Mrs. Fisher's Meet the Teacher Night by wulinqing


									Mrs. Fisher‟s Meet the
   Teacher Night
     Mrs. Fisher‟s Background
• This will be my twelfth year teaching, and my
  third year to teach fourth grade at Bradfield
  Elementary. I have a BA in History and
  Elementary Education from TCU, and a Masters
  in Special Education and Reading from Texas
  State University. I am certified in self- contained
  elementary 1-8, history 1-8, special education
  pk-12, Master Reading Teacher k-12, and
  English as a Second Language.
     Mrs. Fisher‟s Family

• I have been married for
  nine years, I have a
  beautiful six year old
         Contact information
• Please feel free to contact me at anytime.
  Communication is an important aspect of
  education. I am here for each and every
  one of my students.
• Mrs. Fisher‟s email
• Cell phone number 214-566-3170
• Our reading curriculum focuses on key reading skills.
  These reading skills include comprehension, fluency,
  and word analysis.
• We implement these skills through guided reading, direct
  instruction, novel studies, and comparing and contrasting
  literature and genres.
• Valuable reading strategies will be taught during the
  year. These strategies include paraphrasing text;
  producing summaries; more sophisticated analysis of
  characters, plot and setting.
                    Novel Sets

•   We will be reading the following novels this year.
•   1st 6 weeks: Summer of the Swans
•   2nd 6 weeks: Number of the Stars
•   3rd 6 weeks: Boy in the Alamo (social studies)
•   4th 6 weeks: A Paradise Called Texas
•   5th 6 weeks: Island of the Blue Dolphins
•   6th 6 weeks: Thank you, Jackie Robinson
•   Other novel sets will be read during guided
              Book Reports
• One book report will be assigned some of the six
  weeks on a different genre of literature.
• The students are reading a folktale for the first
  six weeks. This will be due Friday Sept. 26th.
• We will be working on time management.
• They will be completing a puppet show book
• A copy of the rubric is attached.
                   Book Report Project

                Genre: Folktales/ Folklore

This month’s book report project is on folktales and
folklore. Folklore includes tales, beliefs, customs, and
other traditions of a people handed down from
generation to generation. Folktales are stories that are a
part of the folklore of a people and often appear in
different versions. Please choose a folktale or folklore
book during your time in the library. If you need help, the
librarian will help you identify realistic fiction books.

When you have finished reading your book, you will need
to complete write a puppet show reenacting the tale. You
may make your puppets or purchase them. The assignment
focuses solely on the playwriting and your performance.
(A puppet show stage will be provided.) Your grade will be
assessed on accuracy of the tale, creativity in
playwriting, voice projection, expression, and staying in
character. Your Book Report due date is: Friday,
September 26th.

Thank you for all of your hard work. I am proud of
each and every one of you.

Mrs. Fisher
                  Writing/ Language
• We will be doing a lot of writing across the curriculum this year.
• We will be work on using correct grammar, capitalization,
  punctuation, and spelling in writing.
• We will also work in effective writing skills such as: inviting
  beginnings, strong endings, word choice, consistent verb tense,
  focus, idea development, and developing the use of voice in written
• Voice is the „writer‟s fingerprint‟ on the piece of writing. It makes the
  writing unique.
• One of the best ways to become a good writer is to hear good
  writing. Therefore, in teaching writing I read a lot of rich literature to
  my students that demonstrate excellent writing strategies.
• Fourth grade math focuses on building a foundation for
  number operations, relationships, algebraic thinking,
  geometry and spatial relationships, patterns,
  measurement, probability and statistics, and quantitative
• Our emphasis will be on problem solving.
• A variety of instructional methods will be used to build
  this foundation including, digital activities and games,
  hands on activities, and tasks from everyday situation.
• Our first unit is numeration, which includes place value,
  comparing and ordering numbers, and decimals.
• Students will go to science lab every Monday for an
  hour. Experiments and activities are conducted to
  enhance our classroom study.
• In addition, we will also perform experiments and hands
  on activities in the classroom.
• This year in science we will study plants, animals,
  matter, water, ecology, rocks and minerals, volcanoes
  and earthquakes, and weather.
• There is an emphasis on classification and the use of
  higher level thinking skills to draw conclusions for
  inquiries made.
•   This year your students spelling words will be a combination of a common spelling
    pattern, and misspelled words from their own writing.
•   Our emphasis is that correct spelling is form of written communication.
•   The list consists of 6 self selected words from a common spelling pattern, and 6
    words found in their writing.
•   Spelling words will come home each Wednesday, and the tests will be the following
•   Spelling homework will be a part of each weeknight‟s homework routine.
•   Each week, the homework will be the same, and will allow many opportunities to
    practice the week‟s words. If a student chooses to work ahead and do two nights‟
    homework at one time that is perfectly fine. However, (s)he needs to turn it in on the
    day it is due.
•   Monday-study for test, Tuesday- spelling sentences, Wednesday- stair step,
    Thursday- word link
• All spelling assignments, except for word
  link, will be preformed in cursive.
• Cursive handwriting will also be assessed
  on weekly spelling tests.
• The following rubric will be used to assess
  the students‟ cursive handwriting.

