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Project Proposal Hiv Aids Armed Forces - PDF


Project Proposal Hiv Aids Armed Forces document sample

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									M I N U S TA H                                  HIV/AIDS UNIT                                          newsletter        02
                               EDITORIAL                                                          WAD
                                                                                                  T      he first of December a
                                                                                                         ceremony hosted by
                                                                                                  the Prime Minister and the
                                                                                                  Ministry of Health took place
                                                                                                  at Karibe convention Center,
                                                                                                  with the participation of the
                                                                                                  Minister of Social Affairs, the
                                                                                                  Minister of Youth and Sport,
                                                                                                  the DSRSG, the Ambassador
                                                                                                  of the United States of Amer-
                                                                                                  ica, the Director of the Soge-
                                                                                                  bank Foundation and the
                                                                                                  Platform of People Living
                                                                                                  with HIV (PLWH).

                                                                                                  During her speech The prime
                                                                                                  Minister highlighted her
                                                                                                  commitment and called for
                                            Nov 28, 2008 -WAD activities - UNDP compound          all sectors to support the HIV
                                                                                                  Multisectorial National Stra-
CONTENTS                                                                                          tegic plan. She promised to

 Editorial / WAD
                         1     W      elcome to the second issue of the HIV/AIDS Unit
                                      newsletter. I would like to take the opportunity to
                               present the main activities developed in this semester which
                                                                                                  establish the National Coor-
                                                                                                  dination Committee to follow
                                                                                                  up the implementation of the
                               includes the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of         plan.
 COPRECOS-LAC            2     World AIDS Day.
                                                                                                  The Platform of PLWH
 Voluntary counseling          This year the theme follows last year’s Leadership and calls       requested from the Haitian
 and confidential test-        for lead, empower and deliver. The SG on his speech for the        government the support to
 ing (VCCT)             2      occasion said “We have to end the stigma and discrimination        have universal access to pre-
                               that still stop so many people from learning how to prevent        vention, treatment and care
                               HIV and get treatment. And we need resources -- enough to          in all regions. The authorities
 Why talk to our chil-         provide services that will have a real impact in communities       represented promised to
 dren about HIV and            and on entire nations. The need to lead, empower and deliver       respond more actively to the
 AIDS?                   2     on AIDS is as real and urgent as ever”.                            impact of HIV and AIDS ac-
                                                                                                  cording to the UNGASS Dec-
 World AIDS Day 2008 3         In Haiti the Ministry of Health following this theme, has cho-     laration of Commitment and
                               sen “Protect our children from AIDS” and the key action will       the Millennium Development
 WAD 2008: Haitian             be promoting a Prevention Mother to Child Transmission             Goals (MDGs).
 coalition activities    3     program (PTME) throughout the country.

 Gender and HIV/AIDS           Children are the hope, the future and another way to protect
 Campaign            4         them is keeping them informed; how can we talk to our chil-
                               dren about AIDS?
 Joint UN team on              Since early age children can be introduced to HIV. Parents
 HIV/AIDS (JUNTHA)             could start by making some questions to assess the knowl-
 retreat                 4     edge they have, and then continue with small conversations
                               to keep their interest in the subject.
 Annual workshop for
 HIV/AIDS officers and         The activities organised to commemorate the WAD, included
 focal points          5       a drawing contest with the theme “Stigma and Discrimina-
                               tion”, the children that participated were rewarded with gifts
               On the right:   sponsored by PAM, UNESCO and MINUSTAH.
       The Prime Minister on   The UN family is working together to contribute to stop the
      December 1st 2008 at     epidemic!
      WAD commemoration
              Caribe Center                          Dr. Ingrid Schrils, Chief HIV/AIDS officer
T      he HIV Unit of MINUSTAH was invited by UNAIDS
       Regional Office for Latin America to participate in the
fifth COPRECOS-LAC meeting which was held in San An-
tonio, Texas, on November 2008.

