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					Your repairs
manual  What to do and who to contact   ´

 How to report repairs                        3

 Reporting a repair – What we need to know    4

 How quickly will the repair be done?         5

 Making a note of important items             5

 Appointments and Inspections                 6

 Emergency repairs                            7

 Your responsibilities                        9

 Our responsibilities                         11

 Rechargeable repairs                         13

 Repairs – Who is responsible for what        14

 Useful hints                                 18

 Repairs guarantee – Compensation             20

 Your right to repair                         22

 Repairs – Illustrations and information      23

 Index                                        72

How to report repairs
Online at

Visit us 8.45am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
At Eastlands Homes:
Eastlands House, Victoria Street, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2NX
Belle Vue House, 27 Garratt Way, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8HE
Cornbrook House, 217 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4DY

Call the numbers below during office hours, Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm and for
Out of Hours Emergencies

Belle Vue House: 0161 230 1000
(if you live in Gorton North or Gorton South)
Cornbrook House: 0161 276 7300
(if you live in Ardwick, Levenshulme, Longsight or Rusholme)
Eastlands House: 0161 274 2390
(if you live in Beswick, Clayton or Openshaw)

Visit   Email          03
Help us to help you…                         Contact hours
This guide is designed to help you when      'Eastline' is our dedicated customer
reporting a repair. It looks at the          contact centre, available Monday -
different types of repair, and gives         Friday, 8:00am until 5:30pm.
important hints on what you need to          Eastlands Homes receptions are open to
know when reporting a repair. For each       personal callers Monday – Friday, 8.45am
type of repair, some technical               until 4.30pm (for emergencies outside
information is given. There are also a       office hours please use our usual
number of illustrations, which will help     number)
you describe the fault to us.
When you report a repair we will ask         When you report a repair, or ask
you to describe the problem. This            somebody else to report it for you,
booklet has been designed to help you        please give as much information as
identify the work that needs doing. That     possible. We need to know:
way, it will help us do the work “right
                                             È Your full address.
first time”. It is impossible to cover all
areas, but we would welcome any              È A telephone number where you can
suggestions you may have in improving          be contacted.
this guide. You can find out more about      È Times when there will be somebody
how to get involved with 'Repairs &            at home to allow us to carry out an
Maintenance' by calling our Customer           inspection or carry out the repair.
Involvement Officer on 0161 274 2136.        È As much information about the repair
                                               as possible.
                                             When you’ve reported a repair, our
                                             customer service advisor will give you
                                             details of the arrangements.You will also
                                             receive written confirmation of the date
                                             and time, and the expected completion
                                             date for the works.

How quickly will the
repair be done?
Every effort will be made to carry out
repairs within the given time.
Emergency       3 hours
Urgent          5 working days
Routine         10 working days
Other           45 working days
If an inspection is required, the
timescale will start from the day the
repair is reported.

Making a note of important items
Throughout this guide, you will find        Make a note of where your important
information on where to find stoptaps,      equipment is in your property. Fill this
fuse boxes etc, in your home. It will be    table in now for future reference.
useful for you to know the location of      Contact us if you need help.
these items in advance.

  Item                                              Location

  Mains water stop valve inside your home

  Central heating boiler

  Electricity fuse box

  Gas tap/meter

  Water stoptap

  Hot water cylinder (if you have one)

Visit    Email             05
Appointments                                 If we have carried out your repair whilst
                                             you are out, we will leave a card to tell
Eastline will always make an                 you.
appointment to carry out your repairs
                                             Everyone who calls carries an
                                             Identification card and you are strongly
È Emergencies. These will be done            advised to ask to see this BEFORE
  the same day that you reported             allowing any workmen into your home.
  the repair                                 If you're in any doubt whatsoever don't
È Repairs to external parts of the           let them in. Contact Eastline who will be
  building                                   able to confirm whether they are
È Repairs to communal entrances              genuine or not. Additionally if you have
  and corridors                              the works order number you can ask
Eastline will give you a specific date       the workman to quote this.
and choice of one of four slots; AM or       Where we are unable to complete a
PM. By prior arrangement, we can offer       repair at the first visit, a convenient
a Wednesday evening or Saturday              appointment will be made to return and
morning appointment. In some                 complete the job.
circumstances we might be able to be
more specific e.g. not during school runs.
Once an appointment has been made it         Inspections
is important that you are in when we         If it is not clear what repairs are
call. If, for whatever reason you miss an    necessary, or if the repair is complicated,
appointment, we will leave a card            a member of the Property Services Team
inviting you to contact Eastline to          will make a convenient appointment
arrange a further appointment and            with you. They will carry out an
reissue the repair. You will receive         inspection to decide exactly what repair
written confirmation of the revised          is required.
If you are not at home on the second
visit, the works will be cancelled and
you will have to contact us to rearrange.

 What is an emergency?
  Most repairs will be attended to by       È No mains water supply
  appointment. However, occasionally        È Regaining entry where a tenant is
  emergencies can occur which need            accidentally locked out. However,
  to be dealt with immediately.               a charge is likely to be made in
  Emergency work includes:                    this instance
  È Blocked toilets where the               È A loss of heating during very cold
    premises contain only one toilet          weather. Applies only for elderly
  È Blocked or leaking drains (but not        people living alone and families
    blocked sinks)                            with a child under the age of 12
  È Serious storm, accident or flood          months.
    damage to rooms                         If you feel your circumstances
  È Dangerous structures                    require immediate attention or you
                                            have special needs, we may be able
  È Serious electrical faults
                                            to view your repair as an emergency

 What to do in an emergency
  Fire                                     If you smell gas
  È Dial 999. Get everyone out of the      È Open the doors and windows to
     house and do not go back for any        let fresh air in
     reason                                È Check to see if the gas has been
  È Warn your neighbours if any of           left on unlit or a pilot has gone
    them might be in danger                  out. If so turn the appliance off
                                             and do not try to relight it until the
                                             smell of gas has been cleared
                                             from the property

Visit   Email             07
È If the gas leak cannot be stopped            is your home affected, see advice
  by turning off an appliance, or you          on page 24
  are uncertain whether it has been         È If the problem persists after
  stopped, turn the main gas supply           following the advice on page 24
  off at the meter. Incase of an              call our repairs service. If our office
  emergency, phone National Grid              is closed, use the emergency
  Transco on 0800 111 999                     number
È Do not turn any electrical switches
                                            What can you do if the
  on or off. Do not use the door bell
                                            offices are closed?
È Do not smoke
                                            Where a very urgent emergency
È Do not use matches or naked               happens when the offices are closed,
  flames                                    repairs will be carried out to make
Burst or leaking pipe                       safe the problem. If there are further
È Turn the water off at the mains           repairs required these will be carried
                                            out within published timescales.
È If electrics are affected, turn off the
  electricity at the consumer unit.         We operate an out of hours
  See page 24 for more advice               emergency service that you can phone
È Call our repairs service. If our office   when the offices are closed. They will
  is closed, use the emergency              give you advice over the phone and
  number                                    also arrange for our emergency
                                            services to visit if necessary.
Loss of electricity
                                            The out of hours emergency service
È If neighbours are also affected, call     number is 0161 274 2390.
  your electricity company (see under
  ELECTRICITY in the phone book). If it

