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									                                  by Barry J. Roche

I originally wrote this e-book on Internet Marketing to assist resellers of Volcanic
Earth to learn how to go about driving traffic to their reseller websites. However, the
principles and resources provided apply to any online shop owner, affiliate marketer or
online marketer generally.

Most people who decide to market and promote other people‟s products or services
online make the mistake of thinking that “if I build a website, they will come”. This
mistaken belief comes about through ignorance and inexperience. Anyone who has
actually achieved some success selling online knows that much more has to be done to
attract traffic and generate sales!

Finding the right help and resources is not easy. There is so much rubbish out there in
cyber space that you can just end up confused, frustrated and disappointed. As the
Publisher of this report, I have strived to cover the basics of Internet Marketing and
provide you with some useful resources at the same time.

However, you will need to get your head around some concepts. Web design, search
engine optimisation and Internet marketing are a bit like learning a foreign language.
You need to persevere and take the time to learn what works and what doesn‟t. That‟s if
you want to succeed at least!

I have endeavoured to write this e-book in a step-by-step fashion, so you can implement
what you learn in the order in which it is presented. Don‟t lose your focus and work your
way through it and apply it!

The Internet and methods of marketing are changing at a rapid pace and while every
attempt has been made to be accurate as at the time of writing, I assume no
responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter.

Barry J. Roche
This is a free e-book. Please make use of it. Feel free to give it away to someone else you feel could benefit
from reading it. You can even post it on your website as a free download, use it as a free bonus or bundle it
with other products. However, you do not have resell rights to this e-book and you may not sell or
reproduce this e-book without the written consent of the Publisher.

Chapter 1. Web Design, Search Engine Optimization & Traffic

Chapter 2. Choosing A Hosting Company For Your Domain Name & Website

Chapter 4. Submitting Your Site To Search Engines, Directories & Social Bookmarking Sites

Chapter 4. Free Viral Marketing Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website

Chapter 5. Other Free Or Cheap Advertising & Marketing Resources.

                  CHAPTER 1 – Web Design, Search Engine
                         Optimization & Traffic
When it comes to designing your website, you basically have 3 options:-

    1. Build it yourself;

    2. Buy a ready-made one;

    3. Pay a web designer to do it.

Obviously, if you have the money to pay a web designer, then Option 3 may be the best
way to go (subject to what I say later about Web Designers and their lack of knowledge or
application of/to Search Engine Optimization).

The problem with ready-made websites is that they are rarely Search Engine Optimized
and apart from the upfront fee, you normally have to have the site hosted with the seller
and at pretty high monthly fees ($29.00 and upwards in many cases). This tends to make
the cost of your website quite high in the long run!

 Personally, I would go with Option1. It may seem a bit daunting but plenty of others
have done it without any real training. This includes me! I am self-taught and now have
been responsible for building numerous websites including the Volcanic Earth website,
as well as a number of other sites that other people have paid me to build! Just a few of
these sites are: -

To design your website, you will need a web editor. I use Macromedia but it is expensive
and takes some trial and error to use, especially if you aren‟t familiar with HTML coding.
However, the easiest program to use is probably Frontpage as you don‟t need to know
any html coding.

Let’s talk about the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Traffic.

It is the search engines that play a major role in bringing your website to the notice of
the prospective customers. When a topic is typed for search, nearly instantly, the search
engine will sift through the millions of pages it has indexed about and present you with
ones that match your topic. The searched matches are also ranked, so that the most
relevant ones come first.

Remember that a prospective customer will probably only look at the first 2-3 listings in
the search results. So it does matter where your website appears in the search engine

Further, they all use one of the top 6-7 search engines and these search engines attract
more visitors to websites than anything else. So finally it all depends on which search
engines the customers use and how they rank your site.

It is found by surveys that a when customers want to find a website for information or to
buy a product or service, they find their site in one of the following ways:

       The first option is they find their site through a search engine.
       Secondly they find their site by clicking on a link from another website or page
       that relates to the topic in which they are interested.
       Occasionally, they find a site by hearing about it from a friend or reading in an

Thus it’s obvious that search engines are the most popular way to find a site
and that 90% of online users use by search engine for this purpose. In other
words, only 10% of the people looking for a website will use methods other than search

When performed by a qualified, experienced search engine optimization consultant, your
site should rank higher in the search engines, provided you have a lot of money and can
afford to pay the expert. With better knowledge of search engines and how they work,
you can actually do it on your own. I know because that is how I learnt.

There are basically two types of search engines:-

   1. Robots called crawlers, robots or spiders;

   2. Directories or Indexes.

The spiders are automated search programs that the search engines send out to scour
the internet regularly to update their indexes. Your website is likely to get listed on these
crawler based search engines by just being on the internet, PROVIDED the spiders can
find your website (if they find a link to your website or are pointed at your website by
submitting your website URL for inclusion). The spiders will attempt to navigate through
your website pages (if it can) and list them all.

Directories or Indexes are search engines where your listings depend on a human
reviewer or editor. Your website is included or not on their say so and in the manner they
think appropriate. You must submit your website if you are to be included and it may
take a while before you come to the top of the list for consideration. You will normally
need to select an appropriate category for your website to be potentially listed under.
You submit a short description to the directory for your website, or editors write one for
websites they review. A search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted.

   Before I talk more on search engines, I should explain a two fundamental terms.

Title Tag - code placed in the HTML header of a web page to identify that web page.

Meta tags - code placed in the HTML header of a Web page providing information
which is not visible to browsers. The most common Meta tags (and those most relevant
to search engines) are the meta name KEYWORDS and meta name DESCRIPTION.)

Search Engines use spiders to index websites. When you submit your website pages to a
search engine by completing their required submission page, the search engine spider
will index your entire site. A „spider‟ is an automated program that is run by the search
engine system. The Spider visits a web site, reads the content on the actual site, the site's
Title Tag, Meta tags and also follows the links that the site connects. The spider then
returns all that information back to a central depository, where the data is indexed. It
will visit each link you have on your website and index those sites as well. Some spiders
will only index a certain number of pages on your site, so don‟t create a site with 500

One of the things that a search engine algorithm scans for is the frequency and location
of keywords on a web page, but it can also detect artificial keyword stuffing or
spamdexing. Then the algorithms analyse the way that pages link to other pages in the
Web. By checking how pages link to each other, an engine can both determine what a
page is about and if the keywords of the linked pages are similar to the keywords on the
original page.

The spider will periodically return to the sites to check for any information that has
changed. The frequency with which this happens is determined by the moderators of the
search engine.

A spider is almost like a book where it contains the table of contents, the actual content
and the links and references for all the websites it finds during its search, and it may
index up to a million pages a day.

When you ask a search engine to locate information, it is actually searching through the
index which it has created and not actually searching the Web. Different search engines
produce different rankings because not every search engine uses the same algorithm to
search through the indices.

   If you have a website that you didn‟t personally create and you want to see what your
page title and meta tags are, just open your web browser, type in your web address and
after the site has loaded, click on “Page” (up the top of your browser) then on “view
source”. Unless the source code has been protected, a separate window will open with
the html coding of your website.

Below is an example from one of the web pages of the Volcanic Earth website:-


<title>Worldwide Dropshippers : Organic Skincare</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

<meta name="author" content="Volcanic Earth">

<meta name="owner" content="Volcanic Earth">

<meta name="description" content="Volcanic Earth is a manufacturer and worldwide dropship supplier of
natural skin care products from the exotic islands of the South Pacific in Vanuatu.">

<meta name="keywords" content="dropshipping wholesalers,dropshippers,natural skin care dropshippers,">

<meta name="classification" content="General">

<meta name="url" content="">

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="follow">

    Unlike in the above example, one of the major problems I see constantly websites
that lack almost any form of Search Engine Optimization. They suffer from such basic
things as:-

    1.   No title tag or an inappropriate one
    2.   The same title tag for every page of their website
    3.   No meta description or an inappropriate one.
    4.   The same meta description for every page of their website.
    5.   No keywords, only keywords (instead of phrases), too many keywords
    6.   The same keywords for every page of their website.

   It doesn‟t matter how pretty a website is IF nobody can find it! I can‟t stress enough
how important this principle is.

    Most web designers know nothing about Search Engine Optimization, so don‟t just
rely on them. They tend to build a template and then use this template to build each page
of the website. This is how you end up with the same title tag and meta tags on every
page! You need to learn about SEO techniques yourself AND this should be done before
you build your website. Otherwise, you may have to go back and correct some aspects of
your website design.
 Title Tags

It is still the case that the primary reason people search the Internet is to find
information. It is often much better to have a title tag that reflects what someone
might type into Google, Yahoo or Ninemsn in a search than it is to have say, the name of
your business. For example, let‟s say you have called your online business “Nature‟s
Best” and it markets and sells natural Acne treatments and other skin care products.
Which of the following title tags do you think is more likely to attract someone looking
for a remedy for Acne:-

<title>Natures Best Skin Care </title>

<title>How To Cure Acne Naturally</title>

   If nobody has ever heard of the name of your business, then clearly the second
example is a far better choice. The most common mistake made by small business
owners when they first design their website is to place their business name or firm name
in every title of every page. Actually most of your prospective customers do not bother to
know the name of your firm until after they have looked at your site and decided it is
worth book marking.

