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									                             2010 ICHRIE Annual Conference & Marketplace Schedule


                                ICHRIE Board of Directors Meeting                     Bill Samenfink, Endicott College
Conference 10
                                Conference Registration Open
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
                                ICHRIE Board of Directors Dinner
                                Conference Registration
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
                                                                                      Sponsored by
8-4:30pm                        Career Academy
Conference 3-5                  Teaching Consortium

                                                                                      Sponsored by
8-4:30pm                        Career Academy
Conference 3-5                  Research Consortium

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                                Deans’ and Directors’ Program (invitation only)
Universidad del Este

                                Cyber Café Open
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

                                Deans’ and Directors’ Luncheon (invitation only)
Universidad del Este

2:00pm – 3:00pm                 SYMPOSIA, SIG & COUNCIL MEETINGS

San Cristobal A                 Convention Management SIG                              George Fenich, East Carolina University

                                                                                       John Self, California State Polytechnic University,
San Cristobal FG                Finance Committee

Ceiba                           Hospitality Information Technology SIG                 Mehmet Erdem, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

                                                                                       Michael Vieregge, International Hotel Management
Flamingo Foyer                  HOSTEUR™ Editorial Review Board
                                                                                       Institute Switzerland
                                Effective Implementation and Use of a Simulation
Conference 6                    Program in a Hospitality Management Course: A          Jeff Lolli, Widener University
                                case study

2:00pm – 3:00pm                 CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Human Resource Management       Private Club Board Development, Board                 SeungHyun Kim, Ronald F. Cichy, JaeMin Cha, Miran
Tropical A                      Performance, and Satisfaction with the Board:         Kim & Julie Tkach, all from Michigan State University
                                From Perspectives of General Managers and Chief
                                Operating Officers

                                Management Philosophies and Lodging Success: An       Diann Newman, Florida International University; Elisa
                                exploratory study                                     Moncarz; Christine Kay, Christine Kay & Associates;
                                                                                      Linsley T. DeVeau, Lynn University

Services Management &           The Use of Sequential Critical Incident Analysis to   Kyungmi Kim & Martin O'Neill, both from Auburn
Marketing                       Evaluate Service                                      University
Tropical B
                                The Impact of Tie Strength and Service Failure        Wan Yang & Anna S. Mattila, both from The Pennsylvania
                                Type on Customer Dissatisfaction Responses            State University

Lodging Operations              A Study of e-complaints in the Lodging Industry       Ning-Kuang Chuang, Kent State University; Shih-Ming Hu,
Tropical C                                                                            State University of New York at Oneonta; Ju-Yu Z. Ho,
                                                                                      Boston University; Ronnie Yeh

                                Compensation for Denied Service: Perceived            Breffni M. Noone, The Pennsylvania State University
                                fairness and its mediating role in the
                                compensation-negative word-of-mouth


Human Resource Management         The Impact of Psychological Contract Violation on     Ainul Abu Kabar & Betsy Barrett, both of Kansas State
Flamingo A                        Job Satisfaction, OCB and Intent to Leave in a        University
                                  Continuing Care Retirement Community

                                  Alcohol Consumption Among Hospitality Students        Carl Peter Borchgrevink & Michael Peter Sciarini, both
                                  and Hospitality Employees: A replication and pilot    from Michigan State University; Henrik Christian
                                  study                                                 Borchgrevink, Counselor of Chemical Dependency

Education                         Students’ Appreciation of the Use of Blogs as an      Brian L. Miller, Cihan Cobanoglu, Ekaterina Berezina &
Flamingo B                        Instructional Strategy in Hospitality                 Tiffany Francis, all from University of Delaware
                                  Undergraduate Courses

                                  Hospitality Educators: Profile and compensation       Carl A. Boger, Eunjoo Kang & Angi Huang, all from
                                                                                        University of Houston

Foodservice Operations/Culinary   Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions in     Yoon Jung Jang, Woo G. Kim & Mark A. Bonn, all from
Flamingo C                        Green Restaurants: Focused on food-related            Florida State University
                                  lifestyle segments of Generation Y

                                  Innovative Catering – Ecological and Visionary        Vesa Antero Heikkinen, Jouni Ahonen & Risto
                                  Service Innovation                                    Karmavuo, all from Haaga-Helia Unviersity of Applied

Financial/Accounting/             Institutional Investors and International Expansion   Seonghee Oak, North Carolina Central University; Arun
Management                        in Restaurant Industry                                Upneja, The Pennsylvania State University
Flamingo D
                                  Lease Accounting Changes: A comparative analysis      Amrik Singh, University of Denver
                                  of the restaurant and retail industry
3:00pm                            Refreshment Break

3:15pm -4:15pm                    SYMPOSIA, SIG & COUNCIL MEETINGS

                                  Combined Meeting:
Flamingo A                                                                              Carl Winston, San Diego State University
                                  Conference Committee & Networking Committee

                                  A Value-Oriented Approach to Student Recruiting
Flamingo B                                                                              Leonard A. Jackson, University of Memphis
                                  and Retention: An inside-outside strategy

                                  Teaching Diversity while Acknowledging
Flamingo C                                                                              Hassan Samer, Johnson & Wales University
                                  Differences in Student Learning Patterns

                                                                                        Andy Feinstein, California State Polytechnic University
Flamingo D                        Bylaws Committee

                                  Assessment Tools for Capstone Courses in              Jackie Stevenson, Lea R. Dopson & Richard Tas, all
Conference 6
                                  Hospitality and Tourism: Redefining the process       from University of North Texas

                                  The “Virtual” Professor: A workshop on
San Cristobal A                   conducting online classes as vibrant, engaging,       Cynthia Deale, East Carolina University
                                  learning communities

San Cristobal FG                  Legal Issues SIG                                      Karen Morris, Monroe College

                                  Hospitality Followership: Perspectives on
                                  effective followership and the need to
                                                                                        Ravi Pandit, Southern New Hampshire University
Tropical A                        incorporate followership literature and theories in

                                  Current Practices in Distance Learning Pedagogy:
Tropical B                                                                              James Bardi, Penn State Berks
                                  Time to share with your colleagues

Tropical C                        Research Committee                                    Marianna Sigala, University of the Aegean
                                  Reflection & Best Practices Using Web 2.0
Ceiba                                                                                   Suzanne Markham, Mount Ida College
                                  Networking & Communication Tools in Hospitality
                                  First Time Attendee Reception
Flamingo Foyer

4:15pm                            Transition Time

4:30 – 5:30pm                     SYMPOSIA, SIG & COUNCIL MEETINGS

Tropical C                        JHTE Editorial Review Board                           Misty Johanson, DePaul University

                                                                                  Oscar Oberkircher, State University of New York at
Conference 10                 Funding Scholarships One Cup at a Time
                              Summer Abroad Programs: Developing
Ceiba                                                                             Linda Shea, University of Massuchusetts, Amherst
                              Partnerships and Budget Guidelines
                              A Crash Course in Environmental Terms and
Auditorium                                                                        Dina Zemke, Johnson & Wales, Charlotte
                              Alternative Energy Methods
San Cristobal FG              Human Resources SIG                                 Sandra Watson, Napier University

4:30–5:30pm                   CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Education/Curriculum          Students’ View of Field Trips in Tourism and       Ning-Kuang Chuang, Kent State University; Shih-Ming Hu,
Conference 6                  Hospitality Education                              State University of New York at Oneonta; Ronnie Yeh,
                                                                                 California State University at Long Beach; Ben Goh, Texas
                                                                                 Tech University

Human Resources Management    Assessing Professional Attributes using Conjoint   Tanya Ruetzler & Jim Taylor, both of University of
Conference 6                  Analysis                                           Mississippi; Dennis Reynolds, Washington State University;
                                                                                 William Baker, Appalachian State University

