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									76                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                                   1

            Sin IS No MERE Trifle
   ...In the beginning God created                 ...Now they would die, just as God
        heaven and earth.                       had truly said, “thou shalt surely die”.
   ...He created man and woman to               Yes, we will all die now too, because of
communicate and live with him.                  that first human sin against God, which                             Editor: W. B. Howard ... Despatch & “Beauty for Ashes”
“And the Lord God formed man of the             brought sin and death into the world.                             Director: W. B. Howard ... Endtime Ministries Assoc. (Aust.)
dust of the ground and breathed into            Do you understand how great is this                          Publications: W. K. Beuster ... DTP; DVD Movies; PPT Movies
his nostrils the breath of life and man         matter?Do you see that sin is no mere
became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7              trifle? Oh, wretched man that I am!
                                                Who shall deliver me from the body                 “..Stand fast in the Lord..” Phil. 4:1                  Vol. 18 No.4.         Dec., 2006
   ...God created a garden with food
for Adam and Eve and gave them an               of this death?
instruction not to eat of one tree in the          God will and Jesus Christ did.
garden, for, he said, in the day they did          ...Nearly 2000 years ago Jesus Christ,
eat of it, they would surely die.               the Son of God, took all our sins upon
                                                himself and suffered death on a cross                    December 2006.
   ...The first disobedience is described
                                                outside Jerusalem.
                                                                                                                                                                 W. B. Howard.
graphically in the book of Genesis in the
Bible. Eve was tempted to believe the              ...He who knew no sin, died in our                 “Look unto me, and be ye saved,              dren of the King, and He will make
lies of the devil.                              place. The blood Jesus shed made full                 all the ends of the earth: for I am          His enemies His footstool! That truth
First the devil, disguised in one of God’s      payment for all sin.                                  God, and there is none else.                 is mentioned six times in the Scrip-
creatures, set Eve up by misquoting the            ...Through Jesus there is forgiveness
                                                                                                      I have sworn by myself, the word             tures, it must be of significance
command God had given to them. Then             of sin and everlasting life.
                                                                                                      is gone out of my mouth in right-               (Psalm 110:1; Mat. 22:44; Mark 12:36;
he cunningly whisked away the death                ...Deliverance is through faith in
                                                Jesus Christ and repentance towards                   eousness, and shall not return,                    Luke 20:43; Heb. 1:13; 10:13).
penalty for disobedience with his lie,
                                                God. What ought we to do?                             That unto me every knee shall                          In the meantime, we have
“Ye shall not surely die”.
                                                To confess and be trulysorry for our sin;             bow, every tongue shall swear.”              the glorious privilege of being God’s
   ...The devil’s strategy is still the same
today. He begins to plant doubt and             To come to God through Christ for the                                              Isaiah          witnesses on this evil earth, and
false teaching into our minds, just like        forgiveness of sin and to forsake it.              45:43.                                          suffering for Jesus, following Him in
he did to Eve in the Garden with the                 WHO SHOULD WE BELIEVE?                           “That at the name of Jesus every             His steps.
words Yea, Has God Said?                        “For God so loved the world, that                     knee should bow, of things in                          There is much to be con-
He subtly lures us into sin and disobedi-       he gave his only begotten Son, that                   heaven, and things in earth, and             cerned about as we end 2006.
ence against God’s commands wherein             whosoever believeth in him should                     things under the earth;                      Despatch will seek to present a few
lies the death penalty.                         not perish, but have everlasting life.”               And that every tongue should                 details, they are just scratching the
   ...That first transgression in the gar-                                    John 3:16               confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,           surface.
den led to Adam and Eve hiding from                ...Where is this great news told so we             to the glory of God the Father.”             Three DVDs have been set to us by
their creator and life giver.                   can find out more about God’s wonder-
                                                                                                                 Philippians 2:10, 11.             Joan Veon, the investigator and      au-
   ...That first sin against God’s instruc-     ful salvation through Jesus Christ?
                                                                                                                                                   thor, on the structure and overall con-
tion would result in their sorrow and              ...”Search the scriptures (the Bible)
                                                for in them ye think ye have eternal               Soon, very soon, every knee shall               trol of the United Nations and the
toil upon the earth until they would
                                                life and they are they, which testify of           bow to God Almighty and confess                 global government. These are filled
“return unto the ground; for out of it
                                                me.”        John 5:39                              that Christ Jesus is Lord. It will be all       with facts and documentary          evi-
were they taken: for dust thou art, and
unto dust shalt thou return” said God.                                                             over, take comfort in that          chil-       dence, enough         CONT’D. PAGE 4
                                                                              Courtesy - A. ryan
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74                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           3

             Christ in Every Book
         Christ is the theme of the
entire Revelation of God. He is prom-                                                      Volume 18. No 4. Dec., 2006                            Magazine
ised in Genesis, revealed in the Law,                                                                                                        INCLUDED THIS ISSUE
prefigured in its history, praised in
poetry, proclaimed in its prophecy,                                                                                                               ...Beauty for Ashes 9:3
provided in its Gospels, proved in its
Acts, preeminent in its Epistles and                                                      01...Editorial [Cont’d. p. 4]
prevailing in Revelation.                                                                       Also contains many snippets
         He is seen in every book of the                                                  07...Snippet~Fabian Socialism
Bible. Take a journey through the Halls                                                   08...Surveillance -Global State
of Holy Writ and in every one of them                                                     12...Water Facilities/Prisons                       STOP PRESS!
you will see Christ.                                                                      17... R. Warren member-Illuminati
                                                                                          20...Snippets~(i) EU takeover
GENESIS He is the Seed of the wom-                                                                            (ii) Nation-states
an;                                                                                       21... Crystal Meth Expose                       CHARLEMAGNE PRIZE!
EXODUS the Lamb for sinners slain;                                                        24...Bush -White House Bordello               It has been announced
LEVITICUS, our High Priest;                                                               29...R.Warren on Various Topics
NUMBERS the Star of Jacob                                                                 37...Eternal Security of Believer                 that Javier Solana
             and the Brazen Serpent;                                                      40...Snippet~ Can’t afford Elderly              has won it ... Europe
                                              JOB our Daysman and our Risen,
DEUTERONOMY the Prophet like                                                              41...Weather Control Technology
    unto Moses and the Great Rock;
                                                   returning Redeemer;
                                                                                          48...God’s Hydologic Cycle                      needs to speak with
                                              PSALMS the Son of God
JOSHUA                                                                                    50....Snippets~(i)Reward Cards                   one voice. I f they
                                                       and the Good Shepherd;
the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts;                                                          RFID
JUDGES the Messenger of Jehovah:
                                              PROVERBS our Wisdom;
                                                                                                   (ii) Magpies priceyBounty
                                                                                                                                         were to choose some-
                                              ECLESIASTIES the One above
RUTH our Kinsman-Redeemer                                                                                                                          one,
                                              the sun;                                    51...”Kids”-Spiritual Danger
       and the Faithful Bridegroom;
                                              SONG OF SOLOMON the great                   55 ...Snippets~(i)Super Apostles                   who might it be?
                                              Church lover, the one Altogether Love-               Expose (ii)Dementia Care
He is seen as the Great Judge;                                                                                                                (See NWO-Australia
                                              ly and Chiefest among ten thousand.                (iii) Identity of Antichrist??
2 SAMUEL as the Princely King;
                                              ISAIAH He is the suffering                  57...J. D. Christian - Comments
I KINGS David’s Choice;
                                                       and glorified Servant;             62...Snippets~(i) London Corp
2 KINGS as the Holiest of All:
                                              JEREMIAH the Lord our                       Takeover (ii) NZ Comments
1 CHRONICLES as King by birth;
                                              Righteousness;                              (iii)Alternatives to Father, Son & HS
2 CHRONICLES as King by Judg-
                                              LAMENTATIONS the Man of                     (iv) UK courts -Eu control (v) Aspar-        *NOTE ... Website address
                                              Sorrows;                                    tame - Killer (vi) Mary -Queen of All
EZRA He is seen as                                                                                                           
                                              EZEKIEL the glorious God;                   (vi)The Beast-Fabian
Lord of heaven and earth:                                                                                                              FREE ONLINE (donation appreciated)
                                              DANIEL the Smiting Stone
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4                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           73
                                                                                          There is mounting enthusiasm for my          So you can understand why I appreci-
                                                                                          visit, with some pastors and church          ate all the care and the facilities that
                                                                                          leaders travelling for up to 20 hours        I am blessed with to enable me for
                                                                                          to attend the teaching sessions at Ko-       preparation and recuperation for the
                             Continued...                                                 tagiri. Our Lord continues to bless the      28+ meetings over 15 days...
                                                                                          faithfulness of these fellow-members         Also, please pray for guidance whether
surely to make anyone who                      those we know, in our families and
                                                                                          of the body of Christ with many con-         to return to Burma (Myanmar) later
refuses to believe that we are now             non-Christian neighbours and so            verts accepting the salvation in Christ,     in 2007, for teaching at the Bible
under full global control, eat their           on, will not hear anything about the       despite the persecution that this deci-      Colleges there.
words – and choke on them!                     dangers we are facing. They seem           sion brings.                                           In His love and care,
Despatch has included some basic               to be deaf, dumb and blind. Really,        It is a joy to minister in teaching these          Don & Carolyn Galloway.
details this issue. Get those DVDs!            the status-quo, global wide, demands       church leaders, that they may go out                 * Don is in his mid-70s.
Share them around!                             believing everything the United            and further communicate the gospel           Phone (08) 94468260.
         Material on the global sur-           Nations and related organizations          and the biblical truths to those who         165 Ewen Street,
veillance horror is in this issue. So          put forth! This is what the general        hunger for the life that is in Christ,       Doubleview, WA,6018
awful is this, an attempt to monitor           populace now accepts:                      of which the writer of the Book of  
and report on everything that con-             • “Of course there is global               Hebrews, said -
cerns everyone on earth, that web-                  warming,“                                        “Who being the brightness of
sites have been set up by alarmed                                                         his (God’s) glory, and the express im-          OUR REPORT Oct., 2006
                                               • “of course there is climate change,”
people to try to expose and coun-              • “of course there is natural drought,”
                                                                                          age of his person, and upholding all              trip to Melbourne...
teract this Big Brother shadowing.                                                        things by the word of his power, when        We have run out of space here to explain
                                               • “the N.W.O. is NOT controlling us        he had by himself purged our sins, sat       all, but we will include a report with the
                                                          by WATER manipulation,”         down on the right hand of the Majesty        magazine in leaflet form if possible. Suf-
                                                          • “there is NO global gov-      on high.” Heb 1:3.                           fice to say here God was very gracious
                                                                                          It is with joy that in India the hearts of   to us all the way, with contacts, places
                                                                                          people are still open to the gospel. And     to stay by the road/C-parks & wonderful
                                                          • “we MUST accept inter-                                                     Christians & family for stop over-nights.
                                               national law or the earth will be          the opportunity to evangelise in both                                                                                                        We had the opportunity of taking meetings
                                                                                          the centres I will visit is a wonderful
         The website we accessed               destroyed by •war, •global warming         encouragement.
                                                                                                                                       in Pakenham & Berwick, Victoria. We met
                                                                                                                                       a Christian Cafe/church Pastor in Benalla
the information from has a list                and •nuclear weapons,”                     Also, as I get older, I appreciate the       - “ZOCALO Lounge”, David Blanchard.
of        hundreds of organizations,           • “the United Nations is a wonder          care I receive at the Childrens’ Home at
all      joining together to try to do                ful organization of good men        Madras and the small cottage at Kota-
something about the overwhelming               and          women,”                       giri. At this cottage, I wake at 5am - the
array of technologies being used in            • “all this talk of New World Order        boys from the near-by house bring me
surveillance action against us all. We            is conspiracy theory nonsense,”         coffee at 6am - and they bring hot wa-
will give the reader a run-down of                                                        ter for my bath at 6:30am. They carry
                                               • “the nations MUST stop being             this water uphill in buckets a distance
this heavy, shocking information. It
                                                  separated from each other and           of about the length of a football oval.
is almost unbelievable – this is about
                                                  become GLOBAL people,”                  And I am picked up by           vehicle at
despotic rule, wicked intentions and
it spells disaster for those who will          • “the micro-chip is an excellent          7:30 for breakfast before the meetings
not conform to the tyranny. Most of               identification tool,”                   start at 9am.

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72                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           5
Bible Study. Also a Buddhist girl was          write to about what happened in the        • etc, etc.                                            This is the kind of remark the
there as well. Our neighbour goes to           garden of Eden.                            They will believe every scam with-            Messianic Jews make! I have looked
Sydney on Tuesday and contacted the            This girl had ETERNITY tattoed on her      out question, it seems.                       into the number of times
local ... Korean Pastor for a Church           neck so that was a great talking point              The APOSTATE MOVE-                      ”Jesus,”             “Lord,”
address there in Sydney before she             This afternoon H... from the Indonesian    MENTS that align themselves to-                  “Son of God,”        “Saviour,”
travels back to Korea. We exchanged            Church is handing out tracts with me.      gether, “Christian” Zionism and the              “Lamb of God,”
addresses so can contact each other.           Great.                                     Messianic Jew Movement, are work-             and so on are mentioned – and these
          Last night God had a 26 year         Must go ,Glory to God in the highest                                                     words added together vastly out-
                                                                                          ing to have the following HERESY
old Muslim man ask me for directions.          and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.
                                                                                          accepted by the churches:                     number “Israel.”
When I offered a tract we began to talk        God is doing great things when people
and I walked with him to Mont Albert           respond.                                   “The nation of Israel, NOT                    Didn’t Dave Hunt think of that?
station and as we walked I witnessed                 God bless you ,love, Alison          Jesus Christ, is the focus and                • “Lord,” which takes in Christ
to him of Our God, the Lord Jesus                                                         centre of the entire Bible.”                  Who         is God is mentioned 6668
Christ. Finally it was revealed that the          UPDATE ON THE GALLOWAYS                          It was saddening to hear             times;
Koran does not tell him that Jesus is            from Western Australia previously        Dave Hunt when he was in Aus-                 • “Jesus,” is in the Bible 942 times; •
God, but PRAISE GOD he said he be-                   were in Burma (Myanmar)              tralia espousing this same lie – he           • “Saviour,” 37;
lieved that Jesus is God and we read                                                      affirmed strongly that Israel is the
in the Bible of our Lord’s conception
                                                                                                                                        • “Son of Man,” 270 times;
                                              Well! the year has certainly moved          main       subject of the whole Bible.        • “Son of God,” 182;
by the Holy Ghost. He believes that           .                                           He           presented figures about
                                              quickly. I have been asked for details
Jesus died for our sin, I told him Jesus
                                                                                          this, when he spoke at the Brethren
                                                                                                                                        • “Master,” is 145 times;
                                              of my overseas schedule so friends can
died for his sin. I told he should call on
                                              support me in prayer.                       Church at Rothwell, Queensland,               • “King of kings,” 35,
Jesus to come into his life and receive                                                                                                 NOT to mention many other words
                                              As I write, I have already booked my        saying that the word
his forgivenes and the gift of eternal                                                                                                  for Jesus Christ, and teachings about
                                              travel to India. I depart on Friday 2nd     “Israel” was mentioned 2,294 times
life. Then he said that if he became a                                                                                                  Him. And remember, the Bible
                                              February, 2007 on an early morning          “Christ” was only mentioned 522
Christian he would be persecuted in                                                                                                     prophets in the Old Testament did
                                              flight which allows me to arrive in         times.
Iran. I told him better to fear God who                                                                                                 not venerate and praise Israel and
                                              Madras the same day. The meetings
can put us in heaven or hell and we
                                              commence the next day and continue                                                                the Jews, they were called by
are not to be afraid, God looks after
                                              through to Sunday the 18th - I return                                                             God to castigate Israel and
us .I told him there is no other way for
                                              the next day.                                                                                     denounce this nation:
salvation or forgiveness.
                                              Sat 3rd February to Sunday 11th in
Hallelujah, the Chinese NT ‘s have ar-
                                              Madras at the Bethany Church, street                                                              “For unto us a child is born,
rived. And perfect timing. Last Friday
                                              meetings and village meetings.                                                                    unto us a son is given: and the
I met a Chinese lady called M... and her
                                              Monday 12th, I fly to Coimbatore for                                                              government shall be upon his
daughter A... who are not easy speak-
                                              meetings at Kotagiri from Monday                                                                   shoulder: and his name shall
ing English. I have promised to deliver
                                              through to Friday morning, when I                                                                   be called
this NT to them so I PRAISE GOD.
                                              return to Madras for a final series of                                                                  Wonderful,
          Also met the elderly 82 year
                                              week-end meetings.
old lady from Hungrary who has sur-                                                                                                                   Counsellor,
                                              I have been asked to also travel to the
vived such anguish by God’s grace                                                                                                                     The mighty God,
                                              city of Madurai for meetings, but have
who told me lots of interestly history                                                                                                                 The everlasting
                                              had to say ‘No”. I have ministered
and I have a priest’s daughter to now                                                                                                                   Father,
                                              there before, but cannot on this visit.
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6                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           71

      The Prince of Peace.”                              And Warren is just a simple      What a state for the Baptist church.         ondary school boys, some who have
                Isaiah 9:6.                    guy who is trying to promote      pro-               Have you heard of the Inter-       spoken to me before and some new
NO, Israel is not the main focus and           grams to bring Church Growth???            national Church of Christ? seems like        boys. I was able to speak lots to them
centre of the entire Bible!                              NO, he is not just that,         they are considered a sect because of        and gave out a NT to one attentive boy.
                                               Warren is a global CHANGE AGENT            their beliefs about baptism and their        One question I was asked was : If I sin
                                               who has been sent to the churches          overbearing discipleshipping. We at-         and do good works and read the Bible
     BUT JESUS CHRIST IS!                                                                 tended one of their services with a
                                               world-wide to bring them into the                                                       will I go to heaven. I told the boy with
                                               One World mind-set, neo-Commu-             Indian young man who came to the             the help of God I would try to answer. I
Nevertheless, the Remnant of the                                                          Baptist Church with us, but as I have        said sin is not cancelled out with good
Israelites will never be cast off by           nism, “community” agendas, and to
                                                                                          been really averse to how the services       works and reading the Bible, otherwise
God, and He will yet raise this                destroy God’s Word as Truth.
                                                                                          are designed to wind up the young            we don’t need a Saviour and we can
remnant up to be the head nation                How can anyone know the Truth
                                                                                          ones there, thought we would attend          save ourselves. ... I reminded him that
in the Millennium Kingdom of                        if they consult 15 different
                                                                                          this ICC as they have many students,         only the blood of Jesus can cancel out
Christ Jesus.                                          “Bible”versions under              uni students, in the group. No wonder        sin. Well,          the boy did stop and
                                                       Rick’s lovely teaching?            I haven’t heard from the young Indian        think. Then with tracts and NT, the
Don’t make Israel an idol!                     He is moving on well with his              man.                                         group went on their way. I am able to
                                               national conquests, visiting North
    Jesus Christ is ALL.                                                                            Hello and                          hand out lots of tracts that you gave
                                               Korean dignitaries to bring “Purpose       a big thank you for                          me, so I praise God.
See inside this issue,
                                               Driven Nations” no less! Wake up,          the Book by War-                                       I have had 2 Bible Studies
                                               Christians everywhere, we have a           ren Smith. I have                            with V.... She likes them and this Sat
                                               viper in our midst. A snake, dressed       not been able to                             pm we will read the “How do I know
                                               up as a fruit! Don’t eat of the fruit      put it down.                                 I have forgiveness of my sin”. When
R I C K WA R R E N h a s
                                               offered by the snake!                      You know I never                             she spoke about going to church I said
opened his mouth too
                                                         Much more this issue, may        took much notice                             to her to pray about it as the Lord will
wide this time! Read
                                               God enlighten the reader and guide         of Schuller but I                            surely guide her as really I would hate
in Despatch about the
                                               us all into His peace, and into deeper     was really averse to                         to see the Alpha course introduced
GAFFE he made when he revealed                                                                                                         to her. I know God will lead this little
                                               commitment to His Justice and              his self esteem teachings. It turns out he
that he is a member of the COUNCIL                                                        has a lot of other unbiblical teachings      lamb.
ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, a secre-                                                            as well, and Warren Smith shows how          I feel that S..., the Indian boy, was not
tive organization, top New World                                                          it is reproduced in the PDL.                 helped much because we took him
                                               DAVID ICKE, known as a top
Order, founded and controlled by                                                          This book has given me help in speak-        to our Baptist evening church which
                                               researcher into the New World
the global elite, including the Rock-                                                     ing to others now .                          I so regret and then that Melbourne
                                               Order, is in big trouble! He is not
efellers. More on that in this Issue.                                                     Just recently 2 people have warned           Church of Christ...if anyone could do
                                               a Christian, and so he has many
So, this innocent pastor just happens                                                     about a book called Conversations            just the wrong things I did them, so
                                               wrong religious beliefs.
to be a member of the Illuminati                                                          with God but I’m not sure if that au-        now I’ve given him a radio to listen to
                                                        Evidence that “THEY” are
group which is                                                                            thor’s name was given so now I can           Prakash the Indian Christian speak on
                                               starting to get the “big guys”, who
• Luciferian,                                  will be next??
                                                                                          approach the people and ask. If it is the    local radio...
                                                                                          Neale Donald Walsch who Warren               Yesterday the neighbour of ours intro-
• Theosophical, under the teachings                     Icke has worked hard to           exposes in his book then I have a great      duced me to her 2 friends, one whom
of Alice Bailey top occultist New              expose the N.W.O.                          opportunity to discuss the PDL book.         took a Bible and listened to the gos-
Ager leader, deceased.                         This alert came to Despatch:               I also spoke to a group of young sec-        pel with great appreciation and wants
      Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: Web Site:
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70                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           7