   So, while you want your business name in the title of the home page, it is probably a
waste of valuable keywords and space to put it in the title line of every page on your site.
Why not consider putting keywords in the title so that your page will display closer to the
top of the search engine listing.

   Dedicating first three positions for keywords in your meta title and avoiding words
like „and‟, „at‟ and the like (which are ignored by the search engine spiders) is crucial in
search engine optimization.

   If you have designed your website as a series of websites or linked pages and not just a
single Home Page, you must bear in mind that each page of your website must be search
engine optimized. The title of each page i.e. the keywords you use on that page and the
phrases you use in the content will draw traffic to your site.

 Different pages of your website should deal with different things and contain different
content and have title tags. This helps to give you a broader reach when people search for
things on the web.

   Essentially you should pick, as your title tag, a keyword search phrase that people are
likely to type in when doing a search on the Internet. In my experience, a good title tag is
more powerful than any keyword phrase when it comes to getting high search engine
rankings. This of course, is the name of the game as this is where targeted visitors to a
website mostly come from and it‟s free traffic.

   Whatever text you place in the title tag (between the <title> and </title> portions)
will appear in the title bar of browsers when they view the web page. The actual text you
use in the title tag is one of the most important factors in how a search engine may
decide to rank your web page. In addition, all major web crawlers will use the text of
your title tag as the text they use for the title of your page in your listings.

Before I move on, I should mention that your title tag should be no more than 6 words.

Meta Descriptions

 What I‟ve said above in relation to meta titles applies equally to meta descriptions,
except in relation to the word limit. You should be trying to use as many different
meta descriptions as possible. This is limited only by the number of pages to a


   Don‟t use any keyword phrases that already appear in your title tag and, to a lesser
extent, your meta description. Let‟s not waste our keyword phrases, especially when
these should be limited to 2 or 3 phrases. I see many website with way too many

  There is no point having meta keyword phrases if these same keyword phrases do not
appear in the body of the text on that page of your website. As I indicated earlier, the
search engine spiders look for the frequency and location of keywords on a web
page. By this I mean, they look for them in the content.

  So, the time to consider what keyword phrases you intend using for any page of your
website is when you are creating the content for each page!

   Before I talk briefly about keyword density, I want to point out that there are so many
websites out there these days, that using single keywords is likely to be a waste of time.
You will get better results by picking 2-3 word phrases for your keyword phrases.
In the example above, these were:

“dropshipping wholesalers,dropshippers,natural skin care dropshippers

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword or
keyword phrases appears in the web page. But mind you, keywords shouldn‟t be
over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places.

   If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will
probably be rejected as an artificial site or spam site.
   Without getting into keyword density formulas and confusing you, I suggest you
repeat each keyword phrase two or three times throughout the web page, preferably
closer to the top than the bottom.

 Some Keyword Research Tools

You need to choose those keyword phrases that are frequently searched for and which
are in high demand, but not being already used by many other websites and competitors,
and thus has low competition. There are a number of keyword research tools that can
help you find them.

One of these is Wordtracker. Apart from this, there are other equally important research

Overture has a free keyword suggestion tool that is quick and easy to use. You can access
this tool by visiting It works more like the
Wordtracker but doesn't tell you how many websites are targeting each keyword phrase.
For example if you type „Computer‟, the Overture search suggestion tool will tell you that
during the last month the word „Computer‟ was searched, say for example 459550 times
at Overture.Com. Similarly 'computer game' was searched 302210 times. Also, given one
word it will tell you all relevant combinations of that word, which are based on actual
searches done by people. If the word you keyed in is not a common search term then you
will not get any results. It means that very few people have actually searched for that
word during the last month.

Even Google Keyword Tool generates potential keywords and reports their Google
statistics, including search performance and seasonal trends. Features of this tool

       Sorting the results of your desired keyword search by popularity, past
       performance history within the Ad Words system, cost, and predicted ad position.
       Easy keyword manipulation where you can select a few keywords here and there
       or add them all at once.
       Searches for keywords present even in any webpage URL specified by your
       search. It can also expand your keyword search even further to include those
       pages that are linked to or from the original URL page.
       More keyword results are generated based on regularly updated usage statistics
       database. This helps you to get new keywords or phrases.

Guidebeam is an interesting resource. Type in a phrase
and it will suggest a large number of related searches. The numbers generated against
each phrase are Guidebeam's estimation of how relevant that phrase is.

These softwares are useful for researching how people search the web and then
optimizing your own web pages so that more people find your web site.

The unique combination of these words and phrases and content will attract customers
using different search engine terms and techniques, so be sure you capture all the
keywords and phrases you need for each product, service or information page.
 The Importance Of Content

   I cannot stress enough how important this is. As I have said, people primarily search
for information. Consequently, if you are into dropshipping or otherwise selling other
people‟s products, simply posting up product images and prices is pointless. This will do
nothing to attract a visitor to your site nor will it help you in your search engine
rankings. Search engine spiders are interested in information, not images.

   While search engine optimization and better rankings may get you targeted traffic,
this alone won‟t keep your customers on your site or make them buy. You need to get
your customer interested in your products or services. Motivate her or him to buy the
product by providing clear and unambiguous information. Thus if you happen to sell
more than one product or service, provide all necessary information about each product
or service, may be by keeping the information at a different page. By providing suitable
and easily visible links, the customer can navigate to these pages and get the details.

 Understanding Your Target Customer

If you design a website you think will attract clients, but you don‟t really know who your
customers are and what they want to buy, it is unlikely you will make much money.
Website business is an extension or replacement for a standard storefront. You can send
email to your existing clients and ask them to complete a survey or even while they are
browsing on your website. Ask them about their choices. Why do they like your
products? Do you discount prices or offer coupons? Do you respond faster to client
questions? Are your product descriptions better? Have you conveyed the benefits of the
product, as distinct from the features of the product?

The features of a product may be that they are chemical-free and contain this that and
the other. However, the benefits of a product are those things that the buyer will enjoy as
a result of paying over the purchase price. For example, the benefit of buying Volcanic
Earth‟s Honey & Pumice Exfoliant is that it kills Acne fast, leaving the user with a clear,
healthy complexion.

 Does your website give enough contact information?

I know that many resellers are reluctant to give out their contact information on their

However, when you sell from a website, your customer can buy your products 24 hrs a
day and also your customers may be from other states or countries that are thousands of
miles away. So, I believe you should always provide contact information, preferably on
every page of your website, complete with mailing address, telephone number and an
email address that reaches you. People may need to contact you about sales, general
information or technical problems on your site. Also have your email forwarded to
another email address if you do not check your website mailbox often. When customer
wants to buy online provide enough options like credit card, PayPal or other online
payment service.

What you don‟t necessarily need to do is include your business address, especially if it is
also your personal home address!

Some Other Tips

   Do not annoy your customers by presenting products that are marked „sold‟ or pages
that say „under construction‟ or „coming soon‟.

    If your site has got a date tag or has current references, be careful to change these
references frequently so you don‟t give the perception that nobody is attending or
reading your site.

   It‟s a good idea to add a link to the primary page of your website with a script „Book
Mark or Add this site to your Favorites‟. Here is a simple line of code you can use to
achieve this: -
<p     align="center"><font  size="2"><A    HREF="javascript:makeLink()"><font   color="#0000FF"
face="Tahoma">Bookmark This Page Now!</font></A></font> </p>

Just copy and paste the above text between the Body Tags where you want the link to

You can also add this link to specific pages of your website in the same way.

    A final step is to create a Links or Partners Page for your website. Without this, you
won‟t have anywhere to post reciprocal links. You want in-bound links to your website
from complimentary businesses. Many of these will want you to post a link back to their
website. You don‟t want these on your home page, as you want your website visitors to
buy from you – you want these links on your links page. An example of a Links Page can
be found here.

   Ask your web designer to create a Links Page for your website or simply create one
yourself. At the start, you may have no actual links on the page but as you receive
requests from other webmasters, this will change. You can also approach other
webmasters for a reciprocal link but make sure you have already posted a link for them
up on your Links Page first – it‟s just good manners and shows you are genuine.

         Chapter 2 - Choosing A Hosting Company For Your
                      Domain Name & Website

 When it comes to choosing a domain name, you should pick a name that is:-

   1. Not too long.
   2. Has no underscores or hyphens in it.
   3. Is easy to remember.
   4. Reflects your niche market in some way.

  I also suggest that you take out your domain name hosting account with the same
company you want to host your website with. While this is by no means essential, it does
make things simpler and easier.

