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									            PROJECT REPORT



       The Government of the Gujarat is conscious of the lack of
adequate technical education for the students, particularly in the tribal
areas, which can help them in finding suitable jobs & placement in the
private sector. The steep growth in the automobile industry in the last
decade has opened a large opportunity for employment in the automobile
& associated service industry. It also opens opportunity in the
professional LMV and HMV driving as a major source of employment.
At the same time, the existing traffic sense and knowledge is poor
because of absence of professional training facilities, resulting in a large
number of accidents on the roads. The Department of Tribal
Development, Govt. of Gujarat has undertaken the task of devising
means to effectively channelize the human talent available and train them
in technical courses and as professional drivers as also inculcating in
drivers a sense of respect and responsibility towards life, liberty and
property of individuals on road as well as improve their driving skills. As
part of this endeavor the Department proposes to established a Technical
& driving training Institute at a suitable location on N H 8, close to
Vadodara/ Surat.

       The Deptt. of Tribal Development, however feels that such an
institute can be better managed under a public private partnership system.
This will ensure that the professionalism required to prepare the trainees
for jobs would be better provided by a private organization.

       Maruti Udyog Limited has been in the past participating actively
in helping a number of states particularly Delhi & Haryana to handle the
menace of traffic hazard and pollution. As part of this social endeavor,
MUL has set up two institutes in Delhi under the name & style of
Institute of Driving Training & Research. They have also signed an MOU
to set up two similar institutes in Haryana, and setting up of these
institutes is in progress. Besides, the company is also at an advanced
stage of finalizing such institutes in Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh &
Bihar. They, when approached by the Department of Tribal Development,
Govt. of Gujarat, have conveyed their willingness to set up a Society
under the Societies Registration Act 1860 which will run and manage
Government the proposed institute.
      Accordingly, a Memorandum of Understanding can be signed
between the Deptt. of Welfare and MUL for the above purpose, for the
project to start off.

A Management Agreement for running the institute can be subsequently
signed between the Society set up by MUL and Govt. of Gujarat, under
which MUL will set and have Management Control of the Institute. MUL
will provide expertise and exposure to the trainees of the area,
particularly to the weaker sections and ladies thus helping in employment
generation and upliftment of the weaker sections of society.
                    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

    The institute has been set up to achieve the following objectives.

-   To impart training in driving of automobiles & technical skills as
    motor mechanic to members of the public with the objective of
    inculcating sound driving habits and adequate traffic sense so that
    trained personnel become competent as professional vehicle
    drivers. The technical training will be imparted with an aim to
    make the trainees capable of undertaking jobs in the automobile &
    associate industry. It would include training persons from
    backward classes as well as ladies.

-   To run/manage the Motor Driving & Technical Training School as
    a resource support institution for policy planning and other support
    to the Government of Gujarat.

-   To assist, advice and support the agencies of the Government of
    Gujarat for any activities/ assignments which contribute to safety
    on roads and help in improving the overall transport system in the
    State as well as enhance the technical skills of the undergraduate
    population wanting to get into mainstream of automobile trade.

-   To undertake extensive study or research on reasons for occurrence
    of road accidents and suggest ways and means to reduce or avoid
    the same.

-   To associate with inland or overseas institutions engaged in similar
    and related activities.

-   To purchase, sell, transfer, take on lease and/or leave and license
    basis any property both moveable and immovable for the use of the

-   To publish and distribute pamphlets, books relating to
    technical/automobile education & traffic rules and regulation in
    order to inculcate better driving habits in the drivers of all kinds of
    vehicles & administer technical knowledge and communication
    skills in the students.
-   To organize seminars and meetings to make the general public
    aware of the developments in automobile/technical issues & traffic
    hazards on the roads and ways and means of reducing the same.

-   To endeavor to preserve the environment and conserve fuel by
    encouraging people to adopt more environment friendly
    technologies which use alternate fuels. etc.