        But thought - provocking matter                    Which may be easily subdued                                                     Earlier I dealt at some length with
      which promotes a keen reaction.                         as a tempory pallor.
                                                         Purpose is the word that counts,
                                                                                                                                           principle of ‘inevitability of gradual-
              Berit Kjos, Sarah Leslie,                   the incentive one requires                                                       ism.’ There is another important idea,
        `Lighthouse Trails’ and more,                        To stimulate our spirits and                 FABIAN                           a method more than a principle,
       James Sundquist plus John Christian
       add their wisdom to the score.
                                                            transfigure our desires.
                                                                                                        SOCIALISM.                         which becomes closely associated
      Our friends across the sea combine                     I’ve mingled with occultists     BOB HAWKE, Australian Labour                 with Fabianism. Sidney Webb called it
         to help `Despatches’ vision                      and new agers for long years;       Party Prime Minister (Rhodes Scholar)        ‘permeation.’ Today it would be called
            In bringing to the foreground                      Many of them saw the light,    was guest of honour at the Fabian            ‘consensus.’” (Communist Councils in
          a vital, strong commission.                         embracing new careers.
                                                                                              Society Centenary Commemorations                                       NZ. J. Christian).
                                                          Others have proved dangerous,
       Most will agree the hour is late,                 their cause a mass destruction       Dinner in Melbourne on 18/5/84 – he          “…the line between Fascism and
             iniquity holds sway,                               To devistate and cripple,     said: “I gladly acknowledge the debt of      Fabian Socialism is very thin. Fabian
       The church scene worsens steadily                   a relentless, grim seduction.      my government to Fabianism.                  Socialism is the dream. Fascism is
          in the shadows of decay.                                          Neville Lynch.                                                 Fabian Socialism plus the inevitable
        A new world order lurches on,
               depravity is rife                                                                       “Next week David Icke goes          dictator.”
     Whilst luke - warm Christians (they exist)   SNIPPETS OF EMAILS FROM OUR                 to court in the United States to secure               The chief speaker at the
           contribute to the strife.              DEAR FRIEND ALISON AND HER                  the survival of everything he has built      Fabian International bureau Confer-
           I’ve been told by “experts”
                                                  EVANGELIZING ENDEAVOURS IN                  and worked for over more than 20             ence on 15/3/1942 said,
              that I should modify                MELBOURNE RECENTLY...                       years of effort against all the odds.        “…there is not much difference
               The tenor of my verses,            I was alittle disappointed with the                  There are forces, of course,        between the basic economic tech-
       so that truth would pass me by.            “help” offered to 2 young Indian                                                         niques of Socialism and Nazism.”
        I cannot fine much logic there,
                                                                                              who wish to destroy it, and him, and
           in view of current trends
                                                  men we took to church. I don’t want         bring an end to all that he communi-                  The United Nations and
           When evil forces seek control          to     criticize but the emphasis on        cates and has already produced to            the global government are basically
              to justify their ends.              Jesus and Bible Study was lacking;          wake up a slumbering world sleep-            Fabianism! Many of our politicians are
                                                  instead there was church packs and          walking into the global Nazi state.          Fabian Socialists.
                                                  social gathering. I don’t get involved
         Awareness of a climate badly                                                                  Virtually everything he has
           marred by sin and fear                 at the church there and I spoke to one
                                                                                              ever earned has gone into paying
           Engenders in non-Christians            of the church greeters of some of my
         a transparent, failed career                                                         massive legal bills over the last 9
                                                  concerns and he told me that a lot of
          The sadness and depression
                                                  people have left, a woman and her           months to meet this challenge to
            of a life bereft of hope                                                          everything he has done and every-
               Is painful to envisage             “team” from Crossways have brought
        as for sustenance they grope              in practises from Crossways Baptist into    thing that he stands for.
                                                  the     Sunday School, the ministry of               People have no idea of the
       A failing church in many spheres                                                       challenges he and his family have
              is tragedy in train.
                                                  prayer has been abused with fallings to
        God’s agents fight for every soul,        the floor, shakings etc. and there didn’t   been facing, while still continuing
       though occassionally in vain.              seem to be much Bible Study.Recently        to communicate the information
       We’re forced by modern lifestyles          there was a “spirituality” conference       that the world so desperately needs
         to pray and fiercely strive,
        But very few throw in the towel,
                                                  on an afternoon, but the greeter said       to hear. Next week will decide the                 THE WEBB    OF DESTINY !
                                                  to me that it was a sad thing because       outcome ... the work of David Icke           MR. SYDNEY WEBB, “I AM WAVING THIS
         as consistently they drive.
                                                                                                                                           RED FLAG, NOT PROVOCATIVELY, BUT
                                                  the leaders feel they have to go to the     is basically over. “ Latest book title..     TO SIGNALISE WHAT I HAVE SO HAPPILY
         Permission sometimes sparks              people, but then again they don’t listen    ” Freedom or Fascism:                        CALLED THE `INEVITABILITY OF GRADU-
         a faint lessening of valour                                                               The Time to Choose”
                                                  to people either.                                                                        ALNESS’ WHICH MARKS OUR ROLLER’S

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8                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006              Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                                69

              SURVEILLANCE IN
                                                                                                  here in Australia, but just what he’s        bar on what was thinkable and changed
                                                                                                  been up to I don’t know. When M...           the scale of conservation” in America,
                                                                                                  and R... were out here earlier this year     according to Down East magazine.
             THE GLOBAL STATE.                                       MYTH #1:
                                                                                                  they found his name ahd Brisbane ad-
                                                                                                  dress on the internet. Perhaps youv’e
                                                                                                                                               Now he’s moved to Australia to begin
                                                                                                                                               a Nature Conservancy there.
          In the “INTERNA-                                                                        come across this Bruce Wommack of
TIONAL CAMPAIGN                                                We are merely being asked
                                                                   to sacrifice some of our       the Nature Conservancy (I think that’s             MISSION OF MERIT
AGAINST MASS                                                       privacy and         conven-    his name. I can’t find my records to                  When two determined ladies
S U RV E I L L A N C E ”                                          ience for greater       secu-   check just now).                                       have a mission to achieve,
                                                                                                                                                                Incentive is a trigger,
document entitled:                                                            rity. .2              Thank you both for all the work you                 when so many can’t believe
  “The Emergence                                                   1 s t S I G N P O S T: T H E   do in the Lord’s name. Your literature             The facts which should be recognized
  of a Global Infra-                                              REGISTRATION OF                 is always and inspiration to me. May                 in two thousand years and six,
  structure for Mass                                             POPULATIONS . .. 5               your health allow you to keep going.                     As the world is limping badly
                                                                1. Mass Detention of Muslim       P.S. My husband’s brother T... I’m                   through an anti-Christian mix.
    Registration and                                         Immigrants        and Registration
      Surveillance”,                                                                              thrilled to say that 2 weeks ago, while               ‘Despatch’ has proved a vehicle
                                                         through NSEERS . . . . . . 5
disturbing information                              2. US-VISIT and the E.U. Visa Informa-        driving to work, T... had a wonderful                   which opens many doors.
                                                                                                  conversion experience. He experi-                       People in abundance can detect
abounds. It is set up in a challenging           tion System . . .5                                                                                             a Godly cause,
manner with “MYTHS” from 1 to 11,                a) Biometric Visas . . . . 5                     enced the same kind of emotions as I                   Existing in these modern times
showing how wide-spread the New                  b) Linkage of Biometric Information to a         did 25 years ago when Our Lord Jesus                       of unbelief and strife
                                                 Global Web of Databases .. . . . . . 6           came into my life in a sudden, very real                Which, once it is experienced,
World propaganda has been spread.                c) U.S. Acquisition of Domestic and                                                                     may change a persons life.
                                                                                                  way — peace, fulfilment, joy etc, Such
Australia is not the only country                Foreign Databases . . . . . . 6                  relief it made me cry.
which has accepted “Myths” from                  d) The Template for the Global System of         Yours sincerely, M. Semple.
                                                                                                                                                      The sinner still can have a chance
                                                                                                                                                            if he detects a trend
the N.W.O. controlled media.                     Mass Registration and Surveillance . . 8                      That causes an unease of sorts,
The TABLE OF CONTENTS to this Paper is           2nd SIGNPOST: THE CREATION OF A                      cs/shaping_the_future/graduates.cfm              as truth as doubt may blend.
enough to make us hang our heads                 GLOBAL REGISTRATION SYSTEM . 8                   Kent Wommack ’77,                                      Many times unlikelly things
                                                 1. Biometric Passports . . 8                     Government Executive                                 have surfaced without trace;
with shock.                                      a) Policy Laundering – Referral to ICAO.                                                                   A moment of deliverance
If you would like the Paper in its en-                                                            director,
                                                 9                                                                                                     in life’s never - ending race.
tirety, cost is $10 bound &posted.               b) The Model: Carte Blanche. . . 9                           The Nature
Or download from the Internet at:                c) RFID Chips . . .10                                    Conservancy in                               Evil has been haulted by a mind
                                                                                                                 Australia                                  that’s seeking peace,         d) Biometric Passports and the Democratic
                                                                                                                                                              Discovering an expose
       RegistrationandSurveillance.pdf           Deficit . . .10                                  Kent Wommack com-                                     which may induce release.
                                                                                                  bined a government                                       Little triumphs do occur,
                                                                                                  degree from Colby, a master’s from                     they happen without call;
  International                                                                                   the Yale School of Forestry and Envi-                      Not at all a lucky break,
Campaign Against                                                                                  ronmental Studies, and a reverence for                   but a sacred overhaul.

                                                                                                  nature into a career that transformed
Mass Surveillance                                                                                 the practice of land conservation. In
                                                                                                                                                       The Wendys dedicate their skills
                                                                                                                                                       in a warm and pleasing way,
     TABLE OF CONTENTS                           e) Flawed Technology &Assumptions . 11
                                                                                                  1998 he engineered the largest land                       Producing data paramount
THE ROAD WE ARE HEADING                          f) Expansion to Other Transportation                                                                   in the scheme of life to-day.
                                                 Systems. .12                                     conservation initiative in The Nature                   Theirs is no strident fantasy
                                                 g) Institutionalizing “Non-Personhood”           Conservancy’s history and “raised the                     to earn dissatisfaction
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]           Email: Web Site:
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68                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           9
                                               that what has happened and is continu-      3rd SIGNPOST: THE CREATION OF AN Centre . .23
     Editor’s Corner...                        ing to happen in their state and in
                                               other parts of U.S.A. is a concerted
                                                                                           INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE GLOBAL e) German “Trawling” .23
                                                                                           SURVEILLANCE OF MOVEMENT ...12                  f) Data Mining and the Democratic
                                                                                           1. U.S. Demands for Sharing Passenger Deficit .23
                                               effort by environmentalists to take our
                                                                                           Name Records . . . . . . .12                    g) Flawed Facts, Dirty Information,
                                               over land throughout the world. They        2. The Deals Made . . . . .13                   Guilt by Google, Ethnic
                                               have moneyed and influencial follow-        3. PNR and the Democratic Deficit – An-             Profiling. . . .24
                                               ers who buy up land, get themselves         other Referral to ICAO. . . . . . . .13                             MYTH #4:
                                               into government — Federal, state and        4. Expansion to Other Transportation Sys-                The technology being used
                                               local — and make laws and rules that        tems . . .14                                              objective and reliable. ..24
                                               expediate their own agendas. They                                   MYTH #2:                2. Low-Tech “Solutions” to Risk Assess-
                                               do it usually on the pretense of saving       These initiatives facilitate travel. . .14    ment . . . . .24
                                               the habitat of would-be endangered          4th SIGNPOST: THE CREATION OF AN a) Guilt by Association and Indiscriminate
                                                                                           INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE GLOBAL Sharing of Information:
Dear Wendys                                    species of birds, animals etc.
                                                                                           SURVEILLANCE OF ELECTRONIC COM- The Story of Maher Arar . .24
                It was good to catch up            My friend M..., although a devout       MUNICATIONS AND FINANCIAL TRANS- b) Using Information Obtained by Torture
with on the phone just now and to have         Christian, is worrying herself towards      ACTIONS .14                                     and Tipping Off Torturers . . . .26
a talk about our Lord and        Saviour,      a nervous breakdown or a mental             1. “Building in Surveillance” and the Con- c) Sloppy Mistakes:
your travels and my brother-in-law             collapse over the ever worsening            vention on Cybercrime . .15                      The Madrid Investigation . . . . . . .27
Tony’s miraculous conversion.                  situation in Maine. You and I know          2. Mandatory Data Retention. .16                d) Getting People Off the Street:
      I shall be sending a copy of             that that is Satan’s tactics but we know    3. Expansion of ECHELON . . . .16               Arbitrary Detentions . . . . . . . . .27
                                               we’re to remain peaceful and trusting       4. Mandatory Information-Gathering and e) Broad Strokes: The U.N. list . .29
Despatch and one of Earth Dialogue to
                                               Our Lord to deal with the worsening         Reporting for Financial Transactions. . .17 f) Disciplining Dissent . . . . . . .29
my friend in Millinscket, Maine, U.S.A.                                                    5th SIGNPOST: THE CONVERGENCE i) Targeting the “Unpatriotic” in the
with whom we stayed for 6 weeks                state of world affairs in His way and in
                                                                                           OF NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL U.S.29
in Aug./Sept. this year. She, and her          His own perfect time. He tells us           DATABASES . . .18                               ii) The U.S. No Fly List . . .30
husband, are very aware that Satan is          not to fear for He is always with us, but   1. Radical Acceleration of Convergence iii) Open Season on Individuals and Groups
involved in all this gradualism that has       we are to obey Him and do whatever          Since 9/11 . . . .18                            Challenging
been going on in the world to bring in a       He tells us to, just as you both do. But    2. The “Black Box” of Information . . . Repressive Regimes. .31
one world govt. They live in a beauti-         with peace in our lives and not panic.      .20                                             g) A Plethora of Ballooning Watch Lists
ful area where timber logging, milling,        We are to pray and praise                   6th SIGNPOST: THE DANGERS OF A .32
                                               and remain cool, calm and collected         RISK ASSESSMENT MODEL – A WORLD
paper making etc. was the life blood of
                                               in spite of the manipulations, attacks,     THAT IS BOTH ORWELLIAN AND
the area for years and years — thriving                                                    KAFKAESQUE .20
industries and townships. Then rot set         deceit and lies of Satan’s workers who
                                                                                           1. Data Mining: The High-Tech
in — outside interests (mainly from            are in a last days frenzy.                  “Solution” to Risk Assessment .
Canada) taking over the mills etc. and            About 2 years ago my friends, M...       . .20
after a short time, closing them down.         and R..., warned us that leading en-        a) Orwell Revisited . . . .20
This has ruined a large area in Northern       vironmentalist, BRUCE WOMMACK,                        MYTH #3:
Maine, resulting in many           who was a driving force in the destruc-     If one has nothing to hide, one has
dying. Thousands of workers have lost          tion of Maine’s timber mills and the        nothing to worry about. . 20
                                               buying up of the forested areas in          b) TIA, MATRIX & Other Data Min-
their businesses and health facilities,
                                               northern Maine right up to the              ing Projects in Implementation or
schools etc.are closed. And who is be-                                                     Development . . .21
hind all this and for what purposes?                 Canadian border, was headed for
                                                                                           c) CAPPS II . . . . . .22
Well R... and M... know (have proof)           Brisbane to do his destructive work                                                   “Yeah - we used to call these cell phones”
                                                                                           d) Canadian Risk Assessment
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10                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           67
                       MYTH #5:                                     MYTH #11:                                                            We convert him, we capture his inner
 Terrorist watch lists are a reliable prod-        At least, these initiatives are better             THE BEAST.                         mind, we reshape him….[And] there
       uct of international intelligence               than doing nothing . .49                     Fabian Socialist H.G.Wells           will be no love, except the love of Big
     cooperation and consensus. . . .32         RESISTING THE REGISTRATION & SUR-           said many years ago that the final
3. Kafka . . . . . . . . . 33                   VEILLANCE AGENDA . .49                                                                   Brother.” (Quoted by D. Cuddy
                                                                                            coming of the planned world socialist        in The Globalists, page 303).
7th SIGNPOST: DEEP INTEGRATION AND              1. Pockets of Resistance . . . .50
                                                                                            government would in all likelihood           This is happening rapidly, it is only a
                                                a) NGOs . . .50
CHECKS AND BALANCES . .33                       b) Democratic Institutions. . . .51         occur very quickly. The existence of         hop-step-and-jump to the final stage
                       MYTH #6:                 c) Courts . .52                             the power elite would then finally           of the world socialist government
      If one is mistakenly caught up in         2. The Future is in Our Hands . . .53*      be acknowledged and its influence            revealing itself fully. People every-
      the global surveillance net, one’s                                                    accepted.
                                                Endnotes . . . . . . . . .55                                                             where love the United Nations and
    government can protect one . . . .33                                                       And how would this happen?
                       MYTH #7:                  ========================                                                                its NGOs, they love the wonderful
     Governments want to implement              DESPATCH:                                   As Orwell wrote in 1984,                     work being done to “save the planet”
        these systems to protect their          As Bible believers we see Scriptural        “Big Brother’s agent, O’Brien, said:         and unite the world in “PEACE.”
        citizens from terrorists . . .34        prophecy coming alive in our own            “We are not content with negative            Then, Big Brother will show his pres-
8th SIGNPOST: THE CORPORATE                     day, but we must all realise that           obedience, nor even with the most            ence, and they will love him too – the
SECURITY COMPLEX . . .35                                                                    abject submission. When finally you
                                                our country, Australia, is headed                                                        Beast of the Book of Revelation: “And
                                                down the same global road as other          surrender to us, it must be of your          he causeth all, both small and great,
10th SIGNPOST: A LOSS OF MORAL                  countries are, i.e. USA, Britain, New       own free will. We do not destroy the         rich and poor, free and bond, to receive
COMPASS – RENDITION, TORTURE,                   Zealand, Canada. Our human rights           heretic because he resists us….              a mark in their right hand, or in their
DEATH. . . .39                                  are being eroded away, too, we must                                                      foreheads: And that no man might buy
1. The Global Gulag . . . . .39
a) Detention Centres Used by The U.S.39
                                                be much in prayer and be ready              THE CFR & THE SOCIAL                         or sell, save he that had the mark, or
                                                                                                                                         the name of the beast, or the number of
b) The Practice of Rendition . . .40
                                                to act if the Lord God leads us into              GOSPEL.                                his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that
c) Disappearance . .41                          direct opposition, bold and brave in                 Write for this shocking article
d) The Assertion of a Legal Black Hole and      His power.                                                                               hath understanding count the number
                                                                                            by The Discernment Research Group
Authority to Torture . .42                      The above document finishes with                                                         of the beast: for it is the number of a
                                                                                            via Sarah Leslie
e) Torture Committed by U.S. Person-            a plea for action by freedom-loving                                                      man; and his number is Six hun dred
                                                                                                     It shows how the Council on
nel.44                                          peoples everywhere.                                                                      threescore
                                                                                            Foreign Relations has planned the
f) The Plan to Build Permanent Prisons                                                                                                   and six.”
Outside the U.S.. . . . . . .44                                                             “changes” happening to the churches.
g) The Participation of Other Western De-       “RESISTING THE REGISTRATION                 Rick Warren, PDC included, leads into
mocracies . .45                                  AND SURVEILLANCE AGENDA                    the “army” Warren is raising up.
                       MYTH #8:                 p.53                                        This quote will give you an idea:
          Western democracies are                *2. The Future is in Our Hands             “Is the global AIDS crisis just a cruel
     defending democracy and human                                                          mechanism for the world powers-that-
                                                The Universal Declaration of Hu-
       rights around the world . . . .45                                                    be to orchestrate yet another push for
h) New License for Brutal Regimes . .46         man Rights is one of the seminal
                                                documents of the post World War II          world governance by using the Church
                                                order, enshrining a collective com-         as the world’s largest volunteer ‘army’
                       MYTH #9:
   These initiatives make us safer. . . .47                                                 of ‘one billion foot soldiers’ to imple-
                                                mitment to a new world in which
                       MYTH #10:                                                            ment a global ‘peace’ plan?”
                                                the dignity of all persons was to
Guaranteeing security is the paramount                                                            Cost $2 posted in Aust. or
                                                respected and acknowledged as the
  responsibility of governments. . .48                                                          may be sent by email on request
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: Web Site:
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66                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           11
deceiving spirit of great power ap-                  ple over so long a period of time      inalienable birthright of mankind.            tion (art. 2), the right to liberty and
pears to millions in shadowy form.                   with such regularity. Moreover,        Its contents have been incorporated           security of person (art. 3), the pro-
The Muslims are embracing MARY,                      it seems that the apparitions at       into constitutions and treaties around        hibition of torture, inhumane and
Queen of Heaven.                                     Medjugorje have ushered in a           the world, becoming in the process,           degrading treatment (art. 5), the right
         Other religions are expe-                   new Marian age. There are reports      international customary law.                  to recognition and equality before
riencing these apparitions as well,                  of her appearing everywhere.”                    But if the Universal Decla-         the law (arts. 6 and 7), the right to
the authors document apparitions                                     (Quoted page 9).       ration ushered in an age of human             an effective legal remedy (art. 8), the
happening to thousands at a time,                          The world-wide popularity        rights, the disregard that governments        prohibition on arbitrary arrest, deten-
30 million pilgrims visiting Med-                of MARY Queen of Heaven, Queen             around the world are now showing              tion or exile (art. 9), the right to a fair
jugorje in a year, 15 to 20 million              of All, is only another spiritually        for its principles may be the omi-            and public hearing by an independ-
visit a single shrine in Guadalupe,              deceptive lying sign and wonder            nous portent of that age’s demise.            ent and impartial tribunal (art. 10),
Mexico, every single year!- and                  of these Latter Days.                      Certainly, its rights-based protections       the presumption of innocence (art.
that is only the tip of the iceberg.                       The authors of “Queen of         for individuals are the antithesis            11), the right to freedom of move-
Apparitions are being reported from              All” do an exceptional job in laying       of the current risk-based paradigm            ment (art. 13), the right to freedom
Japan to Africa, Korea to Australia,             the evidence before us, and align-         which governments are now espous-             of thought, conscience and religion
from Iraq To Israel, from Egypt to               ing these demonic appearances up           ing.                                                Cont’d on p. 12
Syria.                                           with the ancient, occult “Queen of
         “Whether looking deep                   Heaven,” mentioned 5 times in the          This re-
within the former Soviet Union or                book of Jeremiah. The book takes us        port has
among the people of India, one thing             on to Revelation and the Whore of          identified
is common – they are all allegedly               Babylon.                                   infringe-
being visited by a woman who calls                 Get Queen of All if you can, by          ments of
herself Mary, Queen of H e a v e n ,               contacting the Web Site above.           no less
Our Lady.”                                                                                  than half
Father Robert Faricy, quoted in the                                                         of the
book Queen                                                                                  minimum
of the Cosmos,                                                                              standards
states:                                                                                     contained
                                                                                            in the Dec-
       “Never in                                                                            laration. In
      the history                                                                           addition to
        of Chris-                                                                           the right
         tendom                                                                             to privacy
              has                                                                           (art. 12),
     the Bless-                                                                             these in-
     e d Vi rg i n                                                                          clude the
     Mary ap-                                                                               ban on
     peared to so                                                                           racial dis-
     many peo-                                                                              crimina-