   I personally recommend Blue Host. Their prices are reasonable. They‟re reliable and
they provide a high level of customer service.

  After you register your domain name, you need some place to “host” your actual
website online so the world can find it – all the pages, images etc. This is why you need a
hosting company.

Some hosting companies are unbelievably unreliable when it comes to customer service.
In my experience, fast and efficient customer service is an essential criterion to apply
when choosing the company who are going to be hosting your online business! I could
give you a website where the hosting is only $5.00 a month! However, my one and only
experience with them is that this company is completely devoid of customer service. I
had one if my own personal websites down for around 10 days as a result and only got
some satisfaction when I put in a complaint to Paypal.

With thousands of web hosting companies in the market it can be difficult if not
impossible to know which web site hosting companies truly provide an excellent hosting
solution at an excellent price. When you have an established domain name with a good
web hosting company, you can get reports on your traffic and which of your pages your
customers are visiting most often, as well as many other statistics.

   Always avoid free or very inexpensive web hosting services, because you may
experience bouts of server downtimes and you are likely to have significant limitations in
storage, number of email addresses, FTP upload etc. So, in short, you need to careful and

   Some web hosts will charge a fee for monthly service that ranges from $8.00 to as
much as $50.00 per month. However, when it comes to value for money, easy access to
the control panel (I will explain why this is important later) and good customer service.

 Cpanel or Control Panel

This is where you can access your web stats, set up email accounts and upload your site.
Far too many people have a website but have no idea how to access their own control
panel or web statistics. You will never really know what is going on with your website
unless you have access to this sort of information.

Most cpanels are basically the same.
                      CONTROL PANEL – BRIEF OVERVIEW
Instructions On How To Check Web Stats

   1. Log in to the Control Panel.
   2. Find and click on the “Web/FTP Stats” icon.
   3. Click on “awstats”.

Instructions On How To Access Emails Through The Control Panel

   1.   Log in to the Control Panel.
   2.   Click on the “Mail” icon (this is the very first icon).
   3.   Click on “Add/Remove/Manage Accounts” .
   4.   Click on “Webmail” beside the relevant email address.
   5.   Enter password (and hit Login Button.
   6.   Click the “Squirrel Mail” icon.

Instructions On How To Access Web Pages, Images etc.

1. Log in to the Control Panel.
2. Find and click on the “File Manager” icon.
3. Click on the “Public_html” folder.

You‟ll see each of the web pages listed.

    This is where you upload your web pages, images, access files etc. Of course, you can
use FTP Commander or some other free ftp client to upload your website fast. However,
it is still important to know where your images folder is, your access folder is and where
your web pages are actually located.

 Much more important though is being able to access your web stats to see things like:-

1. The daily/monthly number of unique visitors.

2. What countries your visitors are coming from and/or not coming from.

3. What search engines are sending your traffic.

4. Which external links are sending traffic to your website.

5. Which pages of your website are being frequented the most.

6. How long your visitors are remaining on your site.

7. What keyword phrases are generating traffic to your website.

By studying your own statistics, you can then see what changes you need to make to
increase targeted traffic to your site and/or convert traffic to sales.
         Chapter 3 - Submitting Your Site To Search Engines,
             Directories And Social Bookmarking Sites


   If you have a web-based business or if a significant portion of your business is done
on the web through your website, then the best advertising and marketing is done by
submitting to a search engine. No amount of press release, newspaper or radio ad,
banner ad, email or newsletter marketing or article writing will achieve as good results
for the price – free.

   Beware of companies that promise automatic submission of your website to hundreds
of search engines which are but only false promises. The best way to submit your website
for search engine ranking and inclusion is to do it yourself or to hire an expert to do it
manually, by contacting the search engine companies and directories.

   Before you begin to submit your website to search engines ensure your websites are
thoroughly designed to the professional quality using the right key words, good graphics
and pictures and the relevant content. Don‟t submit websites that are incomplete. While
submitting to a search engine, make sure to provide information about your website,
keywords and any other information that may be pertinent, including the name and
contact information of your business (if required).

Mere submission to search engine companies does not guarantee that your site will be
immediately listed or that it will even be listed at all or that the ranking will be high.
Because there are thousands of new websites coming up every day, it may take quite
some time before they take up your site for review by human editors.

 There are many online companies that accept search engine submission services.
However, some of these can‟t be trusted. I recommend that you do it yourself but if
you‟re not up to it and need professional help try the following sites:

Whatever you do, don‟t use the automatic submission services.

Here is a list of the most popular Search Engines/Directories:-



Open Directory
Apart from the above there are thousands of search engines and directory companies,
where you can submit your website to as many companies as possible. The following link
gives info on other search engines and directories:


 You should also submit your website to web directories as web directories are
an excellent way to significantly increase your Google rankings by quickly getting
hundreds of high quality, 1-Way links to your website. It is inbound links that will help
your website‟s search engine rankings enormously! I recommend that you pick up a copy
of Directory Submitter as attempting to do this manually is way too time consuming. The
free version allows you to submit to 350 website directories. However, if you can afford
$76.00, grab the Gold Version as this will allow you to submit your website to over 1,350

  Some of these web directories will require a link back to their website and this is
where your own Links Page becomes a necessity.

   Finally, when you submit your site, you should submit every web page and not just
the home page, to the most popular search engines and directory services.


   Here we are talking about social networking sites such as Digg, Reddit, and
so on. There are millions of people now who spend most of their time inside these social
bookmarking communities and who use search engines to find what they want less and
Consequently, you should submit your website to these social bookmarking sites. If you
don‟t, you are failing to reach millions of Internet users who might be interested in your
product or services. They just won‟t know or learn that your site even exits otherwise!

  So, I strongly recommend that you submit your website to some of the Social
Bookmarking Sites. This can be done through:-

                               Just click here to go to the site.

Work Free Traffic is also an excellent service for creating backlinks to your website and
they will even write ten (10) unique articles a month and submit them to a top Article
Directory! Their whole service cost just $297.00 a month. This may sound expensive but
it works out at less than $75.00 a week. If you‟re serious about having a website that is
going to may you money then you better have a marketing budget of at least 75 bucks a
week or just forget it.

              Chapter 4 – Free Viral Marketing Methods To
                      Get Traffic To Your Website
Viral Marketing is simply a term used to describe a marketing strategy that
encourages people to pass along messages to others in order to generate added exposure.


There are many facets of Viral Marketing.

In the beginning, e-mail was the one way that viral marketing was started. Since that
long ago day, viral marketing has gone from a marketing strategy to an art form and
there are many ways to accomplish the objective of creating a successful viral marketing

In this report, we will focus on the basics.


   One of the simplest (and free) forms of this type of marketing is to add a link
„Recommend this site to a Friend’ so that the visitor can email your website link,
with a prewritten title, “Thought you might be interested in this”, just by clicking on it.
Never pay for a Refer A Friend script as there are plenty of free ones out there that you
can download. For example, you can download such a script for free here.
Otherwise, just do a search on Google for “free refer a friend script”.

   Another simple (and free) form of viral marketing is to create a “signature file” at
the foot of all of your outgoing emails, replies and forwarders. You can set this up by
opening up your Microsoft Outlook or whatever, clicking on “Tools” and then on
“Options”, then on “mail format” and then on “signatures”.

For example, if you were a Volcanic Earth reseller, you might have a signature file that says:-
Stop Acne In Its Tracks. This organic South Pacific skin care
remedy uses volcanic pumice to achieve dramatic results fast!

   Viral marketing is an integral part of a campaign strategy that is used to achieve
objectives. It is not the objective itself. If the main objective of an e-mail campaign is
branding, in order to achieve greater branding success exposure you craft your message
or offer in a way that it encourages pass-along.

   Producing a message with a quality offer or an incentive for pass-along is really what
viral marketing is all about. Just suggesting that e-mail recipients forward your message
to their friends and relatives is not viral marketing. A message at the bottom of your
e-mail that reads “Feel free to forward this message to a friend” is nowhere close to viral
marketing at its best.

   On the other hand, if something worthy of sharing, such as a valuable discount, vital
information, additional entries into a sweepstakes, an added discount or premium
service, a joke/cartoon, or a hilarious video, is included in the e-mail, viral marketing
happens naturally and quite successfully.

  The bottom line is that your message must be perceived as having value. Relevant or
timely information, research, or studies are all good examples of content that might be
viewed as potential pass-along material.

    Viral Article Marketing

Articles are one of the easiest ways to promote your website in order to generate traffic
and increase sales. The best part is that this method is FREE. Over the long term,
Article Marketing can boost your sites and sales, doubling and tripling your income.

This applies to any product or service!

   How does this work? You write articles relating to your website or product and
submit them to “free content” article directories. Sometimes you can include links to
your website or sales pages within the content of the Article itself. However, more often
then not, you will have the opportunity to complete a Resource Box or Biography where
you can include such links.