                                 Cursive writing rubric

Skill         4                  3                    2                  1
On the line   All the letters    No more than         No more than       Many letters
              are on the line    two letters are      four letters are   are over or
                                 over or under        over or under      under the line
                                 the line             the line.
Form          All the letters    Less than two        No more than       Letters are not
              are formed         of the letters are   four of the        correctly
              correctly.         incorrectly          letters are        formed in most
                                 formed.              incorrectly        words.
Spacing       Even spacing       No more than         No more than       Uneven spacing
              between letters.   two examples         four examples      between most
                                 of uneven            of uneven          letters.
                                 spacing              spacing.
                                 between letters
             Social Studies
• This year will consist of an in depth study
  of the history, culture, government, and
  geography of Texas
             Homework Policy
• Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday.
• In addition, there will sometimes be special projects.
• Homework is due at 8:15 the following day.
• If homework is not turned in on time, your child may
  need to finish it during recess.
• In special circumstances, please send a note with your
                     Graded Papers
•   Graded papers will be sent home each week in the Friday Folders.
•   These papers do not need to be returned to school unless there is a paper
    with a grade less than 70%. In that case, it should be signed by a parent,
    corrected by the parent, and returned to school on Monday.
•   I will regrade the paper to verify that the concept is now understood, and
    adjust the grade to a 75%.
•   This policy does not apply to tests.
•   Written assignments such as narratives will be graded on the same scale as
    TAKS writing. In this case, a score of “4” is the highest possible score, and
    a score of “0” is the lowest possible score.
•   A grade correlation is given in this packet.
•   Correcting papers can make a positive difference in the final grade at the
    end of the six weeks.
 Assignment Notebook and Binder
• Students have been given an assignment
  notebook/planner as part of their supplies.
• I assign homework on Monday for the entire
• Parents should sign each Monday- Thursday
• Homework should be kept in the appropriate
  section of the students‟ binders.
• Students may begin homework during STAR
M                                                               Initials


    Reading: The Hundred Dresses chapter 3
T   Reading Check:How did the hundred dress game begin?
U   Math: exapnded form- Practice 1-2
E   Spelling- study for your test

    Reading:The Hundred Dresses chapter 5
W   Reading Check: Why was Wanda absent?
E   Math: Page 11 in Math book. Cover your math book.
D   Spelling: Stair Step

T   Reading:20 minutes free choice
H   Math: Place Value study guide first 10 problems.
U   Spelling: word link

S   Meet the Teacher night at school 6:45-7:15

F   Spelling Test is next Tuesday- No homework over the
R   weekend.



      Bradfield Friday Folders
• Every Friday your child receives graded papers
  for the week plus notes and reminders from the
  office and PTA. There is also a parent/ teacher
  communication card in the folder.
• This is how I will let you know how your child
  behaved socially and academically during the
• Please sign the appropriate box and return the
  folder on school on Monday.
Respect Behavior Plan and Scholar
• Students are rewarded for following the RESPECT rules,
  which are basic good manners.
• They are “employees” who have certain job
• Students are paid $5 scholar dollars each Friday for
  fulfilling their job duties.
• Additional scholar dollars will be given for excellent
• If a rule is broken, and warnings have been given, a
  student will have their behavior card will be signed and
  owe $1 scholar dollar for each incident.
             Scholar Dollar Sales
• Scholar Dollar sales are held 4 times during the year.
• There will be one in October, December, March, May.
• Prizes will be rewarded during the sales. The following are some of
  the prizes available during the sales; classroom passes, toys, food,
• Parents are asked to send in small items for the store: small toys,
  stuffed animals, books, games, puzzles, food, sports equipment, etc.
• I have even had old stereos, computers, and video game systems
  donated. If I get any big items, they will be saved for the last store.
• This model is not only a strong motivator for students, but it also is
  closely connected to our curriculum of money, economics,
  citizenship, and leadership.
           Citizenship card
• The grades of E, S, N, or U that appear on
  the six weeks report card are determined
  per category in the following way.
• 0-2 signs on the citizenship card = E
• 3-5 signs = S
• 6-8 = N
• More than 8 =U

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