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12                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           65
                                                                                                                                                 • 40 percent aspartic acid,
              WATER FACILITIES
                                                                                          courts and our criminal laws is vital
                                                                                          to the UK national interest and to                     • 50 percent phenylalanine
                                                                                                                                                 • 10 percent methanol.
                                                                                          the rights of British citizens.
               OR PRISONS?                                                                         If you surrender the veto
                                                                                          and introduce part of the European
                                                                                                                                       Some of the metabolites
                                                                                                                                          of aspartame are:
                                                                                                                                       • methanol,
          Risking a cry of “fear mon-          NOTE: there are concentration
                                                                                          Constitution by the back door, you           •      formaldehyde,
ger!” Despatch will include this               camps in the US masquerading as
                                                                                          will put those rights in jeopardy....”                     • Formic acid
issue material on the prison camps             WATER FACILITIES.                                                                                       • diketopiperazine.
in the USA, concentration camps no             This is NOT make-believe,                                                                                   It is found in
less! Many of you will have heard of                it is happening elsewhere.                                                                             • countless “diet”
these, they are real, NOT ‘conspiracy          Discussion group links:                                                                                        products,
theory.”                                                                                                     • many processed a
                                                        php?post=1480566                                                                                   • packaged foods,
          Given the water crisis, en-                                                                             • Coke,
gineered by the N.W.O., here in                        cat=1&topic=343864                                                                                  • Pepsi,
Australia, and the talk of water   fa-         Info Wars links                                                                                             • Wrigley’s,
cilities, recycled water plants, un-                                                                                                                       • Splenda,
                                               re US concentration camps:
derground water drilling etc      etc,                                                                                                                     • Neotame,
and all the infrastructure that goes                                                         ASPARTAME:                                                     • saccharin
                                                                                                                                                           • etc, etc.
with such enormous ventures, the                                                            harmless synthetic                         Find out more, and protect your fami-
following Alert is of great      con-
sequence to us here!                                                                             sweetener                             lies. Especially at risk are children!
                                                                                                                                       Ask for “The Artificially Sweetened
                                                                                               or government-                          News” - $5 posted or combined with
          Cont’d from p.11                                                                    approved poison?                         “Sweet Misery” DVD - $8
                          (art. 18),                                                               The expose of the hidden                      GET THIS BOOK:
                          freedom of                                                      addiction killing people worldwide
                                               COBRAS IN THE SCHOOLYARD
                                                                                          has to be studied to be believed.                 QUEEN
                          expression           Infowars has received reports from
                          (art. 19),           literally hundreds of people, who con-
                                                                                          Despatch is offering this issue a copy            OF ALL,
                          freedom of                                                      of The Artificially Sweetened News,            by Tetlow, Oak-
                                               firmed that military helicopters landing
                          peaceful as-         in school yards as part of an obvious      a vehicle of alert on Aspartame.               land, & Myers.
                          sembly and           desensitization and indoctrination of      Chronic ill-health, obesity, brain
                                                                                          damage, antisocial behaviour, crip-          Published by Eternal
                          association          our youth. Although this sounds too
                                                                                          pling, sudden death – you name it            Productions.
                          (art. 20), and       bizarre to be true, the photos speak                                                    www.eternal-pro-
                          the entitle-         for themselves.                            – are being traced back to the poison-
ment to a social and international                   A person named Terry                 ous artificial sweetener, Aspartame.
                                                                                                                                               This stun-
order in which rights and freedoms                                                        Also a DVD we received from NZ
                                                  Kings wrote an article on his           “Sweet Misery” -A Powerfull Docu-
                                                                                                                                       ning book shows
can be fully realized (art. 28).                  discoveries of camps located                                                         the extent of the MARIAN Appari-
         If human rights and civil                                                        mentary! (Posted in Aust. $5) This list
                                                                                                                                       tions ACROSS THE PLANET in our
liberties are to survive into the 21st                in southern California.             should shock you:
                                                                                                       day. She is the Queen of Rome and
century, there must be a sea                                                              Aspartame is comprised of:
                                                              /forum/fema.html                                                         also the Queen of Islam, as this
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64                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           13

                                                CONTROL OF UK COURTS?                     Extract:
                                                        In The Daily Express, 20/9/06,    The camps all have railroad facilities
  WITH ALTERNATIVES TO                                                                    as well as roads leading to and from
                                               a new fear was expressed that Tony
   “FATHER, SON & HOLY                                                                    the detention facilities. Many also
                                               Blair is ready to give up the powers
      SPIRIT.” (2006)                          of the UK courts to Brussels. This will    have an airport nearby. The majority
                  Birmingham Ala.(AP). –                                                  of the camps can house a population
                                               happen to us all inevitably, with the
                                               international legal system becoming        of 20,000 prisoners.        Currently,
         THE DIVINE TRINITY –                  Top Dog across the world.                  the largest of these facilities is just       What are these massive docks go-
“Father, Son and Holy Spirit” –                         “Ministers were last night        outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The                      ing to be loading?
could also be known as                         accused by the Tories of preparing to      Alaskan facility is a massive mental                  We observed white vans
“Mother, Child and Womb” or                    surrender control of our police and        health facility and can hold approxi-        patrolling the area and one came out
“Rock, Redeemer, Friend”                       courts to Brussels.                        mately 2 million people.                     and greeted us with a friendly wave
at some Presbyterian Church (USA)                       The warning came as Eu-                                                        and followed us until we had driven
services under an action Monday
                                               ropean Union chiefs prepare for a               Camp Perimeter ...                      safely beyond the area.
                                               meeting on Friday to discuss scrap-                 Over the last couple months             What would have happened
ASSEMBLY.                                      ping the right of memebers to veto                                                          had we decided to enter the
                                                                                          several of us have investigated three
         Delegates to the meeting              criminal justice rulings.                                                                   open gate or ask questions?
                                                                                          soon-to-be prison camps in the
voted to “receive” a policy paper on                    It could spell the end of both                                                          This facility is across the
                                                                                          Southern California area. We had
gender-inclusive language for the              an independent UK police force and                                                      street from the Palmdale Water De-
                                                                                          heard about these sites and wanted
TRINITY, a step short of approving             judges’ discretion over sentences                                                       partment. The area around the Water
                                                                                          to see them for ourselves.
it. That means church officials can            for murderers, rapists, and paedo-                                                      Department has fences pointing
                                                                                                   The first one we observed
propose experimental liturgies with            philes.                                                                                 outward, to keep people out of this
                                                                                          was in Palmdale, California. It is
alternative phrasings for the Trinity,         Conservatives fear the move would                                                       dangerous area so as not to drown.
                                                                                          not operating as a prison at the mo-
but congregations won’t be required            be a major blow to Britains’s sover-                                                    Yet, across the street, the fences all
                                                                                          ment but is masquerading as part
to use them.                                   eignity.                                                                                point inward. Why?
                                                                                          of a water facility. Now why would
Other Trinity options are:                              They claim the initiative is a                                                           To keep people in?
                                                                                          there be a facility of this nature out
“Lover, Beloved, Love” or                      “back-door” attempt to reintroduce                                                                  What people?
                                                                                          in the middle of nowhere with ab-
“Creator, Saviour, Sanctifier” or              the failed European Constitution.                                                                Who are going to be
                                                                                          solutely no prisoners? The fences
“King of Glory, Prince of Peace,                        Shadow Home Secretary                                                                      it’s occupants?
                                                                                          that run for miles around this large
Spirit of Love.”                               David Davis yesterday wrote to John                                                     There are also signs posted every
                                                                                          facility all point inward, and there
                                               Reid to complain about the plan,           are large mounds of dirt and dry             50 feet stating: State of California
DESPATCH COMMENT:                              which would see criminal law, policy                                                    Trespassing Loitering Forbidden By
                                                                                          moat surrounding the central area
The Bible tells us “Father, Son and            and the judiciary coming under the                                                      Law Section 555 California Penal
                                                                                          so the inside area is not visible from
Holy Spirit” – this is the Trinity!            oversight of Brussels.                                                                  Code.
                                                                                          the road. There are 3 large loading
                                                        He said: “retaining the           docks facing the entrance that can                    The sign at the entrance
                                               national veto over policing our            be observed from the road.                   says: Pearblossom Operations and

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14                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           63

Maintenance Subcenter Receiving                inward). The fences surround a dry         – in which they reveal how they are
Department, 34534 116th Street East.           reservoir. There are also new build-       taking over the world – from their
There is also a guard shack located            ings situated in the area. We ques-        own mouths! Attached are a few
at the entrance.                               tioned the idea that there were four       pages from the first edition.”
          We didn’t venture into this
                                                                                                                                                GLAD TO NOT
                                               armed military personnel walking the            From the editorial of
facility, but did circle around it to see      park.                                               The Business,
                                                                                                                                                   LIVE IN
if there was anything else visible from           Since when does a public park                October 2006, page 10:                            AUSTRALIA,
the road. We saw miles of fences with                   need armed guards?                                                                       A New Zealand man, Alan
                                                                                                   “Over the past decade,
the top points all directed inward.            A third site visited was in the San                                                     Emerson, writes in The New Zealand
                                                                                          London has undergone a remarkable
There is a railroad track that runs next       Fernando Valley, adjacent to the Wa-                                                    Farmer’s Weekly that he is so glad
                                                                                          transformation which its citizens, as
to the perimeter of this fenced area.          ter District. Again, the area around                                                    that he does not live in Australia.
                                                                                          well as the rest of Great Britain, have
The loading docks are large enough             the actual Water District          had                                                  There were many horrible reasons,
                                                                                          yet fully to digest. …
to hold railroad cars.                         fences logically pointing out (to keep                                                  all true, along with these com-
                                                                                                   The London of the 21st cen-
        I wonder what they are                 people out of the dangerous area).                                                      ments:
                                                                                          tury is no longer just the capital of
       planning for this facility?             And the rest of the adjacent area                                                       “…we were told that residents in
                                                                                          Britain but a global-city state with a
They could easily fit 100,000 people           which went on for several miles was                                                     12 Queensland centres, includ-
                                                                                          breathtaking array of international
in this area.                                  ringed with fences and barbed wire                                                      ing Brisbane, already drink water
                                                                                          businesses, a metropolitan culture
 And who would the occupants be?               facing inward.                                                                          containing recycled sewerage. Local
                                                                                          and political concerns increasingly
          Another site is located in                 (to keep what or who in?)                                                         government is blaming the State, who
                                                                                          divergent from those of the rest of
Brand Park in Glendale. There are                        Also, interesting was the                                                     are blaming the locals. The Federal
                                                                                          the country.
newly constructed fences (all out-             fact that the addition to the tops of                                                   Government gets the odd arrow, but
                                                                                                   Today’s London has more
fitted with new wiring that point              the fences were fairly new as to not                                                    believe me they do have a crisis.
                                                                                          in common with other global cities
                                                                                          such as New York than with Birming-          …Here in New Zealand I look
                                                                                                  forward to completing my life with-
                                                                                          ham, Edinburgh or Cardiff, let alone
                                                                                          rural Britain, and its economy follows       out having to drink sewerage. The
                                                                                          the global growth cycle, rather than         problem is exacerbated by experts
                                                                                          the British one.                             telling the Australian public there re-
                                                                                                   London has already emerged          ally aren’t a lot of options for future
                                                                                          as the uncontested financial capi-           dams of any size or substance.
                                                                                          tal of Europe, the capital of global                   While we were there the
                                                                                          capital and an international financial       harassed grape growers were         re-
                                                                                          centre on a par with New York….”             ported as selling water allocations
                                                                                                                                       just to pay the bills.
                                                                                                                                       You could buy a bottle of Chardon-
                                                                                           Please find enclosed this issue,            nay for $2.“
                                                                                           the printed corrections to John                       All thanks to the global
                                                                                           Christian’s Hidden Dangers of               government and their “drought”
                                                                                           the Alpha Course book.                      crisis, engineered and perpetrated
                                                                                            They are also on our website.              against this country.
      Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: Web Site:
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62                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006       Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           15

                                                 rusalem with the sacking of the city     
                                                 and temple by the king of Babylon,
                                                 through his prophets and other clear
                                                 signs He gave the Jews plenty of
                                                 warning. The same thing happened
       CORPORATION                               again during and after the time of
                                                                                                        Some pre-made prison cells on the back of a truck
     TAKEOVER OF THE                             Christ. Now the same thing is hap-
                                                 pening again, but this time it is on a
                                                 global scale.
     (on behalf of the British Sovereign).
                From John Christian                         Often it is hard to believe
     New Zealand, October 27, 2006.              a new view, no matter how much
         “I am still continually amazed          factual evidence is offered. This has
at how ignorant the majority of most             been the case surrounding my writ-
leading Christian writers are about              ings about the CITY OF LONDON
the power of the City and Queen                  CORPORATION. However, things
…– while they in most cases still hold           are changing fast.
                                                            Recently, Wendy Howard in
to the old erroneous view that it is                                                        even contain any sign of rust on There was an area that contained
                                                 Australia kindly sent me a DVD of
either the United States of America                                                         them. Within the grounds was a huge about 100 black boxes that looked
                                                 Prince Edward’s Crown and Country
or the Vatican that really controls the                                                     building that the guard said was a like RAILROAD CARS. We had heard
                                                 documentaries broadcast globally on
world.                                                                                      training range for policemen. There that loads of railroad cars have been
                                                 Sky TV’s History Channel, including
         I have extensively written                                                         were newly constructed roads, new manufactured in Oregon outfitted
                                                 a one half hour part about the power
about the City of London and ‘Kings’                                                        gray military looking buildings, and with shackles.
Jews’ in my two previous books                   of the City of London Corporation                                                 Would these be of that nature?
                                                                                            a landing strip.
Gladiator and Hidden Secrets of the              and another about the power of the                                              From our position it was hard to
                                                                                                          For what?
                                                 Cinque Ports and Lord Warden of
Alpha Course, and there are a few                                                           Police cars were constantly patrol- determine.
                                                 the Cinque Ports etc. which I have
others, mainly secular writers, who                                                         ling the several mile perimeter of In searching the Internet, I have dis-
have also written about the subject as           previously written about in detail.                                             covered that there are about 600 of
                                                                                            the area.
                                                 If there was any doubt after reading
well. Gradually thinking people are                                                                 From the parking lot of the these prison sites around the coun-
                                                 my books, now there should not be
starting to wake up, set aside their                                                        Odyssey Restaurant a better view try (and more literally popping up
                                                 – for the information is now coming
long-held prejudices and look at the                                                        could be taken of the area that was overnight, do they work all night).
simple facts.                                    directly right out of the horse’s mouth
                                                                                            hidden from site from the highway.
         God always gives plenty of              and a member of the Royal Family
warning, and He never speaks only                themselves!
through one person like myself or                           And now, so that there is
anybody else. Always He speaks                   no longer any excuse for anyone
through two of more people and if                to remain totally ignorant, the City
the message is really important, usu-            of London has arrogantly launched
ally a great multitude of witnesses.             its first truly global magazine on 14
Before he brought judgement on Je-               October, 2006, called The Business
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: Web Site:
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16                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           61

   They are manned, but yet do not                Sunday Mail, 9th. April, 2006.          Hillary Clinton, were to run for and         Jezebel” Queen, or more appropri-
contain prisoners.                             JUST a coincidence - that’s how            win the presidential candidacy of            ately, her successor, her Philosopher
    Why do they need all these                 Queensland Rail explained a       de-      the Democratic Party in 2008, and            Prince son, (in the movie played by
      non-operating prisons?                   cision this week to cover up     mil-      subsequently, she were to become             Kris Kristofferson) HRH Prince of
    What are they waiting for?                 lions of dollars of coal wagons sit-       President of the United States - then        Wales becomes their saviour and
        We continuously hear that              ting idle and unused.                      the British Fabian Society plot in           peacemaker, while he gains the
our current prisons are overcrowded                     About 80 new Queensland           the 12-hour mini-series propaganda           whole world.
and they are releasing prisoners be-           Rail wagons costing $150,000 each          movie AMERIKA, broadcast right                         More recently, the plot in
cause of this situation.                                                                  across the United States in 1987,            the Fabian propaganda movie, V for
                                               have been parked at Muswellbrook
                                                                                          would be implemented.                        Vindetta, is saying much the same
But what about all these facilities?           in NSW since last year.
                                                                                                  Two of the leading stars in          thing.
     What are they really for?                          Up to another - 100 wagons
                                                                                          the movie were Kris Kristofferson                      If Hillary ever were to be-
   Why are there armed guards                  have been left on a disused line near
                                                                                          and New Zealander, Sam Neill,                come President, the Queen would
       yet no one to protect                   Murgon, west, of Gympie, for at least
                                                                                          both Rhodes scholars. Here is what           literally have a “husband and wife
        themselves against?                    five years - a situation described         the introductory advertising for the         team” running the United States.
    And what is going to be the                as “off the rails” by Opposition           movie said:                                  Although, now, in a sense she does
        kick-off point to put                  Leaders Lawrence Springborg.                   “The unthinkable has happened.           already with President George Bush
  these facilities into operation?                      Soon after The Sunday Mail,                 Democracy is dead.                 Jnr. because his father George Bush
                                               made inquiries, rail employees began           The Bill of Rights is a powerless        Snr is knighted.
What will happen in Australia,                 covering the wagons at Muswell-                         piece of paper.’                          Because of their apostasy,
or may be happening                            brook - and their QR logos.                        From sea to shining sea,             like may other countries as well, it
                                                        A QR official said drinkers
already?                                                                                        an occupying force controls            is plain that America particularly, is
                                               at a hotel opposite had complained                     the United States.               dangerously close to a horrific era of
                                               about glare but the pub manager said               Can the nation somehow               severe judgment.
                                               it was the first he heard of it.                         reassert itself?