Your responsibilities                         or lifting carpets and laminated flooring
                                              away from the work area, you are
You are responsible for keeping your          reminded that this is your responsibility.
home in a reasonable condition, for           Please make sure you do this before we
attempting to solve minor problems, and       arrive. If you are elderly, infirm or have
for insuring the contents of your home.       special needs we will move heavy or
Please read the useful hints section on       awkward items for you. Please let us
page 18. You are expected to take             know if you need such assistance. Whilst
reasonable precautions to prevent             we will take every care not to damage
damage to the property by fire, frost, the    your property we cannot take
bursting of waterpipes or the blocking of     responsibility for any damage that might
drains and sinks. We rely on you to report    arise.
any faults promptly and to provide access
                                              If you have young children, please make
to our staff to make sure that the repair
                                              sure that they are kept away from the
can be undertaken within our agreed
                                              work area at all times. We may be using
timescales. Finally, remember that
                                              materials or tools which can be harmful
someone else will be moving into your
                                              or dangerous.
home if you ever decide to leave. Please
make sure that the property is clean, tidy,   Gas servicing
reasonably decorated and that all your        We have a legal obligation to get a Gas
unwanted belongings have been cleared,        Safe registered engineer to inspect and
including any in the roof space.              service gas appliances and pipes every
                                              12 months. This will make sure that the
Protect your possessions                      systems are working correctly and that
Some of the repairs we carry out can          your home is safe. This servicing
cause disruption to your home. You are        arrangement is a legal requirement and
advised to move any belongings away           you MUST allow us access to carry out
from the work area, particularly if they      this work.
are breakable.                                Faulty gas appliances can give off
When working in your home, we will            poisonous fumes that cannot be seen or
use dustsheets within the work area to        smelt so the regular maintenance of the
offer some protection to your floor           gas appliances and pipework is very
coverings. If the work involves moving        important.

Visit      Email            09
We will always write to you to arrange a     unauthorised work - so be sure about it
convenient time and, in some                 before you start.
circumstances, may also be able to offer
                                             Some examples of alterations:
an evening or weekend call. If you fail to
                                             È Forming car run-ins
respond to these requests we will start
legal proceedings to gain access to your     È Erecting a garage/car port
home. This may result in you paying          È Erecting a garden hut or greenhouse
some of the costs. Once the service is       È Altering windows or doors
complete you will asked to sign a copy       È Extending central heating
of the 'Landlords Record'. This shows
                                             È Installing a new kitchen/bathroom
when the service was completed, any
                                             È Removing internal walls
works that are required and when the
next service is due. The engineer will       È Fitting a satellite dish or TV aerial
give you a copy of the 'Landlords Record'    È Laminated or fixed Vinyl flooring
on the day of the service, for you to        È Ceiling fans
                                             Tenants contents insurance
Cookers                                      Could you afford to replace your
Eastlands Homes will not connect your        possessions if they were stolen or
cooker. You must contact a CORGI             damaged by fire, flood or storm?
registered gas engineer or a suitably
                                             It happens in thousands of homes every
qualified electrician.
                                             day and the effects can be devastating.
Alterations to your home                     You can benefit from a special scheme
                                             run by Eastlands Homes, the council and
If planning major alterations to your
                                             an insurance company to provide
home such as fitting a new kitchen or
                                             contents insurance at a discount.
removing walls, you MUST first get
approval from us before you start work.      We strongly recommend that you take
In addition some types of work will also     out contents insurance – can you afford
require you to get Planning Permission       not to? Contact us for details.
and/or Building Control Approval.            Smoke detectors
Eastlands Homes has powers to force          The smoke detectors fitted in your home
works to be done to remedy any               will give early warning of a fire by

detecting smoke particles. They make a          care to keep common entrances, halls,
high-pitched alarm noise and a light            stairways, lifts, passageways, rubbish
flashes.                                        chutes and any other common parts in
These can either be battery powered             reasonable repair. Please refer to the
or work off mains electricity [mains            chart on pages 15, 16 and 17 for further
powered detectors have a back up                details on specific repairs.
battery should the power fail for any           Vandalism or graffiti
reason].                                        Please tell us quickly if you know of any
If you have a battery-powered smoke             vandalism or graffiti. Do not assume that
detector it is your responsibility to replace   someone else will report it. We will
rundown batteries. We will assist the           prosecute vandals when there is a
elderly or people with a disability to          witness. This will discourage others, and
change batteries if they are having             save rent money being used to repair
difficulty.                                     vandalised areas. We need your help to
                                                combat vandals. Once offensive graffiti is
You should clean your smoke alarm(s) at
                                                reported, we will remove it within 3
least once a year to keep the sensor
clean and free from dust.
                                                Our code of conduct
We will visit once a year to check that
your smoke detector is working correctly.       Our repairs team and any contractors we
                                                employ abide by a Code of Conduct.
                                                We will:
Our responsibilities                            È Follow Health & Safety requirements
We must keep the structure and exterior           at all times
of your home and the building in which          È Make sure noise and nuisance is kept
it is situated in good repair. We also            to a minimum
undertake to keep in good repair and            È Wear Eastlands Homes overalls and
proper working order installations for the        protective equipment where
supply of water, gas and electricity, for         necessary
sanitation and for room and water               È Produce identification
heating. In the case of flats and               È Ask permission to use your
maisonettes, we will take reasonable              power/water

Visit        Email             11
È Refrain from playing radios without       Inspection of finished works and
   asking your permission                   feedback from you
È Use dust sheets                           We do carry out some inspection of
È Carry out work in a neat tidy manner      works after it has been done to ensure
È Clean up after the repair is complete     the work has been done properly and to
                                            your satisfaction. It would be impossible
È Deal with you in a polite/courteous
                                            to inspect every single job, so a
                                            percentage of jobs are inspected at
È Show sensitivity to those with special,
   cultural, faith or other needs
È Advise you about what work will be        For all of these inspections we will make
   done, the purpose and the length of      a convenient appointment with you.
   time                                     Alternatively you may be contacted and
                                            asked to complete a telephone
È Keep you advised of the work
                                            questionnaire. We would be grateful if
   progress and make a further
                                            you can spare the time to answer as this
   appointment if extra work is required
                                            is another way of making sure we get
We will not:
                                            things right and meet your expectations.
È Accept gifts or inducements from          We will also send you a satisfaction
   tenants, residents or friends            questionnaire. If you can return this it
È Undertake any private work                will help us monitor our service and
È Tolerate abusive language or              improve in the future.
   behaviour                                Planned maintenance
È Smoke at any of our properties –          Certain types of non-urgent work, such
   either inside or outside                 as repairs to fencing, footpaths, painting
We should never leave the work              etc., may be put back and grouped
unattended without telling you and          together into a ‘Planned Maintenance
without making sure the work area is        Programme’. You will be told at the time
left safe. If we have to leave the work     of reporting the fault if the repair is to be
for any reason we will make a               included in a “planned maintenance
convenient appointment to return.           programme”. Similarly we may defer
                                            non-urgent repairs if the fitting is due for
                                            replacement under a Major Works or
                                            Refurbishment Contract within the next
                                            12 months.
Asbestos                                        Re-chargeable repairs
We have a clear policy on dealing with
                                                Certain works may be charged to you,
any building materials that contain
                                                for example if:
asbestos in our flats or houses.
                                                È The repair is needed because of
You are not at risk from asbestos material
                                                  damage through your negligence,
unless it is disturbed. If it is necessary to
                                                  wilful damage or neglect. This also
remove asbestos material from your
                                                  applies if any member of your
home you and your family and premises
                                                  household, a visitor or any other
will be fully protected while the work is
                                                  person at your home causes damage
in progress.
                                                È You fit any type of installation or fixed
Asbestos is not dangerous if it remains
                                                  appliance requiring repair that we did
undamaged and undisturbed. However if
                                                  not give you our written agreement
at any time you suspect that any building
                                                  to install
materials, panels for example, may
contain asbestos, please ring us for            È Having obtained prior permission and
advice. If you require further information        agreed to maintain, the installation
please contact us for a fact sheet.               was poorly fitted by you or some one
                                                  employed by you to do it
                                                You must take reasonable care of your
                                                home and report any repairs or faults to
                                                Eastline straight away. If you have
                                                applied to buy your home then we will
                                                only carry out the basic repairs the law
                                                asks us to do
                                                If you have bought your own home you
                                                are responsible for all repairs inside if
                                                you own a flat or maisonette and all
                                                repairs inside and out if you own a

