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									        Vida Independiente
   Latino Services Collaborative

                       In collaboration with the

Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research
                   University of Illinois at Chicago
            Rehabilitation Counselor Education Program
                   Northeastern Illinois University
              Illinois Department of Human Services
                 Division of Rehabilitation Services
 To achieve independent living
 and full participation of Latinos with
 disabilities in their communities



              Vida Independiente
            Latino Services Collaborative
          Division of Rehabilitation Services
       Illinois Department of Human Services
• Collaboration of 9 agencies serving the Latino community in Illinois
• Working to achieve independent living and full participation of
  Latinos with disabilities in their communities

          For more information please contact:
          Francisco Alvarado
          Phone: 312-793-4306
El Valor
Equip for Equality
La Voz Latina
     Hispanic Outreach Rehabilitation Program (HORP)
Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Program
Northeastern Illinois University’s
     Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling Program
Progress Center Home Services Program
Progress Center South
     Vida Independiente Radio Program
Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
Center for Capacity Building
     on Minorities with Disabilities Research, UIC
Migrant and Seasonal
Farm Workers Program

La Voz Latina

    Progress Center Vida                 CALOR
    Independiente Radio Program

                                                        Equip for Equality

                                                        El Valor
     IDHS, DRS Vida Independiente Latino Services Collaborative, Strategic Plan

  Vision: To achieve independent living and full participation of Latinos with disabilities in their communities.

 Agency            DRS/ HORP La Voz Latina
 Partners                DRS/ Progress Center South Radio Program Vida Independiente
 Goals/                        DRS/ Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Program
Objectives                           DRS/ CALOR
Activities                                DRS/ Progress Center Home Services Program
                                                DRS/ NEIU Rehabilitation Counseling Program
 Outputs                                              DRS/ Equip for Equality
Outcomes                                                 DRS/ El Valor
                                                                      Schwab Center South
                                                                 DRS/ ProgressRehabilitation Hospital

  DRS              1.     Increase Latinos with disabilities’ access to needed services.
Outcomes           2.     Improve the quality of linguistically and culturally appropriate
                          services available to Latinos with disabilities in Illinois.
                   3.     Increase the capacity of the State of Illinois through
                          collaboration to provide culturally and linguistically
                          appropriate services to Latinos with disabilities.
                   4.     Improve the cultural competence of DRS staff and
                          community partners providing services.
Celebration of the
Vida Independiente Latino Services Collaborative
Northeastern Illinois University
Masters Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling
     A federally approved Hispanic Serving Institution
        The most diverse university in the Midwest
    CORE-Accredited Rehabilitation Counseling Program
To recruit, train, retain, place and provide the
Latino community with qualified (CRC-eligible),
bilingual/bicultural professional rehabilitation
counselors trained in the current best practices
of rehabilitation services with the goal of
assisting people with disabilities reach their
maximum functioning and quality of life in their
environment of choice, including work.

• 3 “I’s” : independence, integration, &
• Dignity & worth of all people
• Equality & empowerment
• Holistic nature of human function (groups,
  systems, & communities)
• Focus on assets
• Mutually planned integrated,
  comprehensive services

 Master of Arts Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling
    • A 48-semester hour program
    • Easily accessible for persons with disability and to
       Chicagoland residents (near CTA, El, I-90 and I-94)
    • Full-time or part-time studies possible
    • Funded by the Dept. of Education under the Rehabilitation
       Service Administration Capacity Building Project
         • Long Term Training Grant – Provides scholarships to
           master’s degree students who commit to serving
           persons with disability within the State-Federal
           vocational rehabilitation system (i.e. Illinois DRS)
         • Capacity Building Grant – Provides outreach and
           recruitment services to the Latino/a community
Contact Information
• Address:      5500 N. St. Louis Ave
                Chicago, IL 60625
The physical location of the rehab counseling program is in
  the Classroom building, 4th Floor at 3601 W. Bryn Mawr
• Website: (Rehab Program)
       (Graduate College)
• Contact:      Dr. Ken Currier, Ph.D., CRC
                Program Coordinator
                María D. López-Cardona, M.Ed. (se hablo
                Project Specialist

The mission of CALOR, a division of Anixter Center, is to provide
holistic planning and coordination of health services to Latinos at
risk for or living with HIV/AIDS and/or other disabilities, to empower
them to live and work successfully in the community.

        una División del Centro Anixter
DRS Services
                     Employment Services

 To support Latinos who have disabilities to obtain and maintain
                     competitive employment.