This initiative started in Peru in 1992, to address HIV and
AIDS issues in Armed Forces and Police of the Latin
American and Caribbean region. Representatives of nine-
teen countries were present with the aim to conduct a
framework review and to revise the project proposal to the
Global Fund.

The meeting was organised jointly with the Fifth Pan-
American Congress of Military Medicine, and included
presentations on HIV peer leader training in the Dominican
Republic Armed Forces; HIV program in Armed Forces of
Uruguay; and medical presentations on Peacekeeping               COPRECOS-LAC workshop in Texas
experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo and               on November 2008
Haiti. Education, Information and Communication (EIC)
materials produced by different countries were exhibited.
I took the opportunity to highlight the humanitarian work
conducted by the militaries during the floods of Septem-
ber 2008 in Gonaives, and the importance to consider HIV               Why talk to our children
in emergencies settings to efficiently prevent the spread of
the virus.                                                               about HIV and AIDS?
                                                                                              HIV and AIDS are a         O
VOLUNTARY COUNSELING AND                                                                      reality these days. Our
                                                                                              children are exposed       M
CONFIDENTIAL TESTING (VCCT)                                                                   to it.

ACTIVITIES AS RESPONSE TO                                                                     They could have a
                                                                                              family member, a
DISCRIMINATION                                                                                friend, a classmate
                                                                                              infected or affected.

A     ccording to its third mandate the HIV/AIDS Unit should:
      Promote HIV/AIDS prevention by awareness activities among all Mission staff
members; promote VCCT services and dissemination of IEC materials. During the last
                                                                                              Also: They might be-
                                                                                              lieve some myths that
                                                                                              need to be corrected.
six months, we implemented a large campaign on VCCT services and sensitization on
non discrimination and stigmatization toward People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)              We should create
within the population.                                                                        opportunities to dis-
                                                                                              cuss the subject and
Why encourage Voluntary Counseling and Confidential Testing?                                   to answer questions
Voluntary Counseling and Confidential Testing is a main key to HIV prevention and             which they may feel
encouraging people to make HIV test. It constitutes a great approach toward behav-            embarrassed to ask.
ioral changes and attitudes leading to exposition to HIV/AIDS infection. In this re-          As parents we have to
gard, numerous activities were undertaken: the Unit has sensitized new rotated                prepare them to
military, UNPOL, FPU as well as national and international civilians - 362 MINUSTAH           prevent risk in their
staff members have received VCCT services for the period.                                     first sexual experience.
                                                                                              To build confidence,
Why the response to Discrimination is so important in HIV prevention and                      we must encourage
PLWHA protection?                                                                             them to safe sexual
Stigmatization and Discrimination toward PLWHA are considered an attempt to human             practices and prevent
rights that are essential to human development, welfare and dignity. Moreover, dis-           drug use.
crimination is one of the biggest barriers against PLWHA disclosure, which could de-
crease the incidence of the epidemic. Discrimination closes doors to information and          A starting point is to
prevention, universal access to treatment and support to sero positive people.                ask a simple question
                                                                                              or present an idea.
Response brought by HIV/AIDS Unit                                                             Then, take time to lis-
The HIV/AIDS Unit joint with Multi Media Centers have realized HIV/AIDS Discrimina-           ten to the child, and
tion sensitization sessions for the population through our network of focal points in         just talk about one
seven regions from October 8 to November 14, 2008. In that period, 300 people (162            subject at a time,
men and 138 women) were sensitized. Our strategy was to inform and sensitize the              always bearing in mind
Haitian community on HIV/AIDS prevention and Discrimination through the National              that the dynamic of the

Health system (MSPP), with the support of the HPN, NGO’s working on HIV/AIDS,                 conversation will be
leaders of local associations, the private sector organizations working on HIV/AIDS           different depending on
and the networks of women associations.                                                       the child’s age.
WORLD AIDS DAY 2008                                                                      WAD activities in Port-de-Paix