Foodservice & Culinary Arts   Influence of Physical Environment on               Kisang Ryu, University of New Orleans; Heesup Han, Dong-
Flamingo A                    Disconfirmation, Customer Satisfaction, and        A University
                              Customer Loyalty for First-time and Repeat
                              Customers in Upscale Restaurants

                              Impacts of Crowding and Desired Privacy on         Johye Hwang, Kyung Hee University
                              Customers’ Emotions and Attitudes toward
                              Service: A case of waiting in a restaurant

Education/Curriculum          Does Race Matter? Understanding the role of        Wanda M. Costen, Steven N. Waller & Angela J.
Flamingo B                    social connectedness in student retention in       Wozencroft, all from University of Tennessee - Knoxville
                              hospitality programs

                              Preparing Hospitality Students to Lead a Diverse   Mary E. Dawson, Jack A. Neal & Juan M. Madera, all from
                              Workforce                                          University of Houston

Services Marketing &          Other Consumers in Service Encounters: The         Li Miao, Purdue University; Anna S. Mattila, The
Management                    moderating effect of psychological distance on     Pennsylvania State University
Flamingo C                    consumer responses

                              The Use of Sequential Critical Incident Analysis   Kyungmi Kim & Martin O'Neill, both from Auburn
                              to Evaluate Service Process Quality in the         University
                              Restaurant Sector

Leisure & Recreation          Women’s Conceptualizations of Spa Visits:          Lydia Hanks & Anna S. Mattila, both of The Pennsylvania
Flamingo D                    Something just for me                              State University

                              A Comparative Case Study between the               Radu Mihailescu, University of Malta
Tourism                       Caribbean and the Eastern Cape Regarding
Flamingo D                    Charter Airline Benefits

Tourism Marketing             Korean Overseas Travelers' Perception of           Min Hwa Kim, Hong Bumm Kim & Ki Jung Choi
Tropical A                    Destination Attributes by Overseas Destination

                              Evaluation of Segment Attractiveness: First time   Amir Shani, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Eilat
                              versus repeat visitors to Kissimmee-St. Cloud,     Campus; Robertico Croes, University of Central Florida

Lodging Operations            The Influence of Corporate Diversification         Qu Xiao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; John W.
Tropical B                    Strategies on Property Performance                 O'Neill, The Pennsylvania State University

                              Hotel Service Quality and Business Performance     Emmanuel T. Murasiranwa & Kevin Nield, both from
                              in a UK Hotel Chain                                Sheffield Hallam University
                              Opening General Session
                              Ana Maria Viscasillas, President & CEO, Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
San Geronimo Ballroom B
                              More than the Sun: A Caribbean overview

                              Marketplace Grand Opening and Welcome Reception
Exhibit Hall


                              Conference Registration
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

                             Continental Breakfast
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
                             Cyber Café Open
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
                             ICHRIE Annual Business Meeting                         Bill Samenfink, Endicott College
San Geronimo Ballroom B

                             Second General Session
                             Joseph A. McInerney, President & CEO, AH&LA
San Geronimo Ballroom B
                             Global Travel: Trends & initiatives

10:15-11:15am                Deans’ & Directors’ Program
Flamingo A                   University Fundraising that really works: a            Carl Winston, San Diego State University
(open for all)               beginners program

                             Marketplace Open
Exhibit Hall
                             Marketplace Lunch
Exhibit Hall
10:15-11:00am                POSTER SESSIONS

                             A Process for Field Experience Learning Outcome        Oscar Oberkircher, Shih Ming Hu & David Jurasinski,
                             Development | 1A                                       all from State University of New York at Oneonta

                             Supervisors and Empowerment: Student                   Thomas George & Ji Chul Jang, both from The Ohio
                             perceptions of the relationship | 2A                   State University

                             Using Quality STEM Educational Concepts to             David Rivera & Melani Duffrin, both from East Carolina
                             Improve Skills of the Future Food and Beverage         University
                             Workforce | 3A

                             Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Cross-cultural        Danqing Liu, Florida International University & Tianjin
                             Teaching in Hospitality Management | 4A                University of Commerce; Suigen Yang, Tianjin
                                                                                    University of Commerce

Education/Curriculum         Ethical Decision and Sources of Ethical Belief: An     Jenny Tian & Eliza Ching-yick Tse, both from The
                             exploratory study of Asian hospitality students | 5A   Chinese University of Hong Kong

                             An Application of Quality Function Deployment          Chin-Hsun Ken Tsai & Betty L. Stout, both from Texas
                             (QFD) to Study Abroad Programs in Hospitality at       Tech University
                             US Universities | 6A

                             Comparing Emotional Intelligence Scores of Hotel       Kara Wolfe, North Dakota State University
                             Employees and Hospitality Students | 7A

                             Exploring Personality in Hospitality and Tourism       Eun-Kyong Choi, Hyun-Woo Joung & Jingxue Jessica
                             Undergraduates Using the Big Five Personality          Yuan, all from Texas Tech University
                             Traits | 8A

Education/Curriculum         Hospitality Program Strategy: A differentiation        Eric Brey, University of Memphis
                             focus case study | 9A

                             Team-based Experiential Learning Techniques in         Carol A. Silkes, University of Memphis; Kelly V. Phelan,
                             Hospitality Undergraduate Curricula | 10A              Texas Tech University

                             A Review of Contemporary Qualitative Methods in        Kun Yang, Jinlin Zhao & Wei He, all from Florida
                             Tourism and Hospitality Research | 11A                 International University

                             Simpler and Better? Revisit of a Time Series Model     Elizabeth Lebruto & Nan Hua, both from University of
                             of Forecasting in the Lodging Industry | 12A           Central Florida

                             Real options and Reversibility of Appreciable Fixed    Seul Ki Lee & SooCheong (Shawn) Jang, both from
                             Assets: Interdependency in investment and              Purdue University
                             disinvestment activities of lodging firms | 13A
Finance/Accounting           Changes in the Fed Discount Rate and Investments       Ming-Hsiang Chen, National Chung Cheng University;
                             in the Hospitality Sectors | 14A                       Hyun Jeong Kim, Washington State University

                             Corporate Governance Provisions and Risk-Adjusted      Melih Madanoglu, Florida Atlantic University; Ersem
                             Performance of U.S. Restaurants | 15A                  Karadag, Robert Morris University

                             Industry-Effect on Risk Adjusted Equity Behavior of    Genti Lagji & Atul Sheel, both from University of
                             Restaurant Firms | 1B                                  Massachusetts - Amherst

                            Food Safety, Labor Costs and the Effects on Quick     Kimberly Mathe, Oklahoma State University
                            Service Restaurant Performance | 2B

                            Restaurant Triple Bottom Line: Balance between        Diana L. Hough & Susan Gregory, both from Eastern
Finance/Accounting          economic, social, and environmental policies | 3B     Michigan University; Robin DiPietro, University South

                            Menu Engineering of Healthy Menus for Efficient       Sang-Mook Lee & Hyun-Oh Kang, both from Texas Tech
                            Management in the Foodservice Industry | 4B           University; Young Hoon Kim, University of Mississippi;
                                                                                  Frank C. Tsai, National Taichung Institute of Technology

                            An Examination of the Governance Structure in the     Twila Mae Logan, Doreen Gooden & Helen Simon, all
                            Hospitality Industry | 5B                             from Florida International University

                            The Effects of Financial Factors and Risk on Firm     Ilhan Demirer, Dongsoo Lee & Ben K. Goh, all from
Finance/Accounting          Performance: Evidence from U.S. lodging               Texas Tech University
                            companies | 6B

                            Weathering the Storm, Part II: Hospitality            Sandra Sydnor-Bousso, Purdue University
                            industry resilience as a function of community
                            resiliency | 7B

                            Cross-listing Effect of Hospitality and Tourism       Yoon Koh & Seoki Lee, both from Temple University
                            Companies | 8B

