The Oklahoma City Bombing by shuifanglj


									                                                                              Jordan Miko
                                                                                 Engl 225
                                                                            Assignment #2

                           The Oklahoma City Bombing

       Terry Nichols--Letter to Timothy McVeigh--Oct. 20th 1994—12:42p.m.


       So far, the materials we require to continue as planned have been difficult to come

by. The first ton of fertilizer was easy to acquire from a co-op farm closer to me in

Kansas. As for the detonation cord and blast caps that are needed, I may have to steal

them from a local demolition company. However, I don‟t think it will be difficult to get

them. I hope you have better luck coming across the nitromethane and other half of the

ammonium nitrate, be careful though, do not get caught on any cameras. I will meet you

at the Dream Land hotel on April 16th at exactly 7:30 a.m., be ready. Remember to park

the truck directly in front of the glass entrance making it vulnerable and giving TV

cameras a good shot. My brother James has been doing reconnaissance work on the

Murrah and says it should be an easy strike. I will see you in a few months.

       Good Luck,



Watch your friend Mike, it seems like he is not trustworthy, DO NOT let him get close.

              Mike Fortier--Journal Entry—Dec. 16th 1994—12:02 p.m.

       Tim has been acting very strangely ever since his ex-army buddy Terry has been

calling him. Earlier today he said he just wanted to take a drive with me. Honestly, I

                                                                              Jordan Miko
                                                                                 Engl 225
                                                                            Assignment #2
thought he wanted to kill me, with a set-up like that. But I pushed on and eventually we

ended up in downtown Oklahoma City, not quite the quiet country setting ideal for

murder. After a few wrong turns we ended up in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal

building. Before I could ask why we were there, Tim told me that in revenge for

government raids at Waco and Ruby Ridge, he and Terry were planning to bomb the

building. I have seen his anti-government fits and pro-militia hysterics, but none

compared to this. But then again, this is not the first psychotic rant I‟ve heard Tim go on;

it will probably blow over like his plot to make a Ryder rental truck a bomb on wheels.

       Timothy McVeigh—Letter to Militia Forum—Apr. 19th 1995—8:16a.m.

       It is two years to this day that our “protectors of freedom” unlawfully attacked the

Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Eighty-one of my brothers in arms were

unmercifully killed in an unjust siege which resulted in the “accidental” burning of the

building. I can no longer idly stand by a country that is selling its soul to marketing and

commercialism. Furthermore, the unnecessary slaughter of the revered white separatist

Randy Weaver, along with his wife and son at Ruby Ridge shall be avenged in blood.

These United States of Hypocrisy will no longer be able to look the other way while ex-

allies of the worlds biggest bully are discarded like so much of yesterdays trash. But that

is not enough, not only does the institution dictate the very life and death of our legally

upheld militias, but seeks to further control the populous with unwarranted and uncalled

for regulating of our guaranteed constitutional right to bare arms in time of peace or war.

Where I am standing however, there has not been a time of peace for centuries. While

you are fighting terror abroad, you greatly underestimate the domestic terror threat,

                                                                         Jordan Miko
                                                                             Engl 225
                                                                       Assignment #2
namely me. I am going to make you pay for the countless crimes committed in the name

of freedom; I will succeed where others have failed. I will raise my rebel flag in the wind

far above your war torn cloth as evidence of the true soldiers of freedom. Your plight is

out-dated and corrupt while your ideals were valid at one point but proved to be flawed as

society devolved. You watch as criminals and murderers walk the streets while this

country‟s true patriots are harassed and incarcerated by unjust officers from a sadistic

government. Well this is my stand, my statement and testimony, my call to arms. May

God have mercy on your souls……….

        Frank Hayworth—On-Site Live Coverage—Apr. 19th 1995—9:05a.m.

       I didn‟t know what was happening, I was just making copies on the second floor

when I felt an earth rumbling explosion. The next thing I knew the floor was crumbling

beneath my feet. Everybody started to madly rush the stairwell in a desperate attempt to

get out. The people on the lower floors were more fortunate than the others closer to the

top; I don‟t think they had a chance in hell. I just can‟t believe a human being is capable

of creating such chaos, I just can‟t believe anything.

 Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norrick—Cellular Phone Transcript from Oklahoma

                   Governor Mary Fallin—Apr. 19th 1995—9:20a.m.

Gov. - …….hello……

Mayor - Governor Fallin, the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in downtown Oklahoma

City has been bombed. You need to come assess the damage as soon as possible.

Gov. – What the hell happened?!?!

                                                                              Jordan Miko
                                                                                  Engl 225
                                                                            Assignment #2
Mayor - Half of the 9-story building has been destroyed due to a rather large car bomb

that was parked somewhere in the vicinity.

Gov. – Any idea what caused it yet?

Mayor - After running initial tests on the site, the bomb was probably composed of

ammonium nitrate, a high concentration fertilizer, and nitromethane, a high performance

racing fuel. We have estimated that the bomb weighed anywhere from 2 tons to 5 tons

judging by the damage. We will find out more for certain after further investigation and

relief efforts.

Gov. – What about casualties?