                                               Q. R. wagons left at Muswellbrook;
                                                                                                       Or is it doomed                              SNIPPET
                                               also on a disused line near Murgon!
                                                                                                 for the dustbin of history.”                 CHILDPREDATORS.COM
                                                                                          The stage for this momentous event
                                                                                          is being prepared NOW!                                    FreeReport.cfm
                                                                                                  The plot in Amerika is               Planned Parenthood & National Abor-
                                                                                          going to be enacted to the let-                          tion Federation, caught in
                                                                                          ter. SOON.                                               Pedophile protection Scandal
                                                                                                  Before long, America                             - USA
                                                                                          will be ruled under martial                              tion_in_victoria.htm
                                                                                                                                                   AUSTRALIA. Premier, STEVE
                                                                                          law by UN troops, headed by                              BRACKS, has made a secret
A Queensland newspaper                                                                    a Russian general (Sam Neill)                            pact to decriminalise the sa-
article cited here, wonders                                                               as the Capitol is ransacked,                 distical and satanic mass slaughter of
what the RAILCARS are                                                                     burned and the country is abolished,         innocent little Victorian children, if he is
doing lying idle, interesting!                                                            then “regionalised” under the British        re-elected. Bracks policies conceal child
            WHERE?                                                                        Fabian Society global plan called            rape and child sex abuse while protecting
                                                                                          “Devolution” - as the Protestant “           pedophiles
      Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: Web Site:
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60                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           17
for Osama bin Laden, 9/11 and the              on to hold Alpha training days in
“war against terror.”
         The Daily Mail on Novem-
                                               January 2007 for 1.2 million lay
                                               leaders, enabling the Alpha course to
                                                                                                        RICK WARREN
ber 6,2006, reported, “Former U.S.
President Bill Clinton is to tour three
                                               start in more than a million locations
                                               at the end of February 2007. British                 IS A MEMBER OF THE
Indian cities, giving speeches with            church teams will lead the training
Cherie Blair. One of the organisers            events and Pastor Rick Warren has
says: `It will be the biggest event of         recently visited India and expressed       Rick Warren has finally
its kind India has ever seen.’ “ This          his astonishment at the scale of the                                                                    church pastor and
                                                                                          revealed what most in-                                         bestselling author
initiative is to coincide with Holy            project.                                   vestigators around
Trinity London’s Alpha course mass                      Also, as part of the Queen’s                                                                        of ‘The Purpose
                                                                                          the world thought                                                  Driven Life’,
mind-control “My Hope India” ini-              HOLY TRINITY BROMPTON GNOS-
                                                                                          was true – he is a                                                 had a Damascus
tiative in which more than a million           TIC ALPHA COURSE PROGRAM in
                                                                                          member of an Il-                                                   Road experience
pastors (yes, that’s right - a million)        forming a One World Luciferian
                                                                                          luminist                                                           last week – and
are presently being trained to run             Church and Religion, out of the old
                                                                                          organization, he is                                                like Saul of Tar-
Alpha courses there next spring. This          Protestant and Catholic churches,
initiative is expected to reach tens of        and Eastern religions, the Roman           an occult plant, a                                                 sus, one of the
millions of people across India and is         Catholic Church is now also a prime        LUCIFERIAN!                                                        after-effects ap-
being run jointly with the Billy Gra-          target. In April 2006 about 350 del-       Warren admitted                                                pears to be blind-
ham organisation and Rick Warren’s             egates from ten different countries        this in a proud boast                                        ness.
Purpose Driven Life Ministry. More             and major denominations attended           to Joseph Farah, World Net                   Warren went to Syria and could
than 15 television networks across             the first ever Latin American Alpha        Daily,                                             find: ...
the country are set                                conference in Peru. Alpha cours-       November 20, 2006.                               No persecution of Christians.
to broadcast an ad-                                        es have been running in                 I guess Rick could have bit-            No persecution of Jews.
dress by Sir Billy                                         Peru for several years but     ten off his tongue after this blunder.           No evidence of extremism.
Graham at Christ-                                          this was the first official    Well, it is out now, and yet how                 No evidence of the sponsorship
mas 2006. Teams                                            two day conference on          many of the foolish church-goers             of terrorism ...
from churches all                                          the continent. The World       will believe it? They will probably          But that’s not the story Warren is
over the UK, Eu-                                           Bank, IMF, and Anglo-          think that the Council on Foreign            telling – at least not in the official
rope and the Far                                           American banks have            Relations is a legit and noble     or-                        press releases he is
East are travelling to                                     controlled the Roman           ganization.                                                   sending out from
India in the run-up                                        Catholic Latin American        Here is what happened:                                        Rwanda in response
to Christmas to help                                       countries for years. But
                                                                                                                                                        to my confrontations
train key leaders who will themselves          now the British oligarchs are after          ticle.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53030
                                                                                                                                                        with him last week in
train others. It is hoped that more            their spiritual hearts. Officially,        NEWS BRIEF:
                                                                                                                                                        which I accused him
than 70,000 Christian pastors will             over 40 per cent of the entire global         “Megapastor Rick                                           of betraying his own
be trained at 50 conferences, which            congregation of the Roman Catholic           Warren’s Damascus                                           country in a hostile
will be translated into 11 different           Church is now held in the Latin South
                                                                                                Road experience”,                      foreign land and of being a propa-
languages, including Gujarati, Hindi           American countries.
                                                                                                 WASHINGTON –                          ganda tool of the Islamo-fascist re-
and Tasmil. They will then each go                      If Bill’s wife, Senator
                                                                                          “Rick Warren, the superstar mega-            gime in Damascus.”
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18                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           59
         “In fact, after I                                        Rick Warren has just    Partners funding of Alpha Interna-           Warden of the Cinque Ports in
called him out last                                            admitted to being a        tional’s worldwide expansion of the          Britain goes back many hundreds
week in my col-                                                   member of THE Illu-     Alpha course, operating in conjunc-          of years and symbolizes the British
u m n , Wa r r e n                                                  minist institution    tion with the Vatican, Rick Warren           sovereign’s control of global naval
e-mailed me                                                           which controls      and Sir Billy Graham, Al Gore, David         force (hence “rule Britannia, Britan-
claiming to have                                                      the American        Blood and Jewish Sir Nicholas Stern          nia rules the waves” etc.). Today it is
been misquoted                                                         political ma-      — to mention only a few — the                still one of the highest honours the
by the official                                                        chine — from       Queen is having a proverbial ‘field          Queen can bestow on anyone. Up
Syrian news                                                            the White House    day’ in taking over America and the
agency ...                                                            to the Congress     world.
‘Joseph, why                                                         to the Supreme                What is particularly insult-
didn’t you con-                                                     Court! Rick War-      ing, is that numerous Christians still
tact me first and                                                  ren is leading his     hold to ridiculous, long-held view
discover the fact that                                            church because he       that it is the Vatican or the United
                                                                                          States that controls the world. Really,
I said nothing of the                                        is a member of the CFR,
                                                                                          the facts do not support this view any
sort?’ he pleaded ... ‘He let me                    and has been taking orders from
know he is a close friend of President         them for a very long time, undoubt-
                                                                                          Recently the City of London maga-
Bush ‘and many, if not most, of the            edly from the very beginning, which
                                                                                          zine The Business p.11, arrogantly
generals at the Pentagon’.’’                   is why the “Purpose                        proclaimed that a consortium of sev-
“He also told me he did not tape               Driven Church” has                         en massive British-controlled banks,         until her death the Queen Mother
anything while in Syria, ‘because it           simply exploded in                         Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche           held the position. In February 2004,
was a courtesy call, like I do in every        wealth and in sheer                        Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch,          while the majority of the American
country’.                                      growth in the past 25                      Morgan Stanley and UBS, which                public were sound asleep and under
Warren explained that he had also              years!                                     between them officially account for          God’s judgment having forgotten that
COUNSELED with the                                      But, the dis-                     over half the volume of share trading        their Declaration of Independence
    National Security Council and              cerning person should not have been        in Europe own European share trad-           is all about the “TYRANNY” of the
    the White House,                           surprised. Listen to some of the ba-       ing platform to compete with the Eu-         British king - at a special ceremony
    as well as the State Department,           sic revelations Cutting Edge has been      ronext, New York and London stock            Queen Elizabeth II appointed former
before his little courtesy call ...            pointing out for a very long time:         exchanges - as they take over the            US President Bill Clinton to the
‘In fact’, Warren added, ‘as a                          1) Rick Warren admitted           world through their frantic mergers &        position.
MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON                       that he met Illuminist banker, Peter       Acquisitions (M & A) program.                         This is why, like Al Gore, Bill
FOREIGN RELATIONS and Oxford                   Drucker, at least once per year. Once               But where does “slick Willie”       Clinton is flying around the world
Analytica, I might know as much                we realized this fact, we understood       and “I did not have sexual relations         at present giving all sorts of propa-
about the Middle East as you’.’’               exactly from whence the “Purpose           with that women” Miss Lewinsky fit           ganda speeches to selected business
Did you catch what Rick Warren just            Driven Churches” were getting their        in?                                          leaders secretly on behalf of the
revealed about himself?                        seemingly endless supply of funds.                   Bill & Hillary Clinton,            Queen and City on various NWO
Listen again:                                  Even though they did not pass the            Alpha, and the Destruction of              global initiatives such as dealing
“... AS A MEMBER OF THE COUN-                  collection plate, and made no ap-             Christianity and “Americka”               with “global warming,” the elimina-
CIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS ...”                  peals for money, the movement had                  The high honour of Lord              tion of crime, poverty etc., and of
                                                                                                                                       course, we mustn’t forget, the hunt
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58                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                                 19
he revealed that he was chairman of            struction of Christianity through the      so much cash they were able to build               New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven
a firm called Generation Investment            Gnostic Alpha course and Purpose-          the biggest, and the best equipped,                Church”,   by Warren Smith, p. 27.)
Management, a fund set up finance              Driven course global mind-control          churches on the planet.                           In “The Message” translation,
his global “climate change, global             programmes can be directly traced                                                    the King James is deliberately mis-
                                                                                          (Book - Purpose Driven = Outcome-Based Reli-
warming, environmental, sustainabil-           back to the City of London banking         gion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift”
                                                                                          - by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries
                                                                                                                                    quoted to include two of the most
ity initiatives. His firm has about $US        fraternity and the Queen.                                                            important Satanic words in the entire
                                                                                          - Chapter 13)
500 million undermanagement and                   Recently, Alpha News-UK Edition
founded by himself and David Blood             November 2006 — April 2007, p.2,           In fact, Mac Dominick and I became occult - New Age lexicon.
in 2004. Who is David Blood ? He is            advised that, Rick Warren, founder         convinced that Rick Warren’s “Pur- Colossians 1:16 — The Message Ver-
                                                                                          pose Driven Church”                       sion — “For everything, absolutely
none other than former executive of            of the Purpose Driven network and                                            “AS ABOVE,          everything, above and
Goldman Sachs Asset Management,                one of the most influential pastors in     is the fulfillment of the
                                                                                          Laodicean Church of                SO BELOW”          below, visible and invis-
a subsidiary of British-controlled             America ... is partnering Alpha and                                                              ible ... everything got
Goldman Sachs International whose              the Billy Graham organisation in           Revelation 3.
                                                                                                    Listen to Jesus’                            started in him and finds
current chairman, Peter Sutherland,            the My Hope India project through                                                                its purpose in him”.
just happens also to be the current            which millions are expected to be-         prophetic words con-
                                                                                          cerning this exceed-                                  Colossians 1:16 — “For
chairman of BP, the former founding            come Christians next spring.
                                                                                          ingly wealthy church.                                 by him were all things
director-general of the World Trade                     In this same newspaper,
                                                                                          “...thou sayest, I am                                 created, that are in
Organisation and former director               p.24-25, they ran a two-page feature
                                                                                          rich, and increased                                   heaven, and that are in
general of GATT.                               article entitled, “The banker who
          Goldman Sachs Bank of New            had it all — Oliver Sachs was one          with goods, and have                                  earth, visible and invis-
York is one of the eight giant British         of the most high-flying graduates of       need of nothing; ”                                    ible, whether they     be
shareholding banks that privately              his generation in France — and a           (Revelation 3:17 )                                    thrones, or dominions, or
owns the US Federal Reserve. Gore              convinced atheist. By the age of 40,                 Now you know                                principalities, or powers:
has also worked closely with other             he was a successful banker living in       why Rick Warren was                                   all things were created
key City of London despots, such               London with all that life could offer.     able to get huge sums                                 by him, and for him: “
                                                                                                                           NOTE THE `SNAKE’          In Satanism of all
as sir Nicholas Stern, who recently            Then God moved in.”                        of money from Peter
released the Stern Review on the                        “Then God moved in” at            Drucker — he was CFR!                                 stripes, the words “above
Economics of Climate Change with               Alpha at Holy Trinity Brompton                  2) Rick Warren uses “The Mes- and below” are substituted for “heav-
Fabian British Chancellor Gordon               — or did the “Queen’s bankers move         sage” translation a lot in his ministry, en and earth”, with the understand-
Brown and British PM Tony Blair.               in?” With Jewish Oliver Sachs, from        as it is the first Bible version that he ing within members of the occult that
Recently, the British-controlled bank          Goldman Sachs now at Alpha and             quotes in his book, “The Purpose the meaning is NOT the same as the
Morgan Stanley unveiled a 1.6 mil-             Jewish Ken Costa, (former chairman                           Driven Life”. Warren in Biblical quote! In occult doctrine,
                                                                                                                           version the exact wording is “As above, so
lion Pound investment in carbon                of UBS -Warburg and now current
                                                                                                            cites this
trading with the World Bank where              chairman of Investment Banking at
                                                                                                            at the bottom of his below”.
Sir Nicholas previously worked as              UBS, the biggest bank in Europe
                                                                                                            Dedicatory Page, to This maxim holds slightly different
chief economist.                               — the Warburg Bank of Hamburg
                                                                                                            open and to close meaning depending upon which oc-
          The close links between Al           and Amsterdam is also one of the
                                                                                                            his first chapter, and cult group you are considering:
Gore’s “Global Warming” propagan-              eight British-controlled banks that
da, Goldman Sachs, false prophets              privately own the shares in the U.S.                         quotes this version in * NEW AGE adherents believe that
in the church, and the universal de-           Federal Reserve ), chairman of Alpha                         five of six verses in this means that “the transcendent
                                                                                          Chapter One (“Deceived On Purpose: The God beyond the physical universe
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20                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           57

            Cont’d from p.19
and the Immanent God within
ourselves are one” (Smith, p. 27).             This letter in the
                                                                                             J. D. Christian further comments
Of course, this is Hinduism, a key
element in the New World Order.
                                               UK DAILY EXPRESS, 14/9/06,
                                               gives an idea of how much in
                                                                                              on his book, `Hidden Secrets
* SATANISTS believe this term means
several things:
                                               bondage to the European Union the
                                               member countries are:                             of the Alpha Course’...
   That God and the Devil are equal,           “What a hypocrite David Cameron                                                                                privatizing and
but opposite, supernatural beings.             is. Telling us he will not be slavish                                                                          taking over the
Satanists further believe that, while          to the USA, he continues to support               27, 2006 l
                                                                                                                                                              world (proph
God gained a temporary victory in              our membership of the EU, which            As you will be already be                                           esied in Revela
the Garden of Eden, forces of the              is already taking over almost every        aware, demonic global                                               tion 18) — and
Illuminati will defeat Jesus at the            part of our lives and will soon be         events are now moving                                               through the
Battle of Armageddon, and then will            running all our foreign policy.”           at frantic pace and it is
storm the gates of Heaven to throw                                  Name withheld,        hard for genuine Chris-                                             Alpha Course &
God off His throne.                                          from Plymouth, Devon.        tians to keep up with radi-                                         Purpose-Driven
    That Illumined Men are to                                                             cal changes and loss of                                             Course, are
attempt to recreate on earth what                                                         freedoms that are being                                             destroying the
                                                        In the astonishing book
already exists in Heaven.                                                                 implemented at present.                                             Christian
                                               THE GLOBALISTS, by Dennis L.
                                                                                                   In my recent book,                                         Church. Well,
         You will see this exemplified         Cuddy Ph.D. this segment caught
                                                                                          Hidden Secrets of the                                               enclosed are a few
greatly in the “Secret Architecture of         the eye, this is Australia’s FATE!         Alpha Course, first pub-                                            recent news-
Washington, D.C.”, our volume 2 of             “At Worldview’84, there is discus-         lished in April 2005, I                                             clips that you may
the “Secret Mysteries of America’s             sion of transforming nation-states         explained how the Brit-                                             have missed.
Beginnings” series. Our nation’s               into a New World Order through             ish Queen, (a modern Protestant
capitol was planned as the most                                                                                                         Special Note
                                               ‘management by crisis,’ when at a          “Queen Jezebel,” who is to be su-
powerful occult capitol on earth, and                                                                                                  From the enclosed clips you will
                                               “moment of critical instability,’ the      ceeded by her Philosopher Prince
was laid out according to the Stars,                                                                                                   observe former US president/Rhodes
                                               nation-state system would collapse         son) through the City (City of London        scholar Bill Clinton and former US
following this maxim, “                        (perhaps due to debt) and networking       Corporation) and her despotic vas-           vice-president are travelling around
As Above, So Below”.                           groups would form a replacement            sals, knights, lords, barons, sheriffs,      the world at present giving British
         Therefore, discerning people          society.” (Page 155).                      banking pirates, “King’s Jews,” and          [propaganda] speeches on “Global
should not be surprised by Rick                                                           “merchants of the earth” arrogantly          Initiatives” and “Global Warming”.
Warren’s statement that he is a                                                           control World Freemasonry, the
                                              (Matthew 7:16-20)                                                                        Both are high-level secret vassals of
member of the CFR, for that revela-                                                       Vatican, the invalid Pope, EU, UN,           the Queen.
                                              In all ways you would
tion simply answers the many ques-                                                        Alpha International Space Station              Al Gore, for example, in a recent
                                              wish to count, Rick War-
tions we have always had about the                                                        laser weapon system, global mari-            November 2006 visit to Auckland
                                              ren and his church move-
“Purpose Driven Church”.                                                                  time trade and navy, global secret           University’s business school, New
                                              ment constitute
Truly, Jesus was right when                                                               intelligence services, United States         Zealand, while presenting his cli-
             He said:                                                                     Government and financial system,             mate change slide show “An Incon-
                                              SPIRITUAL FRUIT”.
“Ye shall know them by their fruits”                                                      global media, finance and busi-              venient Truth” to a selected audience,
                                                                                          ness — and        are presently
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56                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                              21