                            A Hotels’ Financial Performance using RevPAR          Hak-Seon Kim, Hyun-Pyo Kim, Hyun-Oh Kang & Ben K.
Finance/Accounting          (Revenue Per Available Room) | 9B                     Goh, all from Texas Tech University

                            Green, Responsible and Competitive Hotels:            Albert E. Schram, Maastricht University; Luz
                            environmental management in Green Globe               Lafontaine, Universidad del Este
                            certified Hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico | 10B
11-11:45am                  POSTER SESSIONS

                            An Exploratory Study: The effect of alcoholic         Robert E. Frash, College of Charleston; John M. Antun,
                            beverage spending on tipping in full-service          University of Tennessee – Knoxville; Sarah Roshfeld,
                            restaurants | 1A                                      Mary Gravis, Carrie McGeehan & Mary McGovern, all
                                                                                  from College of Charleston

                            Factors Influencing Contract School Foodservice       Yunjeong Choo & Jungsun Kim, both from Texas Tech
                            Managers' Performance | 2A                            University
Foodservice/Culinary Arts
                            Generation Y Perspectives towards Stadium             Sophitmanee Sukalakamala, Southern Utah University;
                            Food | 3A                                             Piyavan Sukalakamala & Pam L. Young, both of
                                                                                  Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte

                            Restaurant Server Perspectives on Gratuity            Susan Roe, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
                            Pooling | 4A
                                                                                  Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim, YongHee Kim, Chung Hun Lee &
                            A Case Study: Adopting touch screening SST            Anna S. Mattila, all from The Pennsylvania State
                            Ordering System in drive thru | 5A                    University

                            Food Safety, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Are        Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, University of Arkansas,
                            Foodservice Operators Prepared? | 6A                  Fayetteville; David Baker, University of Central Missouri

                            Techniques of Healthy Cooking: Acceptability of ice   Shih-Ming Hu, State University of New York at Oneonta;
                            cream prepared using okra gum as fat and              Ning-Kuang Chuang; Kent State University; Oscar
                            cholesterol ingredient substitutes | 7A               Oberkircher & David Jurasinski, both from State
                                                                                  University of New York at Oneonta
Foodservice/Culinary Arts
                            The Rationale for Becoming a Franchisee: Korean-      Eunmi Sohn, Texas Tech University Health Sciences
                            American perspective | 8A                             Center; Hsing-Hui Lin & Pou-Wen Chang, both from
                                                                                  Texas Tech University

                            The Difference of Resident and Non-Resident           Kwang-Woo Lee, Texas Tech University; Jin-Soo Hwang
                            Customer Based on Service Quality in the              & Young-Gin Choi, both from Kansas State University
                            Restaurant Business using Cart Methodology | 9A

                            Can Location Predict Restaurant Success or Failure?   John T. Self, California State Polytechnic University -
                            An Analysis of Restaurant Failure Rates | 10A         Pomona

Foodservice/Culinary Arts   Evaluating Restaurant Guests’ Perceptions of          Jean L. Hertzman, Carola Raab, Orie Berezan &
                            Ambient Noise Levels and its Effect on Guest          Dipendra Singh, all from University of Nevada Las Vegas
                            Satisfaction | 11A

                            University Food Service Attributes: Millennial’s      Deborah C. Fowler, Amanda K. Wilson, Jingxue J.

                                Preferences | 12A                                   Yuan & Ben K. Goh, all from Texas Tech University

                                An Effective Appraisal Method In The Restaurant     David Jurasinski, Oscar Oberkircher & Shih Ming Hu,
                                Industry | 13A                                      all from State University of New York at Oneonta

                                The Challenging Trend of Green Restaurants in the   Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, University of Arkansas
                                Twenty-First Century | 14A                          Fayetteville; David Baker, University of Central Missouri

                                Impact of Complimentary Food and Beverage on        Toni Repetti, Susan J. Roe & Kahlil Philander,
                                Gratuity Percentage | 15A                           University of Nevada - Las Vegas

                                Abusive Supervision and Employee Empowerment in     Kimberly Mathe, Oklahoma State University
                                Quick Service Restaurants | 1B

                                Cultural Diversity Management and its Effects on    Yong J. Kim & Murat Hancer, both from Oklahoma
                                Organizational Commitment in Different Restaurant   State University
                                Type | 2B

                                Emotional Management Training: It’s effect on       Erinn D. Tucker, Oklahoma State University
Human Resources Management      overall customer satisfaction and employee
                                performance | 3B

                                Efficacy of Communication Competences of            Volkan Altintas, Akdeniz University; Ercan Sirakaya-
                                Professional Tour Guides | 4B                       Turk, The University Of South Carolina

                                Guest Complaints and Employee Training | 5B         Ning-Kuang Chuang, Kent State University; Shih-Ming
                                                                                    Hu, State University of New York at Oneonta; Ronnie
                                                                                    Yeh, California State University at Long Beach; Ben K.
                                                                                    Goh, Texas Tech University

                                Job Competency Expectations: Does a Difference      Peter Ricci & Melih Madanoglu, both from Florida
                                Exist between Hotel Types? | 6B                     Atlantic University

                                Transformational Leadership and Innovative          Chi-Tung Tsai, National Changhua University of
                                Behavior: A multilevel examination | 7B             Education
Human Resources Management      The Impact of Employee Training on Employee         Eun-Kyong Choi, Texas Tech University; Jinlin Zhao &
                                Retention in the Foodservice Industry: Full-time    Eunju Suh, both from Florida International University
                                versus part-time employees’ guest complaints and
                                employee training | 8B

                                Facebook Habits of Hospitality Students: For        Parisa Salkhordeh & Ali Poorani, both from University
                                recruiting and marketing purpose | 9B               of Delaware

11:45am-12:30pm                 POSTER SESSIONS

                                Conceptual Framework for Web-Customer               Ajay Aluri & Lisa Slevitch, both from Oklahoma State
                                Satisfaction and Its Relationship with Website      University
                                Quality, Web-Customer Value and Web-Relationship
                                Quality | 1A

Information and Communication   Investigating Contributors and Contents of          Geunhee Lee & Iis P. Tussyadiah, both from Temple
Technologies and Information    Influential eWOM | 2A                               University
                                How Do Consumers Process Online Hotel Reviews?:     Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim, Chung Hun Lee & Anna S. Mattila,
                                The effects of eWOM consensus and sequence | 3A     all from The Pennsylvania State University

                                An Exploratory Research of Luxury Hotel Websites'   Jinlin Zhao & Nicole Genta, both from Florida
                                Brand Personality | 4A                              International University

                                Unified View of Consumer Acceptance and             Ajay Aluri & Radesh Palakurthi, both from Oklahoma
                                Intentions to Use RFID Technologies in the Hotel    State University
                                Industry | 5A

                                Organizational Level RFID Adoption in the           Ahmet B. Ozturk & Radesh Palakurthi, both from
Information and Communication
                                Hospitality Industry | 6A                           Oklahoma State University
Technologies and Information
                                Modeling Customers’ Decision to Use Self-service    Alinda Kokkinou & David A. Cranage, both from The
                                Technology | 7A                                     Pennsylvania State University

                                Customers’ Motivations to Use Self-Service          Alinda Kokkinou, David A. Cranage, Ondrej Mitas &
                                Technology in Resort Context | 8A                   YongHee Kim, all from The Pennsylvania State

                            The Effect of Hospitality Degree on Motivation and    Ezgi Erkmen & Murat Hancer, both from Oklahoma
                            Job Satisfaction in Hotel Industry | 9A               State University

                            Outsourcing Employees and Services in U.S.            Marcia Taylor & Dori Dennison, both from East Carolina
                            Hotels | 10A                                          University
Human Resource Management
                            Impact of Social Networking on College                Curt P. Baker, Edwin N. Torres & Howard Adler, all
                            Recruitment | 11A                                     from Purdue University

                            An Examination of Identity Management in              Kimberly Mathe, Oklahoma State University
                            Women’s Career Stages for the Hospitality
                            Industry | 12A

