land will be sold on bulk basis with average land price.
   Option II : About 50% of the land will be sold to entrepreneurs without differed payment
   Option III : About 30% of the land will be sold to entrepreneur with differed payment facility.
   Option IV : 20% of the land will be sold on bulk basis and 50% of the total

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The Project : To develop Sindhudurg District as a tourist destination. The estimated
investment in the project is Rs. 2681.0 million( USD 55.0 million).

Project Details :

Maharashtra is well endowed with diverse tourism resources in terms of flat topped
peaks of Western Ghats/Sahyadri,the Konkan Coast, dense forests and natural parks.
The 720 Km long coastal tract of Konkan ,characterized by abundant sunshine and
excellent beaches offers tremendous potential for development of a tourist destination.
The Sindhudurg district is endowed with excellent scenic locations, safe beaches and a
lot of marine life. The tropical climatic conditions enrich the cash crops such as Mangos
and Cashews which is a speciality of this region. With commencement of Konkan
Railway, the district is well connected by road as well as rail. The whole of Sindhudurg
district offers tremendous potential for development of tourism activity in this region.

Operating           Maharashtra Tourism Corporation (MTDC)
Agency              Address :
                    Tel :     091- 022 2023472
                    Fax :     091- 2055-5511446
                    E mail :
                    Contact person : Managing Director
Gestation           The project will be completed in a period of 3 years.
Revenue             The project is expected to earn revenues through sale of developed
Generation          land and through tourist activities.
Status of the       Development stage.

Project Benefits

! Development of an unexploited beach destination having a rich cultural tradition.
! Development of Employment Opportunities for the local population.

Details of the Project :


Sindhudurg is located at 580 km. from Mumbai by road via NH 17. Five sites namely,
Malvan, Vengurla, Swantwadi, Amboli and Mithbav have been identified as nodal points

                                Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                 6
for development. Besides these, five entry points namely, Kharepatan, Kankavali, Kudal,
Sawantwadi and Patradevi have been identified as entry points.

Other Details

Developments at entry point : Developments at entry point include facility for resting,
information, conveyance and communication. Total estimated investment for the
development of entry points will be Rs. 60.0 million (USD 1.2 million).
Development of Nodes:

Following Table gives details of the development of nodes:

Node            Estimated                Other      area          Remarks.
                investment               around node
Malvan          Rs.121.0   mn(USD        Sindhudurg fort,         The Karli river which connects
                1.2 mn)                  Devbaug, Tarkarli        Tarkarli and Devbaug offers
                                         and Haldi.               excellent      opportunities     for
                                                                  development       of      backwater
                                                                  activities. The Malvan node offers
                                                                  excellent      opportunities     for
                                                                  development of luxury resorts and
                                                                  water sports
Vengurla        Rs.              1445    Ubhadanda,               The beach at Ubhadanda offers an
                million.(USD    290.0    Shiroda,                 excellent location for a luxury
                million)                 Mochemad,                resort. The node is full of green
                                         Kochre,    Aravli        vegetation and scenic locations.
                                         and Reddi.
Sawantwadi      Rs.230.0                 Dhamapur,                Sawantwadi is a center of arts and
                million.(USD     45.0    Pingule,   Akeri         krafts in the Konkan region with its
                million)                 and Mangaon              famous wood krafts. This region
                                                                  could be developed as a cultural
                                                                  and heritage city.
Amboli          Rs. 345.0      million   Mandavgarh,              Amboli is a hill station with
                (USD 70.0 million)       Dhamapur                 excellent climatic conditions. The
                                                                  region has a wide range of
                                                                  waterfalls, mountain peaks and
                                                                  scenic locations. The node could
                                                                  be developed as a hill station with
                                                                  modern amenities.
Mithbav         Rs.540.0                 Kunkeshwar,              Kuunkeshwar and Vijaydurg are
                million.(USD     11.0    Vijaydurg fort           historic locations and can be
                million)                                          developed as tourist attractions.

Proposed Implementation Plan

The project will be developed through private sector participation. MTDC will be the
special planning authority for the project. MTDC will acquire the land needed for the
project and will be given to the investor for further development. MTDC may consider
having a stake in the project through land equity.
                               Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                              7
                      TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT

The Project : To convert the warship INS VIKRANT into a maritime museum. The estimated cost
of the project will be Rs. 1200 million (USD 220 million).

Project Description
The Western Naval command has made a proposal to the Government of Maharashtra to convert
the warship INS VIKRANT which was decommissioned on January 31, 1997 into a maritime
museum. The project will be sponsored jointly by Indian Navy and Government of Maharashtra
through Private sector participation.

 Operating Agency           Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
                            Address : Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051
                            Tel :     659001 Fax : 91-022-6591264
                            e-mail :
                            Website :
                            Contact person : Shri Phatak, Executive Director, MMRDA
Gestation Period            The project will become operational within 36 months from financial
Revenue Generation          Tourist Income
Status of the Project       Project to be implemented on BOT basis.
                            Pre-feasibility report has been prepared by Tata Consulting Engineers

Project Benefits :
      !   The warship which is the pride of the nation will be made open to general public through
          conversion into a maritime museum.
      !   INS VIKRANT will become a major tourist attraction for tourists visiting Mumbai.
Status of Government Clearances needed for Successful implementation of the project

No.       List of government clearances needed             Status
1.        Issue of shifting of fishing harbour.            To be resolved
2.        Formation of SPV                                 To be done

Details of the Project :

                                   Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                         8
As per a preliminary feasibility report carried out by Indian Navy, the site off Oyster Rock, has
been considered suitable for grouting of INS-Vikrant. The orientation is proposed along the
direction of tidal stream flow. The orientation and location has been finalized after completion of
the Bathymetric and Seismic survey, geo technical investigation and Hydraulic model studies.

