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Sign of the times
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                                                                                 A soccer mom – with a twist
                                                 7 Putting educa-
                                                 tion in a new light             20 My life
                                                 Changing lives through          Deloitte alum shares insight
                                                 a grass-roots effort known      into her role as mayor
                                                 as the Lamp Post School
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                                                 The opportunities and           making news
                                                 challenges facing those on
                                                 assignment in the U.S.

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     Over here: Expatriate stories               selfless act                    Deloitte’s Annual Holiday
     Putting education in a new light                                            Survey forecasts a difficult
                                                                                 holiday season for retailers.

                                                                    From the CEO

                                                                                                       Welcome once again to Deloitte Life. Each
                                                                                                       year, the holiday season reconnects us with
Executive editor Peter Kilman                                                                          many cherished memories and traditions. And
Managing editors Lisa Nichols, Jeffrey Ward
                                                                                                       in this edition, we explore one of Deloitte’s
Contributors Jennifer Almeida, DeNesha Andoh,                                                          traditions – the Annual Holiday Survey.
Scott Fasnacht, Jennifer Fernicola, Kelly Langan,
Dan Miller and Darrell Spence                                                                            The survey gauges consumer confidence in
Send story ideas, comments, road warrior                                                                 the economy as well as expected spending
nominations and more to                                                                patterns and other related trends. Over its
To submit an image for consideration as a                         23-year history, it has provided our clients with a lot of valuable information,              A full
Featured Photo, e-mail high resolution, digital                                                                                                         www
format (JPEG preferred) photographs to
                                                                  elevating our stature in the retail industry. The survey has also helped establish            interac-
                                                                  Deloitte as a preferred source of information for major national and regional         tive version of with details
                                                                                                                                                        Deloitte Life
of when and where the photo was taken (recent                     media outlets in the U.S.                                                             is available on
shots preferred).
                                                                                                                                                        DeloitteNet.                                     We’ll also take another look at the challenges and opportunities of colleagues
                                                                  participating in our Global Deployment Program. In the last issue of Deloitte Life,
About Deloitte
                                                                  we focused on colleagues from the U.S. working abroad. On these pages, three
As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and
its subsidiaries. Please see for a      professionals from other member firms around the world share insight into what
detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and   they’ve experienced while working in the United States.
its subsidiaries.

                                                                  And I’m certain you’ll be moved and energized by other stories here as well,
                                                                  including the one about Sanjay Pasrija and his work helping impoverished children
                                                                  in India move toward a brighter future through education.

                                                                  The stories in this edition demonstrate that despite economic uncertainties,
                                                                  our organization maintains a spirit of commitment and compassion that reflects
                                                                  our true values and that remains at the core of our culture.

                                                                  Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

                                                                                                                                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                                  Barry Salzberg
                                                                  Chief Executive Officer                                                                        2
                                                                  Deloitte LLP
Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                              For more than two decades, Deloitte’s
                              Annual Holiday Survey has been
                              a dynamic and powerful tool for
                              providing insight into projected
                              consumer holiday spending.              Photo
                                                                      Retail leader
                                                                      Stacy Janiak gains
                                                                      firsthand insight
                                                                      into consumer
                                                                      spending habits
                                                                      during a recent trip
                                                                      to New York.