    Resource boxes are usually found at the end of an article. They will generally
contain the name of the author, a brief description of the author, a brief description of
the sponsoring site and a link. If a reader likes what they read, they would have the
tendency to find out where the article came from to read more. The resource box will be
their link to the source of the article and this will entice them to go to the site and do
some more reading or research for the subject or topic they are interested in.

Why Article Marketing Is Considered Viral

     Having articles on the free content sites or article directories means that these
articles are then available to other webmasters who may wish to publish those
articles on their own website. If they do, your article will include a link back to your site
and anyone who reads the article on that site can still click on the link to visit
your site.

    As the list of your published articles grow larger, and more and more of them are
appearing on different websites, the total number of links to your site correspondingly
increases also. Major search engines are placing a lot of significance on incoming links to
websites so they can determine the importance of a certain site. The more incoming links
your website has, the more importance search engines attaches to it. This will then
increase your website‟s placement in the search results.

   If your website is promoting a product or service, the links to your website or sales
pages will mean more potential customers for you. This is what it‟s all about. Even if
visitors only browse through, you never know if they might be in need of what you are
offering in the future. There are also those who already have specific things they need on
their mind but cannot decide yet between the many choices online. Chances are, they
may stumble upon one of your articles, gets interested by the contents you wrote, go to
your site and became enticed by your promotions.

See how easy that is!

    Search engines do not just index the websites, they also index published articles.
They also index any article that is written about your own website‟s topic. Consequently,
once someone searches for that same topic, the list of results will have your site or may
even show the articles that you have written! And to think, no effort on your part was
used to bring them to your site - just your published articles and the search engines! It is
no wonder why many webmasters are suddenly reviving their old writing styles and
taking time to write more articles about their site than doing other means of promotion.

     Getting their site known is easier if they have articles increasing their links and traffic
and making it accessible for visitors searching the Internet. Since many people prefer to
take their buying needs online, having your site on the search engines through your well-
written articles is one way of letting them know about you and your business. The good
thing with articles is that you can write about things that people would want to know
about. This can be achieved in the lightest mood but in a professional manner, with a
little “not-so-obvious” sales pitch added.

   If you think about it, article marketing is free marketing. It‟s also viral and your
investment is the time it takes you to create the article and submitting it to free content
sites and article directories. Over time, you can find that your article has been distributed
to more sites than you can think of.

Even before you know what is happening, you are getting more visitors than you
previously had.

 The Essential Criteria For Creating A Good Article

A well written article will catch the interest of your customers and other webmasters and
keep them coming back for more. Your customers will also be able to recommend your
site to others while webmasters can reprint your article (with your resource links) on
their site and have their website visitors coming back to your site to learn more.

Here are some tips that all articles must have to make it successful and helpful in making
your site a profit-earning and traffic-overflowing site.

   Keywords and Keyword Phrases. An article must always be centered on the
keywords and keyword phrases. As each website visitor goes to a site, there are those
who are just merely browsing but actually looking for a specific something. When this
happens, a searcher usually goes to a search engine and types in the keywords they are
looking for.

   The Important thing is that you have an article that has the keywords that are related
to your site. For example, if you maintain an auto parts site, you must be able to have
articles about cars and their parts. I have already given you some links for tools you can
use on the Internet to help you out in determining what keywords and keyword phrases
to use when constructing your website. You can use these same tools to determine what
keywords to use and write about.

   Keyword Density. Once you have your keywords and keyword phrases, you must
use them fully. An article must have good keyword density for a search engine to really
“feel” its presence. Articles should at least have ten to fifteen percent of keyword density
in their content for search engines to rank a site high in their search results. Getting a
high rank is what articles do best for a site. Keyword density is the number of times a
keyword or keyword phrase is used in an article. The number varies depending on the
number of words used in an article. An effective article must have a keyword density that
is not too high or too low. With a very high density, the essence of the article is lost and
may turn off a reader as well as the search engines. It comes off as overeager. A low
number may be ignored by the search engines.

   Good Article Content. Like what is stated above, you cannot just riddle an article
with keywords. They must also be regarded as good reading materials. Articles must be
able to entertain people as well as provide good information and help for their needs.
Articles should be written well with correct spelling and good grammar. If you want
people to trust you, make your work good and well thought out. People respond well to
figures, facts and statistics. Try to get great information and as many facts as you can. A
good and well written article will boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen field
or topic. As more people believe in you, they will be able to trust you and your products.

   Linking Articles. Never forget to include a link to your site. A little resource box
with a brief description of your site and you should always be placed right after your
articles that you have submitted. If people like your articles, they will most likely click on
the link directing them to your site.

Common Mistakes Made With Article Writing

1. Confusing your reasons for writing the articles with the reasons why
anyone would read them.

In article writing, the five key outcomes you want are:-

(a)    Branding;
(b)    Lead generation;
(c)    Promotion;
(d)    Traffic; and
(e)    Sales.

These goals are all part of your optimization efforts.
   But there is only one reason why anyone will read your article and that is to be
informed. Your potential audience are still those people looking for information. If the
article is not focused on this primary and most important purpose, it will fail to achieve
the five major benefits you want out of it because no one will be interested in reading

The best way to get people to read what is in your article is to produce very good content.
Then the readers are also more likely to click on your link in your resource box.

2. Publishing content that does not help your readers.

   Not all article banks and directories are going to accept your content automatically.
Often times, they have some guidelines and specifications for the articles that they are
accepting. You can double the number of sites you can submit to by writing articles that
the directories want to share with other people. All it takes is one publisher with a
hundred thousand readers to increase your potential audience overnight!

   If you want your article marketing to work the most effective way for you, write the
articles that publishers want in their publications.

   This also means you have to obey the standard guidelines, spell checks, researching
on a good topic and produce good content. In the end, it is all really a matter of choice on
your part. You can start getting a little exposure from increased links back but on a very
basic level. Or enjoy massive exposure from a little extra time making quality contents. It
will be your choice.

   You may not be aware of the fact that an article submitted on directories is not meant
to have the same level of exposure as highly-targeted content ones geared on a narrow
group of people. Learn the difference between these two and it will surely help you know
what kinds of articles to write and to submit.

How To Write A Good Article

There are many people who dread having to write papers or articles. Many just feel like it
seems to be too much work and it all just goes to waste when no one reads their article.
To some people, reading articles seems like work too, especially if the article is boring
and very bland. Well, articles are supposed to be read, that‟s their purpose to impart your
message and information. If it is not read then it is a waste of time and effort.

But all the same, articles have to be written to be read. It‟s just a matter of making them
good. Making a good article doesn‟t have to be strenuous and straining. There are just
some points needed to be reminded of, and some guides to follow. However, once you
get the hang of it, writing articles could be fun, as well as profitable for you and your site.

Of course, writing articles must be about something you know a bit about. That‟s why if
you own a site selling products, you need to know what those products do and what
solutions they will provide to those who want to buy them. This is one of the downfalls of
Dropshipping as part of its attraction for resellers is that you don‟t need to carry any
inventory. Many erroneously think that this means that you don‟t need to buy and
test a few of the products yourself. How are you really going to be knowledgeable about a
company‟s products that you are promoting if you have never personally tried any of

When you are knowledgeable about a certain topic and theme, you won‟t have a hard
time writing about it because you already know what it is and what it‟s about. It‟s just a
matter of making your articles creative and interesting.

   To make sure that your articles get read and enjoyed, here are some important tips.

1) Use short paragraphs.

When the paragraphs are very long, the words get jumbled in the mind of the reader just
looking at it. It can get quite confusing and too much like hard work to read. The reader
will just quickly disregard the paragraph and move on to much easier reading articles
that are good to look at as well as read.

Paragraphs can be a single sentence, sometimes even a single word!

2) Make use of numbers or bullets.

Numbers and bullets can make different points in your article easy to remember and
digest. Just be sure to format you bullets and numbers with indentations so that your
article won‟t look like a single block of square paragraphs. Also, add a little bit of flair
and pizzazz to your articles shape, where possible.

3) Use Sub-headings to sub-divide your paragraphs in the page.

Doing this will break each point into sections but still be incorporated into the whole
article. It also makes it easier for the reader to move on from one point to another and
avoid losing your readers‟ attention.

4) Provide a good attention-grabbing title or header.

If your title can entice a person‟s curiosity you‟re already halfway to getting a person to
read your article. Use statements and questions that utilize keywords that people are
looking for. Provide titles or headers that describe your article‟s content but still keep
them short and concise.

For example, use titles like, “Tips on making your skin blemish-free you”, or “How to
Get Rid Of Acne Fast “. You could also use titles that can command people, for example,
“Make Others Envy Your Glowing, Healthy Skin”. These types of titles reach out to a
persons‟ emotions and makes them interested.

5) Keep them interested from the start to the finish.

From your opening paragraph, use real life situations that can be adopted by the reader.
Use good descriptions and metaphors to make your point, just don‟t overdo it. Driving
your examples with graphic metaphors and similes would makes it easy for them to
imagine what you are talking about - making the experience pleasurable and enjoyable
for them.

