Luxurious Driving with Ferrari 246 Dino by mrustadz


									                            Luxurious Driving with Ferrari 246 Dino

If you hear about Ferrari may be in your imagine is car and lux. Sure, there are far more
expensive Ferraris (if one of the 39 250GTOs, made in 1963-’64, should come to market – and
you probably won’t know about it – it will change hands for upwards of £5 million) and cheaper
ones too. Ferrari is one of leading luxury car market in the world. See the wedgier, 1976-on
308GTB as a usable car with similar appeal to the Dino, from around £20,000. But none
encapsulates the perfect looks, balanced handling and that spectacular tearing-calico V6 out back
quite like the 246GT. Many people who dream to get this car and owning one is a boys' dream
come true. And if you look after it properly you'll have an investment with a serious chance of
appreciating in value. Get the coupe – which has that fantastic curved rear double-window within
the flying buttresses – rather than the uncomfortable-looking GTS with removable roof panel
(and no, you can’t call that one a Targa: Porsche owns the name). You’ll never tire of snick-
clacking around that famous open gear-gate either.

The Ferrari Dino is one of the most impressive Ferrari's ever produced. Both Motor Trend and
Forza magazines picked the Ferrari Dino as one of their top 10 favorite cars ever made. There
were only 2,437 246 GT Ferrari Dinos manufactured, and the rarity and desirability of these
classic sports cars have contributed to an exponential increase in value that shows no sign of
slowing down. This particular fast appreciating 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT we have for sale is
one of the nicest examples out there for sale today. Not only is this a beautiful Ferrari with
arguably the most desirable color combination possible, this is as well a documented as a car can
possible be. This car comes with every service receipt since new. This Ferrari Dino has the
original owner's manual and the original build sheet. This Dino has a record of every owner since

There are only 45,xxx original miles on the car. Even so, Ferrari owners settle for nothing less
than perfection and the car was restored in 2002. Along with all of the receipts and
documentation on the car is the original receipt from when the car was sold new from the
coveted East Coast dealership Luigi Cinette. The car has USA specifications as opposed to
European specs. The car has had 7 owners and there are mounds of books and paperwork
accompanying the sale.

The Ferrari Dino was originally designed by legendary coach builder Pininfarina and original
examples of these coveted cars are the ones in which to invest. This beautiful example has a
supple leather interior, the original Cromadaro wheels with Pirelli SuperTouring P4000 tires, the
original Becker radio, Tubi exhaust and a 2.4 L perfectly tuned 195hp engine.

There are exciting videos of this fun sports car in action below. This is a fantastic car and you
can appreciate it even more fully via the close-up and full-body photo galleries below as well. If
you have any questions prior to bidding feel free to email or call me, John Snell, at 612-805-
2428. Should you decide to buy-it-now, I'm confident you will be very happy with the Ferrari
once it arrives at your door. As you can tell by the videos, your first drive will likely be one of
the most enjoyable drives you have ever had in your whole life. Thank you for your interest in
this rare Ferrari.
Modern Stylish Car

Silver car Ferrari is so pretty and charm, stylish aero dynamically designed with the
concept comes to pampering luxury car lover sand speed. Capping the Dino’s appeal is its
exquisite styling by Pininfarina; the silver Ferrari is one of the cars that stylist Sergio Farina. It is
most proud of, representing a departure into hi-tech engine road cars for Ferrari. Intended as a
separate marque to honour founder Enzo’s son Alfredino who died young, Dinos never wore the
Ferrari name or cavallino rampante badge from the company.
More Elegant Car with Yellow

Nick Cartwright has specialized in Dinos for 2 decades and his Peak District-based company has
bought, sold and restored many of the 246s in the UK, some several times over. He says:
“Budget £850-1500 a year to look after a good car – a 12,000-mile service includes checking the
timing chains and setting the valve clearances.” The downsides? A rough one costs an awful lot
to put right, and, though cars are available from £45,000 upwards, Cartwright advises setting
your sights a bit higher: “We reckon £70,000 is the entry level for a good car – though we’ve got
a 5000-miler in at the moment at £110,000. We’ve had two offers but we’re thinking of putting it

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