           SNIPPETS                             find the answers to life without God

                                                or sin, they were heavily involved
                                                with communications to the devil and
                                                                                             This was writ-
                                                                                             ten by a young
                                                                                                               “I AM CRYSTAL METH “
                                                demons through the occult practices          girl who was in jail                                                         WHAT IS IT?
  AUSTRALIA PTY LTD issues                                                                                                                                              Amphetamines
                                                they engaged in. And our older citizens      for drug charges,
  a newsletter, “Spark of Life.”                have to suffer their trash, along with the   and was addicted
                                                                                                                                                                        are stimulants,
                                                                                                                                                                        which speed up
A friend gave us a copy. It is filled with      younger victims who find themselves          to crystal meth                                                            the way your
Carl Jung teachings on symbols, “as             under “psychological” experts.                                                                                          body works. They
                                                                                             . She wrote this
being profound expressions on our               Many Christians use psychology to                                                                                       make your heart
                                                                                             while in jail. As                                                          work faster and
inner psychological forces.” There              solve personal problems – they should        you will soon read,                                                they pump adrenaline
was listed a 7 Step Symbol Solver, with
                                                repent.                                      she fully grasped                                                 into the system. The most
amazing advice of a quite ridiculous
nature. Sad to see that Jung, who was a                 CARDINAL                             the horrors of the drug,                                          common type of amphet-
                                                                                                                                                               amine on the street is a
                                                                                             as she tells in this sim-
spiritualist, and a medium, is going on          IDENTIFIED ANTICHRIST?                      ple, yet profound poem.
                                                                                                                                                               white powder called am-
from strength to strength in the medical                                                                                                                       phetamine sulphate. It is
                                               When will the Antichrist make his             She was released from                                             an illegally manufactured
profession! This is an example of the          appearance? Not until the true Church         jail, but true to her story,                                      powder having a varied
“professional” advice from Dementia            is taken out of the way. It all seems                                                                           strength. Off the streets,
                                                                                             the drug owned her.
Care:                                          so bizarre, but Richard Owen in the                                                                             it is usually between 6%
                                                                                             Please keep praying for                                           and 10% purity. Another
“At a presentation at Bundaberg, we            London Times (back in March 6, 2000)          our Children, Teens,                                              form of speed known as
were talking about symbolic language           stated: “The leading conservative con-        Young adults. Under-                                        ‘base’ is much stronger and is
when one of the participants asked:            tender to succeed the Pope yesterday                                                                      between 25% and 35% pure.
                                                                                             stand, this thing is worse
“What does it mean when one of our             said that the “Antichrist” was already                                                                    Drug Treatment Centers
                                                                                             than any of us realize...                                            STREET NAMES
residents, Ivy, takes her dentures out         on earth in the guise of a prominent
every morning and places them be-              philanthropist whose concern for hu-            My Name: “Is TICK”                                        Whiz, Speed, Pep Pills, Co-
                                                                                             I destroy homes, I tear fami-                               pilots, Footballs, Uppers, Billy,
tween two slices of bread?”                    man rights and the environment and                                                                        Crystal, Glass, Ice Cream, Ice,
By using the 7 Step Symbol Solver              advocacy of ecumenism masks his               lies apart, take your chil-                                 Meth, Beans, Black Beau-
and a combination of intuition and             true aim: the destruction of Christian-       dren, and that’s just the                                   ties, White Beanies, Crosses,
movement, the idea evolved that the            ity and the “death of God.” Cardinal          start.                                                      Hearts
                                                                                             I’m more costly than dia-                                   How It Is Taken
Dentures could represent her Ability           Giacomo Biffi, 71, the Archbishop                                                                         Methods of usage varies from
to Talk or Communicate. The bread              of Bologna, said the Antichrist was           monds, more precious than
                                                                                                                                                         orally, snorting, smoking, and
could represent food = Nourishment.            … a ”fascinating personality” whose           gold, the sorrow I bring is a                               injecting.
The gesture of placing her ability to          outward charm and plausibility had            sight to behold.                                                 WHAT DOES IT DO?
Talk or Communicate between the two            deceived his enemies. Cardinal Biffi          If you need me, remember!                                   Amphetamines give users extra
                                                                                             I’m easily found, I live all                                energy for 4-6 hours. It prevents
pieces of Nourishment she is receiving         said the Antichrist espoused vegetari-                                                                    sleep, reduces appetite, speeds
Suffocates her Ability to Talk or Com-         anism, pacifism, environmentalism             around you - in schools                                     up breathing and heart rate
municate?”                                     and animal rights. He also identified         and in town.                                                and widens the pupils. At first
          Oh dear, there were other            the Antichrist as an expert on the Bible      I live with the rich; I live                                the user feels more energetic,
                                                                                             with the poor, I live down                                  cheerful and confident. There
examples, a bit too rude for this maga-        who nonetheless promotes ‘vague and                                                                       is a “come down” during this
zine, all too silly to believe it appears to   fashionable spiritual values rather than      the street, and maybe next                                  time, usually 8 hours after us-
this non-professional, me. Psychology          the Scriptures.” Well, my guess is that       door. I’m made in a lab,                                    ing, the person feels sad, help-
came from such non-entities as Freud           it would be pretty hard for the Cardinal      but not like you think, I                                   less, hopeless, nervous, angry,
                                                                                             can be made under the                                       even violent. Because of these
and Jung, who were determined to               to identify the Antichrist!
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22                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                    Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           55
kitchen sink.
In your child’s closet, and even in the
                                             drastic effects, there is a high risk of psychological
                                             dependence. Regular users who take high doses
                                                                                                      ...Even more unsettling to the outsider
                                                                                                      was the mood of high emotion in
woods, if this scares you to death, well     may develop delusions, hallucinations and feel-
                                                                                                      which the prayer sessions invariably               ARE YOU IN A SUPER-
                                             ings of paranoia. This can develop into paranoid
it certainly should.                                                                                  ended – the weeping and sobbing, the
                                             psychosis from which it may take many months
I have many names, but there’s one           to recover or which may be permanent. Many               young bodies littering the floor, ‘slain            APOSTLE CHURCH?
you know best, I’m sure you’ve heard         women who use amphetamines find that their                                                            Are you or any members of your family
                                                                                                      in the spirit’, the mood of abandon
of me, my name is crystal meth.              periods become irregular or even stop.                                                                involved in a Super-Apostle dominated
                                                                MEDICAL USES
                                                                                                      and catharsis.
My power is awesome; try me you’ll                                                                                                                 church?
                                             Amphetamine is used medically for treatment of                    When I asked one young girl
see, but if you do, you may never                                                                                                                  God has warned us about false apos-
                                             ADHD, obesity, and narcolepsy. Medical use of            why she had been crying she replied
break free.                                  amphetamines was common during the 1950’s                                                             tles in the Last Days.
                                                                                                      that it was ‘because I was happy to
Just try me once and I might let you         and 1960’s for depression and weight loss.                                                                 See 2 Corinthians 11: 5, 13-15.
                                                                                                      be in the presence of God’. And what
go, but try me twice, and I’ll own           As a powerful stimulant, methamphetamine,                                                             Jesus congratulates the churches that
                                             even in small doses, can increase wakefulness            did it feel like, I asked, to be in the
your soul.                                                                                                                                         test for false apostles, in Rev. 2:2.
                                             and physical activity and decrease appetite. A           presence of God? ‘It feels awesome,’         “For such are false apostles, deceitful
When I possess you, you’ll steal and         brief, intense sensation, or rush, is reported by        she said. ‘God,’ a boy standing next to
you’ll lie, you do what you have to          those who smoke or inject methamphetamine.                                                            workers, transforming themselves into
                                             Oral ingestion or snorting produces a long-last-
                                                                                                      her said, ‘is so powerful it’s hard not      the apostles of Christ. And no marvel;
— just to get high.
                                             ing high instead of a rush, which reportedly can         to cry.’                                     for Satan himself is transformed into
The crimes you’ll commit for my nar-         continue for as long as half a day. Both the rush                 Kids in Ministry has outreach       an angel of light.
cotic charms will be worth the pleasure      and the high are believed to result from the re-         programmes in Africa and India, but          Therefore it is no great thing if his
you’ll feel in your arms, (your lungs,       lease of very high levels of the neurotransmitter
                                             dopamine into areas of the brain that regulate           not yet in Britain. However, the idea of     ministers also be transformed as the
and your nose).
                                             feelings of pleasure.                                    instructing children ‘in the prophetic’      ministers of righteousness; whose end
You’ll lie to your mother; you’ll steal
                                             Methamphetamine has toxic effects. In animals,           has a growing currency among the             shall be according to their works.”
from your dad, when you see their            a single high dose of the drug has been shown            Charismatic community in this coun-                                2 Cor. 11:13-15.
tears, you should feel sad.                  to damage nerve terminals in the dopamine-
But you’ll forget your morals and how        containing regions of the brain. The large release       try.                                         “I know thy works, and thy labour,
you were raised, I’ll be your con-           of dopamine produced by methamphetamine is                        Heather Thompson is the             and thy patience, and how thou canst
science, I’ll teach you my ways.
                                             thought to contribute to the drug’s toxic effects on     director of Powerpack Ministries,            not bear them which are evil: and
                                             nerve terminals in the brain. High doses can el-         which produces teaching resources
I take kids from parents, and parents        evate body temperature to dangerous, sometimes                                                        thou hast tried [tested] them which
from kids, I turn people from God,           lethal, levels, as well as cause convulsions.            and advises Charismatic churches             say they are apostles, and are not, and
                                                                                                      on ministering to children, and runs         hast found them liars:..” Rev. 2:2.
                                                            WHAT ARE THE LONG-TERM                    children’s groups at large evangelical                 Write for “The Attack of the
                                                         EFFECTS OF METHAMPHETAMINE
                                                                                                      events such as Spring Harvest and            Super-Apostles” for info and solutions.
                                                        Long-term methamphetamine abuse               Faith Camp.                                  Cost $2 posted. (send only stamps)
                                                        results in many damaging effects,                           DESPATCH:                                Has your pastor given away
                                                        including addiction. Addiction is a                    We have known of young              his church to the evils of Rick Warren,
                                                        chronic, relapsing disease, character-
                                                        ized by compulsive drug-seeking and
                                                                                                      teenagers involved in such incredible        Bill Hybels, Benny Hinn, or any of the
                                                        drug use which is accompanied by              mediumship, telling of fortunes and          Church Growth, Emerging Church,
                                                        functional and molecular changes              manipulation, and demonic interfer-          Seeker Friendly “apostles?”
                                                        in the brain. In addition to being ad-        ence, but now it is going on with
                                                        dicted to methamphetamine, chronic
                                                        methamphetamine abusers exhibit
                                                                                                      very young children! Little
                                                        symptoms that can include violent             children should not be pushed into           Keep your eye on developments and
                                                        behavior, anxiety, confusion, and             such things! It is a tragedy.                pray for the kids!

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54                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                                  23
she was touched by God.’                       fruits of expectation placed on the          separate friends.                           I can bring you more misery than words
         She carefully stepped around          children by what psychologists would         I’ll take everything from you, your         can tell, come take my hand, let me lead
the prostrate body and attempted to            call the ‘set and setting’ – the music,      looks and your pride, I’ll be with you      you to hell.
press on with her talk, then gestured          the prayers, the emotional catharsis,        always — right by your side.                If you care enough, please forward this
to Koch. ‘She’s kind of distracting.’          the dangling carrot of approval and          You’ll give up everything - your family,    profound poem and share the deadly
Ruth’s father came out of the audi-            applause when a message or pro-              your home, your friends, your money,        outcome of this drug that is killing our
ence, picked up his child and carried          nouncement seemed to hit home.               then you’ll be alone.                       young people & EVEN OUR OLD.
her off to a side room.                                  Koch was alive to the pos-         I’ll take and take, till you have nothing
...A boy of about nine stepped off             sibility that some of the children at        more to give, when I’m finished with         insomnia. They also can display a number of
the stage and walked                                             least might have been      you, you’ll be lucky to live.                psychotic features, including paranoia, auditory
                                                                                            If you try me be warned - this is no         hallucinations, mood disturbances, and delusions
directly to a girl in the                                        simply making it up.                                                    (for example, the sensation of insects creeping
audience and pointed                                             ‘You’ll get a few, when    game, if given the chance, I’ll drive        on the skin, which is called “formication”). The
at her: ‘God has told                                            they share something,      you insane.                                  paranoia can result in homicidal as well as sui-
me that if you keep                                              they’re saying it to get   I’ll ravish your body, I’ll control your     cidal thoughts.
                                                                                            mind, I’ll own you completely, your          With chronic use, tolerance for methampheta-
on praying every day,                                            attention,’ she told                                                    mine can develop. In an effort to intensify the
you will blow people’s                                           me, ‘because they do       soul will be mine.                           desired effects, users may take higher doses of
brains out.’ There was                                           get a lot of attention     The nightmares I’ll give you while ly-       the drug, take it more frequently, or change their
a moment’s hesitation                                            when they say some-        ing in bed, the voices you’ll hear, from     method of drug intake. In some cases, abusers
                                                                                            inside your head.                            forego food and sleep while indulging in a form
– could he mean? No,                                             thing; people are…                                                      of binging known as a “run,” injecting as much as
surely not – and then                                            wow! ...These were         The sweats, the shakes, the visions          a gram of the drug every 2 to 3 hours over several
a thunderous round of                                            early days, Fischer        you’ll see, I want you to know, these        days until the user runs out of the drug or is too
applause.                                                        said. Eighty per cent      are all gifts from me.                       disorganized to continue. Chronic abuse can lead
                                                                                            But then it’s too late, and you’ll know      to psychotic behavior, characterized by intense
...The more I watched                                            of children’s proph-                                                    paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and
                                                                                            in your heart, that you are mine, and
the children giving                                              ecy was comprised                                                       out-of-control rages that can be coupled with
                                                                                            we shall not part.                           extremely violent behavior.
prophecy, the more I                                             of what I had been
                                                                                            You’ll regret that you tried me, they        Although there are no physical manifestations
wondered about what                                              watching unfold over                                                    of a withdrawal syndrome when methampheta-
                                                                                            always do, but you came to me, not
it could mean. Some of the messages            the last two days: messages of comfort,                                                   mine use is stopped, there are several symptoms
                                                                                            I to you.                                    that occur when a chronic user stops taking the
seemed unerring in their specificity;          inspiration and uplift. ‘But if these
                                                                                            You knew this would happen, many             drug. These include depression, anxiety, fatigue,
some so vague they could have meant            children continue this as they grow
                                                                                            times you were told, but you chal-           paranoia, aggression, and an intense craving for
anything, to anybody; and some, sim-           into their twenties and thirties, they                                                    the drug.
                                                                                            lenged my power, and chose to be
ply the first things that came into the        will begin to prophesy at very high          bold.
                                                                                                                                         In scientific studies examining the consequences
children’s heads. For Fischer and Koch         levels.                                                                                   of long-term methamphetamine exposure in ani-
                                                                                            You could have said no, and just             mals, concern has arisen over its toxic effects on
it was ‘the word of God’.                                At that point they will proph-     walked away, if you could live that day      the brain. Researchers have reported that as much
         Others might have called it           esy national events, international           over, now what would you say?                as 50 percent of the dopamine-producing cells in
simply intuition, or perhaps, if you had       events, things for their church, speak-      I’ll be your master, you will be my
                                                                                                                                         the brain can be damaged after prolonged expo-
                                                                                                                                         sure to relatively low levels of methamphetamine.
a mind for such things, the cultivation        ing to political issues. I know of peo-      slave, I’ll even go with you, when you       Researchers also have found that serotonin-con-
of nascent clairvoyant gifts.                  ple who are known among prophetic            go to your grave.                            taining nerve cells may be damaged even more
         Others still, of course, would        circles for their accuracy in prophecy       Now that you have met me, what will          extensively. Whether this toxicity is related to the
have dismissed the pronouncements              for world events who have private                                                         psychosis seen in some long-term methampheta-
                                                                                            you do, will you try me or not?              mine abusers is still an open question.
as figments of the imagination, the            audiences with the President.’                           It’s all up to you.

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24                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                 Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           53

     GEORGE W. BUSH – THE GHASTLY PERVERT!                                                          ganised by Kids in Ministry. It shows        her forties, she began by asking for the
                                                                                                    children praying in front of a card-         Lord’s intervention over the matter of
                                                                                                    board cut-out of George Bush, and at         the pornographer Larry Flynt open-
                                                                                                    one point Fischer seems to equate the        ing a Hustler boutique in Nashville
          The following article by Texe                     Now, isn’t it way past time that yet    preparation she is giving her young          – ‘Because if he can take Nashville,
Marrs does not make pretty reading!             another high profile sodomite, a cocaine            charges with the training of Islamist        he can take America…’
                                                abuser shamelessly guilty of hiring male            terrorists.                                            I wondered how many of the
We apologise for this, but we need
                                                prostitutes to service him, also finally step                 ‘I want to see young people        eight-year-olds in the congregation
to know how foul these people are,              forward and admit, “I too, am a deceiver
who dare to pretend to be Christians!                                                               who are as committed to the cause of         had heard of Larry Flynt or knew what
                                                and a liar?”
We need to understand also how                                                                      Jesus Christ as young people are to the      pornography was.
                                                            I’m referring, of course, to George
foolish most church goers are, who              W. Bush, current occupant of the nation’s           cause of Islam,’ she says. ‘I want to see              ‘There is a living Devil, and
trust such creatures and believe that           #1 political job, the presidency. This may          them radically laying down their lives       he is after your generation,’ Campbell
                                                be quite a shock to some readers, but most          for the gospel.’                             went on, recounting a story about
George Bush and others are “men of
                                                folks in the Washington, D.C. beltway al-                     These pronouncements had           seven-year-olds being sold into pros-
God” and saved people.                          ready know what I’m going to reveal here.           led to allegations that Fischer was          titution in Thailand. ‘The Devil knows
          Many church goers trust Rick          Yes, they know that George W. is a bisexual         brainwashing children and ‘raising up        about your generation. He wants to
Warren, Bill Hybels, George W Bush,             and a procurer of male prostitutes.
                                                                                                    an army of Christian terrorists’. When       steal from you and kill you. But God
Billy Graham, and even the Pope                             Many insiders snicker and laugh
                                                ha, ha, ha, at brain-dead Christian evangeli-       I raised this with Fischer, she insisted     knows about you, too.’
– they are following the devil’s top-                                                               she had been misinterpreted. The                       Then she called a boy named
                                                cals who actually believe that George W.
level deceivers - they are his army                                                                 children were not praying to Bush,           Jordan to the stage and told him that
                                                is a God-fearing heterosexual, born again
filled with demons! It is shocking,             Christian.                                          she told me, but praying for him – as        she had been praying for him and had
yes, but need to realize how far                As David Kuo, former top White House                they would for whoever happened              had a vision that he would become
gone this wicked, wicked world is!              adviser in the Bush Administration, reveals         to be President. The talk of ‘raising        ‘a leader for his generation. I could
Despatch does not hold the errone-              in his new book, Tempting Fate, the Bush            an army for Christ’ and of children          see you standing in front of crowds
ous beliefs that God has replaced               White House team sneers and jokes about
                                                                                                    ‘laying down their lives’ was merely         of people and leading many, many
                                                the evangelicals so easily deceived by
Israel with the Church! God will                                                                    metaphor, of the sort commonly found         to righteousness.’ The audience
                                                the President. Kuo presents evidence that
raise up Israel again as head nation            the Bush people view Christian evangeli-            in scripture.                                whooped their approval, as Jordan
in the Millennium Reign of Christ.              cal leaders and their flocks as ridiculous,                   To her congregation at least,      blushed and returned to his seat.
But, and it is a big but, right now             silly, nuts, even insane. To the Bush people,       she remained defiant. ‘We’ve got             ...Many of the children, especially the
Jews who hate Christ and Christians             Christianity is a farce and Christians are          the liberals quite stirred up,’ she an-      very young, seemed confused and
are making their presence known in              easily duped idiots.                                nounced one morning, to loud cheers.         alarmed, Mick reveals.
                                                George W. Bush’s Tarnished Reputation
the exploits of the New World Order                                                                 ‘Some people think I’m a nut and dan-        This is an example:
                                                            George W. Bush, as many Texas
– this is fact.                                 politicos could easily tell you, had quite          gerous. Well, they ain’t seen nothing        ...They were greeted by the sight of a
          Ted Haggard, pastor of the            a reputation back in the Lone Star State            yet.’                                        small child lying on the floor, twitch-
14,000-member New Life Church in Colo-          for both his sexual misconduct and for his          ...The next morning, there was an ap-        ing and groaning. It was Ruth, the
rado Springs and head of the 30-million         snorting of loads of white powder (cocaine)         pearance by a guest speaker named            eight-year-old whom I had noticed
strong National Association of Evangelicals,    up his nose. The man never held a real job;         Stacey Campbell, well-known in               prophesying the day before.
after being outed as a CRYSTAL METH             he shirked his Air National Guard duties,           Charismatic circles for her work with                  ‘Don’t worry about her,’
snorting sodomite guilty of paying male         having joined the Guard in the              first   children.                                    Fischer said. ‘They had a really sweet
prostitutes for sex and drugs, reluctantly      place only to evade serving in Vietnam.
                                                                                                              A small, energetic woman in        moment in the dance class today and
admitted, “I am a deceiver and a liar.”         Bill Clinton dodged military service, too,
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52                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                            25
to promote a vision of ‘how God sees           ...The climax of each session would be     by running off and hiding in                                    told the Canadian Prime
children as His partners in ministry           the moment when Fischer would ask          England, but Bush hid in plain                                  Minister that his young,
worldwide’; with the purpose of                children to come forward to prophesy.      sight, in an Air National Guard                                 male press advisor was
                                                                                          uniform. It’s great to have                                     “gorgeous.” Bush ap-
equipping children ‘to do the work             There was always a sense of anticipa-      friends in high places to help                                  pointed Ken Mehlman, a
of ministry and release them in their          tion when this occurred. On the first      out in time of need, isn’t it?                                  Jewish homosexual, as the
giftings and callings’.                        night, a dozen or so children stepped                 Bush and Clinton                                     Chairman of the Republi-
          What this means, in simple           forward.                                   are alike in one other aspect                                   can National Committee.
terms, is training children, some as                     ‘You in the green shirt…’        as well. Both used the White                                    Think of it—a homo as
young as five, to use the ‘gifts’ of heal-     A boy of about 10 with a crew-cut          House as a Whore House. Bill                                    titular head of the entire
ing, prophecy and speaking in tongues          pointed to a middle-aged woman in          did sexual things with cigars                                   Republican Party!
more commonly associated with Old                                                         with a young intern, while                                         Bush also named his
                                               the audience. ‘God told me that at
                                                                                          George had his muscular, boy-                                   gay roommate at Yale
Testament prophets and Jesus Christ            some time you’ve been broken, and          man homosexual lover, Jeff       President Bush raised eye- University, Tennessee’s
Himself...                                     you’ve never really got over it. But       Gannon, stay over many a         brows at a White House press Victor Ashe, Ambassador
          Children, Fischer told me,           God says He’s going to build you back                                       conference by kissing homo-
                                                                                          night in the White House. He                                    to Poland. As Global AIDS
                                                                                                                           sexual prostitute Jeff Gannon
are ‘part of God’s End Time army’, as          up, and don’t think about your past,       and young Jeff Gannon weren’t    on top of his head. Gannon Coordinator, another Am-
capable as adults of operating in the          think about your future.’ The woman        discussing foreign policy and    was issued press credentials bassador-rank position,
‘gifts of the Spirit’, including preach-       called back, ‘Right on!’                                                    by Karl Rove at Bush’s request Bush chose homosexual
                                                                                          affairs of state all those times in
ing the Gospel, laying hands on the                      Then a boy named Levi spoke.     the wee hours of the morning     and attended the sessions.     activist Mark R. Dybul.
                                                                                          in the presidential bedrooms, I  This photo shows George Secretary of State Condi
sick, raising the dead and speaking in         ‘God told me there’s someone here                                           Bush affectionately embracing Rice administered the
                                                                                          assure you.
tongues.                                       and your hands are really on fire. God                                      male prostitute Jeff Gannon at oath of office to the new
          She cited the biblical book          has something for you. Your hands are        Fabulous, Gorgeous, Queer
                                                                                                                           the White House right after a
                                                                                                                                                          appointee, recognizing
                                                                                                                           presidential press conference.
Acts, 2:17: ‘In my last days I will            really hot, sweating almost.’                         Since assuming the Other photos picture Bush Dybul’s gay lover and live-
pour out my spirit and your sons and                     A young girl raised her hand.    presidency, George W. has winking at and actually kissing in partner, Jason. Condi, a
daughters shall prophesy. Your young           ‘Hey, Chelsea!’ Levi said. ‘God just       surrounded himself with gay Gannon. (For more info, go reputed lesbian domin
men shall see visions, your old men            told me there’s heat in your hands, and    men. The White House is jok- on the internet to atrix, even permitted the
shall see dreams.’                                                                        ingly referred to as the “Pink and search for Jeff Gannon, Ambassador’s homo part-
                                               if you just keep studying the word and
                                                                                          House” by the Gay Community. Gannon quickly ner, Jason, to hold the
          Fischer allowed that not many        chasing after God, every day there’s       First, there’s Karl Rove, Bush’s disappeared after these photos Bible upon which Dybul
people took this to apply to children          going to be heat in your hands, and        campaign chief. Rove’s father
                                                                                                                           came out.
                                                                                                                                                          laid his hand while taking
as young as five. But children, she            every time you touch somebody they         was gay, and Rove himself is                                    the oath of office.
said, are ‘naturally in touch with the         will be healed.’ There was a round of      a queer. According to Fox-TV                                       President Bush has
supernatural. You have to remember             whoops, yeahs and applause.                News, Karl Rove smiled know-                                    more homosexuals in his
this is a relatively new phenomenon.           ...Becky Fischer’s mission has not         ingly when a Fox-TV reporter                                    Administration than Bill
          “When people start hearing           passed without controversy. Shortly        asked him about the special                                     Clinton, and he’s more
                                                                                          nickname his pal, the Presi-                                    than accommodated their
that children are prophesying and              before my visit to the Extreme Pro-        dent, lovingly has for him.                                     “special needs.” For ex-
preaching they get goosebumps. But             phetic Conference, a documentary                      President Bush calls                                 ample, Bush appointed
this is happening across the face of           about her work called Jesus Camp           me “Turdbloss om,” Rove said.                                   a queer to be the new
the earth. I’ve got a friend in Tanzania       had received its first screening at the    Why “Turdblossom?”—Please,                                      Ambassador to Romania,
who runs a school where children               Tribeca Film Festival in New York.         let’s not go there.                                             then approved the man’s
are healing the sick and casting out                     The film follows the course                 George W. Bush of-                                   sodomite lover to fly off
devils.’                                       of a ‘Kids on Fire’ summer camp or-        ten commends male visitors to the White with him in a U.S. aircraft to Bucharest,
                                                                                          House for their “fabulous” clothing. He the capital of that nation, where the gay
      Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: Web Site:
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26                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006               Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           51
Ambassador and his lover now contently devoted, pro bono work on behalf of the
shack-up together in an embassy-
leased mansion, at U.S. taxpayers’
                                                                 gay rights movement, Jerry
                                                                 Falwell, always a boot kisser
                                                                                                                       “KIDS” IN SPIRITUAL
expense. The two sodomites even                                  to Republican presidents,  
attend official functions together.                              jumped in to defend Bush’s            jhtml? xml=/health/2006/11/18/
I wonder what the leaders and                                    pro-gay choice. Gay rights,                   ftjesus18 .xml
citizens of Romania think about                                  said Falwell, “is not a liberal
                                                                                                   An American Christian,
that?                                                            or conservative value. It’s an
  Homosexuals Love Bush’s                                                                          Mick Brown is alarmed
                                  At Yale University, student George American value that
  Supreme Court Nominees          W. Bush roomed with his homo- I would think that we              about a movement called
Bush’s biggest coup was his sexual pal, Victor Ashe. Later, as pretty much all agree               KIDS IN MINISTRY, a US
choice to be the new Chief President of the United States, on.” Uh, hold on there,                 evangelical organization.
Justice of the U.S. Supreme Bush appointed his old friend Jerry. Not “all” of us                   Should any know of this
                                  Ashe Ambassador to Poland.
Court. John Roberts, a gay                                             agree on that. In fact,     kind of extreme “ministry”
judge, is not only queer him-                                          I suspect there are at
                                                                                                   in Australia, please let
self, but he’s the infamous attorney who least several thousand readers of Power of
represented the entire homosexual commu- Prophecy newsletter who believe sodomy
                                                                                                   us know. Mick Brown
nity of America in the notorious, landmark and its cousin, pedophilia, are both a sin              attended, to investigate,
court case, Romer v Evans (1996), in which and a crime.                                            Extreme Prophetic Confer-
all state laws forbidding acts of sodomy Steamy Lesbian Sex and the Infamous Bear                  ence in Missouri to get his                  the message given to various ones
were declared unconstitutional.                   Novel                                            info. He was shaken and perplexed by         from the children themselves, six year
           The depraved Judge Roberts is so                   And there’s more. George W.          what he encountered.                         olds, eight year olds, whatever, was
fanatical in his support of sodomy and gay Bush was the first President to have for-                         Kids in Ministry trains chil-      directive and supposed to be straight
rights he even fought the case for his limp- mal public meetings in the Oval Office
                                                                                                   dren as young as five to give messages       from God. The kids “prophesied” that
wristed buddies on a pro bono basis—he with the Log Cabin Republicans group—a
didn’t even charge the queer groups a dime merry band of GOP queers into politics. He              in “prophecy,” to minister in “gifts of      this one or that one would be in India
for his services. Now that’s real devotion chose for his running mate Vice President               healing,” and to speak in tongues. The       as missionaries, they gave messages to
to a cause, however corrupt.                      Dick Cheney, whose wife, Lynn, authored          article is rather large so we will just      the adults, and directed people by their
           So, thanks to our “born again several novels with what have been called                 give highlights herein:                      prophecies!
Christian President,” George W. Bush, we “steamy lesbian sex scenes.” Fitting since,               “At 9pm – a time when most of the
have sitting at the helm of the U.S. Supreme as it turns out in real life, the Cheneys’            children might have been expected                       KINDERGARTEN
Court one of the most highly acclaimed gay                                                                                                                   OF CHRIST
                                                                                                   to be in bed – the atmosphere in
rights attorneys in the world.
                                                                                                   the Christ Triumphant Church was             Extracts:
           What’s more, so enamored of                                                             approaching fever-pitch. On stage,           ...The numberplates on the cars and
Bush and slavish to his every need are evan-                                                       a teenage “Christian” Rock band              camper-vans parked outside the Christ
gelical leaders like Pastor Ted Haggard,                                                           called Signs and Wonders was play-           Triumphant Church in Lee’s Summit,
James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Jerry                                                             ing something sweet and exultantly           Missouri, suggested that some families
Falwell that they ended up enthusiastically                                                        hypnotic.”                                   had travelled hundreds of miles to at-
throwing their full support for John Roberts’                                                                Mick describes how the             tend what was billed as ‘The Extreme
confirmation by the Senate. So, gays owe a
                                                                                                   children were dancing, their bod-            Prophetic Conference for Kids’.
great debt of gratitude to the Dobson-Fal- Secretary of State Condi Rice swears in sodomite
well crowd, as well as to George W. Bush, Mark R. Dybul as Bush’s Global AIDS Coordina-            ies writhing and twisting, their arms                The event was hosted by an
for this generous favor.                         tor. First Lady Laura Bush looks on and Dybul’s   flailing in the air, perspiration on         evangelical organisation called Kids
           When just a few, old-line con- gay partner, Jason, holds the Bible.                     their foreheads. 150 children were           in Ministry, founded by Pastor Fischer.
servatives complained about Judge Roberts’                                                         there, and half as many adults, and          Kids in Ministry describes its aims as
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]             Email: Web Site:
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50                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                               27