6) Utilize figures when necessary and not just general statements.
Using specific facts and figures can heighten your article because it tends to make it
authoritative. But do not make it too formal, it should be light and easy in them and flow.
Like a friendly teacher having a little chat with an eager student.

   Owning, running and maintaining an Internet based business or a site really does
need articles. Plain and simple. Articles quench the thirst for information and knowledge
of the people. Plus, the articles provide many other benefits for your website such as
putting a site high in the ranking in search results of keywords and keyword phrases that
pertains or are relevant to his or her site. They also provide attraction to website visitors
when they are appreciated and are linked to your site from another site or newsletter.
Articles provide for increased levels of confidence and trust by customers to your site and
your business.

   Many articles are also beneficial in delivering viral traffic. When the readers like the
articles, they will tell more of their friends, family and peers and recommend your site to
them. In this way, articles provide for a larger volume of traffic. You get bigger sales if
your traffic trusts and believes in you. Your product or services will be much easier to sell
when they know you know what you are doing and talking about.

The Resource Box

   Like the article itself, the resource box must also be eye-catching to demand the
attention and interest of the reader. While the resource bow encompasses only a small
space, providing the right keywords and content for your resource box will provide more
prodding for the reader to go to your site. In other words, to make people clink on the
link in your resource box.

  This is the real benefit of your article and your resource box. That is, to drive traffic to
your site.

   I suppose you‟re wondering why other sites would want to place your Article on their
website. Many sites allow articles to be placed in their sites because they can make use of
the articles to fill their pages and provide content. They also get affiliation with other
sites which can prove to be beneficial for them as well.

   So what would be good content for your resource box? Basically it is
keywords, learning about the proper keywords that people are mainly searching for.
Resource boxes can also make use of all the creativity it can get. You only get a small
space for your resource box so you better make the most of it. Try to catch the attention
of your reader with resource box content that can make them give a second look. Unlike
TV ads, you don‟t have visual aids to drive your point in. But you do have the power of
imagination of a reader. With the right content, you can make them think and be

   Your keywords should be related to your site. Do not mislead your potential website
visitors. Build your credibility so that people would get enticed to visit your site and
browse what you have to offer. Make the people click your resource box by providing
resource box content that makes a lasting impression. You only get one chance to wow
them and hundreds of chances to repulse them.
Never underestimate the power of the resource box. It may be small in size but
they will provide a significant aid in driving traffic to your site. A boring resource box will
never achieve this. Be informative and creative but at the same time show that you have
a great deal to offer – much more than just what you have written in your article.

If You Hate Writing Articles

I could go into a number of different alternatives here but my view is that for the reader
to truly feel the impact of what a good article is, it must be original and preferably
written by you.

So, if you hate writing (or think you do) or don‟t believe you can write well, my advice is
to “get over it” and start learning!

How do you expect to make money online if you aren‟t willing to invest either the time to
learn new skills?

The more you can do yourself rather than paying other people to do things for you, the
less money you will be forking out.

Before I move on, here is another article I wrote: -

                               How Do I Get Rid Of Old Acne Scars?

    This is a very common question from people all over the world, irrespective of race or color.
    Believe it or not, there is an amazing treatment for this using a magic product from the
    Melanesian islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. However, before I talk about how to get rid
    of old Acne scars, I want to deal with how to get rid of Acne fast. If you know how to cure Acne
    fast, then the likelihood of Acne scars developing is substantially reduced.

    While you can buy antibacterial agents, oral antibiotics and chemical-based topical products
    from your local pharmacy or chemist, these seldom completely cure Acne. In fact, some
    medications can, in some cases, worsen the condition. Some sections of the medical profession
    go so far as to say that there is no such thing as an Acne cure. Their view seems to be that the
    best that can be achieved is the "control of Acne" and in some instances, Acne prevention.

    Others will tell you that you can get rid of Acne simply by cutting down or cutting out
    processed foods, fatty foods (such as potato chips and french fries), sugar and dairy products.
    They'll tell you to make some changes in your lifestyle, particularly your diet.
    Recommendations range from cutting out the consumption of soft drinks and soda completely
    (irrespective of whether they are sugared or so-called diet sodas), choosing steamed
    vegetables over stir-fried, using honey instead of refined sugar, eating more fruits and/or nuts
    and drinking lots of water. Personal cleanliness is also recommended to reduce the spread (as
    distinct from the cause) of Acne.

    These recommendations are not only good for your health, but should improve the general
    condition of your skin. However they may not be enough, on their own, to cure Acne. To really
    get rid of acne the natural way, we need to specifically address the following:-

    (a) Facial Acne;
    (b) Acne Scarring;
    (c) Back & Chest Acne.

    For the best treatment of Facial Acne, I recommend the following, all-natural procedure using
    some fabulous, anti-acne products which are all chemical-free:-

    1. Wash your hands.

    2. Gently exfoliate the face and neck using Volcanic Earth's Honey & Pumice Exfoliant.

    3. Rinse off with warm water.
    4. Immediately apply a Facial Toner.

    5. Except in the case of oily skin, follow with a very light application of their Facial Moisturizer
    With Tamanu Oil. (optional)

    The above procedure should be carried out as per the instructions on each product. Even
    though these products are designed for use on the face, they are equally effective on the
    shoulders. The key to this treatment is the Honey & Pumice Exfoliant, due to the drawing
    power of the Volcanic Pumice ingredient and the antibacterial properties of Honey. The latter is
    also gentle on sensitive skin.

    Done correctly, you should expect visible results in as little as a day or two. Stop Acne in its
    tracks today!

    To get rid of old Acne scars or at least reduce the appearance of existing Acne scars, apply
    Volcanic Earth's pure Tamanu Oil a couple of times during the day. This can be done easily and
    conveniently using their small 12ml Roll On (fits into a pocket or small purse). The Roll On is
    refillable so grab yourself a 50ml or 100ml bottle while you're at it. You may also find that
    Tamanu Oil will remove some other minor skin blemishes (if any) in the process.

    For large areas such as the back and chest, I suggest you simply apply their pure Tamanu
    Butter to get rid of old Acne scars or to reduce their overall appearance. This product is made
    up of 60% pure Tamanu Oil plus Virgin Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter so the skin does dry out
    (which can happen if you apply straight Tamanu Oil to large areas).

    These Acne products are unlike anything you have ever seen or used. Forget Proactive - it's
    mostly hype and really has the same old ingredients like most of the other chemical-based
    Acne treatments.

    You don't want to aggravate your Acne. If you want to get rid of Acne fast and get rid of old
    Acne scars, grab some of Volcanic Earth's Honey & Pumice Exfoliant and some Tamanu Oil or
    Tamanu Butter - you won't look back and your skin will love you for it.


    Barry, who would have imagined that volcanic pumice is the key to how to get rid of Acne fast?
    And what is this amazing Tamanu Oil and how is it produced? To learn more, visit the Volcanic
    Earth website today at


    how do i get rid of acne scars,how do i get rid of old acne scars,cure acne,how to cure acne
    fast,how to get rid of acne fast,

See, article writing is not as hard as you might think!

How did I come up with the Title to the above article? I simply went into Yahoo
Answers, searched for questions on skin care and found that this was the most common
question asked by the many thousands of people looking for an answer to this
widespread problem.

The important thing about Article Marketing or any marketing is that you
target groups of people who have a problem (for example, Acne sufferers) and provide
them with a solution to their problem! In this way, selling becomes easy.

Tip: Keep your articles short – between say 300 – 500 words.

Why not try writing your own article? You may well be quite surprised at the result! Once
you‟ve done one and had it published online, you‟ll be away! There‟s nothing quite like
the buzz you get when other people are interested to read what you have to say!
I can‟t stress enough just how important a marketing tool Articles can be. Easy to do, no
cost to write, they‟re viral and they work.

How to Submit Your Articles

There are almost endless places where you can submit your articles for free. Some are
better than others. The more places you submit your articles and the more articles you
write, the more traffic your website will receive.

You will begin to look like an authority on the subject matter and industry you write
about. This is what will lead people to click on your link in your Resource Box.

I am an authorized Ezine Articles expert, which allows me to use the following icon and
serves to promote me as someone who knows what they‟re talking about.

This helps to promote me as an expert, even though I am qualified through the number
of articles I have submitted to Ezine Articles, rather than the quality of them.

   Having said that, the trick is to start with just one article and submit it to lots of
Article Directories. Then set a weekly schedule where you try to create a new article and
submit it. Before you know it, you will have 10 or more articles popping up in the search
engines and heaps of visitors coming to your website through them.

In fact, you should be able to see this in the web stats, via your Control Panel (that‟s
provided you don‟t host your website through some extremely cheap or free hosting

  Now submitting to Article Directories manually is very time consuming.

There is a much better and faster way.