T      he Joint UN Team on HIV/AIDS,
       the JUNTA headed by UNAIDS,
have since 2006 made it a rule to or-
                                               Voluntary counseling and confidential
                                            testing (VCCT) by HIV/AIDS Unit-
ganize HIV/AIDS awareness activities           Definition of the national theme for
for all UN staff members and activities     this year: “Let’s protect our children
to commemorate World AIDS Day in the        from HIV/AIDS”
UN compound. Last year we launched             Interaction among participants and
a drawing and slogan contest for all UN     organizers. Information quiz on
agencies and the Mission staff mem-         HIV/AIDS
bers’ children under the theme “Stigma         Sensitization and promotion of the
and Discrimination ”. Twenty-two chil-      project Prevention of HIV Transmission
dren presented their work. Almost 400       from Mother to Child (PTMC)
people - among whom the employees              Announcement of the contest winners
of the UN Agencies and the Mission,         and distribution of prizes to all children
their children and some special guests -    who participated in the contest
attended the ceremony on Friday 28             Music, light meal, Clown
November, 2008. Lots of activities were     These activities began at 12 and lasted
on the agenda:                              till 4:00 PM and were possible thanks to
  Exhibition of the children’s drawings     the effort of the JUNTA and MINUSTAH.
for the slogan and drawing contest

                                            WAD 2008:
                                            HAITIAN COALITION ACTIVITIES
                                            T     The Haitian Coalition on
                                                  Women and AIDS, estab-
                                             lished under the auspices of the
                                                                                       November 30, 2008: Assisting
                                                                                     the PLWHA platform and Ester
                                                                                     Bourcicaut Foundation (FEBS)
                                             Ministry of Women’s Affairs and         activities;
                                             Women’s Rights (MCFDF) and the            December lst, 2008: WAD Inter-
                                             Ministry of Public Health and Pop-      views at Radio Métropole, Vision
                                             ulation (MSPP), is an initiative of     2000 et Signal FM
                                             UNAIDS in Haiti. It occurred in           December lst, 2008: participa-
       WAD activities- UNDP compound
                                             December 2007.                          tion at the World AIDS Day Formal
                                                                                     Commemoration headed by the
                                             The members of the Coalition are        Prime Minister (Caribe Convention
                                             Staff from the UN agencies and          Center).
                                             the Mission, Leaders of Associa-
                                             tions supporting HIV, and PLWHA         In conjunction with other sections
                                             Associations, the private sector,       of the Mission, the Unit has been
                                             and the media working in the            performing numerous sensitiza-
                                             response to the HIV Epidemic in         tion and awareness sessions for
                                             Haiti.                                  almost four years at the request
                                                                                     of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS
                                             On the occasion of the Commem-          issues, the Platform of PLWH, as
                                             oration of the 20th World AIDS          well as primary and secondary
                                             Day, the Coalition drew up a            schools.
                                             calendar of activities to carry out a
                                             dynamic plea around the Preven-         With the UNCT, the Unit imple-
           WAD activities in Port-de-Paix
                                             tion of HIV Transmission from           mented the UN Learning Strategy
                                             Mother to Child (PTMC) in Haiti:        on HIV/AIDS :
                                               November 13, 2008: S e n s i t i -    345 UN personnel from UNAIDS,
                                             zation Session for media Women          WFP, WHO, UNFPA and UNDP
                                             professionals (UNFPA conference         took part in the sessions including
                                             room);                                  a 3-hour session for 15 heads of
                                               November 20, 2008: Awareness          agencies and Unit chiefs of
                                             session on PTMC for the Coalition       MINUSTAH. We collaborated with
                                             members (Conference Room of             the CVR section to offer HIV/AIDS

                                             the MCFDF;                              sensitization sessions in Creole
                                               November 27, 2008: Day of             to 14 ex-gang leaders and 34
                                             Reflection on the PTMC problem          of their relatives, enrolled in the
                                             in Haïti (Montana Hotel);               re-integration centre.

