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									           Brain and Cognitive Sciences
                  Research Project

            Practical issues and information

10-10-08               Research project        2
                   Research project
• All students conduct two research projects.

• The amount of credits for the research projects
  differs per track and per research.

  Research Project 1:
         Neuroscience 30 – 40 ec
         Cognitive neuroscience 24 - 34 ec
         Cognitive science 18 – 22 ec

  Research Project 2:
         Neuroscience 40 – 50 ec
         Cognitive neuroscience 44 ec minimum
         Cognitive science 38 ec minimum

 10-10-08                    Research project       3
                    Research project

In the time frame of the research project you have to explore,
report and present the study.

Students need to conduct all stages of the research:

• Development of a research question
• Designing the experiment/selection of the research methods
  to address the question
• Data collection/analyses of the data/ literature used
• Interpretation of the data/development of the argument and

 10-10-08                                                        4
                              Research project
                     Approval procedure

All research projects are subject to approval from the Board of
Examiners before the actual research starts by filling in the
research project approval form
• Research Project Approval form
• Master Study Plan form
• An additional letter of the supervisor stating the student will
conduct a research at their institute

These forms can be found on: www.csca.nl -> education -> current
Without approval students will not be credited for their
research project!

    10-10-08                      Research project                  5
           Research project supervision
    • Supervisor - The supervisor assesses the research project
      and research report in consult with the examiner, is a
      permanent member of staff, a PhD student or post doc at the
      research institute where the project takes place.
    • Examiner - The examiner can also mediate between student
      and supervisor if necessary. The examiner doesn’t grade the
      project, unless the examiner also functions as co-assessor, is
      responsible for the research project and is a permanent
      member of staff at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
    • Co-assessor - The co-assessor reads and assesses the
      report. The examiner and co-assessor can be the same
      person, in which case their roles are combined, is a
      permanent member of staff, a PhD student or post doc at the
      UvA, preferably from a different discipline than the supervisor

10-10-08                                                                6
                                 Research project
                    Research proposal
                research project approval form

1.    Data of participant and supervisor
2.    Title of the research project (incl. summary)‫‏‬
3.    Description of the project (e.g. key questions)‫‏‬
4.    Procedure (operationalisation, materials, data analyses etc.)‫‏‬
5.    Work plan (time schedule, task distribution etc.)‫‏‬
6.    References (list all cited literature)‫‏‬

The Board of Examiners will report to the submitter on the
    outcome of the assessment before the last workday of the
    month after the month in which the Research Proposal has
    been submitted.

                               Research project                 7
                          Research report

  •        The research project thesis outline depends highly on the
           project and on the end terms set by the institute where the
           research is conducted

  •        Results should be reported in a format of a scientific journal

  •        The editorial guidelines of the intended journal should
           therefore be followed

  •        The results of the thesis should be presented and defended
           in public
           The form of this colloquium is as follows: 30 minutes
           presentation, 30 minutes defense

                                     Research project                       8
             Research report: in short

 • Select a supervisor / examiner / co-assessor

 • Write your research proposal with help from your supervisor

 • Approval by the Exam Committee before the actual research
   starts (one month before the start of the practical part of the

 • Results should be reported in a scientific journal article
   format, the editorial guidelines of the intended journal should
   therefore be followed

 • The results of the thesis should be presented and defended in
   public (colloquium)‫‏‬

                               Research project                      9
                Research project assessment

   The assessment of the research project is
   based on three components:

   •       Research Report (scientific article)‫‏‬
   •   Experimental work
   •   Colloquium
   Student and supervisor should agree in advance on the
       relative weight of the various parts of the project
       (experimental work, research report and presentation).
       The weight factors should be stated on the Research
       Approval form

                                   Research project        10

           Any questions concerning the information?

           Studying Abroad – Femke Bokma
           The story of the supervisor – Helga Harsay
           Student experience – Yuval Porat

                             Research project           11
            Research abroad

                Femke Bokma

                  Studying Abroad   12
            Why Research Abroad?

-   For international research (lab) experience
-   For a specific professor
-   For a specific research topic or field
-   To be away from home…
-   To learn a new language and culture
-   …


In the second year of your master’s programme

15-7-2011                Studying Abroad          13
                Before you go

  • Start in time, about a year before you want to
    go abroad

  • Find out where the type of research you are
    interested in is being conducted

  • Use the contacts of the UvA lecturers and
    researchers, your academic mentor, second
    year students, alumni etc.

                         Studying Abroad             14
               Finances: Funding
   •Public funding
            Check www.beursopener.nl (Dutch)

            UvA fund compensating travel costs,
            arrange through study advisors

            Check www.uva.nl/alumni (dutch)

   General: Student Services documentation center

15-7-2011                      Studying Abroad      15
                 Finances: Compensation

    • For the period you’re abroad you can get
      compensation for your public transport card (OV
    • You can receive your student grant in advance for the
      whole time you’re abroad

            Check www.ib-groep.nl

15-7-2011                      Studying Abroad                16
                  Visa & Passport
• EU students don’t need a visa for other EU countries

• Depending on your nationality you need a visa for certain
countries, check with your embassy

• Outside the EU you need a visa (Dutch students check:
www.minbuza.nl; foreign students check with your

• Your passport needs to be valid for the whole period you
are abroad (sometimes even longer)

15-7-2011                  Studying Abroad                    17

      • Health insurance
      • Third-party insurance (WA)
      • Travel insurance (check maximum period)
      • Optional: dental insurance

      Check with the university abroad if you need
       specific insurances through them

15-7-2011                  Studying Abroad           18
                       Extra Practical Issues

            •   Language course
                - Student Language Exchange: www.sle-amsterdam.nl
                - Mediatheek (Language centre of the UvA) hum.uva.nl/mediatheek
                - www.uvatalen.nl

            •   Vaccins - www.lcr.nl
            •   ISIC card (Kilroy travels or JoHo jobs)
            •   Money/Insurances (authorise someone at home)
            •   Copies of important documents
            •   Flight – book in time!

15-7-2011                              Studying Abroad                            19

Study Advisors, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Femke Bokma & Jessica Rodermans

Coordinator Study Abroad, Faculty of Science:
Joke Hendriks
Kruislaan 404, kamer 205

International Student Affairs
Guido de Wilde
Binnengasthuisstraat 9

                             Studying Abroad              20
            Useful information and websites

     • www.uva.nl/internationaal

     • www.student.uva.nl/english/studyabroad

     • www.wilweg.nl

     • www.fulbright.nl

                           Studying Abroad
            QUESTIONS ????

                  Studying Abroad   22

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