Energy Saving Trust cascade by malj


									Transition to a
Low Carbon Economy

Catherine Monaghan
Head of Energy Saving Trust North West
December 2010
Local Leaders
•   Local Authority and Business Leaders called upon to
provide strategic leadership and set out local economic
priorities in their area.
• creation of new Local Enterprise Partnerships to tackle:
    •   planning
    •   housing
    •   local transport and infrastructure priorities
    •   employment and enterprise

        AND……the transition to a low carbon economy.

1st wave
• October 2010 Government :
  • launched White paper on Local Growth – new approach to
    rebalance economy

  • announced first 24 local enterprise partnerships includes:
      •   Cheshire & Warrington
      •   Cumbria
      •   Greater Manchester
      •   Liverpool city region

  • Opened £1.4bn Regional Growth Fund for business – to support
    communities (dependent on the public sector) to transition to
    private sector led growth and prosperity

Link with generating own energy
- what can be achieved?
1.   Creation of a favourable planning system
2.   Mass scale retrofitting of houses with microgeneration or
     connection to community energy
3.   Supply chain development to create/safe guard jobs and new skills
     in microgeneration sector
4.   Security of supply by reducing reliance on central/grid connection
5.   Pay back generating your own energy from energy companies
     (feed in tariffs for individuals, local authorities, communities and
6.   Fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions by
     switching away from fossil fuels
7.   Reduction in microgeneration costs through research &
     development and bulk purchasing


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