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					FIELD/COUNTRY OPPORTUNITY                                   DESCRIPTION
Southeast Asia

                                                            Live with and join a missionary in his/her work and ministry
                 Friendship Outreach & Ministry Assistant   strategy. Opportunities may include teaching English
                                                            formally or informally, leading Bible studies, prayer walks,
                                                            photography, research and befriending the nationals.
                                                            Immerse yourself in Asian culture and ministry. Participate
                                                            in student ministry through evening events and teaching
                 Teaching English at an English Center or
                                                            conversational and classroom English. Additional
                                                            opportunities may include visits to students' homes or
                                                            villages. Must be Native English speaker.
                                                            Teach an Intensive English course and help improve
                                                            theological and conversational English of first year, post-
                                                            grad students and staff. Some course materials are
                 Teaching English at a Seminary
                                                            available. Encourage and equip new students by
                                                            interacting with them outside classroom. Must be native or
                                                            fluent English speaker.
                                                            Give further training to 2 experienced librarians,
                                                            particularly in the areas of classification and computer
                 Librarian for Seminary                     systems for a graduate level theological library. Must be a
                                                            fully qualified librarian with extensive experience or with
                                                            specific experience in theological libraries.
                                                            Work with our Literature & Media coordinator to produce a
                                                            missions mobilization video in the local language. Must
                 Video Production
                                                            have technical experience in making film and/or video
                                                            Work with staff to give a 1-2 week seminar on a publishing
                                                            related topic such as editing, writing, graphic design,
                 Publishing Seminar presenter               publishing management or marketing. Presenter needs to
                                                            be expert on his/her topic and all matters related to the
                                                         Main job will be to create patterns and products. Other
                                                         responsibilities may include planning, documentation and
                                                         systems. Willing to learn the local language, learn and be
                      Cross-stitch ministry
                                                         creative, able to work independently. Also willing to work
                                                         in isolated conditions and have no contact with
                                                         Caucasians. (2 months minimum)
                                                         Various opportunities are available to work among
                                                         different unreached people groups, teaching English,
                      Teaching English and/or computer   computers, or other subjects. Build friendships with local
                                                         people and work alongside long-term workers. (6 weeks

More Southeast Asia
                                                         Teach basic computer skills to locals who have a basic
                      Computer Trainer                   command of English. Teach programming, word
                                                         processing, spreadsheets, databases, web design, etc.
                                                         Train our workers on doing market research and to be
                      Market Analyst-Business            diligent businessmen and women with good business
                      Graphic Artist                     Design materials for the engineering company.
                                                         Each year missionary kids come to the yearly conference
                                                         with their parents. We need willing children's workers to
                      Helpers for Children Program
                                                         come out and minister to the children while the parents
                                                         attend various meetings.
                                                         Assist with data entry from research, to organize research
                      GPS Data Input                     data so others can use the information as they travel to

Chiengmai, Thailand   Video Production                   Work with staff to produce a missions mobilization video.
                                                         Must have technical experience in making film and editing.
                                                                   We are looking for skilled recording studio technicians who
                                                                   are able to record, splice and prepare radio program for
Thailand                      Radio Technician
                                                                   broadcast under the direction of national workers and
                                                                   supervion of expat workers.
                                                                   We need people who can speak Mandarin or Vietnamese
                              Teaching Conversational Chinese or
Chiengmai, Thailand                                                to teach basic phrases to local pastors who go across the
                                                                   Help students living in the OMF dormitory with homework
                                                                   and join them in afterschool activities. Dormitory is a
Chiengmai, Thailand           Dorm Assistant                       home to about 15 students, 2 dorm parents and 1-2 dorm
                                                                   assistants. Must have an international driver's license. (3
                                                                   months minimum)
                                                                   Many missionary families have chosen to homeschool
                                                                   their children. They often live too far from adequate
Various locations             Homeschool Teachers                  schooling options. Teachers or helpers are needed to see
                                                                   that missionary kids don't miss out on their education. (3
                                                                   months minimum)
                                                                   We have a hostel and office that needs a couple to
                                                                   manage the facilities. Duties include relating to and
Chiengmai, Thailand           Accommodation Host/Hostess
                                                                   managing Thai staff, airport pick-ups, odd jobs and
                                                                   involvement in other ministries. (preferably 6 months)
                                                                   An experienced personal assistant is required to provide
Chiengmai, Thailand           Personal Assistant                   administrative help in a number of areas at this mission
                                                                   office. (3 months minimum)