Mayor - So far we are estimating the death toll nearing 200. However, not only were the

workers of the Murrah building affected, but also five to nine of the other buildings

around it. We know that at least 4 people have been killed in the surrounding buildings

as a result of the blast. Worst off, the bomb was detonated shortly after the daycare on

the ground floor met for the day. We are estimating a maximum of 20 youth/infant

deaths in the case.

Gov. – OH MY GOD……….

Mayor - As of right now no suspects are in custody, but we have received reports of two

men of eastern decent lurking around the building shortly before the blast. We have put

out an all points bulletin for any suspicious persons in the area of the crime scene, but

until further investigation, search efforts are useless. Governor, please come as soon as

possible, my city needs you.

Gov. – I‟m on my way.

                                                                      Jordan Miko
                                                                         Engl 225
                                                                    Assignment #2
Federal Bureau of Investigations Director Louis J. Freeh—Apr. 19th 1995—9:30a.m.

                   Re.- agents investigating the Murrah building case; OK City

       Do not appear insensitive while conducting field investigations at the site.

Remain quick, discrete and respectful. However, your first priority is to recover

classified documents from the wreckage. What cannot be removed from the site at the

current time should be stored or covered in a secluded section of the building. Do Not

offer any comment to the news media until we are able to contain the situation. As for

the rescue effort; help them, direct them, but make sure they do not wander anywhere

they shouldn‟t be, our national security could be at stake.

    President Bill Clinton—Commemoration Speech—Apr. 25th 1995—9:02a.m.

       Today is a day of mourning. Six days ago at 9:02 a.m., we suffered a great loss.

A great loss of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. This horrific incident has

been the largest domestic terrorist attack in the history of the United States. But do not

let these cowards think that they have succeeded, do not, for one second, let those sadistic

killers think that they have gotten the best of you.

       The city of Oklahoma will live on. We will rebuild the Murrah federal building in

memory of those who perished. We will rebuild our lives. Yes there will be a large void

in our hearts, but we shall heal.

       We shall prevail in bringing these mad men to justice. We will make them pay

for their crimes. It is important for us as a community to live on in their memory. We

must stand strong during these trying times, we must show all terrorists, domestic or

foreign, that we will not be swayed. To all of the brave men and women of the rescue,

                                                                            Jordan Miko
                                                                               Engl 225
                                                                          Assignment #2
fire and police departments, we all owe you a debt of gratitude. Those who have risked

their lives in the face of danger, we salute. A special „thank you‟ goes out to nurse

Rebecca Anderson, being the only casualty of the rescue effort. Now, will everybody

please join me in a moment of silence to commemorate those fallen and injured in the

disaster. Please, bow your heads.

         Reporter Jamie Lewis--Final Interview with Timothy McVeigh--June 10th

                                      2001—7:00 p.m.

Lewis – Mr. McVeigh, what was going through your head after the bomb went off, did

you have any regrets?

McVeigh – Shoulda brought a bigger bomb.

Lewis – Excuse Me??!

McVeigh – I only took out half the building. In my training, a mission half-complete, is

not a mission accomplished.

Lewis – What about all those injured and killed in the blast?

McVeigh – What about them? I know what they felt, I have no sympathy for them. They

were pawns in a giant wake up call.

Lewis – Even the children you killed?

McVeigh – No, they weren‟t supposed to be there, if I‟d known that, I would have

scouted other locations.

Lewis – So you do have a regret, the innocent youth?

McVeigh – I never said that. They completely undermined my message. In the army

they would be regarded as collateral damage.

                                                                            Jordan Miko
                                                                                Engl 225
                                                                         Assignment #2
Lewis – Tim, if I may, do you have any parting messages to the victims families before

your state-assisted execution in less than twelve hours?

McVeigh – You mean state-assisted suicide, and no I do not. I know what they felt, and I

know what they all think. For all of the true soldiers of freedom, think not of me as a

killer or martyr, but as a patriot.

                                      -Reporter‟s Note –

 Timothy James McVeigh was pronounced legally dead at 7:14 a.m. on June 11th, 2001.

 He offered no parting comments prior to his execution. As for his co-conspirator, Terry

 Nichols is currently being prosecuted by the federal government for 162 counts of first

   degree murder, including one unborn fetus, arson, and conspiracy for his role in the

                        Oklahoma City bombing of April 19th, 1995.

                                                                               Jordan Miko
                                                                                  Engl 225
                                                                             Assignment #2

       I honestly had no compelling reason to choose the topic I did. After listing all

possible options, the Oklahoma City Murrah federal building bombing of 1995 proved to

have the strongest background for me to write on. Being nearly a decade ago, I did not

know much other than Terry Nichols, Timothy McVeigh, and a building in Oklahoma

blowing up. However, after extensive research, there were more angles on the story than

I had ever imagined. I read everything from Osama Bin Laden having a hand in it to the

United States military themselves bombing it to scare counter-terrorism funds out of

congress. But when all were considered, the one I told appeared to be the most


       It was very challenging for me to write in the style of a sadistic killer, then switch

to a mortified survivor, and then to a mono-tone memo. Overall, I am very glad I choose

the Murrah building bombing as my topic; I could not believe how many different

conspiracy versions I found on the internet. In the future, I wouldn‟t mind writing a

larger investigative paper, so that I could encompass more of the mystery.

                                                                           Jordan Miko
                                                                              Engl 225
                                                                         Assignment #2

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