Bringing Health and Light to Tibet – 2009
              The Raktrul Foundation’s Medical/Solar Project

                       PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Raktrul Foundation Overview
Established in 1999, the Raktrul Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501-c-3 non-profit
organization located in Red Hook, New York with a mission to assist suppressed and
underprivileged communities in Tibet by developing and implementing programs for
education, medical care, and basic community support. The organization was founded
and is chaired by Bardor Tulku Rinpoche, who initiated the Medical/Solar Project and
has actively participated in the project’s planning and logistical coordination.

Medical/Solar Project Summary
The Raktrul Foundation’s Medical/Solar Project will provide much needed medical care
and solar power to a space set aside to be a medical clinic in the Eastern Tibet village of
Dortam and, if funding is sufficient, include installation of a solar energy system in an
orphanage. Dortam—and the proposed clinic and orphanage located there—is one of
five communities in the immediate vicinity of Raktrul Monastery. From the beginning,
project planning has included significant input from the local Tibetan community through
Tashi Dorji, a local liaison from the monastery. The key team members carrying out the
project (see Project Team below) have replicated it in many other sites and can attest to
its direct and immediate benefits. The project will equip and bring an experienced team
of specialists to Dortam to realize the community’s aspiration of establishing a functional
medical clinic with solar-supplied electricity and lighting for the orphanage.

The two week-plus project will benefit the community as follows:
   o Medical. The medical component will support and mobilize the community in
     three ways. First, it will stock the medical clinic with basic first aid and other
     health care supplies. Second, a licensed acupuncture professional will provide
     acupuncture and health care treatment to those in need. Third, the project will
     provide intensive training to create a group of 15 “backpack medics,” enabling
     them to provide a sustained level of practical health care to these remote
     communities after the project team departs. Candidates for health care training
     have been identified and prepped by Tashi Dorji.
   o Solar. With supervision from the project team’s solar expert, local residents will
     plan and build the support structure, assemble the solar panels and accessories,
     install the requisite wiring, and attain an intimate knowledge of the operation and
     maintenance of the system. The objective is to ensure that those who assemble
     and operate the system have an intimate knowledge of it and will be able to keep
     it operational for the full lifespan of the equipment.
   o Training. Villagers participating in the project—as backpack medics or solar
     system assemblers and operators—will receive intensive training, as experience
     has shown from similar projects in other parts of the world that in-depth, hands-on
     training is the key to providing sustainable assistance.

The clinic, solar installations, and backpack medics will transform the lives of the elderly
and sick as well as providing basic preventive and curative primary health care to the
5,000 or so villagers who will benefit directly from the project.

Funding the Project
The budget for the two week-plus Medical/Solar Project is $38,500. The Raktrul
Foundation is asking for your timely financial support for this community-empowering
project, scheduled to depart for Tibet in mid-June 2009. A generous donor launched the
fundraising initiative with a $5,000 contribution. Please send your tax-deductible
donation today.

The project team is ready to purchase, transport, and install solar equipment, and to
provide training for villagers selected locally to maintain and operate the clinic and solar
electric system after the project team departs. We also have qualified local volunteers
who are ready to support the surrounding communities as backpack medics. In short, the
project team, the village, and the supplies are ready, and the project is poised for
implementation, pending your generous contribution. Please help.

Project Team
Bardor Tulku Rinpoche is founder and Chairman of the Board of the Raktrul Foundation.
He monitors and overseas all Raktrul Foundation projects. He is in close contact with all
personnel involved in the day-to-day operations of the Medical/Solar Project both in the
United States and in Tibet. His extensive personal and local governmental connections in
China and Tibet will greatly facilitate transportation, customs, and other local matters.

Walt Ratterman is Chief Executive Officer of SunEnergy Power International (SEPI), a
non-profit educational corporation based in Colorado, and Director and officer of SEPI’s
sister company SunEnergy Power Corporation (SEPC). Ratterman will provide a hands-
on supervisory role in designing and implementing the solar electric system for the
project. He has successfully organized and executed scores of similar projects in
developing communities worldwide. Please read this article by Mr. Ratterman, which
goes right to the heart of this project.
Kirk Moulton is Project Director for the Medical/Solar Project. In his other life he has
practiced acupuncture at his Healing Junction Clinic in Chicago for more than 14 years.
Through the use of Chinese herbal medicine and other alternative medical interventions,
he has treated arthritis, asthma, chronic fatique, Crohn's disease, diabetes, headache,
hepatitis, irritable bowel, sinusitis, and other maladies. In 2007 Moulton and Ratterman
collaborated on a similar project that brought solar power and medical relief to a refugee
camp of landmine victims in Burma. Moulton will be responsible for training and
supplying the backpack medics.

Mr. Tashi Dorji is construction coordinator/contractor, project administrator, and
community liaison for Raktrul Foundation in Tibet. Dorji has four assistant managers and
a staff of local craftsman and volunteers who have done considerable work for Raktrul
Foundation, which can be viewed on the Raktrul Foundation website. Dorji has set up a
team of 12 crew members to install the solar panels and 15 people who will be trained as
backpack medics during the Medical/Solar Project.

Don Dyer works in the non-profit sector in Chicago. He will provide hands-on logistical
support to the project. He has worked a broad range of vocations, including construction,
the arts, publishing, radio broadcasting, tallships, and mental health.

Medical Project Execution
By aiding remote communities in need of practical health care training and treatment the
project will help preserve Tibetan culture and provide support to a nation of resourceful,
intelligent, and highly motivated people. The villagers suffer primarily from common
and preventable diseases and inadequately treated injuries. The backpack medics will
administer both western medical treatments (analgesics, disinfectants, antibiotics, etc.)
and traditionally eastern medicine (acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc.). Treatment for
pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, sores, broken bones, pain from poorly mended
fractures, sinus conditions, headache, and stomach problems will be the main medical
problems addressed on this project. The project hopes to bring treatments for glaucoma,
macular degeneration, and allergic conjunctivitis, as they are prevalent. Access to the
closest existing clinic is often difficult or impossible for some, particularly in the winter
months. A number of backpack medics will be located in each of the five villages. The
combination of Tibetan and western medicine will immeasurably enhance the well-being
of these suffering yet deserving people.

Solar Project Execution
Bringing electricity to these communities will make dramatic changes in the lives of
these villagers, providing light to their clinic and adjacent areas, and hopefully to an
orphanage. An installed inverter will make powering a computer, a radio, and other low-
power amenities possible. Proper lighting for medical exams and treatment will greatly
improve the quality of treatment and quality of life. It literally will bring “light into their
Mr. Ratterman has carried out humanitarian renewable energy projects in dozens of
remote communities around the world, and the key to making these projects work and
provide a sustainable source of energy, confidence, and community pride is intensive
training and respect for the intelligence and resourcefulness of the communities receiving
project support. This will be the hallmark of the Raktrul Foundation’s Medical/Solar

Having been raised with ready access to electrical appliances and the blessing of light at
the flick of a fingertip, those of us in the West have prospered enormously from that
advantage over the last 100-plus years. Please support this effort to share those blessings
and that advantage with those less fortunate.


Contributions may be mailed to:
Raktrul Foundation ~ Medical/Solar Project
       37 Pinewood Lane
       Red Hook, NY 12571

Donations accepted by credit card online at: http://www.RaktrulFoundation.org/

Medical/Solar Project Manager
       Kirk Moulton
       12716 S 83rd Ct
       Palos Park, IL 60464
       Tele: 773 880 9120
       Email: Kirk@HealingJunction.com

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