                                                                                           daughter is a full-scale lesbian political       ing in agony as they are ritualistically
                                                                                           activist.                                        tortured and sexually abused by sodomite
    CARDS -                                                                                           Cheney for four years was served      creeps. Shades of the abominable activities
Loyalty Cards                                   Reward or Loyalty cards!                   by his Chief of Staff, an odd fella named        of France’s notorious sadist, the Marquis de
In view of last Despatch with the                          Just co-incidence?              Lewis “Scooter” Libby. Libby, who has            Sade.
                                                What better way to subtlely en-            been indicted by a federal grand jury for                  Seymour Hersh, acclaimed New
warning of RFID microchips being                                                           intelligence crimes, is reputed to be an         York writer who uncovered the My Lai,
placed in these plastic cards, it was           courage their use through the seem
                                                                                           Israeli secret agent. Libby, or “Scooter” as     Vietnam atrocities decades ago, reports
intriguing to read in Readers Digest,           ingly innocuous Reader’s Digest            Cheney and neocon friends so lovingly call       that inside the Pentagon’s inner sanctum,
January 2007, pp.104-111, an article            magazine.                                  him, also is a novelist. In one of his fiction   kept hidden by Bush people from view by
pushing the benef its of                                The NWO wants to track             books, he has an account of a caged bear         ordinary Americans, are horrific videos that
                                                your money-trail! What you spend,          being sexually tormented by human sex            beggar the imagination. They include grim
                                                what products you buy. Fly Buys            fiends with sticks. (Incredible? Yes, but also   scenes of U.S. CIA and military interroga-
         MAGPIES                                were promoted as well.
                                                                                           sickeningly true).                               tors raping and sodomizing Iraqi children.
                                                                                                                                            Hersh has seen them and says the “sound-
      PRICEY BOUNTY                                                      Are                   Israel’s President Rapes Ten Aides           track of the shrieking boys” and hearing
Warwick Daily News, October 11 2006.                                Grain-of-sand                     Bush and Cheney are, as we all        their mothers, forced to watch, crying out
         A man was fined three times                                     size              know, huge backers of Israel and are ex-         for mercy, made him sick to his stomach.
more than a drunk driver for shooting                                 RFID chips           tremely supportive of Israeli politicians. Is it           Bush is a sick, sick man, indeed.
aggressive magpies.                                                   embedded             not significant, then, that Israel’s President,  Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Beria don’t have
                                                                                           Moshe Katsov, is now under investigation         a thing on this man. Bush and his coterie
         The Emu Vale property of                                   in these cards
                                                                                           in that country for raping and sexually          of homoerotic thugs are craftier and more
the man had become dangerous                                        in Australia??         molesting ten young staffers? The crimes         sinister than anything the brutal Soviet
territory, the magpies had been ter-                                                       of Katsov, the sex-fiend President of Israel,    system ever produced. And coincidentally,
rorizing David Washbourne and                   Note: READER’S DIGEST                      are perhaps exceeded only by those of Bush       Lenin and the boys in Russia were all Jews,
his family for weeks. His father had                       ASSOCIATION                     and his homoerotic cohorts.                      and they were all homosexuals to boot. Just
been forced to the ground and struck            Lynne Cheney, wife of the US Vice-                    Consider the sexual sadism prac-      like Bush and his neocons.
                                                                                           ticed at Abu Ghraib prison. Video films of
in the eye by two of the birds.                 President and
                                                                                           Iraqi male, nude prisoners showed many             Crushing the Testicles of Little Boys
         Under new conservation                 “senior fellow”                            being victimized in acts of brutal sodomy.                 Once we peer within, we find
laws the magpies are valued at $1229            of the American                            Naked Iraqi males—many whom later were worse and worse elitist Bush perversion
each, and David was fined $2458 for             Enterprise                                 found to be innocent—were stacked in down deep inside the White House rabbit
shooting the two renegades.                     Institute, is on                           pyramids, their sexual organs                                   hole. In a debate in Chicago
                                                the Readers’                               revealed.                                                       with Notre Dame professor
             Cont’d from p. 49                                                                        Evidence shows that                                  and scholar Doug Cassel,
                                                Digest Board
a system of rivers fed by artesian springs                                                 top Bush White House and                                        Bush Justice Department
emerging from the “great deep,” a vast
                                                as well as that                            Pentagon officials, including                                   attorney John Yoo argued
system of underground pressurized res-          of American                                Secretary of State Rumsfeld,                                    that President George Bush
ervoirs. The antediluvian “waters above         Express...                                 privately viewed these ob-                                      has the full legal authority
                                                         scene, monstrous movies, no                                     to sexually torture anyone
the firmament” and the “great deep”                       rates/owners/_rd.html            doubt for their own, wicked                                     suspected of being a ter-
had been dissipated at the flood, so God
                                                                                           pleasures. Apparently, Bush,                                     rorist. According to Yoo, if
had to devise a new system for watering                   Send for the 2 DVD                                                    Defrocked Congressman Mark
                                                                                           Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all Foley, poster boy for rampant Bush desires, he can even
the earth. This he accomplished by acti-                   on RFIDs. posted for $7         the other Bush Administration homosexuality of Republicans order the sexual torture of
vating the marvelous engine which we                                                       perverts get a real rise out of and Democrats alike in Wash- infants. He can, for exam-
                                                           in Aust.
know today as the hydrologic cycle.                                                        viewing young men scream- ington, DC.                            ple, order interrogators to
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28                                             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                 Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           49
crush the testicles of a per-                                                                           Water is converted by solar energy into      causing them to fall to the ground as
son’s child, to get the parent                                                                          the vapor state. Since water vapor is        rain or snow.
to “confess.” It was Yoo who                                                                            lighter than air, the winds can first el-            But then, what makes the
authored Bush’s misnamed                                                                                evate, then transport the water from the            small droplets become large
Patriot Act legislation, au-
                                                                                                        oceans to the lands where it is needed.                 enough to do this ?
thorizing the torture, the
suspension of constitutional
                                                                                                        There, under the right conditions, the       Some clouds never fall, while others
rights for suspects, and the                                                                            vapor can condense around dust par-          grow dark and heavy.
imprisoning of “potential”                                                                              ticles, salt particles, or other nuclei of         What makes the difference?
criminals at U.S.-run gulag                                                                             condensation.                                The answer is in our original passage.
camps.                                                                                                            When this happens, clouds          “He made a decree for the rain, and a
          Extending outside                                                                             are formed. Water vapor is invisible,        way for the lightning of the thunder.”
the White House, we find During the Reagan presidency, with the Senior George H. W.                     whereas clouds are aggregations of                     With the right combination of
even more evidence of the Bush as Vice President, young boys were molested by a ring of                 liquid water droplets. But then the          air turbulence and clouds, the complex
sicko regime: GOP Congress- high-ranking Congressmen and bureaucrats. (view full article                question again must be raised: how           forces generate an electrical field that
men Mark Foley, Danny online book “Franklin Coverup” -                     do the clouds stay aloft? Job rightly        produces lightning discharges. These
                                 merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_ Code=catalog&Product_Code=bboa_fran-
Hastert, Jim Kolbe, and a klin_coverup
                                                                                                        stressed the remarkable nature of this       violent electrical currents, in some
slew of others, including
                                                                                                        phenomenon. “Dost thou know the              complex energy exchange not yet fully
Governors, Senators, and Judges. Ho- routine of “see, hear, say nothing.”
moerotic thugs all, and not a few pedophile                                                             balancing           of the clouds ?” (Job    understood, cause the small water drop-
predators among them. The evil goes back                                                                37:16). They did not know in his day.        lets to bind together with others to form
                                                        Laura Bush’s Revealing Choice
all the way to the Lyndon B. Johnson and                                                                “He bindeth up the waters in his thick       larger drops. Finally, this remarkable
                                                            First Lady Laura Bush has surely
the Reagan Administrations. Many of Presi- known about her hubby, George’s, sexual                      clouds; and the cloud is not rent under      series of events delivers the rain to the
dent Ronald “Hollywood” Reagan’s White infatuation with male prostitute Jeff Gan-                       them” (Job 26:8).                            thirsty ground.
House pals were also sodomites.                    non. And she must at least suspect the               The secret, however, is again in “the                  This is also the theme of some
                                                    grotesque goings-on of the strange men              weight of the winds” and in the fact that    of God’s rhetorical questions in his
    Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia               who carry on their sick and sordid behavior         “He maketh small the drops of water.”        challenge to Job and his friends:
           That most of the Bush queer              inside the secure work areas of the White           The water droplets are indeed very           “Who hath divided a watercourse for
battalion are Jews is not a surprise. The           House Bordello. A hint of her sure knowl-           small, and their weight is sustained by      the overflowing of waters, or a way
Jewish Talmud, the rabbis’ most holy book,          edge came a couple of years ago when                the drag force of the uprushing winds,       for the lightning of thunder; To cause
officially endorses pedophile acts by homo-         officials of the Texas Library Association
sexual fiends. The Talmud says that sex with                                                            as the air is pushed skyward due to tem-     it to rain on the earth, where no man
                                                    asked Mrs. Bush to identify a single play           perature decrease with elevation.            is; on the_ wilderness, wherein there
a girl under three years of age, or a minor         or book that the First Lady personally en-
boy under nine, is permissible. It’s not even                                                           How is this “balancing of the clouds”        is no man; To satisfy the desolate and
                                                    joyed and was representative of what Laura
a “sexual connection,” say the rabbis.              considered “the best that Texas authors and
                                                                                                           finally overcome, so that they can        waste ground; and to cause the bud of
           Evidently, evangelicals like TBN’s       playwrights had to offer.” Madam Bush’s                    “pour down rain according             the tender herb to spring forth?
Paul Crouch (who gave $425,000 to hush-             revealing choice: “The Best Little Whore-                    to the vapour thereof?”             Hath the rain a father? or who hath
up his homosexual lover from writing a tell-        house in Texas.”                                    The answer is given in Job 37:11.            begotten the drops of dew?”
all exposé of he and Paul’s sodomite affair)                  Could it be that the best little                  “By watering he wearieth                                       (Job 38:25-28).
and the NAE’s gay deceiver, Ted Haggard,            whorehouse in Texas is actually a bordello,                      the thick cloud.”                         After the great flood, the whole
for years either winked at the White House          an exclusive yet seedy establishment locat-         That is, the water droplets coalesce to      world was a wilderness, and there were
Bordello, or just avoided the issue.                ed not in Texas but in Washington, D.C., a          form larger and larger drops, which          no men to irrigate or till the ground. In
           So, apparently, did Dobson,              giant, white Greco-Roman mansion sitting
Falwell, Hagee, Graham, Warren, Hybels,                                                                 finally become so large that their weight    the pre-flood world, there had been no
                                                    behind a handsome wrought iron-fence at             is greater than the drag forces of the       rain (Gen. 2:5), but the ground had been
Schuller and all the other evangelical fake-        1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
sters. For this crowd, it’s the old monkey’s                                                            uprushing atmospheric turbulence,            watered by a daily mist, or dew, and by
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48                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                               29
21 March 1983 published an article
by Dr Nassim Abd El-Aziz Neweigy,
                                                 God’s Hydrologic
                                                                                                Rick Warren on Catholicism,
                                                                                                   the New Reformation,
Assistant Professor in the Faculty of
Agriculture, Moshtohor Tukh-Kalubia,
Egypt. It stated:                                     Cycle:
       “Russian satellites, controlled by
advanced computers, can send voices                                         It appears
                                                                            that Tesla
                                                                                                Fundamentalism, & Religious
                                                                                                   Exclusivity! ...extract...
in one’s own language interweaving
into natural thoughts to the population                                     Te c hnol og y
of choice to form diffused artificial                                       is being used
                                                                            to manipulate      (The complete transcript can be found at
thought. The chemistry and electricity
of the human brain can be manipulated                                       this cycle, to   These are transcript excerpts from              ecumenical/unity camp.
by satellite and even suicide can be                                        bring about      a Q & A SESSION following the                   MR. WARREN:...
                                                                            drought or
induced. Through ferocious anti-hu-                                                          speech Rick Warren delivered at                 You know, 500 years ago, the first
manitarian means, the extremist groups                                      flood. It
                                                                                             the PEW FORUM. The bold print,                  Reformation with Luther and then
are fabricated, the troubles and bloody                                                      which I have added, is intended to              Calvin, was about beliefs. I think a
disturbances are instigated by advanced                                appears also
                                                                       that the floor        draw attention to certain themes                new reformation is going to be about
tele-means via Russian satellites, in                                                        and points. On a number of occa-                behavior. The first Reformation was
many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe                                 of the oceans
                                                                       are being             sions Warren does a good job in                 about creeds; I think this one will
and Latin America.”
                                               interfered with by the Globalist to           separating out political and religious          be about deeds. I think the first one
          Another source says that
                                               bring about Tsunamis & tidal changes.         issues, considering the circumstances           was about what the church believes; I
these have been fed with the world’s
languages and synthetic telepathy will         Extract: pp.38-39                             he found himself in. Other times, he            think this one will be about what the
reach into people’s heads making peo-          Henry Morris writes                           shows his clear biases and tendency             church does.
ple believe God is speaking to them                      The “weight of the winds” con-      to manipulate the facts to support his                    The first Reformation actu-
personally to enact the Second Coming,         trols the worldwide air mass movements        aims. However, notice his favorable             ally split Christianity into dozens and
complete with holograms! The Russians          that transport the waters evaporated          position toward Roman Catholicism,              then hundreds of different segments.
broke the genetic code of the human            from the oceans inland over the conti-        which is woven throughout his com-              I think this one is actually going to
                                               nents. There the waters, also carefully
brain. They worked out 23 EEG band-                                                          ments. Rather than attempting to lead           bring them together. Now, you’re
wave lengths, 11 of which were totally         measured by God, fall to the ground to
                                                                                             people out of the Roman Catholic                never going to get Christians, of all
independent. So if you can manipulate          water the earth.
                                                  But how is all this accomplished?          Church into a saving relationship               their stripes and varieties, to agree on
those 11, you can do anything.                                                               with Jesus, Warren quite openly                 all of the different doctrinal disputes
          NSA Cray computers can re-             Water weighs much more than air,
                                                so how is it retained in the sky at all?     embraces Catholicism. His positions             and things like that, but what I am
motely track people just knowing the                                                                                                         seeing them agree on are the pur-
                                               Here is how.                                  place him squarely within the global
specific EMF waves (evoked potentials
                                               “He maketh small the drops of wa-                                                                  poses of the church. And I find
from EEGs in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt
                                               ter: they pour down rain according                                                                 great uniformity in the fact that I
range) of a person’s bioelectric-field.
Each person’s emissions are unique             to the vapour thereof: Which the                                                                   see this happening all the time.
and they can remotely track someone            clouds do drop and distil upon man                                                                 Last week I spoke to 4,000 pas-
in public...”                                  abundantly”            (Job 36:27-28).                                                             tors at my church who came from
                                                                                                                                                  over 100 denominations in over
                                                                                                                                                  50 countries. Now, that’s wide
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30                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           47
spread. We had Catholic priests, we            unity; in the non-essentials, liberty;     New-age channellers say we are going         as developing eye-implants.
had Pentecostal ministers, we had              in all things, charity.”                   into 4th dimensional frequency. They
Lutheran bishops, we had Anglican              SARAH WILDMAN, THE AMERI-                  ‘heard’ the voice of some ‘ET’ who told                      TRACKING
bishops, we had Baptist preachers.             CAN PROSPECT: III try to be quick,         them.                                                  Cray computers, using artifi-
They’re all there together and you             although I think my two or three ques-               However, some ‘ETs’ may be         cial-intelligence, monitor the victims
know what? I’d never get them to               tions are sort of unconnected. What        local boys. Voices in the head were          of government implants sending pre-
                                                                                          produced in prisoners in Utah prisons        recorded sound-bytes or occasional
agree on communion or baptism or               about people who don’t have Jesus in
                                                                                          using Tesla technology. Each of the          live messages. They are picked up by
a bunch of stuff like that, but I could        their lives, if you could address that
                                                                                          prisoners received the same message          satellite and relayed to whatever large
get them to agree on what the church           sort of generally, and then also, do       from an ‘ET’. Today, it seems, it’s easy     TV broadcasting antenna, GWEN tower
should be doing in the world.                  you see this Reformation involving         to produce ‘voices in the head’ without      or other microwave antenna is near the
         And the way I expressed               conversion? And then also, how do          implants.                                    victim. It’s believed that some type of
it is that the Bible calls the church          you see people responding to this          A prisoner called David Fratus in Draper     body implants pick up the signal and
the body of Christ, and what’s hap-            in the wake of, say, the tsunami this      Prison, Utah in 1988 wrote:                  broadcast the correct Tesla-wave pat-
pened in the last 100 years is that            year? How does the purpose-driven                    “I began to receive, or hear,      tern to create voices within the victim.
the hands and the feet have been               life connect to natural disaster?          high-frequency tones in my ears. When                  The tracking implant keeps the
amputated and the church has just              MR. WARREN: Before you go to               I plug my ears..the tones are still inside   staff and the satellite system informed
been a mouth, and primarily it’s been          the third, let me answer those two.        and become amplified. It’s as if they had    every few minutes as to exactly where
known for what it’s against. It’s been         First, on the answer to the first one,     become electrified echo chambers with        to send the voice signals. The master
known for what it’s against. And I             everybody is betting their life on         the sounds coming from the inside out..      computer and central HQ for this is
am working toward a second Ref-                something. Every one of you are bet-       I began to hear voices..into my inner        reported to be in Boulder, CO. It is
                                                                                          ears as vivid as though I were listening     thought that transponders are being
ormation of the church which could             ting your life on something. You’re
                                                                                          to a set of stereo headphones..with the      made there as well. The central cel-
create a Third Great Awakening in              all, doing it. Every one of you are
                                                                                          end result being that I am now having        lular computer is in the Boulder, CO
our nation or world, and it may not            betting your life on some-thing. I’m       my brain monitored by an omnipotent          National Bureau of Standards build-
happen in America; it may not...               betting my life that Jesus was right       computerized mind reading or scanning        ing. AT&T is also cooperating in this
ELSA WALSH, THE NEW YORKER:                    when he said, “No one comes to the         machine of some sort “                       project. Several government agencies
So are you saying doctrine won’t be            Father but by me.” Now, I may be                     Hundreds of inmates at the         work together on this.
important or is not important if you           wrong, but I’m betting my life that he     Gunnison Facility of the Utah State          Tim Rifat of UK wrote that
bring together all these –                     knew more about it than I do. And          Prison, and the State Hospital were                    “this inter-cerebral hearing is
MR. WARREN: No, no. I think,                   that’s all I can say...                    subject to this brand of mind-control        used to drive the victim mad, as no one
though, it’s what Augustine said:                    [They discuss other topics,          in order to test it. In the early 1970s,     else can hear the voices transmitted into
“In the essentials, unity; in the non-            then fundamentalism comes up.]          this was brought out in the Utah U.S.        the brain of the target. Transmission of
essentials, liberty; and in all things,        JUAN WILLIAMS, NPR: Picking up             District Court, because inmates who          auditory data directly into the target’s
charity.” And I think that’s how               on this business about the disagree-       had been subjected to this Tesla-wave        brains using microwave carrier beams
evangelicals and Catholics can get             ments between the fundamentalists          mind-control in prison had tried unsuc-      is now common practice. Instead of
                                                                                          cessfully to fight back in court. The        using excitation potentials, one uses a
together. And I don’t know if you              and the Pentecostals, I mean, this
                                                                                          University of Utah researched how            transducer to modify the spoken word
know this or not, but fundamental-             struck me as news because when
                                                                                          Tesla-waves could be used to manipu-         into ELF audiograms, that are then
ists and Pentecostals don’t like each          journalists write about it, we go to       late the mind into hearing voices, over-
                                               people like Robertson and Falwell to                                                    superimposed on a pulse modulated
other, okay? They don’t. But they                                                         riding and implanting thoughts into the      microwave beam.”
could get together. “In the essentials,        represent the evangelicals. And that’s     mind, and reading the thoughts, as well                The Sydney Morning Herald on
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46                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           31
drugs. Fluoride disables the willpower                                                     the way it comes across, so it strikes       all over the world. And so that’s the
section of the brain, impairing the left                                                   me that we’re ill informed or you’re         movement that’s growing.
occipital lobe.                                                                            wrong. (Chuckles.) And secondly,             MR. WILLIAMS: What’s the differ-
          FLUORIDE and selenium en-                                                        that you’re not using this God-given         ence between a fundamentalist and
able people to ‘hear voices’. ELF waves                                                    influence you spoke of, because              a Pentecostal?
create disturbances in the biological                                                      your influence is not showing up in          MR. WARREN: A fundamentalist
processes of the body and these can
                                                                                           the American media in terms of sup-          would deny the miraculous today.
be activated in the population once the
                                                                                           planting people who you would tell           They would – for instance, one of
diseases are introduced into the body
from the chemtrails.                                                                       us are bogus.                                the hall-marks of a Pentecostal would
          Some chemtrails have been                                                        MR. WARREN: Well, I tell you, that’s         be praying for miracles of healing
analyzed and shown to be creating                                                          the reason I accepted this meeting,          and speaking in an unknown tongue
cleavages in spacial perceptions, block-                                                   because I’m just tired of having other       and things like that. Those would be
ing the interaction of various amino-ac-                                                   people represent me and represent            hallmarks of Pentecostalism and fun-
ids that relate to higher-consciousness                                                    the hundreds of thousands of church-         damentalists would say, “Oh no, all
and to increase dopamine in the brain                                                      es where the pastors I’ve trained            that stuff died at the end of the New
producing a listless, spaced-out state of                                                  would nowhere, no way, relate to             Testament.” They would not accept
lower reactive mind.                                                                       some of the supposed spokesmen of            the miraculous today.
          Basically, the goal is to fog the                                                a previous generation.                                [This is an inaccurate state-
difference between the real and unreal                                                              Now the word “fundamen-             ment and is just one of many exam-
and some of this could be connected                                                        talist” actually comes from a docu-          ples I could give where Warren is
with the many UFO abductions occur-
                                                                                           ment in the 1920s called the Five            guilty of exaggerating or generalizing
ring en-mass. Hundreds have been wit-
                                                                                           Fundamentals of the Faith. And it            his conclusions to make whatever
nessed laid out on tables and implanted.
Intelligence agencies are in league with                                                   is a very legalistic, narrow view of         point he wishes to make. He mis-
each other behind this disablement of                                                      Christianity, and when I say there are       represents the truth. The fact is a vast
the masses to such a point that they                                                       very few fundamentalists, I mean in          majority of the “fundamentalists”
can’t even fight back. In order for the                                                    the sense that they are all actually         who I know – and I know many – be-
perpetrators to do what they want, they                                                    called fundamentalist churches, and          lieve that God still performs miracles
need the overall ‘frequency’ of each                                                       those would be quite small. There are        today. If this weren’t the case, why
victim to function at a specific rate                        ELF TOWER                     no large ones.                               would they waste time praying for
below the threshold of awareness.               artificially maintained by technology      MR. WILLIAMS:                                God to heal the sick and afflicted?
          Could this be part of a greater       to that frequency. This may increase       Bob Jones is not a mega-church?              Many fundamentalists, however,
plan with mind-control transmitters             body electricity in others, giving them    MR. WARREN: No, no, no, no, no,              believe that there is such a thing as
covering the whole of USA and Eng-              psychic powers. Is this linked to the      no no. Bob Jones is not a mega-              counterfeit miracles (which do not
land, cleverly disguised as cell phone          New-Agers claim of a rising 12-14          church. That’s right exactly, it’s not,      originate with God, but Satan) which
towers and trees? The power from                Hz Schumann Resonance, inching us          and that group is shrinking more             Jesus warns in Matthew 24 would
microwave towers may be turned up               towards the 4th dimension? Stimulants      and more and more. On the other              take place in the last days. Many
to such a level that people can die.            ingested globally from caffeine geneti-
          A brain functioning at beta-                                                     hand, Pentecostalism and charis-             “fundamentalists” and “Pentecostals”
                                                cally-modified plants, may also produce
level (above 13 Hz) is agitated and                                                        matic evangelicalism is growing by           are concerned about these matters
                                                an impact on the ‘global-brain’ in the
can’t change its perceptions, if it is          ionosphere collecting our brainwaves.      leaps and bounds. It’s growing huge          and are simply trying to be discern-