                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS


Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
          E        ach year, retailers prepare to
                   reap the benefits – or suffer
                   the disappointments – of
          the holiday shopping season, the
          most important period of the year
                                                    because, unlike many other surveys,
                                                    which may address a spending
                                                    forecast, ours covers a wide range of
                                                    shopping trends and topics.”
                                                         The survey is typically conducted
                                                                                                  Shopping habits changing
                                                                                                  in 2008
                                                                                                  With the economy weighing
                                                                                                  heavily on their minds, many
                                                                                                  Americans plan to spend less and
          for many merchants. Helping them          in late September with the data               shop differently and more carefully
          understand what consumers are             results compiled in October and               during this year’s holiday season,
          thinking and how they are preparing       the first bits of information shared          according to Deloitte’s 2008 Annual
          to spend their money is the focus of      with the media later in the month.            Holiday Survey. A record number
                                                                                                                                                   For more
          Deloitte’s Annual Holiday Survey.         The Retail team also authors a                of consumers indicated pessimism          www
                                                                                                                                                   on the
               First conducted in 1985, this        point of view and produces a                  about the economy, presenting             Annual Holiday
          study has become a valuable               Dbriefs webcast, podcast and other            retailers with a holiday season that is   Survey, visit
          resource for retailers and an effective   communications that can be shared             likely to be challenging.                 and link to the
          tool for highlighting Deloitte’s          directly with clients.                                                                  microsite.
          diverse and deep expertise in the              “There are lots of consumer              Key survey findings include:
          retail sector and beyond. Each            surveys, and more and more of them            •	Almost 6 in 10 consumers (59
          fall, more than 10,000 people in          pop up each year,” says Stacy Janiak,           percent) expect to reduce their
          the United States are surveyed to         the Retail leader. “But only ours               holiday spending
          gauge consumers’ perceptions of           offers a perspective backed by 23             •	Higher food prices (73 percent)
          the economy and their expectations        years of findings. It’s a powerful way          and higher energy prices (69
          for the season on topics such             to showcase our understanding of                percent) were listed as the top
          as spending and purchasing                retail trends.”                                 reasons for spending less
          patterns. These holiday surveys are            That’s especially important              •	Consumers indicated they would
          increasingly valued and are now           during periods of economic                      spend an average of $532 on gifts
          conducted by several Deloitte Touche      uncertainty like those of today,                this holiday season
          Tohmatsu (DTT) member firms in 20         because clients, the media and even           •	Value is a key word this holiday
          countries around the globe.               the public at large, to some extent,            season, with 73 percent of
               The survey is also an excellent      have a great desire to understand               consumers saying that the best
          public relations tool and is one of       consumers’ holiday spending plans.              value for the money will cause
          the reasons the media has widely               “We’re able to analyze how                 them to shop at a particular retailer
          acknowledged Deloitte as a source         people are cutting back, for                  •	For the fifth straight year, gift
          for insights into consumer spending.      example,” Janiak says. “Are they                cards are expected to be the top
                                                                                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
          “Reporters start calling us as early      shifting from department stores to              gift purchase
          as September asking when the new          discount stores? Are they buying              •	Nearly half (46 percent) said they
          data will be available,” says Sandy       fewer gifts or the same number of               like the convenience of shopping at
          Viola, a Marketing director who           gifts at a lower price point? Do they           multichannel retailers
          has worked on the holiday survey          ever intend to use all of those gift
          team since 1997. “They look to us         cards they have accumulated?”
                                                                         continued on next page
Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                           The survey has shown in                                                  Deloitte’s vast intellectual capacity
                       recent years, for example, that                                              becomes involved in the survey.
                       the Internet would alter the                                                 According to Kutyla, the survey
                       retail landscape, and subsequent                                             findings often generate questions
                       findings continue to indicate that                                           from clients that require audit, tax
                       consumers value the convenience                                              and consulting expertise on issues
                       of shopping with multichannel                                                such as gift card revenue deferrals,
                       retailers. The increasing                                                    the protection of customer
                       importance of gift cards and the                                             data and tax credits for training
                       impact they have on sales during                                             programs.
                       the month of January, as well as       “They look to us                           “Unfortunately, in a climate
                       consumer thinking with regard to                                             like the one that exists today,” says
                       buying “green,” have also surfaced      because, unlike                      Viola, “some retailers that have a
                       as significant trends.                  many other surveys,                  rough holiday season may need
                                                                                                    the reorganization services that
                       Pulling it all together
                                                               which may address                    Deloitte Financial Advisory Services
                       Crafting such a comprehensive           a spending forecast,                 LLP (Deloitte FAS) can provide.”
                       study is both time and talent
                       intensive. The Retail team begins
                                                               ours covers a wide                   Getting the message out
                       its survey work during the summer       range of shopping                    Just as the survey provides
                       and continues with its research         trends and topics.”                  information of strategic value
                       and analysis well into the first                                             to clients and the retail sector             Diane Kutyla (left),
                       quarter of the following year.         regional and national marketing       as a whole, it also provides                 a senior manager
                            As in most analyses of this       professionals.                        an opportunity for Deloitte                  specializing in
                                                                                                                                                 economic and
                       kind, the most important part              “The breadth and depth of         to enhance its reputation and                market research,
                       of the process, team members           the issues that we’re addressing      eminence through media                       discusses survey
                       point out, is developing the right     really requires input from all the    exposure – both nationally and               results and their
                       questions. The survey typically        functions within the organization,”   at the regional level. “We not only          implications with
                                                                                                                                                 Retail leader Stacy
                       consists of 20 to 25 questions,        says Diane Kutyla, a senior           come up with findings for the                Janiak.
                       about half of which are the same       manager specializing in economic      nation as a whole, but we also
                       each year in order to make long-       and market research. “We get          cut the information into regional
                       term trend tracking possible.          as much input as possible,” adds      slices,” adds Janiak. “Often,
                                                                                                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       Each year’s new questions are          Janiak, “in order to be certain       results are unique to a specific
                       developed by the Retail team           we’re ahead of any new issues         region, so we have to figure out
                       through consultations with             and are able to anticipate nuances    what’s behind those results and
                       Deloitte’s external public relations   to existing trends.”                  provide the media with the
                       agency, internal public relations          Developing the proper             local perspective.”
                       staff, retail practitioners, and       questions is only one way                  The local press is often
                                                                                                                        continued on next page
Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                              interested in how specific cities or              online outlets as well. Other Deloitte
                              geographical areas contrast or align with         Retail leaders give up their Thanksgiving
                              others. Because media attention is so             weekend to visit a hectic mall on Black
                              significant – and so dispersed – the team         Friday, ready to provide the media with
                              brings together professionals from across         commentary on how the shopping season
                              the country to act as spokespeople for            is progressing.
                              the organization.                                      “We always measure how much
                                  “Each year, we further refine our             coverage we get compared to our
                              process for disseminating information,”           competitors,” Wilker says, “especially
                              says Laura Wilker, a senior manager on            in top-tier media such as the leading
                              the national Public Relations staff. “New         broadcast networks and national
                              spokespeople receive media coaching               magazines and newspapers.” Last year,
                              and everyone is prepped not only on the           there was a 40 percent increase in top-
                              results of the survey, but also on how            tier coverage compared with the previous
                              they compare to other organizations’              year. In total, there were 561 media
                              studies, as well as new developments              hits, providing more than 175 million
                              with regard to retail promotions and              impressions – meaning that more than
                              other sales strategies as they unfold             175 million people saw or heard coverage
                              during the season.”                               of our survey on television, radio, the
                                  Once the bright lights have been              Internet, print or blogs. The Retail team
                              turned on and the cameras are rolling,            also developed a survey microsite that
                              anything and everything the media has             is one of the most visited locations on
                              seen or heard about consumer spending   
                              or the upcoming holiday season is likely               “There’s no question that this survey
                              to come up. “We have key messages to              offers a robust perspective on the all-
                              deliver and can usually work them in,”            important holiday season,” says Janiak.
                              says Janiak, “but we also need to be              “Our overall strategy for providing
                              knowledgeable about the hot toys for the          valued information to our practitioners
                              year, for example, and well-versed on a           and our clients, while also increasing
                              broad range of retail-related topics, such        Deloitte’s eminence in the retail
                              as inventory levels, staffing levels, gift card   industry, is paying off.”
                              redemptions and multichannel retailing.”
                                                                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                  That kind of careful preparation is well
                              worth the effort. In recent years, Janiak
                              has appeared on major TV networks
                              and been interviewed for print and

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                      Putting education
                      in a new light
                                                                                           Sanjay Pasrija
                                                                                           started the Lamp
                                                                                           Post School
                                                                                           in 2004. For
                                                                                           much of 2008
                                                                                           he has been on
                                                                                           a consulting
                                                                                           assignment near
                                                                                           Boston, but “his
                                                                                           kids” remain
                                                                                           close to his heart.
                                                                                           He speaks with
                                                                                           them frequently.

                                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

                       With the help of dedicated volunteers, Sanjay Pasrija is changing
                       lives through a grass-roots effort known as the Lamp Post School.

