York Indoor Training Cycle

					York Indoor Training Cycle
          OWNER’S MANUAL

    Congratulations on
    purchasing your
    exercise equipment from
    York Fitness.
    You have chosen a high quality, safe and innovative
    piece of equipment as your training partner and we
    are certain it will keep you motivated on the way to
    achieving your personal fitness goals.
    Please take the time to read this owner’s manual
    as it will help you to get the most out of your new
    exercise equipment.
    For more information visit www.yorkfitness.com

safety information         04
customer support           05
assembly instructions      06
operational instructions   08
warranty                   10
exploded drawing           11
part list                  12

safety information

Please read this instruction manual before you begin                       •	 Parents and others in charge of children should be aware of
                                                                              their responsibility, because the natural play instinct and the
assembly. Great care has been taken to design these                           fondness of experimenting of children can lead to situations
instructions and following them will help you with                            and behavior for which the training equipment is not
quicker assembly and minimize the risk of injury.                             intended.
                                                                           •	 If children are allowed to use the equipment, their mental
It is important that you keep these instructions for                          and physical development and above all their temperament
future reference.                                                             should be taken into account. They should be controlled and
                                                                              instructed in the correct use of the equipment.
This list is not exhaustive - You are responsible for
                                                                           •	 The equipment is under no circumstances suitable as a
your own safety!                                                              children’s toy.
    •	 Always assemble and operate the equipment on a level
                                                                           •	 Children should not be allowed on or around the equipment,
                                                                              especially when it is not in use.
    •	 Ensure the equipment is stable before use.
                                                                           •	 This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
    •	 Always ensure that the equipment has adequate space on                 children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
       each side.                                                             or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have
    •	 Ensure that the seat height is adjusted correctly. You should be       been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
       stable and balanced while on the saddle.                               appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

    •	 Adjust the seat height to ensure that you have a good               •	 This product is not suitable for therapeutic purposes.
       downward pedal stroke without overstretching, don’t                 •	 This product has an integrated speed independent braking
       compromise your balance.                                               system without a constant power mode that is governed by
    •	 Try to ensure that your back is straight while exercising,             magnetic resistance.
       especially for long periods.                                        •	 Never remove the protective casing.
    •	 The safety level of this equipment can only be maintained if it
       is regularly examined for wear and tear.
    •	 Replace defective components immediately and keep the                     MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: 120KG
       equipment out of use until it is repaired.
    •	 Use only the adjustment setting as described in the
       instructions. Always use the correct adjustment pin / fixing.
                                                                                      Protect the environment by not disposing of this
    •	 Always check that any pins / fixings are tight and secure before               product or batteries with household waste. Check
       use and after adjustment.                                                      your local authority for recycling advice
    •	 Never leave any adjustment devices projecting from the                         and facilities.
    •	 Always consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise
    •	 Always wear suitable clothing and footwear. (e.g. tracksuit /
       shorts / training shoes)
    •	 Remove all personal jewelry before exercising.
    •	 Ensure you warm-up well before using the equipment as this
       will help to prevent muscle strain.
    •	 After eating, allow 1-2 hours before exercising as this will help
       to prevent muscle strain.
    •	 Never remove the protective casing.
    •	 Never overload the equipment. (See maximum user weight)
    •	 Never use the equipment in any other manner other than
       the ways explained in these instructions and any wall-chart
    •	 Injuries to health may result from incorrect or excessive

customer support

Customer Support
Should you require any assistance regarding this product please
                                                                            Care & Maintenance
gather the following information and then contact us using the                •	 Always place the equipment in a dry environment.
details below:                                                                •	 Use a warm, damp cloth to keep the product clean.
  •	 Serial No. - This can be found on the sticker below, located as          •	 No wet cleaning of electrical components. Unplug before
     indicated.                                                                  any care and maintenance.
  •	 Original purchase date                                                   •	 The safety level of the equipment can be maintained
  •	 Place of purchase                                                           only if it is regularly examined for damage and wear. This
                                                                                 includes any ropes, pulleys, nuts, bolts, moving parts,
  •	 Information about the place and conditions of use
                                                                                 bushes, chains, wheels, bearings & connection points etc.
  •	 Precise description of the issue / defect
                                                                              •	 Ensure that you inspect the product regularly - at least
IMPORTANT!! - Please retain your sales receipt, York Fitness                     once a week is recommended.
Customer Care may request proof of purchase to validate
                                                                              •	 Ensure that all fixings are tight before use.
eligibility for warranty service. Warranty cover starts from the
date shown on the proof of purchase.                                          •	 Always replace damaged / worn components with
                                                                                 original parts from the manufacturer.

                                                     Product’s Name

       Use only on a level surface
       Not suitable for therapeutic purpose

                                 Indoor Training Cycle


    Serial Number

    This product label is an example only, it is not the real
    product name and serial number of the item you
    have bought.

