SNACNA XXI by zhangyun


									      SNACNA XXI REGISTRATION                    WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE OF

Pre-registration forms must be post
                                                      SERVICES???                       SNACNA XXI
marked by January 29th, 2007 to receive    If you would like to be of service at the
the discounted special merchandise.        convention please check below.

 Name:                                               Lead Workshop/Meeting
 Address:                                            Be a Reader
 City:                                               Merchandise
 State:                       Zip:                   Hospitality
 Phone:                                              Marathon Meeting
 Pre-registration             @$20                  Entertainment
 After 1/29/07                @$25                   Work Wherever Needed
 Comedy/Show*                 @$10
 Vegas Night*                 @$20                 Return this form with your
                                               registration or mail separately to:
 Saturday Night Gourmet Banquet*
 (formal attire suggested)
                              @$40                        SNACNA
                                                       P.O. Box 46376
 Sunday Morning Grand Buffet*
 (featuring a Live Omelet Station)               Las Vegas, NV 89114-6376
                              @$25                                                        Palace Station
                                               These are some the functions you
 Registration Packages
 Pre Full Pkg.         @$115
                                                will enjoy while celebrating your         Hotel & Casino
                                                   recovery at SNACNA XXI
 Full Pkg.             @ $120
      (CASH ONLY accepted at Convention)
                                                                                       2411 W. Sahara Ave
                                                       Speaker Meetings
 Special Merchandise
 (from reverse side)                 $
                                                      Marathon Meetings                   Las Vegas, NV
                                                Workshops in English & Spanish
 Newcomer Donation                   $                       Dances
 Total Amount Enclosed               $                   Comedy Show
                                                          Vegas Night
These are ticketed events. Your                Saturday Night Gourmet Banquet
registration badge is required to attend
these events.
                                                 Sunday Morning Grand Buffet           March 1-4, 2007
                                               (featuring a Live Omelet Station)
Please make checks payable to SNACNA                    Hospitality Suite
and mail with this portion of flyer to:                  Fellowshipping
         SNACNA – Registration
             P.O. Box 46376
       Las Vegas, NV 89114-6376
         Why should I register???                                  Hotel Registration
Our Seventh Tradition states that “we are fully              Palace Station Hotel & Casino
self-supporting through our own contributions.”
                                                                 2411 W. Sahara Ave.
The money collected from registration is used to
                                                                 Las Vegas, NV 89102
pay for all convention related expenses including
                                                                    (800) 634-3101
facility rental, hospitality, and D.J.’s the contents
of registration includes all non-ticketed events,       To get the discounted rate when reserving a
including the dances. Your registration is also         room, you must give the hotel the “NA
strongly encouraged for this allows us the use of       Reservation ID number – “PCINAR2”                          Special Merchandise
the hotel of minimum cost. We are grateful for
your support.                                                          Room Rates                         You can order special merchandise with your
                                                                                                          fully paid pre-registration package or early
                 Newcomer Policy                        “Courtyard”- Thurs. $69.00 Fri. $109.00
                                                                                                          bird registration package. This merchandise
Newcomer registrations are reserved for those                        Sat. $109.00 Sun. $69.00
                                                                                                          will not be available at the convention. The
with less than 30 days of continuou8s clean time                      plus tax
                                                                                                          cut-off date to order special merchandise is
who cannot afford the price of registration.                                                              January 29, 2007.
Financial unmanageability does not constitute           Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.; check-out time is
indigent status. Each newcomer receiving a              12:00 noon. Non smoking rooms are
registration will be asked to make a donation to        available upon request. Reservations must
                                                        be made by Jan. 29th, 2007. The willingness            Convention Logo Organizer,
the newcomer fund. Registrations will be
distributed on a first come, first serve basis at       of the hotel to offer free meeting space is             Calculator & Phone Pouch
hours to be posted. If you would lie to contribute      directly related to how many rooms are
to the newcomer fund, please see the registration       reserved by the deadline, which is another
form. Donations will also gladly be accepted at the     reason why pre-registration with the hotel
convention Thank you.                                   is strongly suggested.

      Convention Committee Contacts                               Please Pre-Register
   Chairperson     Claude P.     702-349-3573                        with the Hotel
   Vice Chair      Danny P.      702-768-6093           Reservations made after January 29th, 2007
   Registration    JoAnn F.G. 702-348-5059              will be subject to room availability, but still
                                                        let the hotel know you are with SNACNA
   Program         Debbie M.     702-493-3923
                                                        XXI.                                                               $15.00
   Merchandise     Cindy R.      702-302-7510
                                                        To get to the Palace Station Hotel from I-
   Information     Alretta H.    702-444-7758
                                                        15, take the Sahara Ave. exit, go west on              @ $15.00 each                     .
   Hospitality     Jodie G.      702-302-1498           Sahara, hotel will be on the left hand side.
   Entertainment Amos M.         702-630-7149
                                                                                                                             Total $            .
Additional Registration forms can be downloaded
               at our website at:

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