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                       I    n many respects, it was a
                            typical night. The weather
                            was a bit chilly, as it can be
                       in Mumbai during early October.
                       The children had gathered quietly,
                                                               stranger would change their lives.
                                                                   Sanjay Pasrija left the Deloitte
                                                               office around 9 p.m. to head
                                                               home from his IT consulting
                                                               assignment. He noticed the
                                                                                                      to learn more. So it was during
                                                                                                      one of his visits that one of the
                                                                                                      children asked Pasrija if he would
                                                                                                      teach him math. “I immediately
                                                                                                      said ‘yes,’” says Pasrija, “and began
                       illuminated by the dim glow of a        children diligently studying along     giving nightly elementary math
                       streetlight. There were nearly 10       the street’s edge.                     lessons right there on the street.”
                       of them, between the ages of 4              “I had never noticed them              The Lamp Post School was
                       and 11, away from home after            before,” says Pasrija. “They looked    under way.
                       dark looking for one thing – a          cold and hungry, so I went over            From that humble beginning
                       place to read.                          and offered them some money.”          in 2004, with a couple of blankets
                                                               The children’s response came as        providing a place to sit, the
                                                               a surprise. “They looked at me,”       modest quest for knowledge                   Pruthviraj Haral
                                                               Pasrija recalls, “and said, ‘Thank     gained momentum. “Passersby                  (right), a senior
                                                               you, but if you want to help us,       would see us and ask what we                 analyst in Con-
                                                                                                                                                   sulting, is one of
                                                               please give us some books.’”           were doing and some would ask                the volunteers
                                                                   The startling response struck      how they could help,” Pasrija says.          who spends his
                                                               Pasrija as a sign of genuine           “Then, after several months, one             evening hours
                                                               determination, and the following       evening a newspaper columnist                tutoring students
                                                                                                                                                   at the Lamp Post
                                                               evening he returned to the             came by and he was moved to                  School.
                                                               streetlamp with books, pens,           write an article about our school.”
                                                               pencils and notebooks.
                                                                   Over the course of the             Deloitte steps in
                                                               next week or so, Pasrija would         After that, things began to move
                                                               occasionally visit the children,       rapidly, which was fortunate
                                                               inquiring about their studies and      because the onslaught of the
                                                               their well-being. He learned that      annual monsoon rains was about
                                                               they lived nearby in temporary         to begin. Rakesh Barik, Pasrija’s
                                                               housing that had been built            manager at the time and now
                            Their tattered clothes and         for the families of construction       a director in Consulting, read
                       bleak faces told of a tough life – a    laborers working on the high-end       the story and, with the help of
                       life they were trying to escape.        condominiums rising throughout         Deloitte’s Human Resources/
                                                                                                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       They knew that beneath their            the area.                              Operations team, made
                       outward appearance burned a                 The children attend a state-       arrangements for the children to
                       desire, a curiosity and a willingness   run school during the day, but         meet in the basement parking area
                       to learn. What they didn’t know         the quality of the education they      of the building in which Deloitte’s
                       was how the simple inquiry of a         receive had left them hungry           offices are located.
                                                                                                                          continued on next page

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
    And Mumbai Office Managing Director       grateful to Deloitte and its leaders.         Pasrija. “It really opened their eyes. They
Parag Saigaonkar, Deloitte Consulting         Without their help, it would have been        now have dreams, and we’re doing what
India Pvt. Ltd., stepped in, providing        almost impossible to sustain this work.”      we can to help make them a reality.”
lighting, whiteboards and mats on which
the boys and girls could sit. Arrangements    More than just book learning                  Hard work and educating families
were also made for an evening meal in the     To ensure the school’s effectiveness          As hard as the volunteers work, the
building’s canteen, providing the children    remains high, Pasrija requires a one-         children themselves work equally hard.
with much-needed nourishment.                 month commitment from volunteers to           “I give them homework,” says Kothari,
    By August 2005, the school was            ensure consistency and a high level of        “and they are always eager for more.”
settled into its basement “classroom” and     teaching quality.                             “They do understand the opportunity they
growing, thanks not only to Pasrija but            Ghate says he was impressed with         are being given,” adds Ghate. “We have
also to a strong group of fellow Deloitte     Pasrija’s motivation and dedication.          strict rules, and they have the will to get
volunteers, such as Neeraj Ghate, Radhika          “We’re about more than studies;          the work done.”
                                              we’re focused on these kids’ entire lives,”        “I really admire the children,” adds
                                              says Ghate. “We address social topics         Ichhpuniani. “In spite of the adversities
“These children are                           and issues such as the dangerous lure         they face, they always have a smile; they
 from very poor families…                     of drugs and crime.” The school recently      exhibit self-control even when studying
                                              introduced once-a-week yoga training,         on an empty stomach; and they have
 we’re trying to help them                    which incorporated some exercise into         the ability to soak in everything we
 see the bigger world,                        the equation.                                 teach them.”
                                                   It’s this holistic approach that also         And Pasrija has been successful in
 help them become a real                      impresses Kothari. “These children are        getting the mothers and fathers of the
 part of society.”                            from very poor families,” he says. “They      children involved as well. “Parents join
                                              have no exposure to TV, nor any real          us each week,” he says. “We take that
                                              concept of technology and science. We’re      opportunity to stress the importance of
Ichhpuniani and Mukesh Kothari, as well       trying to help them see the bigger world,     education and to discuss topics such
as people from other organizations. “I        help them become a real part of society.”     as parenting skills and the negative
had been noticing the classes as I left the        Occasionally, the volunteers and         impact of alcoholism.” Each year the
building after work,” says Ghate, another     children take field trips to movies,          school recognizes its top student, and
consultant. “So one night I stopped by        amusement parks and cultural sites            the parents of that child also receive
and was told they needed a math teacher,      around the city. The students have also       recognition for their support role.
so I decided to try my hand at it.”           become a regular part of Deloitte’s                As word about the school continues
                                                                                                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    “We were on our way to becoming           annual day of community service each          to spread, its reputation and enrollment
a full-fledged school,” says Pasrija, “with   year. “Three years ago on IMPACT Day,         continue to grow – its “classroom” now
20 to 25 children each night. We not          we brought them up to Deloitte’s offices      seats 43 students each night.
only gave them books and supplies but         for the first time, and it was their first
sometimes clothing. We’re extremely           encounter with air conditioning,” says                                   continued on next page

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                       Good marks
                       With the school in its fourth year,
                       the hard work is paying off. For
                       many of India’s poorest children,
                       the hope of continuing their
                       education beyond 10th grade
                       (above age 15) and attending
                       college (the equivalent of a U.S.
                       senior high school) is not realistic.
                       Against that background, the
                       Lamp Post School’s achievements
                       are notably impressive. “This year,
                       six of our kids went to college,”
                       says Pasrija with a broad smile.
                       “They are the first in their families
                       ever to do that.”
                            Earlier this year, a girl who      we’re making a real difference       of the school in my absence,          Photo
                       joined the Lamp Post School at          and having a real impact on          and I speak with her every day,”      The students gather
                                                                                                                                          six times each week
                       the age of 15 was admitted to a         the lives of these children. I       says Pasrija. “I’ve been closely      in the basement
                       local university where she is now       think this is another example        following the exam results and        of the Deloitte
                       studying psychology. And when           of how our colleagues in India       make time once or twice a week        building in Mumbai.
                                                                                                                                          Volunteers provide
                       several Lamp Post students were         embrace Deloitte’s long-standing     to talk with the children.”
                                                                                                                                          lessons in English
                       recently admitted to a local English    commitment to making the                  While he knows things are        and math, providing
                       medium school (a private school         communities in which we live and     in good hands, he’s still looking     them with a solid
                       where the curriculum is primarily       work better places to be.”           forward to returning to Mumbai        foundation for a
                                                                                                                                          brighter future.
                       taught in English), Pasrija received        But Pasrija and his team         and to his kids. “I can’t stop,” he
                       a call from that school’s principal.    understand that there is still a     says. “I get too much satisfaction.
                       “She told me I should be proud          great deal of work to be done.       I’ve seen the results, seen the way
                       of the fact that their English was      While they have built a model        people respond. It’s too good.”
                       better than hers,” Pasrija says. “I     based on a solid curriculum, the          Too good indeed.
                       was in seventh heaven.”                 integrity of the school was tested
                            “What Sanjay and the team          in February when Pasrija accepted
                                                                                                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       of volunteers are accomplishing is      an assignment in the United
                       tremendous,” says Bob Chapman,          States. By all indications the
                       Region 10 managing partner,             students haven’t skipped a beat.
                       Deloitte LLP. “Some may see             “Priyanka Daveda, a resident of
                       it as small and granular, but           the local community, is in charge

