Purple Loosestrife

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					       Purple Loosestrife
      Lythrum salicaria

           Purple loosestrife flower ↑

Kingdom          Phylum                    Class
 Plantae      Magnoliophyta              Magnoliopsida

• From: Eurasia
• Introduced: early
  1800s through ships’
  ballasts, as a
  medicinal herb and an
• Found Today: every
  state except AZ, NM,
  LA, FL, GA, SC, AK,
  HI, PR, and VI
                          Purple loosestrife US Distribution Map ↑
                  Effects on People

If it invades an agricultural area, then it may block
    irrigation canals, thus making the crops suffer.
              Effects on Ecosystems

• Results in suppression of native species. Ex:
  cattails, rushes, grasses and sedges
• Overruns habitat
• Animals loose their source of food
Food Web
              Reasons for Success
• No natural enemies in US (where it invaded)
• Immune to most herbicides
                   Issues for the Future

Possible Trade-offs
  Introducing     Species may
     natural       grow out of
    enemies          control
Termination by   Doesn’t work &
    hand         is too inefficient

Cutting/burning/ Can negatively
   herbicide        effect ALL
  application    species in the
                  area not just
                   the flowers
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 Mallika Lakshman
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