Contact Us

ENGLAND                                                                AUSTRALIA
The best way to contact us is via the website:                         The best way to contact us is via the website:
www.yorkfitness.com > Select “Customer Support”                        www.yorkfitness.com.au > Select “Contact Us”
York Barbell UK Ltd.                                                   York Fitness Australia
York Way, Daventry,                                                    1/2 Swaffham Rd, Minto,
England, NN11 4YB                                                      PO Box 5130, NSW 2566
Tel: 0844 225 3112                                                     Tel: 1800 730 149
England Warranty Registration                                          Australia Warranty Registration
www.yorkfitness.com > Select “Customer Support”                        www.yorkfitness.com.au > Select “Warranty Registration”

assembly instructions

                                                                  STEP 1

    Attach the front (16) and rear feet (12) to the frame using
    the nuts (8), washer (9) and bolts (10).

                                                                  STEP 2

    Attach the handlebar post (23) by inserting it into the head tube
    on the frame. Use the knob to adjust and tighten the height
    to the desired position. Attach the handlebar silder (21) on the
    handlebar post (23), use release lever (22) to adjust and tighten
    the handlebar into position.

                                                                   STEP 3

Insert the seat post (42) into the seat tube on the frame. Attach
the saddle (1) into seat slider (41). Insert the seat slider (41) into
the seat post (42) and fix. Using knob (4) adjust and tightens the
height in the desired position.

                                                                   STEP 4

Attach the pedals (11) into the crank arms (7)(5), each pedal is
marked with L (left) or R (right) to denote the side of the cycle
they are on. Note - the right hand crank is on the same side as
the chain guard (24). Be careful to align the threads correctly to
avoid damaging them. Applying a little grease on the threads will
help the pedals to screw in easily and correctly, tighten using a
15mm spanner; both pedals should tighten towards the front of
the cycle.

operational instructions

    •	 Adjust the exercise resistance on the cycle using the brake knob (31)
       to loosen (-) or tighten (+).
    •	 The flywheel should rotate freely without resistance when you
       loosen (-) the brake system fully
    •	 More experience riders may wish to increase the overall resistance
       by tightening (+) the brake system.

Operating Instructions
The model is designed to used as a indoor training cycle. It has a fixed
wheel driven flywheel and the momentum will keep the flywheel and
pedals turing even when you stop applying pressure. If you wish to stop
suddenly apply the emergency brake.
EMERGENCY BRAKE - Press down brake system (31) to stop (See
INSTALLATION - It is important that the cycle is correctly assembled. If in
doubt contact the retailer for assistance.
PEDALS AND TOE STRAPS - Your feet should be securely positioned in
the toe clips during exercise. Put your foot as far forward as you can into
the toe-clip and then pull the strap tight.
LATERAL MOVEMENT - There is height adjuster caps located on either
side underneath the rear foot. Turn these caps clockwise or anti-clockwise
until the bike is totally stable on the ground.
MAINTENANCE - If any parts become loose, or there is noise from the
flywheel, please contact your supplier as it may be unsafe. Like any other
mechanical cycling device, the bike should be regularly maintained. Ask
your supplier for a detailed maintenance program.

Handlebar and Seat Adjustment
It is important that the handlebar and seat are set at the correct height for your body. Ask your instructor for assistance.
ADJUSTING THE HANDLEBAR HEIGHT - Undo the knob located where the H-bar post fits into the frame. Slide the handlebar post up or
down to the required height and re-tighten the knob. Make sure it is securely tightened and that there is no lateral or vertical movement of
the handlebar. The handlebar position can also be adjusted forwards or backwards. Undo the Release level located below the H-bar slider.
Slide the handlebar assembly forwards until you reach the required position. Then securely re-tighten the Release lever.
ADJUSTING THE SEAT HEIGHT - Undo the knob located where the seat post fits into the frame. Adjust the seat to the required height.
Then retighten the knob. Make sure it is tight enough to prevent the seat from twisting side to side. The seat position can be adjusted
forwards and backwards. Undo the knob located directly to the side of the seat slider. Loosen the knob then slide the seat to the required
position. Then make sure the knob is re-tightened.

operational instructions

Maintenance Chart

DESCRIPTION                                      DAILY   WEEKLY   MONTHLY   QUARTERLY   ANNUALLY
Wipe machine down                                 X
Spray with WD40 or similar on frame               X
Visual check                                      X
Check security of handle bar post & seat post     X
Check security of saddle                          X
Remove handlebar post and clean tube                       X
Remove seat post and clean tube                            X
Check brake pads for wear - align                          X
Check brake adjustment                                     X
Check security of all knobs & release lever                X
Check toe straps for signs of wear                         X
Check crank bolts and re-tighten                           X
Make sure pedals are screwed in                            X
Check chain tension                                                  X
Oil chain with butter                                                X
Wipe the anti-rust oil on the flywheel surface                       X
Check bottom bracket                                                           X
Check flywheel bearings                                                        X
Full service-frame inspection                                                              X


This product is supplied with a standard warranty as follows:
  •	 12 months other parts
  •	 12 months labour
This product is warranted for use in a home, personal, family or household environment Please Note: Warranty details may vary from one
market area to another.