                      Team Approach
          Individuals, their abilities and experience
              Locate and secure employment
          Support to assure successful employment

         una División del Centro Anixter
DRS Services
• Intake and Assessment
       • Goals, abilities, needs, sources of support
• Job Readiness
       • Resumes, mock interviews, applications, dress code, rules
         & regulations
• Support Services
       • Translation, job coaching, advocacy, accommodations
• Job Development/Placement
• Successful Placement – 90 days
• Follow up services
       • 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year

          una División del Centro Anixter
Additional Services
• Case Management
      • Ryan White Title I and DRS
• HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention
      • Young Latino MSM, Latino MSM, Latino MSM PWA,
        and Young Latinos
      • Testing, support groups, outreach, prevention case
• Psychosocial Services
      • Support groups, non-clinical counseling
• Housing Services
      • 17-unit facility for single individuals and families

          una División del Centro Anixter
Contact Information
• Address:      5038 W. Armitage
                Chicago, IL 60639
•   Phone:      773-385-9080
•   TTY/TTD:    773-235-4039
•   Email:
•   Website:

          una División del Centro Anixter
El Valor

 El Valor’s mission is to support and challenge urban families to
 achieve excellence and participate fully in community life. Our
 programs exist to enrich and empower people with disabilities, the
 disenfranchised and the underserved.
DRS Services
• Intake –to develop an individualized service plan
• Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation –to assess vocational
  interests, work tolerance, personal and social characteristics
• Developmental Training –to promote independence in daily
  living and economic self-sufficiency
• Vocational Development –to strengthen vocational, social, and
  emotional skills by engaging in real work activities paid at a
  commensurate rate at El Valor facilities
• Supported Employment –to secure and maintain individuals in
  competitive jobs in an integrated work site
• Competitive Employment –to secure and maintain competitive
Additional Services
• Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) program –to provide case
  management services
• Residential Services –to become independent members of
  their community
• Leisure/Recreation –to develop self-confidence,
  independence, leadership and community participation among
  adults with disabilities
• Family Support/Respite Care –to provide respite, education,
  and counseling for families who have a member with a disability.
    Contact Information
• Address:      1850 W. 21st Street
                Chicago, IL 60608
•    Phone:     312-666-4511
•    TTY/TTD:   312-666-3361
•    Email:
•    Website:
•    Contact:   Gloria Curtin, Vice President/Director
Equip for Equality

The mission of Equip for Equality is to advance the human and civil
rights of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities in
Illinois. It is the only statewide, cross-disability, comprehensive
advocacy organization providing self-advocacy assistance, legal
services, and disability rights education while also engaging in public
policy and legislative advocacy and conducting abuse investigations
and other oversight activities.
DRS Services
Latinos with Disabilities Advocacy Project

Provides access to legal services for special education issues
to the Hispanic/ Latino community of Chicago and outlying areas
       o Direct face-to-face legal assistance to Hispanic/Latino
          families with children with disabilities, in their
          community, by a bilingual attorney
       o Training on special education issues for the parents of
          children with disabilities
Additional Services
•The Legal Advocacy Program - Provides free, individual self-
advocacy and legal services for people with disabilities and their
family members.

•The Public Policy Program - Pursues public policy research
and advocacy through active involvement in the state's
legislative and executive policy-making processes.

•The Abuse Investigation Unit - Investigates and monitors
public and private facilities and programs to uncover dangerous
conditions and practices affecting people with disabilities. The
Unit also issues alerts and recommendations to prevent future

•The Special Education Clinic/Helpline - Provides a helpline,
individual self-advocacy, training and legal representation for
people with disabilities and their families in securing an
appropriate education and related services.
Contact Information
• Address:     20 N Michigan Ave. Suite 300
               Chicago, IL 60602
•   Phone:     800-537-2632
•   TTY/TTD:   800-610-2779
•   Email:
•   Website:
La Voz Latina
Hispanic Outreach Rehabilitation Program

HORP is an outreach program dedicated to creating a network of
services for Latinos with disabilities and their families. Community
Resource Specialists indentify and refer Latinos with disabilities to the
Division of Rehabilitation Services and/or other community agencies
for services depending on customer needs and eligibility.
DRS Services
Outreach Sites
    • Waukegan
    • Joliet
    • Rockford
    • Chicago
    • Melrose Park
DRS Services
• HORP staff go where the people are to promote and create
  awareness about DHS services for persons with disabilities and
  their families
   • Community Events
   • Back to School/Health Fairs
   • Citizenship Workshops

• HORP staff help persons with disabilities make informed
  choices about
   • Educational/Career Options
   • Financial Assistance
   • Independent Living
DRS Services
• HORP staff advocate for accessible services for Latinos with
  disabilities in partnership with organizations and institutions
   • Educational and Training
   • Health and Housing
   • Public Libraries and Media
   • Faith Based and Ethnic Associations

• HORP staff build capacity at the community level by
   • Organizing local providers’ fairs
   • Conducting workshops for parents
   • Identifying resources for immigrants
   • Identifying gaps in services
   • Encouraging consumer participation
Contact Information
• Address:   412 Market Street,
             Rockford, IL 61107
• Phone:     815-965-5784
• Email:
• Website:
       Migrant and Seasonal Farm
           Workers Program
The Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Program in Illinois is
aimed at conducting outreach to raise awareness among migrant
and seasonal farm workers and their employers about the
availability of rehabilitation services in Illinois. In addition, the
program provides services to help workers maintain employment
and access educational and vocational services.

