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					ENGR 102                                                                       Meeting Notes

Title of Design Project
Date of Meeting:               2/21/07
Minutes Prepared By:           Karl Buhariwala

1. Purpose of Meeting (recap of Agenda)
       Begin discussion of proposal
       Appointing sections of the proposal to be written

2. Attendance at Meeting
Name                       Capacity

Mike Noce                  Team captain
Andy Ong                   Team member
Josh Atzert                Team member
Robert Adams               Team member
Karl Buhariwala            Team member

3. Meeting Notes, Decisions, Issues

   The instructions and template of the proposal on the course website were read out for
   every one to hear.

   Any doubts about any section were cleared up by the team

   The deadlines for the WIT meetings were announced and after consulting everyone’s
   schedule, Mike was told to make an appointment for Thursday evening. Andy would not
   be able to make it due to class.

   Since the basic idea had already been discussed in previous meeting and everyone new
   what was required, each section was assigned to each person to write.

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ENGR 102                                                                                          Meeting Notes

    The meeting ended very quickly after the section writing task were appointed

4. Action Items
Action                                    Assigned to         Due Date                 Status

Problem Statement and Conclusion          Andy                02/28/2007               Done
Introduction and Scheduling WIT           Mike                02/28/2007               Done
Proposed Solution                         Karl                02/28/2007               Done
Method of Solution                        Bob                 02/28/2007               Done
Budget                                    Josh                02/28/2007               Done

5. Next Meeting
Target Date:   2/28/2007                         Time:    5:00PM EST       Location:   Calhoun

Objectives:            Formulating the first draft of the proposal

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