Visit        Email             13
You are responsible for any alterations      È Any damage deemed to be the result
you made or you agree to take on as            of vandalism from within the
part of a ‘mutual exchange’ prior to the       household
purchase                                     È Any unauthorised installation which
The cost of carrying out a repair together     has to be made good
with any associated administrative costs     È Vandalism – unless you can quote a
shall be recovered from you if the repair,     police crime number
or the need for the repair, is considered
by us to be your responsibility.
We will always aim to tell you of the        Who is responsible
cost at the time of reporting the            for what?
re-chargeable repair, and give you the       The list over the next three pages sets
option of appointing your own contractor     down the repairs that Eastlands Homes
or carrying out a repair yourself. This      will do and the ones that you are
must be carried out to a satisfactory        responsible for. Do not hesitate to contact
standard.                                    Eastline if you are unsure about the repair
If we have to carry out a repair that        responsibility.
involves lifting laminate flooring or        If you need a contractor to carry out any
carpets, you are responsible for any         work that is your responsibility, we can
damage that may be caused when               recommend suitably qualified companies
replacing the flooring.                      to you.
What is a re-chargeable repair?              If you would like more information
È Replacing locks/keys and door frames       contact Eastline.
  (following forced entry) due to loss or    Remember: if you apply to buy your
  theft of keys                              home, Eastlands Homes will only carry
                                             out basic 'wind and watertight' repairs. If
È Any reinstatement work following
                                             you go through with the purchase of the
  flood, fire or other similar substantive
                                             house you will be responsible for
  damage where such damage was
                                             repairing and maintaining your home.
  caused by the actions or omissions of
  the tenant or other member of the

 Repair                                                                    Responsibility
                                                                             Us    You
 Bathroom fixtures           Except WC seats, bathroom cabinets,
                             mirrors, towel rails and fittings and           
                             toilet roll holders
 Baths                       Except unblocking wastes                        
 Chains and plugs            On basins, baths and sinks                             
 Communal areas                                                              
 Decoration (external)                                                       
 Decoration (internal)       Except when damage is caused
                             by a structural defect                                 
 Domestic appliances         Such as cookers, fridges, washing
 (installation and repair)   machines, dishwashers                                  
 Doors                       Internal and external including frames,
                             hinges, locks, door jambs and thresholds,       
                             letterboxes and handles
 External timber                                                             
 Fences and gates                                                            
 Fire grates and                                                             
 Fixture and fittings        Such as coat hooks, curtains, curtain rails            
 Floor covering              Including adapting doors to
 Laminated flooring          accommodate carpets                                    
 Floor boards                                                                

Visit     Email               15
Repair                                                                  Responsibility
                                                                          Us    You
Garden                    Including dustbins and refuse areas                    
Glazing                   If broken into you must get a crime
                          number from the police to avoid recharge        
Heating                   Including storage heaters and fitted            
                          electric fires. Except bleeding radiators
Hand basins               Except blockages                                
Hot water heaters         Including cylinder jackets                      
Infestations              By ants, cockroaches, mice, rats or bedbugs    *      *
Immersion heaters                                                         
Kitchens                  Except domestic appliances                      
Light fittings            Except light bulbs, dimmer switches,            
                          fuses, fluorescent tubes and starters
Locks of any type                                                        *      *
Loss of keys              Including repairs to forced entry if you
                          get locked out                                         
Out buildings             Only if provided by us                          
Paths                     Including steps, footpaths and ramps            
Plumbing repairs          Except for washing machines and
and leaks                 dishwashers and bleeding radiators              

* Responsibility will be determined after further investigation.
 Repair                                                                 Responsibility
                                                                          Us    You
 Porches                    Except glazing                                
 Re-lighting pilot lights   Including the resetting of any heating
                            controls or programme                                
 Re-washer taps                                                           
 Sink Units                 Except blockages                              
 Skirting boards                                                          
 Switches and sockets       Except dimmer switches                        
 Telephone points                                                                
 TV aerials and sockets     Unless communal                                      
 Washing lines                                                                   
 WC seats                                                                 
 Windows                    Including window sills, catches, sash
                            cords and frames                            
 Waste blockages            Including basins, bath, WC’s                         

Visit    Email             17
Useful Hints                                  following list of items and notify us of
                                              any problems. We can then repair them
Looking after your home                       before they get worse and cause you any
You are responsible for keeping the           inconvenience:
inside of your home in good condition.        È Are all your heating controls set
To help you do this it is best to carry out     correctly? Are there any tiles or slates
small tasks and checks to prevent future
                                                missing or broken on your roof?
problems such as:
                                              È Are there any leaks from gutters and
È Wipe down on a regular basis all              downpipes?
  windows affected by condensation. If
                                              If in doubt, contact Eastline for details.
  any mould has formed, clean it off
  using a wash of a suitable product          Condensation
  available from all DIY stores. See          Condensation occurs when there is an
  Condensation section below.                 excessive build up of moisture in the air,
È Limescale can be removed from               but people create additional moisture in
  baths, sinks, shower heads, and taps        their homes by:
  with a descaler available from all DIY      È Cooking or boiling water
                                              È Taking baths or showers
È Blockages in kitchen sink waste pipes
                                              È Using paraffin or bottled gas heaters
  can be prevented by flushing through
  using washing soda and hot water.           È Drying clothes indoors
È Outside gullies should be kept clear of     Warm moist air condenses and forms
  leaves and other debris so that water       water when it cools: for example when
  drains away easily.                         it touches a cool surface. In your home
È Make sure you know where the main           these can be outside walls, mirrors,
  stoptap is, and how to turn it off. Also,   windows, wall tiles, ledges and even on
  be sure to know how to turn off your        clothes.
  electricity and gas supply in an            If this condensation cannot dry out it
  emergency. If you do not, ask any of        will cause mould to form on walls, in
  our staff when they next visit or           cupboards, on window sills, and mildew
  ring us.                                    to form on clothes, especially leather
In the Autumn you should check the            goods.

There are four things you can do to stop    and any gate valves from the water
condensation forming:                       tank, and switch off any water heaters.
È Produce less moisture by covering         Open all taps to drain water from the
  pans and turning down the heat            system.
  when boiling. Switching off boiling       Can it be isolated?
  kettles, and drying clothes outside or    Some items of equipment may have
  in a well ventilated room, and not        their own isolation valve (either a gate
  using paraffin or bottled gas heaters.    valve, or a service valve). If not, you
È Let the moisture out by opening a         may be able to isolate the fault by just
  bathroom or kitchen window for a          turning off a gate valve on a pipe
  while to let the steam escape, or         coming out of the cold watertank. This
  using an extractor fan; and by            will leave you with some services, even
  opening windows for a while each          though it might only be cold water at
  day to change the air in your house.      the kitchen tap. You could temporarily
È Keeping your home warm by having          flush toilets using a bucket of cold
  a low background heat: this need not      water.
  result in significantly increased
                                              If eIectric fittings get wet
  heating costs.
                                              DO NOT TOUCH and turn electricity
È Wipe down where moisture settles.           off at the meter.
Leaking, Burst or                           When ceilings bulge
Frozen Pipes                                To prevent the ceiling falling down,
                                            place a bucket under the bulge and
When pipes leak                             pierce a small hole to let the water
Place a dish or bowl underneath the         through.
leak. Pull back any carpets and lay
down newspapers or towels to absorb         When pipes freeze
any dampness.                               Turn off the water at the main stop tap
                                            and open the cold taps. It is best to
When pipes burst                            leave the pipes frozen but you may try
Turn off the water at the main stop tap,    to thaw the pipe using hot water bottles

Visit    Email              19
or a hair dryer. Take great care and DO     È Insulating your home
NOT USE A BLOWLAMP.                         Ring us for more information.
Take care to thaw from one end of the
frozen section and not from the middle.