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
Over here                                   T        he term “global” has long been used to describe
                                                     concepts, systems and institutions. But more and
                                                     more, it’s being applied to individuals as well. A
                                            worldwide perspective and hands-on experience in a variety
                                            of cultures is more important in today’s marketplace than
                                            ever before.                                                                 Audrey
                                                 As companies become increasingly borderless, organizations              Vangramberen,
                                            like Deloitte need to be able to provide “global” talent and serve           from Deloitte
                                            clients’ needs in a strategic and rapid manner. It is this ability to
                                                                                                                         gained valuable
                                            move talent across geographies in a logical and methodical way               experience, both
                                            that serves as the basis for Deloitte’s Global Deployment strategy.          personally and
                                                 A key component of the strategy is to have DTT member                   professionally,
                                                                                                                         during her
                                            firm professionals from around the world come to the U.S. and                assignment in New
                                            work directly with their Deloitte colleagues in a variety of roles.          York City.
                                            The focus is on significantly increasing the number of inbound
                                            expatriates working for Deloitte over the next three years.
                                                 “These inbound expatriates will allow us to improve the
                                            service we provide our multinational clients,” says Phyllis Creek,
                                            a director in the Office of Global Deployment. “Their presence
                                            also provides our professionals with valuable development and
                                            growth experiences and enhances our organization’s overall
                                            global culture.”
                                                 Having the right people in the right place at the right time
                                            is especially important during times of economic uncertainty.
                                            “Our clients have expectations about our ability to provide the
                                            talent and resources they require, especially on cross-border
                                            service issues,” says Creek. “We must continue to invest in global
                                            deployment programs so that we stay ahead of our competitors
                                            and continue to meet our clients’ expectations. We want to
                                            offer our professionals the global opportunities they seek and
In a shrinking world, Deloitte colleagues   the experiences they require for success in the future.”
                                                 You may have already had the opportunity to work with one
from overseas working in the United         of these “inpatriates.” If not, chances are good that you soon
                                                                                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

States provide diverse viewpoints           will as the Deloitte U.S. Firms increase the numbers participating.
                                            In the meantime, here are three of their stories.
Deloitte needs and clients demand.                                                              continued on next page


Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                       From offshore to on-site                                                                                                  Avik Chanda and
                       Avik Chanda – India                                                                                                       his wife, Shikha,
                                                                                                                                                 are enjoying their
                                                                                                                                                 time together in
                       While Avik Chanda calls India home, he hasn’t spent                                                                       the United States.
                       much time there in recent years as his career has kept
                       him on the move with several global deployments.
                       First Germany, then the UK, and now just outside San
                       Jose, CA, Chanda has traveled the world, building
                       his skills as an SAP consultant. This is his first on-site
                       assignment in the U.S. and he says that both he and
                       his wife, Shikha, couldn’t be happier to be here.
                            Chanda is spending roughly eight months in
                       California working on delivery management involving          “Being here, with direct access to
                       data migration and Cutover.
                            “While it’s true that most of our business in            the client, provides an adrenaline
                       Hyderabad was with U.S. companies,” says Chanda,              rush you cannot get if you are
                       “it was in an offshore capacity, which is quite
                       different from actually working here. The chance to
                                                                                     not on-site.”
                       gain firsthand experience is professionally beneficial
                       to me, as well as to the clients I serve. I’m better          responsibilities and the timeline. I already had a
                       able to understand specific work processes.”                  detailed understanding of expectations and was
                            But what has impressed Chanda the most has               able to start working on the project over my last few
                       been the opportunity to work with people from                 weeks in India.”
                       across the globe. “The overall project team comprises              Much like previous assignments in Europe,
                       people from America, China, India and different               Chanda has found his time in the U.S. energized by
                       European countries, in addition to my Deloitte                close interactions. “Being here, with direct access to
                       colleagues,” he says. “Connecting with these people           the client, provides an adrenaline rush you cannot
                       – the assimilation of all these cultures – has been           get if you are not on-site,” he says. “In consulting,
                       a great experience. It’s provided a depth of human            it’s important to stay connected to people and
                       connection I didn’t expect.”                                  processes. You have to stay abreast of what’s
                            What he did expect was to be busy, and he                happening globally, and the best way of doing that is
                       has been. Chanda enjoys being in the thick of the             to go global.”
                                                                                                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       action and was able to hit the ground running                      Of course, going global often means hitting
                       when he arrived in the U.S. “This was thanks to the           the road. “I’ve spent much of my career living out
                       way Deloitte handled the preparations,” he says.              of a suitcase,” Chanda says. “But I’ve learned that
                       “Through conference calls beforehand, I became                wherever you and your spouse are – that becomes
                       connected with my manager and the partner in                  your home.”
                       charge of the project. Together we went over roles,                                              continued on next page