Warranty Terms
York Fitness warrants that the Product you have purchased from an authorized York Fitness reseller is free from defects in materials and
workmanship. The Warranty is valid subject to normal and reasonable use in the environment as described above, and correct assembly of
the product during the warranty period. The warranty period extends to the original purchaser only. It is not transferable to anyone who
subsequently purchases the Product from you.
The warranty excludes normal wear and tear on parts. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of the product, is your proof of the
date of purchase.
This warranty becomes valid only if the Product is assembled / installed according to the instructions / directions included with the product.
This warranty does not extend to any product that has been damaged or rendered defective: (a) as a result of accident, misuse, abuse or lack
of reasonable care; (b) by the use of parts not manufactured by York Fitness or sold by York Fitness; (c) by modification of the product; (d) as
a result of service by anyone else other than York Fitness or an authorized York Fitness warranty service provider.
During the warranty period, York Fitness will at no additional charge provide replacement part(s) or repair the product (at York Fitness’s
option) if it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform with this warranty under normal, non-commercial, personal,
family or household use. In repairing the product, York Fitness may replace defective parts or at the option of York Fitness, use serviceable
used parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance. All exchanged parts and products replaced under this warranty will become the
property of York Fitness. York Fitness reserves the right to change manufacturers of any part to cover any existing warranty.
If the product must be returned, you must return the Product or defective part to York Fitness in its original container (or equivalent) with
Proof of Purchase. Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof of purchase documents will be cause to void this warranty. You
must prepay any shipping charges and you are responsible for insuring any product or part that is returned. Should any product submitted
for warranty service be found to be ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be furnished and the repair will be made if requested, upon
York Fitness’s receipt of payment or acceptable arrangement of payment. Under no circumstances will returns be accepted without return
authorization by our Customer Service department.
To obtain warranty service you must provide the following information:
Name of Product, Product Code, Batch No, Date Purchased, and Nature of fault or part number required.
Neither dealer of this product nor any retail establishment selling this product has any authority to make any warranties or to promise
remedies in addition to, or inconsistent with, those stated above. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.
Please note that warranty terms may vary from one market area to another.

exploded drawing

part list

KEY   PART NO.   DESCRIPTION                QTY     KEY    PART NO.   DESCRIPTION                          QTY
 1     53030-1   Saddle                      1      31     53030-31   Brake system                         1 set
 2     53030-2   Ally bind clamp (R/L)       3      32     53030-32   Crank bolt                            2
 3     53030-3   Knob spring                 3      33     53030-33   Flywheel security nut                 2
 4     53030-4   Knob                        3      34     53030-34   Outer chain guard bolt (M6)           2
 5     53030-5   Left crank arm              1      34-1   53030-35   Outer chain guard bolt (M5)           3
 6     53030-6   Chain                       1      35     53030-36   Bolt and washer for spring bracket    2
 7     53030-7   Right crank arm             1      36     53030-37   Flywheel adjuster bolt                2
 8     53030-8   Foot tube nut               4      37     53030-38   Knob washer                           3
 9     53030-9   Foot tube washer            4      38     53030-39   Knob plastic washer                   3
 10   53030-10   Foot fixing bolt            4      39     53030-40   Knob fixed bolt                       3
 11   53030-11   Pedal                      1 pr    40     53030-41   Washer                                3
 12   53030-12   Rear foot tube              1      41     53030-42   Seat slider                           1
 13   53030-13   Front foot end cap          2      42     53030-43   Seat post                             1
 14   53030-14   Rear foot end cap           2      43     53030-44   Water bottle                          1
 15   53030-15   Rear foot adjuster wheel    2      49     53030-45   Moving wheel                          2
 16   53030-16   Front foot tube             1      50     53030-46   Axle bolt for moving wheel            2
 17   53030-17   Brake pad                  1 set
 18   53030-18   Brake pad holder           1 set
 19   53030-19   Screw & nut                 1
 20   53030-20   Spring bracket              1
 21   53030-21   Handlebar w/ slider         1
 22   53030-22   Release lever w/ washer     1
 23   53030-23   Handle bar post             1
 24   53030-24   Outer chain guard           1
 25   53030-25   Flywheel axle              1 set
 26   53030-26   Fixed wheel sprocket       1 set
 27   53030-27   Flywheel bearing           1 set
 28   53030-28   BB axle set                 1
 29   53030-29   Bottle cage                 1
 30   53030-30   Screw for bottle cage       2


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