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32                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           45
ing Christians. Another interesting            what they call themselves. Catholics,      Mexico and the higher harmonics pro-          or accountability of government au-
point: many Pentecostals consider              however, do have a difficult time          duced in the MHz range (5.340 MHz).           thorities by poor victims who would
them-selves to be fundamentalists,             fitting into this category of being        He met the CIA and started working for        face mockery and appear silly.
including Frances Swaggart, who has            “saved” because of a wide range of         them. He and Dr. Robert Beck designed                   Are we being forced to respond
written the next article in this issue.        unscriptural beliefs including their       equipment to measure these waves and          to an artificially induced vibratory rate
                                                                                          their effect on the human brain. Pu-          by global masters who want this planet
They would agree with the “Five                strong emphasis on works over faith,
                                                                                          harich started his work by putting dogs       to have a sudden leap in evolution,
Fundamentals of the Faith” which               praying to (or through) Mary, and
                                                                                          to sleep. By 1948/49 he graduated to          populated by the psychically aware and
Warren calls “legalistic” and “nar-            other issues of idolatry in which most     monkeys, deliberately destroying their        therefore a superior class of humans
row” Rick Warren would do well to              Catholics participate.] ...”               eardrums to enable them to pick up            or is the agenda designed to eliminate
be more discerning in his faith and            Extract: Gary Kah Newsletter,              sounds without the eardrum intact. He         billions of people who are ‘useless
in his comments.]                                        Summer 2006. pp.4-5              discovered a nerve in the tongue could        eaters’, deceptively being disposed by
MR. WILLIAMS: So what’s the dif-                                                          be used to facilitate hearing. He created     electro magnetically-induced cancers
ference between you and the funda-                                                        the dental tooth implant which mind-          and diseases?
MR. WARREN: Well, I don’t agree
                                               Gary Kah’s Newsletter Summer 2006
                                                                                          control victims are now claiming was
                                                                                          surreptitiously placed in their mouth by      ELECTROMAGNETIC DISEASE
with that. I believe there are miracles                                                   controlled dentists causing them to hear
                                                                                          ‘voices in their head.’ The implant was
                                                                                                                                           TRANSMISSION, ELF, &
today.                                                  Pastor Rick, it appears, has
                                                                                          placed under dental caps or lodged in                CHEMTRAILS
MR. CROMARTIE: Let me give you                 taken it upon himself to change the        the jaw.                                                The physics and engineering
a quick answer to                              world. There are certainly some                                                          behind electromagnetic disease trans-
that. The difference between an                nuggets of truth in what he is say-                                                      mission are frightening. Diseases can
evangelical and a fundamentalist is                                                               VACCINE IMPLANTS
                                               ing. And, there is a great deal of                   Implants are now smaller than
                                                                                                                                        be reproduced as ‘disease signatures’
an evangelical is someone who re-              benevolent good that has been done                                                       in that the vibration of a disease can
                                                                                          a hair’s width and are injected with
ally, really, really likes Billy Graham.       as a result of Rick’s focus on the “the                                                  be manufactured and sent on to be in-
                                                                                          vaccine and flu shots. Millions have
A fundamentalist is someone who                practical applications of the faith.”                                                    duced. (The brainwave pattern of hallu-
                                                                                          had this done unknowingly. These ‘bio-
thinks Billy Graham is a liberal.                       What he is doing in Rwanda,       chips’ circulate in the bloodstream and
                                                                                                                                        cinogenic drugs can also be copied and
MR. WARREN: That would be true. A              for example, through his PEACE plan                                                      sent by ELF waves to induce ‘visions’.)
                                                                                          lodge in the brain, enabling the victims
fundamentalist basically would look                                                                                                     Once diseases are sprayed in the air,
                                               is completely unprecedented and            to hear ‘voices’ via the implant. There
at many others in Christianity and                                                                                                      electromagnetic-waves attuned to the
                                               revolutionary. Through his thousands       are many kinds of implants now and
say, “You’re not even a Christian.”                                                                                                     disease, using harmonics and subhar-
                                               of trained volunteers, he is mak-          1 in 40 are victims from ‘alien abduc-
They’d say it about Lutherans, Meth-                                                                                                    monics, will make them more lethal and
                                               ing an incredible difference in the        tion’ statistics, though 1 in 20 has also
                                                                                                                                        infectious by sending particular disease
odists, Presbyterians, Catholics. You          lives of millions of sick, destitute,      been gauged. The fake alien abduc-
                                                                                                                                        frequencydeath- patterns.
know – even evangelicals.                      and poverty stricken people. Un-           tion event, revealed to be actually the
                                                                                                                                                 CHEMTRAILS are being
          [Again, Warren is guilty of                                                     work of US military personnel using
                                               like many Christians he is putting                                                       sprayed daily all over USA (and other
lumping everyone together. Most                                                           technology to make hologram space-
                                               his money where his mouth is, with                                                       countries too) in a white crisscross pat-
fundamentalists, including myself,                                                        ships outside, virtual reality scenarios of
                                               over 90 percent of the proceeds from       going onto a spaceship with humans in
                                                                                                                                        tern. They contain diseases and chemi-
believe that anyone who accepts                his books being funneled directly                                                        cals which affect our state of conscious-
                                                                                          costumes, has been astutely perceived.
the main biblical points of the faith,         into his projects to help the poor                                                       ness. They can produce apathy which
                                                                                          Though real alien abductions do occur,
rejects any false gods, and repents            and afflicted.’ He and his wife are                                                      works in conjuction with fluoridation
                                                                                          the ‘alien abduction’ scenario has been
of their sins is saved – regardless of         focusing much of their effort on the       useful to stop any further investigation
                                                                                                                                        of the water, as well as aspartame and

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44                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           33
consciousness from one level                              but they would not believe        12 million children who have been            of the Roman Catholic Church.
to another. Puharich trained                              him. He gave this informa-        orphaned by AIDS in Rwanda and                        So how is Rick Warren re-
people with bio-feedback to                               tion to certain dignitaries       its neighboring countries. No matter         sponding to this massive spiritual
do this consciously, making                               of other Western nations.         what your denominational affiliation         challenge? From his comments at
8 Hz waves. A healer made 8                               The US government burned          is, you must admit that Rick Warren          the Pew Forum and other places he
Hz waves pass into a patient,                             down his home in New              is making a positive difference in           has spoken, it has become clear that
healing their heart trouble,                              York to shut him up and
                                                                                            terms of helping to alleviate human          he views Roman Catholicism as just
her brain emitting 8 Hz .                                 he fled to Mexico. How-
                                                                                            suffering. We must give credit where         another Christian denomination.
One person emitting a certain                             ever, the Russians discovered
frequency can make another                                which ELF frequencies did         credit is due.                               Why should he think otherwise when
also resonate to the same                                 what to the human brain                     However, there are serious         evangelicals from Billy Graham and
frequency. Our brains are                                 and began zapping the US          pitfalls that can arise when one puts        Chuck Colson to Robert Schuller
extremely vulnerable to any                                Embassy in Moscow on 4           works ahead of                                                        and Jack Van
technology which sends out                                 July 1976 with electromag-       beliefs, which                                                        Impe have
ELF waves, because                                                netic-waves, varying      Warren may be                                                         embraced the
they immediately start                                            the signal, including     doing. His mot-                                                       Vatican? Yet,
resonating to the out-                                            focusing on 10 Hz.        to, “less creeds,                                                     the foremost
side signal by a kind of                                          (10 Hz puts people        more deeds” can                                                       goal of the Ro-
tuning-fork effect. Pu-                                           into a hypnotic state.    lead him into                                                         man Catholic
harich experimented                                               Russians and North        some monumen-                                                         Church is to
discovering that                                                  Koreans use this in       tal traps — if it                                                     establish the
   A) 7.83 Hz (earth’s                                            portable mind-con-
                                                                                            hasn’t done so                                                        Kingdom of
pulse rate) made a                                                trol machines to ex-
                                                                                            already.                                                              God on earth
person feel good,                                                 tract confessions. ...)
producing an                                                      The Russian “Wood-        For instance,                                                         — through its
altered-state.                                                    pecker” signal was        Rwanda is a                                                           influence and
   B) 10.80 Hz causes                                             traveling across the      deeply religious                                                      under its au-
riotious behaviour and                         world from a transmitter near Kiev.          — mostly Catholic — country.                 thority — which it believes will usher
   C) 6.6 Hz causes depression.                The US Air Force identified 5 different      The President of Rwanda, who                 in the reign of the “Eucharistic Jesus.”
          Puharich made ELF waves              frequencies in this compound harmonic        approached Warren for help, is like-         The only way that Rome can succeed
change RNA and DNA, breaking hy-               Woodpecker signal that was sending           wise Catholic. In fact, Rwanda has           in this ambitious goal is to some-how
drogen bonds to make a person have a           signals through the earth and the at-        become the African hub for Catholic          unify the people of the world regard-
higher vibratory rate. He wanted to go         mosphere.                                    revival. Visions of Mary abound and          less of their religious affiliations.
beyond the psychic 8 Hz brainwave                   Nikola Tesla revealed in 1901           many of the nation’s Catholics have                   Isn’t this exactly what Rick is
and attract psi phenomena. James               power could be transmitted through           become enamored with what these              doing? Could it be that he is doing the
Hurtak, who once worked for Puharich,          the ground using ELF waves. Nothing          apparitions are saying — particularly        pope’s bidding without realizing it?
also wrote in his book The Keys of             stops or weakens these signals. The
                                                                                            concerning global unity and the need         He is unifying people from all walks
Enoch that ultra-violet caused hydro-          Russians retrieved Tesla’s papers when
                                                                                            to follow the pope. It is a nation           of life and religions, without seeing
gen bonds to break and this raised the         they were finally returned to Yugoslavia
vibratory rate.                                after his death.                             which is steeped in mysticism and            the spiritual consequences of his ac-
          Puharich presented the mental                  Puharich continued to monitor      the occult, with most of these prac-         tions. Isn’t this what Satan wants and
effects of ELF waves to military leaders,      the Russian ELF wave signal while in         tices taking place under the banner          needs, to set the final stage for the

