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					                          Course title: IPD16

                 ‘Preparing for Senior Leadership’

                Date: Thursday 27th January 2011

                   Venue: Leicester Hilton Hotel

                               Cost: £230

The programme will explore the principles and the reality of leadership as
they apply to the role of Senior Leader in independent schools today.

Dr Simon Letman from IPD will start the day with a discussion of what we
know about the impact of different leadership styles on the development of
teams, the climate of organisations and the nature and rate of change. The
session will encourage self-reflection through a discussion of personality.

He will be followed by Dr Philip Hills, Deputy Head at Hampton School, who
will share his recent experience of ‘Making the Transition to Senior
Leadership’. After lunch, Chris King, Head at Leicester Grammar School
(HMC), will focus on ‘How do you measure up as a Leader?’ The programme
will conclude with a session led by Julia Burns, Head at Leicester High School
for Girls (GSA), will share her experience of ‘What Heads are looking for in a

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions throughout
the day.


10:00           Arrival, registration and coffee
10:15           Welcome and introduction – Dr Simon Letman (IPD)
10:20 –         Session1 : ‘Leadership Styles and Organisational
11:30           Change’ – Dr Simon Letman
11:40 –         Session 2: ‘Making the Transition to Senior
12:40           Leadership’ - (Dr Phillip Hills, Deputy Head, Hampton
12:45           Lunch
1:30 – 2:30     Session 3: ‘How well do you measure up as a Leader?’
                - (Chris King, Head, Leicester Grammar School)
2:40 – 3:40     Session 4: ‘What the Head is looking for in a Deputy’ –
                (Julia Burns, Head, Leicester High School for Girls)
3:40            Final plenary and depart

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