                            Environmental practices: Guest attitudes, level of    Angel F. Gonzalez & Luz La Fontaine, both from
                            satisfaction and intention to return to a certified   Oklahoma State University
                            green hotel | 13A

                            Do Leisure Constraints Influence the Preference for   Radesh Palakurthi & Daehui Peter Lee, both from
                            and Participation In Exhibitions? | 14A               Oklahoma State University
Leisure & Recreation
                            The Impact of Positive Affect and Customer            David S. Martin & Ryan T. Howell, both from San
                            Satisfaction on the Future Behavioral Intentions of   Francisco State University; Martin A. O'Neill, Auburn
                            Sports Fans | 15A                                     University

                            The Importance of Travel Factors in Learning and      Novie Johan, John Tribe & Eugene Sadler-Smith, all
                            its Outcomes during Gap Year Travel (GYT) | 1B        from University of Surrey

                            Exposing the Knowledge and Importance of              Randall S. Upchurch, University of Wisconsin – Stout;
                            Timeshare Program Offerings | 2B                      Catherine R. Curtis, University of Central Florida; Robin
                                                                                  B. DiPietro & Brumby McLeod, both from University of
                                                                                  South Carolina - Columbia

                            Crises Management and Planning for Hotels | 3B        Mehmet Erdem, Dan Cormany & Seyhmus Baloglu, all
                                                                                  from University of Nevada, Las Vegas

                            The Bed and Breakfast Guest: An analysis of           Dan Crafts, Missouri State University - Springfield
                            segmentation and consumer behavior variables | 4B
                            Pricing Competition Model of Information Sharing:     Sungsoo Kimm, Youngstown State university; Steven
                            Game-theoretic model approach | 5B                    Slutsky, Brijesh Thapa, Lori Pennington-Gray, all from
                                                                                  University of Florida

                            The Location of Hotels and its effects on             Kwang-Woo Lee, Texas Tech University; Hong-bumm
                            Guests: Focus on fit guests in 5-star hotels of       Kim, Sejong University; Hak-Seon Kim & Dong-Soo Lee,
                            Seoul, Korea | 6B                                     both from Texas Tech University

                            Attrition Clauses in Group Sales Agreements: How      Jessie C. Welch & Breffni M. Noone, both from The
                            Hotels Differentiate Between Segments to Minimize     Pennsylvania State University
                            Attrition Costs | 7B

                            Factors Impacting Hotel Customers' Decisions to       Sarah Tanford, Yen-Soon Kim & Carola Raab,
                            Defect to the Competition | 8B                        University of Nevada - Las Vegas

                            A Study on the Difference of Guests’ Preference       Sun hee Park & Jinlin Zhao, Florida International
                            that Affects on Guest’s Satisfaction Between          University
                            Independent Boutique Hotels and Chain Hotels In
Lodging                     South Beach, Miami | 9B

                            A Study of Employee Perception of Managerial          Jinlin Zhao & Christina Smith, both from Florida
                            Styles within Hotels in Nassau, Bahamas | 10B         International University

                            The Effect of Service Duration and Price Match        Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim & Anna S. Mattila, both from The
                            on Perceived Price Fairness, Emotions and             Pennsylvania State University
                            Satisfaction | 11B

                            The Impact of Service Utility and Servicescape        Lydia Hanks & Anna S. Mattila, both from The
                            on Wait Time Perception and Consumption               Pennsylvania State University
                            Enjoyment | 12B

                            Brand Positioning Analysis: An Application to         SoJung Lee, Dipendra Singh, & Stefan Cosentino, all
Service Management
                            Timeshare Industry | 13B                              from University of Nevada - Las Vegas

                            To tip or not to tip? An exploratory study of         Martin A. O'Neill & Jeremy Whaley, both from Auburn
                            the motivations driving consumer tipping              University
                            behavior | 14B

                     Development of a Satisfaction Instrument for           Linchi (Lingzhi Guo) Kwok, Syracuse University
                     Summer Camps | 15B

12:30-1:15pm         POSTER SESSIONS

                     Developing a Defensive Service Marketing Strategy      Sandy Chen, Institute for Tourism Studies
                     by Understanding | 1A

                     The Impact of Language Barrier and Cultural            Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim & Anna S. Mattila, both from The
Service Management
                     Differences on ESL Customers’ Restaurant               Pennsylvania State University
                     Experiences in the U.S. | 2A

                     The Impact of Culture and Server Interpersonal         Lydia Hanks & Anna S. Mattila, both from The
                     Engagement on Dining Satisfaction | 3A                 Pennsylvania State University

                     An Exploratory Study of Hotel Companies that have      John Sutton, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality
                     Applied the Balanced Scorecard Approach to             Management
                     Performance Measurement | 4A

                     The Relationships of Perceived Quality, Perceived      Soyeon Kim & Jae Eun Chung, both from Ohio State
                     Value, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions:         University
                     Investigating the moderating effect of restaurant
                     type | 5A

Service Management   Hospitality and Tourism Based Critical Incidents: An   Yinghua Huang, Oklahoma State University; Scott
                     exploration of cultural differences | 6A               Swanson, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire; Baoheng
                                                                            Wang, Xiamen University

                     Suggestive Selling in the Restaurant Business: A       Jean Lagueux, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
                     framework connecting selling approaches to sales
                     encounter outcomes | 7A

                     The Effect of Power Distance and Holistic Versus       Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim, The Pennsylvania State University
                     Analytic Cognition on Service Evaluation of Asian
                     Versus Western Customers | 8A

                     A Modular Systems Approach to Managing Island          Leonard A. Jackson, University of Memphis; Ryan
                     Tourism: The case of Aruba | 9A                        Peterson, University of Aruba

                     Understanding the Economic Impact of Tourism in        David Mc.A Baker, University of Central Missouri;
                     the Caribbean Region using the Tourism Satellite       Godwin-Charles C. Ogbeide, University of Arkansas
                     Account (TSA) | 10A
                     Tourism in the Amazon: Learning from the past and      Chandana Jayawardena, George Brown College of
                     planning for the future | 11A                          Applied Arts and Technology; Donald Sinclair, Amazon
                                                                            Cooperation Treaty Organization

                     The impact of a film on destination image and          Jeeyeon Hahm & Youcheng Wang, both from University
                     travel intentions: A multivariate repeated measure     of Central Florida; SoJung Lee, University of Nevada -
                     analysis | 12A                                         Las Vegas

                     An Examination of Health Tourist's Behavior | 13A      Young H. Kim, The University of Mississippi; Changsan
                                                                            Boo, Jeju National University; Mincheol Kim, Jeju
                                                                            National University

                     Exploration of Factors Affecting Adoption of           Ahmad M. Abdelbary, Iowa State University
Tourism              Biometrics Technology in Egyptian Hotels | 14A

                     Competencies for Successful Leadership in Higher       Jonathan F. Ramos, University of Puerto Rico – Carolina
                     Education: A Puerto Rican perspective | 15A

                     The Impacts and Influencers of Member Retention        Theresa Clem & Swathi Ravichandran, both from Kent
                     Strategies in Country Clubs | 1B                       State University

                     A Positioning Analysis on a Hotel's Brand Image | 2B   Myongjee Yoo & Sojung Lee, both from University of
                                                                            Nevada - Las Vegas

                     Do They Truly Care? The Impact of Sustainable          Orie Berezan, Carola Raab & Michelle Millar, all from
                     Hotel Policies on Guest Satisfaction and Intention     University of Nevada - Las Vegas
                     to Return | 3B
                     Understanding Online Social Networking and its         Curt P. Baker & Li Miao, both from Purdue University
                     impact on Customer Relationship Marketing in the
                     U.S. Hospitality Industry | 4B

                     A Systematic Examination of Destination Loyalty        Christina G. Chi & Dogan Gursoy, both from Washington