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34                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           43
Antichrist? — A coming together of             has become a significant voice for         ground up to 500 ft, but goes down           lbs of water per second. There are 5
people from all backgrounds through            solving the global warming crisis,         into basements, so everyone can be af-       atmospheric rivers in each Hemisphere.
a works-oriented human potential               even though a majority of the world’s      fected and mind-controlled. The entire       A massive flood can be created by dam-
                                                                                          artificial ground-wave spreads out over      ming up one of these massive vapor
movement?                                      top scientists do not believe there is a
                                                                                          the whole of the USA like a web. It is       rivers, causing huge amounts of rainfall
          There is a proper way to             crisis (see the related article by Tom
                                                                                          easier to mind-control and hypnotize         to be dumped. The GWEN Towers
respond to Rwanda’s tragedy but                DeWeese in this issue). By signing                                                      positioned along the areas north of the
                                                                                          people who are bathed in an artificial
it would require a much more dif-              the document Climate Change: An                                                         Missouri and Mississippi Rivers were
ficult path — that of providing aid,           Evangelical Call to Action along                                                        turned on for 40 days and 40 nights,
                                                                                                     GWEN transmitters have many
while simultaneously pro-claiming              with many other evangelicals, Rick         different functions including:               probably mocking the Flood of Genesis.
the complete gospel, a gospel that             has allied himself with a hyper-en-           1. controlling the weather,               (This was in conjunction with HAARP,
involves bringing the people out from          vironmental movement that consists            2. mind control,                          that creates a river of electricity flowing
under the bondage of Catholicism.              mostly of New Age one-worlders                3. behavior and mood control,             thousands of miles through the sky and
But in order to do that, Rick would            and interfaith advocates. The goal             4. sending synthetic-telepathy as        down to the polar ice-cap, manipulat-
have to take on the Roman Catholic             of this movement is to empower the             infrasound to victims with US            ing the jet-stream , like the Russian
Church, something he has been un-              UN and its affiliated institutions of        government mind-control implants.          Woodpecker.) These rivers flooded,
willing to do, and which would cost            global government. To succeed, its                    GWEN works in conjunction         causing agricultural losses of $12-15
him a great deal of his support.               leaders must convince the public           with HAARP and the Russian Wood-             billion. HAARP produces earthquakes
                                                                                          pecker transmitter, which is similar to      by focusing energy along fault lines.
          So, what good is it if we help       that giving the UN more power is the
                                                                                          HAARP. The Russians openly market            GWEN Towers are located on the fault
people to overcome their physical              only way to save Planet Earth from
                                                                                          a small version of their weather-engin       lines and volcanic areas of the Pacific
dilemmas, only to see their souls              environmental catastrophe.                                                              Northeast.
                                                                                          eering system called Elate, which can
perish? I realize that Rick doesn’t                      The leading figure in this en-                                                    In 1963, Dr Robert Beck explored
                                                                                          fine-tune weather patterns over a 200
see it this way, because he believes           deavor is Mikhail Gorbachev whose                                                       effects of external magnetic-fields on
                                                                                          mile area and have the same range as
Catholics are saved and there-fore             Earth Charter document has been            the GWEN unit. An Elate system op-           brainwaves showing a relationship
sees no need to evangelize them.               endorsed by the UN (UNESCO).               erates at Moscow airport. The GWEN           between psychiatric admissions and
However, in my view, if he and his             He has been looking for ways to            towers shoot enormous bursts of energy       solar magnetic storms. He exposed
thousands of volunteers help only              get Christians involved in support-        into the atmosphere in conjuction with       volunteers to pulsed magnetic-fields
to meet Rwanda’s physical needs                ing his one-world agenda. Rick             HAARP. The website www.cuttingedge.          similar to magnetic-storms, and found
without providing sound spiritual              Warren’s public campaign to stop           org wrote an expose of how the major         a similar response. US 60 Hz electric
direction, its people will be no bet-          global warming must be a dream             floods of the Mid-West USA occurred          power ELF waves vibrate at the same
ter off than if the Red Cross or some          come true for Gorbachev and others         in 1993.                                     frequency as the human brain. UK 50
other secular relief organization              in this movement. Warren’s close                     ATMOSPHERIC                        Hz electricity emissions depress the
                                                                                                                                       thyroid gland.
had spearheaded the effort. Since              friend, Robert Schuller, already gave                VAPOR RIVERS
Rwanda is Rick’s model for the rest            Gorbachev his stamp of approval               Enormous, invisible rivers of water,
of the world, it is imperative that he         – interviewing him favorably on his        consisting of vapors that flow, move               HUMAN VULNERABILITY
                                                                                                                                                Dr Andrija Puharich in the
“get it right” there before duplicating        Sunday morning telecast a few years        towards the poles in the lower atmos-
                                                                                          phere. They rival the flow of the Ama-       50’s/60’s, found that clairvoyant’s
his efforts elsewhere.                         ago.
                                                                                          zon River and are 420 to 480 miles wide      brainwaves became 8 Hz when their
          There are other areas where                    Does Warren realize that                                                      psychic powers were operative. He
Pastor Rick has shown a lack of dis-           Gorbachev is the de facto head of          and up to 4,800 miles long. They are
                                                                                          1.9 miles above the earth and contain        saw an Indian Yogi in 1956 controlling
cernment. Within the past year he              the global environmental movement?                                                      his brainwaves, deliberately shifting his
                                                                                          a volume of water equivalent to 340
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42                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           35

                 HAARP                                                                     And if he does, would he even see a          do – and their agenda is not good. If
    The Creator designed living beings                                                     problem with this? I don’t know, but         Rick isn’t extremely careful, he could
to resonate to the11 natural Schumann                                                      I have written Pastor Rick a letter on       inadvertently hand evangelicals
Resonance frequency pulsation in                                                           this and other related issues to inform      over to the UN and the Vatican on
order to ... (progress) harmoniously.                                                      him of the inherent dangers and to           a silver platter. He is accomplish-
The Ionosphere is being manipulated                                                        get a clarification of his position. I       ing what one-world strategists have
by US government scientists using the                                                      am waiting for his response. Please          sought for decades – the religious and
Alaskan transmitter called HAARP,                                                          pray that my let-                                                     political unity
(High- Frequency Active Auroral Re-                                                        ter would have                                                        of Catholics
search Program) which sends focused                                                        an impact.                                                            and Protes-
radiated power to heat up sections of
                                                                                                    On       a                                                   tants through
the Ionosphere, which bounces power
                                                                                           similar political                                                     close cooper-
down again. ELF waves produced from
HAARP, when targeted on selected                                                           front, Rick War-                                                      ation on joint
areas, can weather-engineer and cre-                                                       ren has spoken                                                        projects.
ate mood changes affecting millions of                                                     before several                                                          This new
people. The intended wattage is 1,700                                                      pro-world gov-                                                        spirit of coop-
billion watts of power.                          TOP OF DECOMISSIONED                      ernment audi-                                                         eration could
                                                     GWEN TOWER                            ences like the                                                        do more to
     GEOMAGNETIC WAVES                         area, allowing the magnetic field to be     Council on For-                                                       advance the
                                               altered. They operate in the LF range,      eign Relations,                                                       one-world
         & GWEN                                with transmissions between LF 150 and
     Sixty four elements in the ground                                                     the World Eco-                                                        movement
                                               175 KHz. They also emit waves from the      nomic Forum,                                                          than any other
modulate, with variation, the geomag-          upper VHF to the lower UHF range of
netic waves naturally coming from                                                          and the United                                                        development
                                               225 - 400 MHz. The LF signals travel by
the ground. The earth’s natural ‘brain                                                     Nations. Perhaps he thinks he can            of our generation. It is achieving a
                                               waves that hug the ground rather than
rhythm’ above is balanced with these.          radiating into the atmosphere. A GWEN       somehow influence the leaders in             unity that appears inviting on the
These are the same minerals found in           station transmits in a 360 degree circle    these groups for the cause of Christ.        surface but upon close examination
red blood corpuscles. There is a relation      up to 300 miles, the signal dropping        But powerful organizations such as           is false, because it is based primarily
between the blood and geomagnetic              off sharply with distance. The entire       these rarely invite guests to speak un-      on human aspirations rather than on
waves. An imbalance between Schu-              GWEN system consists of, (depend-           less they are already in “their camp”        the truth of God.
mann and geomagnetic waves disrupts            ing on source of data), from 58 to an       or can be influenced to support their                  We have barely touched on
these biorhythms. These natural geo-                                                                                                    Rick’s books and the theological con-
                                               intended 300 transmitters spread across     goals. The question becomes, “Who
magnetic waves are being replaced by           the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft                                                    cerns that some of his statements raise.
                                                                                           is influencing whom?”
artificially created low frequency (LF)        high. 300 ft copper wires in spoke-like                                                  Some of his concepts on personality
ground waves coming from GWEN
                                                                                                    It seems Rick is convinced
                                               fashion fan out from the base of the        that he is merely pooling the re-            types, for example, are very similar to
Towers.                                        system underground, interacting with        sources of others to accomplish his          those of psychologist Carl Jung who
           GWEN (Ground Wave Emer-             the earth, like a thin shelled conductor,   own goals of helping the less fortu-         was heavily influenced by the occult.
gency Network) transmitters placed             radiating radio wave energy for very
                                                                                           nate through his PEACE plan. But if          But much of what Rick has written is
200 miles apart across the USA allow           long distances through the ground.
                                                                                           he doesn’t have a hidden agenda,             a rehash of Robert Schuller’s teachings
specific frequencies to be tailored to                   The United States is bathed in
the geomagnetic-field strength in each                                                     he is allying himself with those who         in some cases, word for word. And like
                                               this magnetic field which can rise from                                                  Schuller, he has shown an increas-
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36                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                               41

                                                                                                         WEATHER CONTROL
ing openness                                    the most part, be well-intentioned.
to interfaith                                   However, history is full of individu-
ideas and                                       als who were well-intentioned and
the figures
                                                yet played directly into the hands of
                                                the enemy through their undiscerning                       TECHNOLOGY.
them. For                                       actions. These developments should                      Many readers report that they
example, in                                     concern everyone in the body of              cannot convince people that weather           control12jul02.shtml
2004, Rick                                      Christ and motivate us to stand up for       warfare is happening global-wide. The
was one of                                      God’s truth. There is much at stake,         skeptics do not grasp how human be-           July 12, 2002
five panelist                                   and the clock is ticking. Rick, please       ings could possibly control weather, or          Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped
judges who                                      wake up before it’s too late!                unleash huge storms upon countries by         magnetic field. Circular lines of mag-
awarded                                         “Test everything. Hold on to the             advanced technology. This needs to be         netic flux continuously descend into the
the Power                                       good.” —           I Thessalonians 5:21      explained for the general education of        North Pole and emerge from the South
of Purpose                                      “Dear friends, do not believe every          us all, and for you to use to convince        Pole. The Ionosphere, an electromag-
Award (which is sponsored by the               spirit, but test the spirits to see whether   the unwary and ignorant.                      netic-wave conductor, 100 kilometers
John Templeton Foundation) to a Zen            they are from God, because many                          The document is heavy to read,     [62 miles] above the earth, consists of
Buddhist.’ Rick also gave the opening          false prophets have gone out into the         just take your time and it comes clear        a layer of electrically charged particles
speech.’                                       world.”—            I John 4:1                with patience and determination. Some         acting as a shield from solar winds.
         In spite of these very signifi-                                                     of this is known and presented by New
                                               Endnotes available but not included here.
                                                                                             Agers, nevertheless the data itself is just
cant concerns, for now I am inclined                                                                                                                 EARTH RESONANT
to believe that Rick Warren may, for                                                         neutral science. There are many other
                                                                                             technologies used in weather warfare                      FREQUENCY
                                                                                             and control.                                       Natural waves are created which
                                                                                                                                           result from electrical activity in the
                                                                                                                                           atmosphere. They are thought to be
                                                                                                  TOTAL POPULATION                         caused by multiple lightning storms.
                                                                                                      CONTROL                              Collectively, these waves are called
                                                                                                                   By Nicholas Jones       ‘The Schumann Resonance’, with the
                                                                                             [Editor’s Note: This is a highly reveal-      strongest current registering at 7.8
                                                                                             ing and insightful overview of the ELF,       Hz. These are quasi-standing [scalar],
                                                                                             GWEN towers, and HAARP inter-con-             extremely low frequency (ELF) waves
                                                                                             nection. It was posted some time ago          that naturally exist in the earth’s elec-
                                                                                             on Al Bielek’s web site before Al went        tromagnetic cavity which is the space
                                                                                             off the air, but its content is as timely     between ground and the Ionosphere.
                A DOCUMENTARY                        information about PDC, PDL              today as when it first came out. The
                                                       , SHAPE, & Rick Warrens                                                             These ‘earth brainwaves’ are identical
                ON THE TEACHINGS                                                             same author, Nicholas Jones, posted
                                                       PEACE PLAN, and much                                                                to the frequency spectrum of our hu-
                OF RICK WARREN.                                                              an excellent article about Chemtrails,
                                                                                                                                           man brainwaves.
                by James Sundquist                     more. We have turned his              Peanut Buter and Barium Sandwichs on          [FREQUENCY NOMENCLATURE: 1 hertz = 1 cycle per
                Much material by                        power point display given to         Jeff Rense’s web site a few months ago.       second, 1 Khz = 1000cps, 1 Mhz =1 million cps.
                James has been cited                    us a while back into a DVD           This might be the same Nicholas Jones         Wavelength: A 1 Hertz wave has a wavelength
                                                        for you to study, there is no        who is a BBC journalist and author of         that is 186,000 miles long, A 10 Hz wave is
                in our magazine over
                                                                                                                                           18,600 miles long, etc. Radio-waves move at the
                recent years.                  speaking inclueded just sound charts          two books on Spin Control...
                                                                                                                                           speed of light (186,000 miles per second)]
                His comments covers            and teaching.                                                             Ken Adachi]
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40                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           37

                                                      SNIPPET                                  THE ETERNAL SECURITY
                                                                CAN                              OF THE BELIEVER.
                                                                                                   Despatch is shocked by the
                                                              AUSTRALIA                   Omega Times, NZ, December 2006,
                                                               AFFORD                     bringing out yet again the awful
                                                          GRANDMA &                       heresy that a Blood-bought, soundly
                                                                                          converted Christian can lose their
                                                            GRANDPA ??                    salvation!
                                                                                                   Once we are saved and un-
                                               There is a powerful agency within          der the New Covenant in the Blood
                                               the global government which sees           of the Lamb nothing could make us
                                               the elderly as worthless resource          safer. We are kept by Him, and He
                                               eaters.                                    alone. This has nothing to do with
                                                        In both Australia and New                                                      and they shall never perish…”
                                                                                          works, it is all Grace.
                                               Zealand the medical professionals                                                                                 John 10:28.
                                                                                          Many Christians today do not have
                                               progressively see operations, costly                                                    “What shall we then say to these
                                                                                          a good grasp of the doctrines of
                                               health care and prolonging life for                                                     things? If God be for us, who can
                                                                                          Grace, and what the Bible tells us
                                               the aged, over 70, as being wasteful                                                    be against us? He that spared not
                                                                                          about imputed righteousness and
                                               of resources in a crowded world.                                                                            his own Son,
                                                                                          Divine Faithful to
                                                        On January the 12th 1997                                                                           but delivered
                                                                                          His Blood saved
                                               this appeared in the Minneapolis                                                                            him       up for us
                                                                                          people. Thus, they
                                               Star-Tribune, Australia and NZ are                                                                          all, how shall he
                                                                                          drift into a sort of
                                               moving fast in this direction:                                                                              not with him also
                                                                                          works plus Grace
                                                  “The Methuselah dilemma:                                                                                 freely give us all
                                                                                          by faith disorder
                                               Can America afford Grandma and                                                                             things?
            Cont’d from p.34
                                                                                          that is unproduc-
                                                                                                                                                          Who shall lay
                                                        Grandpa? “                        tive, and totally
        * H.A. Ironside, Litt.D.                                                                                                                          any thing to the
                                     in which demographer Barbara Logue                   dishonoring to the
The Eternal Security of the Believer,                                                                                                                     charge of God’s
                                     is quoted as follows while speaking                  sacrifice Christ
          * Dr. Curtis Hutson.                                                                                                                            elect?
                                     at the annual confer     ence at the                 perfected on the Cross.
       The Unpardonable Sin,                                                                                                                 It is God that justifieth.
                                     American Economic Association:                                These verses should make an-
Write for these and settle your doubts                                                                                                 Who is he that condemneth? It is
                                     “It’s time for the USA to consider                   yone who loves the Lord be grate-
       forever on this subject.                                                                                                        Christ that died, yea rather, that
                                     moving from birth control to ‘death                  ful for His provision, and     cease
Honour God – and His richest of                                                                                                        is risen again, who is even at the
                                     control.’…Death control clearly has                  from doubting and imagining that we
all GIFTS, Eternal Life in His Son.                                                                                                    right hand of God, who also maketh
                                     considerable potential as a realloca-                could ever be lost again:
                                                                                                                                       intercession for us.
                                     tive mechanism for scarce resources                  “My sheep hear my voice, and I
                                                                                                                                       Who shall separate us from the
  Diagrams - “God’s Will Made Clear” such as health care.”                                know them, and they follow me:
         by Kay Friederichsen                                                                                                          love of Christ? shall tribulation, or
                                                                                          And I give unto them eternal life;
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38                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:4 Dec., 2006                                           39
distress, or persecution, or                                                              finding it and bringing it
famine, or nakedness, or peril,                                                           back – it be      longs to Him.
or sword?                                                                                 God is not        willing that     any
As it is written, For thy sake                                                            should perish, says        verse 14.
we are killed all the day long;                                                           There is NO proof of salvation being
we are accounted as sheep for                                                             lost in that passage.
the slaughter.                                                                            1 Timothy 6:10 and verse 21 are
Nay, in all these things we are                                                           used as “proofs” as well. These do
more than conquerors through                                                              not say we can lose eternal salvation,
him that loved us.                                                                        given to us by Grace alone! These
For I am persuaded, that nei-                                                             verses simply say we can err from the
ther death, nor life, nor angels,              not of works at all!                       faith. We can make a        mistake, a
nor principalities, nor powers, nor            Hebrews 2:1 was quoted as a “proof”        blunder; this is what “err” means.
things present, nor things to come,            verse that we can lose our salvation.      Some Christians are not as dedicated
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other           Is this so? Of course not, it is about     to Christ as they should be, they are        saved by good works, we are saved
creature, shall be able to separate            the Hebrews who are addressed by           worldly and greedy for money and             by the unmerited favour of God
us from the love of God, which is in           the writer letting slip the glorious       success, this can cause a lot of sor-        through the shed Blood alone.
Christ Jesus our Lord.”                        news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.        rows to happen to them, and God              “Not of works lest any man should
       Romans 8:32-39.                         They were still involved in Old            may well bring discipline into their         boast.” Ephesians 2: 8, 9.
                                               Testament teachings, they were             lives. No where does it say we will be       God has even prepared all the good
OMEGA TIMES has a number of                    Hebrew Jews, they needed to listen         lost forever again – as though Christ’s      works you should have in your life, as
“proof” verses, which                                              and not neglect the    Blood did not avail. Look carefully          a gift. He has fore ordained that you
they say; show that                                                  teachings of such    and prayerfully at Romans 8: 38, 39          should walk in them, all by Grace
salvation can be                                                        great salvation   and believe that God has saved you           and His workmanship alone. Yield
lost through                                                            as Christ Jesus   forever in Christ Jesus the Lord.            to Him in utter surrender. Be grateful
sin. All of those                                                       had brought       Look at John 3:15, 16 and see                for salvation by Grace alone!
verses are about                                                        (see verse 3).    how those who believe in Christ as
backsliding as                                                          Matthew 18:       Saviour are given ETERNAL LIFE,                        GRACE ALONE,
a Christian, be-                                                        12, 13 were       EVERLASTING LIFE. This is entirely                      FAITH ALONE
coming        dis-                                                     quoted by          unmerited, it is the gift of God, and                 & CHRIST ALONE.
obedient and                                                           Omega Times.       God will not deny Himself, He has
losing fellowship                                                      Is this a proof    promised and He is faithful to His
                                                                                                                                                    NO WORKS
with God, NOT with                                                that one can lose       Word.
                                                                                                                                               ACCEPTED BY GOD!
losing eternal salvation! This                             their salvation? Of course               BELIEVE HIM!
                                                                                                                                       If the reader does not understand
is a serious matter; we must all get           it isn’t. It is simply saying that we      Are you foolish enough to believe
                                                                                                                                       the truth of all this, which is Justifica-
this right, AS JUSTIFICATION BY                can go astray and become carnal            that “eternal” does not mean forever,
                                                                                                                                       tion by Faith, such as what Hebrews
GRACE THROUGH FAITH ALONE                      Christians, worldly and disobedi-          but can be made to mean temporary?
                                                                                                                                       chapter six and chapter ten are all
IS IN QUESTION HERE. We are safe,              ent. Christ is shown seeking that          If you are good enough? The Bible
                                                                                                                                       about, then please write and I will
saved, by Grace alone in Christ Jesus,         wandering sheep, and                       tells us we are sinners, we are not
                                                                                                                                       take time to make things clear.
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