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Importance Of Body Language


If you want to improve your life, you must learn body language. Read this to discover why.

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									                          Importance Of Body Language
Body language is a non-verbal communication. Body posture, tone of the voice, facial expressions,
eye movements are few of the essence of body language. You will use this form of communication in
your daily activities. Good communication is the base of successful relationships, both personally
and professionally. EVERYONE needs to know how to read body language. We communicate to try to
sell our idea, opinion, product or even ourselves. Equipped yourself with this knowledge and you can
definitely acquire wealth, respect, happiness and so on.

Approximately 93% is communicated through body language while the other 7% consists of word
themselves. This is based on sound scientific research and studies. One's body language can also
carry a whole conversation without even uttering a word.

When people do not understand body language, communication will not be as effective and the
impact is lesser. Failure to interpret body language may also send confusing or negative nonverbal
signals without even realising it. Body language is the universal language across the world.

Benefits of understanding body language.

- Be an expert negotiator. With the advantage in negotiation process, you will be rewarded
handsomely in monetary terms. You can improve your sales tremendously. Through body language,
you can single out who are keen in your product. Getting a pay raise or promotion won’t be a
problem for you anymore.

- Excel in job interviews. Create a strong first impression by projecting positive traits. Interviewers
will definitely believe you are the one. They will want you in their firm.

- Strengthen your personal and work relationships. Have strong bonds with families, friends and
colleagues. Be popular and be the person everyone wants to be associated with. Avoid hurting your
love ones and offending other people which you may never have realised before. You may create
good vibes among your colleagues or employees and promote workplace effectiveness.

- Get your dream partner. Use the right body language and attraction techniques to impress and
captivate them. Presently, you may be projecting an incorrect body language that causes your
potential partner to turn away from you or even not noticing you at all. Still spending your time
alone on weekends? Well, learn the language of the body and be the most wanted.

- The ability to detect lies. You will not be fooled or cheated by someone again. This skill may be very
useful in certain job industry and for employers. You could avoid hiring the wrong applicant and
even remove dishonest employee.
Fun facts of language of the body.

1.      It may take you only a few seconds to like or dislike someone.

2.      You can make more than 250,000 facial expressions.

3.      Your body can give out around 700,000 different signals.

4.      There are more than 1,000 ways for you to sit and stand.

Here are some examples of body language.

Bored - continuous yawning and lack of eye contact.
Frustration - rubbing the back of the neck.
Secretive - hiding of hands.
Nervous - jiggling of feet.

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Start enriching your life now!!

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