 Article Submitter is one of the Quickest and Easiest ways to get your articles posted up on
hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor trying
                                      to do it manually!
And you can have your own copy of Article Submitter right now for just a one-time
investment of $137.00 - $19.00! This is a limited time offer, so I suggest you grab your
copy right now for this bargain price while you still can.

                    You Can Get Your Copy Of Article Submitter Here.

Then set about writing your first article and using Article Submitter to get it posted up on
more than 160 different Article Directories.

If this all sounds to hard then I strongly recommend that you engage the services of
Work Free Traffic to write your articles and submit them to a top Article Directory for
you every month. After 6 or 12 months you will be very surprised at the amount of traffic
these articles can generate to your website.

                                Just click here to go to the site.

    Using Viral E-books/Reports

It is a well known and widely accepted fact, that E-books….FREE E-books are one of the
best weapons in a viral marketing campaign arsenal. The ebook you are reading right
now is an example of this type of viral marketing tool in that it is free, it can be given
away as a bonus or to encourage visitors to sign up for the Volcanic Earth Newsletter
(and therefore join the Mailing List). In addition, I get to promote the Volcanic Earth
Reseller Opportunity while conveying important information to my resellers and anyone
else new to online storefronts and Internet Marketing generally.

It‟s a win-win situation all round.

However, writing original e-books or e-reports, such as this one, do take time.
Personally, I think it is better to create a short Report instead as it doesn‟t take long and
can be equally effective as an e-book. Below is an example of a short Review Report
(about 14 pages) I created in relation to the amazing skin care benefits of Tamanu Oil.

                            Click here to download the report for free.
   Here are the steps I used to create this report.

     1. I downloaded some graphics (arrows, buttons etc.) to use throughout the e-
        report. Graphics are important and you don‟t have any, you are not going to
        achieve the impact you want.

     2. I then got my camera and took some pictures of a Tamanu Tree, the
        flower/fruit, one of our Volcanic Earth staff filling up bottles etc.

     3. I then sat down and wrote the contents for the report in Word and inserted
        graphics and images as I went.

     4. Then I decided on a title for the report.

     5. Next I created the e-cover image for the report that you can see above. Now, I
        did this using a free image editing software called Scots Box Maker which you
        can download here. It is not the best program out there but if you play around
        with it a bit, you‟ll figure it out. Sometimes, I find it‟s easier and quicker to use
        some Private Label Rights graphics to create an e-cover instead. This is what I
        did in relation to the e-cover for this ebook you are reading now.

         With Private Label Rights it means that you can “change” the graphics to suit.
         Without graphics for your ebooks, e-reports and website, you will always be
         struggling. To grab some good quality PLR Graphics of your own that you can
         use for this purpose (and for the purpose I referred to in 1. above, click here.

     6. I then went back to the content I wrote in Word and inserted the e-cover image
        at the start of the report.

     7. Being on Vista, I simply then saved the document as a PDF. I could also have
        done it using Adobe Acrobat.

That‟s all there was to it!

   This is the way the above e-report works. Visitors to the Volcanic Earth website (and
certain pages of the site) download the e-report for free. They then read about the
extraordinary benefits of this fantastic skin care product and then are told where they
can buy it – from Volcanic Earth‟s website of course! These same people can tell other
people and/or send the download link on to other people who they know could perhaps
benefit from using Tamanu Oil on their skin.

   By the way, if you are a Volcanic Earth reseller, I can provide you, without charge, a
copy of this e-report, which you can then brand with your business name, contact details
and web address (instead of Volcanic Earth‟s). All you need do to get your rebrandable
copy is to simply send your request by email to giving your
name, contact details and web address.
Apart from being interesting and informative, your e-book or e-report should always have
links back to your web site and to your sales page (if you have one).

   Next, be sure that you have a prominent section telling readers that they are free to give
your E-book away. Let them know that they can post it on their site as a free download, that
they can use it as a bonus, and that they can bundle it with other products. This is the way
to create viral marketing for your products or services. Remember the links in the
e-book or e-report take the reader back to your website!

   Before you send your E-book or E-report out to the world, double check spelling and
grammar and be sure that you have tested every link to verify that it goes where it is
supposed to go. Obvious errors will reflect badly on you and will not be of much value to you.
They could even by damaging.

   The marketing E-book and E-report have become a very important part of marketing on
the Internet. With a marketing E-book you can present your story in an effective way and
include links to your web sales pages. With a marketing E-report, you can present
information to “hook” your reader and draw them to your website and products. Either way,
your E-book or E-report can become your best salesman.

The right E-books and E-reports are capable of reaching a large audience
provided the content is something that people will want to share like timely information
or humor. Remember that people like to know something that the rest of the world needs
to know. They will pass along something that makes them look like they are in-the-know.

E-books and E-reports are a way to sell other products other than the one
you originally targeted. For example; if you are selling organic skin care products
your customers could also be interested in e-Books about organic gardening, living an
organic lifestyle etc.

   The easy way to offer such e-Books is not to write them yourself but to become a
reseller of them through Clickbank. How it works is that you sign up as an Affiliate
(basically a reseller) for free. You can then click on “Marketplace” up the top of the site
and then select the category you‟re interested in. You then will see a list of other people‟s
products (these are all digital ebooks) with a “view pitch page” link to their Sales Page
and a “create hoplink” link. When you click on the latter link, it asks you to insert your
Clickbank ID and then generates an Affiliate Link for you. If you then advertise this link,
you get paid a commission.

However, E-books and E-reports that YOU create are effective in building
your reputation. You should endeavour to promote yourself as much as your website.
If you create a quality E-book or E-report that readers are willing pass on to others, there
is an implied recommendation that you know what you are talking about.

   Depending on the business you‟re in, you can even use rebrandable E-books that have
been produced by others. An extremely good source for this is:-
                              Just click on the image above or go to:-

  Basically, there will be links through these ebooks that you can change to reflect your
own affiliate link. You can generally join the relevant Affiliate Programs for free as well.

   Creating your own branded e-book through Viral Ebook Explosion is a simple 2-step
process with this program, so don‟t be afraid to give it a whirl!

Whatever you do, you still need to know how to distribute your e-book or

   One way to distribute these E-reports or E-books to visitors to your website is to give
them as a free gift for subscribing to your newsletter. If your E-Report or E-book
contains material that people will want to share with their friends and family, they will
pass it along to them… they will pass it along to others…and you will make sales and

    Another way is to post your E-book to some of the E-book directories. Many let you post
it for free, or will let you post a link on their site to your E-book. Just one example of such an
E-book directory is Jogena. However, just do a Google Search to find many more.

     Chapter 6 - Other Advertising and Marketing Resources

There are all sorts of advertising and marketing methods available. However, one thing
is for certain. If your website is not Search Engine Optimized, you will need to engage in
various other forms ways to drive traffic to your website.

Frankly, you should anyway.

No traffic – no sales! More traffic = more sales.
Tip: Try to do some form of marketing for your online business every day. You will need
some personal discipline to achieve this but boy, will you be surprised at how all these
little bits and pieces make the difference between success and failure!


  If you know how to write a Press Release, then write one and submit it to editor of
your local newspaper. They are often looking for material and I have personally done this
myself on a number of occasions.

   You can also submit Press Releases to industry magazines and national newspapers.
The chances of it being printed may be a lower but you never know. One thing I have
found is that newspapers, magazines and Television Shows (Lifestyle programs, local
state stories of interest etc) are unlikely to run the Press Release IF you don‟t have a local
outlet or representative where their readers or viewers can buy the product/service you
are selling or providing.

   I should mention the fact that just because you have an Online Business does not
mean that you should limit your marketing efforts to online methods of promotion
only – you should do both online and offline advertising!

  When it comes to submitted Press Releases online, you can‟t go past PRWeb. Take the
time to read some of the “success stories” on their website as this form of marketing can
be extremely effective. Prices range from $80 (for Standard Visibility) to as high as
$360. If you can afford it, you should start with the cheaper option and as you start
getting results and making sales, move to the more expensive options.

If you think $80.00 is a lot of money, then you are in the wrong business and should just
stick with your day job – sorry but that‟s the harsh reality. Nobody makes money on the
Internet for FREE – and I mean nobody. At least, not unless you have all the time in the

Having said that try prlog for an online press release service that is free! You can see a
press release I post up on this site here. Still, in my experience, it does not have the
market reach that PRWeb has.

Really, if you are serious about your online business, you would use both press release

Tip: Stay away from all those so-called “Make A fortune In The Next 30 Days” type stuff.
Stay focussed on your business. Work your business (not someone else‟s) and do it on a
consistent basis. Persevere and stay the course. Rome wasn‟t built in a day and neither
will your online storefront. Building any business takes time, effort, money and

  Like Article drafting, putting together your own Press Release is not that hard.
However, please keep in mind that you should ensure that your press release: -
    (a) Has a catchy Headline

    (b) Is well structured

    (c) Has proper paragraphing.

