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08 summer Camp Parent Info


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									Troop 490 Summer Camp
    2008 Information

     Camp Shenandoah
      22-28 June 2008
1. From Interstate 64W ,take I-81South (toward Roanoke)
2. TakeI-81 Exit 220 onto VA 262W (toward US11/Staunton) for about 4.5
3. Take Parkersburg Turnpike (VA 254) exit (toward Buffalo Gap)
4. Once on VA 254, take an immediate left onto VA693, Cedar Green Road,
begin watching for Camp Shenandoah, BSA signs
5. Travel on Cedar Green Road for about 1 mile, take a right onto Hebron
6. Follow Hebron Road for about 1 mile, then left onto Eidson Creek Road
7. Follow Eidson Creek Road and then bear to the right onto Glebe School
8. Continue on Glebe School Road for about 2.2 miles, then turn Right onto
Cattleman Road
9. Take next left onto Trimbles Mill Road (about 0.5 miles)
10.After about 0.5 miles, turn right onto Boy Scout Lane

Camp Shenandoah, Stonewall Jackson Area Council
222 Boy Scout Lane
Swoope, VA 24479
                         Camp Programs
                  IS www.campshenandoah.org
Base Camp – Traditional Scout Camp with up to 5 Merit Badge periods per day.

Timber Mountain - Geared toward first year campers. The program concentrates on
teaching basic scout skills and will help scouts in mastering skills in camping cooking
and first aid: such as fire building, cooking, the patrol method, orienteering, and hiking.
The program will culminate in an exciting overnight camping trip on Thursday Night.
There is a $15 fee for each scout in TMP which is collected at registration.
COPE - Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience – Offered to older boys (13 and older
by June 1) Elements of this program include initiative games and low and high COPE
events. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, and think of solutions to a
variety of activities. C.O.P.E is a half day program geared to third year scouts and older.

High Adventure Outpost – Program varies from week to week due to weather, interest,
and the number of Scouts involved. Possible activities include caving, rock climbing and
rapelling, river canoeing, mountain biking, and white water rafting. Scouts:
                  Camp Fees

•Need $40 deposit per scout asap (turn in by 1 March)
•Total for Base Camp - $210 per scout ($5 discount for
•High Adventure - $300 (requires $100 deposit)
•Adults - $75 (discounts available depending on number of
scouts attending)
•Timber Mountain – additional $15 for special supplies.
                         Merit Badges
                               Reptile Study
American Heritage - new!       Rifle Shooting
Art                            Rowing
Astronomy                      Shotgun Shooting
Backpacking                    Sculpture - new!
Basketry                       Soil and Water Conservation
Bird Study - new!                                            IMPORTANT:
                               Space Exploration
Canoeing                                                     Check Leader
                               Wilderness Survival
Climbing                       Wood Carving
                                                             guide on camp
Cooking                        Weather                       Website to
Fish and Wildlife Management   Eagle Required:               Determine if
Fishing                        Camping                       Any requirements
Forestry                       Citizenship in the Nation     Cannot be
Geology                        Citizenship in the World      Completed at camp
Indian Lore                    Emergency Preparedness
Leatherwork                    Environmental Science
Mammal Study                   First Aid
Model Building and Design      Lifesaving
Nature                         Personal Fitness
Orienteering                   Swimming
Plant Science - new!
                             What to Bring
  REQUIRED:                                    Optional/ Comfort items:
  -Signed medical form with health history.    -Watch
                                               -Camera and film
  PARENTS SIGN EVERY YEAR                      -Pillow
  -Complete Boy Scout uniform                  -Sunglasses
  -Comfortable hiking shoes                    -Individual first aid kit
  -Pocketknife (TOTIN CHIP required)           -Boy Scout Fieldbook
  - Wallet / Money                             -Mosquito repellent
  -Sleeping bag or blankets                    -Cord for clothesline
  -Flashlight with extra batteries             -Bible or prayer book, according to
  -Scout handbook                              faith
  -Notebook and pencils
  -Any completed work for merit badges
  -Shirts/Pants/Socks/Underwear               Extra items for Scouts taking overnight
  -Sweatshirt                                 trips while at camp (Wilderness Survival,
  -Raincoat or poncho with hood               Timber Mountain campers) These items
  -Sneakers                                   will make outpost camping more enjoyable.
  -Swim trunks                                FF Frame pack
  -Wash cloth/comb                            FF Matches in waterproof case
  -Towel (remember swimming, too)             FF Plastic ground cloth
  -Soap in waterproof container               FF Tent
  -Shampoo                                    FF Eating equipment: mess kit, silverwear
  -Toothbrush with toothpaste                 FF Water Bottle (This is a must for those
                                              in TMP)
*Put name and troop number on all items!
            Prohibited Items
The presence of the following items in camp may pose
a serious hazard to your fellow Scouts and Scouters
and therefore are strictly prohibited:
1. Personal Firearms and/or Ammunition
2. Bicycles
3. Illegal Drugs
4. Fireworks or Any Type of Explosives
5. Sheath Knives
6. Pets
7. Intoxicating Beverages
8. Any projectile launch devices
9. Pornography
Use of any tobacco is forbidden for all Scouts. Scouters
are asked to use tobacco in the Maintenance yard
             Medical Requirements
Every Scout and leader attending Camp Shenandoah must submit the proper
health form with all necessary information and signatures upon arriving at camp.
THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! Campers without a proper physical form will be
sent home.

