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									            Norm MacDonald Quotes
            “Kenny G released his
            Christmas album this
            week. Happy Birthday,
            Jesus ….. Hope you like
“Magic Johnson has received a $900,000 retainer
to write a book on how not to get AIDs. Chapter
1: don’t have sex with me.”

“In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a man allowed his
eight-year-old daughter to take the wheel of his
car, and an accident ensued that damaged seven
other cars and injured six people. Which once
again proves my theory – women can’t drive.”
The Power of Laughter
and Comedy
  By Tim Martin and Kyle
We believe that everyone
should experience laughter
everyday because it gives us
a way to see the world in a
more positive way and avoid
all the conflict around us
 Why we chose this Subject

• We use laughter everyday and can’t
  get enough of it.
• We believe it’s important for people
  to understand how comedy and
  laughing can have such a significant
  impact on your life.
• We are drawn to the subject because
  we are interested in finding out about
  how it can improve your relationships
  and health.
What you can learn and how
you can use it
• You can learn how laughing can
  improve your relationships, health,
  social life, and your personality.
• Also learn ways to become a
  funnier and more social person.
• You can use laughter as a way to
  connect, feel better, or even
How Laughter is Good for You?
             • reduce stress
        • lower blood pressure
             • elevate mood
       • boost immune system
     • improve brain functioning
           • protect the heart
       • connect you to others
      • foster instant relaxation
         • make you feel good
    How Comedy/Laughter
    improves your health
•   Laughter lowers blood pressure. People who laugh more on a regular basis
    have lower standing blood pressure than the average person. When people have
    a good laugh, the blood pressure increases, but then it decreases to levels below
    normal. Breathing then becomes deeper which sends oxygen enriched blood and
    nutrients throughout the body.
•   Laughter protects the heart. Laughter, along with an active sense of humor,
    may help protect you against a heart attack, according to the study at the
    University of Maryland Medical Center. The study, which is the first to indicate
    that laughter may help prevent heart disease, found that people with heart
    disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh in a variety of situations compared to
    people of the same age without heart disease.
•   Laughter gives our bodies a good workout. Laughter can be a great workout
    for your diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles. It
    massages abdominal organs, tones intestinal functioning, and strengthens the
    muscles that hold the abdominal organs in place. It is estimated that more
    laughter can burn calories equivalent to several minutes on the rowing machine
    or the exercise bike.
         How does Humor
       Improve your Mental
• Humor enhances our ability to connect with others.
• Humor helps us replace distressing emotions with
  pleasurable feelings. You cannot feel angry,
  depressed, anxious, guilty, or resentful and
  experience humor at the same time.
• Lacking humor can cause distress in your mind
• Humor changes behavior – when we experience
  humor we talk more
• Humor increases energy
• Finally, because it makes us feel good!
Expanding your Laugh Life
•Look for the everyday humor.
•Increase you exposure to comedies, comic sitcoms, joke books, comedy
clubs, etc.
•Hang around funny friends, or better yet, marry a funny partner.
•Take a 5-10 minute humor break each day. Read jokes, add to a humor
notebook, listen to a funny tape.
•If you hear a joke you really like, write it down, or tell it to someone else
to help you remember it.
•Remind yourself to have fun.
•Spend time with those who put you in a good mood and avoid negative
•Avoid conversation, news, entertainment, etc., that frightens, upsets and
distresses you or makes you feel sad and unhappy.
      Humor improves brain
      function and relieves
Laughter stimulates both
sides of the brain to
enhance learning. It
eases muscle tension
and psychological stress,
which keeps the brain
alert and allows people to
retain more information. Structures in the brain's limbic system,
                                  which controls many essential human
                                    behaviors, also contribute to the

                                         production of laughter
Tim Gard-Humorist and
  Stress Management
  Tim Gard, CSP is a nationally recognized humorist, comedy speaker
and stress management seminar lecturer on stress reduction through
humor. Tim has delivered his entertaining and informative lectures both
nationally and internationally. Having written several articles on stress
reduction, conducted stress management seminars televised in several
states and appearance on popular TV talk shows, Tim Gard will
empower your team to succeed. While working with the Montana
Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, he began to develop
training to help fellow eligibility workers deal with stress, burnout and
compassion fatigue inherent to their jobs.
   Tim Gard, discovered that sharing his own good humor and enabling
the group to develop a Comic Vision proved to be an effective and fun
way for people to deal with professional stress encountered every day.
Tim's humorist and comedy speaker audiences quickly discover that
using his methods at work and at home enable them to use humor as a
skill for compassion fatigue and stress reduction.
  Why Stand-up Comedy Should
       be used in School
• Stand-up comedy is personal and unique. It encourages the
  acceptance of an individual’s characteristics, thoughts,
  feelings, and outlook of each child. Teaching kids comedy,
  specifically stand-up, is playful discovery of the humor that is
  around us everyday, as well as helping kids gain an
  appreciation of the absurdities and incongruities of life.
• Stand-up comedy is also a powerful tool to deal with the
  negative feelings in our daily life. Some common sources of
  that negativity are family issues, dealing with authority
  figures, feeling powerless (including in recent years,
  regarding terrorism), and insecurity about our own quirks or
  physical characteristics.
• Learning to write stand-up comedy encourages creativity,
  problem solving, verbal comprehension, reasoning, and
  higher level thinking in children.
    How to use Humor to
• Laughter is the shortest
  distance between two
• Humor unites us,
  especially when we
  laugh together.
• Laughter heals.
• Laughs and smiles are
  enjoyed best when
  shared with others.
     Anatomy of an Illness
               By Norman Cousins

    In 1964, Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a
crippling and incurable degenerative disease of
ankolysing spodylitis. He decided that he wanted
to take control of himself and cure his disease. He
discovered that laughing took away some of the
pain that prevented him from sleeping at night. He
left the hospital and checked into a hotel where
he could watch funny movies all day. He won the
support of a doctor who started giving him large
doses of vitamin C. With the help of the laughing
and vitamin C, he was able to fight off the disease
that everyone thought was incurable.
The Healing Power of
      •   The Healing Power of Humor
          by Allen Klein
          Forward by O. Carl Simonoton, M.D.
          Paperback, 213 pages
          Tarcher/Putnam Publishers
      •   Book Summary:
          Brimming with pointed, humorous anecdotes and
          learn-to-laugh techniques, The Healing Power of
          Humor combines the wisdom of the world's greatest
          spiritual teachers with the insights of famed humorists,
          comedians, and others to help you turn life's negatives
          into positives.
      •   A Word from the Author:
          This book was written after my wife died of a terminal
          illness. It is a tribute to her and her wonderful sense of
          humor which helped her and those around her cope
          with what she was going through. I am honored that
          this book has helped so many people and that it has
          become a classic in the field.
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