General information
                                            Repairs Guarantee –
Know where your main stop tap is and        Compensation
check that it turns easily and is able to   You can claim for a compensation
shut off the water supply. It is usually    payment when a repair is not completed
where the waterpipe enters the house        within the published timescales. If you
or near the kitchen sink. Get to know       owe us money, it will be taken off the
where the gate valves for the hot and       compensation.
cold water tanks are.
                                            You can claim by using our well-used
If you go away for a few days in winter,    and easily accessible Complaints scheme
lower the setting on your central           'Are You Satisfied'.
heating room thermostat but leave the
                                            Certain repairs will be excluded from the
heating on.
                                            scheme, notably:
Energy efficiency                           È Where it is found that no repair is
It is important when heating your home         necessary
to make sure that you get the best from     È Repairs where planned works are
your heating system but also important         imminent
that all your heat doesn’t escape because   È Repairs which are not our
of poor insulation.                            responsibility
We operate a number of schemes, which       È Repairs where the tenants actions are
improve the energy efficiency in your          the main cause of the delay
home and reduce cost of your fuel bills.    È Major disabled facilities grants
We can give you advice on energy            Guidance on our compensation policy is
efficiency including:                       given on the next page.
È Using your heating system effectively
È Reducing your heating bills and
  payment methods

Guidance on our Compensation Policy
 Category        Description                    Compensation amount
 Repairs and      Emergency and urgent          £10 plus £2 per day for each day not
 maintenance      repairs (3 hour and 5 day     carried out up to £50
                  repairs) that we have twice   Doesn't apply where: -
                  failed to complete within      Repair attended to and parts on
                  published timescales.             order (and the tenant has been
                  Note: This is a statutory         advised)
                  compensation award under       Repair is rechargeable
                  the Right to Repair            The tenant was unavailable
                  provisions.                       when we called
                  Rooms not habitable           A rebate of a weeks rent for each
                  or essential facilities       week (or part of a week) whilst the
                  not available due to          property is affected after the repair
                  lack of repair.               completion deadline.
                  Lack of hot water             £2 per day after the completion
                  and/or heating beyond         deadline for each service not available
                  the published repairs         if temporary heating and/or hot water
                  timescales.                   facilities not provided
                  Increased costs of utility    £2 per day for each appliance
                  bills due to us using
                  tenants services e.g.
                  drying out after a burst.
                  Damage to tenants             Issue to be reviewed to assess the
                  property due to the           value of the damaged items
                  negligent or inappropriate    following an inspection.
                  actions of our staff or       If upheld to be paid as a “without
                  anyone employed by us         prejudice” discretionary payment.

                  Rubbish and materials not     £5 per day after 5 working days of
                  removed after the repair      completion of the work.

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Your right to repair
If we do not do your repair on time, you
can ask us to check whether you qualify
to use the Right to Repair Scheme. The
scheme only applies to some types of
repair. There are also different timescales
under the scheme for the repairs to be
carried out. If you have an outstanding
repair which does qualify under the
scheme, we will explain the process for
applying. We will also tell you if you
qualify for any compensation.

Bleeding a radiator                                  Bleeding a radiator

When to do it
If the top part of a radiator is cold, this is
because air is trapped in the system. Bleeding
the radiator releases this air and allows hot
water to fill the whole system.

Do not bleed if... have a Combination Boiler: this type of
boiler will have either a pressure guage or a low
pressure light on the front or underside of the
boiler, and you will probably not have a hot
water cylinder.
Before bleeding
If the whole radiator is cold, check that the
radiator valve is open. If more than one radiator
is cold, the whole heating system will need to       Thermostatic radiator value
be checked by a plumber.
Turn off the heating system before bleeding,
otherwise the pump might draw more air into
the system.
You will need a special radiator key, available
from most DIY and hardware shops. You will
also need a rag or cloth and a bucket or bowl.

How to bleed
The bleed valve is the small square nut at the
top end of the radiator. Place the key over the
valve and hold the cloth around it to catch any
water. Gently turn the key anti-clockwise until
you hear a hiss - this is the air being released.
When water starts to come through, turn the
key back clockwise to shut the valve off. DO NOT
unscrew the valve completely as the plug will
come right out.

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Loss of Electric light or power
Fuse or trip switch                                broken. Older ones have fuse holders and when
Check your consumer unit or fuse box: it will      the fuse is blown it must either be replaced or
either have fuses or trip switches (see            rewired using special fuse wire of the correct
diagrams). Modern electric circuits are fitted     amperage. Only replace a fuse if you are
with a circuit breaker fuse system: if a fault     confident you can do it safely, and have a
develops, a switch is tripped and the circuit is   replacement of the same amperage. If in doubt
                                                   contact us or a qualified electrician.

 Electrical Consumer Unit

Main on/
off switch

Fuses or trip

Types of fuses

                                                   Cartridge                 Rewirable
Trip                            MCB                type                      type

   Trip Switch Replaces fuses                       Warning
  in modern consumer units                          È Never tamper with electricity company’s
                                                      fuse and seals.
                                                    È Never take any action unless you are
                                                      confident you can do it safely.

Setting a trip switch                                Plugs
Open the cover on the consumer unit to expose        The socket outlets in your home will take square
the trip switches. The Consumer Unit is usually      pin plugs. The plug which you require will have
next to the electricity meter. Check which           a fuse inside it. We do not supply plugs and you
switches have tripped to the OFF position and put    will have to obtain them yourself. To find out
them back to the ON position. For more detail,       the correct type of fuse to fit in a plug, check
refer to any handbook supplied.                      the rating plate on the appliance. Do not
                                                     overload plug sockets by using multiple plug
If tripping occurs again                             adaptors.
It is probably being caused by a faulty appliance.
You need to identify which circuit is affected and   Controlling your Central Heating
which appliance on that circuit is causing a
                                                     How to set a digital timer
                                                     Check the clock is showing the correct time. If
Which appliance is faulty?                           not, put the timer switch to ‘clock’ and adjust
Go around the house noting which set of lights or    the time using the ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’
sockets are not working. Unplug all appliances on    buttons. Reset the timer switch to‘auto’. Set the
that problem circuit and switch off the immersion    ‘heating’ and ‘hot water’ switches to come on at
heater. Switch the tripped switch to the ON          once, twice, or stay on all the time, as you
position and plug in the appliances one by one       require. During freezing spells, keep the heating
until the trip goes again. Leave that appliance      on all the time and turn the thermostat down
unplugged. If one of our appliances is at fault,     during the night and if you are out all day.
report the repair; otherwise get it fixed yourself
                                                     How to set a clock timer
by a qualified electrician or a service engineer.
                                                     Turn the clock until it is showing the correct
What causes it to trip or blow a fuse?               time. Decide when you want the heating to
È An overloaded circuit                              come on and go off and set the pins or arrows
                                                     for those times (see below for how to change
È Too many appliances being used at the
                                                     pins and arrows). Set the timer switch to ‘timer’
  same time
                                                     or ‘auto’ as appropriate to the unit. During
È A faulty or misused appliance                      freezing spells, keep the heating on all the time
È Overfilled kettles                                 and turn the thermostat down during the night
È Unclean toasters                                   or if you are out all day.
È Cooker rings worn out or cracked                   How to control the temperature
È Faulty immersion heaters                           To set the thermostat turn the dial so that the
È Faulty connections on leads to appliances,         arrow or marker is against the temperature
  eg hi-fi, TV, etc                                  setting you want. A comfortable temperature is
È Light bulbs blowing                                between 18°C and 22°C.

