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									                               Good News
February 22, 2011

Burnaby Mountain Improv Team Wins Lower Mainland Championships
Burnaby Mountain has once again won the Lower Mainland Canadian
Improv Games that took place February 5 at Waterfront Theatre. Thanks to
the team’s excellent ensemble skills, they overcame the second place
contender by 35 points. This nine-member senior team had strong support
during the intense competition from parents, fellow students and teachers.
The team will represent Burnaby Mountain and Western Canada at the
National Tournament in Ottawa this April. Break a leg!

Math Challengers Competition
The Lower Mainland Regional Math Challengers Competition took place at
UBC on February 5. The Burnaby School District was represented by students
from Moscrop, North, South, Mountain and Alpha secondary schools. Math
Challengers is an enrichment, coaching and competition program that
promotes mathematics achievement among students in Grades 8 and 9.
Moscrop took home 12 awards, coming in first in their pool for both grades 8
and 9. Burnaby South also came first in the grade 8 and 9 competition in their
pool with strong individual showings. Burnaby North’s grade 8 team also took
first place in its pool and Mountain's Grade 9 team placed third. These
students will participate in the provincial competition on March 5 at Simon
Fraser University.

Speed Book Dating at Burnaby North
Pounding hearts and nervous anticipation were some of the emotions felt by
120 participants at Burnaby North’s fifth annual Speed Book Dating event held
in the library on Valentine’s Day. Instead of seeking the ideal soul mate,
participants were on the lookout for the ideal book. Partners each took one
minute to share highlights of their chosen book before moving on to new
partners to repeat the process. Begun by teacher-librarian Odie Kaplan in
2006, the event, promotes literacy skills and the love of reading to the entire
school community using an engaging, interactive format.


Second Street Community School Knitting Club
Students spin yarn and clack needles in Second Street’s Community Room at
lunchtime three days a week. The school knitting club has attracted over 20
boys and girls from Grade 1 to 7 since this fun lunch-hour program began a
year ago. Long-time Second Street residents, Irene Desrosiers and Georgie
Cole, volunteer their time to teach children the “almost lost art” of knitting
and crocheting. The knitting club recently completed a school blanket
where each square demonstrates the uniqueness of an individual student.

Pink Shirt Day
Burnaby Schools are hosting special events all week to acknowledge Pink Shirt
Day and raise awareness to end bullying. These include a student-run
assembly at Kitchener and Random Acts of Kindness Week at Burnaby North.
In addition motivational speaker, Jim Jordan, visited six secondary schools
and Marlborough Elementary to deliver a provocative, interactive
presentation that examined the role of bystanders in a bullying situation and
demonstrated ways to stop fuelling the bully. These events were made
possible through a sponsorship from Metropolis at Metrotown. February 23 is
Pink Shirt Day.

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