Dr. David Bastawros Offers Help for Sufferers of Diabetic Foot Wounds

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					      Dr. David Bastawros Offers Help for Sufferers of Diabetic Foot Wounds

The problem with diabetes is that it manages to affect the entire body- right from the head to the toe. In fact foot
problems are very common among diabetics. A wound as small as a blister, can cause a lot of damage if left
unattended. A Plano, Texas based podiatrist, Dr. David Bastawros DPM has offered to help people suffering
from diabetic foot wounds.

“Diabetics must constantly monitor their feet to avoid disastrous consequences including amputation. This is
because diabetes decreases blood flow and hence injuries are slow to heal. Puncture wounds, bruises, pressure
areas, redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts and even nail problems should not be ignored,” says
Doctor David Bastawros.

Taking care of the feet is simple, but needs continuous effort. Things like keeping the feet warm, preventing them
from getting wet from rain and snow, keeping the feet away from radiators and in front of the fireplace etc. helps
to keep them healthy. The right shoes also determine the health of the feet. Diabetics should stay away from
pointed-toe-styles and high heels as much as they can. Shoes made with leather upper material and deep toe boxes
are also good for the feet. Dr. Bastawros DPM also advises to avoid the same pair of shoes every day. Socks and
stockings too should be selected carefully.

“Simple things like avoiding smoke and sitting cross legged can go a long way in keeping the feet healthy. Sitting
cross legged and smoking decrease blood pressure to the feat and is hence harmful. When you trim your toenails,
make sure that you cut them straight across, carefully avoiding the corners. You could either use a nail file or
emery board to do so,” adds the podiatrist from Plano, Texas. A well renowned, podiatrist, Dr. David Bastawros
is an alumni of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland.

Among his special interests include diabetic limb salvage, foot and ankle wound care, peripheral nerve surgery
and foot and ankle biomechanics. He is affiliated to a number of prestigious associations including the American
Academy of Wound Management and the American College of Certified Wound Specialists.

About Dr. David Bastawros DPM: Plano, Texas Podiatrist, Dr. Bastawros, is a board certified physician, surgeon
and wound care physician practicing in the North Texas area, through his foot and ankle care clinic.

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