                                                                   Help a career OMF missionary with the ongoing work of
                                                                   church planting. Experience church-planting first-hand by
                                                                   helping wherever help is needed. Opportunity may involve
                                                                   teaching English, craft/cooking classes, children's ministry,
OMF church planting centers   Ministry Assistant
                                                                   student outreach, music ministry (etc.) according to your
                                                                   gifts and abilities. Must be willing to serve and have good
                                                                   people skills, flexibility and a sense of humor. (2 months
                                                                 Work with our Japan Headquarters team, assisting the
                                                                 smooth running of the office. Must have good
                                                                 administrative skills, including the use of computers and
                                                                 good communication and relationship skills. Many things
                                                                 can be included, depending on your skills and interest.
OMF Japan Headquarters and
                           Administrative Assistant              Are you computer minded? Do you like filing? Or perhaps
Regional Centers
                                                                 you like gleaning historical facts from archival material? If
                                                                 you have any one of these interests, your skills can be
                                                                 used. Alongside work in the office, there will be
                                                                 opportunity to help out in the local churches with English,
                                                                 student and/or music ministries - as your interests allow. (6
                                                                 months minimum)

                                                                 We have various kinds of information that to be organized
                                                                 and written explained to Japan OMF members. Help is
OMF Headquarters             Technical Writer                    needed from someone who is NOT involved in the day-to-
                                                                 day work of the Japan Headquarters so that information
                                                                 can be adequately communicated to a target audience
                                                                 without any background knowledge. (2 month minimum)
                                                                 Help dorm parents care for missionary children who attend
Tokyo                        Dorm Assistant
                                                                 the Christian Academy. (3 months minimum)
                                                                 Help with childcare for children of missionaries while they
Sapporo                      Childcare for missionary children   study language at the Language Center. (2 months

                                                           Work with OMF and nationals in Davao City and Manila.
                                                           There are many opportunities within this Urban Poor
                                                           ministry including tutoring, computer training, youth
                                                           outreach, sports, health care and nutrition. We are looking
Southern Philippines   Urban Poor Ministry Assistant       for skilled workers who are flexible and can contribute to
                                                           one or more outreach projects. There will be many
                                                           opportunities to take initiative towards building community
                                                           and personal relationships. Must be willing to work in a
                                                           team structure.

                                                           Work as part of the Urban Poor Ministry Team. We are
                                                           looking for someone who can do basketball and volleyball
Southern Philippines   Youth & Sports Ministry
                                                           clinics for youth and able to do English tutorials. Those
                                                           with Asian ethnic background will have an advantage in
                                                           this cultural setting. (2 months minimum)
                                                           Help with student ministry. Must be able to interact with
Southern Philippines   Manobo Student Ministry Assistant
                                                           students in English and willing to learn Cebuano.
                                                           Teach at Koinonia Theological Seminary during June -
Southern Philippines   Teaching English & Computer
                                                           September or October - March.
                                                           Set up or work on a website for Koinonia Theological
Southern Philippines   IT Specialist                       Seminary. Can help in trouble shooting and has
                                                           experience in networking. Must be skilled in this area.
                                                           At Koinonia Theological Seminary. We are looking for a
Southern Philippines   Librarian
                                                           licensed librarian.

                                                           Teach conversational English to Chinese students (usually
                                                           at the university level but secondary level also possible).
                       Teaching Conversational English     There are many opportunities to interact with students
                                                           outside of class time, discussing spiritual things on a one-
                                                           to-one basis. (6 weeks minimum)
                    We are looking for someone who has experience in total
                    communication and special education, preferably in early
                    intervention to design total communication environment in
                    an inclusive kindergarten. Tasks may include giving
Speech Therapist
                    practical ideas to create a total communication
                    environment, designing a training program, giving training
                    and making individual plans for kids. Teachers need
                    training in this as well as ideas on how to further
                    implement total communication. (1 month minimum)
                    We are looking for Physical Therapists who are able to
                    function independently, take initiative, come up with ideas
                    and be flexible to work with physically disabled children
Physiotherapist     and help with resources. Work may include developing
                    individual training programs for the kids, doing therapy
                    with each child and give training to caregivers. (1 month
Website             Basic website construction.
                    We are looking for a skilled counsellor (strong preference
                    for a Mandarin speaker) to develop a ministry to families.
                    Opportunities exist to develop and run parenting classes
Family ministry     and provide educational counselling and a ministry to
                    families under strain. This opportunity would best suit an
                    older person/couple who have already raised a family. (2
                    months minimum)
                    We are looking for someone who can teach English to
                    children (peferably certified in Elementary Education or
Children's worker   TESOL) and would be interested in running an after-
                    school club for 8-12 years olds. Opportunities exist to
                    include Biblical content in the club program.
                                       We have opportunities to run training programs for
                                       Chinese English teachers and are looking for well-qualified
                                       teachers (preferably holders of Masters Degrees in
           Teacher Trainers
                                       Education or with substantial teaching experience).
                                       Training programs will involve some travelling and will be
                                       short and intensive.

                                       Work alongside missionaries to shop workers (mostly
           Shop Girl Ministry          women) in Taipei, sharing the gospel and/or working with
                                       their children.
                                       Teach children through games, English and other
           Work with Abused Children   activities. Be a part of a growing vision to show that
                                       special-needs children are also valuable.
                                       Be a part of a church planting team by making contacts
           Teaching English
                                       through teaching English and other outreach.