Project Details :

The ship would be converted into a maritime museum. The theme of the museum would be on
development of naval warfare in India with a brief introduction of India’s coastline and its strategic
placement in the Indian Ocean, the Indian Navy with special emphasis on Vikrant.

The large area available on the ship could be put for commercial use such as exhibitions,
seminars, prestigious shows, restaurants etc. The helipad could also be used for commercial

The project envisages construction of 9.5 mt long approach road which would start from the shore
around Colaba Bus Depot and Mumbai port trust’s Botanical Garden. In order to reduce the
project implementation period, it is proposed that the independent activities like conversion of
ship, construction of approach road, jetty and creation of impounded rock to be undertaken

Proposed Implementation Plan

The project would be implemented on BOT basis through formation of SPV with private sector


                                  Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                           9
                        TOURISM AND ENTERTAINMENT
The Project
To develop a convention and exhibition centre at Bandra- Kurla Complex (BKC). The estimated
cost of the project is Rs. 2100 million. excluding the cost of land.

Project Description
Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority( MMRDA), is developing Bandra- Kurla complex as a
new finance and business center of Mumbai. A plot of land admeasuring 7.5 Ha has been earmarked for
development of a world class convention and exhibition center. The convention center will include 15000
sq m. covered AC exhibition space with scope for further expansion, convention facilities of 3000 seats
capacity and meeting halls of varying capacity.

Operating Agency                   Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA)
                                   Address : Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051
                                   Tel :     659001 Fax : 91-022-6591264
                                   e-mail :
                                   Website :
                                   Contact person : Shri Phatak, Executive Director, MMRDA
Target     date              of
Revenue Generation                 1.    Exhibition revenue
                                   2.    Convention hall revenue
                                   3.    Real estate development on the additional land of 16000    which
                                         will be allocated by MMRDA.
                                   4.    Car park Revenue
                                   5.    Banquets and Board rooms
                                   6.    Rentals from shops and offices
                                   7.    Telecom revenue
                                   8.    Rentals from F&B outlets.
Status of the Project              Project to be implemented on BOT basis through formation of SPV. MMRDA has
                                   issued an invitation for Expression of Interest.

Project Benefits

!     A purpose built state of the art convention and exhibition facility at the heart of the city will be able to
      capture a number of exhibitions and conventions which are currently being organized in Delhi.
!     The complex will provide a permanent location for holding exhibitions, conferences similar to that of
      Pragati Maidan in Delhi.
Status of Government Clearances needed for Successful implementation of the project
No.      List of government clearances                 Status
1.       Availability   of        land   for     the   The land will be made available by MMRDA either on lease
                                               Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                             10
       proposed project                    or for a concession period of 20 to 30 years ,at the end of
                                           which the land will be reverted to MMRDA.
2.     Formation of SPV                    After receiving response for EOI document, the further steps
                                           would be taken.

Details of the Project
The plot admeasuring 7.5 ha. Earmarked for the development of a world class Convention cum
Exhibition center located in Bandra-Kurla complex offers an excellent location for a C&EC facility.
BKC is fast emerging as a new Finance and and Business center of Mumbai. The complex
already has offices of leading financial institutions such as National Stock Exchange, ICICI Bank,
Infra structure Leasing and Finance company, NABARD, Citi bank as well as leading business
groups such as Wockhardt Ltd. Setting up of a convention facility at a location nearby to the
office complex and very close from the Mumbai airport, will be a great asset for these business
and financial offices which otherwise have to organise their seminars, training programs at five
star hotels located in South Mumbai. BKC will also have very good staying facilities once the
setting up of five star hotels by Oberoi, Hyatt are complete. The C&EC is also easily accessible
from Mumbai international      airport and also from hotels located near Mumbai International
airport.(Leela Kempinsi, ITC Grand Maratha, Centaur airport etc,)

Project Details
MMRDA has set aside a plot admeasuring 7.5 Ha in the BKC, out of which about 5 to 6 Ha will be
immediately available for development of Convention and Exhibition center. The FSI being 2.0,
maximum permissible built–up area available would be 1,00,000 sq. mt. To 1,20,000
excluding area reserved for parking which is considered free of FSI).The proposed C&EC will
have an exhibition area which would comprise of halls, an auditorium, a convention hall,
convention and banquet halls, food and beverage outlets etc. Specialized areas such as
business/medical center, media center, information kiosks, telephone booths, post office and
administration and security offices etc.

Proposed Implementation Plan
The project will be implemented on BOT basis through formation of a SPV with private sector
participation. MMRDA has issued expression of interest document to prospective developers in
order to get investors’ responses in a structured manner.

                                  Maharashtra Infrastructure Summit 2002                                  11

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