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Magento Web Designer Leverages Open Source Scalable e Commerce Platform (DOC) by mtthwsmith8


Magento Web Designer Leverages Open Source, Scalable e-Commerce Platform

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									        Magento Web Designer Leverages Open Source, Scalable e-Commerce Platform

Open source, cross-browser, cross-platform e-Commerce platform Magento is undoubtedly a
favorite tool for any Magento web designer to create unique and rich web sites. Being a flexible
e-Commerce platform it gives certain ease to the designers as well as developers. The e-
Commerce platform is available in two editions — community and enterprise. Community
edition is available for free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license whereas enterprise
edition is available at annual subscription. The extreme flexibility and scalability of this e-
Commerce platform is able to provide custom Magento design services to the online merchants.
For example, it is capable of loading many themes by way of assigning them to what is
technically called “hierarchy”. This however is simply a process that cancels the loading of
unnecessary files in order to load the ones that are necessary and are placed highest in hierarchy.
A Magento web designer is able to decide the hierarchy in the Admin Design configuration tab
and it is therefore possible to work with this feature with full functionality and that too with the
upcoming stable version.

This way professional Magento web designer is able to locate and load all the files of the theme
so that the application runs seamlessly. Given such unique attributes of this technology, offshore
Magento development services are very popular in India. The major reason is its cost-
effectiveness. This cost-effectiveness then is always assisted by quantitatively cheap and
qualitatively excellent labor. All these factors contribute to the popularity of offshore Magento
development services. In an era when developing e-Commerce site is not just a matter of
developing any other website, choosing the correct e-Commerce platform has become more
crucial. The process is indeed critical, and designers and developers involved in it need to be
well-equipped with all the e-Commerce platforms out there. Therefore, efficient Magento web
designer who is able to deliver custom Magento design applications is the right choice for
offshore Magento development service providers.

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