                                       There are many opportunities to teach English in Thailand
                                       either at local schools or at church. A TESOL certificate
           Teaching English            may be required depending on where you teach.
                                       Creativity in using activities to encourage the use of
                                       English is a great advantage.
                                       Computer help needed. Must be able to help with
           Computer                    computer problems, design web sites and help others to
                                       develop skills in working with computers.
                                       Many missionary families are looking for teachers to come
                                       help homeschool their children. It's a great blessing to
           Homeschool teachers
                                       missionaries and enables them to direct more time to their
                                       ministries. (3 months minimum)
                                       Join our church planting teams doing different ministries.
           Ministry Assistant          This may include teaching English, soccer ministry,
                                       Children's or music ministry.

                                                                       Invest in the lives of missionary children. Each year
                                                                       missionary kids (MKs) come to the annual field conference
Thailand: May 2007 Thailand:
                                                                       with their parents. We need willing children's workers to
June 2007 Singapore: Feb,    Children's Program for Field Conference
                                                                       come and minister to these children while their parents
July & Nov 2007
                                                                       attend various meetings. These MKs need to be refreshed
                                                                       (emotionally, spiritually and physically) as much as their
                                                                       parents and need to have Godly input into their lives.
                                                                       Assist Serve Asia Coordinators in their administrative and
                                                                       logistical work. This may include help on logistics, training
Various countries & locations   Serve Asia Coordinator Assistant       and follow-up with short term mission workers. Job
                                                                       descriptions may vary depending on your skills and
                                                                       experience. (6 months commitment)

                                                                       Join our church planting teams in their different ministries.
                                Ministry Assistant                     This may include teaching English, prayer walking,
                                                                       children's or music ministry.
                                                                       Many missionary families are looking for teachers to come
                                                                       help homeschool their children. It's a great blessing to
                                Homeschool Teachers
                                                                       missionaries as they can direct more time to ministries. (6
                                                                       months commitment)
                                                                       Many opportunities are available to teach English either at
                                                                       local schools, universities or churches. A TESOL
                                Teaching English                       certificate may be required depending on where you teach.
                                                                       Creativity in using activities to encourage use of English is
                                                                       a great advantage.
                                Teaching Music
                                                                       Teach Music at local university. (6 months commitment)
                                                          Children's Bible Club teacher needed. Must have primary
                                                          education credentials and experience teaching Sunday
           Children's Bible Club Teacher                  school or Bible clubs. May also Willing to teach English
                                                          as well as train local teachers. Design and run Bible club.
                                                          (3 months minimum)
                                                          Teach English at the university, high school or middle
           English Teacher                                school level. Placements will depend on qualifications and
                                                          length of time commitment.
                                                          Visit and treat gravely ill patients in their homes. Medical
                                                          work includes home hospice care, training Mongolian
                                                          counterparts and training family members. Must have
           Doctors/nurses for palliative and hospice care
                                                          medical credentials and experience in hospice and
                                                          palliative care and be willing to work within the Mongolian
                                                          health care system.
                                                          Examine eyes and conduct vision tests, prescribe
                                                          corrective lenses and train Mongolian colleagues. Help
                                                          operate and manage other aspects of the work. Teaching
                                                          experience is an advantage.

                                                          Work with disabled children and train Mongolian
                                                          colleagues as well as family members. Must be willing
           Physical Therapist
                                                          and able to work with severely handicapped children and
                                                          their families. Job description may also include helping to
                                                          operate and manage other aspects of the project.
time frame

Vietnam, Laos           Occupational Therapist

Laos                    Homeschool Teacher


OMF Headquarters
DELETED - OPPORTUNITY   Administrative Assistant
FILLED October 2006


Rattanakiri             Homeschool Teacher

Come join the ministry of a missionary family. Work with
a bright and studious 12 years old child who is struggling
with physical sensory issues. An OT is needed who will
be responsible for assessing the child in the home school
and home environment, for making a plan of therapy, and
for helping the parents and child follow that plan in order
to help the child set a lifelong pattern of coping with the
sensory challenges involved.
Join the ministry of a missionary family through teaching.
A teacher is needed who will teach 2 boys age 10 and 13
in a home-school setting.

Join the Japan Headquarters staff as an Administrative
Assistant, working for the director of OMF Japan
ministries. Must have good administrative skills;
Japanese language is helpful, but not necessary. The
need will open in September 2006 for about 10 months;
Anyone who is open for a shorter amount of time will also
be considered.

A home school teacher is needed for some missionary
families in Rattanakiri, Cambodia. This will be for four
boys, ranging from fifth through eighth grade, for the
2007-08 school year. (Preferrably, this is for a minimum
commitment of 6 months)