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                       I get to go where?                    they are in compliance with             everyone else is doing and you get
                       Chris Sutter – Mexico City            the specific financial reporting        involved in things like recruiting
                                                             mandates required by the                and community service in ways you
                       It’s a scenario that most of us       Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).               wouldn’t at a larger office.”
                       can only imagine: Your manager             Since many Japanese firms              He’s found plenty of
                       comes to you one day and says,        have offices in Hawaii, Sutter finds    challenges as well. Though fluent
                       “We have a new assignment for         himself actually assisting with         in three languages – English,
                       you…in Hawaii.” Well that’s exactly   JSOX compliance – the Japanese          German and Spanish – he admits
                       what happened to Chris Sutter,        equivalent of the SOX legislation.      to having some difficulty in
                       an Enterprise Risk Services senior    “We help with risk assessments          picking up Japanese. “But I have
                       consultant from Deloitte Mexico.      and internal controls,” Sutter says.    developed a better understanding
                                                             “We offer process improvements          for the Japanese way of doing
                                                             to meet or exceed SOX standards         business,” says Sutter. “I appreciate
                                                             and assist some nonattest clients       the way companies here interact              Photo
                                                                                                                                                  Chris Sutter is
                                                             with their internal audit functions.”   – they’re like members of small              quick to point out
                                                                  Though no stranger to global       families that have known one                 the professional
                                                             assignments, Sutter was intrigued       another for a long time.”                    development he’s
                                                             by the challenge of working in an           One thing that has surprised             receiving through
                                                                                                                                                  his assignment in
                                                             environment that he knew would          Sutter during his time                       Hawaii. Still, it’s
                                                             be very different from Mexico City.     in Hawaii has been the quality of            not all work and
                                                             Sutter had previously worked in         play in the local soccer league.             no play.
                                                             Germany and admits that, while          That’s what keeps him busy when
                                                             London would have been his first        he’s not enjoying another pastime
                                                             choice for another international        he’s only recently picked
                                                             opportunity, he’s certainly not         up – surfing.
                                                             disappointed to be in Hawaii.               “Overall, I think I’ve adjusted
                                                             “What’s not to like?” asks Sutter.      well to what I’ve encountered
                                                             “It’s beautiful. I live in Waikiki,     here,” Sutter says. “It’s made me
                                                             and I’m having a great growth           a stronger person, and I’ll be a
                           In September 2007, Sutter left    experience, both professionally         better professional when I return
                       the Mexico City home office for an    and personally.                         home to Mexico.”
                       18-month assignment in Honolulu.           “The office here is much smaller       Not to mention a better surfer.
                                                                                                                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       There, he is working with publicly    than the one in Mexico City,” he                            continued on next page
                       traded companies to check that        continues. “Here you know what


Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
 Going global                          Breaking the ICE in NYC                         tax issues was only part of the reason
 Starting in FY09, Deloitte is         Audrey Vangramberen – Luxembourg                Vangramberen’s experience was so rewarding.
 looking to dramatically increase                                                      “I’ve never met so many people with such
 the number of outbound and            Audrey Vangramberen, a Tax assistant            diverse backgrounds – both professionally
 inbound global deployments.           manager from Deloitte Luxembourg, likes to
 That means more opportunity                                                                                                            Photo
                                       push herself beyond her comfort zone. So                                                         Audrey
 for Deloitte professionals to gain    the chance to join Deloitte’s International                                                      Vangramberen
 global experience by working
                                       Core of Excellence (ICE) group in New York                                                       says she gained
 abroad or by teaming here in the                                                                                                       confidence in
                                       City last spring was something she just
 U.S. with colleagues from other                                                                                                        herself by living and
 DTT member firms. Through the         couldn’t pass up.                                                                                working in a city
 Global Deployment program,                Vangramberen arrived in the U.S. in                                                          with such diversity.
 Deloitte aims to:                     March for a six-month assignment with
                                                                                                                                                To learn
                                       ICE, a collection of tax professionals from                                                      www
 •	Improve	the	service	delivered	to    DTT member firms around the world, based                                                         visit the Global
   multinational clients               in the NY World Financial Center, who                                                            Deployment site on
 •	Act	as	a	career	enhancer	by         assist their U.S. colleagues and clients on
   providing compelling                a variety of tax issues. “My clients were
   development and growth              typically large U.S. multinationals with
   opportunities                       complex acquisition or reorganization
 •	Enhance	the	organization’s	         scenarios,” says Vangramberen. “They
   global culture
                                       have outbound investments and we helped
                                       them understand the tax consequences
      Get started by reviewing the
 Global Deployment Overview            and optimized the structuring of those
 presentation that explains the        investments in specific countries.”
 plan. This will familiarize you           The assignment suited Vangramberen
 with the associated policies. You     well because her previous experience in         and culturally,” she says. “We consider
 are also encouraged to visit the      Luxembourg focused on private equity            Luxembourg to be an international place, but
 U.S. Global Deployment site to        transactions, mostly by U.S. organizations.     New York has everything. Nowhere else is
 learn more about the program or       Working in the New York office proved to        there so much entertainment, food, people,
 express your interest in a global     be an excellent way to gain firsthand insight   diversity – it’s got anything you could want.”
 assignment by completing the          into the country’s business environment.             Vangramberen says that being in such
 global interest form. Additional      “I’d always wanted to be in the U.S.,” she      an environment taught her to be more
 information will be posted to the                                                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                       says, “and my time at ICE was extremely         extroverted. “It was a very good experience
 site as available, so stay tuned
                                       rewarding, as expected. There’s just no         for me,” she says. “Being away from what
 for updates on how Deloitte is
                                       substitute for being hands-on, especially       is familiar, meeting new people, facing new
 strengthening its global experience
 to always stay one step ahead.        when you’re dealing with something as           challenges – they all teach you something
                                       complicated as the U.S. tax system.”            about yourself. You learn what’s important,
                                           The opportunity to help untangle global     and it’s a great boost to your confidence.”

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
The gift of a lifetime
                                                       Spencer Cosper
                                                       and Tom Lutz
                                                       met with their
                                                       team at the
                                                       Hospital Center.
                                                       Pictured here are
                                                       (left to right), Dr.
                                                       Reza Ghasemian,
                                                       director of
                                                       and laproscopic
                                                       urology; Lutz;
                                                       Julie Trollinger,
                                                       Dr. Jimmy Light,
                                                       director of
                                                       services; and

One Deloitte professional donates kidney to another.
                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS


Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                       I    s there anything I can do to help?” It’s a
                            typical response – one that can roll off the
                            tongue easily when hearing bad news from
                       a friend or associate. But for Boston’s Tom Lutz,
                       a functional sales director for Deloitte FAS, those
                                                                                    with Cosper’s. Without missing a beat, she said,
                                                                                    “Yes, why don’t you.”
                                                                                        Lutz’s blood – O positive – was in fact a match
                                                                                    and within hours his mind was made up. Cosper
                                                                                    says, “It was amazing how fast Tom made up
                       words took on a particularly poignant meaning not            his mind. I told him that this was an enormous
                       long ago when he learned of a colleague’s need for a         commitment, and to really think about it. But Tom
                       kidney transplant.                                           never wavered. He wanted to make it happen.”
                            That colleague is Spencer Cosper, a Deloitte FAS            “As you can imagine, this had not been on
                       director and business development manager who                my ‘bucket list,’” Lutz says. “But once I had the              Polycystic kidney
                                                                                                                                                   disease, from
                       reports directly to Lutz in Sales, Marketing & Business      idea in my head, I couldn’t shake it. Here was a               which Spencer
                       Development. Cosper had suffered from a genetic              close colleague in need, and I felt compelled to do            Cosper suffered, is
                       disorder called polycystic kidney disease (PKD) for years    something. So, I began making some arrangements.”              characterized by the
                       and was facing either a kidney transplant or dialysis            Lutz first had Gilda and their two daughters               growth of numerous
                                                                                                                                                   cysts in the kidneys
                       for the rest of his life. He told Lutz about his condition   – who are 18 and 16 – tested to make sure their                that can profoundly
                       during a phone call earlier this year.                       kidneys were healthy and that Gilda could serve as a           enlarge the kidneys
                            “I was at a point where neither of my kidneys           donor if the need should ever arise. Then, he made             while replacing
                       was functioning effectively, and either a transplant         sure they were appropriately covered financially               much of their
                                                                                                                                                   normal structure,
                       or dialysis was imminent,” says Cosper, who                  should something happen to him.                                resulting in reduced
                       supports Deloitte FAS in his sales role. “I’m married            Next, Lutz and Cosper began working closely                kidney function and
                       with three children who are 16, 14 and 11, and I             with a transplant coordinator to complete the                  eventual failure.
                       was worried. I let Tom know, and ‘what can I do?’            necessary paperwork and tests. As good fortune
                       was his immediate reaction.”                                 would have it, Lutz’s kidney was a perfect match for
                                                                                    Cosper’s – even better than that of a younger relative
                       Taking action                                                of Cosper’s who was also willing to donate a kidney.
                       “The news had quite an impact on me,” says                       Lutz did some additional research prior to the
                       Lutz. He has known Cosper for four years and has             surgery, but nothing altered his decision. His mind
                       worked closely with him since 2005, when he began            had been made up.
                       overseeing the sales channel dedicated to Deloitte
                       FAS. Although Lutz had been aware for some time              An opportunity for healthy living
                       that Cosper had kidney problems, he did not realize          As is customary in transplant procedures, the
                                                                                                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       they had progressed to such a serious point.                 surgery for both men was scheduled for the same
                            Lutz says he didn’t sleep well the night after          day – August 20. Literally waiting next to each other
                       first hearing the news. When he awoke the next               before entering their respective operating rooms
                       morning, he asked his wife, Gilda, for her opinion           at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington,
                       about checking to see if his blood type was a match          DC, where Cosper resides, there was a fair amount
                                                                                                                          continued on next page

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
                              “I always say that you have                  they have their dad healthy and alive for
                               to give a little to get a                   a long time to come.”
                                                                               “I’ve heard some great stories
                               little, but this was a case                 during my 32 years at Deloitte, but
                               where I wasn’t asking for                   this one is among the best,” adds
                                                                           Deloitte & Touche LLP (“Deloitte &
                               anything in return other                    Touche”) National Managing Partner
                               than maybe some chips in                    Tom Schiro, Sales, Marketing & Business     Photo
                                                                                                                       Both Spencer
                                                                           Development. “I can’t say enough about
                               the ‘karma bank.’”                          the sacrifice that Tom made and what it
                                                                                                                       Cosper (left) and
                                                                                                                       Tom Lutz are
                                                                           means to Spencer and his family.”           recovering well and
                              of “nervous energy” in the air. Cosper                                                   once again teaming
                                                                                                                       together to attract
                              says the pair cracked jokes to keep the      Support from Deloitte                       new business.
                              mood light.                                  Both Lutz and Cosper are recovering
                                    When the operation was over several    well. Although it will be awhile
                              hours later and both men had regained        before the surgery can be deemed
                              consciousness, they were told that the       an unequivocal success, their doctors
                              transplant had been an initial success.      report that both will be fine.
                              After experiencing some pain, they both          Meanwhile, the get-well cards
                              soon began to feel better, and Cosper’s      and messages have arrived in droves,
                              new kidney began to function properly.       especially from colleagues at Deloitte.
                              “It was amazing,” he says. “My coloring      “I’m living proof that Deloitte cares
                              was much better almost immediately. I        about its people,” Cosper says. “From
                              knew that Tom’s selfless act had given       the very beginning, both of us received
                              me the opportunity to live a relatively      tremendous support from our leaders,
                              normal life.”                                those whom we work with regularly
                                    And what were Lutz’s thoughts          and others across the organization who
                              following the surgery? “I always say         heard our story. I can’t tell you how
                              that you have to give a little to get a      much that means when you are going
                              little, but this was a case where I wasn’t   through something like this.”
                              asking for anything in return other than
                                                                                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              maybe some chips in the ‘karma bank,’”
                              he says with a chuckle. “But, seriously,
                              what struck me most were the smiling
                              faces of Spencer’s three kids after the
                              surgery and the realization that hopefully

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
  Fit for life

Soccer mom –
with a twist
                                                                                        For more
                                        uring the week, Krista                   www
                                        Brookman, a senior manager               on getting and stay-
                                        in Marketing working out of              ing in shape, check
                                                                                 out the Health &
                              the Milwaukee office, wears many hats              Fitness resources on
                              while juggling a full-time job and lots            DeloitteNet.
                              of family responsibilities at home. So
                              on weekends, she looks forward to taking
                              off the hats and putting on a pair                 Photo
                              of cleats.                                         Krista Brookman
                                   For the last five years, Brookman has         and her son, Joshua,
                              been a member of the Women’s Soccer                enjoy a playful
                                                                                 moment together
                              Club (WSC), an amateur league made                 prior to the start of
                              up of women who enjoy playing soccer,              her game.
                              building friendships and getting a great
                              workout. More than 1,200 women from
                              all over southern Wisconsin participate in
                              six such leagues at varying skill levels and
                              age groups. Brookman plays midfield for
                              a team named the Blue Menace, where
                              she is joined by her Deloitte colleague,
                              Heather Wickstrom. The Menace is in the
                                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              club’s “B” league, which mostly attracts
                              women who had previously played high
                              school soccer.
                                   Brookman has been with Deloitte
                              since October 2005, and she splits her
                              workweek hours between the Milwaukee
                                                        continued on next page
Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
  Fit for life
                      office and her home. She delivers marketing services to       Soccer Cup success
                      professionals across the country specializing in serving
                      clients in the process and industrial products industry.      Along with more than 180 of her colleagues,
                                                                                    Krista Brookman played in the Deloitte Soccer
                     “Soccer is something I do just for                             Cup as a member of the Chicago team. The
                                                                                    tournament, which began on October 19 in
                      me, and it makes me feel like I                               Chicago, marked a celebration of fitness and
                      have balance.”                                                sportsmanship. Twenty teams from 35 Deloitte
                                                                                    offices competed. The final outcome? Nashville/
                          At home, she’s a mother to 14-month-old Joshua            Hermitage edged out Pittsburgh by a score of
                      and stepmother to Annie (age 18), Steven (17) and             4-3 in a penalty-kick shootout.
                      David (13). By the end of the week, like many of her            The Health & Fitness team coordinated
                      colleagues, she’s ready for a break. So on Sundays,           this event and helps organize other less
                      Brookman joins her teammates – many of whom are               structured programs across the country. If
                      also juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and          you are interested in starting or joining a
                      career – on various fields (indoors during the winter         recreational sports group or league, e-mail
                      and spring, outdoors the rest of the year) in the   
                      Milwaukee area for a weekly game.
                          “Soccer is something I do just for me, and it
                      makes me feel like I have balance,” Brookman says.         don’t put out a full effort; occasionally things get a
                      “I feel ready to get down to business when I return        little “rough and tumble.”
                      to work on Monday, knowing I did something good                  “Every week, I seem to have a new bruise, and
                      for myself over the weekend.”                              I have to make variations in my work wardrobe,”
                          Brookman began playing soccer in grade school          Brookman says. “But it’s great. Playing soccer for two
                      and was an accomplished player, making the varsity         hours with no subs, running hard nearly the whole
                      team in her freshman year at Tremper High School           time gives me good perspective and focus. I’m ready
                      in Kenosha, WI. A knee injury in her junior year cut       for whatever the workweek brings.”
                      short her competitive sports “career.” By the time she
                      turned 30, Brookman was ready to get her soccer
                      groove back. “I love the sport,” she says, “and it’s a
                      good way for me to stay in shape.”
                                                                                                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          She continued to play throughout her first
                      trimester of pregnancy and then sat out the
                      next several months. As soon as she was able,
                      Brookman was back on the field. The games may be
                      recreational, but that doesn’t mean that the players

