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									What is Web 2.0?

 And why should you care?
Web 2.0 is…

   Web 2.0 is the era when people have come to realize that
    it's not the software that enables the web that matters so
    much as the services that are delivered over the web.
Web 2.0 is…

   Embracing the power of the web to harness collective

     Blogsphere
     Wikipedia

     Folksonomy
Web 2.0 is…

       The “Blogsphere” – mental chatter of the collective

       Wikipedia  – the concept that large groups of people are
       smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant—
       better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming
       to wise decisions, even predicting the future.
Web 2.0 embraces …
   “Folksonomy"
    a style of collaborative categorization of sites using freely
    chosen keywords, often referred to as tags. Tagging allows for
    the kind of multiple, overlapping associations that the brain
    itself uses, rather than rigid categories.

    For example, a Flickr photo of a puppy might be tagged both
    "puppy" and "cute"--allowing for retrieval based on user
What Does it Mean To You?

  As teachers we need to teach our students
  skills and social ethics to contribute
  collaboratively online and stay SAFE.
What Does it Mean To You?

   1. We are living in the era of Web 2.0, where people
    collaborate more online, and create and annotate more media
    than ever before.

   2. Internet startup companies are using the wisdom of crowds
    and user-generated content in order to get the attention of
    bigger players such as Yahoo and Google, who might
    eventually buy them out.
Who is Web 2.0?

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