                  For more information, contact:
                  Marco Lenis, Executive Director
                  Phone: 815-494-2355
Progress Center for
Independent Living (PCIL)

As a part of the disability rights movement, Progress Center’s
mission is to build a society in which people with disabilities shall
have the same freedoms, rights, and civil liberties as everyone else.
Progress Center for Independent Living is a:
 non-profit
 non-residential
 consumer controlled
disability rights organization
serving suburban Cook County, Illinois

Progress Center for Independent Living directly assists
  individuals with all types of disabilities and a wide range of
  accommodation needs to achieve their self-determined

Employment Goals
• Searching for a job
• Writing a resume
• Practicing job interview skills

Housing Goals
• Finding affordable, accessible housing
• Helping acquire home modifications
• Leaving a nursing home and returning to the community
Daily Living Goals
• Obtaining in-home assistance
• Finding a more affordable prescription drug plan
• Accessing state and federal benefit programs
• Using public transportation

Communication Goals
• Acquiring an amplified phone for people who are
• Learning how to use TTY or Video Relay Service
Progress Center also engages in social justice advocacy for the
rights of people with disabilities on the local, state and national
         Progress Center
Vida Independiente Radio Program
Radio Vida Independiente is the first and only radio program of its
kind in the United States, transmitted from Chicago every Saturday
from 9am to 12pm through La Nueva 950AM WNTD. Radio Vida
Independiente was developed to educate society about Disability
Culture. During the show information is presented about resources
and activities available in our community and around the world for
people with disabilities and their families.
Contact Information
Progress CIL                  Progress South
Address:                      Address:
7521 Madison St.              12940 S. Western Ave. 3rd floor
Forest Park, IL 60130         Blue Island, IL 60406
Phone: 708-209-1500           Phone: 708-388-5011
TTY:    708-209-1826          TTY:     708-389-8250


Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital

To improve the health, functioning, and well being of
persons with disabilities by offering effective and efficient
rehabilitation services.
Extended Services
• “Life Doesn’t Stop for a Disability.”
• Takes Schwab’s mission “beyond the hospital doors”
• Centro de Vida Independiente –to connect Schwab’s
  Spanish-speaking patients with appropriate community
  programs & services
• Critical Pathways to Education –to assist participants in
  achieving basic life skills, attaining basic literacy, completing
  a high-school education or its equivalent, determining their
  career interest, or preparing for college enrollment and to
  provide case management to help participants overcome the
  obstacles between themselves and their educational &
  vocational goals
• Community Technology Center –to provide free classes and
  open lab time for people with disabilities
• Disability Resource Center –to serve as a clearinghouse for
  information for people with disabilities, including information on
  such issues as accessible housing, transportation, educational,
  employment, and recreational opportunities as well as offer
  information, referrals & informal mentoring
• In My Shoes –to help youth gain a firsthand look at life with an
  injury due to intentional violence by providing a violence
  prevention intervention led by former patients who have
  sustained violent injuries as victims or perpetrators of street
• Making Tracks to Transitions –to provide culturally competent,
  family-centered care, aimed at providing assistance through the
  transition to adulthood, focusing on 3 areas: Medical,
  Psychosocial development, & Independent Living
• Peer Mentoring –to meet the needs of patients with new spinal
  cord injuries (SCI) by training and employing past patients with
  SCI to serve as peer-mentors. Also opened to individuals with
  Brain Injuries in 2008
• Deaf Access Program –to improve access to quality health
  care and preventative health education for people who are
  Deaf by serving as a center of excellence and research on
  Deaf health care and by providing the first public video-phone
  booth in the U.S.
• Community Connections for Refugees with Disabilities –to
  serve as a link between rehabilitation professionals, disability
  organizations, and refugee services in conjunction with Sinai’s
  Touhy Clinic, provides social services to refugees with
Contact Information
• Address:     1401 S. California Blvd.
               Chicago, IL 60608
•   Phone:     773-522-2010, Ext. 6421
•   TTY/TDD:   773-522-2032
•   Email:
•   Website:
                               Contact Information
               ADDRESS                 PHONE           TTY/TDD        EMAIL                            WEBSITE

CALOR          3220 W. Armitage        773-235-3161    773-235-4039   
               Chicago, IL 60647
EL VALOR       1850 W. 21st Street     312-666-4511    312-666-3361       
               Chicago, IL 60608
EQUIP FOR      20 North Michigan       800-537-2632    800-610-2779
EQUALITY       Suite 300
               Chicago, IL 60602
LA VOZ         412 Market Street       815-965-5784                                          
LATINA         Rockford, IL 61107
MIGRANT                                815-494-2355         
Northeastern   5500 N. St. Louis       773-583-4050              
Illinois       Chicago, IL 60625                            

PCIL           7521 Madison            708-209-1500    708-209-1826   
               Forest Park, IL 60130

SCHWAB         1401 S. California      773-522-2010,   773-522-2032
               Chicago, IL 60608       Ext. 6421                                                       n
Northeastern Illinois University
Department of Counselor Education:
Rehabilitation Counseling Program

The NEIU Rehabilitation Counseling program is committed to
improving the lives of persons with disabilities by providing qualified
(CRC-eligible), professional rehabilitation counselors trained in the
current best practices of rehabilitation services to work in public and
private agencies serving a diverse state and nation.

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