                       Formation | 5B                                         State University; Brendan T. Chen, National Chin-Yi
                                                                              University of Technology

                       A Study of Service Strategy in the Asian Hospitality   Eliza C. Tse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                       Industry | 6B

                       Customer’s Perceptual Analysis of Fine Art on          Howook "Sean" Chang, Woody Kim & Mark A. Bonn, all
                       Display in a Five-Star Hotel and Its Influence on      from Florida State University
                       Perceived Quality of Servicescape | 7B

                       Meeting Planners' Perspectives on Relationship         Miyoung Kim & Hailin Qu, both from Oklahoma State
                       Selling in the U.S.A and Europe | 8B                   University

                       Assessment of Features of Shanghai Convention          Lijia Xie, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Yingzhi
                       Industry: An empirical application of importance-      Guo, Fudan University
                       performance analysis model | 9B
                       The Relationships among Ego Involvement,               Po-Ju Chen, University of Central Florida; Huei-Ju
                       Performance and Attendee Satisfaction | 10B            Chen, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College

                       Consumer Responses to Service Recovery Strategies      Karin Weber & Cathy Hsu, both from The Hong Kong
                       in a Strategic | 11B                                   Polytechnic University; Beverley Sparks, Griffith

                       A Positioning Analysis of Types of Atmospheric         Ming Hsu Chang, Kaohsiung Hospitality College
                       Music Plays in the Restaurant | 12B

                       Is This Shangri-la? Authenticity: The challenge for    Alistair J. Williams, Johnson & Wales University -
                       developing hospitality economies | 13B                 Charlotte
                       The Effect of Cultural Difference on Perceived Risk    Ezgi Erkmen & Murat Hancer, both from Oklahoma
                       and Intention to Use Travel Intermediaries in          State University
                       International Travel Decisions | 14B

                       Affecting Pleasure Airline Travel: When is enough      Martha A. Coussement, Faulkner State Community
                       airport security too much? | 15B                       College; Sylvere H. Coussement, Pensacola Junior
1:15-4:30pm            INDUSTRY DAY SESSIONS

                       Industry Sessions I                                    Mary Jo Dolasinki, White Lodging; Randy Goldberg,
                       Social Media: Let it make a difference for you, your   Hyatt Corporation; Jerry Paulison, Sodexo; Alan Tuttle,
                       students & your customers                              Marriott

                       Refreshment Break
Grand Foyer

                       Industry Sessions II
3-4:30pm                                                                      Anna Graf Williams, Learnovation; Mollie Moore,
                       The Greening of the Hospitality Industry: It’s more
                                                                              Darden; Betty Ann Phillips, Marriott
                       than conserving water & recycling paper

4:30-4:45pm            Transition Time


San Geronimo Foyer C   Service Learning SIG                                   Diane Withrow, Cape Fear Community College

San Geronimo Foyer A   Facilities Management SIG                              Dina Zemke, Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte

                       Jumping Out of the Fishbowl: The Value of
Flamingo A                                                                    Steven Luther, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
                       International Internships

                       Combined Meetings: Professional Development
Flamingo B             Committee, Education Committee & Directors of          Rich Ghiselli, Purdue University
                       Education from Federations

                       New Gen Simulations for New Gen Students
Flamingo C                                                                    William Carroll, Cornell University
                       Entering a New Gen Marketplace

Flamingo D             Research SIG                                           HG Parsa, University of Central Florida

                       Student Learning Activities for Hotel Management       Oscar Oberkircher, State University of New York at
Tropical A
                       Internships and Work Experience                        Oneonta

                       CONPEHT Panel on Tourism Education and Industry
Tropical B                                                                    Paul A. Rivera, University of Puerto Rico
                       Issues in Latin America and Spain

                       Recessions Effect of a Land Developers Country         Robert A. McMullin, East Stroudsburg University of
Tropical C
                       Club                                                   Pennsylvania

Conference 6                 Diversifying golf through educational initiatives     Leonard A. Jackson, University of Memphis

Conference 10                Strategic Planning Committee                          Cynthia Deale, East Carolina University

Conference 7                 ESD Board of Governors Meeting                        Melissa Dallas, Missouri State University

San Geronimo C               Symposium Review Committee                            Amit Sharma, The Pennsylvania State University

Murphy Room                  Club Management SIG                                   Paul Wiener, Northern Arizona University

6:30-9:30pm                  University of Puerto Rico & CONPEHT Dinner (invitation only)

Open Evening                 Explore San Juan on Your Own

FRIDAY, 30 JULY 2010
                             Conference Registration Open
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
7-8:30am                     Lodging SIG
                                                                                   William Frye, Niagara University
Lobby                        Back-of-the-House Tour
                             Continental Breakfast
San Geronimo Outside Foyer
                             Cyber Café Open
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

9-10am                       FEDERATION MEETINGS

Flamingo A                   EuroCHRIE Federation

Flamingo B                   AsiaPacific CHRIE Federation

Flamingo C                   US Northeast Federation

Tropical A                   US Southeast Federation

Tropical B                   US Central Federation

Tropical C                   US West Federation

                             Refreshment Break
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

10:15-11:45am                Deans’ & Directors’ Program                           Caroline Cooper, Johnson & Wales University,
Expo C (open to all)         So you want to be a Dean or Director?                 Providence; Bob O'Halloran, East Carolina University

10:15-11:15am                CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Tourism                      A Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Popular       SoJung Lee & Billy Bai, both from University of Nevada
Flamingo A                   Culture on Destination Image: A case study of         - Las Vegas
                             Korean Wave from Japanese fans

                             A Comparative Analysis of Bangkok as a City Tourist   Siriporn McDowall, New Mexico State University; Li-
                             Destination                                           Chun Lin, Montclair State University; Sandra Naipaul,
                                                                                   University of Central Florida

Marketing                    An Analysis of the Performing Arts Consumer:          Sung Hee Park, Michigan State University; Chang Huh,
Flamingo B                   Developing market segments by using Chaid             Niagara University

                             An Epistemological View of Consumer Experiences       Andrew R. Walls, San Francisco State University

Foodservice Operations/      Assessing the Utility of Restaurant Descriptors and   Bonnie M. Canziani, University of North Carolina at
Culinary Arts                Typologies for Advancing the Body of Knowledge in     Greensboro; Barbara A. Almanza, Purdue University;
Flamingo C                   Restaurant Management                                 Merrick J. McKeig, University of North Carolina at

                             An Exploration of Turnover Intention in Casual        Robin B. DiPietro & Brumby McLeod, both from
                             Dining Restaurant Employees                           University of South Carolina - Columbia

Human Resources Management   A Conceptual Framework for Attracting Generation      Harsha E. Chacko, Jeffrey Schaffer & Kim H. Williams,
Flamingo D                   Y to the Hotel Industry using a Seamless Hotel        all from University of New Orleans
                             Organizational Structure

                             Can't Get No Satisfaction: An examination of          David Solnet & Anna L. Kralj, both from University of

                                Generation Y work attitudes                            Queensland

Marketing                       Hedonic Motivations and the Effectiveness of Risk      Zvi Schwartz, University of Illinois at Urbana-
Tropical A                      Perceptions Oriented Revenue Management Policies       Champaign; Chih-Chien Chen, Temple University

                                A Predictive Model of Behavioral Intention to Spa      Soo Hyun Kim & SeungHyun Kim, both from Michigan
                                Visiting: An extended theory of planned behavior       State University; Chang Huh, Niagara University; Bonnie
                                                                                       Knutson, Michigan State University

Lodging Operations              College Students’ Willingness to Pay for Green         David M. Pearlman & Daniel de la Selva, University of
Tropical B                      Hotels: An application of the Theory of Planned        New Orleans

                                Putting the Dollar Signs to Quality: The cost of       Daniel Mount, The Pennsylvania State University
                                experienced problems in the hotel industry