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
  My life

Once a leader,
always a leader
                              M         ary Foster might not have thought
                                        much about it at the time, but her
                                        32 years with Deloitte proved to be
                              good training for the position she currently
                              holds – mayor of her hometown, Peekskill,
                              NY, a city of more than 22,000 on the Hudson
                              River about 40 miles north of New York City.
                              Foster, who retired on January 31, 2007, worked
                              her way through college and earned an MBA
                              at Pace University before joining Deloitte. As an
                              accountant, consultant and Deloitte & Touche                  Photo
                              partner, Foster listened to clients’ problems,                Mary Foster served
                              suggested solutions – sometimes unpopular ones –              at Deloitte for
                                                                                            32 years prior to
                              and gained an appreciation for community service.             becoming mayor of
                              These activities helped nurture the leadership skills         Peekskill, NY. Here
                              that serve her well today.                                    she relaxes in her
                                                                                            office beside an
                                                                                            artist’s rendition of
                              What made you decide to run for mayor?                        the city’s planned
                              Politics was definitely not the driving force; I was a        firefighting facility.
                              nonaffiliated registered voter before I ran. I wanted
                              to help the city redefine itself through community
                              planning efforts rather than political posturing. I
                                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              was concerned with the lack of transparency in the
                              local government, low public participation, and the
                              lack of planning-based decision making by leaders,
                              so I decided to run to try to change that. I ran for
                              mayor and was elected in November 2007.
                                                                   continued on next page

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
  My life

Have you been able to make those             the accessibility I offer. Dealing with            As one of 11 children, did you see
changes in your first term?                  the opposition is another experience               yourself as ‘mayor’ or leader of your
We’re getting there. Through video           altogether. It’s disappointing to see how          siblings?
streaming on the Web and our                 juvenile things can sometimes get, but             Since I was the eldest daughter, I always
government TV channel, we’ve made            you just have to have a sense of humor             had a strong sense of responsibility.
city meetings more accessible. We held       about it.                                          Growing up with that many brothers
a number of focus group sessions and                                                            and sisters teaches you a lot about how
workshops to get clear direction from the    What are your general impressions of               to get along in a close-knit environment
community. And perhaps most importantly      serving as mayor?                                  – plus tolerance and accountability. For
we get advice from experts to help us plan   It’s been extremely rewarding. The role of         instance, I learned that my behavior in
many aspects of the city’s future.           local government is important in so many           school affected how teachers later saw
                                             ways, and I like being able to shape that          my younger brothers and sisters.
What has been the reaction to                role. Many things that impact our lives –
those changes?                               housing values, the long-term health of            You have a long history of community
People often stop me on the street and       the community, zoning, and so forth – are          service. Is that something that started
say things like, ‘Thank you,’ or, ‘We like   driven by local government. There’s a real         at Deloitte?
what you’re doing.’ They might not           satisfaction in shaping the direction of a city.   Long before IMPACT Day, Deloitte had
always agree with the decisions reached,                                                        always been a big supporter of partners
but I get the sense that they appreciate     How does it compare to working as                  and managers giving back through board
the opportunity to chime in. I recently      a partner in an audit and accounting               service. I remember when I was a young
asked for volunteers to solve a parking      practice?                                          manager, partners would encourage and
problem, and nine people offered to          At Deloitte, you work with so many                 support me to serve on not-for-profit
help. I asked for volunteers to solve        different clients, in addition to filling          boards. So that concept of community
litter problems and 20 people formed a       internal roles and external business               service really got ingrained early on. Now,
steering committee. These are great signs    development roles that it’s rare that you          as mayor, I get a fresh perspective on
because it shows that people want to be      can focus just on one issue. For me,               the need for community volunteerism.
part of the problem-solving process.         focusing on the city is one issue. It’s like       It would be wonderful if I had a 100
                                             having one client. I’ve never been so              Deloitte professionals living in Peekskill.
How do you feel about being in the           all-consumed in one effort, so it’s a new          We could get a lot done with one or two
public eye?                                  experience for me. But there are many              IMPACT Days!
                                                                                                                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
It’s been interesting. People will stop      skills you learn as a public accountant that
me and tell me that they watch me on         translate to working in local government
TV all the time or they’ll say, ‘I don’t     – such as being able to listen to people
want to interrupt your meal, but can I       and help them find solutions without
ask you a question?’ They appreciate         compromising operations.

