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  Student                                                  Sr Connections
  Name                                                     Teacher                                      Period

• Type your proposal in this template. Handwritten proposals will not be accepted.
• Complete your proposal with your mentor.
• Provide detailed answers as a bulleted or numbered list. The sections will expand as you type in more bullets and
  details. Do not limit your answers to the space shown.

  Project Description
  What do you plan to do? Provide an overall description of your creation, event, service or exploration.

  In what form will your final product be presented for grading to your teacher? (object, pictures, CD, movie, etc)

  Grading Guide
  Using your mentor’s expertise create three or more criteria for grading your project. When applicable provide
  industry standards. Provide enough guidance so that a person with no background in your topic can evaluate
  your project. Write precise & measurable criteria.
• Precise — vague words (good, professional, stuff, etc) require clarification.
  For example: “Paint professionally” requires more detail. Describe what “professionally” would look like.
  Revised: Paint with undetectable patching & prep work, two coats, even color, no splatters, and crisp edges.
• Measurable (quantity, duration, size, level, etc)
  For example: “Memorize & perform songs” needs measurements. Describe how many songs, difficulty level, and
  duration. Revised: Memorize & perform three, intermediate level, two-minute, country-western songs.

  Research Focus
  What questions will guide your research? List a minimum of 3 key questions.

  Learning Stretch
  Have you done anything similar or related to your project/topic before?
  What specific things will be new and challenging to you in the process of completing this project?

List the evidence you will provide
Proves the learning stretch this project provided for you (before & after examples, performance, pictures etc)

Proves the 30-hour minimum requirement was met (time log, journal, etc)

Proves the planning & execution you did for your product (rough drafts, receipts, journal, pictures, etc)

Proves the close working relationship you had with your mentor (paperwork, correspondence, etc)

Future Goals & Career Pathway
What are your future career and/or educational goals? How will this project help?
This is a WA state requirement — a less than thoughtful answer will be returned for revisions.

Your project must relate to at least one Career Pathway. Check one or more.
  Arts and Communication                                   Science & Engineering
  Business Finance & Operation                             Social & Health Services
  Business Marketing & Management                          Technology, Trades & Manufacturing

Project Criteria
What criteria does your project relate to? Check one or more.
  Academic Challenge ....................... involves independent research study
                                                       OR formal instruction from a professional, resulting in credit,
                                                       certification, or licensure
  Community Service ........................ is a leadership position that provides a needed and viable service to a
                                                       community agency or organization
  Career.............................................. related to student’s career pathway and/or provides extended learning
                                                       experience or internship that may involve potential future employment
  Personal Exploration ....................... represents an exploration in an unfamiliar area of interest

Explain how your project will meet the criteria checked off above. Be specific.

Contact Information
Complete if you are doing a leadership project, an apprenticeship, or on-the-job training.
Make sure you contact the person and/or place first for permission.
  Organization name:
  Organization address:
  Contact person:
  Contact’s phone number:
  Contact’s email:
Project Budget

 Item                                                    Quantity      Unit Cost      Shipping       Subtotals


                                                                      Amount to be paid by student

                                                              Amount to be paid by parent/guardian

                                                                                Remaining Balance

Please explain how you are going to pay your portion of this project

If there is a remaining balance, how will that be paid for?

Parent Consent

This section is to be read, discussed with the student, and filled out by hand by the parent or legal guardian.

As the parent/guardian of
who is a student enrolled at Shorecrest High School, I am aware that my son/daughter must pass all phases of
the Senior Project to pass his/her Senior Connections class and to graduate.

I understand that my son/daughter has decided to do the following project:
Below I have briefly described what my son/daughter needs to do in order to complete
his/her project:

The estimated expense of the project will be $                   and I agree to these expenses.

I fully understand that the selection of the senior project is a decision made independently but with the approval
of the staff and administration of the high school. All consequences of the senior project work choice,
production, or experience, unless otherwise stated, rest solely with the student and the parent. All written work
must be appropriate for high school and be free of profanity, use of drugs, pornography and use of teacher
names. I also realize that the senior project must demonstrate a “learning stretch” for the student.

The student and parent/guardian whose names are signed below accept full financial and legal responsibility
for any cost or travel and the conduct of the student.

Signature                                                                             Date

Signature                                                                             Date

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