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Changing pins on a timeclock                   Changing arrows on timeclock
Push them in against any time you want the     Slide the ‘on’ arrows (usually red) around the
heating to come on. Pull them out against      clock to the times when you want the heating
anytime when you want the heating to go off.   to come on. Slide the ‘off’ arrows (usually blue)
                                               around to the times when you want the heating
                                               to go off.

Digital programmer                             Room thermostat

Clock programmer                               Storage Heater Controls

                                                                                     heat input

                                                                  heat output

Clearing a blocked waste pipe                         Clearing a blocked WC
Clearing a sink or bath blockage                      Clearing blockages
Bale out most of the water using a suitable           If the pan is already full, remove some of the
container. Hold a rag firmly over the overflow        water into a suitable container using a jug or
opening, and place a plunger over the                 bowl. Push the toilet brush or plunger to the
drainhole. Pump the plunger up and down               bottom of the pan and pump up and down
rapidly. Plungers can be obtained from most DIY       vigorously about 10 times. This creates a
shops. After clearing the blockage, it is advisable   vacuum and pressure which may shift the
to clean out the trap.                                blockage. Check by flushing the toilet to see
                                                      whether the blockage has gone. You may need
Clearing a blocked waste pipe                         to repeat the process several times before the
                                                      toilet flushes normally. Do not use plungers with
                                                      a metal disk, as these may chip or crack the
                                                      toilet bowl.

                                                      Clearing a blocked WC

Cleaning out a waste trap
First bale out any excess water from the bath,
basin, or sink using a jug or bowl. Place a bowl
underneath the trap and unscrew the joints to
remove the trap. Clean thoroughly and replace
the trap, checking that the seals are in place and    Avoiding blockages
that all joints are screwed up tightly.               Air fresheners that attach to the rim of the toilet
                                                      pan should be fastened securely to ensure they
If more than one fitting is blocked                   do not fall in and cause a blockage. Blockages
The problem may be in the soil stack or main          are usually caused by unusual objects: nappies,
drain. This will need to be cleared by one of our     toys, sanitary towels, air fresheners, etc. If such
contractors. Blockages are usually caused by the      a blockage occurs as a result of one or several of
build-up of fat, tea leaves, hair, etc. It is         these objects becoming lodged, you may be
advisable to clean wastes with hot water and          charged for clearing the blockage.
soda crystals.

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Overflows                                              overflow, try to tie it up, using a piece of wood
                                                       and some string, as in the diagram or using the
To stop an overflow                                    service valve on the supply pipe.
If the toilet cistern is overflowing try lifting the
                                                       You can do the same with a cold water storage
float to close the ball valve: if this stops the
                                                       tank as a temporary measure.

 Typical toilet cistern showing float tied up

                                                                                           Service valve

Ball valve

                                                                                            Supply pipe

 Cold water storage tank

Overflow pipe                                                                       Hot water vent pipe

                      Gate valves on feed pipes                                             Rising main

Stoptaps, Gate valves etc
Stop cock or stop tap                       Gate valve

Service valve                               Draincock

Stoptap with drain valve

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Baths and basins


Wall tiles or


Plug to waste
trap and pipe

Side panel

                                            End panel

Waste traps

       ‘S’ trap                  ‘P’ trap

                   Bottle trap

                                                       and WC
                                                       Tell us    ´
 Before you contact us                                 Bath/basin water leaking
  È If water is near electrics, do not touch. Turn     È Are electrics affected?
    electricity off at consumer unit main switch.      È Where is the leak? (bath or basin)
  È Stop leak causing more damage.                     È What is affected? (waste pipe/trap,
                                                         pipe or tap. See page 30/32)
                                                       È If pipework is affected, is it hot or
                                                         cold supply pipe, or waste trap?

 Before you contact us                                 Bath/basin blocked
  È Can you clear blockage yourself?                   È Are electrics affected?
    (see Tips page 27)                                 È Where is the leak? (bath or basin)
                                                       È What is affected? (waste pipe/trap,
                                                         pipe or tap. See page 30/32)
                                                       È If pipework is affected, is it hot or
                                                         cold supply pipe, or waste trap?

                                                       Bath or basin
                                                       È What is damaged? (bath or basin)
                                                       È What is affected part made from?
                                                         (metal, plastic or china etc)
                                                       È If a bath panel is affected, which
                                                         panel (side or end panel) and what
                                                         is it made from (hardboard or
                                                       È Does it need to be replaced or

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Baths and basins

Basin                                 Pop up waste

Wall tiles or                                                  Water control
splashbacks                                                    pull



                                                               Pop up
                                                               waste plug

Types of taps

       Standard     High neck     Modern            Supa tap
       pillar tap   pillar tap    pillar tap

       Bib tap        Lever tap                Mixer tap

                                                and WC
                                                Tell us    ´
                                                Damaged wall tiles
                                                È Where are tiles?
                                                È Are they loose, broken or damaged?
                                                È How many are affected?
                                                È What size and colour are they?
                                                È How did it happen?

                                                Bath panel loose
                                                È Which panel is affected?
                                                  (side or end panel)
                                                È What is it made from?
                                                  (hardboard or plastic)

                                                Seal gone around bath
                                                Seal gone around basin

                                                Bath tap dripping
                                                È What type of tap is it?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)

                                                Basin tap dripping
                                                È What type of tap is it?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)

                                                Tap loose
                                                È Bath or basin tap?
                                                È What type of tap?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)

                                                Plug/chain required
                                                È Is it on bath or basin?

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Shower                  Ceiling pullcord power switch
                                 For electric shower
Shower head

Shower arm

Control value





Bath/shower mixer tap   Electric shower

                                                       and WC
                                                       Tell us    ´
                                                       Seal gone around shower tray
                                                       Shower tray broken
                                                       È What is it made of?
                                                         (ceramic or plastic)

  Before you contact us                                Shower not working
  È If it is your own shower, this is your             È What type of shower is it? (electric
    responsibility.                                      or connected to the central heating.
  È If electric, check power is switched on (by cord     See diagrams opposite)
    or switch) and controls are set correctly.         È What is happening?
                                                         (no water, or only hot or cold water)
                                                       È Do you have hot water in rest of
                                                       È Can you see a make or model
                                                         number on shower?

  Before you contact us                                Shower curtain damaged
  È If it is your own shower curtain, this is your

  Before you contact us                                Shower blocked
  È If limescale is the problem, use descaler fluid    È What is causing blockage?
    which can be bought from a DIY shop.
                                                       Shower switch broken

                                                       Shower hose broken
                                                       È How did it happen?

                                                       Shower arm broken
                                                       È How did it happen?

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                 Overflow pipe

Flush pipe
                                 Supply pipe


                                 Soil pipe

                                 Soil pipe joint


Overflow                         handle

                                 Ball valve


                                                       and WC
                                                       Tell us    ´
                                                       Damaged wall tiles
                                                       È Are the tiles loose, broken or
                                                       È How many are affected?
                                                       È What size and colour are they?
                                                       È How did it happen?

                                                       Cubicle door not working
                                                       È Is it broken or stuck?