    (d) Is informative and topical

    (e) Does not come across as a direct sales pitch

    (f) Has been proof-read.

    (g) Includes a link to your website.

  When dealing with newspapers and magazines, you should always submit
images to go with your Press Release AND separately (in other words, not actually in the
body of the text itself).

Below is an example of one of my own Articles. It has the images in it but I sent them in
to the paper separately in an images “zip” folder as well.

It was duly published in the newspaper.

                    Out From The Crater Of A Thundering Volcano Comes A Gem.

No, we’re not talking about a typical gemstone, but rather a local gem in the form of a Vanuatu
manufacturer who is on the fast track to becoming a name brand worldwide in the area of natural
skin care products. Volcanic Earth has managed to harness the normally destructive power of
volcanic ash to produce an exotic range of natural skin care products, with over 54 % of its sales in
2007 coming through an ever-growing list of resellers around the world.

 Volcanic Earth is headed up by Linda Trenkner and Pam Ryan. They
 are both strong advocates of all natural, organically grown products
 and share in the belief that we are all connected to the Earth’s
 energy and that the stronger the connection, the stronger and
 healthier we become.

 This local manufacturer has incorporated the use of real volcanic
 ash into its flagship all natural "Elementals" skin care range. The ash
 is used in their foot scrubs and body scrubs due to the cleaning,
 purification and exfoliating qualities of the ash.
“Apart from its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast and overall disinfectant qualities, volcanic ash is
high in Sulphur, an active Mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but
actually destroy it. Sulphur is also known to slow down the aging process because of its ability to
protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation.” said Linda.
                                     Volcanic Earth’s “Elementals” range is comprised of well over 50
                                     different body care products. The range is split up into the
                                     following sub-categories: Unpredictable (a Frangipani-based line
                                     of natural products for women); Eruptable (Sandalwood-based for
                                     men); CocoVan (Vanuatu virgin coconut oil, lime& vanilla suitable
                                     for everyone) and their Tropical First Aid (incorporating Vanuatu’s
                                     famed Tamanu Oil).

                                     They even have a range of Bath, Hair and Facial products.

“In our Facial Care line, our most popular product is our Honey & Pumice Exfoliant. The combination
of micro-fine volcanic pumice powder and honey is extremely effective in the treatment of acne
breakouts, skin blemishes and razor bumps.” Linda said.

When the business first started out some years ago, it produced a range of “Ash Clothing” that
incorporated the use of volcanic ash. Whilst their “Authentic Ash Shirt” and other clothing items are
still produced to this day, the skin care side of the business has really taken off in a big way with over
60 new reseller signups since October 2007. Many of these resellers are located in various parts of
the United States (including Alaska) with some others in countries such as Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, the UK and even Ireland.

On top of all this, Volcanic Earth products are also sold and or used by Iririki Resort & Spa, the Le
Meridien Resort (Port Vila), Moorings Hotel, Goodies, Events Vanuatu, Whitegrass Ocean Resort,
Lotus Health & Beauty and our own Vanuatu Tourism Office. In addition, Volcanic Earth has its own
retail outlet in The Adventure Centre in Port Vila.

                                                       Pictured left are two of Volcanic Earth’s Retail
                                                       Shop Managers who were selected to undergo
                                                       an informative but fun 5-day Workshop with a
                                                       number of the Body Shop's top Shop
                                                       Managers as part of the Young Entrepreneurs
                                                       Business and Retail Workshop held in Port Vila
                                                       in 2007.

                                                       Volcanic Earth's retail shop in Port Vila was
                                                       used as a "model" business for practical work,
                                                       with participants and a Body Shop Manager
                                                       visiting the store to reinforce the lessons
                                                       learnt over the course of the workshop.
Volcanic Earth products are devoid of any chemicals, artificial preservatives or colourings. These also
extend to products such as their Headache Stopper, After Sun Spray and Insect Stopper and are just
as effective as their chemical-based counterparts. No products are tested on animals and most of
their products can readily be purchased online through their website at

IF you‟re serious about your Online Business, then don‟t overlook the power of Press
Releases, both offline and online!

Tip. Make sure that you let the Editor know whether your Press Release is for ready for
Immediate Release or some future date. Also, make sure that the images you send in
with your Press Release are of high resolution.


   I recommend that you open an account with EOpinon. The idea here is that you then
submit reviews on products related to what you‟re selling. After you open up a free
account, go into your account and edit your profile. You will be asked to fill in your
“Biography”. This is where you ensure that you include a link to your website. You can
then go to the Home page and do a search or click on a related category and then submit
a review.

For example, a Volcanic Earth reseller might click on the “Wellness & Beauty” category,
then click on “Anti-Aging Treatment” or “Acne & Blemish Control”. You‟ll then see
various products listed and a link below each saying “Write A Review”. If you know or do
a Google search on that product, you‟re likely to find that it contains chemicals.

Let‟s take a product called “NeoStrata Gel Plus - AHA 15”. A search on Google reveals
that this link
When you go to this link you see a “more about this product” link. This then takes to a
page where you can see the ingredients of this product. One of these ingredients is
“Glycolic Acid”.

If you then do a Google search on “what is Glycolic Acid” you‟ll see various sites,
including You‟ll then find that this
ingredient is not only a chemical but one that can be very harmful and why.

Do the same thing with other ingredients of this product such as “Propylene Glycol”
(another chemical), Ammonium Hydroxide (another chemical), Polyquaternium-10
(another chemical) and so on.

Now, you can go and write your review on this product on EOpinon. You can include
links to your own site in the body text of your review but don‟t overdo it – one‟s enough.
When your Biography comes up readers of your review can click on it to take them to
your website!

I’ve just done it to show you how easy this is: -
That‟s me pictured in the right hand column and my review is in the body of the page.
Although this screen capture is too hard to read, the “About Me” under my photo simply

About Me:
When it comes to natural skin care solutions, look no further than VOLCANIC EARTH

This comes from the Biography I posted in the Profile section of my account.

Here‟s what my review actually says about the product in question:-

The Chemicals In This Product Are Harmful To The Body
Written: Nov 08 '08

Product Rating:                Pros: There are no pros to using
                               this product.

                               Cons: This is a chemical peeling
                               product that I would stay away from!

                               The Bottom Line: Do your skin a
                               favor - Stay away from this product.

neteffect's Full Review: Neostrata Gel Plus Aha 15
The ingredients of this product are mostly chemicals. Glycolic Acid is a chemical that can be very harmful.
Other chemicals in this product include Propylene Glycol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Polyquaternium and
Tetrasodium ETDA. For example, while Glycolic Acid is derived from sugar cane, it is still a chemical and
one so powerful that it is used for rust removal and degreasing. In high concentrations, it is extremely
dangerous to exposed skin. In fact, the government views products with concentrations of Glycolic Acid
over 10% to be hazardous material. This doesn't mean that just because concentrations are kept to 10% or
under that they are safe. Although Glycolic Acid is generally used as a so called "natural" skin exfoliant and
moisturizer (because it is derived from sugar cane), there is a lot of concern over its safety. Ammonium
Hydroxide is a corrosive chemical compound that can cause redness, serious skin burns and blisters -
all very painful. Ridding the body of toxic chemicals will do more good for the skin than using a product like
this that will only put more chemicals into your body. A study in Australia found that the average woman
applies 176 different chemical a day to her body as part of her daily beauty regime. Using this product will
account for at least 4 of those 176 chemicals!


See, there‟s nothing hard about this!

You get your website url up on another website (being Yahoo Answers). You also get to
be informative and look like you know what you‟re talking about. Other people will read
your review and if they like it, may then click on your website url in the “About Me”
section and voila – you have a new visitor to your website and it didn‟t cost you a dime!
In addition, these visitors are targeted visitors – they are interested in what you‟re

Tip: Keep repeating the process above and on a daily or weekly basis. The more posts,
the more traffic to your site and all it costs is your time!

 I also recommend you make a habit of answering questions on Yahoo Answers on a
regular basis. Here are the steps:-

        1. Sign up for a free account.

        2. Set up your profile (ensure you put a link to your website in your Biography).

        3. Do a search on Questions in your area of business.

        4. Look for Unresolved Questions.

        5. Post an answer to the question.

You‟re done! Then simply repeat the process with other unresolved questions. Try and
do this on a daily or weekly basis. Again, the more posts, the more traffic to your site and
all it costs is your time!

Tip: Be informative when you answer questions and you just might be selected by the
questioner as the “Best Answer” and earn some credits.

Here‟s an example of an Answer I posted and that was rated “Best Answer”:-
Again, my answer is hard to read in this screen capture, so part of it is reproduced

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Frankly, neither of these products are great. In fact, when it comes to Proactiv, it offers nothing
different to all the other standard Acne treatments. They just market themselves better and more

If you have normal-to-oily skin and acne, the absolutely best and most effective treatment is put out
by a company called Volcanic Earth. The specific treatment uses an all natural product called Honey
& Pumice Exfoliant. It is Acne's enemy as it is deadly effective on Acne because of the extraordinary
drawing power of the volcanic pumice.