Finance/Accounting/Management   Executive Compensation and Firm Performance: An        Arun Upnej & Ozgur Ozdemir, both from The
Tropical C                      investigation of the U.S. hotel industry               Pennsylvania State University

                                The Impact of Chief Executive Officer Transition       Barry A.N. Bloom, Iowa State University
                                Announcements on Lodging Stock Performance: An
                                event study

Information and Communication   SoftwareQual: The case of SPSS Statistical Software    Michael Vieregge, University Centre IMI Lucerne;
Technologies and Information                                                           Shobana Sehikaran, Manchester Metropolitan University
Conference 6                    Effects of Narrative versus Non-narrative Message      Dae-Young Kim, University of Missouri – Columbia;
                                on Attitudes and Memory: Comparison of implicit        Zhijian Chen, University of Toronto
                                and explicit attitude measures

11:15-11:30am                   Transition Time

11:30am-12:30pm                 SIG & COUNCIL MEEETINGS

Conference 6                    JHTR Editorial Review Board                            Anna Mattila, The Pennsylvania State University

San Geronimo A                  Profiles of African-American Hospitality Leaders       Cynthia Mayo, Delaware State University

                                Capacity Building Training for the LGBT Market
San Geronimo C                                                                         Debra K. Blair, Temple University
                                through Gay Sensitivity Training

San Geronimo Foyer C            Distance Learning SIG                                  James Bardi, Penn State Berks

Conference 7                    Hospitality Financial Management SIG                   Ray Schmidgall, Michigan State University

11:30am-12:30pm                 CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Education/Curriculum            Monitoring Student success: A systemic model for       Amanda Kay Cecil, Yao-Yi Fu & Elizabeth Jones, all
Flamingo A                      hospitality and tourism educators                      from Indiana University

                                Factors that Drive Program Selection for Hospitality   Omar J. Pagan & Zoe M. Santiago, both from
                                Management Students                                    Universidad Del Este

Finance/Accounting/Management   Hotel Valuation Using DCF and ADR Techniques –         Jing Fu & Atul Sheel, both from University of
Flamingo B                      What is a better Tool? - A case study of the Hilton    Massachusetts – Amherst
                                Hotel Group

                                Restaurant Industry Risk Dimensions and their          Melih Madanoglu, Florida Atlantic University; Michael
                                Influence on Operating Cash Flows                      D. Olsen, Virginia Tech; Francis A. Kwansa, University
                                                                                       of Delaware

Foodservice Operations/         Going Green in Quick Service Restaurants:              Robin B. DiPietro, University of South Carolina –
Culinary Arts                   Customer perceptions and intentions                    Columbia; Susan Gregory, Eastern Michigan University;
Flamingo C                                                                             Amy Jackson, University of South Carolina – Columbia

                                A Study of Service Strategy in the Asian Hospitality   Eliza C. Tse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Gaming                           Gambling Motivation and Passion: A comparison          Ki Joon Back, University of Houston; Choong-Ki Lee,
Flamingo D                       study of recreational and pathological gamblers        Kyunghee University

                                 Estimating the Impact of Free-Play Coupon Value        Eunju Suh, Florida International University
                                 on Slot Player Wagering Volume

Lodging Operations               Putting the Dollar Signs to Quality: The benefits of   Daniel Mount, The Pennsylvania State University
Tropical A                       service recovery in the hotel industry

                                 Consumers’ Pro-Environmental Behavior and the          Wei Wei, Li Miao & Howard Adler, all from Purdue
                                 Underlying Motivations: A Comparison between the       University
                                 household and hotel settings

Tourism                          Investigating the Effects of Consumer Experience       Athina Nella & Evangelos Christou, both from
Tropical B                       Tourism on Brand Equity and Market Outcomes: An        University of the Aegean
                                 application in the wine industry

                                 The Role in Customers in Sustainable Supply Chain      Marianna Sigala, University of the Aegean
                                 Management Tourism

Tourism                          Tourists' Cognitive Appraisal on Tourism               Yunzhou Zhang & Yingzhi Guo, both from Fudan
Tropical C                       Development of Creative Industry Cultural and          University; Lijia Xie, The Hong Kong Polytechnic
                                 Artistic Clustering Areas: A case study of Tian Zi     Univeristy; Shengnan Zang, Fudan University

                                 Understanding the Economic Impact of Tourism in        David Mc.A Baker, University of Central Missouri;
                                 the Caribbean Region using the Tourism Satellite       Godwin-Charles C. Ogbeide, University of Arkansas
                                 Account (TSA)
12:30-1:30pm                     Lunch on your own

1:45-2:45pm                      WORKSHOPS & SYMPOSIA
                                 Collaborating on Data Collection: Building date
San Geronimo Foyer C                                                                    Chris Roberts, DePaul University

San Geronimo Foyer A             Teaching Tips for Courses in Meetings & Events         George Fenich, East Carolina University

                                                                                        Michael Scales, The Richard Stockton College of New
San Geronimo B                   Event Planning Courses
                                 Understanding of Implicit Attitudes in Hospitality
Tropical B                                                                              Dae–Young Kim, University of Missouri - Columbia
                                 and Tourism Research

Tropical C                       Advice for Future Reviewers                            Richard Ghiselli, Purdue University

1:45-2:45pm                      CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Human Resource Management        Future Egyptian Business Leaders: A comparison of      Ahmad M. Abdelbary, Iowa State University
Flamingo A                       European, American, and Egyptian ethics

                                 Review of Hospitality Ethics Research in 2008          Christine Lynn, Northern Arizona University

Tourism                          Tracking Destination Image through Time: The case      Svetlana Stepchenkova, University of Florida; Joseph
Flamingo B                       of Aruba                                               A. Ismail, Purdue University

                                 An Examination of the New Orleans Hospitality          Kim H. Williams, John A. Williams & Harsha E. Chacko,
                                 Industry Pre- and Post-Katrina                         all from University of New Orleans

Education/Curriculum             Factors Influencing College Student Intention          Min-Sun Jeon, Hak-Seon Kim, Kwang-Woo Lee & Ben
Flamingo C                       Regarding Community Service in Hospitality             K. Goh, all from Texas Tech University

                                 Examining Hospitality Student Perceptions of           Stephanie G. Hein & Melanie A. Grand, both from
                                 Academic Integrity Concerns                            Missouri State University - Springfield

Service Marketing & Management   Career Anchors of Convention & Exhibition Industry     Karin Weber & Adele Ladkin, both from The Hong Kong
Flamingo D                       Professionals in Asia                                  Polytechnic University

Information and Communication    The Interactive Effects of Colors on Visual            Dae-Young Kim, University of Missouri-Columbia
Technologies and Information     Attention and Working Memory: In Case of Images
Systems                          of Tourist Attractions
Flamingo D

Foodservice Operations/Culinary   Do QSC Inspections Lead to Better Financial           Robin B. DiPietro, University of South Carolina –
Arts                              Performance?                                          Columbia; Amy Gregory & H.G. Parsa, both from
Tropical A                                                                              University of Central Florida

                                  Recipients’ Perceptions of Service Quality,           Hak-Seon Kim, Hyun-Woo Joung, Jingxue (Jessica)
                                  Satisfaction and their Behavioral Intention in        Yuan & Lynn V. Huffman, all from Texas Tech
                                  Home-delivered Meal Program                           University

Foodservice Operations/Culinary   Determinants and Impacts of Customers’ Menu           Yan Zhong, Virginia State University; Kisang Ryu,
Arts                              Choice Regarding the Familiarity in the Authentic     University of New Orleans
Conference 6                      Chinese Restaurant Context

                                  The Effect of Nutritional Information and             Hae Jin Yoon, South Dakota State University; Thomas
                                  Nutritional Menu Context on Consumers’ Food           George, Ohio State University
                                  Choice at a Restaurant
2:45-3pm                          Refreshment Break