  Before you contact us                                WC leaking
  È If water is near electrics, do not touch. Turn     È Where is leak? (Pan, cistern,or pipe
    electricity off at consumer unit main switch.        joint. See diagrams opposite)
  È If serious, turn off water at stoptap and gate     È If leak is from cistern, is it high or
    valves from cold water tank. Open all taps to        low level cistern? (see diagrams on
    drain water from system. Turn off heaters            page 38)
    affected.                                          È Is affected part loose, cracked or
                                                       È Is it your only WC?
                                                       È Is it a coloured WC or white?

  Before you contact us                                WC will not flush
  È Has water authority said that water would          È Is the handle or chain moving
    be going off?                                        properly?
  È You can use a bucket of cold water to flush        È Is the float still working?
    until problem is fixed.
  È If cistern is not filling, lift lid and see if
    anything is stopping the float from working.
    Try moving the float up and down to see if it
    will fill.

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Types of WC

      ‘P’ types waste trap   ‘S’ types waste trap

       Low level cistern      High level cistern

                                                     and WC
                                                     Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                              Overflow running
  È As a temporary solution, tie in the up           È Does the overflow run outside?
    position, thus closing the ball valve (see       È Is the cistern flushing?
    page 28 for help) or turning off the supply at
                                                     È Is the float working?
    the service valve.
                                                     È Is the overflow running continuously?

                                                     Seat damaged
                                                     È Is it broken, damaged or missing?
                                                     È What is it made from? (plastic,
                                                       wood etc)
                                                     È What colour is it?

                                                     WC blocked
  Before you contact us
                                                     È What caused blockage?
  È Try unblocking it yourself by removing
    excess water into a bowl, and using a toilet
    brush or plunger (without metal disk).
    (See page 27 for help)
                                                     Soil stack blocked
                                                     È Do you live in a house or flat?
                                                     È If a flat, which floor are you?
                                                     È Is your WC causing the blockage?

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Water systems

Hot water cylinder       Types of water temp controls

Gate valve

Top entry immersion
heater (electric)

Cylinder usually
has insulation
                               Economy 7 controller for
                                    water heater

Bottom entry immersion
heater (electric)

Drain off valve                    Cylinder thermostat

Gas boiler


    Ignition light                 Pilot light

                                   Boiler thermostat
    Time clock

                                                         Water systems

                                                         Tell us     ´
  Before you contact us                                  No hot water
  È If gas, check time clock controller is set for hot   È What heats water? (gas, electric, or
    water and timer is set correctly.                      solid fuel)
  È If electric, is there a power cut? Are               È If electric, are other electrical
    neighbours affected? If so, contact your               facilities working?
    electricity company (see under ‘electricity’ in      È Are heating controls set correctly?
    Phone Book).
                                                         È Is room heating still working?
  È If coin or credit meter has it run out of credit?
                                                         È Do you have an alternative source of
                                                           hot water? (immersion heater or gas
                                                           heater etc)
                                                         È Do you have a hot water cylinder?

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Door entry call unit   Door entry phone in flat

Outside light          Metal hopper to refuse chute

  Removable cover                      Hopper door

                                                        Tell us     ´
  Before you contact us                                 Door entry faulty
  È If door is jammed, see page 45.                     È Has whole system failed, or is only
                                                          your home affected?
                                                        È Is fault at entrance or your phone?
                                                        È Is door jammed?

                                                        Emergency lighting faulty
                                                        È Which lights are affected?
                                                        È Is it failing to turn off or not
                                                          coming on?
                                                        È Is fire alarm ringing?

  Before you contact us                                 Communal lighting faulty
  È Is power cut causing the problem. If so,            È Which lights are affected?
    contact electricity board (under ‘electricity’ in   È Is it on all the time?
    the Phone Book).
                                                        È Does it not come on at all?

                                                        Rubbish chute faulty
                                                        È What is wrong?
                                                          (chute is blocked, broken etc)

                                                        Communal TV aerial faulty
                                                        È What is the nature of the

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External doors

External door

                 Door closer

                 Top rail

                 Door stile

                 Glass panel

                 Letter plate



                 Bottom rail

                                                External doors and
                                                Tell us    ´
                                                Door jammed
                                                È Is it front or rear door?
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams on page 46)
                                                È What is door made of?
                                                  (wood, metal or plastic etc)
                                                È Is door jammed open or closed?
                                                È Can you still get in and out of your

                                                Door frame
                                                È Is door or frame affected?
                                                È Is it front or rear door?
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams on page 46)
                                                È What is door made of?
                                                  (wood, metal or plastic etc)
                                                È What is wrong with it?
                                                  (damaged or rotten)
                                                È Is home insecure as a result of this

                                                Threshold rotten/
                                                needs repair
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams on page 46)
                                                È What is it made from?
                                                  (wood, metal etc)
                                                È What is wrong with it?
                                                  (rotten, broken etc)

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External doors

Types of external door

      Panelled                 Panel and glazed               Fully glazed

                                                  Glass                      Glass

Rim night latch - double security
      Outside       Latch                  Deadlocking             Inside


       Cylinder    Automatic latch bolt   Hold open catch                Keep

                                                External doors and
                                                Tell us    ´
                                                Weatherboard rotten/broken
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)
                                                È What is it made from?
                                                  (wood, metal or plastic)
                                                È What is wrong with it?
                                                  (rotten, broken etc)

                                                Glass damaged
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                È If fully glazed which panel(s) is
                                                È Is it your own door or a communal
                                                È Is it front or rear door?
                                                È Is it single or double glazed?
                                                È What type of glass is it?
                                                  (clear, wired or obscure)
                                                È Is your home secure?

                                                Draught coming around door
                                                È Where is the draught coming from?
                                                  (between wall and frame, around
                                                  door or under door)
                                                È Is there any draught proofing around

                                                Rain coming in under door
                                                È Does the door have a weatherboard?
                                                  (see diagram on page 44)

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External doors

Mortice deadlock                                      Rim lock

Keep                                         Keep

         Deadlock             Escutcheon                Latch    Deadlock             Knob

Mortice claw bolt deadlock                            Internal door latch
       for sliding doors

Keep                                        Keep

         Claw bolt           Thread escutcheon                              Lever handle

Mortice sash lock                                     Outside door pull


         Latch             Deadlock    Lever handle                 Barrel cylinder

                                                          External doors and
                                                          Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                                   Door lock not working
  È If it’s your own lock, it’s your responsibility.      È What type of lock is it?
                                                            (see diagrams opposite)
                                                          È What is wrong with lock?
                                                            (lever handle faulty, spring worn
                                                            out, striking plate out of place or
                                                            lock not fitting into keep etc. See
                                                            diagrams opposite)
                                                          È Which door is affected?
                                                          È What is door made of?
                                                            (wood, metal or plastic)
                                                          È Is your home secure?

  Before you contact us                                   Keys lost/locked out
  È This is usually your own responsibility.              È Are you locked out of your home?
                                                          È What type of lock is it?
                                                            (see diagrams opposite)
                                                          È Where is door?
                                                            (front, rear, patio or store)
  Before you contact us
  È If it’s your own fitting, it’s your responsibility.   Ironmongery missing/
                                                          not working
                                                          È What fitting is it?
                                                            (letterplate, handle, chain, door
                                                          È Is door not closing properly?
                                                          È Is your home insecure?

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Sash window                                 Casement windows
                                            As seen from outside
                                                   Trickle vent

Sash cords


                                                      Window sill       Stay

Tilt & turn window                          Pivot window


                     Opens in for ventilation                       Fasteners

                                                    External doors and
                                                    Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                             Glass damaged
  È If you can do it safely, remove any loose       È Is it single or double glazed?
    broken glass which could be dangerous to        È Where is window?
    others, and wrap it in newspaper before           (which floor of the building, a
    binning it.                                       communal window or one to your
                                                    È What type of glass is it?
                                                      (clear, wired or obscure)
                                                    È What is window frame made of?
                                                      (wood, metal or plastic)
                                                    È Is your home secure?