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life

                                                                     internal investigation or a lawsuit, and the stakes in these
                                                                     matters can often be extremely high.
                                                                          According to a recent report by Forrester Research, by 2011,
                                                                     the e-discovery market is projected to exceed $4.8 billion in
                                                                     North America alone. Two major drivers of this growth are new
                                                                     amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that require
                                                                     the parties to address e-discovery issues early in the litigation
                                                                     and the fact that the bar and bench are now using a common
                                                                     language around a new set of e-discovery challenges that did
                                                                     not previously exist. In the first two periods of FY09, the EDSC
                                                                     has already won multimillion-dollar projects with leading law
                                                                     firms and technology and pharmaceutical companies.
                                                                          The EDSC operates three shifts and is up and running
                                                                     24/7/365. “A lot of our cases are international,” says Anderson.
                                                                     “Which means our clients need us to be available around
                                                                     the clock.”
                                                                          Because such a high percentage of information today is
Facility helps secure new business                                   produced electronically, the e-discovery process, which is often
                                                                     referred to by those in the industry as sanctioned computer
If you arrive at Deloitte’s new 28,000-square-foot E-Discovery       hacking, has become necessary. These experts can retrieve data
Solutions Center (EDSC) near Nashville, TN, with only your           that has been deleted from a computer and can determine
regular Deloitte ID badge, you won’t even get through the            if that information was intentionally wiped out. Deloitte’s          Photo
                                                                                                                                          The new
front door. In fact, only professionals who work at the EDSC         computer forensics professionals have the ability to retrieve data   E-Discovery
are allowed access to the facility, and various levels of security   without altering it or disturbing anything else on a computer.       Solutions Center
clearance are required to move around the building, which has        The high level of experience of Deloitte FAS professionals           offers cutting-
labs constructed to meet Sensitive Compartmented Information         working at the facility complements the center’s cutting-edge        edge technology
                                                                                                                                          to Deloitte’s
Facility standards.                                                  technology. Many team members are ex-law enforcement                 computer forensics
    The main operations laboratory is protected by not only a        officers, ex-CIA or ex-FBI agents; some have legal backgrounds.      professionals.
heavy metal door but also by a layer of metal inside the walls.           “The opening of the center means our capacity to do
And there are sensors under the floor and above the ceiling          e-discovery work has increased 10-fold,” says Anderson, “
                                                                                                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
that trigger alarms in the event of an unauthorized entry. In        which gives us a unique opportunity to become a leader in
the secure labs, there are no windows. “It feels like you’re in a    the marketplace.”
military bunker,” says Jessica Anderson, an operations manager
at the center.
    Why such heavy security? Because the main focus of the
EDSC is on identifying data that may be relevant to a client’s

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
Born to be wild

                                                             Earlier this year,        The Deloitte Client Experience was the main force
                                                             68 Deloitte          behind the group’s formation. Deloitte’s Harley team
                                                             Harley-Davidson      members wanted to enhance their understanding of
                                                             motorcycle           the client and decided to seek colleagues who could
                                                             owners rode          share their perspectives. The team learned from a
                                                             from across the      survey that 168 Deloitte professionals were Harley
                                                             United States        owners. Soon after, the DHogs community was born.
                                                             to join 250,000           “DHogs shows that we bring unique
                                                             other bikers and     understanding and perspective to serving Harley,
                                                             their friends in     and that we’ve developed a team that is cohesive
                                                             Milwaukee to         and speaks the company’s language,” Lee says. “It
                                                             celebrate the        demonstrates our commitment to them – and shows
                                                             105th anniversary    we understand their business from a customer’s
                                                             of the iconic        perspective, and we know what the ‘Harley brand’
                                                             company, a           really means.”
                                                             Deloitte ORMP             Bryan Slone, the Nebraska office managing
                                                             (Office of the       partner, Deloitte Tax LLP, says the event absolutely
                       Regional Managing Partner) client. The event served        improved Deloitte’s relationship with Harley-
                       as an opportunity for Deloitte professionals to meet,      Davidson. “Clients want to believe that you have the
                       network and discuss life on the road and the two-          same passion for their products,” he says, “and we       Photo
                                                                                                                                           Tax’s Jack Lee,
                       wheeled passion they have in common.                       can show them – physically and tangibly.”                seen here riding
                            Michael Mashack took honors for making the                 Doug Engel, a Strategic Relationship                his 2008 Road
                       longest trip – he rode his Harley 2,505 miles (in three    Management partner and a 40-year Harley owner,           Glide, says DHogs
                       days) from Foster City, CA. The Deloitte bikers, who       says DHogs gives Deloitte an edge in serving Harley-     demonstrates
                       call themselves DHogs (Deloitte Harley-Davidson            Davidson. “It shows we believe in them and their         commitment to
                       Owners Group), was formed by Jack Lee, the lead            products,” Engel says. “It doesn’t get any better        the motorcycle
                       client service partner for Harley-Davidson, Deloitte       than this in terms of The Deloitte Client Experience.    company.
                       Tax LLP, and Joel Gawronski, the lead client marketer.     It shows we have industry insight as well as
                            “It’s amazing to be able to identify all of the       understanding and perspective.”
                                                                                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                       Harley riders at Deloitte,” Lee says of the group,
                       which includes colleagues in a wide variety of roles
                       – administrative assistants, tax managers, office
                       managing partners and former U.S. industry leaders.
                       “It feels like a family.”

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
Recruiting video is an online hit

                                                     Looking to reach MBA      a Strategy & Operations recruiting
                                                     students and other        champion who helped drive the
                                                     advanced-degree           project, “was to help us get attention
                                                     recruits, Deloitte has    on our most strategic campuses and
                                                     created Born 2 Consult,   help get better attendance at our
                                                     a video offering a        recruiting events during the fall.”
                                                     satirical look at the         “We’ve been able to get the
                                                     interview process         audience to the clip,” says Missy
                                                     and the notorious         Babcock, national employer brand
                                                     “case interview.” The     leader. “It has been picked up by
                                                     video was launched        campus bloggers, school-specific
                                                     on YouTube in late        Facebook groups and other channels
                                                     August, targeting         frequented by our recruits.”
                                                     students who get most         The Born 2 Consult video is the
                                                     of their information      latest in a series of outreach programs
                                                     electronically.           targeting recruits at key universities.
                                                         “We are always                                                  www
                                                                                                                                Haven’t seen
                                                                                                                                the video?
                                                     looking for strategic                                               View it on the
                                                     and innovative ways                                                 Deloitte Life site or
                                    to reach our target audiences,” says                                                 on YouTube.
                                    Patty Pogemiller, a director in Talent
                                    Acquisition. “This video has shown us                                                Photo
                                    that, when done right and targeted                                                   The Born 2 Consult
                                    effectively, relatable humor can be a                                                video offers a
                                                                                                                         humorous look
                                    powerful tool in reaching students and                                               at the consulting
                                    helping us connect with them.”                                                       interview process.
                                         As of late October, the video
                                    had drawn more than 125,000
                                    hits and generated nearly 8,000
                                                                                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                    visits to the campaign’s microsite,
                          , where
                                    it continues to generate buzz and
                                    attract viewers. “The goal,” says Rich
                                    Schneider, Consulting principal and

Winter 2008 / Deloitte Life
Featured photo

Gregory Chang poses for a self-portrait in the middle   To view more winter photos or to submit photos
of an Alaskan landscape just outside Denali National    for future galleries, visit DeloitteNet.
Park. He made the shot with the help of a tripod and                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
a timer on his camera.

Photo by Gregory Chang, Consulting, Seattle.

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