3-4pm                             WORKSHOPS, SYMPOSIA & COMMITTEE MEETINGS

                                  Enhancing the Student Experience: Achieving
Conference 7                                                                            Elizabeth Roberts, Bond University
                                  learning outcomes thought industry partners

                                  Re-defining the Study Abroad Experience for
San Geronimo A                                                                          Amanda Kay Cecil, Indiana University

                                  Game Use with Millennials to Promote Critical
Flamingo A                                                                              Sherry Andre, Johnson & Wales, Florida

                                  Designing an Introduction to the Hospitality
Conference 6                      Industry Text Book Appropriate for Today's            Connie E. Holt, Widener University
                                  Generation Y Students

Tropical B                        Refereed Paper Review Committee                       Evangelos Christou, University of the Aegean

Murphy Room                       Culinary Arts SIG                                     Keith Mandabach, New Mexico State University

3-4pm                             CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Education/Curriculum              Factors Influencing College Students’ Career Choice   Heidi Chang, Purdue University
Flamingo B                        and Career Continuity in The Foodservice Industry

Foodservice/Culinary Arts         Changing Food Safety Behavior Among Latino(a)         Seonghee Cho, University of Missouri – Columbia; Jean
Flamingo B                        Food Service Employees: The Food Safety Belief        Hertzman & Mehmet Erdem, both from University of
                                  Model                                                 Nevada - Las Vegas; Patton Garriott, University of
                                                                                        Missouri - Columbia

Information and Communication     An Investigation of Property-level IT Spending in     Ines Ghorbal-Blal & Hilary C. Murphy, both from Ecole
Technologies and Information      the Mid and Upscale European Hotel Sector             Hoteliere de Lausanne
Flamingo C                        Biometric Technology Applications and Trends in       Anil Bilgihan, University of Central Florida; Cihan
                                  Hotels                                                Cobanoglu, University of Delaware; Ersem Karadag,
                                                                                        Robert Morris University; Fevzi Okumus, University of
                                                                                        Central Florida

Human Resource Management         Hospitality Management Graduate Perceptions of        Edwin N. Torres & Howard Adler, both from Purdue
Flamingo D                        Management Development Practices                      University

                                  The Labor Shortage within the Travel and Tourism      David M. Pearlman & Jeffrey D. Schaffer, both from
                                  Industry: A case Study of Louisiana’s Long Term       University of New Orleans

Finance                           Patterns of Managerial Ties in Entrepreneurial        Zhaoping Liu, Cornell University; Songshan Sam Huang,
Tropical A                        Firms in China: A comparative study of economy        University of South Australia; Cathy Hsu, The Hong Kong
                                  hotel chains of different ownership types             Polytechnic University

                                  From Hotel Marketing Implementation to Balanced       Antonios A. Giannopoulos & George J. Avlonitis, both
Human Resource Management         Market Orientation: Critical Insights from a          from Athens University of Economics and Business
Tropical A                        Qualitative Research

Marketing                    Consumer Perceptions of Sustainability in the              Stuart E. Levy, The George Washington University
Tropical B                   Lodging Industry: Examination of sustainable
                             tourism criteria

                             Customer Mood and Service Quality Evaluation of            Fang Meng, Ohio University; Ercan Sirakaya-Turk,
                             Tour Operations                                            University of South Carolina - Columbia

Tourism                      Nature and Ecotourism Experience Classification            Claudia Jurowski, Northern Arizona University
Tropical C                   Schema

                             Rethinking Tourism Cluster Development Models for          Namhyun Kim & Bruce E. Wicks, both from University
                             Global Competitiveness                                     of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

4-4:15pm                     Transition Time

4-5pm                        WORKSHOPS, SYMPOSIA & MEETINGS
                             Exploring Relevant Topics Necessary in Teaching            Donna Albano, The Richard Stockton College of New
Flamingo A
                             Hospitality Facilities Management                          Jersey
                             Recent Lawsuits against Hotels, Restaurants and
Flamingo B                                                                              Karen Morris, Monroe Community College
                             Casinos: Learn from others’ mistakes!
Flamingo C                   EuroCHRIE Board Meeting                                    Olgun Cicek, Emirates Aviation College

                             Hospitality Program Development Strategies: A
Flamingo D                                                                              Eric Brey, University of Memphis
                             panel discussion
                             Teaching Online Hospitality Courses: The basics of
Tropical A                                                                              Chad M. Gruhl, Metropolitan State College of Denver
                             Blackboard Vista for hospitality professors
                             Restaurant Operations in a Downturn Economy: A
Tropical B                                                                              Francis Kwansa, The University of Delaware
                             pilot study
                             Bringing Hotels to Healthcare (H2H): A viable
Tropical C                   future model for medical tourism for the                   Fred DeMicco, The University of Delaware
                             hospitality and travel industry

Conference 6                 ACPHA-Annual Accreditation Update                          Ernest Boger, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
                             Cruising the Caribbean: The good, the bad and the
Conference 7                                                                            David Baker, University of Central Missouri

San Geronimo A               Multiple Methods for Student Presentations                 Fred Mayo, New York University

5-5:30pm                     Duck Race, benefiting CHRIE FutureFund™
Condado Lagoon               Sponsored by Robert H. Bosselman & Iowa State University

                             Past Presidents’ Reception (invitation only)
Flamingo Foyer
                             Mix & Mingle Happy Hour
San Geronimo Foyer
                             Awards Dinner
San Geronimo Ballroom

                             Awards Ceremony
San Geronimo Ballroom

9:45pm +
                             Photo Opportunity for Award Winners
San Geronimo Ballroom

9:45pm +
                             Awards Fiesta
San Geronimo Ballroom


                             Conference Registration
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

                             Continental Breakfast
San Geronimo Outside Foyer

8am-12Noon                   Cyber Café Open
                             ICHRIE Board of Directors’ Meeting
Conference 10

8:30-9:30am                  SYMPOSIA

                                  An Introduction to General Parameters of and
San Geronimo Foyer C              Cultural Considerations for International Inbound       Jack Samuels, Montclair State University
                                  Student Internship/Experiential Learning Programs

8:30-9:30am                       CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Human Resources Management        Assessing Professional Attributes using Conjoint        Tanya Ruetzler & Jim Taylor, both from University of
Flamingo A                        Analysis                                                Mississippi; Dennis Reynolds, Washington State
                                                                                          University; William Baker, Appalachian State University

                                  Effect of Communication Apprehension on Job             Jeffrey Allen Beck, JaeMin Cha, SeungHyun Kim &
                                  Satisfaction with Information and Organizational        Bonnie J. Knutson, all from Michigan State University
                                  Commitment among Lodging Revenue Managers

Finance/Accounting/Management     Menu Analysis for Coffee Shop Operation: Using          Hyun-Oh Kang & Sang-Mook Lee, both from Texas Tech
Flamingo B                        Activity-Based Costing                                  University; Young Hoon Kim, The University of

                                  Financial Distress for U.S. Lodging Industry: Effects   Seoki Lee & Yoon Koh, both from Temple University;
                                  of Leverage, Capital Intensity, and                     Huh Huh, Niagara University

Marketing                         Measuring and Validating Lodging Brand Equity           Haemoon Oh, University of Massachusetts Amherst;
Flamingo C                                                                                Cathy H. C. Hsu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
                                                                                          Albert Assaf, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

                                  Toward a Successful Destination Brand: Qualitative      Antonios A. Giannopoulos, Lamprini P. Piha & George
                                  findings from the hotel sector                          J. Avlonitis, all from Athens University of Economics
                                                                                          and Business

Education/Curriculum              Identification of Industry Needs for Baccalaureate      Thomas Mayburry, South Seattle Community College;
Flamingo D                        Hospitality Graduates: A Delphi study                   Nancy A. Swanger, Washington State University