                                                    Window frame jammed
                                                    È What is frame made of?
                                                      (wood, metal, or plastic)
                                                    È What type of window is it?
                                                      (sash, pivot or tilt window etc.
                                                      See diagrams opposite)
                                                    È What is causing the problem?
                                                      (rotten wood, hinges or sash cord
                                                      broken etc. See diagrams opposite)
                                                    È Is your home secure?

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Fitch sash fastener                 Brighton sash fastener

Keep          Thumb catch                             Screw

Hook casement fastener              Restrictor stay
                                    Prevents window
                                    opening fully

                       Hook plate

Casement stay

                                                         Stay arm

         Pin plate

                                                External doors and
                                                Tell us     ´
                                                Ironmongery defective
                                                È What type of window is it?
                                                  (sash, pivot or tilt window etc.
                                                  See diagrams on page 50)
                                                È What is frame made of?
                                                  (wood, metal or plastic)
                                                È What part is defective?
                                                  (stay, catch, fastener or lift etc.
                                                  See diagrams opposite and on
                                                  page 50)
                                                È Is your home insecure?

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Up and over garage door

Metal door


                                    Pivot arm

                                    Lifting spring

               Locking              Frame

                                               Garages and
                                               Tell us    ´
                                               Garage door faulty
                                               È What type of garage door is it?
                                               È What is door made from?
                                                 (wood, metal etc.)
                                               È What is the problem?
                                                 (door or frame is loose, damaged or
                                                 off mechanism, lock is broken or
                                                 keys are lost etc)

                                               Rubbish dumped in garden
                                               È What sort of rubbish?
                                               È Who put it there?
                                               È Is it hazardous?

                                               Clothes post broken
                                               È What is it made of?
                                                 (concrete or metal etc)
                                               È How was it broken?

                                               Clothes line broken
                                               È What type of clothes line is it?
                                               È Is pulley or bracket broken?

                                               Clothes line stolen
                                               È What type of clothes line is it?

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Outdoor electricity meter                  Electrical consumer unit or fuseboard

                                                                                Main on/
                                                                                off switch
Electricity meter     Electricity supply               Fuses or trip switches

Fluorescent lights                             Trip switch

                                               Replaces fuses
                                               in modern
                                               consumer units

Types of fuses

        Trip switch            MCB                Cartridge type      Rewirable type

                                                          Heating, gas
                                                          and electrical
                                                          Tell us     ´
  Before you contact us                                   No power at all
  È If you have a pre-payment meter, check that it        È Is yours the only property affected?
    has credit on it.                                     È Has trip switch been activated or a
  È See if trip switch is activated or a fuse has blown     fuse blown on the consumer unit?
    on consumer unit. (see page 25 for help)
  È Are your neighbours affected? If so, contact
    your electricity board (under ‘electricity’ in the
    Phone Book).

  Before you contact us                                   Electrical fitting smoking
  È Do not touch fitting.                                 È What fitting is it? (light, plug etc)
  È Turn electricity off at consumer main switch.         È Where is it located?

  Before you contact us                                   Light circuit failed
  È See if trip switch is activated or fuse has blown     È Are power sockets working?
    on consumer unit. (see page 25 for help)              È How many lights are affected?
  È Has bulb blown?                                       È Is light fitting causing the problem?
  È Are power sockets working?                              (the pendant, batten holder, wall or
                                                            ceiling switch etc. See diagrams on
                                                            page 58)

                                                          Fluorescent tube not
                                                          È What is the problem?
                                                            (tube flickers, broken etc)

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Single power socket             Double power socket

Cooker control power socket         Smoke detector/smoke alarm

Ceiling pull switch   Pendant lamp holder    Batten lamp holder

                                                         Heating, gas
                                                         and electrical
                                                         Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                                  Plug socket not working
  È Is it appliance rather than power socket that        È Are other power sockets not
    is faulty?                                             working?
  È Is trip switch activated or a fuse blown in the      È Is trip switch activated or a fuse
    consumer unit? (See page 25, for help).                blown in a consumer unit?
  È Is there no power at all in your home? If so,
    see page 57.

  Before you contact us                                  Appliance not working
  È If it’s your appliance it’s your responsibility.     È Are other power sockets working?
  È Is it power socket rather than appliance that is     È Is trip switch activated or a fuse
    faulty?                                                blown in consumer unit?
  È Has fuse blown in the plug? If so renew it with
    a suitably rated fuse.
  È Is trip switch activated or a fuse blown in the
    consumer unit?
  È Is there no power at all in your home? If so,
    see page 57.

  Before you contact us                                  Smoke detector defective
  È If it is battery operated, press in the test         È Is it battery operated?
    button for a few seconds. If the alarm fails to      È Where is the smoke detector?
    sound the batteries should be replaced.              È What appears to be problem?
  È If you have a warden, contact them.

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Gas boiler


Ignition light                                       Pilot light

                                                     Boiler thermostat
Time clock

Extractor fan
Showing wiring to fused spur

                                                              Fused spur

Types of heating controls

             Digital programmer   Clock programmer                 Room thermostat

                                                           Heating, gas
                                                           and electrical
                                                           Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                                    Extractor fan faulty
  È Is fan switched on?                                    È Where is fan?
                                                           È What type of fan is it?

  Before you contact us
                                                           Central heating boiler faulty
  È If electric, check that power is still on, and
                                                           È Is it your only source of heat?
    that meter is still in credit.
                                                           È Do you have hot water?
  È If gas, check that pilot light is on.
                                                           È Can you see manufacturer’s name
  È Check that room thermostat is set correctly
                                                             and what model it is?
    (usually between 18°C and 22°C. See
    diagram opposite) and that the boiler
    thermostat is turned to a high setting.
  È Check that clock or digital timer is set
    correctly (see page 25 for help).

  Before you contact us                                    Communal heating faulty
  È Check that room thermostat is set correctly            È Is this your only source of heat?
    (usually between 18°C and 22°C).                       È Is there any hot water?
  È Are other flats affected?
  È If you have a warden or caretaker, contact them.

  Before you contact us                                    Radiator not heating up
  È Check that thermostatic valve is turned up             È Is thermostatic valve turned up
    enough (See page 23 for help).                           enough?
  È Try bleeding radiator. (See page 23 for help).         È How many radiators are affected?
                                                           È Have you tried bleeding radiator(s)

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Storage heater                           Wall mounted convector heater
                                        Control                           Control
                                        settings                          settings

Supply for                                                                Supply for
convector                                                                 convector

Panel radiator                                     Central heating pump
balancing valve

                                                                     electric power
Radiator valve                                                       supply
(See diagrams below)

Radiator valves

                       Manual                                       Thermostatic
                       radiator valve                               radiator valve

                                                       Heating, gas
                                                       and electrical
                                                       Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                                Radiator leaking
  È Try to stop leaking causing damage.                È Where is leak coming from?
  È Turn radiator valve off.                             (see diagram opposite)

  Before you contact us                                Fumes appear in room
  È If gas leak, do not smoke, use matches, or         È What is causing fumes?
    turn electrical switches on or off. Open           È Has flue been cleaned recently?
    windows. Follow emergency action outlined          È If the heating system is the cause,
    on pages 7 and 8.                                    can you see the manufacturer’s
  È Turn off any appliances that are causing fumes.      name and the model?

  Before you contact us                                Storage heater defective
  È Make sure heater is turned on at socket.           È How many heaters are affected?
  È Check thermostat is set correctly.                 È Where are they?
  È If no power in rest of home, see page 57.          È What appears to be the problem?
                                                       È Can you see manufacturer’s name
                                                         and model number?

