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					                            ENGL250 Intermediate Research & Writing
                         Business Letter Assignment – DUE MARCH 2, 2011
                                            Winter 2011

Instructor: Ms. Jenna Grubbs

Project Description
       This letter should be 1-2 pages long (a full, one page minimum), typewritten in Times New
        Roman, 12 point font with 1 inch margins on all sides.
       The letter must include correct business letter formatting, as discussed in class, and must
        include a direct opening, a body, and a conclusion.
       This letter is to be a persuasive claim letter written from the perspective of a disgruntled
        consumer. You are to write a letter to a company illustrating the company’s failure to meet
        your expectations and requesting some sort of action or compensation. The letter can be based
        on ONE of the following scenarios:
            o   You may write a claim letter to a real-life company based on an actual purchase that you
                made or service that you received, indicating why the purchase or experience failed to
                meet your expectations and what you would like as compensation; OR
            o   You may write a letter based on the following scenario. Feel free to add any details
                (names, dates, etc.) that you feel necessary to fulfill the assignment of an adequately
                specific claim letter:
                You are the regional manager for an electronics manufacturer. You and two other
                employees recently attended a conference in Nashville. You all stayed at the Country
                Inn because your company recommends that all employees use this hotel chain.
                Normally the employees have liked the accommodations and the room rates have been

                When your department’s administrative assistant made the reservations, she was
                assured that you would receive a discounted rate that included a hot breakfast in the
                hotel restaurant. On the morning of your stay at Country Inn, you and your fellow
                employees took advantage of the hot breakfast.

                When you receive the bill from Country Inn, it contained the following charges:
                        Room Rate: $189 per night (the discounted rate you were promised was $129
                per night)
                        Three champagne buffet breakfasts: $114 each (you and your colleagues did not
                have champagne buffet breakfasts)
                        Three hot breakfasts: $35 each (was supposed to be included with your room)

                Write a claim request, asking for specific compensation, in the form of a letter
                addressed to Customer Service, Country Inn, Inc., 428 Church Street, Nashville, TN
                              ENGL250  Intermediate Research & Writing 

Outcomes Assessed
The following course outcomes will be evaluated through this assessment:
   1. Analyze situations, audiences, and desired goals to determine the written format appropriate to
      the purpose of the message.
   2. Produce clear and concise computer-generated letters, memos, reports, and proposals.
   3. Create written communications that promote positive interpersonal, intercultural,
      organizational, and/or international relations.
   6. Produce various documents that demonstrate a student’s intermediate skills in accessing,
      analyzing, and synthesizing research per the ACRL standards.

                                     Ms. Grubbs  Winter 2011 
                                                Page 2
                                                          ENGL250 Intermediate Research & Writing
                                                       Business Letter Assignment – DUE MARCH 2, 2011
                                                                          Winter 2011

      Instructor: Ms. Jenna Grubbs

                                                                    Total Possible Points: 100
                                                          Points Breakdown:      Content – 60 points
                                                                                 Organization/Paragraph Structure – 20 points
                                                                                 Grammar/Language/Mechanics – 20 points

                           A                                       B                                     C                                     F
                      54-60 points                           48-53 points                          42-47 points                      Less than 42 points

          The letter properly employs all         The letter employs some, but not      The letter is not properly            The letter is not properly
          persuasive techniques discussed         all, of the persuasive techniques     formatted. Few of the                 formatted and is incomplete,
          in class (ethos, pathos, logos, etc.)   discussed in class. The letter        persuasive techniques discussed       missing multiple sections. None
          and is written in the correct           provides a brief summary of           in class were used. The letter        of the persuasive techniques
          business letter format. The letter      expectations and failures, but only   merely lists expectations and         discussed in class were used. No
          lays out the author’s expectation,      somewhat explains the details         failures but does little to explain   explanation of expectations and

          the addressee’s failure to meet         associated with those                 those expectations/failures. The      failures is given. Letter is missing
          those expectations, and the             expectations/failures. The letter’s   opening is indirect, the body is      the opening, body, and/or
          requested action. The letter            format contains some, but not all,    not straightforward, and the          conclusion and the included
          includes a direct opening, a            of the proper sections. The           conclusion does not specifically      sections do not accomplish their
          straightforward body that               opening, body, and/or conclusion      request an action by a due date.      specified goal.
          thoroughly explains the claim, and      does not accomplish its specified
          a conclusion that specifically          goal.
          requests an action by a due date.

          Points Earned:                          Comments:
                                                                                  ENGL250  Intermediate Research & Writing 

                                                    A                                    B                                       C                               F
                                              18-20 points                         16-17 points                          14-15 points                   Less than 14 points

                                   The paper is fluent and              Paper has a clearly recognizable      Paper may have an opening,         Paper has no clear organizational
                                   understandable. The pattern of       opening, body, and conclusion.        body, and conclusion, but does     pattern or purpose and multiple
Organization/Paragraph Structure

                                   organization is appropriate to the   Paper uses an organization            not follow a logical               tangential ideas are present.
                                   assignment. The opening              pattern appropriate to the            organizational pattern. Topic      Paper is missing significant
                                   effectively establishes the          assignment. A purpose is present      sentences, supporting details,     number of the following reader
                                   purpose. Paragraphs are              near the beginning of the paper.      transitions, and conclusions are   aids: topic sentences, supporting
                                   controlled by topic sentences,       Topic sentences are used in most,     rarely used. Purpose is            details, transitions, and/or
                                   incorporate transitions, integrate   but not necessarily all paragraphs.   incomplete and/or difficult to     paragraph conclusions.
                                   supporting details that enhance      Transitions are used in some but      find.
                                   the purpose, and contain             not all paragraphs. Conclusion
                                   conclusions that address the         simply restates purpose, but does
                                   significance of the paragraph to     not establish goodwill/ethos and
                                   the claim. Letter’s conclusion       does not specifically request an
                                   establishes goodwill and ethos.      action.

                                   Points Earned:                       Comments:

                                                                                          Ms. Grubbs  Winter 2011 
                                                                                                    Page 2
                                                                             ENGL250  Intermediate Research & Writing 

                                              A                                     B                                       C                               F
                                        18-20 points                          16-17 points                          14-15 points                   Less than 14 points

                             The assignment is well written        Paper is generally well written       Paper requires more                 Paper barely meets minimum
                             according to the rules of Standard    according to rules of Standard        development in order to conform     standards according to rules of

                             English and effectively               English and communicates the          with rules of Standard English in   Standard English. There are
                             communicate the writer’s              writer’s purpose. There are a few     order to better communicate the     frequent errors in spelling and
                             purpose. Paper is error free in       errors in spelling/grammar, but       writer’s purpose. There are         grammar. Sentences are rarely
                             terms of spelling and punctuation,    they do not significantly distract    many errors in spelling/grammar     complete and often are found in
                             as well as grammar as it relates to   from the reader’s understanding       that interfere with the reader’s    fragments.
                             subject/verb agreement.               of the writer’s intention. There is   ability to comprehend writer’s
                             Sentence structure is varied and      evidence of appropriate sentence      message. Transitional sentences
                             effectively creates meaning.          construction to connect               are generally absent and
                                                                   paragraphs and create meaning         sentence structure is often
                                                                   but sentence structure is not         incomplete.
                                                                   significantly varied.

                             Points Earned:                        Comments:

                                                                                     Ms. Grubbs  Winter 2011 
                                                                                                Page 3

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