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              TO:      Carolyn Wright
                       Governor’s Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
                       (801) 537-9230

          FROM:        Bryce Dalton
                       Jack Johnson Company
                       (435) 645-9000

           DATE:       August 31, 2007

              RE:      Proposed Round Valley Golf & Country Club Development

       Dear Ms. Wright,

       Round Valley Golf and Country Club is currently in the process of seeking approvals from Morgan
       County for a golf course/recreational community development. This letter is being submitted for Resource
       Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC) review and comments to ensure that any potential
       negative impacts related to the proposed development are identified and addressed. Comments and
       suggestions submitted by interested agencies and parties will be used to address concerns and develop
       solutions related to the project in order to mitigate any potential issues.

       Due to the nature and location of the development, Round Valley Golf and Country Club is specifically
       seeking the comments and suggestions from the Division of Wildlife Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
       Services, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Division of
       Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, and the Utah Division of State History.

       If there is other information or materials that I can provide to ensure an efficient and accurate review of
       the project, please feel free to let me know.


       Bryce Dalton

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                                          Park City, Utah 84098    F 435.649.1620
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Project Location

The proposed Round Valley Golf and Country Club will be located at 1442 East Round Valley Road,
Morgan County, Utah. Proposed development will occur in Township 4 North, Range 3 East, Sections 28,
29, 30, 31, 32, and 33.

Project Description

Round Valley Golf & Country Club is a proposed 322-acre, exclusive golf course/recreational
community, located in Morgan County, Utah. Proposed to be developed at the existing Round Valley
Golf Course, the project will offer a variety of residential, recreational and commercial products and
amenities. The development has been planned and designed to support Morgan County’s vision statement
of being a rural, residential, agricultural and small-town community. Round Valley Golf and Country
Club will provide residents with the most efficient delivery of services, and with opportunities necessary
for a walkable community. Proposed buildings, open space and road ways will all be designed to preserve
the pristine natural environment and rolling topography of the development site, thus enabling the Round
Valley Golf and Country Club to be one of the most unique and luxurious developments in Morgan

Current Use

The proposed project includes the existing Round Valley Golf Course (18-hole course, built in 1969),
neighboring agricultural farm grounds, and a few single-family homes. Much of the existing ground has
been, and/or is currently being farmed. In past years, some of the existing ground has also been used in
gravel excavation.

Residential Development

The residential component of the Round Valley Golf and Country Club will consist of approximately
500+ homesites comprised of low, medium and high-density housing types. Lower density lots sizes will
be consistent with Morgan County’s vision and character and will vary in size to promote a mix of
product types. Two proposed low-density residential areas (one centrally located overlooking the golf
course and clubhouse, one located along the eastern property boundary) will each offer ½-acre to 1 ½-
acre single-family estate lots. Perceived open space will extend into all low density lots with the
implementation of specific building envelopes, maximum allowable landscape areas and fencing
regulations. By following such a strategy, existing vegetation and view corridors on the site will be

The high and medium-density component will offer a variety of housing types, including, but not limited
to, town homes and condominium style units. Higher density development will occur in clusters, thereby
encouraging community involvement, walkability, views of the surrounding golf course and hillsides, and
will provide access to the many available recreational facilities and amenities.

The high-density portion of the development will occur in three proposed development clusters. All three
clusters will be unique in size and shape and will all be located in close proximity to the golf course
clubhouse area.

The medium-density portion of the development will occur in two residential clusters located further east
within the project. A proposed pedestrian circulation system will provide medium density residents
walkable access to the project’s many recreational facilities and amenities.

Open space is a key component of the Round Valley Golf and County Club. Development will occur in
such a way that proposed open space will create a natural buffer between the proposed development,
existing land owners and the natural environment. Likewise, the maintained golf course and Weber River
corridor provide functional usable open space and will both enhance the appearance and enjoyment of the

Recreational Amenities

The proposed development seeks to provide residents and guests with an active and passive recreational
lifestyle. Proposed recreational amenities will include a redesigned 18-hole Johnny Miller signature golf
course, golf clubhouse, golf learning center, tennis and exercise facilities, fly fishing outfitter’s cabin,
integrated trail system and passive recreational amenities. Due to the project’s location within the quiet
confines of the Weber River corridor, passive recreational amenities will include, but are not limited to,
group picnic areas, undeveloped camping areas and access to the Weber River. Through all of the
proposed amenities, residents and guests will be able to enjoy the pristine natural environment
surrounding the project.

Commercial Component

Currently, the existing golf course clubhouse is located centrally in the proposed development. Due to its
location, the existing golf course clubhouse will be developed into a new 100-150 room hotel site. The
hotel will not only provide tourist accommodations, but will also serve as a communal gathering space
and will provide the project with support commercial and retail space. The hotel will be located to
maximize views of the golf course and the Weber River corridor, and will provide tourists easy access to
the golf course, associate clubhouse and passive recreational amenities. Additionally, the hotel will be
constructed so as to not obstruct views from homeowners.


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