The Institute will be focusing on the training of Private & Commercial
Vehicle Drivers in the LMV & HMV Categories as also administering
technical training programmes for motor mechanic and supervisory
trades. The Programmes will include long term ( 3 to 6 months ) as well
as short term refresher programmes. Details pertaining to the investments
and performance of the institute, are given at Annexure-I. The various
courses proposed to be conducted by IDTTR would include the

1.0   Technical course for Motor mechanic

This will be a 6 month training programme for students with a 10+2
background, who will be trained to develop specialization for motor
mechanic trade.

2.0 Technical course for Workshop Supervisor

Two programmes for 3 month and 6 months for students with a ITI /

3.0   Refresher Course for Heavy Motor Vehicle Drivers

There is a large number of HMV drivers within the state. The Supreme
Court has in a recent judgement directed that all such license holders
should undergo a refresher course once in 3 years before their licence is

4.0   Refresher for badge and PSV Drivers

       In addition to the course for licence renewal, the institute will do
      courses for PSV drivers and badge courses in commercial

5.0   General Motor Driving Training

      A class for this course has 25 trainees at a time. For different types
      of courses, course duration varies from 30 days to 45 days. A total
      of 3 to 5 days are for theoretical classroom training. The practical
      driving training of 10 to15 hours is spread over the balance period
      of training days.

6.0   Hazardous Goods Drivers Training

      This is 3 day training course in which 70% of the time is spent in
      theoretical class room and balance 30% is being used for practical
      training demo. Each class will have an average of 25 to 40 trainees.

7.0 Competency test & Retest of Applicants for Driving Licence

      Whenever no records are available with the transport authority
      regarding the previous licenses of an applicant for renewal or an
      applicants for renewal or an outstation license is to be revalidated,
      such applicants are referred to the training institute for retest. Here
      the applicants is checked for his ability to drive and certified
8.0   Evaluation of all categories of trainees

      All categories of trainees have to undergo an evaluation on the
      tracks as well as a theoretical test before they are certified. This
      process can be extended to a much larger cross section of the
      drivers to ensure safer road users.

• 6 month Technical and motor mechanic training for 500 trainees

• 3 month Technical & mechanic training for 500 Trainees

• 1 month professional driving training for 1000 trainees

• 1250 Trainees for refresher programme for Hazardous Goods

• 500 Trainees for General Motor Driving

• 1000 Trainees for Public Transport Vehicle & Badge and other
  such courses.


Land            Institute                      15 acres
                Hostel                         2 acres
                Future expansion               3 acres

Built up area                                  4500 sq mts.
( including office , library, lab, auditorium, etc.)

Workshop shed & facilities                              1250 sq. mts

Hostel for 250 students, canteen & facilities           4400 sq. mts.

Internal Requirement details                Nos.
Classroom with Seating capacity of          08
40-50 persons ( 8 Mtrs. X 12 Mtrs.)
Classroom with Seating capacity of          10
30-40 persons ( 8 Mtrs. X 12 Mtrs.)
Training Instructor                         30
Training Technician                         10
Training Aids
T.V & VCR                                   10 sets
Multimedia computer terminals               18
Video Projector                             18
Cut Models                                  3 set
Electronic Display Boards for               10 set
various systems
Working Model Chassis
Reflex Testing Equipment
Simulator                                   For 4 persons at a time
Vehicles                                    5 HMV , 7 MMV ,6 LMV, 2
                                            Autorickshaws, 2 two wheelers

                            CAPITAL BUDGET

            S.NO              Description               Total ( Rs.)

           .1       Building including workshop,           68500000
                    lab, canteen and other facilities
                   2   Tracks                       30000000

                   3   Furnishing /Furniture        15000000

                   4   Electricals & Facilities     10000000
                   5   HMV & LMV Simulators         12500000
                   6   Boundary Wall                 7500000
                   7   Student Facilities            5000000
                   8   Vehicles & Equipment         15000000
                       Total                       163550000


                                   DIRECTOR/ CEO

     Sr. Manager                 SR. INSTRUCTOR         JR. INSTRUCTOR
         (02)                           (08)                   (17)

A/C OFFICER                            (10)

           ADMN. & PERS.


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