  Before you contact us                                Radiant/convector
  È Check thermostat is set correctly.                 heater faulty
                                                       È What appears to be the problem?
  È If faulty plug, see page 59.
                                                       È Can you see the manufacturer’s
                                                         name and model?

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Internal doors

Types of internal door
     Fully glazed               Panelled      Top glazed                Flush

   Glass                                      Glass

Perko door closer                              Door latch
Spring in             Anchor plate (fits to
cylinder              door frame)
                                                                     Lever handle

Cylinder plate
(fits to door edge)                                         Mortice latch

                                                Internal doors

                                                Tell us    ´
                                                Door sticking/jamming
                                                È Where is door?
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)
                                                È What appears to be the problem?

                                                Door Damage
                                                È Where is door?
                                                È What type of door is it?
                                                  (see diagrams opposite)
                                                È What appears to be the problem?
                                                È How did it happen?

                                                Door latch defective
                                                È What type of latch fitting is it?
                                                È Where is door?
                                                È What is wrong with it?
                                                È How did it happen?

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Kitchen unit

Larder unit      door hinge       Worktop                   Wall tiles or

Plinth        Floor unit      Drawer        Drawer runner               Seal


                                                       Tell us    ´
                                                       Damaged cupboard
                                                       È Which unit is affected?
                                                         (a corner unit, floor or wall unit,
                                                         with single or double doors)
                                                       È What part is faulty?
                                                         (see diagram opposite)
                                                       È In what way is it damaged?
                                                       È Do you think it can be repaired or
                                                         will it need to be replaced?
                                                       È What is it made of?
                                                         (wood, plastic or metal etc)
                                                       È What colour and size is it?

  Before you contact us                                Sink unit leaking
  È Try to stop the leak causing more damage           È Where is leak coming from?
                                                         (pipe, tap or waste pipe/trap.
                                                         See diagram on page 68)

  Before you contact us                                Sink blocked
  È Try to clear it yourself using a plunger.          È Are other outlets affected?
    (See page 27, for help).                           È Is washing machine blocked?
  È Stop others using sink while blocked.              È What caused the blockage?

                                                       Damaged wall tiles
                                                       È Where are tiles?
                                                       È Are they broken, loose or missing?
                                                       È How many are affected?
                                                       È What size and colour are they?

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Washing machine
Showing typical plumbing
                                        Sink top

                                                         Sink waste trap

                                                         Washing machine
                                                         waste trap

                           Washing machine supply taps

   ‘P’ trap with washing machine connection


                                                Tell us   ´
                                                Seal gone around sink
                                                Sink tap dripping
                                                È What type of tap is it?
                                                  (see diagrams page 32)

                                                Tap loose
                                                È What type of tap is it?
                                                  (see diagrams on page 32)

                                                Sink plug/chain required
                                                È What happened to the plug and

                                                Washing machine blocked
                                                È Do you know what caused the

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Gutters and downpipes

Outlet                               Gutter bracket

Soil pipe                            Gutter



Grid or grate

    Types of gully

    Back inlet gully    Open gully

                                                     Roofs, chimneys
                                                     and rainwater
                                                     Tell us    ´
  Before you contact us                              Manhole cover defective
  È If dangerous, put something over it to alert     È Where is it?
    others to the danger.                            È What is the problem?
                                                       (loose, broken or missing)
                                                     È What is it made of?
                                                     È Is it dangerous?

                                                     Manhole overflowing
                                                     È Where is it located?

                                                     Gully cover defective
                                                     È Where is it?
                                                     È What is the problem?
                                                       (loose, broken or missing)
                                                     È Do you think it can be refixed or
                                                       does it need to be replaced?
                                                     È What is it made of?
                                                     È What size is it?

                                                     Gutter overflowing
                                                     È Where is the overflow coming from?
                                                       (gutter, hopper, pipe etc. See
                                                       diagram opposite)

  Before you contact us                              Gully blocked
  È Try to clear any leaves or other rubbish         È What is blocking the gully?
    yourself with a stick.
                                                     Drains blocked
                                                     È What is blocking the drain?

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Subject                                    Page No.   Subject                       Page No.
Basin                                                    Jammed                          45
   Blocked                                      31       Lock not working                49
   Damaged/broken                               31       Rain coming in                  47
   Tiles damaged                                33       Threshold damaged               45
   Plug chain required                          33       Weatherboard damaged            47
   Seal gone                                    33    Door entry faulty                  43
   Tap dripping/faulty                          33    Downpipe/guttering faulty          71
   Tap loose                                    33    Drains blocked                     71
   Water leaking                                31    Electrics: none at all             57
Bath                                                  Electrical appliance faulty        59
   Blocked                                      31    Electrical fitting smoking         57
   Damaged/broken                               31    EMERGENCIES                         7
   Tiles damaged                                33    Extractor fan faulty               61
   Plug chain required                          33    Fumes in room                      63
   Panel loose                                  33    Garage door faulty                 55
   Seal gone                                    33    Gully
   Tap dripping/faulty                          33       Blocked                         71
   Tap loose                                    33       Cover defective                 71
   Water leaking                                31    Gutter overflowing                 71
Boiler (central heating) faulty                 61    Heating
Clothes line                                             Communal                        61
   Broken/stolen                                55       Radiant/convector               63
   Post broken                                  55       Storage                         63
Cupboard (kitchen) damaged                      67    Hot water stopped                  41
Door (internal)                                       Keys lost                          49
   Damaged                                      65    Leak
   Sticking/jammed                              65       From bath/basin                 31
   Latch damaged                                65       From kitchen sink               67
Door (external)                                          From radiator                   63
   Draught                                      47       From WC                         37
   Frame damaged/rotten                         45    Lighting
   Glass damaged/broken                         47       Failed                          57
   Ironmongery (letterplate, handle etc)        49       Fluorescent tube gone           57

 Subject                     Page No.        Subject                                Page No.
    (Emergency) faulty             43        Smoke detector faulty                       59
    (Communal) faulty              43        Soil stack blocked                          39
 Locked out                        49        Splashback damaged
 Manhole                                        Around bath/basin                        33
    Cover broken                   71           Around kitchen sink                      67
    Overflowing                    71           Around shower                            37
 Plug socket failed                59        Tap dripping/faulty on basin/bath           33
 Power: none at all                57        Tap loose on bath/basin                     33
 Radiator                                    Threshold damaged                           45
    Leaking                        63        Tiles (wall) damaged
    Not heating up                 61           Bath/basin                               33
 Rubbish chute faulty              43           Kitchen sink                             67
 Rubbish dumped in garden          55           Shower                                   37
 Sealing strip gone                          TV aerial (communal) faulty                 43
    Around basin                   33        Useful Hints                                18
    Around shower                  35        Washing machine blocked                     69
    Around kitchen sink            69        Waste blocked (bath/basin)                  31
 Shower                                      Water
    Blocked                        35           Leaking from bath/basin                  31
    Cubicle door faulty            37        WC
    Curtain damaged                35           Blocked                                  39
    Hose broken                    35           Leaking                                  37
    Not working                    35           Flush not working                        37
    Seal gone around tray          35           Overflow running                         39
    Shower arm broken              35           Seat damaged                             39
    Switch broken                  35           Soil stack blocked                       39
    Tray broken                    35        Window
    Tiles damaged                  37           Frame jammed/sticking                    51
 Sink (kitchen)                                 Glass damaged/broken                     51
    Blocked                        67           Ironmongery (handle,fastener etc)        53
    Tap dripping                   69        Weatherboard damaged                        47
    Tap loose                      69
    Unit leaking                   67

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