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Add Your Pay Stations to a Wireless Network

Parking operations that require everything to be done      card companies prior to printing a parking receipt
manually are time-consuming and expensive. The             virtually eliminate sales on lost, stolen or expired
cost of staff, ongoing maintenance and the batch-          credit cards.
processing of credit card transactions can affect profit
margins significantly.                                     Monitoring and Alarming
                                                           Real-time monitoring and alarming sends information
These issues are quickly becoming a thing of the past      to your field staff about the status of each pay station
as Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) and leading          so they can proactively respond to maintenance
metro-scale Wi-Fi technology manufacturers like            issues and potential vandalism.
Tropos Networks and Strix Systems deliver turnkey
solutions to bring municipal parking operations into       Reporting
the 21st century.                                          Use a web browser to generate real-time reports
                                                           based on transactions and space information
Wireless Parking Applications                              communicated from your pay stations.

The addition of metro-scale Wi-Fi support to the LUKE      Campus/Value Card Processing
pay station provides municipalities with powerful new      Support the use and authorization of campus and
applications that can positively impact the bottom         value cards used at many educational institutions to
line, increase operational efficiencies and improve the    pay for books, food and now parking.
user experience. Such applications include:
Remote Access                                              Consolidate your revenue and enforcement data
By connecting all pay stations through a Tropos or         while offering Pay-by-Phone as a payment option to
Strix network, remote access to pay station data and       parkers.
the consolidation of enforcement data is easy.
                                                           Add Time Functionality
Real-time Credit Card Processing                           Enable parkers to add time to their parking permit by
Preauthorizing credit card transactions with credit        using any pay station connected to the network.

Wireless Parking Benefits                                 Network Components
 Eliminate credit card bad debt losses with real-        1. DPT’s LUKE pay station for on-street parking
  time credit card processing                             2. DPT’s Enterprise Management System (EMS)
 Increase revenues and pay station up-time with          3. Wi-Fi network hardware and software
  wireless alarming                                       4. Third-party suppliers for additional services such
                                                             as credit card processing and Pay-by-Phone
 Reduce operational costs by eliminating ongoing
  cellular charges
 Expanded user convenience with new services                                      LUKE
 Achieve a rate of return on your wireless                                        Station

  investment in less than one year

Technology Integration
Tropos Networks and Strix Systems are market                                        Point
leaders in delivering metro-scale Wi-Fi network
systems. DPT’s ongoing technical relationship with
both companies ensures customers are delivered
network solutions that provide high levels of security,
                                                             Credit Card
reliability and cost justifiable wireless applications.      Processor              EMS                Client PC

Beyond networking parking pay stations, metro-scale
Wi-Fi networks offer municipalities applications that
can deliver new services to citizens, improve the
reliability of communications and positively impact the
city’s bottom line. Such applications include:               Third-party
                                                             Applications                              Handheld

Mobile Internet
Allow people to take their offices on the road with
reliable broadband data connections in the field.
                                                          To learn more about how to maximize the rate of
Small Business Broadband Internet Access                  return on your network and parking technology
Offer the lowest capital and operating costs and          investment, talk to us today.
fastest setups of any alternative for true broadband.

Video Surveillance                                        Digital Payment Technologies
Provides extra eyes on the street to improve security     330–4260 Still Creek Drive
and reduce theft.                                         Burnaby, BC
                                                          V5C 6C6
Wireless Utility Meter Reading
Eliminate a normally labor-intensive process to save      888.687.6822 |
human effort, time and costs.

The number of wireless applications continues
to grow. And the ongoing investment involved in
deploying a metro-scale Wi-Fi network is often far
less than the alternatives, saving you money while
leveraging the value of your communications network.