                                  Revealing Key Competencies of Hospitality               Misty Johanson, DePaul University; Richard Ghiselli,
                                  Graduates Demanded by Industry: A 25-year               Purdue University; Linda J. Shea, University of
                                  review                                                  Massachusetts – Amherst; Chris Roberts, DePaul

Foodservice Operations/Culinary   Training Motivational Factors as Predictors of          Hyun-Woo Joung, Eun-Kyong Choi & Ben K. Goh, all
Conference 6                      Employees’ Training Satisfaction in Foodservice         from Texas Tech University

                                  The Management of Part-time Restaurant                  Abu Elnasr Sobaih, Helwan University; Philip Coleman,
                                  Employees: Implications for service quality             Caroline Ritchie & Eleri Jones, all from University of
                                                                                          Wales, Cardiff

Human Resource Management         Emotional Intelligence and Coping Styles among          Hyun Jeong Kim, Washington State University; Jerome
Tropical A                        Hospitality Industry Employees                          Agrusa, Hawaii Pacific University

                                  Investigating the Association of Burnout and            Anastasios Zopiatis, Cyprus University of Technology;
                                  Personality Traits of Hotel Managers                    Panayiotis Constanti, University of Nicosia; Iphigenia
                                                                                          Pavlou, Cyprus University of Technology

Foodservice Operations/Culinary   A Study of Consumer Commitment Development in           Lisa H. Kim & Hailin Qu, Oklahoma State University
Tropical B                        Casual Dining Restaurants: A relational benefits

                                  The role of gender composition in patrons' behavior     Soobin Seo, Purdue University; Johye Hwang, Kyung
                                  in restaurants                                          Hee University

Information and Communication     Creating Usable Mobile Ambient Intelligent              Galen R. Collins, Northern Arizona University
Technologies and Information      Applications for Hospitality Customers
Tropical C                        Factors Affecting Self-Service Technology Adoption:     Miyoung Jeong & Haemoon Oh, University of
                                  More to the technology adoption model                   Massachusetts - Amherst

Tourism                           An Exploratory Study in Service Recovery                Kristen Riscinto-Kozub, Widener University: Alleah
San Geronimo Foyer A              Satisfaction: The Role of the Employee in the           Crawford, East Carolina University
                                  Luxury Resort Industry

                                  Food Image, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions:     M. Shahrim Ab Karim, Bee Lia Chua, Razif Aman &
                                  The case of Malaysia’s Portuguese Cuisine               Hamdin Salleh, all from Universiti Putra Malaysia

Marketing                         Cross-cultural differences in customer consumption      Chen-ya Wang & Anna Mattila, both from The
San Geronimo C                    of hospitality services: A review and meta-analysis     Pennsylvania State University

                                of services and hospitality research

                                Impact of Relational Benefits on Loyal Customers        Myongjee Yoo & Billy Bai, both from University of
                                                                                        Nevada - Las Vegas
9:30-9:45am                     Transition Time

9:45-10:45am                    WORKSHOPS, SIG & COUNCIL MEETINGS

                                Measuring and Marketing the Benefits of
Guayacan                                                                                Donna L. Quadri, New York University
                                Internships: An industry-institution partnership

                                Enlightening HTM Students Beyond the Classroom:
San Geronimo C                                                                          Steven Luther, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
                                A primer for faculty-led study tours abroad

San Geronimo Foyer C
                                IT Benchmarking in the Hotel Sector                     Hillary C. Murphy, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

                                Coming to Terms with Assessment: Presenting one
San Geronimo Foyer A            hospitality management’s program assessment             Connie Holt, Widener University
                                model for achieving program student learning

                                                                                        Robert A. McMullin, East Stroudsburg University of
Flamingo D                      Experiential Learning with the New Economy

9:45-10:45am                    CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Human Resources Management      Social Exchanges as Motivation for Hotel                Emily Ma & Hailin Qu, Oklahoma State University
Conference 6                    Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior:
                                The Application of a New Three-Dimensional
                                Framework of OCB

                                An Investigation on the Relationships among Work-       Xinyuan Zhao, Sun Yat-Sen University; Hailin Qu,
                                Family Conflict, Work and Non-Work Attitudes, and       Oklahoma State University
                                Leisure Intention of Hospitality Employees

Education/Curriculum            Measuring Productivity of the Proceedings of a          Dong-Soo Lee, Eun-Kyong Choi & Lynn Huffman, all
Flamingo A                      Graduate Conference                                     from Texas Tech University

                                Single vs. Co-Authored and Multi-Authored               Robert H. Woods, University of Nevada, Las Vegas;
                                Research Articles: Evaluating the views and             Hyewon Youn, University of North Texas; Misty M.
                                opinions of ICHRIE Scholars                             Johanson, DePaul University

Information and Communication   Examination of the Reliability and Validity of an       Hak-Seon Kim, Kwang-Woo Lee, Dong-Soo Lee, Hyun-
Technologies and Information    Instrument for Measuring Restaurant Website             Woo Joung & Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan, all from Texas
Systems                         Quality (DINEWEBQUAL)                                   Tech University
Flamingo B
                                Hotel Companies’ Environmental Awareness &              Yuchin (Jerrie) Hsieh, University of North Carolina at
                                Commitment: A review of their web pages                 Greensboro; Sang-Mi Jeon, Silla University

Foodservice Operations/         QSR Choice: Key restaurant attributes and the role      Robert J. Harrington, University of Arkansas; Michael
Culinary Arts                   of gender, age and dining frequency                     C. Ottenbacher, Heilbronn University; Kelly A. Way,
Flamingo C                                                                              University of Arkansas

                                Understanding Customer Value in Restaurants             Jooyeon Ha & SooCheong Shawn Jang, Purdue

Services Management &           Visitor Satisfaction in Predicting Quality Dimensions   Kakyom Kim, Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte
Marketing                       and Future Intentions within the Entertainment
Tropical A                      Market

Marketing                       Marketing Wine to Millennials                           Deborah C. Fowler, Celia D. Henley, Jingxue Yuan,
Tropical A                                                                              Betty L. Stout & Ben K. Goh, all from Texas Tech

Tourism                         Assessing Cultural Tourism Development: A case          Naoko Yamada, Linda R. Brothers & Suosheng Wang,
Tropical B                      study of Indianapolis                                   all from Indiana University - Purdue University -

                                Defining and Dimensionalizing Organizational            Patrick Lynch, Margaret M. Walsh & Denis Harrington,
                                Innovativeness                                          all from Waterford Institute of Technology

Human Resources Management   The Diversity-Validity Dilemma: Implications from       Juan M. Madera & JeAnna Abbott, both from University
Tropical C                   the Ricci v. DeStefano U.S. Supreme Court Case          of Houston

                             HRM in the UK Budget Hotel Sector                       Tze-Jen Pan, Nanhua University

10:45-11am                   Refreshment Break

11:00am-12Noon               SYMPOSIA

                             Combining the Concepts and Content of the Resort
San Geronimo A
                             Management, Cruise Management and Casino                Ravi Pandit, Southern New Hampshire University
                             Management Courses
                             International Competency Standards for Meeting          Amanda Kay Cecil, Indiana University; Carl Winston,
Flamingo A
                             and Business Event Management                           San Diego State University

                             Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time: Helping
Flamingo B                   students achieve critical thinking skills overtime in   Kristen A. Riscinto-Kozub, Widener University
                             a foods laboratory environment

                             Analysis of Secondary Data Using National p
Flamingo C                                                                           HG Parsa, University of Central Florida
                             Consumer Survey Done by the US Government

Flamingo D                   Historically/Predominately Black Colleges SIG           Deanne Williams, Virginia State University
                             Green Practices in the Lodging Industry: An
Tropical A                                                                           Leonard A. Jackson, University of Memphis
                             Ameliorative Process
                             Core Values – Integrated into the Undergraduate
San Geronimo Foyer A         Curriculum using Tourism Education Futures              Elizabeth H. Barber, Temple University
                             Initiative (TEFI).


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