Campers Not Participating In High Adventure:
All Scout campers must have a physical examination by a licensed physician,
and must submit a Class 1and Class 2 medical form (#34414A) signed by both
the doctor and the boy’s parent. The doctor's examination is required only once
every three years, with an annual update of the Scout’s health history by the
parents. The parent must re-sign and date the bottom of the Class 1 form
after reviewing the information for accuracy every year.

 Campers Participating In High Adventure:
 All Scout campers participating in either the High Adventure / Outpost programs
 must submit a Class 3 medical form (#34412A) signed by both the doctor
 and the boy’s parent/guardian. The doctor’s examination is required every year
 and the parent must sign the middle left of the Class 3 form.
             Medical Requirements
All leaders staying in camp longer than 72 hours must have a physical examination
by a licensed physician. Adults over the age of 40 must use the Class 3 medical
form (#34412A). This requires an annual physical exam. Adults under the age of
40, and not planning on directly assisting with any of the COPE or Older Scout
Outpost programs may use the Class 1 and Class 2 medical forms (#34414A).
Leaders staying in camp fewer than 72 hours do not need a complete physical, but
must complete the Class I health history section of form #34414A when they
check in at camp.

All medications—including over the counter and prescription medications that are
brought to camp—are to be checked into the health lodge at the time of medical
re-checks on Sunday. All Scouts taking medication from home are required to have
the Prescription Medication Information Form (from appendix) filled out and
turned in with their medical forms. The Scout will then go to the health lodge at
arranged times for his medication so that the medic can keep a complete first aid log.
The medic will need to receive well-documented information on any medication that
requires refrigeration.
          Camp Countdown
-Now – determine Merit Badges/Camp Program
-1 March – Camper $40 deposit delivered to camp
-1 May – All Campers Paid in full to Camp.
-12/19 June – final troop Meetings before Camp.
 Turn in all Medical forms and Medicines.
-21 Jun (SAT) Pack Troop Gear.
-22 Jun (SUN) 0800 – depart for Camp from SGG
(don’t hit the snooze button!)
-25 Jun – (WED) 4-9PM Family/Visitor night
-27 Jun (FRI) final Campfire
-28 Jun (SAT) ~ 1030 Depart Camp,
    ~ 3 PM arrive SGG
        Other Camp Options
-Provisional Camper at Camp Pipisco
-Provisional Camper at other Scout Camps
                        Family Night
Wednesday Night Parents activities
-Parents should plan not to arrive before 4:00 p.m. due to program hour
activity. All visitors must check in at the camp office upon arrival at camp.
Please make a special effort to have your visitors leave their pets at
-6:15 pm begin with flag retirement - parade field
-6:30 pm. Picnic supper at a site chosen by the Troop The cost of the
supper is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Meal tickets may be
purchased from the trading post during the afternoon prior to the meal.
-Many parents like to bring pizza to camp for the evening meal on
-7:00 Great Mother Shoot - Rifle Range
-8:30 pm Meet with your troop on the parade field for a special campfire
of troop skits and songs, this will conclude evening activities.
       Typical Daily Schedule
6:30 Early Bird Swim Aquatics
7:00 Reveille
7:50 Morning Flag Ceremonies Parade Field
8:00 Breakfast Dining Hall
9:00 Morning Sessions Program Areas
12:30 Lunch Dining Hall
2:00 Afternoon Sessions Program Areas
2:00 Scoutmasters’ Forum Eppard Shelter
4:00 Open Program Hours Program Areas
6:15 Evening Flag Ceremony Parade Field
6:30 Dinner Dining Hall
7:30 Troop Program Hours Program Areas
8:30 Vespers Service Chapel
10:00 Taps
   Camp Expectations of Scouts
Camp Shenandoah operates a fully stocked trading post with snacks, souvenirs, comfort,
and program items, such as t-shirts, hats, patches, toothpaste, camping gear, drinks,
handicraft kits, merit badge books, are available. History tells us that the average Scout
spends $30 to $40 at the trading post during his week at camp.
Unfortunately, even at scout camp, losses occur. Radios, CD players, iPods, game boys,
etc. should be left at home. The camp carries no insurance on personal items and a
Scout takes full personal responsibility for all items brought to camp. Whenever possible
please write the scouts name on clothing, packs, water bottles, etc.
Rifles And Ammunition
The camp provides safe, accurate firearms and ammunition. Do not bring guns,
ammunition, bows, or arrows to camp.
Footwear At Camp
Proper shoes or boots are to be worn at all times in order to prevent foot injuries. We
insist that everyone wear shoes at all times. Sandles that cover the toes and have heel
straps are allowed. Flip-flops are not approved. It should also be noted that running can
not be allowed in camp except on the parade field.
Hazing And Raiding
There is no place in Scouting for hazing or raiding of campsites or individuals.
Outgoing mail will be picked up daily after lunch from
the camp office building. Incoming mail arrives in late
afternoon to the mailboxes in the camp office. Mail to
campers should be addressed as follows:

Scout’s name
Troop #
Camp Shenandoah, BSA
222 Boy Scout Lane
Swoope, Va. 24479

The mail at camp is delivered by rural carrier, which
tends to require extra time to make it to Swoope. Mail
should be sent early in the week to ensure delivery.

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