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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.
Businesses in general, with especially those engaged in                          • In the case of permanent total disablement, 50% of the monthly
manufacturing, construction, erection and fabrication etc. involve                 wages of the injured workman multiplied by relevant factor or              We are here to help you. We request you to register a claim by
many workers. This means responsibilities as an employer, you have                 Rs. 24,000, whichever is more.                                             contacting our 24-hour Toll Free Helpline on 1800-103-2292.
legal liability under the Workmen's Compensation Act, the Fatal                                                                                               Please intimate the help desk as soon as a claim occurs
                                                                                 • In case of permanent partial disablement,
Accidents Act, and Common Law to provide compensation to worker for                                                                                           so that we can provide you quick and effective assistance
death, bodily injury (both temporary and permanent) and disease                    - For an injury specified in Part II of Schedule I, the percentage of
                                                                                      loss-of-earning capacity caused by the injury applied to the            and service. You can also register a claim by e-mail on
arising out of and in the course of his/her employment. In this scenario,
how do you protect yourself from such a liability? Rest easy with                     compensation payable for permanent total disablement.         
Workmen's Compensation Insurance - it works for you by covering                    - For an injury not specified in Schedule I, the percentage of permanent
your liability, as an employer, towards workers.                                      loss-of-earning capacity as assessed by a qualified medical             While registering the claim, the following
                                                                                      practitioner applied to the compensation payable for permanent          information will help us serve you better:
Presenting the Workmen's Compensation Insurance                                       total disablement.
Policy                                                                           • In the case of temporary disablement, total or partial, a half monthly     •   Your contact numbers
                                                                                   payment equivalent to 25% of monthly wages of the workman to be            •   Policy number
The Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policy provides coverage for                  paid in accordance with the provisions of the Act.                         •   Name of insured
the payment of compensation to employees for injury or death caused                                                                                           •   Date and time of loss
by accidents out of and in the course of employment. The policy                                                                                               •   Location of loss
provides compensation in respect of:                                             What additional covers does this policy offer?
                                                                                                                                                              •   Nature and approximate extent of loss
                                                                                                                                                              •   Place and contact details of the person at the loss location
• Legal liability to all employees under the Workmen's Compensation              You can get additional coverage under the Workmen's Compensation
  Act 1923 and subsequent amendments to the said Act prior to the                Insurance Policy. Liability in respect of occupational diseases to
  date of issue of the policy
                                                                                 workers arising out of and during the course of employment is covered.
• Legal liability under the Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 and legal liability at
  common law                                                                     Additionally, medical, surgical and hospital expenses, and the cost of
                                                                                 transport to hospital for accidental injuries during employment, are
                                                                                 also covered. The broader coverage is available on payment of extra
What does this policy cover?
The Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policy compensates the
employer against his liability caused by accidental injuries (including fatal)   What does this policy not cover?
sustained by the employees while at work.

The policy can be taken by any employer whether as a principal or as a
contractor to cover his liability towards employees under the statute
                                                                                 The general exclusions are given below:
                                                                                                                                                              Be confident with us…
and common law. The policy also provides for payment of legal costs              • War group and nuclear group of perils                                      Bharti AXA General Insurance
and expenses incurred with the company's consent.                                • Liability to employees of contractors of the insured (unless
                                                                                   specifically declared)
The policy reimburses the amount of compensation subject to the                  • Liability of insured assumed under an agreement
provisions of the Workmen's Compensation Act as follows:                                                                                                      Bharti AXA General Insurance is a joint venture between the Bharti
                                                                                 • Any sum which the insured would have been entitled to recover from         Group and AXA. Bharti AXA combines the strengths of Bharti
• Where employment injury results in death, 40% of the monthly                     any party but for an agreement between the insured and such party          Enterprises, one of India's leading business groups, and AXA, the
  wages of the deceased workman multiplied by the relevant factor or                                                                                          global leader in financial protection and wealth management.
  Rs. 20,000, whichever is more.                                                 This is not an exhaustive list. For a detailed list of exclusions, please
                                                                                 read our policy terms and conditions.

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