Part of their treatment includes ……..

Hope this helps!

Tip: Know about the products you‟re selling and be personable when providing answers.
Don‟t make it look like you‟re trying to sell anything.


    If you haven‟t heard of Craigs List, it is perhaps the most well-known online urban
community where you can place free classified ads. It covers the major cities in all 50
States of the USA, as well as covering Canada, Europe, Asia and various international
I don‟t plan to go into the ins and outs of Craigs List. You can spend a bit of time yourself
and you should be able to work it out. If you can‟t or you just want to get a handle on it
fast, then you can pick up a very comprehensive PDF Manual and Video on it here.
Depending on what products or services you offer, this can be a tremendous way to
promote your business. In fact there are various people who make a pretty good living
– just through working Craigs List properly!


I have briefly explained what these are already and if you are working your way through
this book step-by-step (like you‟re supposed to), you‟ll have already discovered just how
important these sites are these days. Just have a look at Facebook!

Unfortunately, too many people just use them to expose themselves to identity theft,
rubbish talk and useless, time-wasting CR-P. Sorry for the bad language but these sites
offer a great opportunity to generate free traffic to your online business, so
why waste this opportunity on rubbish?

Your online business may be a part-time thing but it should still be run as a “business”,
not as some hobby!

    I suggest you join LinkedIn. This social networking community has over 30 million
professionals who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities and to
control their professional identities online.

Here are the social bookmarking sites that you can manage from LinkedIn.

      Backflip
      Bibsonomy
      Blinklist
      Blue Dot
      BookmarkSync
      Connotea
      Diigo
      Furl
      Google Bookmarks
      Jumptags
      linkatopia
      Linkroll
      ma.gnolia
      MyWebYahoo
      Simpy
      Spurl
      Twitter
    Start by joining one of them, setting up your profile etc properly. Add your Username
and Password for this social networking site, then move to joining the next one and so
on. Learn how to set up your Profile and attract others into your network. Watch what
the others who have big networks do – chances are they‟ll be contacting you to add you
to theirs. It‟s a bit like creating your own Mailing List!

   BLOGS     ******
   Blogs are very popular forms of marketing – mainly because are free or cheap to
set up and operate and, if done right, are a great way to make sales, promote yourself as
an expert and send traffic to your website. A good blog or blog article can also find its
way up the search engines a lot faster than a traditional website on a lot of occasions.

This is why many online business owners have blogs, in addition to their main website.

Often, they will have multiple blogs – not just one.

       Don’t know what a Blog is? It always surprises me that many people still
       don‟t know what these are. However, when I think about it, these people are not
       people who are used to using their computer for much more than a video player,
       cd player or furniture piece! Essentially a blog is running web page or electronic
       journal or diary you use to enter your thoughts or ideas using web-based
       programs. But, a blog can be used for various purposes.

   Within the context of this report, a blog can also be used as an additional
marketing tool for your existing online business. It can be used to offer up free
content you may not want to include on your regular website. In fact, a blog can be a
website in and of itself! Blogs are designed to be whatever it is you want them to be,
giving you complete creative control over every aspect of your blog.

    Using a blog can be very beneficial to you if you have an online business and are
extremely easy to create, use, and profit from even if you have never made a blog in your

Here are some straight forward things you can do with blogs:-

 Create your own FREE blog on Wordpress. Just open an account and follow the steps.
Pick a name for your blog that reflects the business you‟re in or a specialized area of it.
For example, a Volcanic Earth reseller might decide on “Anti-Aging”, “Acne” or any
number of things as their theme and come up with an appropriate name. Then write a
few different posts – some short and some longer. Always come from the point of view of
your reader but don‟t forget to include links back to relevant pages of your website.

Tip: When you doing a post, optimize it for a particular key word phrase. Remember,
search engine can pick up your post IF you keep this principle in mind.
   Once you have your own blog set up properly, you should submit the URL to the
major Blog Directories. You can check find suitable categories on Blog Universe and then
go to the relevant sites to submit your blog.

   Open an account at Technorati and become a “contributing blogger”. Membership is
free and you can then claim your blogs, create a personal Technorati profile and readers
from around the web will be able to find what you've written.

There are so many other things you can do that time doesn‟t permit here. However, if
you want to learn more about creating Blogs and Blogging, simply pick up a copy of Easy
Blog Traffic for the ridiculously low price of just $11.95 (normally $47.00).

   Even without a blog of your own, you can simply do is Google search for blogs that are
relevant to your industry and then just post comments up on them with a link back to
your site.

   You can also submit an Article to Blog Carnival, if you‟ve mastered the art of writing!


Everyone has probably heard of YouTube. It has become a great way to market and
promote businesses, whether they be online or offline, for free. Learn how to create your
own videos on subjects of interest and this will open up another world of marketing and
promotional opportunities.

To learn more about this medium, I recommend you pick up a copy of Tube Traffic and
go from there.


This still remains one of the most effective forms of online marketing there is. There are
various steps to this and different levels of email marketing. However, I will concentrate
on the basics here.

   Create an ad and email it off to the masses via a third party provider who has their
own Mailing List. This method can work extremely well IF the recipients are likely to be
interested in your product, the recipients have opted-in to receive such emails and the
mailing list is huge.

   However, you also have to be careful and selective here as some of these third party
providers are nothing more than crooks or their lists aren‟t real or they never mail out
anything. Often their mailing lists come from FFA sites (free for all sites where you place
a free ad on condition that you agree to receive emails from other members) or Safelists
(where the members are all trying to sell you something). My view is that you should stay
well clear of FFA sites and Safelists, unless you enjoy getting drowned in emails coming
back at you from other members!
 The only exception to this is Herculist. If you want to try this method, I recommend
that you become a Gold Yearly member as you can get the following benefits:-

1. Submit an ad every 24 hours to 51473 Members (Gold)!

2. ONE FREE Smart-list solo ad submission.

3. Vacation mode option. Send mail without receiving it.

4. Send Personalized Messages (including the subject line) – very important

5. A FREE lifetime Smart-list Membership (over 2000 of the most responsive e-mail
   addresses available)!

At the time of writing this report, the total cost per year is only $49.95 (on special as it is
normally $89.95 a year – still good value though).

I should mention here that when it comes to advertising and marketing, you have 3
choices. Use only free methods (involves a lot of your personal time and takes time to get
results), use paid methods (often faster and more immediate results) or both (best

Co-Registration Email Marketing

Here is what I regard as the best value for money – It‟s called C0-Registraion Email
Marketing. It is where someone registers for one thing (eg. a membership) and has
agreed to receive more information on a related topic. Consequently, these type of leads
are not just Op In, but very cheap to buy.

Ideally, you should create what‟s called a “Landing Page” first. This is a single page used
to capture your website visitors‟ details (name and email address usually). They are often
referred to as “Lead Capture” pages because they are used to entice the visitor to register
for more information about the product or service. The prospect is then added to a
Mailing List for follow-up messages to be delivered to the prospect by automatic email,
using what is known as an “Autoresponder”.

An autoresponder is probably the best advertising tool on the internet. However,
there are two types. One is the standard autoresponder that often comes with a web
hosting package. However, these autoresponders are generally only designed to send out
one standard message in answer to an email sent to you. A common example of this is a
message that says “I am currently out of the office for the next two weeks”. The second
type of autoresponder is more advanced and is programmed to send an unlimited
number of follow-up messages. These follow-up messages are preset to
automatically be sent out at a specified time. In other words, this type of autoresponder
can be set up to automatically send out a fresh message every day for as long as you
would like!

As 50% or more of your website visitors won‟t buy from you on a single visit to your
website, this type of autoresponder system of automatic follow-up emails can
substantially increase your sales.

Only problem is, these types of autoresponder services (such as Aweber) do cost
money. In fact, they can run anywhere from $19.00 a month to $150.00 a month or
more. However, I personally use Aweber at a cost to me of $19.00 a month.

However, unlike many people, I have learnt how to create a Lead Capture page. In fact,
unless you are a Volcanic Earth Dropship reseller, the only reason you have received a
free copy of this Ebook is because you registered for it via one of my Lead Capture pages!
In addition, I know how to write a series of good quality autoresponder follow-up email

                     The EASIEST, FASTEST and the most COST-EFFECTIVE
                        way to build a list for your product or service!

There are many other ways to market and promote your website from forums, other
Web20 methods such as Squidoo, creating Opt-in Forms and using autoresponders and
so on. However, start with the ones above and as you get more time and/or more
confidence, you can then move on to these other methods.

Good Luck

Barry J. Roche

P.S. If you wish to offer this special report to your prospects, customers, subscribers,
friends and family you can do so, provided you give it to them for free or as a free bonus
to some other product/service. You'll be helping them learn some of the basics of
Internet Marketing, which they are certain to appreciate.

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