         Drawings made by children on
              the occasion of the WAD
      GENDER AND HIV/AIDS                                                      Gender-HIV/AIDS session in Cap-Haitian
      Cap-Haitien November 17, 2008

      T     his activity was a joint program
            among Gender and HIV/AIDS Units
      MINUSTAH and Women in Action, with
      the support of the PIO Multi Media Center.
      This campaign aimed to sensitize women
      on the occasion of the International Day
      on Violence against Women and also to
      establish the relationship between
      HIV/AIDS and Women as well as the
      actions to engage to face feminization and
      its impact on women’s socio economic
      situation. Thirty-four participants attended
      the session facilitated by HIV/AIDS Unit
      and discussions focused around the:

        role of Women in the community and
      their responsibilities within their home
      face to family illness;
        their vulnerability while caring for family
      members with HIV/AIDS;
        their difficulties in accompanying mem-
      bers of their family, particularly AIDS
      orphans and children VIH+.

      As a result, they engaged in the commit-
      ment of sharing with their community all
      the information received and to continue
      their actions to improve their living condi-
      tion; to work on a plea for a larger partici-
      pation of men in the activities inside the
      home, the integration of a majority of girls                        Haitian Coalition on Women and AIDS PTMC
      in the classrooms and the empowerment                                         (awareness session) at the MCFDF
      of women through education and income
      generation activities.
                                                      JOINT UN TEAM ON
                                                      HIV/AIDS (JUNTA)
                                                      Club Indigo 4 -7 November 2008

                                                      F     or three days, the UNAIDS Haiti and seven focal points
                                                            members of HIV/AIDS Joint team on AIDS at country level
                                                      took part in the retreat which main purpose was the importance
                                                      of the Team’s objective and to develop a common plan. The Team
                                                      devoted itself also in the indicators/ UNGASS and DSNCRP
                                                      national frameworks.

                                                      The workshop allowed the Team to be really re-soldered in order
                                                      to be able to pursue together the same goals for a synergistic
                                                      response of the United Nations System to the HIV/AIDS
                                                      epidemics in coordination with the local authorities and the
Haitian Coalition Workshop on PTMC at Montana         national actors.

T    he annual Workshop for HIV/AIDS Officers and Focal Points was held from 25th to 29th August 2008 in
     Brindisi, Italy. The workshop was attended by participants from UNAMA, BINUB, MINURCAT, UNFICYP,
MINURSO; as well as representatives of UN agencies such as UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF and UNAIDS. The meet-
ing was facilitated by Meg Gurung, HIV/AIDS Advisor (DPKO), Patricia Keays, Consultant (DPKO), Semra Asefa,
Best Practices (DPKO), and Johann Brathwaite, Best Practices (DPKO).

The aim of the workshop was to address emergent issues, share experiences, document lessons learnt, good
practices and challenges faced by participants in the implementation of their various programmes in the field.
The program included presentations on HIV/AIDS and Uniformed Services/DDR by Priya Marwah, HIV & Hu-
manitarian Programme Specialist (UNFPA) and Veronique Maeva Fages, HIV & Humanitarian Adviser (UNDP);
UN CARES -Background and Overview by Dan Maina, Regional Coordinator, Eastern & Southern Africa (UN
Cares) and Martina Clark, Staff Well-Being Specialist – HIV (UN Cares/UNICEF); SEA, Zero Tolerance, Condoms
& Peacekeeping by Meg Gurung, HIV/AIDS Policy Advisor (DPKO); Community of Practice by Johann Brath-
waite, Best Practices (DPKO); UNAIDS Update by Karl Dehne, Senior Advisor, Security & Humanitarian Re-
sponse (UNAIDS); Focal Points Network / Mission SOP by Ingrid Schrils, Chief HIV/AIDS Officer (MINUSTAH)
and PIO-Multi Media Centres & HIV/AIDS by Guillermo Forteau, Public Information Officer (MINUSTAH).

                                                                     HIV Workshop, Brindisi, Italy (August 2008)


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